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Saturday, March 31, 2012

kilcullen easter

the lambing time
evanescent leaves
provincial poets stitching worn out rhymes
into patchwork quilted semaphores of praise
all of these
mist like matting on muddy fields
old men rejoicing in campaniles
all of these
everything that breathes is on its knees
for the coming of the lord

kenny watch

The anti catholic Irish Independent today published two photographs of Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak vapid vacuous vole of a man.
One of the photos was on the cover and one in the inner pages.
Both were accompanied with a long article trumpeting a gerrymandered opinion poll and claiming with utter mendaciousness, that public support for Enda Kenny is "surging."
The extent of the surge?
Even in a gerrymandered anti Catholic Irish Independent opinion poll, the full extent of the surge in support being falsely claimed for Enda Kenny is barely one percentage point, a rise from a fictional 34 percent to a fictional 35 percent of the populace.
That's wha the anti Catholic Irish Independent trumpets on its cover as a surge.
Real support for Enda Kenny and his Marxian anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour combo government, runs at under ten percent.
These people have no support.
They are gambling that we will never put our heads together to fire them all and come up with an alternative to their high octane kleptocratic corruption.

words to the wise

If you're an astronaut, never christen your spaceship The Major Tom.

Friday, March 30, 2012

an open letter to tony o'reilly proprietor of independent newspapers

Tony O'Reilly.
I know you're ill but this might be worthy of your attention.
Yesterday in the anti Catholic Irish Independent, a columnist called Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, (so called because he once falsely maliciously and malignly asserted in your newspaper that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring) falsely claimed that I had called him a paedophile and that I had threatened his wife.
He then also issued an overt threat to me in his column, saying that I would receive "a surprise shortly."
Do you really think it's a good idea to allow your 200 year old newspaper to be used as a platform for the vendettas of drug scruff?
Even though you're getting ready to shuffle off this mortal coil, perhaps you could give this some attention.
I don't want to know you and you don't want to know me.
I have no interest in subjecting the origins of your personal fortune to proper analysis.
I am disinclined to pontificate endlessly on my theories about what I believe are your actions and motivations in instituting a neo feudal political system in a dechristianised Ireland, whereby a few corrupt families like the O'Reillys, the Quinns, the Drumms, the Gillian Bowlers and the Denis O'Briens, will have billions of quid and nobody else will have a pot to piss in.
I am loathe to assert that the basis of your wealth was the thievery of technological innovations from the Irish Food Company when you were a young man coupled with limitless loans from corrupt banking institutions in Ireland, which you then parlayed into a career with Heinz International.
I have better things to be doing.
Noblesse oblige as we do say in the trade.
I gotta say.
If the Irish people make me king, (we call it Ard Ri, O'Reilly) things are going to go hard with your personal fortune, your private empire, your corrupt power brokerages in the media, judiciary and banking sectors, and any illicit power structures which have been devised and imposed on the citizenry by your fellow travellers in free masonry and devil worship.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
The only thing you can alter by your present actions, is whether when the Irish people vest authority in me, I will then have your assets seized and your progeny incarcerated in perpetuity, or whether I will let you all off with permanent exile.
(Having first had your assets seized.)
(By assets I mean your cash pile, not your ghoulies.)
(By ghoulies I mean your teshticles, not your your drones in Sektor Sieben Gah at Independent Newspapers.)
O'Reilly no Catholic is running away from you now.
You have shown what you are.
You have allowed your newspapers to be used to hound and terrorise, calumniate and malign, a generation of decent, honorable, holy and venerable Bishops, Priests and Nuns, impoverishing them in their old age and humiliating them into an early grave by falsely maliciously and malignly labelling them concealers of sex abuse.
None of us are running away from you or your low rent plagiaristic druggie employees.
None of us are bowing to you.
You do need to check what's going on at the Irish Independent.
Your son Gavin is not looking after the shop.
James Healy

Thursday, March 29, 2012

kenny watch

In today's super soaraway phone tapping Rupert Murdock worshipping, super soaraway naked lady exploiting, super soaraway bankrupt readerless, cor blimey, wotcher mate, supersoaraway looking for public funds to keep trading, super soaraway Irish edition of the super soaraway Sun newspaper, there is not a single photograph of Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny.
There was however yet another thoroughly unnecessary puff piece article about his ongoing holdays in China.
Ah yes.
Enda's partying while Ireland burns.
But no photo.
I couldn't believe it.
I was so surprised, I nearly wet myself.

Footnote: Enda Kenny is a weak vascillatory, vapid, vacuous, venal, vomitous, hairstyle of a man.

you the jury

Sunny afternoon in Dublin.
I've posited myself at a window seat with a caffe latte afore me, in the Costa Cafe near Trinity College, all the better to ogle the splendid silken clad thighed young ones streeling along outside.
They look not like the creatures of the earth and yet are on't.
Go figure.
There's a couple of anti Catholic Irish Independent newspapers lying on an adjoining table.
My oh my.
They are getting desperate to preserve brand recognition since their sales collapsed, aren't they.
So desperate they're leaving the things in Dublin cafes.
Hilarious, nooo.
I begin to read.
And lo
I come across a column by Paedophile Ian O'Doherty.
And double lo!!
In the midst of a holier than thou rant about an internet user who left racist remarks about a heart attack victim on the Twitter website, Paedophile Ian O'Doherty refers to me in print.
The article itself is headed with a photograph of the young man who posted the racist comments about the heart attack victim on his Twitter accounts.
And treble lo!!!
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty appears to be threatening me.
Here's larks, thinks I.
That's two in one week.
Two worthless pseudo celebrity gits referencing the Heelers Diaries in the space of seven days.
Last week it was Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
But at least Archie was bright enough not to actually threaten me.
Now it's Paedophile Ian O'Doherty.
Obviously they're both publicity seekers desperately hoping to get a mention on the Heelers Diaries.
Ah yes.
Everyone's tryin to get into the Act.
This is a pickle.
By the way I have referred to Paedophile Ian O'Doherty as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty ever since he falsely maliciously and malignly claimed in the pages of the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
As I have never failed to point out when using the term Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, clearly the epithet Paedophile has lost its legal meaning in the Republic of Ireland, when a cosmic schmuck like Paedophile Ian O'Doherty can be allowed to falsely, maliciously, and malignly, (and casually and spitefully I might add) apply it to me and a billion other decent people without any consequences to himself.
That was several years ago.
I'm reprinting today's article by Paedophile Ian O'Doherty without permission.
The Irish Independent won't mind as they've been ripping me off since time immemorial.
The article is printed in blue.
His direct references to me are highlighted in red.
My own comments follow below.
See what you think.
With no apparent trace of irony or self awareness, Paedophile Ian O'Doherty begins:

"If there's one thing I really, really, deeply cannot stand (well, there's more than one thing, but bear with me) it's internet trolls.
You know the kind - the craven, cowardly, anonymous fools who hide behind their fake name and say what they like about someone safe in the knowledge that their actions will have no consequences (although the "nameless" blogger who has been repeatedly calling me a paedophile and insulted my wife has an interesting suprise coming his way.).
It's a despicable practice that goes against any sense of honour or natural justice.
After all every journalist and columnist I know works under a simple principle - you don't write anything about somebody that you wouldn't say to their face.
So as much a defender of free speech and the right to be an idiot as I am, I couldn't help but silently smile at the case of English student Liam Stacey, who has been sentenced to eight weeks in jail after he tweeted: "LOL! F**k Muamba he's dead!!!"
It was a typically vicious and nasty piece of trolling and despite his pleas that he was drunk at the time and therefore not responsible for his actions, the judge was having none of it and promptly sent him down on the grounds tha the had outraged public decency.
He started blubbing as he was led away in handcuffs.
But I have a better solution.
The judge should have given him a choice - eight weeks in jail or eight minutes alone with the Bolton players in their dressing room.
I must admit, if I was him, I'd probably take the option of jail."

Brave macho stuff, what!
Some nice stylistic flourishes amid the mean minded dross.
"Diddums," "Cowards," and "Cravens," all plagiarised straight from the Heelers Diaries.
Although I'd never have applied them to a 21 year old kid who was being jailed for writing something stupid about a heart attack victim on his personal Twitter account.
I like my enemies to be a bit more powerful.
And a bit more malign.
Let us leave aside Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's obvious and undignified delight at the incarceration of a young man for writing racist remarks about a heart attack victim.
Let us leave aside Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's self evident approval of Judge Liberal establishing the internet as his new jurisdiction.
Let's leave his morally dubious and embarassingly pious attempt to associate me with any of this mess.
Ah yes.
Let's leave those.
And start with the basics.
His reference to the old mantra from Day One of Journalism School, "Never write anything about anyone that you wouldn't say to their face," strikes a chord.
The only problem is he has absolutely no credibility or authority for saying it.
For Ian O'Doherty is himself the greatest jeering, sneering, leering, plagiaristic pottymouth of Irish letters.
His reference claiming I insulted his wife is certainly quite disingenuously poignant.
You'd almost think I'd walked into a bar and spat in her face.
But of course I've never written about, spoken to, or believed in the existence of Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's wife.
I may have made some oblique reference on this blog to a character he had introduced in his own plagiaristic salacious sneering humour column but no one could have guessed that his writing about this character was based on a real person.
So somewhere in fallen womanhood an individual has been found willing to troth her plight to Ian O'Doherty.
The sisterhood is really coming asunder.
Say it ain't so, Germaine, say it ain't so.
It is indeed an egregious falsehood for Paedophile Ian O'Doherty to refer to me as an "anonymous" blogger, even if he did put the word "anonymous" in inverted commas.
I print my name, address, email address, and phone number on my blog and always have done so.
None of my comments or analyses are anonymous.
In fact it is hard to think of anyone being less anonymous than me, with or without the inverted commas.
It is also odd that Paeds O'Doherty, (I call him Paeds when I get tired of printing his full title Paedophile Ian O'Doherty) should sneer at bloggers who do choose to remain anonymous.
For Paeds (see explanation above about saving space on using his full title Paedophile Ian O'Doherty) was himself in the habit of remaining anonymous when he had a public access blog called Puppylands.
His blog carried no possible clue as to his identity.
Yet today we find him sneering with strange high sensitivity at me and other bloggers, whom he likens to an anonymous youth who was posting comments about a heart attack victim on a twitter account.
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty likens me to what he calls this "trolling" racist.
I ask you gentle readers.
Can my attempts to speak truth to power, attempts to confront corrupt governments, corrupt businessmen, corrupt cops, attempts it must be said again that were never anonymous and often not without risk to myself, can these valiant attempts to say the unsayable about the coterie of unaccountable Marxian atheists ruling Ireland from the shadows of the unCivil Service, reducing the Irish people to the level of farm animals in order to bail out idiot gangster banks owned by their criminal friends, while viciously and falsely labelling our ancient beautiful and true Catholic Church and the generations that came before us as child abusers, can my attempts to name the usurpers of our nation, the confederacy of neo feudal dunces, the Albert Reynoldses, the Brian Cowans, the Tony O'Reillys, the Judge DeValeras, the Michael Lowrys, the Mick Wallaces, the Monica Leeches, the Donal Kinsellas, the Sean Quinns, the Drumm family, the McCarthy Dundon rackateers, the Thomas Crosbies, the Brian Lenihans, the Denis O'Briens, and the Paedophile Ian O'Dohertys, can my courageous and noble service to the immortal tribes of Ireland, can all this, be so cavalierly and glibly dismissed, by an amateur plagiaristic Independent Newspapers pipsqueak, dismissed I say by a veritable moral clown with a toss of his head, dismissed, heavens to murgatroyd, by an impious clueless cretin, as just another example of mindless hatefilled internet trolling?
I ask you!
And I answer you.
No by God.
No, nay, never, no more.
My work and my witness and my sacrifice for Ireland cannot be dismissed in this way.
And then Paedophile Ian O'Doherty claims I'm about to receive a surprise.
It all sounds like a threat, doesn't it.
So Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, a man writing for a newspaper which claims to have a million readers a day, is making unspecified threats in print to a man with a blog that has about twenty readers a day, half of whom are googlebots, and the other half Jihadis.
Bloody hell, as my Uncle Peter used to say.
These are indeed murky waters.
It is also furtherly disingenuous for Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, to come over all wounded and innocent, as he claims withou elaboration and completely out of context that I called him a paedophile.
I have never suggested that Paedophile Ian O'Doherty had sex with children.
I have suggested that Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's own malicious labelling of innocent Catholic people as paedophiles in his newspaper column must mean that the word can now be used randomly to label him.
I always point out when referring to Paedophile Ian O'Doherty that I call him Paedophile Ian O'Doherty because he falsely, maliciously and malignly claimed in the pages of the anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper that the Catholic Church is itself a paedophile ring.
I always explain when referring to him as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty that I am using the same word for him that he casually applied to a billion decent, honorable, holy and heroic people.
Yet today we find a very truncated reference to me in Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's newspaper column plaintively suggesting that I had randomly asserted he is a paedophile.
Hoo baby.
There's evil business afoot up at t'old mill.
Although Paedophile Ian O'Doherty doesn't name me in his column, any one of his supposedly million readers a day, could identify me readily from what he wrote simply by doing an internet google search on the terms he uses.
So it seem to me that Paedophile Ian O'Doherty has today attempted to liken me to the anonymous young racist who slandered a dying heart attack victim.
And he has attempted to besmirch my already fairly besmirched reputation by suggesting I callously and invidiously called him a paedophile.
Dear oh dear.
And in writing about this matter, Paedophile Ian O'Doherty has used words from my own lexicon, to wit "cowardly and craven,"  the very words I used to describe his false, mailicious and malign statement in the pages of the Irish Independent, where he mendaciously attempted to label the Catholic Church a paedophile ring.
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty is indeed a coward and a craven.
The only reason Paedophile Ian O'Doherty dared to commit such hate speech to paper in falsely maliciously and malignly claiming that my church, the Catholic Church, is a paedophile ring, the only reason the craven coward did it I say, is because he had full permission from his employers and obviously the poor goon and the idiots who employ him actually believed everyone in Ireland was saying the same thing.
Now both he and his employers have discovered to their immense chagrin, that four million Catholics in Ireland, wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.
In truth Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, a career sneerer, a clype, a gyke, a hound, a veteran peddlar of hate speech, is not really offended by my blog or anyone else's blog.
We bloggers are a world away from anonymous racists ranting on twitter accounts about heart attack victims.
We bloggers are a real and present danger to the collapsing newspaper group which employs Paedophile Ian O'Doherty and which has enabled Paedophile Ian O'Doherty to claim in print falsely maliciously and malignly that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty knows full well that if I hadn't continued to point out the destruction of law implicit in the decision of his employers to print without retraction or apology his vicious mendacious lies about the Catholic Church, wherein he falsely maliciously and malignly claimed the Catholic Church was a paedophile ring, he knows full well I tells ee, that the whole thing would have been allowed to sink out of sight with absolutely no accountability for him and his employers after their casual incitement to hatred against a quarter of the population of the planet earth.
Get this.
His employers never required him to print so much as a vague retraction.
He has been allowed to slander with casually cretinous hate speech, veritably billions of people at a stroke.
And with no consequences to himself.
Naturally at the time, I concluded that the law regarding the word paedophile had ceased to function in the Republic of Ireland.
And naturally thereafter I have chosen to apply that word to Paedophile Ian O'Doherty whenever the mood took me.
I gotta tell you gentle travellers of the internet.
I've had a blast.
Now remember.
Anything Paedophile Ian O'Doherty has written about me and other bloggers, he's written with the express permission of these aforementioned employers the oleaginous O'Reilly Family, owners of Independent newspapers.
All the bankrupt newspaper barons are terrified of the blogs.
The bankrupt newspaper barons, the Judge Liberals, Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic policians, the Chinese Communist Party, the Islamic Republic of Iran, et al. (Particularly Al, I hate him.)
They're all terrified.
They're terrified because we bloggers can speak our minds without the intervention of an editor, or a member of the O'Reilly family, or a Judge Liberal, or the Chinese Communist Government, or the Islamic Republic of Iran.
All of these are desperate to control, or censor, or hijack the internet.
And they're desperate to create case law, precedent, to facilitate their takeover of the blogosphere.
Listen to me.
The internet is not the last bastion of free speech.
It is the first ever true bastion of free speech in the history of humanity.
And that's what Ian O'Doherty's implied threat and attempt to libel me is all about.
Naughty, naughty very naughty.
All this will be thrashed out in open court of course.
I should be all right as long as I don't get Judge Eamon DeValera.
Or Judge Leonie Reynolds.
Or Judge Desmond Zaidan.
Or any politically appointed Judges placed on the bench by the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail Party,or the atheistic Marxian Labour Party, or the corrupt kleptocratic atheistic Marxian Fine Gael Party.
Let's face it folks, I'm f----d.
Unless we happen to get the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, or the right wing American Republican Party Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, or the ghost of Pope John Paul The Second, moonlighting as Judges in the Republic of Ireland, I'm really in the sh--.
F'd in the A by Paedophile Ian O'Doherty.
You can write it on my tombstone.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

moment aria

Wandering in splendid sunshine through the streets of that stuttering dynamo which is the city of Dublin.
Shuttered shop fronts everywhere contrasting with the drunken light heartedness of the citizenry.
Civil service protestors outside parliament cheerily chanting that they have suffered enough and will take no more pay cuts.
Winos sheltering in doorways.
Sexy young ones emerging from the gates of Trinners in wondrous states of deshabille.
Sweet ironic panoplay of life.
Dublin may be shabby, drunk and delusional, but I suppose it's still my Jerusalem.
On Kildare Street I almost collided with an old man striding towards me.
We both halted.
He looked shook.
Without meaning to, I stared.
He stared back.
It was former Prime Minister Bertie Aherne.
How the mighty had fallen.
A few days ago a tribunal of enquiry into Ireland's generic corruption had branded him a chiselling little crook.
As we looked at one another the words of Emily Dickinson's poem came to me:
"A great hope fell,
You heard no noise,
The ruin was within."
Still we stared.
It can only have been for a moment.
The moment stretched.
He couldn't know me.
Although one of my articles ten years ago in a now defunct newspaper called the Leinster Leader had led him to sack his Mumbly Joe Minister for Finance, Charlie McCreevy.
The article had been a skit likening Bertie Aherne to Julius Caesar and McCreevey to the assassin Cassius.
The salient bit came when McCreevy stabbed Bertie with a cry of: "Speak hands for me. And try to speak a bit more clearly than my mouth."
Ah noble readers.
I have altered the fate of nations.
And no one knows me.
Back on Kildare Street the universe was standing still.
The moment passed.
Mr Aherne collected himself, broke my stare, and each of us wandered off in opposite directions through the beautiful city we both have ruined.

dial m for archie

Browsing through a book about Catholicism in Ireland.
It contains testimonies from people the authors are willing to allow to pose Catholic.
These include a coterie of plush bottomed liberal atheists, such as the Irish Times former editor Conor Brady who's about as Catholic as Karl Marx, and current Irish Times religious affairs correspondent Patsy McGarry, who is in fact less Catholic than Karl Marx.
Here's larks, thinks I as I read.
And lo!
I have come to the testimony of a liberal leftist called Garry O'Sullivan.
Liberal leftist Garry O'Sullivan edits a liberal leftist newspaper, run for profit and owned by the Farmer's Journal no less, and styling itself The Irish Catholic.
I have suggested to Mr O'Sullivan that if he wishes to be honest with his readers, he should at least retitle his newspaper The Irish Liberal.
Honesty is not something these people are interested in.
By the way I have a passing acquaintance with Garry O'Sullivan's brother Andrew.
Andrew is what I would call a liberal leftist priest.
He is a pal of former Irish President Mary McAleese a socialist feminist lawyer who made a reasonably good and thoroughly ignoble career for herself by pretending to be a Catholic.
Father Andrew is more famous in my town for having cut down the hundred and twenty year old trees which had stood beside Kilcullen Church from time immemorial.
(Time immemorial = One hundred and twenty years. - Tautological Ed note.)
Andrew performed this little operation while the then Parish Priest Father Drubble was on holiday.
When Father Drubble returned from his holiday his red faced took on a deeper red that was truly a sight to behold.
Father Andrew was also responsible for the installation of crazy paving around the statue of the Lord near our Church.
The paving which circles the statue is crazy in the sense that it resembles a circle the same way I resemble Tom Cruise.
Finally Father Andrew is renowned for sermons in which he suggests that the miracle of the loaves and fishes merely involved Jesus asking everyone to check their pockets and share any bread or fish they might be carrying.
Ah gentle travellers of the internet.
You wanna have seen my gentle preraphaelite features when he came out with that one on the altar.
There was another thing.
I met Father Andrew by chance the last time I was in Rome.
And it was hilarious because both our faces were transfixed as we walked towards each other on Main Street Rome, transfixed with disbelief, that here so far from home, we could each meet the last person in the world either of us wanted to see.
But I digress.
Father Andrew is not at issue.
We're talking about his brother, liberal leftist Garry O'Sullivan editor of the liberal leftist Irish Catholic.
I'm reading Garry O'Sullivan's testimony about his faith.
As I read, I'm muttering a la Cartman from the objectionable Southpark cartoon, things like: "Weak," "Lame," and "Yuccch."
Then I come to a doozie.
Garry O'Sullivan mentions a run in with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
My eyes widen.
What possible difference could there be between these two fine upstanding giants of Irish liberal atheism?
I read on.
As editor of the Irish Catholic Liberal, Garry O'Sullivan had published a letter from a member of the public, mildly critical of Archie.
And Archie had replied by sending him a solicitor's letter threatening legal action.
Even though Garry O'Sullivan had been using the Irish Catholic Liberal to cheerlead Archie's attempts to label every Bishop in Ireland (except Archie) as a concealer of child abuse, precipitate their firing, and remake the Church in his (Archie's) own image.
Archie had sent the lawyers after one of his friends over an outright triviality.
Flippin heck sir, as Tucker Jenkins always used to say when confronted with the mendacious megalomaniacal machinations of Archbishop Machiavelli Martin.
I mean, I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
Archie sent in the lawyers against the editor of the Irish Catholic Liberal simply because that editor had printed a letter Archie didn't like.
Archie set the lawyers on his own friend for allowing the merest criticism of Archie.
Hilarious, no.
As the broader ramifications sank in, the smile vanished from my porcelain features.
For a long moment I stared into space.
Then ever so softly I intoned:
"Uh oh, Jungo."

the al qaeda murders of a soldier a rabbi and three jewish children in france

The French are being rewarded for allowing posturing Muslims to dictate the news coverage and public discourse on the murder by an Al Qaeda Muslim psycho of three soldiers, a Rabbi, and three Jewish children.
Yesterday Mr Mohamed Merah who is the father of the child killing Muslim Al Qaeda psycho, threatened to sue the French government and people for the death of his debased and murderous son.
Mr Mohamed Merah's murderous son was finally killed when he jumped out a window shooting at police.
In their attempts to capture him alive, the goonish politically correct French police force had allowed him to shoot six of their men.
You couldn't make it up.
Mr Mohamed Merah is sure that France will never hold him accountable for his disgusting Islamist posturing in the wake of his son's crimes.
The mother of the Al Qaeda psycho child killer is similarly sure that French people will never pull the rug from under her.
She simply refused to help negotiate her murderous son's surrender to the police, thereby incurring significant further responsibilty beyond her failure to raise her son as a human being, for the shootings of the officers attempting to arrest him alive.
Both the Merah parents and any remaining family members should be expelled from Europe.
There should be no further debate about this.
These people are monsters.
Send them home to their glorious free Muslim lands.
Let them figure out at their leisure what they have lost and why they have lost it.
No more Muslim terror.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

marathon heelers

Laurence Olivier as the fugitive Nazi is drinking tea with CIA agent Roy Scheider.
Neither is sure what the other knows.
Their conversation is the verbal circling of sharks.
The most deadly intent, hid in trivialities.
"We must talk," says Laurence Olivier his eyes cold and hard. "We must talk truthfully. Are you to be trusted?"
Roy Scheider doesn't break his gaze.
"No," he answers.
The ghost of a smile touches Laurence Olivier's mouth.
"Was that the truth?" he muses. "Or are you trying to upset me?"
Roy Scheider doesn't turn a hair.
"I know why you're here," he bluffs. "And I know that sooner or later, you're going to have to go to the bank."
Laurence Olivier's eyes are drowning pools.
"Perhaps I've already been," he murmurs.


My entire relationship with Amal (known to scholars of my work as Miss Arabia) was like this scene from the film Marathon Man.
Our most tender encounters, walks by moonlight, trysts on Grafton Street, feeding the pigeons in the park, were imbued with all the warm hearted elegiac sweetness of Nazi Laurence Olivier trying to outmanoeuvre CIA man Roy Scheider.
Only at the very beginning of our two month encounter did the odds favour me.
Right at the beginning I ambushed her.
Played all my cards.
Which was just a single card.
I knew she was a spy.
But I had no idea who for.
And so one evening, in the midst of one of our early Laurence Olivier/Roy Scheider type tea drinking sessions, I proffered: "Amal, old pal, what's it like being a spy?"
She rewarded me by nearly falling off her chair.
Her eyes, her manner, her posture, everything betokened shock.
I knew I had hit gold.
But I knew nothing else.
She mightn't even have been Arab.
Her hair was dyed.
Her eyes were blue.
So what was she?
She wasn't as good looking as your usual Russian agents.
She was more threatening than I've come to expect of the CIA.
And Al Qaeda don't normally allow their women near me in case I'd ride them.
Surely she can't have been Irish.
Ireland doesn't really have a secret service of its own.
We do have Guinness 16, an underfunded civil service department that tries to get foreign agents drunk.
But that's it.
Which leaves the Israelis, the Brits or the French.
And the frogs and the Brits would hardly be bothered.
And she was too bitchy to be an Israeli.
I don't believe there's an Israeli agent alive who would be capable of feigning dislike for me as intensely as this lady appeared to do it for real during moments of tender intimacy. (Before, during and after tiffin.)
The clue was in the leery look of repulsion which crept across her regal features whenever she thought I wasn't looking.
Although that might have been tradecraft too.
I mean when it comes to it, who could really dislike me?
What's not to like?
Right along with the books she'd carried when meeting me for the first time.
Books like Understanding Israel, UFO's For Beginners, and a Carl Watergate biography of the Bushwhacker.
Too much of a coincidence.
I'd long had a strong and public sympathy for the Israelis.
I was very much interested in American politics and supported President Bush.
And I'd photographed Ireland's most dramatic and most widespread UFO sighting The Kilcullen Incident in 2006.
The day we first met, Amal had books under her arms which just happened to relate to all of these obsessions.
Everything into my bailiwick.
But two months after that first ambush, where I'd turned the tables on her, I still knew nothing more.
And she knew everything.
Her manner of communicating involved lots of questions about me, and thoroughly inconsequential throwaway comments about her.
She verily communicated in interrogatives.
If you knew nothing about tradecraft, you'd hardly notice it.
I'm no Roy Scheider.
I talked.
And when she'd heard enough she walked.
She may be a Laurence Olivier.
But truth be told.
Even now.
I don't know what the hell she is.

things that make me go hmmm

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin recently joked at a press conference about my recurrent suggestion on this blog that he is a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church.
The liberal goon journalists who should have immediately begun questioning him more closely on the exact nature of my ridiculous allegations, merely laughed appreciatively, sipped their wine, and said nothing.
Ho hum.
Le plus se change le plus se reste absolument useless.
Archie was centre stage at another Catholic Church press conference this week.
He's always centre stage.
You'd be forgiven for thinking he was the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
But he's not.
He is merely a regional Archbishop.
And his formal area of responsibility is a pretty small region at that.
In fact all the other Bishops have bigger bishoprics than Archie's bishopric.
Archie has the smallest bishopric in the country.
Just once, just once, I'd love to see one of the other Bishies shoulder up to Archie at a press conference with the cameras rolling and snarl: "Mine is bigger than yours."
We live in hope.
By the way, I have pilfered this obscene jocosity from an old atheistic Marxian law lecturer called Seamus Breathnach who had the good fortune to teach me law at the College of Commerce Rathmines many happy years ago.
Hilarious no.
But I digress.
So Archie ain't the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
He's not even one of the main testicles.
Yet here he was again.
Another press conference.
Another Archie.
The actual head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady was seated a little off centre, looking uneasy.
You'd look uneasy too folks, if you were sitting beside a man who'd just a few months ago attempted to ruin your good name, and your life and your family and your career, by sowing viciously false allegations about you in the public mind through leftist anti Catholic media allies, maliciously alleging in newspapers and on radio, that you were a concealer of sex abuse.
Yeah you'd look uneasy too gentle travellers of the internet, if every time you showed up for a press conference, you were put sitting beside a tawdry little blackmailer.
It was too much of a coincidence I say, that the media attempt to ruin Sean Brady followed hard on Sean Brady's refusal to support Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's putsch against the Bishop's of Ireland at a meeting with the Pope last year.
The Bishops, Cardinal Brady, Archie and the Pap were all gathered for consultations.
Archie had himself precipitated the meeting through an orchestrated multi media campaign with the explicit intention that the Bishops would be fired and that he would be able to replace them with hand picked liberals of his own stripe.
Archie fled the meeting in high dudgeon when Cardinal Brady refused to support him.
Days later the Irish media were spinning a story that Sean Brady as a young priest  35 years ago, had been clerk at a church consultation with two sex abuse victims, and as clerk of that meeting, had sworn the victims to secrecy.
As the great cinematic detective Charlie Chan once remarked: "Please, please, cannot answer question now. Suicide and blackmail? Permit me say murder!"
The murder of a reputation is what we're dealing with here.
Suicide is always a potential bonus for Archie and his media pals.
Blackmail is their middle name.
And this tendentious manipulative interpretation of Sean Brady's actions in the year1975, this egregious piece of strokemanship, this slander, this smear, this spite, all of this emerged only after the now Cardinal Sean Brady refused to back Archie's ouster of every Bishop in Ireland.
How did such a juicy titbit remain secret all the while Cardinal Brady was cooperating with Archie's campaign against the Bishies?
I say it again.
Blackmail anyone?
I'm telling you friends.
Cardinal Sean Brady knows this as well as I do.
And he hasn't forgotten.
Watch him at the next press conference, when Archie gate crashes, oozes over to the centre chair, and does all the talking.
Watch Cardinal Brady's face.
There's real pain there.
But not just the pain of a man who's been wronged.
It's the pain of disgust as well.
Genuine repulsion in the presence of evil.
Hey Archie.
Yeah I'm talking to you, fat boy.
Murder of reputations is still murder.
Let's see you quote that one at your next press conference.

kenny watch

The super soaraway bankrupt readerless Irish edition of the Sun newspaper contained three photographs of Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny yesterday.
What a super soaraway bankrupt hoping for a bail out from public funds bunch they are.
Cor bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimey.
What next?
Enda Kenny with his nipples out in place of the Sun's page three girl?
Worra scorcher!
This would not surprise me.
Sliding down the league table of oleaginous bankrupt media sycophants, today's Irish Independent prints just two pictures of Enda Kenny.
The anti Catholic heroes at Independent House had themselves printed three yesterday and obviously feared overkill.


Footnote: Enda Kenny is a weak vapid, vacuous, vascillatory, hairstyle of a man.

Monday, March 26, 2012

from the heelers emails

You defended Bertie Aherne didn't you?
Avid Fan.

Heelers to Avid.
Ah Avid.
God will punish you.
If he ever finds out who you are.
I hope he gives you a good root in the bawls as well.
You're quite right.
I have spoken in defence of Bertie Aherne during his testimony to a tribunal investigating impropriety in Irish public life.
I averred that it was improper to even question him on the matters being investigated.
My own mother thought I was mad.
It must be stressed that in the past I had been particularly virulent in my criticisms of Fianna Fail.
Twenty years ago I ceased these criticisms in order to focus on dealing with my own mental problems.
On the eve of withdrawing from public life, I made my last open assessment of Fianna Fail in response to an assertion from my cousin Frances that all political parties are the same.
I told her: "There are certain similarities between Ireland's main political parties. I could never ask anyone to vote Fine Gael or Labour because like Fianna Fail they are all abortionist parties. But I want to say this. And I want you to remember me saying it. I believe that Fianna Fail is a deeply diseased organisation, corrupt and corrupting. It is my profoundest conviction that they will not only be themselves corrupt in the exercise of power, but that they will corrupt all around them, they will corrupt everything they touch, and in the end they will corrupt the nation. They will destroy us all."
Fast forward to the tribunal.
During the tribunal of enquiry I wrote off all my criticisms of Bertie Aherne because in my view Bertie Aherne had become a key figure in delivering peace in Northern Ireland.
Peace in Northern Ireland is the greatest single political achievement in the last 800 years of Irish history.
For this I had written off all my other concerns about Bertie Aherne's behaviour.
My thinking was: You don't throw away your Churchill on embezzlement charges during World War Two.
More explicitly, I believed that the Peace in Northern Ireland could still be lost and that in fact the whole process hinged on a handful of people whom I couldn't abide, to wit, the former protestant bigot Ian Paisley, the congenitally mild milk and water socialist Tony Blair, (whom I late admired for his stand in the War On Terror), the repenting terrorist murderers Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, and finally and just as importantly, on the embezzler Bertram Q Aherne.
Only these people, in my opinion, could deliver the respective sections of their own communities that we needed to make the Peace Process work.
Also, even while I was predicting economic apocolypse for Ireland, I never really considered Bertie Aherne responsible for wrecking the Irish economy.
He was a socialist and displayed all the decency and generosity of believing socialists, concern for the poor, an aspiration to protect the vulnerable, etc etc, along with all the profligate incompetencies and moral contradictions that seem to doom socialists to failure in the running of any economy they're let near.
I'd hazard that socialism tends to flounder on irreligion and on the excesses of the state sector trade unions.
Who knows.
Sometimes I'm right about things.
I still insist.
Aherne did not wreck Ireland.
My view is that Ireland was bankrupted overnight by his successors, namely the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail Prime Minister Brian Cowan and the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan who looted the treasury and borrowed the next fifty generations of Irish people into unrepayable debt and, merely to bail out a corrupt Fianna Fail gangster bank styling itself Anglo Irish, which was not even in the top three banks in the country and could easily have been let collapse into its own corrupt destruction.
Cowan and Lenihand in one day, with one masterstroke of corruption, spent Ireland into the Third World.
His extortionate awarding of pay claims to the teachers, nurses, lawyers, Judges, uncivil servants, thug cops, indolent soldiery, and fellow politicians, didn't help balance the books.
The teachers, nurses, cops et al (particularly Al, I hate him) are an ongoing cause of the catastrophe engulfing our country.
They are not the root cause.
The root cause is the arrant high octane gangsterism of Brian Cowan and Brian Lenihan.
Lenihan has escaped justice by dying of cancer.
He was unlikely to face any charges anyway since the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party has long ago colonised the Judiciary.
Lenihan's wife Patricia Ryan is a Circuit Court Judge.
So that's it folks.
I can only speak for myself on these matters.
And I may be wrong.
But as a citizen I personally have no charges against Bertie Aherne.
He is a great man.
I feel I owe him.

the al qaeda muslim terrorist murders in france

The general international media delusionalism vis a vis the latest Al Qaeda murders of soldiers, a rabbi and three Jewish children in France, continues unabated.
The favoured media description for the Muslim terrorist who carried out the slaughters remains "serial killer."
For intelligent qualified journalists, even liberal left wing atheistic ones, to refer to this Muslim Al Qaeda terrorist child killer as a serial killer is beyond delusional.
Listen folks.
They are making us vulnerable to our enemies by refusing to name what our enemies are.
If it looks like a Jihadi, walks like a Jihadi, talks like a Jihadi, and executes soldiers, a rabbi and Jewish children like a Jihadi, well, call the Feds Ma Kettle, it's a Jihadi.
And no one among us should be afraid to name it as such.
Thankfully my insights and concerns about this matter will shortly be receiving a broader audience when Ian O'Doherty plagiarises them for his column in the Irish Independent tomorrow.

kenny watch

The bankrupt Irish edition of the Daily Mail, whose net indebtedness to idiot banks stands at a hundred million dollars (they're morally bankrupt as well as financially bankrupt I might add), carries no less than three photographs today of Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak vascillatory venal vacuous vomitous and invidious hairstyle of a man.
The Daily Mail is hoping that the Irish government will bail it out shortly with money borrowed against the citizenry.
If Enda Kenny actually does further impoverish future generations in order to postpone the inevitable evaporation of the Daily Mail which has no readers or market, the people will surely rise.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

top ten signs ireland is being sovietised

1. Political parties are appointing atheistic Marxians to the Judiciary where these same atheistic Marxians are conducting a low intensity war against the Catholic Church. Low intensity, I call it, even though they are destroying human beings. Low intensity, I say, because as of yet they still don't want the citizenry to figure out what they're doing.

2. Judges thus appointed are completely unaccountable to anyone but themselves. Consider Judge Brian Curtin who was in the habit of paying  to see children raped on the internet. His fellow Judges dismissed the charges against him on a technicality, the technicality being that corrupt members of Ireland's corrupt police force, had deliberately enacted a search warrant on Judge Brian Curtin a day late.

3. Atheistic Marxian Judges last year imprisoned 7000 people for non payment of parking fines. Arbitrary imprisoment is a keynote of totalitarianism.

4. Ireland's corrupt police force continues to terrorise people in the streets, at the side of the road and in their own homes, with impunity.

5. The gangs have taken over the highways. (cf Mad Max)

6. The gangs have taken over Ireland's major cities, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork.

7. Serial killers are being turned loose into the community by Judge Liberal.

8. People living in rural areas are continually placed in fear of their lives by burglars.

9. Any act of self defence by a householder against a burglar or rapist or other intruder, results in the householder being imprisoned by Judge Liberal. I say again: Arbitrary detention of the citizenry is a keynote of totalitarian regimes.

10. Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak vacuous vascillatory vomitous venal aardvaarkian hairstyle of a man, has closed Ireland's embassy to the Vatican.

11. Prime Minister Enda Kenny, having sworn to limit payments to government advisers to an excessive 90,000 Euro per year, immediately announced that he was paying his own adviser 200,000 a year. His fellow government Ministers have followed suit, paying telephone number salaries to their personal professional talkers.

12. Prime Minister Enda Kenny has packed the Judiciary with Liberal Atheistic Judges whose sole qualification is loyalty to the atheistic hoormaster Fine Gael party or loyalty to the atheistic Marxian hoormaster Labour Party.

13. Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who was elected to repudiate Fianna Fail's looting of the treasury to bail out gangster Fianna Fail financial institution Anglo Irish Bank, has instead upheld and extended the looting of the treasury to bail out gangster Fianna Fail financial institution Anglo Irish Bank.

14. Bankrupt Anti Catholic newspaper groups, the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and the Daily Mail, are being kept afloat with State funds awarded through sleight of hand public sector advertising and/or publishing commissions to producer readerless Irish language magazines such as Foinse.

15. The national television station RTE is controlled by the government. The citizenry are forced to finance RTE's three channels through compulsory taxation regardless of whether we consider RTE a bigoted Marxian anti Catholic entity of not. The citizenry are prevented by law from settiing up television stations to compete with RTE. The government also operates a radio monopoly through RTE with only the most meagrly talented poltically connected scoundrels permitted to run radio stations without a connection to RTE.

16. Prime Minister Enda Kenny used public funds to purchase a bankrupt Fine Gael gangster financial institution styling itself Allied Irish Bank (Note: not Anglo Irish) for the bargain basement sum of 10,000 million dollars borrowed against our unborn generations. The board of Allied Irish Bank includes Lochlainn Quinn, brother of self confessed atheistic Marxist government Minister Ruairi Quinn.

17. Prime Minister Enda Kenny has permitted Ruairi Quinn to engineer the seizure of Catholic run schools.

18. Prime Minister Enda Kenny has permitted Justice Minister Alan Shatter to intrude via legislation into the Catholic sacrament of Confession.

19. Prime Minister Enda Kenny falsely maliciously and malignly accused the Vatican of obstructing Irish government enquiries into child abuse. When challenged to substantiate his lies, he at first refused to answer, and later released a statement through a spokesperson claiming that he hadn't been talking about any specific case. Yet he had told a very specific lie.

20. Prime Minister Enda Kenny has suppressed the release of a report into child murders in government Health Board Care.

21. The President of Ireland is a Marxian atheist styling himself Michael D Higgins. He was elected by about 10 percent of the populace if you believe the official election figures. Around 45 percent of the populace did not vote.

22. The tabulated results of the election of Michael D Higgins as President were according to the Daily Mail published on an RTE website with remarkable accuracy before vote counting had begun. This remarkable piece of fortune telling has not been explained to the satisfaction of anyone with a modicum of intellect or concern about our democracy.

23. An allegation of sex abuse against President Michael D Higgins has not been explained, refuted or investigated. Ireland's corrupt police force simply washed their hands of it, saying: "This is a third hand allegation."

24. The allegation of sex abuse against President Michael D Higgins might conceivably have emanated from the dirty tricks department of Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic near defunct political party Fianna Fail or from another political party. Either way we need to know.

25. Precise details of the allegation of sex abuse against President Michael D Higgins have never been published.

26. The Stalinist State run anti Catholic broadcaster RTE deliberately disseminated gerrymandered opinion polls on its main evening news programmes, in order to facilitate the candidacy of another Presidential contender at the last election, namely Senator David Norris, an open advocate for paedophilia. Mr Norris has in the past spoken approvingly of what he called: "the classic Greek paedophilia." The collusion between RTE and Mr Norris' campaign staff in the publishing of internet polls which hugely overstated any possible support for Mr Norris' was egregious and foul. Mr Norris, as well as being an advocate for paedophilia, has waged a life long war against the Catholic Church.

27. Prime Minister Enda Kenny has introduced a poll tax on every household in the nation in order to maintain extortionate pay levels for himself and his colleagues and their golden circle of advisers, Civil Servants, Judges and bankers.

28. Prime Minister Enda Kenny continues to tax the citizenry into the ground in order to meet the wage bills of extortionately overpaid and under worked nurses, teachers, lawyers, doctors, corrupt cops, indolent soldiers, and uncivil servants.

29. The State sector of the economy has subsumed almost all commercial functions to itself. Lawyers now receive the bulk of their cash flow from government money via the Free Legal Aid system. The lawyers have been writing themselves blank checques to defend murderers and the government have been paying them using our money. The price of a lawyer is now beyond most citizens, ie beyond the citizens who don't commit murder and can't get Free Legal Aid.

30. Government strategy is to concentrate employment is large corporations. The bedrock of a free economy, independent small farners, and ordinary people running corner shops, are casually criminalised, imprisoned and run out of business by the taxman. This is Sovietism. But is has many of the appurtenances of neo feudalism.

31. The families of rich bast--ds continue to escape justice for their impoverishment of the nation through thievery from corrupt banks. Sean Quinn who owed Anglo Irish Bank at least three thousand million dollars that we know about, retains his liberty. Sean Quinn is an object lesson in how corrupt bankers rob their own banks. First they give a thousand million in loans to Sean Quinn. Then Sean Quinn gives them a hundred million under the table. Then the bank collapses and our corrupt Sovietising governments force us to pay the banks losses on its burgarising of itself.

32. Prime Minister Enda Kenny was last week photographed at the New York Stock Exchange with corrupt gangster thief Denis O'Brien. Denis O'Brien is most famous for his million dollar bribe to Michael Lowry a corrupt former member of Enda Kenny's Fine Gael party who was a Minister in a previous government. Denis O'Brien bribed Michael Lowry to give Denis O'Brien a mobile phone license worth a thousand million dollars, for a price of just five million. Lovely people. Also on the podium at the New York Stock Exchange last week was the Managing Director of the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group Gavin O'Reilly, the son of the dying moghul Tony O'Reilly. Each bankrupt title in the Independent stable prints a photograph of Enda Kenny every day, lauding him for such feats as opening a footpath or shaking hands with Barack Obama. Every day. I'm not joking. They've been marketing Enda Kenny as a Statesman at Independent Newspapers ever since his closure of Ireland's embassy to the Vatican. These hounds are gambling that we will never put our heads together to come up with an alternative to them.

33. The owners of street front businesses are being driven out of business by casual thuggery as well as by the tax man.

34. Shops and garages such as the Topaz garage chain stock pornography and sell pornography which disrupts male and female sexualities leading to child abuse, rape and murder.

35. Irish phamacies overnight have begun stocking and sellingt abortion pills to children.

36. The Euro currency is being further debased by the continuance of extortionate pay levels to the trade unionised State sector of nursies, corrupt cops and school teachers.

37. The liberal atheistic pogrom against the Catholic Faith is entering a new phase with the manufacture of new crimes by atheistic Judges and their allies to lay at the door of ageing Bishops, priests and nuns. The citizenry is being advised to keep their heads down. If we'll only acquiesce to the ruination of a few oldies, the government will leave us in peace.

38. I'm telling you all to get up and fight these worthless thieving Marxian gypsy bast---ds who have first trahaised, then bankrupted our nation, then spent us into the third world overnight. Fight them. It's not turning the other cheek to bow to an oppressor. It's not turning the other cheek to keep your head down and say: "Well sure if they're only murdering the reputations of a few old Bishops, what's that to me." Fight them. Fight them. Fight them.