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Saturday, October 08, 2011

oprah winfrey discovers why its dangerous to collude in the use of frivolous legalisms to get satanic psycho killers out of jail

Oprah is in her plush Manhattan apartment baking brownies.
There is a knock on the door.
Oprah opens it.
Oprah says: "Oh Amanda. What are you doing here? You want to talk about an appearance on my show? Come in. Would you like a brownie. You can sit down if you like. Amanda. Amanda? What are you doing? Why do you have that knife? Wait. Why are you doing this. I helped you. I helped you. I had your odious family on my chatshow and we talked about your slaughter of Meredith Kercher as though you were the victim. Oh Amanda have pity. You would never have been released without meeeee. Please Amandaaa. No Amanda. Have mercy Amandaaa. Pleeeease Amanda. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Friday, October 07, 2011

dusk on knox mountain

"Goodnight Curt."
"Goodnight Johnboy."
"Goodnight Mary Ellen."
"Goodnight Grandma."
"Goodnight Lucy."
"Goodnight Jim Bob."
"Goodnight Amanda. Amanda? Amanda what are you doing with that knife? Amanda, no. Please. Amanda. Please. Amanda. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

credit where credit is due

Teresa Treacy, the woman incarcerated in Ireland by an evil alliance between Judge Liberal and the Electricity Supply Board, has been released.
She was jailed by Judge Daniel Herbert for the crime of not allowing the ESB to cut down trees on her land.
So let's face it.
She was jailed for nothing.
She was jailed because Judge Daniel Herbert and the ESB (which operates a monopoly business in Ireland and pays its do nothing employees salaries in excess of a hundred grand a year) are both criminally incompetent, nay evil.
Judge Daniel Herbert claimed that Teresa Treacy, a 65 year old woman, had somehow set herself up against the Constitution of Ireland.
He intended that she would not be released from jail until she had purged her contempt of court.
This is a legalistic phrase meaning Daniel Herbert intended that 65 year old Teresa Treacy would languish in jail until she apologised to him.
But she's free.
She defied them until they let her go.
Her release came about because of a publicity campaign by the Irish edition of the Daily Mail.
It galls me to say it.
But the Daily Mail done good.
Real good.
How do we get Daniel Herbert and the ESB to purge their contempt?
I mean their contempt of the law generally, the Constitution in particular, and the Irish people as a whole.
How do we punish them for their frivolous wrong minded pseudo legalistic evil?
I'm asking you how bold readers.
Some way.
They're gonna pay.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

the men who would be king

The new format for Irish Presidential debates features all seven candidates singing show tunes together. In last night's debate the candidates sang The Farmer And The Cowman Should Be Friends from the much loved musical Oklahoma. Commentators have already pronounced the new format a success. True, it was woeful. But no more woeful than when they actually try to discuss some serious political issues.

Moderator Pat Kenny, an oleaginous atheistic scruff, takes the microphone.
"Oh the hoor masters and the Marxists should be friends
Sharing their Irish Times and Irish Independends
One man likes to abort a baby
The other hates priests as though he's got rabies
But that don't mean that we cannot be friends."

Enter Jim Mitchell of Fine Gael dressed as a cowboy.

Jim Mitchell of Fine Gael:
"I'd like to say a word without rancour
For every corrupt thievin gypsy banker
They're very much misunderstood
Just for being hoods
I know cos I asked my cousin the famous gangster"

Enter atheistic abortionist Maoist Michael D Higgins of the Labour Party.

Michael D Higgins:
"I'd like to say a word for the Maoists
Not to be confused with the Taoists
We shoot and then we score
Then we shoot 70 million more
But that shouldn't mean I cannot lead you pious Irish bast--ds.".

Mary Davis of the kleptocratic Fianna Fail party swans on disguised as an independent Worzell Gummage:

Mary Davis:
"I'd like to say a word for the kleptocrats
I mean the pseudo elite State appointed bureaucrats
I'm an independent woman
In my Fianna Fail cumann
Waxing fat on kickbacks with the other fatcats."

Sean Gallagher another member of the kleptocratic Fianna Fail party sleazes on pretending to be an Independent.

Sean Gallagher:
"I'd like to say a word for the shleeveens
We're Ireland's ruling class of ethnic gombeens
We thieve and rob your pensions
Then we rob the next generations
And we'll pay off the national debt with magic beeee-ans."

David Norris an advocate of legalised paedophilia who has been claiming disability benfits for his job as a lecturer at Trinity College for twenty years while at the same time drawing several hundred thousand dollars a year in salaries and bonuses for his job as a university appointee to the Irish Senate, enters on a unicycle, simultaneously juggling five paedophiles.

David Norris:
"I'd like to say a word for the child rapists
We're very much poetic Greek escapists
Lay your prejudices aside
There's nowhere left to hide
It could be worse. We could be Amanda Knoxapists."

Dana Rosemary Scallon walks on looking bemused.

Dana: "That last bit didn't really rhyme. You just added apists to Amanda Knox's name."

Audience of leftist pseudo establishment plants: "Boo. Get her off."

Dana: "Christian values? Anyone?"

Audience: "To the guillotine with her. She's last in the polls. She's last in the polls we took in the canteens at Independent Newspapers and RTE and the Irish Times. Boooo. Hiss. Etc etc."

Exit Dana.

Enter former IRA commander Martin McGuinness.

Martin McGuinness: "I believe in peace and equality. If elected, I will endeavour to represent the people of Ireland faithfully as their President."

Audience of atheistic abortionist anti Catholic media hack plants: "Murderer. IRA man. Terrorist! Not one of us! Not one of us! Not one of us!"

Martin McGuinness: "A few years ago you people pledged to forgive those of us who renounced violence. You pledged that if we renounced violence, you would welcome us into the economic, political, cultural, moral and spiritual life of the nation. You pledged specifically that you would not seek short term political advantage over us by using our past against us."

Audience: We lied.

Exit Heelers pursued by a bear.

the knox family devil worshippers

So Curt Knox and his coterie of devil worshipping allies derailed justice and got satanic murderess Amanda Knox out of jail.
They must all be congratulating themselves.
They think they've gotten away with murder.
I am reminded of OJ Simpson.
In as much as one may humanly judge these things, OJ bears less guilt for his murders than Amanda Knox does for hers.
OJ murdered only through jealousy and because he was a drugged up steroidal galoot.
Amanda Knox slaughtered an innocent girl because Amanda Knox thinks the devil is giving Amanda Knox some sort of fulfilment when Amanda Knox gets an itch in the groin from slaughtering innocent children.
And her father Curt Knox got her outta jail.
Cos Curt Knox thinks his daughter should be able to butcher people at will and still walk the streets.
I wonder how well the other children are sleeping in the Knox family homestead these cold winter evenings.
Are they ever troubled by conscience?
Do they ever shiver at the thought: What if Amanda comes for me?
But her satanistic parents and hangers on are laughing.
They must think they're home free.
I ask you to again remember OJ.
And his entourage.
It hasn't exactly gone swimmingly for them since they got away with murder.
OJ's lawyer Johnny Cochrane turned truth on its head, in between brokering secret deals between the late Michael Jackson and some parents who had prostituted their children to Michael Jackson, in between this sort of vileness, Johnny Cochrane got OJ a get out of jail free card for slaughter.
And then Johnny Cochrane died.
Almost straight away.
Almost straight away he went to meet his maker.
I wonder was he wailing "If it doesn't fit you must acquit," as he was thrown into the seventh ring of hell.
OJ is still alive.
If you could call it life.
He has spent the intervening decade wandering around America, a shambolic figure, a known slaughterer, a nothing, putting in his time waiting to face the judge Johnny Cochrane has already faced.
And Curt Knox thinks this is all icecream.
Curt Knox got Daddy's little satanist out of jail.
And he thinks she's free.
But Amanda Knox is not free.
She will never thank him for what he has done for her.
For Curt Knox did the satanic slaughterer Amanda Knox no favours by sabotaging justice and helping her get away with murder.
In jail, Amanda Knox might just have repented of her bestial evil.
She might have defied the devil and told the truth about her savage murder of a beautiful innocent girl called Meredith Kercher.
The satanist murderess Amanda Knox might have saved her own immortal soul.
But now?
Now Amanda Knox thinks bestial evil is a profitable enterprise.
She's about to go on Oprah.
There'll be a book deal.
A film.
Her repentence becomes far less likely.
She thinks butchering innocent girls is the way to go.
She thinks she's beaten the rap.
Curt Knox got her of jail.
Curt Knox got her earthly prison sentence of twenty years anulled.
But in so doing he may have sentenced her to hell.
For all eternity.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

the evil that men do

And so an Italian Court has awarded a get out of jail free card to satanic murderess Amanda Knox and her boyfriend.
And the colour by numbers journalists of Sky News, CNN et al are floundering in their own incompetence as they coo over this sadistic bitch and her worthless moneybags devil worshipping family.
It all boils down to this.
Amanda Knox and her friends tortured and then hacked a girl to pieces for their own entertainment.
Amanda 'Knox and her friends violated and slaughtered Meredith Kercher for no other reason than that they hoped Satan would give them a tickle in the groin for doing so.
Amanda Knox and her accomplices showed no mercy, no conscience and no remorse.
And the pseudo elites of the Justice and Media world have decided to let them away with it.
Last night the vicious heartless psychopathic devil worshipping murderess Amanda Knox walked free.
Her family welcomed her with outstretched arms, hugs and kisses.
But I'll tell you this bold readers.
Her family know.
Just like I know.
Her father Curt Knox knows.
Her mother knows.
Even her brothers and sisters and cute gormless cousins know.
They know what we all know.
When they look across the kitchen table, they'll know.
When they go shopping together, they'll know.
When they say goodnight in the Knox family home, they'll all know.
They'll all know what's sleeping down the corridor.
Just as Amanda Knox herself knows.
The world may give them money.
CNN and Sky and even the faux conservative network Fox may give them plaudits.
But the devil worshipping murderess Amanda Knox and her devil worshipping family are already in hell.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

night and the city

Heading to my car.
I glance from one of the upper windows at the College of Surgeons carpark.
The window is ajar.
I can scent the Autumnal air, cold with the firstlings of Winter.
I stand still and behold the city.
A jumble of buildings in discordant styles jostle each other towards the horizon.
The Council flats, social housing built in the 1960's, rise up like children's lego on my left.
A knot of children sit and stand and sprawl around the swings in the play area, chatting in the half dark.
I bless them.
The ghost of Patrick Kavanagh appears beside me.
"They are the ghosts of children," says Kavanagh pointing, "whose children are long since dead."
Some rough looking rental apartments rise up directly in front of me.
At one stage these would have been townhouses belonging to the wealthy.
The most sought after properties in Dublin they were.
Erected in the cutting edge style of nouvelle squalor a generation before the socialists arrived.
A cluster of signs essay grandiosity amid the squalor, proclaiming the defiance of shop keepers in the face of bleak urban decay.
Bow Lane, shouts one sign.
J Williams, insists a second.
Neither feels the need to elaborate further.
I think maybe Bow Lane is a recording studio.
A recording studio with atmosphere ya might say.
BDO Simpson Xavier, thunders a third sign.
The third is the only one to be lit up electronically in tacky neon as befits one of Ireland's best known criminal enablers of corrupt financial institutions.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
The BDO building elbows its way into the vista from my right, towering higher than the socialist lego land and the rental apartments.
An additional painted sign beneath the neon claims: Fully Let.
And if you believe that sign, I have a bridge to sell you.
A cluster of vans are parked chaotically on the double yellow lines outside the Bow Lane premises.
Young rockers rehearsing into the night.
Who knows.
The next big things.
The wind swirls anew.
Orange street lamps hover.
My heart skips a beat.
"My God," I breathe. "It's so beautiful."