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Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Dateline 1944: The Normandy landings have been abandoned after Christine Blasey Ford accused various allied commanders of  being present while she was groped by General Eisenhower at a frat party in 1905.
A rueful and somewhat bemused Adolf Hitler commented: "We'd actually have won ze focquing war if we'd had three Christine Blasey Fords."

Monday, October 01, 2018

red harvest

Standing on the edge of the green sward I was horrified to see the entire Das Henchen division cresting the ridge.
Fat red landser hens moved swiftly amid the grasses.
Ambling bantams secured the perimetre in the hedgerows.
Within minutes the field was theirs.
Behind them came the famed rooster Generaloberst Timon Von Fathens, assured and arrogant with a measured tread and no fear of any enemy.
"I've got to stop reading Anthony Beevor books," I moaned tragically.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

are all purported victims of criminal activity telling the truth is the presumption of innocence a necessary aspiration to fairness in cases where wrong doing is asserted does slander by scoundrels for showboating for sport for revenge or for profit exist in human experience

The morally and financially bankrupt Irish Independent newspaper group (currently under investigation by High Court appointed Inspectors for sundry as yet unspecified crimes) has been crowing about various newly published international reports into old sex abuse cases within the Catholic Church.
This Summer one such retrospective report from the US state of Pennsylvania examining cases going back 70 years, was released on the eve of an International Family Conference in Ireland with the express intention of discrediting the Church during that event.
A report from Germany was released soon after to maintain the pace of slander.
What an interesting coincidence, the timing of the publication of both reports to coincide with the World Meeting Of Families.
The German report focussed on cases going back to 1946.
But why stop at 1946?
Because if they had gone back a year earlier to 1945 it would have been difficult to ignore the Nazi's imprisonment of thousands of Catholic priests in Concentration Camps on invidiously trumped up charges including child abuse.
Might have spoiled the narrative, eh Fritz?
As for the Irish Independent's persistent recycling of smears against the church, I would ask  why on earth we should stop at 1955.
Why not go back to 1913?
I find 1913 a fascinating period.
Because 1913 was the year that William Martin Murphy, founder of the Irish Independent newspaper, and owner of many of the industries of Dublin at the time, tried to starve the people of Dublin, into abject submission via the 1913 Lockout. (Murphy had founded the Irish Independent in 1905 and the Sunday Independent in 1906.)
Hilarious to think that within a hundred years of the Irish Independent's attempts to starve the people of Dublin into penury, the Irish Independent through its leading controversialist Ian O'Doherty would falsely, maliciously and malignly claim that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
This is the same Irish Independent which a century later having gone bankrupt in its attempts to slander Christianity out of existence, has had its billion dollar debts to Allied Irish Banks cancelled by then Fine Gael Prime Minister Enda Kenny who nationalised the bank, cancelled Independent Newspapers' debts, and let the Irish people pick up the tab.
William Martin Murphy would have been proud.
We are living through a new persecution of the Church masquerading as a righteous pursuit of justice.
If you accept it, you are complicit with it.
And the present day persecutions of the Church all have historical precedent.
From the Nazis of 1945 putting priests in Concentration Camps to William Martin Murphy and his Irish Independent trying to starve out the Catholic people of Dublin for the purely notional crime of joining trade unions, every age produces its own power brokers, its own despots, its own Nazis and its own slanderers of the ancient, beautiful and true Catholic Church.
In 1678 Britain was convulsed by a wave of anti Catholic sentiment arising from testimonies by Titus Oates and fellow conspirators some of them actually Catholic priests, who fabricated slanders about a purported Catholic coup, leading to the execution of 15 leading Catholics. I would note that there are priests in the present era such as Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who like these slanderers of old collude in the creation of a presumption of guilt for Catholics accused of anything. (How ya goin Archie. I've missed you.)
In 1678 Titus Oates claimed that Catholics were plotting to poison the King of England via his wife who was Catholic and to install a Catholic, the King's own brother, on the throne while raising a secret army of 70,000 peasant Catholics in Ireland with a view to invading England.
The Popish plot concocted by Titus Oates and his sponsor Lord Shaftsbury was all lies.
The falsity of the allegations did not prevent Titus Oates from overnight becoming the most celebrated man in Britain.
He was given the title "Saviour of the Nation."
He was given rooms at the Royal Palace.
He was given a huge pension for life.
Then the Brits got to thinking,
They had tortured fifteen leading Catholics and afterwards had murdered them through a travesty of Judicial process.
Yet none of these murdered Catholics confessed under torture or before their execution.
Not one.
That was a bit strange.
And at last the whole thing unravelled.
Within days of the final execution, that of the hero Archbishop of Dublin Oliver Plunkett, (You should read about him Archie. You stain his memory.) Lord Shaftsbury himself was thrown in the Tower of London.
Titus Oates himself was put on trial and convicted of perjury against the 15 Catholics he'd falsely accused of treason.
He was pronounced by his former champion Lord Jefferies (the historical personage eventually known as Hanging Judge Jefferies so he was something of an expert on the subject) to be the worst man in Britain.
The British didn't have a death penalty for perjury but Titus Oates was sentenced to be whipped annually for the rest of his life through the streets of London, a sentence which it was hoped would kill him.
Ian O'Doherty and the Irish Independent have for the past forty years attempted to slander the Church out of existence, murdering reputations through the manufacture of purely notional guilt, stampeding the peasantry away from their pastors through the manipulation and constant recycling of old sex abuse cases, and for so doing have been elevated by the anti Catholic pseudo elites of Ireland to a position of preeminence in society.
The Head of Amnesty International in Ireland Colm O'Gorman routinely labels the Church an abusing institution. He draws a stupendous salary above a hundred grand a year for his slanders in spite of the fact that Amnesty International's Irish branch has debts way above a million dollars.
A purported sex abuse victim styled Marie Collins is routinely wheeled out by the Stalinist State broadcaster RTE to slander the Church live on air. She gets paid too. And no one dares challenge her because of her own purported victimhood.
A few years ago RTE was caught bribing an African woman to claim the African woman had had a child with a Catholic priest Father Kevin Reynolds which particular slander blew up in RTE's face resulting in damages being paid to their target, but has not prevented them from concocting similar and ongoing anti Church propaganda campaigns ever since.
The bribes given to Titus Oates and his accomplices are also matched in the present era by the Irish government given payments no questions asked to anyone claiming to have been abused in a Catholic Church run institution.
That brought the numbers up nicely and silenced many who would otherwise have defended the care they received from the Church.
It's hard to say no to a hundred grand as they do say in Amnesty International.
In America a chancer styling herself Christine Blasey Ford has emerged from obscurity just as Titus Oates did, with an attempt to prevent the appointment of a Catholic to the Supreme Court by claiming that when he was a teenager he groped her at a High School party.
Commentators are afraid to say anything negative about Christine Blasey Ford's risibly slanderous and opportunistic testimony. So she too is being hailed as a saviour of the nation.
All these professional slanderers' stars have risen high.
But I am saying to you that Ian O'Doherty, Independent Newspapers, the Irish government, RTE, Marie Collins, Colm O'Gorman, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Christine Blasey Ford are nothing more than glorified Titus Oates.
Oppose them.
That is all.