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Saturday, July 28, 2018

capricorn one

When the revel was at its height...
"Thankfully we have contraception in Ireland now," said Rowena.
I waited to see would anyone else deign to touch it.
No takers.
"There were seventeen kids in your family Rowena," I said slowly. "I'm just wondering which of your brothers and sisters you'd have preferred not to exist. Because none of you would be here if contraception culture had taken hold a few decades earlier. Even if we look around this room, you've just erased a whole lot of people. Uncle Throg was number eight in his family, so he's gone. And his children. And the grand kids. Aunty Mary's gone. There were nine of them. So she's history. That's a big wipe out to chalk up to the condom brigade. Frances might still be around. She was number three in her family. She might have got in by the skin of her teeth. But her mother was number five. So if the contraception fetish had been in vogue back then, there's no Frances either. And her kids are gone too of course. Annie was number four. So she's gone. And her kid. And I was number five in my family so there's no me. Which is a pity. Because I'm such a nice guy."

Footnote 1: Shortly following this exchange, the ghost of Jonah Lewie entered the room with two attractive-ish girls and began singing: "That's why you'll still find him in the kitchen at parties."

Footnote 2: "Number Five is alive." - Allie Sheedy note.

Friday, July 27, 2018

interview with a child intervention specialist working outside the republic of ireland

JAMES HEALY: "I don't believe in autism."

LUCINDA: "James, I can see it. It's there."

JH: "What I mean is: I don't think we've defined what it is  We're calling various things autism. I don't think we've defined the causes of what we're dealing with. Of what we call autism. And I don't think it's the same thing every time. And I think what we're calling the causes are not the causes. And I think we're much too quick to label the kids."

LUCINDA: "Well what are you saying is the cause"

JH: "For a start there is one category of what we're calling autism, a massive category, which is caused by the vaccines for Mumps, Measles and Rubella."

LUCINDA: "Actually I agree with you."

JH: "You do?"

LUCINDA: "I've had so many parents coming to me. Their kids were meeting all their developmental markers. Then they got the Mumps, Measles Rubella vaccine and suddenly they had autism. For me it's gone beyond a reasonable doubt."

JH: "But you must say this. If professional people like you think this, it must come into the public domain. You must be able to say this to your friends. You must say it at conferences."

LUCINDA: "A lot of people are saying it."

JH: "But we still have people being ruined for saying it. The researcher in England. They absolutely shut him down, trashed his reputation and ran him into penury. The public discourse on this has to change. At the moment the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry are able to destroy anyone who breaks ranks to tell the truth about the Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccine giving children autism."

LUCINDA: "You said there were other causes."

JH: "The other causes... There are causes relating to psycho sexual extremes which children are experiencing through the culture. Mental disruptions from sexualised and aggressivised images on mobile phones and computers and everywhere else. There are causes relating to a generation of children being asked to grow up without any faith in God. There are causes which doctors remain resolutely determined not to admit. Causes relating to the experience of orchestrated aggressivities at the hands of other children. The things kids experience in schools from other children are off the scale. There are causes relating to the behaviour of teachers and other care givers. Then there are causes relating to the behaviour of one or both parents in the home. Doctors won't say to a couple: Hey, you've done this to the kid. It's staring them in the face. I ask you. What clinician is going to say: You. Your  behaviour. Stop fighting in front of the child. Stop taking drugs. Stop demeaning each other in front of the child. You. You're inducing neurological damage in your child."

LUCINDA: "I say it all the time. I sit them down. And I say: Look at these things. These are going to have to be looked at. You're going to have to do something about this. I'll give them a checklist if I have to."

JH: "Okay. That brings me to the doctors putting children on Ridilin and other poisons. The doctors are dosing the kids with chemicals for purely fictional medical conditions which the doctors themselves have invented rather than admitting the kid is being brought up in an environment that would disrupt the hell out of anybody. They're dosing the kids with drugs that prevent the kids' formative minds from forming properly. They're giving the kids substances that prevent them from experiencing their reality and therefore from coming to terms with it. And they're doing it for profit and because they're too polite to admit that if a drug using gang banger psycho parent is sitting in front of you, he or she is very probably the cause of every symptom the child is showing. And what of the psycho parents who aren't in any apparent drug gang, who scrub up well and look quite demure but it's bleeding obvious after talking to them for two minutes where the problem lies. The doctors have dreamed up a cornucopia of medicalising fictions to justify drugging kids into a stupor because they don't have a business model for the truth."

LUCINDA: "What are you talking about?"

JH: "Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."

LUCINDA: "Actually I agree with you there as well. I've been dealing with children for twenty years. I've dealt with literally hundreds of kids who were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Guess how many I saw who had what really might have been ADD or ADHD."

JH: "How many?"


JH: "But how can the medical profession be doing this? Have they no conscience? Have they no intellect? Does the profit motive stifle all other insights? Have they no kids of their own? Do they not care?"

LUCINDA: "In many cases James, it's not the doctors. Parents keep coming back, demanding a diagnosis. They want the explanation to be that the kid is sick. And they won't settle for anything less."