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Friday, August 16, 2013



1. The army general Abdel Fateh El Sisi is the most popular man in Egypt.

2. He has rightly removed President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood from office because, (at least according to many Arab analysts), around 70 percent of Egyptians simply do not accept President Morsi as their President and will not accept President Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood as their rulers under any circumstance. Normally that 70 percent of Egyptians would be cowed by the violence, terror and sheer murderousness of the Egyptian Brotherhood. Latterly the 70 percent of Egyptians who want a better life have been become more difficult to cow.

3. The Egyptian Brotherhood have stood in the wings of Egyptian Society for eighty years waiting for an opportunity to seize power. During that time, the Egyptian Brotherhood murdered anyone in Egypt advocating a moderate form of Islam, or even a form of Islam that would allow Muslims the freedom to choose their own religion.

4. The Muslim Brotherhood have through murder and intimidation ensured that they are the only nationwide political organisation in Egypt.

5. And the Egyptian people still don't want them.

6. The Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi apparently won the recent elections but they won by default, taking advantage of the fact that the 70 percent of Egyptians who wanted a moderate option had no one to vote for, and had no unified political party making a pitch to them, specifically because as I've stated above, the Muslim Brotherhood routinely terrorises and murders all opposition in the towns and villages of Egypt out of existence.

7. President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted not by a military coup but by a military leader, Al Sisi, who recognised the will of 70 percent of the people of Egypt who insisted that on no account would they be ruled by an Iranian style psychopath like Morsi or by Iranian style fundamentalists like the Muslim Brotherhood.

8. In the few months while President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was in office as President of Egypt, Egyptians in their millions took to the streets to oppose his seizure of limitless powers under the guise of an election win.

9. American politician John McCain in claiming Al Sisi's actions are a coup, and by supporting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, is simply wrong about this.

10. The socialist Prime Ministers of Europe are profoundly wrong about this.

11. CNN, Skybollah and Al Jazeera the Nazi Channel are all horribly and in some cases deliberately and culpably, wrong about this.

12. Robert Fisk, although a dedicated justifier of Islamist terror groups, is not an Arab, and is not an Egyptian, and has never been right about anything in his life.

13. The Egyptian people want something better than Islamic Fundamentalists reducing them to the level of farm animals.

14. The alternative to the interim administration installed by General El Sisi, is that under Morsi and his Brotherhood of psychos, Egypt will become a charnel house of Iranian, Al Qaeda, Taliban, style barbarism.

15. Those who insist on the formula that a win in an election, however tainted, entitles the former President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to do whatever they like in office, are thereby also  insisting on depriving 70 percent of the Egyptian people of their right to insist on a more moderate leadership,

16. In spite of what you're hearing from fading and failed American Presidential candidates and from the Islamist gibbons beloved of the dying  media groups of the West, General El Sisi is the only hope for Egypt.

17. I feel that those who don't support him now, will be responsible for what happens next.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

today they said

"The Big Bang cries out for a divine explanation. It forces the conclusion that nature had a definite beginning. I cannot see how nature could have created itself. Only a supernatural force that is outside of space and time could have done that."
- Francis Collins, scientist who mapped what he and other scientists consider to be the biogenetic building block of human life, which they style the deoxyribonucleic molecule or DNA.

"The best data we have concerning the Big Bang are exactly what I would have predicted had I nothing to go on but the five books of Moses, the Psalms, the Bible as a whole."
- Arno Penzias, who won the Nobel Prize for his observation of background microwave radiation in the night sky.

"I am angry when atheists identify me as one of their number. I deserve to be called a theist."
- Albert Einstein

"The most beautiful system of the sun, planet, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and domination of an intelligent and powerful being."
- Isaac Newton in the Principia Mathematica

"FIRE. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, not of the philosophers and scholars. Certainty. Certainty. Feeling. Joy. Peace."
- Blaise Pascal

"Belief in God is a superstition akin to toadstool worship."
- Donald Clarke in the Irish Times

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the heelers diaries in america

Entering a rather enticing Roches Brothers grocery facility in the New England town of Wellesley.
A statuesque woman with a clipboard approaches me at the door.
"Would you care to sign a petition in favour of Rowena Bainesford's nomination to the Senate on behalf of the Democratic Party?" she enquires.
"I certainly would if she supported President Bush's attempts to confront Islamic Terror and if she defends the right to life of unborn babies," I reply enthusiastically.
The woman wrinkles her nose a bit.
My words can have given her little encouragement.
Yet she doesn't want to let me go.
I recognise her dilemma.
She is clearly torn between loving my Irish accent, and believing me to be an evil, vile, pro Bushwhacker, baby loving Catholic oppressor of the world.
That old gag.
"Well our candidate is pro choice," she says hesitantly.
"I'm very pro babies," I grin, "and I really want the Muslims to lose the War On Terror. And I really took a dim view of Democrats trying to criminalise Mr Bush in order to sidle their way into office while Islamist Nazis were continuing to infiltrate our countries with a view to enslaving all of us to their malign and vicious religion of hate. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns."
She backs away sheepishly enough.
I can tell from her eyes and her smile that she really would like to get to know me but what I've said just doesn't leave her any wiggle room.
Sometimes my accent is not enough.
But the Americans are brilliant.
They still care about their democracy.
In Europe there's none of this.
Our democracies are dead.
Europe is facing the dawn of black Islamic night.

advice for bishops priests and nuns attending today's consecration of ireland to the mother of god

Don't turn your back on Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. (Or he'll use his allies in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent newspaper groups, ie the most bigoted anti Catholic media groups in Europe, to label you a concealer of child abuse. I mean like he did with Cardinal Sean Brady and Bishop Joseph McGee et al.) And don't let him turn the Consecration into an Archbishop Diarmuid Martin event. (Like he tried to do with our Pro Life rally in Dublin.)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

uncle james sorts it out

Dear Uncle James.
Why did something called Lise Hand writing in the Irish Independent, refer to Prime Minister Enda Kenny as a prophet?
Dazed And Confused

Uncle James writes:
Dear Dazed And Confused.
Contrary to popular opinion, Lise Hand did not call Enda Kenny a prophet, merely because Enda Kenny had cancelled a billion dollars of Independent Newspapers debt to bankrupt Irish banks.
Nor did Lise Hand call Enda Kenny a prophet simply because Enda Kenny had prevented any legal action being taken against the new proprietor of Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien on foot of a Judicial Enquiry which found that Denis O'Brien is a fraudster whose personal fortune was founded on bribes to Enda Kenny's former party colleague Michael Lowry who as Communications Minister in a previous government corruptly awarded mobile phone broadcast licences to Denis O'Brien in return for bribes and other unspecified inducements.
And Lise Hand did not call Enda Kenny a prophet because Enda Kenny is a prophet.
He isn't.
Lise Hand called Enda Kenny a prophet because Enda Kenny this week legalised the murder of unborn children.
Uncle James


Coffee with Reggie Baines.
"Heelers you really think Muslims will rule Western Europe?"
"Yes they will. And you at least will live to see it."
"Okay then, and you're sure this will be a bad thing?"
"It will be a new dark ages for humanity."
"But Heelers even if you're right that Muslims will rule us, how can you be sure they'll rule us badly? You've been critical enough of our present political class yourself."
"Five hundred years ago the Byzantine Empire was the richest country on earth. Rich culturally, intellectually and politically. But the people had grown indolent. They were seduced by the pleasures of wealth. The Christianity which had gifted them with freedoms became a burden to them. They took the Faith for granted. It became merely a background exhibit for their lives of depraved self adulatory masturbatory sexual excess. Think of Enda Kenny calling himself a Catholic while legalising the murder of unborn babies. Now you've got it. The Byzantines were like us Reggie. They had the faith. They had what goes with the faith. A free country and the only wealth that matters. The wealth that comes from knowing your neighbours won't murder you. They had this. And a standard of living higher than many Western Countries today. And the Muslims took it from them. Overnight. They walked in and took it. No one in Byzantium was willing to fight them until it was too late. And in about five minutes flat, the Muslims turned the richest empire on earth, into the shit hole that is Turkey."

Monday, August 12, 2013


in the pool of evening
quick silver
ripples widening
cold water thing
risen to exult
in some unthinking imagining
ordinary is wonder enough

what do fishes dream

our television listings

(A Stalinist broadcaster funded through compulsory taxation on the Irish people in order to wage constant Marxian kulturkampf warfare against the Christian religion.)

10.00 Love Hate. Gangster drama produced by RTE and timed to coincide precisely with real events. Yes RTE are disseminating this pornographic violent pap while real thugs and drug gangs are oppressing, violating and murdering for real the real citizenry in real towns and villages all over Ireland assisted by real low life scum police officers. I kid you not. RTE have put our money into this glamourisation of gangster scuzz while the low life drug scum were actually in the process of terrorising every community in the land. And the liberal left wing atheistic anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group and the liberal atheistic Bolshevick anti Catholic Irish Times have spent the last two years telling us how entertained we all are by this televisual celebration of the very depravity which is destroying our nation. Here is the news. The Irish Times and the Irish Independent are bankrupt because they actually believe people want to see dramatic romantic televisual representations of the same drug scum who are daily placing every town and village in Ireland under the jackboot of people trafficking Islamist Nazi rackateers. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns. The petty scum drug hoodlums and their corrupt cop accomplices have spent the Summer imitating the mayhem in Love Hate. And since the government forces us to finance RTE, our government also forces us to finance the Love Hate television programme, which amounts to financing the drug gangs and people traffickers' recruitment and training videos.
11.00 Murder She Wrote. Jessica is arrested after Sheriff Murgatroyd notices that everywhere she's been for the past twenty five years, there's been a murder at least once a week.
12.00 The News. Read by Chairman Mao. (Or if he's unavailable, by someone to the left of Chairman Mao.)
2.00 Mission Impossible. Rerun of classic 1960's series. This week Soviet Agent Archbishop Diarmuid Martin infiltrates the Catholic Church in Ireland with a view to undermining it from within. Using contacts provided by his KGB brother Seamus who happens to be political editor at the Irish Times, he labels Bishops who oppose his machinations as concealers of child abuse. Ho hum. This television station is pure arse. No one watches it except drug scuzz.
3.00 Miriam In The Afternoon. Chat show presented by Miriam O'Callaghan, the most unwatchable untelevisual human being on the planet earth. Today Miriam will be interviewing her husband Snodgrass about RTE's appointment of him as Head Of Programme Commissioning. Expect some tough questions about how Snodgrass previously earned a living heading up a production company which sold programmes to RTE starring his wife Miriam O'Callaghan, whom RTE was already paying half a million dollars a year to be the most unwatchable human being in the history of television. I kid you not. You know, the Irish government currently force any citizen who owns a television to pay 200 dollars a year to finance RTE's debasement of our culture and our discourse, and to keep the O'Callaghans in BMW's. The Irish government is introducing additional legislation to force those of us who have gotten rid of our TV's, to pay  200 dollars a year to finance RTE anyway. This is not a joke. Joe Stalin would have baulked at this stuff.
4.00 Parliamentary Report. They're cruddlers I tells ee.
5.00 Women Talking. Leg waxing left wing conformist harridans discuss their lobotomies. Free abortions for every viewer over the age of nine.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


"Do you want to take the newspaper home with you?" said Uncle Jim proffering me a Sunday Independent.,
I shook my head.
"I cannot in conscience have that newspaper in my house," I said softly. "They have taken God from my people, pornogrified my country, colluded with corrupt politicians to turn our hospitals into abortion mills, elevated whoredom to sanctity, hooked our young people on drugs, condoms, and the pleasure ethic, instituted the violent society through the intellectual and moral debasement of the citizenry, destroyed the reputations of the most honourable and decent Bishops, priests and nuns among us, and lauded themselves every soul destroying step of the way for doing so. They have destroyed much and created nothing. They have done all this solely in the interests of their proprietors, a feudal robber baron called O'Reilly and a mobile phone thief called Denis O'Brien. In the interests of these two worthless atheistic fascist shleeveens, they have alienated the peasantry from the one force which might have saved us from this tidal wave of criminal destruction. Yes the one thing which might have saved us from the tyranny of liberals was the ancient beautiful and true Catholic religion. It could have saved the people from porno culture, drugs culture, racketeer culture, people trafficking culture, murder culture, stab culture, euthanasia culture, abortion pill culture, et al. (Particularly Al. I hate him.) For a mess of pottage, they have unleashed hell on all of us and on generations yet unborn. May their souls rot."
"Are you sure you don't want it?" said Uncle Jim laughing.

wisdom of the east

Another walk in the park with Miss Korea.
"You're supposed to love everyone," offers Miss Korea.
"Even..." I lower my voice mock conspiratorially, "...even Muslims?"
"Everyone!" exclaims Miss Korea.
"Do I have to love Muslims if they self detonate next to me?" I enquire, anxious to know the conventional viewpoint on such matters. "Or if they inflict a permanent worldwide terror war on humanity? Or if they try to commit genocide against the State of Israel? Or even if they're just murdering their own daughters for the crime of being unfortunate enough to get raped or for the more serious crime of wearing short skirts? Do I have to love them when they're doing all those things at the same time while paying people trafficking drug dealing scum to sneak them into my country?"
"Yes," says Miss Korea.
"Do I have to remain silent about their all out attempts to enslave the human race to the peace loving religion of Islam?" I wonder. "Do I have to remain silent about the Cult Of The Assassins, its present day incarnation being Al Qaeda, which has for fourteen centuries prevented any moderate version of Islam from emerging anywhere on the planet earth simply by murdering any Muslims who dared to be moderate in their dealings with other human beings? Do I have to stay silent about the Muslims who murdered a teenage boy at a coffee stand in Syria last month simply because the boy said he wouldn't have given credit to the Prophet Muhammad himself if he'd bought a coffee that day? Do I have to stay silent about that while the world pours money and attention into Syria and urges the rest of us in the name of charity to divvy up cash for one or other collection of Muslim psychos currently shooting and bombing Syria into ever further ever more barbarous Islamic perdition? Do I have to pretend none of this is happening? In the name of love?"
"You have to love them if you believe in Jesus," says Miss Korea, "but you don't have to agree with them."
"Ughhh," I reply sincerely.