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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the new attacks on the catholic church in ireland

1. Last week the Daily Mail newspaper ran an article asserting that 800 children were buried in a septic tank at a former care facility run by nuns between 1925 and 1961. The Daily Mail implied that the children were murdered and claimed that the situation had been brought to light by an historian called Catherine Corless.

2. The story was quickly taken up by media groups styling themselves Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and RTE.

3. Terminology relating to the Nazi holocaust of Jews was used by all these media groups to create an impression of murder at the Irish care facility. The communal grave at the home was referred to as a mass grave. The sick bay at the home was called a dying room.

4. President Michael D Higgins, Prime Minister Enda Kenny and Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin all responded to the reports by calling for enquiries.

5. Nationwide a climate of vitriolic hatred towards the Catholic Church was unleashed.

6. Here are my observations.

7. The police have said there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.

8. No babies were buried in a septic tank at the site.

9.The historian Catherine Corless has backed away from her initial calls for any bodies at the home to be exhumed and examined. She says now that all she ever wanted was for a memorial to be placed at the site. This change of attitude by Catherine Corless requires explanation.

10. There is no evidence at all of 800 babies being buried at the site. Miss Corless' statistic was not based on finding bodies as stated in various media reports. It was based on an examination of the total number of death certificates which Miss Corless says related to the home.

11. Media reports have failed to make clear the extraordinary death toll in Ireland from various outbreaks of disease in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Nor has there been any mention of the higher death rate in care facilities from typhus, influenza and tuberculosis outbreaks prior to the advent of modern drug treatments. The media groups also chose to omit any reminder for their readers of the extreme poverty that prevailed in the West of Ireland in the 1920s, preferring instead to imply that deaths at the home attributed to malnutrition must have been murder. An appearance of wrongdoing on the part of the carers has been contrived and propagated without any direct evidence at all by Catherine Corless and the newspapers and broadcasters involved with her in promoting this scandal.

12 Catherine Corless' role as an activist and a member of an activists group has not been made clear by the media who have simply styled her an historian.

13 The only scandal President Michael D Higgins should be concerned about is the scandal whereby Irish police refused to properly investigate or explain a sex abuse claim against him prior to the last Presidential election in Ireland.

14 The only scandal Prime Minister Enda Kenny should be concerned about is the scandal whereby in contravention of the clearly expressed will of the people of Ireland in repeated referendums and in contravention of the clearly expressed will of Almighty God in the Ten Commandments, he has just legalised the murder of unborn children in Ireland through abortion.

15 The only scandal Archbishop Diarmuid Martin should be concerned about is the scandal whereby two years ago he himself attempted to create a presumption of guilt for any Bishop facing suggestions of having mishandled a sex abuse complaint. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin quite infamously called on all Bishops mentioned in a Judicial enquiry to resign immediately.

16 Aside from the scandal mongering profit motive of the bankrupt media groups involved in the present attacks on the Church, there is also another more sinister motive. I suggest that these attacks have been thoroughly and dishonourably contrived in order to marginalise believing Christians from any position of influence over present day Irish culture.

17. The media groups contriving these reports have fought a forty year culture war against the Christian religion.

18. These media groups and their political and Judicial allies have only this year managed to legalise the murder of unborn children through abortion. But Irish hospitals are still dragging their heels about murdering babies. Abortion culture is not happening fast enough for those who have sought to inflict it on the nation.

19. This week's contrived media storm about the communal grave at a 1920s care home is all about silencing present day Christians by falsely labelling as murderers past generations of Irish Christians who are not around to speak for themselves.

20. The murder of the reputations of dead Irish people is intended to copperfasten the institution of abortion culture in Ireland.

21. There is no other reason for this week's attacks on the Catholic Church.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

whom the gods wish to destroy

Wandered into my feminist cousin Pauline's health food store last Monday as the day was going down.
It's an enlightened sort of place.
Organic I think they call it.
All the vegetables were hand reared or something.
"James," quoth the feminist cousin. "You have arrived."
"I sure have."
"No I mean you've arrived in the sense of fulfilment of your poetic destiny. I want to put one of your poems on the blackboard outside the door."
Well folks.
In the poetry realm, it boils down to a Nobel prize or this.
And since all the Nobel prizes are currently booked for putative Presidential candidates from the American democratic party...
I guess I have arrived.
"You want one of my poems for public display on your blackboard?"
"Which one?"
"The incomprehensible one where you're trying to be Gerard Manley Hopkins."
That one.
It was the work of a moment to scribble it out for her.
The poem where I'm trying to be Gerard Manley Hopkins is called 'daybreak.'
It goes:

'leafen wood enwintered
by a soft ice surplice
fallen forth on timbers in a fronded fretwork charabanc
that neath a network braided
steaming cattle breathed
earthen kingdoms frothed
into dying into life
on with the motley

Pauline had spotted my naive attempt to be Gerard Manley Hopkins but she seemed to have missed the homage to Mrs Thatcher right at the end.
No point in spoiling her fun.
I left the poem with her.
At dawn this morning I stole back to her shop to see my name in neon above the door.
I mean in chalk on the blackboard beside the door.
The following met my eyes.

'Wag more.
Bark less.'

This tosh.
Instead of my Mrs Thatcher poem.
It was unattributed.
Cousin Pauline drove up for work unbeknownst to me and stood at my side.
"Do you like it?"
I stared at her too moved for words.
"Oh right," she murmured. "I told you I'd put yours up. It just didn't seem right in the end. I knew you wouldn't mind. Then this caught my eye. It was on a sign post. I thought it deserved wider distribution."
I was still too moved to talk.
Thankfully somewhere not to far away the ghost of Tuco from The Good The Bad And The Ugly proclaimed with strange high mellifluousness: