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Friday, July 08, 2011

magic tricks

My niece Freya making me disappear.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

dial a for archie

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has had a busy Summer.
There's been no let up in his attempts to infiltrate, undermine and destroy the Catholic Church in Ireland from within.
We've had his poignantly leaked press releases falsely claiming he was considering resignation from high office.
"Maybe I'm not the person to lead the Catholic Church through the changes it must face," he mused mendaciously in a press release given prominence in every anti Catholic newspaper in the land.
I ask you.
Why do newspapers that have spent forty years fighting a culture war in order to eradicate the Catholic Church, why I say, why, do these whoremasters, druggies, idolators and atheists, why do they love Archbishop Diarmuid Martin so?
The clue is in the question.
Of course he isn't the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland or anywhere else.
He is merely a regional Archbishop with radical leftist leanings, a brother of Soviet KGB agent Seamus Martin, and not entitled to claim any leadership role over the faithful whatsoever.
So he shouldn't be musing, falsely or otherwise, about his future as our leader.
I'm telling you folks.
This man will never willingly step off the toilet.
(By the by, as political editor at the virulently atheistic Irish Times, Archie's brother Seamus spent decades during the Cold War cheerleading for the Russian Communist Party's putative takeover of the world. Seamus has since retired to a palatial apartment in Paris. It's good to be the King Grand Poubah.)
So Archie led off his Summer media blitz with a Colonel Gadaffi style publicity campaign claming he might resign shortly.
Never gonna happen.
Next Archie showed up in The New York Times, claiming to have been himself the victim of a sexualised assault during his childhood.
Only when you read the small print the actual assault consisted of Archy claiming an old man had accosted him in the street, held him a for a few moments while mouthing vulgarisms which Archy didn't now care to elaborate on, and after which Archy says the man ran off when a police officer appeared.
I suppose it might be true.
Otherwise it was a blatent attempt to fend off the growing ground storm of awareness vis a vis Archy's blatent attempts to criminalise a generation of Bishops by forcing them from office and denying them a right to speak for themselves.
Which do you think it was gentle travellers of the internet?
Summer rolls on and the eulogies for Archy in the bankrupt atheistic media continue to roll in.
The only hiccup in his blissful Summer of self love, has been a decision by a Vatican sponsored conference on child abuse not to invite the noble Archy.
That one raised hackles among the old infiltrator's liberal atheistic friends.
As one they cried:
"How dare the Vatican not invite a known Soviet era infiltrator to such a prestigious photo opportunity!
How dare the Catholic Church insist on the right for its members to speak for themselves when falsely accused of concealing child abuse?
How dare they?
Ce mechant animal, le plus q'on attaque, le plus qu'il se defend.
Evil Catholic beasts, the more we attack them, the more they defend themselves."
And so the liberal atheists maunder on.
Meanwhile Archie's propaganda activities have not been restricted to occasional media posturing.
Earlier this Summer he called for Catholic Schools which had a majority of non Catholic students to be handed over to non Catholic boards of management.
This call was closely coorinated with a similar push from Ireland's Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn, an unrepentant Marxist Maoist atheist, who has demanded that Catholic Church groups sign over school property to help increase pay outs to sex abuse victims. (And their lawyers.)
Clever isn't it?
A two pronged attack.
Ruairi Quinn from the government benches.
Archie from within.
We should note that Archie isn't the only one with an interesting brother.
The unrepentant communist Ruairi Quinn is a brother of Lochlainn Quinn, Board member of the collapsed Allied Irish Bank.
Lochlainn Quinn is famous for having spent thirty million dollars on a vineyard in France a few years ago.
Nothing Lochlainn Quinn ever did at Allied Irish Bank should have entitled him to have thirty million quid in his pocket to spend on loose vineyards.
Allied Irish Bank owes the world thousands of millions of dollars.
Strangely enough, even though Irish people thought we were electing a government which would end the corrupt Fianna Fail practice of forcing the citizenry to pay the gambling losses of gangster banks, strangely though under communist government Minister Ruairi Quinn and his friends, the practice has continued.
As has the kulturkampf against the Catholic Church aided an abetted by the infiltrator Soviet era leftist Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
You know what folks.
These people despise our agent faith with a passion and hatred unseen outside of the darker vaults of the Third Reich.
And they think they're winning.
But they are wrong.
All that's happening is that they are starting to annoy me.
Let the tyrants beware.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

great moments in cnn

Mr Richard Quest was presenting a feature programme on CNN last week.
He said: "I want you to think of great companies whose single syllable names have entered the language, becoming watchwords for the products they sell. Think of Google, Microsoft, Apple..."
Single syllables?
And the irony is, Richard Quest is one of the few presenters on CNN who didn't get where he is by sleeping with CNN founder Ted Turner.
I weep for my generation.

Monday, July 04, 2011

lies damned lies and the irish times

Today's Irish Times contained some doozies.
Even by the usual standards of that vapid bankrupt atheistic Nazi rag.
I mean, I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
But doozies they were.
First we had Mr Clifford Coonan's near somnolent reporting of the election results in Thailand.
Mr Coonan observed that the Thais had voted for the sister of a former Prime Minister who is currently in exile as he faced corruption charges at home.
What Mr Coonan failed to report was the following.
Thailand has been in the grip of an Islamic separatist ethnic terror campaign in its southern provinces for at least the last five years.
Thousands of people have been murdered.
Tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes.
The Prime Minister who was forced into exile had won no less than two free and fair elections during that time.
Two years ago, a Muslim army general seized power in a coup d'etat.
Last year, the army cleared the streets of the Thai capital Bangkok of the exiled Prime Minister's supporters, through the simple expedient of slaughtering them with heavy ordinance weaponry, ie tanks and machine guns.
Now the former Prime Minister's sister has won yet another free and fair election, representing the third time the Thai people have expressed their opinion of the exiled leader, clearly rejecting the charges raised against him by his political and/or Islamist opponents.
This week, Mr Clifford Coonan managed to report on all this without once mentioning: terrorism, separatism, the peaceloving religion of Islam, Muslim ethnic cleansing of Southern Thailand, Muslim army generals, a Muslim coup d'etat or an Islamic motivation behind last year's slaughter of the exiled Prime Minister's supporters in the streets of Bangkok.
Mr Clifford Coonan must be one hell of a sensitive guy.
Hell being the operative word.
Doozies come and doozies go but the Irish Times remains crass, lefist, atheistic, manipulative, abortionist, contraceptivist, and malign forever.
Here's another.
Mr Clifford Coonan's colleague Mr Paddy Agnew was also up to his old tricks in today's edition, posing as something he calls Irish Times Religious Affairs Correspondent from the Vatican.
The atheistic Marxist Mr Agnew interprets his remit as do all Irish Times journalists as a licence to propagandise in the most hatefilled bigoted terms against the faith of our fathers.
Why anyone would think an atheistic Marixist would be in position to judge, let alone comment fairly upon, the Catholic Church is anyone's guess.
I'd have thought Mr Paddy Agnew's journalistic career should more appropriately have consisted of extended apologies for the Marxian murders of millions in China, Russia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, all of Africa, and south and central America.
Maybe I'm missing something.
These leftie windbags should be hanging their heads in shame, not least for the Islamic dictatorships they foisted on the Arab world throughout the Cold War and beyond.
And not forgetting the indigenous terrorist movements they attempted to bring to power for so many years in Ireland via the IRA, Germany via the Baadar Meinhoff poor little rich murderers, Italy via the Red Brigades, Spain via the Basque Separatists, and Greece via the November 17 movement.
November 17 being Karl Marx's birthday or something.
(Bollocks surely? - Ed note.)
Both of them.
We have Mr Clifford Coonan pioneering a style of reportage based on Jedi Knight principles. He doesn't bother to research the most salient details of a story, preferring instead to shut his eyes, trust in the force, and write whatever politically correct nonce pops into his head.
Mr Paddy Agnew meanwhile is covering religious matters using the Joe Stalin Guide To Reporting On The Catholic Church.
These people are starting to annoy me.
Still you've got to hand it to them at the Irish Times.
They ain't got no shame.
I ask you.
How could Mr Paddy Agnew keep a straight face today as he suggested in his column that the Catholic Church had seen a drop in revenues due to its handling of sex abuse cases?
Nothing to do with the recession, eh?
How could he write such a thing?
True, the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers have spent the last two years trying to promote a boycott of Catholic Church collections in Ireland.
But that boycott has blown up in their faces.
For the Irish Times is currently losing in excess of a hundred million dollars a year.
That's the hundred million dollars they admit to, by the way.
And Independent Newspapers is said to be at least two billion dollars in debt to idiot banks.
Unlike the Vatican which at least doesn't spend money it doesn't have and, which in spite of money grabbing law suits from lawyers intent on agrandising themselves through the disgraceful frivolous legalistic hijacking of the sex abuse issue, still manages to run itself at a profit.
And these louts are calling for boycotts of the ancient faith.
Well folks.
I asked you how Mr Paddy Agnew could keep a straight face as he once more sought to link the sex abuse tornado engulfing all humanity, solely with the Catholic Church.
There is a particular irony here.
For another reporter (not Mr Paddy Agnew or Mr Clifford Coonan) at the Irish Times has recently been discovered grooming underage children for sex in Dublin.
I do not necessarily advocate that this Irish Times reporter should be named.
For reasons of discretion, for reasons relating to not wanting anyone to kill themselves, and for reasons of not unleashing lynch mobs.
Just so you know where I stand.
But can you see the double treble quadruple standard prevailing in the Irish Times?
The Irish Times regularly rehashes decades old child abuse cases which involve priests or ex priests, and invariably the priests are named.
Yet reportage of a present day Irish Times child rapist's activities remains almost non existent.
After news of the Irish Times child rapist's activities began to seep through on the internet and in other holier than thou publications, there was some modest token reportage in the Irish Times itself.
Scanty on details though.
No names.
And no follow ups.
No follow ups about the slow pace of the police investigation.
No questions asked about the methods being used by supporters and friends of the Irish Times child rapist to keep his name off the papers, off the air, and most importantly off the internet.
And here's the thing.
When the Irish Times journalist was discovered to be having sex with children, the Irish Times journalist's friends immediately claimed he had attempted suicide and was receiving urgent psychiatric treatment.
Clever, aren't they?
This gave the police an excuse not to interview him and not to press charges.
This gave the liberal leftist atheistic newspaper groups of the Republic of Ireland, the excuse they needed not to name him and not to launch follow up investigations.
And Mr Paddy Agnew suggests that people are reducing their donations to the Catholic Church because of the Church's handling of child abuse cases.
The sheer unadulterated venal and vile hypocrasy of the atheistic Marxist Mr Paddy Agnew beggars belief.
Doozies indeed.
But there's more.
In the same edition, Irish Times coverage of a pro life rally in Dublin was misleadingly headlined: "Abortion Rights And Pro Life Activists March."
There was indeed a pro life rally in Dublin.
My sources say there were upwards of 8000 people at it.
The Irish Times claims 5000 people were there, still not a bad turn out.
A knot of abortionists formed a counter demo.
There might have been a hundred of those.
The Irish Times claims there were 200.
Not really a rally is it?
By anyone's standards.
And hardly equivalent to the at least 5000 joyous souls thronging the streets to defend the unborn.
And the headline which mentioned the knot of abortionists gave the knot of abortionists pole position over the photograph of the pro lifers, implying to those who didn't look closer, that the joyous throng was actually campaigning in favour of abortion.
Naughty, naughty, very naughty.
I may be paranoid folks, but that doesn't mean the Irish Times isn't a mendacious scum sucking peddler of clapped out bolshevick fantasies.
I'm just saying is all.
And then there's...
(That's enough doozies. - Ed note.)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

meditation in the bookshop at the newbridge silverware cafe

How strange that Leopold Sacher Masoch, the author of Venus In Furs, should have, through the modest controversialism of his work, leant his name to that treasure trove of culture which is the English language.
And how doubly strange, that posterity in choosing to attribute this name to the particularly infantile sensualities celebrated in his book, should have opted to use Masoch instead of Sacher.
Sack-ism makes much more sense than Masochism.
And Sado Sackism would have spoken for itself.