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Monday, October 19, 2015

confucius he say

The trifles of life tend to obsess.
The meringues are oft ignored.

short story

"Do you believe in ghosts Monsieur?"
Lautrec had that owlish quintessentially French expression on his face as he asked which made him look like nothing so much as a French owl.
"What is the word for owl in French?" I wondered aloud, ignoring his question.
"Hibou," he said without turning a feather.
The rain rattled the window pane.
"This house is haunted," he exclaimed suddenly, starting forward in his seat with an anguished cry. "It is haunted by the ghost of Remy Schnauwaert Montclair Tiddlybun."
I want the reader to read without knowing why he's reading, to be lulled strangely on by each sentence, almost unaware that he's being drawn in until his imagination is engaged and suddenly everything is elevated by his response, as the performance of an actor only touches alchemy when an audience is so lulled to consent that their own imaginations lift everything he does towards the pantheon of great art, and at that moment they exalt him and he plays them as his instrument.
Some writer of note commented that every good story should start with the hero putting on his shirt.
He may have meant ghost stories.
There was a time when I thought I would begin my every short story with the words: "Do you believe in ghosts Monsieur?"
But this quickly seemed an intolerable affectation.
And, besides, to stick to it I would have had to actually write some short stories.


Watching Oklahoma on the sexevision. The sensation scene featuring a dance off between the IRA and Al Qaeda still has the power to move. The song goes:

The Rah man and Al Qaeda should be friends
Oh the Rah man and Al Qaeda should be friends
The IRA likes to deal some drugs
Al Qaeda is head hacking thugs
But that don't mean that they cannot be friends

I'd like to say a word for the Rah man
Quite often he will pose as a Gaa man
From the siege of Mafeking
He's been people trafficking
But that doesn't necessarily make him a ba-a-ad man

Oh the Rah man and Al Qaeda should be friends
The Rah man and Al Qaeda should be friends
The IRA turns the world to hell
Al Qaeda thinks we're infidels
But that don't mean that they cannot be friends

I''d like to say a word for Al Qaeda
Humanity and love they've got neida
They're in Islam just for fun
So don't you dare call them scum
Because that would be to scum a kind of libel

Oh the Rah Man and Al Qaeda should be friends
The Rah Man and Al Qaeda should be friends
The IRA likes to drug your sons
Al Qaeda kills so Islam comes
And they help each other in any case cos they're frie-n-n-ds

Even after all these years there is an oddly contemporaneous quality to Rodgers and Hammerstein's lyrics. I quite like this.

i say it here it comes out there

Micheal Martin who is the leader of Fianna Fail, one of Ireland's main opposition parties at the moment, has this week referred to the IRA's parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein as a mafia.
I say it here. It comes out there.
My most modest hope for Ireland through the rise of the IRA and Sinn Fein as a nation destroying international mafia has been that I might impress a simple vocabulary upon the minds of the people about the matter, and that once they knew what Sinn Fein was, the game would be over.
Here is the news.
The IRA has subverted the Judiciary, the Media (explicitly the Irish Times newspaper and RTE television and radio broadcasting network), and the trade union movement in Ireland for forty years.
It is now moving close to subverting parliament with the exponential expansion of Sinn Fein itself posing as a mainstream political party, and funded through serial bank robberies since the 1990's at the Northern Bank and elsewhere, and the bank robbery of all time at Anglo Irish Bank, the ultimate smash and grab on the nation which was disguised as illegal billion dollar loans to IRA proxies posing as businessmen, and was facilitated ironically enough by former Prime Minister Brian Cowan (from Micheal Martin's Fianna Fail party) and his cosmically corrupt Finance Minister the now conveniently deceased Brian Lenihan, who looted the treasury and borrowed Ireland into a hundred years of unrepayable debt to cover it up.
It is interesting to note that the IRA member who murdered a police officer this week specialised in providing guns from the IRA's supposedly decommissioned stock to gangland.
Further direct evidence that the IRA and Sinn Fein are gangland.
It should also be noted that IRA members have desecrated the book of condolences for the police officer they killed.
These are dark days for Ireland.
Yes, my only real hope at present that the IRA and its parliamentary proxies in Sinn Fein can be defeated as they turn towns and villages across the country into gangland fiefdoms using drug thug militias and various ethnic minority skang gangs as the janissaries of their new satanic order, stems from an old dictum.
The Irish have never been content to be ruled by hoodlums for long.