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Saturday, October 01, 2011

today they said

Seamus Martin (Writing in the Irish Times): "The Russians are clinging to Putin for fear of what might come next."
James Healy (Snarling at the Irish Times over a muffin in Starbucks, Dawson Street): "The only reason the Russians are clinging to Putin is because he has terrorised them into silence, resovietised their country, taken control of the broadcast meda, and murdered or imprisoned his opponents. The lack of a free media in Russia and the appalling leftist pseudery of Western media generally prevents anyone outside the country from knowing whether Russians are clinging to Putin or not. My money is on NOT. Seamus Martin wouldn't be the most objective judge of these matters. As a political editor with the Irish Times he spent the Cold War rooting for the Russians. I and others have postulated that he may have been a fully fledged KGB agent. It would explain a lot. Including his palatial retirement to Paris, France. Seamus is of course the brother of Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin whom I have also suggested is a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church."

Friday, September 30, 2011

do humourists dream of electric walter mitties

Wandered into Kilcullen supermarket.
If you had been there this afternoon gentle readers, you might have spotted me among the tired shoppers, squalling babies and wayward teens.
I was the non tired non baby non teenage, preraphaelite poet browsing at the newspaper stand, a handsome striking somewhat craggy figure moving like an unusually good looking ghost midst the everyday clangour of small town life.
With moderate disdain I selected and then endeavoured to purchase a Daily Mail for the Dad.
I presented it at the counter.
Hoping to make a quick exit.
My heart sank.
The cheeky middle aged counter assistant elbowed past her younger more polite more sexy colleague, favoured me with a cheeky grin from under her dramatically dyed blonde hair and took the Daily Mail in her cheeky hands.
All the middle agers are cheeky to me folks.
They think I'm a teen in need of dressing down.
Something I've got must smell like teen spirit.
Cheeky pointed to a picture of Senator David Norris on the cover of the Daily Mail.
"What's he so happy about?" quoth she.
"He's been nominated for the Presidency," I answered warily.
I waited for her comment.
David Norris is an unseemly fellow and should not be standing for the Presidency.
His recent accomplishments include advocating the abandonment of any minimum age of consent for sexual activity (Thereby removing the cultural and legal taboo on raping children), and lobbying the Israeli courts to have a male rapist of male children who also happend to be at one stage Senator Norris' male boyfriend, released from custody without serving a prison sentence.
Senator Norris has also spoken approvingly of what he calls "classic Greek paedophilia," ie the barbarous practice in ancient Greece of raping children.
And the Paddies have nominated him to stand for the Presidency.
I ask you.
Senator David Norris' big breakthrough in getting the nomination came when another Presidential candidate the atheistic abortionist Maoist Michael D Higgins of the Labour Party, urged Labour Party members to help nominate Senator Norris in the interests of what Michael D Higgins calls democracy.
Incidentally Irish Presidential candidate Michael D Higgins has refused to repudiate his old friend Danilo Ortega De Saavedra former communist dictator of Nicaragua, now an elected holder of that post, who throughout the 1980's and 1990's liked to get his jollies by raping his adopted teenage daughter.
You couldn't make it up.
I wondered how my cheeky good hearted dyed blonde salt of the earth supermarket vendor of Daily Mails would take Mr Norris' nomination as a candidate for President of Ireland.
She is no respecter of persons.
Would she be bigoted, cruel, acquiescent or triumphalist?
Would she try to blame me for the Senator's nomination?
Anything was possible with this lady.
One thing I was sure of.
She would not be indifferent to the news.
Cheeky did not disappoint.
"The world is gone mad," she pronounced with great restraint and no little elan, handing me the Daily Mail.
My craggy features broke into a grin.
"God bless you," I said fervently.
Her salt of the earth cheeky wisdom had quite made my day.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

the knox family devil worshippers

The campaign orchestrated by the evil Knox family in America for the release of their murderous satanic daughter Amanda is coming to fruition.
An Italian appeal court will soon announce whether the Knox's attempts to sabotage justice will be successful.
All this week we've been treated to Amanda Knox's father, the satanic Curt Knox, being given pattycake interviews on Sky News and other channels in which he claimed his life would be ruined if his daughter is not released from jail.
In other words, this devil worshipper would have us believe that his devil worshipping daughter should be allowed to slaughter young girls with impunity.
Soon it may become illegal to describe Amanda Knox as a disgusting slaughterous murdering bitch.
Soon the Oprah Winfrey pattycake interview may become the norm.
And we may yet end up watching the Knox Family Devil Worshippers performing live on interview shows around the planet.
Does anyone doubt they'll write a book about how much they've suffered.
One question for Sky News, CNN and all the namby pamby pattycake interviewers trying to secure the release of the disgusting slaugtherous satanic bitch Amanda Knox.
One question.
Do you even know the name of the girl ritually slaughtered by Amanda Knox in homage to satan?
Do you care?
Do you care what her family, parents and friends think?
Or is it just the devil worshipping Curt Knox and his disgusting brood who have your attention?
I think we should be told.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the goon show

Something called Doctor Mark Dooley writing for the 100 million dollar cumulative loss making Irish edition of the Daily Mail, has joined the general liberal pseudo establishment frenzy attempting to derail the Presidential campaign of former terrorist Martin McGuinness.
Mark Dooley is a goonish would be academic who claims to be a Catholic but has no problem writing for the anti Catholic Daily Mail media company, famous for having once despatched photographers to film a thirteen year old girl topless kissing her boyfriend.
The Daily Mail Trust's vendetta against the thirteen year old girl stemmed from the thirteen year old girl's mother's attempts to warn British people that the House Of Lords was about to empower doctors to put little girls on contraceptive and abortificient pills without their parents knowledge or consent.
Because the little girl had committed the foul crime of being her mother's daughter, she became a legitimate target for the Daily Mail.
Anyone associating with Victoria Gillick is a legitimate target, eh Daily Mail?
I ask you.
We'd be up in arms if the IRA did it.
Nevermind a supposedly humane and civilised newspaper group.
But I digress.
The Irish edition of the Daily Mail (which is expected to be in profit some time around the middle of the next century IF you believe their accountancy department) the Irish edition I say, has been to the fore in advancing the liberal leftist atheistic pogrom against the Catholic Church, championing the idea that any Bishop who attempted to handle a sex abuse case discreetly was in fact concealing sex abuse.
Ah yes Daily Mail.
The broad mass of the populace will far more readily believe a big lie than a little one.
As Hitler used to say.
And let us not forget that in the 1930's the English edition of the Daily Mail (net debts a billion) wrote staunchly in favour of Hitler.
Es lebe Deutschlund, eh chaps!
But we were younger men then.
The Daily Mail's gross contrivance of guilt against elderly Bishops who have served the Irish people and the ancient Church faithfully for half a century, has caused no qualms to the great and principled Mark Dooley.
Take the money and run, eh Mark!
Now the Daily Mail and this same faux Catholic contributor Mark Dooley, are endeavouring to ruin the political career of Martin McGuinness.
Mark Dooley's thesis in his article today was profoundly risible.
First he alleged that Martin McGuinness' participation in the IRA in the 1970's was the same as Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge communists' laying waste of Cambodia in the 1970's.
The dates are the same alright.
But there the similarity ends.
Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge killed a quarter of the population in Cambodia.
They had the opportunity to do so because the Western media, including Irish newspapers and many of Mark Dooley's friends in the corridors of  what passes for Academe in Ireland, had forced the Americans to withdraw from South Asia.
The total number of deaths attributed to Pol Pot is normally set at two million.
Pol Pot killed two million people in about five years of communist psychopathy.
In Northern Ireland, during the course of a thirty years war a total of nearly three thousand people died. The Northern Ireland deaths occurred on all sides of the community and of the political divide.
Many senior editors, contributors and journalists in various Irish media groups such as Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and RTE, actively and tacitly supported both the Khmer Rouge and the IRA during the 1970's.
The Khmer Rouge and the IRA bear no other salient similarity except that Mark Dooley's colleagues and friends in Media and Academe once supported both of them.
There is no other similarity between the genocide in Cambodia and the civil war in Northern Ireland.
To pretend there is, is to perpetrate a grotesque calumny.
There is no similarity of scale, no similarity of situation, no similarity of depravity.
To pretend there is any parallel between Pol Pot and Martin McGuinness is to propogate a grotesque falsehood.
Mark Dooley might reasonably review his own reasoning in all of this.
His article dwells at length on the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge.
And then quick as a wink, just as he's wrapping things up, he slips in the mcguffin that Martin McGuinness' role in the conflict in Northern Ireland amounts to the same thing.
It doesn't pass the logic test.
It doesn't pass the fairness test.
It doesn't even pass the semi literate maunderings test.
It's pure bunk.
Mark Dooley might reasonably apologise to Martin McGuinness for this pathetic attempt to smear him.
He might reasonably apologise to the Pope for attempting to associate himself with our beautiful and true religion.
And he might reasonably apologise to me for seriously p---ing me off.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

assassinating mcguinness

There's nothing like a gaggle of liberal atheistic hypocrites in full cry pursuing some arbitrarily designated fox they've tacitly agreed must be removed from public view.
So all this week the anti Catholic media groups of the Republic of Ireland have been pressing home their attempts to sabotage the Presidential campaign of Martin McGuinness.
An Independent Newspapers article yesterday ran with the headline: Not The Sort Of President We Want.
What Independent Newspapers want doesn't matter of course.
Independent Newspapers doesn't get to say who's President.
Not yet they don't.
We have elections.
Those elections are decided by what the people want.
Or so I've been told.
I find it quaint that Independent Newspapers in seeking to remove this particular candidate from public consideration, has discovered a new abhorrence for the IRA, and for leftist militants in general, and for Martin McGuinness in particular.
I mean look at the personnel in senior management and editorial positions at Independent Newspapers.
Most of them spent their youth advocating the take over of the world by Joe Stalin, the Soviet Union and/or Chairman Mao.
A goodly portion of them were actively cheerleading the IRA in the early 1970's and beyond.
I am referring of course to those firebrand student radicals and career Anti Catholics of the late 1960's early 1970's in Ireland, Emma Harris, Eoghan Harris, Aonghus Fanning and Gene Kerrigan.
Pious hypocrites is too kind a phrase.
White washed sepulchres comes closer.
With emphasis on the curs.
At least Martin McGuinness had the courage of his convictions.
A gunman he may have been.
But at least he didn't subvert the nation, culture and faith of Ireland from behind a typewriter as the management and staff at Independent Newspapers have done and are doing.
I tell you these heroes of Independent Newspapers were lauding the IRA when the violence in Northern Ireland was at its height.
Maybe fairness requires I should mention Independent Newspapers former feature writer the anti Catholic atheist Eamon Dunphy, since he did indeed write some heartfelt and courageous criticisms of the IRA in the 1980's.
Until he started going on the beer with them.
His bold impassioned critique, shall we say, moderated after that.
Here's what I'm trying to say.
Many of the senior management at Independent Newspapers (and RTE and the Irish Times) who are now trying to label McGuinness a bloodthirsty Marxist revolutionary were and are themselves advocates of Marxist revolution.
Some of them have been so throughout their lifetimes.
The only difference between these cravens and Martin McGuinness is that he didn't believe in advocating Marxist revolution from an armchair.
Any Maoism or Marxism or lefty revolutionarianism that he endorsed, he did so at the risk of his own life.
Personally, I would consider his own participation in the IRA to be far more moral though I excoriated him for it, than the armchair communism of the senior staffers at Independent Newspapers, all of whom were hired by the feudal O'Reilly family simply because the O'Reillys had decided on a strategy of employing every low life treasonous Marxist scum in the country, in order to have them in the O'Reilly family tent pissing out, rather than on the outside pissing in.
Bear this in mind.
Since Martin McGuinness signed up for the peace process, he has never once reneged on the promises he gave.
He has worked in a dedicated, selfless, courteous and courageous partnership with those opponents he had spent most of his life fighting.
He is a man of integrity.
See if you can find another one of those in our current crop of Presidential candidates each of whom Independent Newspapers has been insisting are wildly popular.
How about...
How about the atheistic Maoist armchair revolutionary Michael D Higgins, or how about Gay Mitchell the first cousin of Ireland's most murderous gangster, or how about the one time advocate of legalised paedophilia David Norris?
I ask you.
Listen folks.
Are we ourselves now going to become betrayers of the peace process by altering the terms under which we have allowed former men of violence to sign up to constitutional politics and acquiescsing in a perpetual campaign by political rivals of Martin McGuinness to incriminate him and others who like Martin McGuinness have remained true to their word in renouncing violence in Northern Ireland and everywhere else?
It is Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times, and RTE, all organisations top heavy with Bolshevicks and former Bolshevicks and indeed IRA sympathisers, it is they, I tell you, who are betraying peace by attempting to derail Martin McGuinness' campaign for the Presidency simply because he is not (currently) of their stripe.
Hoo baby.
You gorra larf.
The fans of Labour Party Presidential candidate Michael D Higgins have been perhaps the most amusing of all the political and media pseuds endeavouring to pass off their ridiculous preconceptions and partisanship as genuine analysis.
A few weeks ago, Mary Kenny, a journalist with the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group, wrote in a publication which misleadingly styles itself The Irish Catholic recommending that her readers vote for Michael D Higgins.
Mary Kenny is a decent woman but a bit of a goose.
She claims to have had a Catholic conversion at some stage.
But the Irish Catholic newspaper is not a Catholic publication. It is run for profit by those arch religionist businessmen at the Farmers Journal/Racing Post corporation.
They're religious in the sense that they religiously seek to guard their profit margins.
That's it.
And it would be more appropriate to refer to The Irish Catholic as The Irish Atheistic Liberal.
In Mary Kenny's article, she recalled that many years ago Michael D Higgins met his wife at a house party in Mary Kenny's flat.
That seemed to be the only reason she could enunciate for voting for him.
The fateful house party would of course have been a house party for atheistic Maoists seeking to import contraceptive pill culture, condom culture, and abortion culture into Ireland as Mary and her friends were doing at the time.
This week Mary Kenny updated her position vis a vis the Presidential election by giving a fairly balanced and neutral write up on all the candidates.
There was nothing in her perspective you might mistake for incisiveness or accuracy, mind you.
Nor was there anything you might call Catholic.
Her description of Michael D Higgins merely noted that had suffered much in his youth.
No mention of his Marxism, his Maoism, his abortionism, his detestation of the Catholic Church.
No mention at all.
No mention even of his support in the 1980's for Danilo Ortega De Saavedra's communist dictatorship in Nicaragua, or of his failure to repudiate the dictator of Nicaragua after the dictator of Nicaragua's adopted daughter accused the dictator of Nicaragua of raping her throughout her childhood.
Not relevant eh Mary?
Interestingly enough, Michael D Higgins supporters are shouting loud about their reservations with regard to Martin McGuinness, a former terrorist, becoming President.
As far as they're concerned, it's okay to have terrorists like Danilo Ortega De Saavedra who never renounced violence running Nicaragua.
But in Ireland the Maxists and Maoists of Michael D Higgins' Labour Party pretend to prefer Presidents who've never actually taken part in the revolutions they've advocated.
The machinations of the Labour Party on this issue are truly hilarious.
For a start several current Labour Party parliamentarians including Proinsias De Rossa, Pat Rabbitte, and Eamon Gilmore spent the 1970's driving around Dublin in a battered Ford Cortina robbing banks.
I have to be careful here.
If I get one of the names wrong or the make of car, I might be sued.
The Ford Motor Company takes a dim view of that sort of thing.
And I'm not sure about Gilmore.
He might have been robbing banks in Galway not Dublin.
Do you get this?
Many of the great Labour Party parliamentarians of today who are so delicately turning their noses up at Martin McGuinness were not just advocates of Chairman Mao killing millions in China.
They weren't just advocates for the wanton killing of unborn babies all over Europe and America.
They were gunman themselves.
Robbing and terrorising ordinary people for the glory of the revolution.
Many of them were also members of the IRA.
I'm just saying is all.
I mean whatever excuse McGuinness had, these scruff had none.
But I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
The abortionist Maoist anti Catholic Eamon Gilmore who went on to lead the Labour Party similarly lacks the most basic moral gravumen when he apes to despise Martin McGuinness on moral grounds.
Having spent his teenage years as a jeering leftist on the Galway University students union, having spent his entire youth sneering at anyone who dared to try to uphold the right to life of unborn children or to advance openly the beautiful truths of the Catholic religion, having spent his entire life as a mewling caricature of a leftist radical, now I say, now, he wants nothing less than to persuade the gentle citizenry of our fair land that he finds Martin McGuinness somehow morally beneath him.
It's a long way down from Mount Olympus, Eamo.
These galoots who would be king should give it a rest in their unselfconsciously ironic, nay sublimely hypocritical, attempts to discredit Martin McGuinness.
They're starting to annoy me.
I do think Martin McGuinness will win the Irish Presidency and I will be voting for him.
But enough of that.
I'll be silent now.
Let the people decide.

Monday, September 26, 2011

the morality of the daily mail

The most immoral thing I've ever read in print was a short opinion piece article in the Irish edition of the Daily Mail.
The Irish edition of the Daily Mail is distinct from the English edition of the Daily Mail in that it owes a hundred million dollars to idiot banks as opposed to the thousand million owed by the English edition.
Of course the general public is being forced to pick up the tab for these same idiot banks who have gone bust by lending a total of one thousand one hundred million quid to a coterie of atheistic conformist pseuds who like the idea of playing at being journalists.
The Daily Mail's Irish edition claims revenues around a million dollars a year.
In a hundred year's time they might even make a profit.
That's if you believe their accountancy department.
But I digress.
The most immoral article in the history of journalism was written by a young woman employee of the Irish edition of the Daily Mail who was opining some weeks ago about the return to Ireland of serial killer Larry Murphy to renew his passport.
Larry Murphy and his friends kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dollard, Annie McCarrick and others.
An Irish Judge Liberal put him in jail for ten years after he was caught torturing and raping a woman he didn't quite have time to slaughter.
The Irish government then gave him a passport and allowed him to leave the Republic.
The Daily Mail lady journalist wrote that now that his passport had expired and Larry Murphy was back in Ireland, the Passport Office should quickly and expeditiously issue him with a new passport no questions asked.
She said she wanted him out of the country as soon as possible and that nothing else mattered.
This was a quite incredible piece of callousness even by the Daily Mail's normally high standards when it comes to such things.
So the Daily Mail journalist was openly advocating exporting our serial killer problem to Europe.
She was openly advocating sending Larry Murphy back to Spain where he could safely kidnap, rape, torture and slaughter the daughters of Spanish mothers and fathers.
She was openly claiming that this was the appropriate way to handle Larry Murphy.
Words fail me.
I weep for my generation.
Just this week an Irishman has been arrested in Spain on suspicions of being a serial killer implicated in the slaughter of at least two Spanish woman.
He has yet to be named.
But when I heard the news, the Daily Mail's article came back to me.
For a moment I wondered.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the men who would be king

The media groups of the Republic of Ireland have been working overtime attempting to destroy  the Presidential campaign of the only genuinely independent candidate standing in the forthcoming election, former commander in the terrorist Irish Republican Army Martin McGuinness who is now a respected and Statesmanly leader in Northern Ireland.
I call him independent in the sense that he is not in hock to the pseudo establishment(s), those shadowy atheistic anti Catholic figures lurking and conspiring from within the Civil Service, Judiciary, Parliament and Media Groups of the Republic of Ireland.
Cards on the table.
I will be voting for Martin McGuinness.
I know he has enough on his plate without having me on his side, but nonetheless you should know where I stand.
I will  be voting for him.
It has been interesting to watch the media smear against him on overdrive this week.
Here is the news.
The peace process in Northern Ireland which ended an 800 year war against British occupation, was only possible because of five people.
Each of the five were great leaders with much to be ashamed of.
Each had a past.
Firstly there was career socialist Tony Blair, who as Prime Minister of Great Britain, uncritically helmed one of the most vicious abortion mills on earth by which I mean Great Britain itself.
Secondly there was Bertie Aherne, the kleptocratic super thief who as Fianna Fail Prime Minister of Ireland presided over both the moral and financial bankruptcy of our nation.
Thirdly there was the Reverend Ian Paisley an extremist Protestant pastor, famous in his youth for a presentation before young adults at Trinity College Dublin in which he held up a Communion wafer and sneered at the Catholic doctrine that this bread could contain the real presence of Jesus.
Fourthly there was Gerry Adams, another terrorist leader in the IRA, even more famous for taking no action against his brother when his brother's daughter told him his brother (her father) had been raping her.
Fifthly and finally and most importantly, there was Martin McGuinness, a top ranking IRA commander, up to his neck in the violence of the modern era in Northern Ireland and the only man capable of delivering a peace that would hold with the business end of the physical force tradition.
Without any one of these five, there would have been no end to the bloodletting in Northern Ireland, or to the ancient war between a section of the noble and beautiful Irish nation and the great and glorious British nation.
I tell you this.
It would never have happened without Blair, Aherne, Paisley, Adams and McGuinness.
We owe them.
They were honored to serve us.
But we owe them.
No other leaders of any or all of the disparate communities in our fair islands, could have delivered what they delivered.
The end to an 800 year war.
An end to the violence.
Peace at last.
I didn't believe it could happen.
I was sure either Ian Paisley or Martin McGuinness would wait a few months and start showboating again for short term political advantage.
But they didn't.
They worked together.
The Reverend Paisley had had some sort of spiritual encounter with the Lord while battling illness.
Martin McGuinness had had some sort of spiritual awakening whose circumstances I am not privy to.
They worked together.
It was unbelievable.
But it happened.
By the grace of God.
There was a famous photo of Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley laughing together.
The photo spoke volumes.
I'd waited all my life to see it.
It was unbelievable.
I still can't believe it.
But it happened.
At the time, the idiot media disparaged the photo by dubbing Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley, the Chuckling Brothers.
The media just didn't understand.
They still don't.
The same idiot media are now seeking to derail Martin McGuinness' Presidential campaign in the Republic Ireland.
Their motivation is not his past career as an IRA commander.
Their motivation is to prevent a candidate who is not in their pockets, from representing the people of Ireland.
It has been oddly amusing these past few days to see the cavils from the other potential candidates and failed candidates.
The failed candidate Gay Byrne suddenly started claiming to have spent a lifetime opposed to Sinn Fein and the IRA.
I have been aware of Gay Byrne's career as an anti Catholic broadcaster at RTE.
At no time during the past thirty years did I detect anything you might mistake for a principled opposition to violence as a means to an end.
Only when he'd withdrawn from the Presidential race himself due to lack of public support, did he start trying to smear Martin McGuinness in those terms.
The abortionist atheist Labour Party Maoist Michael D Higgins who is still in the race also began shouting this week about Martin McGuinness' past.
I ask you.
Which is more moral?
Which is more venal?
Which is more vile?
To genuinely fight for your beliefs like Martin McGuinness did or to advocate Maoism like Michael D Higgins did from the safety of his drawing room while Chairman Mao was killing seventy million people in China, Cambodia, Laos, Northern India, Nepal and Vietnam?
I know what I think.
I think there's more blood on Michael D Higgins' hands and his on his fellow Labour Party Maoists' hands than on any member of the IRA.
And I'm still waiting for Michael D Higgins to disown his friend Danilo Ortega De Saavedra of Nicaragua who has been accused by his adopted daughter of raping her throughout her childhood.
As for the Fine Gael candidate Gay Mitchell.
He's been smearing Martin McGuinness too.
Amateurishly and mawkishly.
But smearing nonetheless.
Gay Mitchell is a cousin of Dublin's leading racketeer, a murdering extortionist pimping drug dealer known as The Penguin.
I kid you not.
His candidacy reminds me of a moment in The Good The Bad And The Ugly.
The bandit Tuco is sneering at his brother who is a priest.
"In our family," sneers Tuco, "you either became a bandit or a priest. I chose the harder road. Your's was easy."
A first cousin of the Penguin is not a serious candidate for the Presidency of Ireland.
Nevermind the fact that for all his claims to be a Catholic, Gay Mitchell represents the hideously Nazified anti Catholic party Fine Gael whose Prime Minister recently claimed mendaciously maliciously and malignly without any criticism from Gay Mitchell, that the Catholic Church had obstructed an enquiry into child abuse in Ireland, and when challenged to substantiate his claim this same Prime Minister Enda Kenny at first refused to answer and then later compounded his lies by claiming he wasn't talking about any specific case but was merely expressing the anger of the Irish people.
Expressing the anger of our anti Catholic media more like.
By perpetuating the same lies peddled by that same media.
But I digress.
Nevermind all that.
Gay Mitchell will never be President.
Nor will the anti Catholic David Norris.
David Norris is an unseemly fellow.
He has as much chance of being President as any of the other pseudo establishment figures inflicting themselves on the electorate in the present campaign.
No amount of cheerleading from the anti Catholic media will get him in.
In fact, the only honorable candidate in the field, the only one who has a capacity to genuinely lead, the only one who has shown some genuine repentance for the wrongdoings he has committed, the only one with the courage of his convictions, is Martin McGuinness.
The other candidates may smear him with the help of their media allies.
But they are not his judges.
I will be voting for him.