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Thursday, November 15, 2012

the heelers emails

From: Avid Fan
Does the fact that the media groups of Britain and Ireland are bankrupt, mean they are wrong about Jimmy Savile?

Heelers to Avid:
It means they may have an ulterior motive for smearing him when he's not around to answer their paid for allegations. And it means they're the last people on earth we should allow to conduct the show trial.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the reputation of the bankrupt daily mirror the bankrupt broadcaster itv the bankrupt rupert murdock owned sun and times of london newspaper and the bankrupt morally and financially media groups of ireland and britain generally versus jimmy savile

More than a month ago the Daily Mirror and a television station styled ITV paid a former BBC producer calling himself Wilfred De Ath to claim that the conveniently dead broadcaster Jimmy Savile had been a child abuser.
Wilfred De Ath's testimony was the centrepiece of the programme broadcast by ITV.
(We might also say that the disguised Karin West's sumpremely improbable rape claim, to wit that she went to his hotel room as a working 16 year old in the early 1960's to collect an Elvis badge, was a type of centre piece, but it has already been fairly thoroughly discredited so Mr De Ath is really all they've got left.)
Mr De Ath said the following: "He was with a girl. She was fourteen... at most fourteen... I mean that's really stretching it to say fourteen... She was probably much younger... He went to bed with a twelve year old, or maybe she was ten."
At the time I pointed out that Wilfred De Ath's accusation was not credible and would not have been accepted in a court of law or by any fair minded people anywhere concerned to get at the truth, simply because Mr De Ath was changing the age of the supposedly abused girls every two seconds.
And also because he had no credible explanation as to how he would have this information, and also because he had not credible explanation as to why he had not gone to the police, and also because he was subjected to no cross examination whatsoever, and also because the footage of him on ITV which was the most credible footage ITV could contrive of Mr De Athy, was simply not the footage of a credible person.
This was my view and I expressed it here.
Yesterday Mr De Ath was himself arrested facing allegations that he sexually molested a fourteen year old girl in the 1960's.
I kid you not.
Wilfred De Ath the man who was used by ITV and the Daily Mirror and their News International ilk to contrive the destruction of Jimmy Savile's reputation in order to bolster their meagre readership and viewerships, this very man is under arrest for child molestation.
Since he is alive to answer the charges, we must think there is a very significant chance that they are true.
All the paid for by media accusations against Jimmy Savile were contrived after Jimmy Savile was safely dead and could no longer sue when the Daily Mirror, the Sun, Sky News and the Times of London, labelled him paedo and pervert and abuser.
The fourteen year old girl who has accused Wilfred De Ath of molesting her is now a sixty year old British actress. She says she recognised Wilfred De Ath as the man who had abused her while he made his unsubtstantiated accusations on ITV television against Jimmy Savile.
Mr De Ath has admitted meeting the girl when she was fourteen and says he was twenty five at the time.
He denies that he molested her.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

my ain folk

Coffee with Vivian Clarke and Uncle Scutch.
Mr Clarke is the proprietor of Clarke's Menswear Newbridge.
Uncle Scutch is himself.
Both seem rather happy that a man called Barack Obama has recently won something.
I am absenting myself from their conversation by flicking idly through the pages of  an anti Catholic gazetter styled the Irish Independent.
While excoriating the Irish Independent on occasion for its advocacy of drugs culture, abortion, sexual hedonism, atheism generally along with its ongoing forty year anti Catholic kulturkampf in particular, I have more recently developed oddly paternal feelings for it.
My paternal feelings stem from the fact that the Irish government requires me to finance it by refusing to call in the Independent Groups billion dollar loans from the bankrupt idiot banks that the Irish government has used more of my money to purchase supposedly on my behalf but in reality on behalf of the Free Masons, atheistic Marxians and devil worshippers who run Ireland from the shadows of the Civil Service, parliament, the media and the Judiciary.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
Me n Uncle Scutch n Vivian Clarke are quaffing coffees in the Costa Cafe at the White Water Centre.
The Uncle and the Clarke are quite happy with themselves.
I am quite grumpy.
Their words drift to my ears as though from afar.
They are no longer talking about the American elections.
Now they are discussing a recent brawl in a pub in my home town of Kilcullen.
"What happened?" queries Uncle Scutch.
"A couple of Naas hards went after Ron Goblett," explains Mr Clarke.
"Goblett is tough enough himself," sez the Uncle.
"He does Kung Fu," affirms Mr Clarke.
"So how did it turn out?" sez the Uncle.
"The hards squared up to Goblett," expounds Vivian. "And Goblett went into one of his Kung Fu poses. You know. A stance, he calls it. It looked very dramatic. Then one of the hards gave him a kick in the bawls and Goblett went over like a sack of spuds."
There was a pause in their conversation.
"What do you think of that!" wondered Mr Clarke with a rhetorical flourish.
"I'm just kind of surprised that in this modern age a kick in the bawls still works," answered Uncle Scutch ruminatively.