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Saturday, May 21, 2016


cast a cold eye
on life
on death
horseman ---- off

ireland narco mafia state

IRA mafioso capo Sean Quinn has once again gone through the motions of a staged public departure from the companies he once used to bankrupt Ireland during the multi billion dollar IRA bank heist that was the Anglo Irish Bank collapse.
The companies into which Quinn had only recently forced his way back with the help of a Fine Gael Councillor styled John McCartin, are now (apparently legitimately) owned by American financial insitutions.
Some months ago the Americans had caved in to IRA threats by rehiring IRA capo Sean Quinn as an advisor to the companies he originally bankrupted on behalf of the IRA when he allowed them to be manipulated as a cover for the IRA's looting of Anglo Irish Bank, a looting that took place disguised as illegal billion dollar loans to the aforementioned IRA capo Sean Quinn's aforementioned IRA controlled front companies.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
In 2008 using the same companies which were then controlled by Quinn as their proxy, the IRA looted the bank and afterwards used a corrupt Fianna Fail government under Prime Minister Brian Cowan and a now conveniently deceased Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, to force the Irish people to bail out Anglo to the tune of untold billions of dollars.
The IRA also used borrowings from the IRA's own fully controlled Anglo Irish Bank to facilitate IRA capo Sean Quinn in purchasing a quarter of the ownership shares in Anglo Irish Bank.
The money the IRA were stealing from Anglo Irish Bank disguised as fake loans to Sean Quinn was being lent to Anglo Irish Bank in the first place by international financial entities.
That's right. The Irish people are currently paying the IRA terrorist mafia's debts to the IRA terrorist mafia's creditors.
Remember that all this time the IRA had beneficial control of Anglo Irish Bank and was lending to itself as a way to disguise its instutionalised burglarisation of its own bank.
As stated, Anglo was borrowing the money internationally which it then gave to IRA capo Sean Quinn and his hideous family to launder into Russia and Ukraine.
That's the reason Ireland entered the Third World overnight in the year 2008.
To facilitate the IRA's robbery of its own bank.
That's the reason we're impoverished.
That's the reason for the suicides.
That's the reason for the ruined lives.
That's the reason our towns and villages are run by IRA skang gangs such as the Hutch gang, the Kinahan mob, the McCarthy Dundon gang, et al. (Particularly Al. I hate him.)
We've been bankrupted and a hundred generations of Irish people have been bankrupted, solely in order to cover up the IRA's organised collapsing of its own bank.
Earlier this year as mentioned above, Sean Quinn, using IRA hitmen to intimidate the American Fund managers who now own his former IRA front companies, had forced his way back into the same companies which he originally used as proxies for the IRA's illegal theft of billions of dollars disguised as loans to Sean Quinn.
Then a few weeks ago IRA capo Sean Quinn's spokesman Ronan McMurderer announced to the American Financial Institutions who now rightfully own those companies that Sean Quinn was "increasingly dissatisfied with his role as an advisor," and wanted to own the companies again.
The IRA mafia are a howl aren't they.
The subsequent public cynicism seems to have moderated their strategy however, hence today's faked departure of IRA capo Sean Quinn from the companies.
I tell you his removal is fake.
He has been permitted to retain a right of access to the headquarters of the companies he used to bankrupt Ireland on behalf of the drug dealing, people trafficking, child abusing, prostitution rackateering, bank robbing, society ruining, nation bankrupting, IRA.
So he's not gone.
He's still there.
In other news, the Chief of the Irish Police Force one Noirin O'Sullivan who stated a few months ago that she wasn't sure if the IRA existed or not, is also holding on to her job.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

greatest irish stand up comedians of our time

Judge Kevin O'Higgins: "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the theatre. I was conducting an enquiry into corruption allegations against ex Chief Of Police Martin Callanan and ex Minister For Justice Alan Shatter. So I decided to declare that neither Martin Callanan or Alan Shatter are corrupt."
Audience: "Ha, ha, ha, ha."
Judge Kevin O'Higgins: "And because people would have risen up in arms if I'd slandered the honest police officer who exposed Martin Callanan and Alan Shatter's corruption, I declared that the honest police officer wasn't corrupt either, just prone to exaggeration."
Audience: "Wa. ha, ha, ha, ho,  ho, ho, hee, hee, heeeeeeeeeee."
Judge Kevin O'Higgins: "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. You're too kind. Well that's all from me. I'm off to spend my mafia bribes. Ha, ha, ha. Why aren't you laughing? Anyhoo. Our next comedian is a fine up and coming mafioso who's showing great promise in ending the rule of law in the Republic Of Ireland. Give a big round of applause to Get Out Of Jail Free Card himself, Judge Martin Nolan."
(Judge Martin Nolan enters to stony silence.)
Judge Martin Nolan: "Katanga ladies and germs. Katanga. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the theatre. I was presiding over the trial of four IRA embezzlers who single handedly put Ireland in the Third World overnight by systematically looting their own bank through illegal billion dollar loans to IRA capo Sean Quinn. So I lectured the Jury along the lines of how entitled to a fair trial these nation impoverishing IRA mafiosi were. And the irony is, I'm the Judge who jailed a fruit importer for six and a half years for mislabelling garlic as apples..."
(Still the audience is silent.)
Judge Martin Nolan: "Oh pooh to you. You'll all be sorry one day. You don't get away with ruining a Judge Martin Nolan routine by not laughing. Somehow, someday, someone is gonna pay. Nobody but nobody ----s with the Rah."
(He exits. IRA Archbishop Diarmuid Martin inches on stage, not too sure of the crowd's mood.)
Archie: "Er. we have to unite to fight against mafia activity?"
(Audience explodes with laughter. Ireland dies.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

revolution alley

(celebrating the 1916 Rising with the Heelers Diaries)

The oft toted myth that violence gets results should perhaps be questioned more. Join with me gentle philosophers of the internet. Let us look at one particular hero of 1916 and consider whether the psychopathology of his violence and the mythology of his heroism stand up to realistic scrutiny.

1. In 1916 Eamon DeValera took part in the Easter Rising leading the garrison at Bolands Mills. The Rising was inflicted on Ireland at a time when a quarter of a million Irishmen were serving in the British army. The Rising reduced the centre of Dublin to rubble.

2. Eamon DeValera then took part in the so called War of Independence from circa 1919 to circa 1922. The violence of the War of Independence was directed against Britain and against any Irish people who opposed or were thought to oppose the revolution against British rule.

3. Eamon DeValera then split with his fellow gunmen, half of whom now wanted to recognise the will of the Irish people in making peace. Eamon DeValera's IRA faction inflicted continuing mayhem on Ireland for another two years in a conflict known as the Civil War. This time their targets were any of their former comrades who wanted peace and any Irish people who also wanted peace. The British had left. The death toll in the Civil War is unknown. Murder became general all over Ireland. Although the Civil War is normally dated to the years 1922 and 1923, in reality DeValera and the IRA kept it going until circa 1930.

4. In the early 1930's Eamon DeValera set up the Fianna Fail political party to take part in democratic politics. He promptly won an election. His capacity to win elections continued through the 1940's and 1950's.

5. In the 1940's and 1950's the IRA began murdering soldiers and policemen and other citizens of the Ireland of which Eamon DeValera was now the elected leader. Eamon DeValera's solution to the IRA's murdering of his citizens was to hang IRA men wherever he found them. He killed more members of the IRA than the British ever did.

6. The IRA now functioning as an international drug dealing, people trafficking, prostitution rackateering, child abusing, mafia, itself continues to kill more Irishmen than the British ever did.

Monday, May 16, 2016

theatre theatre

(Lines written after the performance of a state sponsored musical drama at the National Concert Hall in Dublin commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the 1916 Rising, produced using public money by the Irish national broadcaster RTE)

the seats are packed
with well heeled teachers civil servants and lawyers too
young men and old in finery bedecked
children swathed in scarlet and blue
whilst on the stage prancing charlatans sing
about the innate glory of 1916

there is something absent here
there is something evil here
no smell of cordite sickens delicate nostrils
the cries of the dying are theatrical and do not offend the ear
the bloodstains are artistically daubed
no bullet kills
reality must not intrude
upon our valedictorean interlude

besuited ronald sits with coiffeured maisie
and pats her lily ass
oh darling he sighs elevated
i do so love the working class

i wish a gawping Rah man would come
lurching down the stalls
with his gun drawn
and pick out one of them
he'd shoot them in the knees or in the bawls
for some perceived slight
to his republic
or more likely some mild inconveniencing
of the drug dealing people trafficking child abusing bank robbing prostitution rackateering

let the well dressed coiffeured ones look on
at the tortures they are celebrating in song

i really do wish it might come to pass
that these would know real bloodshed and death and tears
and there would be no more twee jingles about the pseudo heroism of the working class
to mock the splattered corpses of the disappeared

(with apologies to Siegfried Sassoon)