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Saturday, July 16, 2016

the attempted coup in turkey

President Barack Obama of the United States: "We must support the democratic government of Turkey against this coup."

James Healy: "Sometimes, as in this instance, the people mounting the coup are the good guys. Turkey is run by an Islamist fascist grouping. It was elected. But it's still Islamist, fascist and moving fast towards dictatorship. Recip Tayyip Erdogan's government has implicated Turkey in the rise of Isis, a particularly brutal affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. Erdogan's adventurism has also been leading Turkey back to open conflict with its Kurdish minority. The coup was a desperate attempt by the Turkish army to rescue its country from the barbarism of Islamist adventurism masquerading as a democratically elected President."

in time of the breaking of nations

Strolling the byways around Kilcullen in the timeless glow of evening
The world seems far away.
My feminist cousin Pauline approaches up the bohreen.
"Any good news for me?" sez I.
"What news are you looking for?" quoth she.
"I was hoping there might be something about the army coup succeeding in Turkey," sez I.
She hurried on.

the credit where credit is due column

Somebody calling Jim Cusack writing in white collar criminal Denis O'Brien's bankrupt anti Catholic Sunday Independent newspaper last weekend stated a few home truths about IRA drug gangs rather well.
Mr Cusack alluded to the Hutch gang, the Kinahan gang, and the various other drug gangs currently turning Ireland into a charnel house in their latest turf war, as factions of the IRA.
He also mentioned the peculiarly vicious INLA as a faction of the IRA.
Not many people know that.
Ah yes.
I say it here, it comes out there.
Chapeau Mr Cusack!
(Heelers means hats off - David Berlinski note)
(I call that a David Berlinski note because I lifted the idea of saying chapeau for hats off from a David Berlinski book called The Devil's Delusion - Heelers note)
Mr Cusack did a further service to the nation by pointing out the IRA's capacity to infiltrate everything from institutions of state to community action groups.
I would add prayer groups in the town of Newbridge, small town magazines, the Local Employment Service Network in Naas, and the Tus office in Kilcullen.
Mr Cusack noted the IRA's infamous infiltration of the Concerned Parents Against Drugs group in the 1980's which had been set up to confront the IRA and its proxy political party Sinn Fein's drug gangs, and which was quickly taken over by the IRA and its proxy political party Sinn Fein and prevented thereby from taking.any direct action against the IRA and its proxy political party Sinn Fein's drug gangs who to to this day wax fat on the profits of their poisoning of generations of Irish children.
Mr Cusack for once, stated this more clearly than I ever have.
And indeed before I had.
Which was nice.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

goutman returns

The Chief of Police couldn't quite suppress a startled shudder on becoming aware of a dark presence standing in close proximity to him in his private office.
No one had entered by the door, he was sure.
"What are you doing here?" demanded the Chief quickly regaining control.
A dark caped figure stepped wordlessly into the light.
"You've got problems with your joints," said the stranger.
"Well yes, the IRA and associated mafias are using proxies in the health service to advocate the legalisation of drugs," said the Chief.
"No, not those joints," said the stranger, "I mean your knee joints. Try glucosamine. It's a natural health supplement. Very good for joint problems. And if you've got problems with gout, remember cherry juice. There's a woman in Naas who runs a health store and she says her 85 year old mother recovered completely from gout after starting to eat cherries regularly. Cherries may just be the magic bullet for gout. Seek the healthy remedies Commissioner."
"Who are you?" wondered the Chief of Police.
The stranger flapped his cloak dramatically.
"I'm Goutman," he hissed.
And was gone.
"Farewell masked avenger," murmured the Chief of Police.
"I'm not wearing a mask," came a plaintive voice from outside the window.
"Sorry," said the Chief of Police.

the greatest evils on earth

1. Abortion, the murder of unborn children, which has been legalised across Europe, including in Ireland after Prime Minister Enda Kenny explicitly promised not to legalise it..
2. Euthanasia, the murder of the elderly.
3. Assisted suicide, the murder of a person of any age group and often of teenagers who say they do not want to live. Assisted suicide is being carried out on children of twelve years of age in the Netherlands. It is also considered legal in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
4. The sacrifice of the innocent to satan.
5. The creation and dissemination of pornographic films by the IRA, Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads and various other allied international mafias, which debase and disrupt those who watch them in the core of their sexual being, causing, I would suggest, an unprecedented worldwide epidemic of misery including the veritable tidal wave we are seeing, of domestic violence, societal violence, suicides, rape and child abuse.
6. Child abuse.
7. Drug trafficking.
8. The legalisation of drug use. There are campaigns for this now because the IRA, Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads and their allied mafias, can no longer hide the multi billion dollar sums of money they are making from the organised poisoning of a generation of human beings. The mafia solution is to sponsor advocates in politics and the media who say drugs should be legalised. Legalisation would mean that overnight, the mafia would no longer have to worry about hiding the profits they make from their wholesale destruction of human lives through the drug trade. I would counsel you to repudiate decisively United Nations Secretary General Ban Kee Moon's call today for the legalisation of drug dealing and all others among the confederacy of dunces who are making the same call.
9. The untramelled rise of mafias and murder gangs such as the IRA, Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, the Zetas, MS 13, Nigerian devil worship gangs, Al Qaeda et al, in alliance with each other for the subversion of nations.
10. Atheistic liberalism supplanting Judaeo Christian ethics in the civilisations of the west.
11. The Muslim Jihad War against humanity.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

dost not heelers bootless kneel

Rather curious about my initial reply from heaven, I troubled to ask again.
"Yes Lord, but what is that you want me to do?"
Heavy emphasis on the do.
I opened the Bible.
My eye fell on a passage in Sirach.
Sirach is a Jewish prophet whose writings are included in Catholic Bibles.
The passage went:
"Do whatever you want. But do not sin. And do not speak words of pride. And remember to thank God everyday for the gifts with which he is showering you."

Monday, July 11, 2016

hence wilt thou lift up termonfeckin

Sitting with a Bible.
I ask the Deity what on earth he wants me to do.
Then I open the Bible at random.
My eyes fall on a passage in the book of Jeremiah.
"If you bring forth the precious without the vile, I will speak through you again."
Obviously the Almighty really can't stand my poetry.
Or could he have meant something else?

Sunday, July 10, 2016


in the clammy stillness
of a calm monsoon
you came to me
pointed to the window
and a spanish galleon moon
sail with me
sayeth thou
the tide is turning soon

i woke to find i slept
i wept