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Thursday, December 08, 2016

mirror in december

Those of us who reject the pharmaceutical companies' lies about mental suffering being caused by genetics and healed by drug poisons, may yet become living signs of hope to others, incarnate proof in our very being and our choice to live, that mental pain can be faced, that mental storms can be weathered, and that the dignity of the person by the grace of God is indestructible.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

today they said

Gerry Adams (leader of the Sinn Fein political party): "It makes no sense for Austin Stack to say he didn't tell me the names. Why would he meet me to ask me to arrange a meeting with people whose names he wouldn't tell me? Be serious."

James Healy: "Well since he knew, as we all know, that you are an IRA godfather, it was reasonable for him and for the rest of us to believe that you would know the names of the men deputed by your IRA drug dealing terrorist mafia to kill his father."

Background: Prison Officer Brian Stack was murdered by the IRA in 1983. Gerry Adams who leads the IRA's proxies Sinn Fein in the Irish parliament, says he has passed on to the police, the names of four men possibly linked to the killing. Mr Adams maintains that the names of the men were given to him by Brian Stack's son Austin. Austin Stack says he gave Gerry Adams no names.

ireland under the gaelers

Our latest news round up...

1. An 18 year old girl called Kym Owens has been badly beaten in an attack in the town of Maynooth near where I live. The police are being disingenuous about the full extent of her injuries. No one has been caught.

2. A 37 year old woman called Simone Lee has been beaten, stabbed and tortured with acid in Limerick. Police caught the man who did it, interviewed him, and SET HIM FREE.

3. Irish police have obtained yet another pay rise since their admitted pay scale (the true scale is higher) of 1300 Euro a week was not enough for them.

4. Judge Melanie Greally has released a Muslim man without jail time who stabbed another Muslim man in the head in Dublin. Judge Melanie Greally's understanding of the law apparently means stabbing someone in the head is no longer a jailable offence.

5. Judge Desmond Zaidan issued a warrant for the arrest of a private citizen accused of driving at 35 miles per hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. The private citizen Claire Daly also happened to be a member of parliament. My image of her is that she's a sort of left wing loon extremist abortionist anti American pro Palestine socialist woooooorker (I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns) who is currently in a relationship with another parliamentarian of similar tripe called Mick Wallace. Mr Wallace owes creditor banks 50 million dollars and yet managed to be elected to parliament in the rotten borough of Wexford on an anti corruption ticket. These people are not my normal bed fellows. I've never met Claire Daly although she dines occasionally at the Chat And Chew restaurant in Newbridge where I also dine. People tell me she is a nice person. I disagree with her political views and I might guess she would be scandalised by mine. But she is a citizen of the Republic of Ireland and an attack upon her is an attack upon all of us. The treatment meted out to her by Judge Zaidan, the police and the courts service, is not just shabby. There's something inherently wrong minded about it. Consider this. Claire Daly was summonsed to court for a speeding fine. Normally there is no requirement to attend court in these cases. If you're not there, you're found guilty and fined. Summonses for speeding fines up until very recently, were not even issued in Ireland unless you exceeded the limit by twelve miles per hour. I would suggest that the procedures adopted in dealing with Claire Daly in this case are doubly dissatisfying, in that firstly the fine should never have been issued, and secondly she should never have been expected to attend court even if a fine had been issued. Claire Daly did actually attend the court where her case was to be heard. Her case had been listed number 188, that is to say last of 188 cases to be heard by Judge Zaidan that day. I suggest that this listing was a third deliberately contrived and illegal inconveniencing of Claire Daly by elements within the police and the courts service. On the day of the court, Claire Daly eventually left the courtroom, having instructed her lawyer to inform the Judge of her plea of guilty to driving at 35 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone, should the case be called. As the court was due to close, Judge Zaidan had reached case 155. In what I consider a fourth contrived, and this time clearly illegal, manoeuvre deliberately targetting Claire Daly, Judge Zaidan skipped the remaining cases and called Claire Daly's case. He then announced that her absence from court was an act of disrespect to the court and issued a warrant for her arrest. At a subsequent court hearing, there were additional non standard procedural manoeuvres when a host of current cases were sent to another court in order to allow Judge Zaidan to deal with Claire Daly's case himself. At this second court hearing Judge Zaidan's attitude in court to Claire Daly was one of calculated arrogance, telling her to "sit up straight" and refusing to allow her a right to speak. I believe his fining of her was also unjust and indeed illegal in these circumstances. But the fine is not the issue. The punishment was the process. What Judge Zaidan and the police and the courts service contrived to do to Claire Daly seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to humiliate a citizen. Their true motivation is perhaps known only to God although the recent parliamentary activities of Claire Daly and her paramour Mick Wallace in highlighting police corruption might offer a clue as to what was at the back of the original summons. I think we must repudiate any such police orchestrated, court assisted and judicially rubber stamped targetting of a citizen (in this instance essentially harassment through a coordinated abuse of due process). I suggest we start by electing our Judges from now on.

6. Corrupt former government Justice minister Alan Shatter has obtained a court order overturning an official government enquiry report into his corruption.

7. White collar criminal Denis O'Brien is using the courts to effectively put parliament on trial in an attempt to remove the right of parliamentarians to comment on his corruptions. The billionaire Fine Gael financier is hoping to silence his critics in parliament by ending their traditional legal right to privileged comment.

8. The Irish parliament has just approved a law legalising cannabis for medicinal use. The law will overnight allow the IRA mafia and its associates in Al Qaeda, the Triads, the Russian mafia and Cosa Nostra, to turn their dirty money into clean money. The law was introduced to parliament by Gino Kenny who represents a left wing grouping styled the Anti Austerity Alliance which I would humbly suggest has been infiltrated by the IRA. In the run up to the passage of the law, which was passed without a vote by the way, we saw some of the shoddiest journalism in the history of the bankrupt Irish Times and Independent newspaper groups. A woman claimed her daughter's seizures were being helped by cannabis use. Her claims were printed without any questioning of their veracity. There was no medical monitoring of the child before or after the administration of cannabis to her. There was no peer review of the claimed alleviation of seizures. What the Irish Times and the Irish Independent failed to consider is the fact that there are some parents who would prostitute their children for a million dollars from the Rah. The IRA's drug trade in Ireland is a multi billion dollar trade.

9. The IRA's drug dealing skang gangs (The Kinahans. the Hutch Gang, the Rattigans et al) are continuing their turf wars in the run up to Christmas. We've had another mobster slaughtered in Dublin this week. (And within days of writing this, another one shot in Cork.)

10. Ireland's largest trade union federation the ICTU which is controlled by IRA rackateers, announced in November that Ireland must take hundreds of Muslim immigrants from a French squatter camp which the French are closing down. Hilarious isn't it. The brave comrades of the Rah, telling us who we must allow to live in our country.

11. Typically vague reports are emerging of an enquiry into the actions of a vicious and evil doctor who among other criminal acts attempted to murder a baby she was delivering at a Sligo hospital and then attempted to murder the mother of the baby on the operating table. The reports of the Irish Medical Council enquiry are quite clinical. Doctors who witnessed her behaviour seem reluctant to make any specific allegation regarding what looks like her blatant attempts to kill two people. They keep describing her actions as "astonishing." Bless their innocence. But of course this murderous psychopath has previous. That is to say following her previous misadventures with patients, she was the subject of previous discreetly held hearings by those sensitive plants at the Irish Medical Council. Their motto should be: "We never accuse a doctor of anything." After their previous hearings the Irish Medical Council had allowed the murderous maniac to continue practicing medicine "under certain conditions" and with "supervision" in spite of her known penchant for trying to kill her patients. This person should be facing a court of law. Instead the courts waste their time harassing Claire Daly. A second psycho doctor facing the thoroughly civilised investigational processes of the Irish Medical Council, has a similar penchant for harming his patients and has had similar good fortune in being continually rehired by Irish Health Boards every time an enquiry discreetly recommends his dismissal. Again the police should be involved. But maybe they're busy planning their next pay claim and strike action.

12. There you go bold readers. So stands compassionate Fine Gaeler Ireland now. The Gaelers have legalised abortion and hell has followed with them. We've got psycho doctors violating and killing patients and being allowed to continue working. We've got Judge Zaidan throwing the book at a member of parliament accused of driving at 35 miles per hour. We've got psychos wandering around dismantling women in our streets. We've got an overpaid police force setting the psychos free when they occasionally do catch one of them. We've got mob controlled trade unions extorting ever increasing remuneration for an indolent phalanx of State employees, nurses, teachers, transport workers, and electricians. We've got the same rackateer controlled unions defining immigration law. We've got the IRA and its associated mafias dealing drugs into every school, every town, every village, every community in Ireland. We've got white collar criminals like Alan Shatter and Denis O'Brien putting the law and free speech itself on trial every time anyone tries to discuss the scope of their criminality. We've got the legalisation of cannabis, a first step towards the legalisation of gangland generally. We've got an ever growing fifth column of Muslim gangs and Jihadis. And they're all of them, all of them sure, we'll never unite to put a stop to them.