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Friday, July 23, 2010

the morticia leech muslim in

Question: How many Jihadi's does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: No one laughs at us. You will all die. Infidel dogs. Nyah ha ha, Gee Force.

au pres de ma blonde

Afternoon tea with the Perfect Fit, aka Nuria, in the new cafe on Dawson Street.
I toast Nuria briefly.
While I toast her I scan the cafe for talent.
Various young women are trying on their femininity for size around the room.
Coy smiles.
Occasional manic mane of hair stroking.
The odd undulant thigh.
All that jazz.
An optimist such as I am, might reasonably assume they were somehow focussing their test runs on me.
From far away I hear Nur tuttutting.
"What's wrong?" sez me.
"In Spain," quoth she, "if you toast someone without looking them in the eyes, it means six months of bad sex for you."
"Six months of bad sex?" sez me, eyes wide and round.
"Yes," quoth she.
"Wow," sez me, "six months of bad sex. That's gonna be great."
"Why great?" wonders she curiously.
"Well Nur old pal," sez me, "let me this way put it. Six months of bad sex is going to be a considerable improvement on my present situation."
Just for luck I toast her again five times in quick succession, keeping my eyes firmly fixed on the floor as I do so.
That famous fleeting grin flashes across my gentle preraphaelite features.
"Do I get to choose the women who'll be having bad sex with me for the next six months?" I enquire innocently.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

scene from the James Healy NBC, ABC, CBS Chistmas special variety concert

Heelers is spotlighted centre stage in shirt and tie.
A pianist is playing softly.
Heelers sings:
"Isn't it rich?
Aren't we a pair?
Me siding with the Americans in the War on Terror.
You trying to blow up passenger jets in mid air.
But where are the Muslims?
There's gotta be Muslims.
Send in the Muslims..."
From the wings a bearded Bin Laden enters and croons:
"Don't worry, we're here."

flash heelers

Watching the Flash Gordon movie on television.
The good one.
The one from 1981.
The opening scene is a classic.
We see Max Von Sydow playing Ming The Merciless sitting in a chamber with screens around him showing planets all over the galaxy.
From this chamber Ming can project cosmic disasters on those he views from afar.
His steel helmeted minion Clytus enters.
Ming says cheerily: "What have you got for me today Clytus?"
Clytus gestures towards one of the screens.
"It's a little newspaper group in the Sol system," he says. "They call it the Johnston Cupboard. Or the Johnston Box Room. Or the Johnston Press. Or something."
Max Von Sydow strokes his beard.
His own beard.
Not Clytus's's's.
"The Johnston Mess," muses Ming the Me musingly.
Clytus grins beneath his helmet.
"Are you going to destroy them your majesty?" he wonders eagerly.
Mings hands drift to a control panel.
The control panel has buttons that read earthquake, tornado, and total share price collapse.
He begins pressing buttons at random.
"I like to toy with parvenus first," says Max Von Sydow, "before annihilation."
Then the music kicks in.
It's the classic Flash Gordon theme.
Never been bettered.
Freddie Mercury sings:

Ahhhhh Ahhhhh,
Saviour of the Irish newspaper industry.
Dern dern dern dern dern.
Ahhhh, Ahhhhhh,
Saviour of journalistic integrity.
Dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
(At this point of the song a recording of Barack Obama is heard saying: "The unprecedented solar eclipse is all the more reason to believe climate change is really taking place.")
Ahhh Ahhh,
Stands for every one of us,
He's for every one of us,
Right there for every one of us,
Every man, every woman, every newspaper, every magazine, every broadcaster with the possible exception of The Daily Mirror, The Irish Times, RTE and the Independent Group,
Oh Heelers.
Dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.(We hear the sound of alarm buzzers. Then John Whelan a baldy git who once edited the Leinster Leader for a full five minutes is heard saying to John Fry current Chief Executive Officer of the Johnston Press: "General Karla, General Karla, James Healy approaching on a hawk man rocket cycle." General Karla replies with a lunatic shriek: "What do you mean, James Healy approaching??? Open fire, all weapons... Despatch war rocket Blackpool And Stockport Gazette to bring back his body... Cor blimey.")
Dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
He's just a man.
And he could always fail.
Remember he's nothing but a man,
He can occasionally get a bit annoyed,

About small things,He's an all round humanitarian
But not overly found of parvenu Brit bollockses,
And their Irish forelock tugging acolytes,
Ooooh Ooohh Oooh
Oooh Ooooh.
Ooh Heelers.
Dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
(Evgenia Tarasova's voice is intercut with the song. She is heard saying: "James I love you, but we only have fourteen hours, twenty minutes and five seconds to save the earth.")Heelers.
Dern, dern, dern.
(Brian Blessed's voice is heard saying: "Heelers is alive, alive, alive.")
Dern, dern, dern.
Dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
(Sounds of thunder and lightning fading out with the dern, dern, derns.)

heelers reviews the new bond film

The new James Bond film Quantum Of Solace opens with a trademark pre-credit action sequence, clearly intended, as is the tradition in the Bond series, to whet the audience's appetite for more.
The scene begins mundanely enough but quickly switches to maximum tempo.
We see the famous Agent 007 sitting boredly in his seat on a long haul flight from Australia.
He is enduring the typical flyer's nightmare.
The passenger in the seat beside him is a High Court Judge who insists on making the most insufferably monotonous conversation throughout the flight.
You can tell Bond thinks he's a crushing bore.
"In all the furore over Bush's War On Terror," the Judge opines, "we run the risk of forgetting altogether about human rights."
At this moment there is a great commotion in the back of the plane.
Shouts of "Allah U Akbar" ring out.
Five terrorists are running up the aisle towards the cockpit.
Bond leaps into action grappling with the lead terrorist.
The British secret agent is thrown backwards against the cockpit door.
The terrorist grabs the High Court Judge and puts a knife to his throat.
The other terrorists look on laughing.
Bond addresses the High Court Judge.
"Should I read them their rights?"
This is possibly the funniest line in any Bond film and it contains a subtle message for the viewers.
The Judge gurgles something incomprehensible.
Bond and the lead terrorist lock eyes.
The terrorist is laughing but there is a tinge of fear in his laughter.
"You know what?" sez Bond.
"What?" sneers the terrorist.
"Allah isn't really that Akbar," sez Bond.
He pulls his gun and shoots the five terrorists.
There's no clever manoeuvring. No more chit chat. He just shoots them.
With insolent skill.
A bullet for each.
Right between the eyes.
All five go down.
Bond sits back in his seat.
The Judge faints.
An adorable air hostess approaches.
"Meesthair Bont," she says breathlessly. "You are amazing. If there's anything I can get you. Anything..."
Bond says: "A dry martini on the rocks, shaken not stirred."
And the opening theme music kicks in.
The sequence sets the tone for the rest of the movie.
Political correctness and its attendant appeasement seem to have been set aside.
The theme music itself uses the classic James Bond riffs which we have become familiar with from other films in the series, overlaid with some excellent stylised synth rapping by an Irish group called Twenty Major.
Vocalist Joe Fagan sings without apparent irony:

"I'm double oh seven baby.
I don't mean maybe.
You wanna make jihad baby.
I'd advise you against.
Oh the price of liberty
Might be death baby,
But I'm telling you baby,
It's worth the expense.
Cos freedom baby,
Yeah freedom baby,
Freedom baby,
You know freedom makes sense.
And the price of an apple,
Yeah the price of an apple,
The price of an apple,
Is oh twenty cents.
Yeah the price of an apple baby,
Is oh twenty cents."

I liked this Bond theme. It had a certain random je ne sais quoi. A certain chutzpah. And it didn't care who knew it.
The film rolls along at breakneck speed.
Daniel Craig as Bond is more than adequate at conveying vengeful grittiness.
The main body of the plot concerns his discovery that the chief of Al Qaeda in London is working with the Iranians on a plan to detonate suitcase nuclear weapons in cities all over Britain and Ireland.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown, ably and seditiously played by Stephen Fry, tells the secret agent: "My hands are tied. Unless you have proof, I can't send Britain to war with the Islamic Republic of Iran. And even if you did have proof, I'm not sure what we could do."
Bond goes rogue.
Tracking down Islamic terror cells around the British isles and giving them the sort of justice they normally dish out to innocent civilians.
There's one great scene where Bond enters a Pakistani cafe in Houndslow.
His wire tap sources have tipped him off that a group of Al Qaeda operatives are meeting there.
We overhear some of the terrorists' conversation before Bond enters.
"We should bomb CNN," suggests a patched eyed Afghan psycho. "Let the decadent western media burn in the hell of their own imperialist lies."
"Are you mad?" replies an evil moustachioed Libyan caricature. "CNN, Sky News, the BBC, Channel Four, NBC, CBS, and ABC are our friends and allies. They are winning this war for us on the home front."
James Bond arrives and stands before them in his Savile Row suit, incongruously confident in the cafe's infernal interior. About ten of the most dangerous looking villains ever assembled on screen gather around him.
One of the terrorists says: "I theenk maybe you haff come into the wrong cafe infidel dog."
Bond says: "No. Actually. I like it here..."
Then there's a positive conflagration of shooting.
When the smoke clears all the terrorists are expiring.
Bond finishes the sentence he'd begun before the bullets started flying.
"'s got that authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere."
He walks up to the counter.
A thuggish Al Qaeda tea boy looks at him with horror.
"Who are you?" hisses the tea boy. "What do you want with us?"
Bond sits at a table amid the carnage.
"I'll have a cafe latte," he murmurs drolly a la Roger Moore. "And don't spit in it or I'll shoot you in the balls."
The humour here is that the entire audience has seen Al Qaeda Junior licking his lips as he moved to the latte machine, and we just know he was thinking about it.
It's moments like this that ensure Quantum Of Solace will be remembered for a long time.
But the real fun is that for once we're getting an action film which has proper villains.
Could you imagine Bond films of the 1960's and 1970's without the Cold War Russians as the bad guys?
Yet even after Nine Eleven, neither Bond nor any other action hero went into battle against the Jihadi's.
No action film in the past seven years has featured a clear depiction of Muslim terrorists getting their come uppance. This is simply because modern film makers, unlike film makers during World War Two or the Cold War, don't want to risk endangering themselves by making a stand against our enemies.
They feel much safer making cheap anti American films than making something that might cause offence to Al Qaeda.
Thankfully, Quantum Of Solace rectifies this omission.
It was about time.
There are some rip roaring set piece action scenes as Bond, now an out and out rogue agent, careens around the British isles sending terrorists home to Allah. Meanwhile he is being pursured with equal fervour by British Intelligence and by Al Qaeda.
There's also a nice touch of irony as we see media reports accusing M15 of operating a shoot to kill policy every time Bond despatches a terrorist cell.
Of course the Al Qaeda terrorists as portrayed in this film are so obviously monstrous that you can be in no doubt they deserve every bullet the renegade British agent sends their way.
There is a high octane political sub plot as Bond almost inadvertently gets to the full truth about Iran's Al Qaeda connections.
I hope I'm not giving too much away if I tell you that he finds out Osama Bin Laden is hiding in the city of Isfahan, a personal guest of Iran's Qud's Force.
Bond comes in from the cold when he gets this information. He telephones Brit Intelligence and informs them they can find their rogue agent at Ten Downing Street where he'll willingly hand himself over.
He's not there really.
He's gone straight to the Prime Minister's country home for a personal confrontation.
Evading the security with ease Bond confronts Gordon Brown in his drawing room.
Again Stephen Fry exercises all his actorly, and indeed comedic, nous in conveying the moral dilemmas of Gordon Brown.
"I can't attack Iran," he tells Bond. "No one can. The Iranians have a secrete memorandum of understanding with Putin's Russia. We know Bin Laden is in Isfahan. But I tell you our hands our tied."
Now the film enters moderately controversial territory.
Bond eludes the security guards summoned by Gordon Brown.
He infiltrates Exeter Missile Base a la Milk Tray Man, and locks himself in the main control room.
He's looking at a real time satelite video image of Osama Bin Laden and his entourage fleeing Isfahan.
The Exeter security staff are hammering at the control room door.
Bond's finger is hovering over the firing button of a nuclear missile targeted on the satelite image which is playing out on the screen.
He'd stolen the launch codes as he fled Gordon Brown's office.
Even on the grainy satelite image the audience can see Bin Laden's grinning face and the adulation of those around him.
Bond fires the missile.
The security men burst in and shoot him.
It has to be the bleakest ending to any Bond film.
But Bond isn't dead.
The camera cuts to a tropical island.
Bond is there with his wounds bandaged.
He's okay.
The security men, with their typical British sense of fair play, only shot to wound him.
Bond is on the beach.
The camera pans away and we behold the shrouded form of a woman creeping catlike towards him. Her body is shrouded because it has been entirely garbed in the head to toe covering known as a Burkha. This sort of clothing is characteristic of the more extreme forms of traditional Islam. We can't see much but we can tell she's catlike alright. And the smart money is on lithe and lissom.
We just know she's an Al Qaeda assassin.
She steps forward in front of Bond.
He looks up, caught completely off guard.
She allows the Burkha to fall to her feet.
She is now wearing a smile and a rather fetching array of Victoria's Secret lingerie.
Not since Ursula Andress stepped out of the sea in her leather bikini back in 1963, has the Bond film franchise created such an iconic moment of feminine pulchritude.
We realise she's the air hostess from the opening pre-credit sequence.
And of course we now know she's also a Muslim.
This is perhaps the film's only gesture towards political correctness and inclusivity.
As Bond and the girl commence a quite rumbunctious bout of cuddling, a video screen in the sand beside them comes to life.
The screen shows President George W Bush.
President Bush sees the two cuddling and canoodling enthusiastically in the sand.
He raises an eyebrow.
"Well Bond," he says with a Texan drawl, "I don't know what the hell took you so long."

motor cycle cover ups and the art of anti catholic propaganda

The ageing Maoist Vincent Browne was pontificating on his television programme.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the 70 million murders committed by Chairman Mao.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the 100 million murders committed by Soviet communists in their attempt to spread communism throughout Asia, Africa and Central America.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for bedding the mentally ill pop singer Sinead O'Connor.
But here he was.
Like a great Marxist moral authority on right and wrong.
Do you get the irony here?
I gotta tell you.
Vincent Browne ain't no Pontiff.
But he pontificates just the same.
I listened.
Vincent Browne was saying: "There may have been cover ups in other sectors of Irish society but the cover ups in the Catholic Church were worse than any others."
It was an astonishing falsehood.
Let me try to bring into perspective, oh gentle friends of the internet, some of the cover ups Vincent Browne claims are not as bad as the contrived cover ups currently being laid at the door of our ancient and true church by the atheistic media.

1. The House of Horrors case. For twenty years a father and mother raped their children. Liberal trendy atheistic social workers knew about the rapes but left the children in the care of their rapist parents. On the one occasion when the liberal trendy atheistic social workers sought to take the children into care, liberal trendy atheistic Judges in the High Court refused to grant them permission. None of the liberal trendy atheistic social workers have been named in the newspapers. None of the liberal trendy atheistic Judges have been named in the newspapers. None of the rapist parents have been named in the newspapers. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the last fifty years.

2. The Leas Cross Nursing Home case. Elderly residents at Leas Cross (Southern Cross) Nursing Home were tortured, beaten, violated and murdered. An enquiry into the Leas Cross case has been suppressed by the government. None of the staff or owners at Leas Cross have served so much as a day in prison. There have been no media calls for the staff or owners at Leas Cross to be charged with a crime. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

3. Michael Neary's butchery at Drogheda Hospital. Michael Neary removed the wombs of 180 women at Drogheda Hospital when there was no medical necessity to do so. He did it because he liked doing it. He has yet to be held accountable. An accomplice on Neary's staff performed similar violations and is on the run in Scotland. The accomplice has yet to be brought to trial. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

4.Doctor Michael Shine meanwhile was molesting young children at the same hospital. There has been no exposure of the Health Board officials who oversaw the employment of Doctor Shine or numerous other psychopaths at Drogheda Hospital. There has been no justice for their victims. Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, habitually refer to the hospital as Our Lady Of Lourdes hospital in an attempt to convey the notion that it is run by the Catholic Church. But the hospital has been controlled by a liberal atheistic Health Board for decades. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

5. A nurse at Saint Lukes Hospital in Kilkenny tortured a mother who was about to give birth. The mother stopped the nurse doing worse by threatening to kick her against the wall. The mother's child was born brain damaged because of the activities of the nurse. The nurse's trade union devised a legalistic defence for her. She has retained her job. She still tends pregnant women at Saint Luke's hospital. She has not been named in the media. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

6. There have been at least 23 unexplained deaths of children in Health Board custody in Ireland in recent years. (This was the figure the Health Boards accepted when my article was first published. The Health Boards now admit that at least 168 children have died while in Health Board care during the past ten years. The real figure will be higher. JH) None of the social workers or supervisors dealing with those children has been named. No senior staff members in the Health Board have been called upon to resign by Independent Newspapers, RTE or The Irish Times. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

7. Hundreds of children born to foreign national parents who were being supervised by the Irish Health Boards have gone missing in recent years. Hundreds. Gone. Vanished into thin air. The children may have been abducted, trafficked, kidnapped, prostituted or murdered. We just don't know what's been done to them. There has been no enquiry into their fate. There has been no attempt to name in the media the Health Board professionals, their bosses, and the government Ministers whose responsibility it was to look after those children. Lacking a Catholic Church component, the case is of no interest to Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times or RTE. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

8. Irish Health Boards have for several years been shipping children impregnated by Health Board staff to England for abortions. The rape of these children in Health Board care by Health Board staff, has not been reported. The murder of these children's babies has not been reported. There has been no attempt in the media to name and shame the Health Board officials reponsible for this massive case of institutionalised abuse. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

9. Seven children killed themselves last year in North Kildare. The children were attending an Educate Together school. It is believed their deaths were some sort of suicide cluster. There has been no reportage of the children's deaths. There has been no attempt in the media to discover why they died or who might have driven them to their deaths. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

10. In the mid 1970s a little girl in Dalkey was being sexually abused by her parents who were themselves part of a devil worshipping ring in the city of Dublin. The little girl gave birth to two babies during that time. She loved her babies and wished to save them. Proof positive that the devil worshippers could not touch her soul. The two babies were murdered by the girls parents. A police officer was a member of the devil worshipping ring. The police continue to refuse to reopen the case. This story alone represents a bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

11. Liberal Judges have all but destroyed the rule of law in Ireland. By continually releasing violent criminals and drug dealers into the community, they have engineered a situation whereby crime gangs and psychopaths know they can get away with murder. At present crime gangs actually run our larger cities. Limerick is ruled by a group of petty thug murderers known as the McCarthy Dundon gang. Dublin is run by worse with a strong Al Qaeda element making its presence felt throughout the Capital. Even the western cities have not escaped this break down of law and order. When Gerald Barry was murdering people in Galway, liberal Judges, liberal Probation Officers, and liberal Defence Lawyers kept getting him released. We know he's killed at least three people so far and blinded a pensioner. I consider what he did to the pensioner to be same as murder. He finally got a life sentence for the murder of a 17 year old girl called Manuela Riedo. Judge Barry White apologised to Manuela's parents "on behalf of the Irish people" for the murder of their daughter. This statement by Judge Barry White was an obscenity. For of course the Irish people hadn't ensured Gerald Barry kept walking free from the jail cells. It was the liberal Judges and their acolytes. The Judge Barry Whites of our land who kept him on the loose. And they were the ones who should have been apologising. There has been no media campaign to name the vast array of liberal Judges, Probation Officers and Defence Lawyers who have kept Gerald Barry free to kill, kill, kill, blind a pensioner, rape, rape, deal some drugs, rape and kill again. That's some cover up baby. One among many. The murderer Oliver Hayes has benefitted from similar liberal largesse among the Judges, Probation Officers and Defence Lawyers of Ireland. Oliver Hayes abducted a woman eleven years ago. He should never have been let out again. He was released on the recommendation of a Probation Officer. Previously he had burgled the home of an 81 year old woman. She died four months later. He was released. Last year he kidnapped and murdered Ann Corcoran. Ann Corcoran would never have died if the liberal Judges, Probabation Officers and Defence Lawyers hadn't ensured her murderer was free to kill her. There has been no media campaign to name the Judges, Probation Officers and Defence Lawyers who ensured Oliver Hayes was free to keep killing. There has been no call from the Irish Independent, The Irish Times or RTE for anyone to resign who was responsible for facilitating Oliver Hayes in his murder sprees. This story alone, and indeed each and every story of liberal Judges releasing killers into the community to kill, kill and kill again, represent individually and together, a vastly bigger cover up than anything the media have managed to contrive against the Catholic Church in the past fifty years.

12. The corrupt kleptocratic government party Fianna Fail has poured billions of dollars into Anglo Irish Bank, an institution which is itself effectively a personal bank for members of Fianna Fail. The government has refused to name borrowers from the bank who were each given 30 million dollar loans as the bank collapsed. The borrowers who were each given 30 million dollar loans from the collapsing bank are themselves Fianna Fail supporters. The police finally detained the former chief executive of the collapsed bank, a monumentally corrupt imbecilic figure called Sean Fitzpatrick, for a night last week. Well waddaya think folks! Would you be willing to spend a night in the cells in return for a thousand million quid? It's not quite a punishment that fits the crime, is it. At this moment Fianna Fail are proposing to pour another six billion dollars into this already collapsed bank. Fianna Fail are also writing blank checques for the collapsed Allied Irish Bank and the collapsed Bank Of Ireland. Of course the big shot Managing Directors and Board Members of Anglo Irish Bank, Allied Irish Bank, and Bank Of Ireland, continue to pay themselves million dollar salaries out of the money Fianna Fail is borrowing against our future and throwing at them. Overnight Fianna Fail, the banks, and the extortionately overpaid State sector nursies, cops, soldiers and uncivil servants, overnight I say, overnight, they have spent your children into the Third World. The checques Fianna Fail is giving the banks are indeed blank but you may be sure they run into billions. This story alone represents one of the most momentous cover ups in the history of the Republic of Ireland, far outweighing any of the contrived propaganda cover ups currently being devised by our dying media groups and laid at the door of our ancient, beautiful and true benefactor The Catholic Church.

13. The cover up of 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases by Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE so that the general public could be misled into believing that the most significant and most numerous cases were the 0.01 percent of sex abuse cases which involve supposed Christians, this cover up which continues as we speak, this cover up whose extent is nationwide is perhaps more malign, more vicious and more deliberate than any of the others I've mentioned. The media didn't have to tell a single lie to engineer this cover up. All they had to do was ignore 99.99 percent of the truth. The media's concealment of the vast majority of the most seriously violated sex abuse victims simply because they weren't abused in circumstances that the media could use for their war against the Catholic Church, amounts to such a foul and fetid violation of trust as to beggar belief. It is a cover up which will one day be exposed in full. It is the cover up that dwarfs the contrived cover ups which the media have been laying at the door of the Catholic Church. The media in concealing from the general public the unavoidable fact that the huge majority of child abuse cases occur in the home, and in sports clubs, and in institutions, at the hands of non Christian people, and that these cases continue to occur, by concealing this glaringly obvious truth, the media have committed the worst crimes of which they have accused any Bishop. They have concealed sex abuse. On a scale no Bishop could ever dream of, or contemplate. They have concealed 99.99 percent of the victims and prevented those victims from obtaining a proper hearing or proper help, deterred those victims from seeking justice, and effectively abandoned those victims to a fate worse than death. The cover up by Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, of the truth about sex abuse is the cover up to end all cover ups, more foul, more grotesque, more blatent, than all their perfidy of heretofore.

today they said

CNN reporter: "French actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is sick in hospital."

James Healy: "Ah come on. I know CNN is ceasing to exist before our eyes. But come on. She's Hungarian."

David Cameron (Prime Minister of Great Britain): "Abdel Basset Al Magrahi was not released because of an oil deal involving BP."

James Healy: "Muslim mass murderer Abdel Bertie Basset Al Magrahi was released specifically because of an oil deal between Libya and BP. This Britain which was wont to conquer others hath made a shameful conquest of itself."

Kenneth McCaskill (Scottish Minister who oversaw decision to release Al Magrahi): "The decision to release Abdel Al Magrahi was taken on humanitarian grounds and for no other reason."

James Healy: "McCaskill you are a deeply inhumane fellow. You are a cruel and callous man. Your decision to release this Libyan psycho killer had nothing to do with the Libyan psycho killer pretending to have measles or whatever illness he was faking. Your releasing of Libyan Muslim mass murderer Abdel Bertie Basset Al Magrahi was an act of contempt for the 300 people Abdel Bertie Basset Al Magrahi slaughtered at Lockerbie. It was an act of contempt for their families, friends and relatives. And it was an act of contempt for the entire free world. May your soul rot."

Lady Manningham Butler (former head of British Intelligence): "The Iraq war made British cities less safe by contributing significantly to the radicalisation of young Muslims.

James Healy: "I got news for you Missus. They were radical already. And the appointment of an appeaser like yourself as head of British Intelligence did more than almost any other single act of cretinous incompetence to make British cities and the world less safe. I mean come on bitch. Fighting Hitler in 1939 made British cities less safe. It really stirred up those SS types, didn't it? Better to have let Hitler take what he wanted, eh? After all, right up until the blitz, Hitler was insisting he had no real quarrel with Great Britain. Different generation of Brits bitch. They didn't lie down for scum. Listen to me. If Saddam and Uday and Qusay were still in power, who is to say they wouldn't have nuked the lot of us by now? You think they might have had moral reservations about such an action? You think bringing the Jihadis in our midst into the open by attacking Jihadi rats nests like Afghanistan and Iraq, you think that was the mistake? You are a quisling Lady Manningham Butler. You know it. I know it. Even the Muslim funded Sky News channel knows it. (Funded through the royal family of Qatar's adverts for their shite Islamist airline.) You have ensured Lady Manningham Butler that the First World Jihad War is coming to an end on terms that suit the Muslims, with you and your ilk seeking to criminalise President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. The only justice Lady Manningham Butler is that you yourself will live to see the Second World Jihad War when the Muslims detonate atomic devices in European cities. You will see it bitch. You have done more than most to cause it."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the ayatollah khomeini problem page

All this week we've been celebrating Muslim Week at The Heelers Diaries. As part of the celebrations, we're now inaugurating a new problem page. You can send your problems direct to the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini at this website. But be warned. His advice normally involves conversion to a certain peaceloving religion followed by self detonation on a transatlantic aeroplane. (Hint: It ain't Buddhism.)

Dear Ayatollah Khomeini.
My sister is a slag and keeps pinching my boyfriends. What should I do?
Irma Vep, London.

Dear Irma.
Well you should talk to your sister of course. Discuss your concerns. Try to bring things out into the open.
If this doesn't work, don't despair.
At least you've tried.
And at least you've treated her with dignity in trying.
Now I've got to tell you that I think the term "slag" is a pejorative. Sometimes it says more about the person who uses it. You have been sorely provoked, but such a phrase is unworthy of you. Try to think of your sister in a more positive way even if she is behaving in an unacceptable manner.
And look into your own heart for the reasons your anger has taken such an invectival form.
You will find true peace in the mastery of your own emotions.
Now down to practicalities.
Your sister's behaviour is unacceptable.
Is it an option for you to simply give your sister some space?
I'm not asking you to run away from confrontation.
But you don't have to socialise together. It may feel like you're surrendering, but actually you don't even have to bring your friends home. You can reduce the possibility of her negative behaviour impinging on you by taking discreet action to reduce the opportunities for her to meet your friends.
Also I would suggest you develop some new hobbies, not ones that are related to boys and romance, but ones that will get you out of the house and enable you to grow as a person.
Consider photography, or swimming, or learning a foreign language, or all three.
Your own confidence will improve and you will be less likely to feel insecure when dealing with your sister's admittedly poor conduct.
Behaving decisively but with restraint today may eventually allow for the development of a long lasting sisterly relationship between you and your sister, particularly when your sister has matured a bit.
Let me know how things turn out.
The Ayatollah.
PS: Also convert to Islam and blow yourself up on a flight to New York.

pie in the sky

Sky News has failed to report on the last three days of Muslim rioting in the French city of Grenoble.
During this time however Sky have filed the following news items.
1. Copious stories on Allied losses in Afghanistan. (No mention of Al Qaeda's losses here.)
2. Cheerleading style updates on Al Qaeda attacks in Iraq. (Again no mention of Al Qaeda's losses here.)
3. A report asserting that Britain would never ban Muslim attire for women which conceals women's faces. The reporter noted: "Muslim women in Bermingham will be free to wear the Burka." The reporter of course had it wrong. Muslim women in Bermingham will not be free to wear the Burka. But Muslim men will be free to force Muslim women in Bermingham to wear the Burkha. That's the only reason any woman on the planet earth wears the damn thing at all.
4. A report campaigning for the legalisation of murder of elderly and sick people. This sort of murder is known as euthanasia.
When I saw the last report on Sky blatently advocating the legalisation of yet another form of murder, couching its advocacy in a veneer of pseudo journalese, a great weariness descended on me. Maybe we deserve to lose to the Muslims. Maybe God is withdrawing his grace from our free societies simply because we have murdered too many unborn babies and handicapped and elderly people. Just as God has blessed us and upheld us in the past, he may now withdraw his favour since we have so vilely denied him. I don't mean that God is on the side of the Muslims. I mean that when we commit evil, we give evil power over us. Yes. Maybe we deserve to lose this war. Maybe the barbarian Muslims are God's punishment on our abortionist, contrareceiving, euthanasiaist, fornicating, child abusing, atheistic, life in test tube societies.

the worlds we have made

Stacy Brown has had a nervous breakdown.
She is a sister of a friend of mine.
She used to work as a teacher in a prison in England.
She taught some fairly tough prisoners.
Her speciality was imparting skills which might help them get a job when they had finished their sentences.
She had been teaching prisoners for a few years when she was given a new assignment.
She was assigned to teach Muslim prisoners.
The Brits have imprisoned a small number of Muslim Jihadist Al Qaeda operatives.
Most Muslim Jihadist Al Qaeda operatives have been allowed to remain free.
Stacy Brown was dealing with some of the small number who are actually in jail.
Every day she showed up to teach them.
Every day she tried to offer them counsel, guidance and advice.
Every day they threatened her life.
Every day they threatened to find out who she was and where she lived.
Every day they threatened her family.
Every day.
Every day she met a wall of hatred when she reached out to these Muslims.
The darkest hatred.
Hatred without end.
Hatred for the sake of hatred.
Finally she had a mental breakdown.
She no longer works in the prison service.
She runs a cafe now.
She is on the road to recovery.
Western society on the other hand is in the shadow of the scythe.

Monday, July 19, 2010



to the overthrow

the worm things of the soft earth
in the rainfall night crawl forth
onto pavement doorstep or road
into the concrete certainty of death
they do not think but they know
that in a darkness yet to fall
there will be an overthrow
and those who rule will crawl
and those who crawl will rule
though tonight in their impossible thousands they die
crushed under wheel trampled under foot
conquered by a nation that knows them not

muslims use cloak of invisibility for their riots and murders

For the past three nights, Muslims have been rioting in the French city of Grenoble.
The Muslims began their riots after two Muslim gangsters shot at police while fleeing the scene of a robbery.
The police fired back and killed one of the Muslims.
The Muslims and their Al Qaeda Muslim friends have spent the past 72 hours shooting at the police, torching cars, destroying property, beating people up with baseball bats, and generally letting the French know who rules Grenoble.
News reportage of the Muslims attempt to burn Grenoble has been most surrealistic.
CNN haven't had a feature report on it at all.
Sky News haven't had a feature report on it at all.
Sky has some excuse, as Sky's major revenue source is the Islamist royal family of Qatar who also finance the Nazi channel Al Jazeera.
Why risk your cash flow by reporting real news, eh Sky?
France 24 has reported the riots and arson and shooting.
France 24 in fact reported the whole shebang.
Without once mentioning Muslims.
Hilarious, no.
The Daily Mail also reported the whole shebang.
Without once mentioning Muslims.
It was youth wot dunnit.
Cor blimey mate Missus Keaveney.
Gotta watch out for dem youths.
You know what's happened of course.
Fictional wizard Harry Potter has converted to Islam.
And Harry Potter has given the Mussies his magic cloak of invisibility.
So now when they torch a city, no one will mention who the hell they are.
The irony is screaming.

Footnote: Whatever you do gentle travellers of the internet, don't mention Muslims. I mentioned them once but I think I got away with it.

ireland's ambassador to the after life

Padraic McKiernan was cleaning out the number eight latrine which is located in front of the bushes on the east side of Gehenna.
"Who would have thought it would come to this?" he muttered bitterly.
His supervisor, the Demon Asmodeus, was sitting on a rock nearby, idly flicking through the Sunday Independent.
"What do you mean?" wondered Asmodeus without looking up.
Padraic McKiernan turned.
"When I was alive," he cried, "I was a big cheese. I was a huge cheese. I was the Secretary General of Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs. I was Ireland's ambassador to France. I was Ireland's ambassador to America. I was Ireland's ambassador to the EU. I ruled. I ruled from the shadows."
"And now this," said Asmodeus carelessly, eyes still on his paper.
There was a moment's silence.
"Yes now this," said Padraic McKiernan disgustedly. "Now I am the lowliest piss boy in hell."

an open letter to tony o'reilly proprietor of independent newspapers

Tony O'Reilly.
Were you in any way involved in the rather dubious events surrounding your protege Cian O'Connor's showjumping gold medal win in the Olympics?
You will be aware that after the competition your protege Cian O'Connor was stripped of his medal.
You will be aware that your protege Cian O'Connor's horse tested positive for illegal substances.
You will be aware that the specimens taken from your protege Cian O'Connor's horse then went missing in extraordinary circumstances.
You will be aware that a motor cycle courrier carrying information relating to the drugs tests on your protege Cian O'Connor's horse was hijacked and all evidence relating to your protege Cian O'Connor's horse purloined.
You will be aware that an office in Kildare containing further information relating to your protege Cian O'Connor and his horses was broken into, and other evidence relating to your protege Cian O'Connor and his horses was purloined.
You will be aware that your protege Cian O'Connor had previously been caught doping his horses in competition.
You will be aware that another showjumper called Jessica Kurten spoke out against your protege Cian O'Connor's continued presence on the Irish showjumping team.
You will be aware that investigators then claimed to have found dope in one of Jessica Kurten's horses.
You will be aware that I have suggested Jessica Kurten may have been framed by individuals sympathetic to your protege Cian O'Connor.
You will be aware that your trophy wife (the second one, the Greek shipping heiress) is a senior executive at the organisation styled the Irish National Stud.
You will be aware that you personally are Cian O'Connor's major sponsor.
You will be aware that Cian O'Connor is your protege.
Did you Tony O'Reilly have anything to do with this extraordinary series of events?
I think you did.
James Healy

happy birthday mr mandela

Dear Nelson Mandela.
You have been receiving a lot of praise on your 90th birthday.
I think it might also be healthy for you, and for early 21st century societal discourse, if you were privy to the opinions of those who do not think you deserve such praise.
I have just seen a picture of you, taken this week, surrounded by grinning music industry low life.
In the photo a singer who styles herself Annie Lennox is smiling gormlessly into the camera.
An actor called Will Smith is hovering at your shoulder, grinning vacuously, his eyes firmly fixed on the camera.
I find this photo infinitely depressing.
It represents to me the ultimate triumph of flash over substance.
You should not be too impressed Mr Mandela by the plaudits of entertainment industry low lifes such as the ones you have just been photographed with and lionised by.
Even so their fathers praised the false prophets.
Now, to work.
I remember back in the 1980's a music industry low life styling himself Bono along with his low life friend Bob Geldoff, endeavouring to have you released from prison in South Africa so that you might take over the rulership of that country.
I never supported the campaigns for your release.
I took one look around Africa, and I asked myself: "Does that continent really need another Marxist Stalinist murderer in power?"
My answer to this was no.
So I never supported you.
In fact I could not understand how anyone supported you.
Marxian, Arabist and Black Nationalist governments had taken over all the African countries vacated by the British empire along with those countries vacated by the lesser empires of France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.
By the 1980's these Marxians and Arabists and Black Nationalists were already writing a new chapter in the history of barbarism.
Mr Mandela I could see no excuse for supporting you.
Your equivalents were killing too many people in every other African country.
Futhermore Mr Mandela, there was a choice.
It was actually possible to discern Black leaders in South Africa who heroically and responsibly espoused non violence in seeking to free their country.
I thought the world should have supported those.
Where are they now by the way?
They're dead Nelson.
You and your supporters burnt them alive didn't you?
But more of that anon.
Mr Mandela I will not lie to you. I do think Africans were royally ripped off by the independence movements which ended the western colonial era.
Not one African country has escaped civil war since independence.
Not one has become a democracy.
Not one has avoided the rulership of the thug.
Why is this Mr Mandela?
What excuse is there for black Africans murdering black Africans in their millions?
What excuse is there for black Africans causing tens of millions of black Africans to starve by forcing them to live under an economic system that even the Russians figured out was a load of old cobblers twenty years ago?
What is YOUR excuse Mr Mandela for the murders that have mushroomed exponentially throughout South African society since you and your friends took over?
But I digress.
Let me digress a bit more.
Three and a half million dead in Sudan.
Four million dead in Zaire. (Okay, okay maybe five million.)
A fifty year civil war in Angola carried on for decades by the Marxist Jose Maria Dos Santos, initially backed by the Russians and the Cubans, now backed by... er... by you Mr Mandela.
What is the excuse for these African and Arabist dictators who have turned Africa into a charnel house for half a century and still show no signs of letting up?
Jose Maria is still there in Angola isn't he?
At least he's not white, eh Nelson?
Sudan is now enjoying its own fifty years of Arabist genoicide, a continuing maelstrom of mayhem unbroken since independence. At least three and a half million Sudanese dead in the past ten years alone. There seems little doubt that if you held a plebiscite in Sudan the people would beg to rejoin the British empire.
Why were there famines in Africa Mr Mandela?
Here's my answer.
Because African Marxists shot anybody who worked for a living, and seized any farms that looked like they might be worth seizing, and then watched in gormless atheistic murderous dismay as the riches of Africa turned to dust in their hands.
Africa was never over populated Mr Mandela.
There were never too many Africans.
There were too many Marxists.
Marxists like you.
I'm going to stick with my 1980s decision not to support you Mr Mandela.
There were other reasons for it of course, aside from your espousal of violence and Soviet style communism.
I had become disquieted by the actions of your then wife Winnie Mandela.
Do you remember Stompie Moeketsie?
The 13 year old boy she killed.
I mean the one she killed that we know about.
How did she do it?
With a garden shears wasn't it?
And how did the doctor die who examined Stompie Moeketsie's body?
Just remind me.
It was all very satanic, wasn't it?
Perhaps you can begin to understand why I feel the need to quibble with the image of you as propagated by Will Smith, Annie Lennox and their ilk.
And do you remember your then wife Winnie Mandela telling the world how you would liberate South Africa?
She said: "With our necklaces and our match boxes we will liberate South Africa."
Ah yes.
The necklace was a car tyre placed around a person's neck and filled with petrol. The matchbox provided the means of igniting the petrol.
How many people did you and your wife cause to be murdered in this way?
You know Mr Mandela my own country Ireland has had its share of terrorists and its share of freedom fighters.
We became quite adept at distinguishing the ones who really just wanted to violate human beings in as grotesque a manner as possible, from the ones who had some genuine aspiration towards freedom.
It's not always easy.
When I discovered you and your supporters were burning human beings alive, I formed the opinion, a lasting opinion Mr Mandela, that you were not freedom fighters, that you were not a suffering minority, and that you were not indeed by any stretch of the imagination the sort of individuals who should be put in charge of a country.
I formed the opinion that you were psychotic hate filled Marxists insane with your own blood lust.
Was I wrong about this Mr Mandela?
Honestly now.
In the intervening years I have managed to find no reason to change my opinion. Unlike Bono and Bob Geldoff and Annie Lennox and Will Smith, I felt I had something of a duty to keep an eye on South Africa after you and your fellow Marxists took power.
You get a good press but the truth about South Africa is that it has become an ever more violent society which, in its periodic pseudo elections, only ever returns the same political party.
Your party Nelson.
It's Marxist isn't it?
Another one party State for Africa.
Don't it make ya weep.
There's more.
In the past seven years during the War On Terror, it has seemed to me that your sympathies have lain clearly with the Jihadi's.
The only statement I can find that you made about the current wave of Islamic expansionism was the following:
"George Bush can't even talk right."
Well Mr Mandela.
I think your statement lacked something.
I think it lacked class.
Worrying for a man that the newspapers and television stations are lauding as the new Mohandas K Gandhi.
Gandhi never burned anyone alive.
You're not Gandhi, Mr Mandela.
You're not even close.
So, to Zimbabwe, a country adjoining South Africa which relies on your government to sustain it.
You have failed, and your successor Thabo Mbeki has failed, to take any action to protect the people of Zimbabwe from the dictator currently ruining their country and their lives.
You have failed to do this simply because Robert Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe is like you a Marxian thug applying those ingenious economic theories that twenty years ago even the Russians figured out were a crock.
Your one statement about Robert Mugabe as the situation worsened this past week, was couched in a further juvenile attack upon President George Bush.
Well done Mr Mandela.
At this stage, I would nearly have been disappointed if you had acted with even a smidgin of integrity, courage, discernment or genuine concern for the oppression of Africans by the Black Nationalist elites which you yourself exemplify.
It is your 90th birthday.
I think it is good that you should hear these opinions. That I should submit this assessment to you and allow proper public scrutiny of it.
For the truth still has some currency.
You will never hear these opinions from Annie Lennox, Will Smith, Bono or Bob Geldoff, CNN, the BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Channel Four, The Guardian, Le Monde, the Irish Times, Fox News or the Nazi channel Al Jazeera.
They all love you.
They are all wrong Mr Mandela.
Terribly wrong.
Happy birthday and long life to you.
James Healy

Footnote: Mandela is 92 today. This letter was first sent to him on his 90th.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ireland year zero

This is Year Zero for Ireland.
In September a Dublin hoodlum called Jim Mansfield will begin transhipping thousands of Saudi Arabs to Ireland.
The cover story for this overt smuggling operation is that the Muslims want to learn English.
Mansfield is not an English teacher.
For a few decades he has posed as a businessman using hundreds of millions of dollars leant to him by idiot banks.
He is not a successful businessman, mind.
But he's managed to keep up the front until the loans ran out.
He is the father of two unsavoury sons, Jim Junior and PJ.
He owns a small airport near Dublin which is favoured by those smuggling Muslims and/or drugs into Ireland.
His airport became popular with gangsters because it had no customs facilities.
He himself has waxed fat on the break down of law and order in this country.
Lately though all has not been sunshine and light for Mansfield.
His business empire, such as it was, has recently collapsed.
The Saudis are his last role of the dice.
Saudi Arabia is of course the most bigoted Muslim country on the planet earth.
And when Mansfield dumps his first thousand Muslim cargo outside Dublin, the Saudis will be enforcing Saudi law on his school campus.
That is to say, Saudi women will not be allowed walk down the street unescorted by Saudi males.
Saudi women will be not be allowed to go outside without covering their faces in Muslim approved attire.
Saudi women will be killed if they are deemed to have brought dishonour on their family by, say, wearing short skirts, or talking to Irish men.
For the Republic Of Ireland to allow the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia to exercise this sort of extra territorial authority on the island of Ireland is a seismic step towards the end of our country.
Ceding to Saudi Arabia the right to impose its bigoted and racist laws on women while those women are resident in Ireland, represents an abject surrender to an aggressive barbaric Islamist nation.
But there are other reasons to be concerned.
Most of the thousands of Saudis whom the Mansfields will bring here, will be young aggressivised Islamist males.
They will not be inclined either to integrate with the Irish nor to respect Irish laws, customs, traditions, or sovereignty in any way.
A few months ago, Muslim immigrants rioted and torched the Italian city of Milan.
This week Muslim immigrants rioted and torched the French city of Grenoble.
In the past ten years Muslim immigrants have... blown up trains and buses in London, blown up trains in Madrid, murdered a Dutch Prime Minister and a Dutch film director, stabbed the Mayor of Paris, attempted to poison Rome's water supply, bombed trains, planes and automobiles across Russia, bombed Moscow, murdered Chinese policemen and citizens in Xinjiang province, murdered 180 people in an attack on Bombay in India, attempted to secede Kashmir province from India, attempted to secede Mindanao island from the Philippines, successfully seceded Kosovo from Serbia, successfully seceded Northern Cyprus from Cyprus, murdered tens of thousands of people in Thailand, imposed continual terrorist war on the State of Israel, knocked over sky scrapers in New York, infiltrated the American army and slaughtered soldiers and an unborn baby at Fort Hood, attempted to blow up Times Square because it was the location of the media company that distributes the South Park cartoon, extended their suicide bombing campaign to Uganda in Africa, imposed ethnic warfare on Christian cities in Nigeria, and so on.
There is no excuse for allowing Muslims to enter Ireland.
Here the plot thickens.
For Mansfield is not the only crook attempting to make short term profit by selling his country to the barbarians.
At least four third level adult education schools are independently bringing thousands more Saudi Muslims to Ireland this Autumn.
They will at least double the number of Saudis being brought here by Mansfield.
And this will be the last year when the policy could have been repudiated without loss of life and the destruction of our democracy.
I'm telling you again folks.
This is Year Zero.