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Saturday, August 10, 2019

top ten times the medical profession has led humanity astray

1. By murdering unborn children through surgical abortion.

2. By murdering the elderly through euthanasia.

3. By murdering all age groups in assisted suicide.

4. By inducing deep vein thrombosis and cancers in women via the birth control pill.

5. By leeching female growth hormones into the eco system through chemical contraception causing the feminisation of males and the masculinisation of females in the human and animal kingdom. Attendant causalities include the use by farmers of mafia supplied growth hormones in cattle and sheep.

6. By carrying out mutilating sex change operations which don't work on children and adults based on a depraved model of human sexual identity.

7. By dosing the populace with anti depressant poisons based on utterly false justifications and gerrymandered data.

8. By dosing the populace on anti psychotic poisons based on utterly false justifications and gerrymandered data.

9. By inducing autism in children all over the world through the Mumps Measles Rubella vaccine.

10. By generating life in test tubes, thereby removing the act of love from the creation of human beings.

11. By destroying life in test tubes as they murder, ie discard, nine test tube babies for every one they bring to birth.

12. By killing unborn children with morning after pills.

13. By killing unborn children with abortion pills.

14. By promoting promiscuity culture and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases through their advocacy and distribution of condoms and their outright lies about the efficacy of condoms in preventing the spread of such behaviours and diseases.

giddy heights

each flower proves the goodness of life
the fretwork testifies in leaf and bloom
to the royal truth and holiness
of him whom existence attends upon

mosaic meadows reminisce
moses tribe eternal nation
gospel shiver in the trees
kiss of life through all creation

Thursday, August 08, 2019

police and judicial collusion in concealing the identities of the devil worshipping torture murderers of ana kriegel

In 2012 Darren Gibson was murdered by a group of people who used internet harassment, malicious stalking and direct harassment methods over a long period of time to stampede him to an apparent suicide.
The police of the Republic of Ireland have taken no action.
The Judges of the Republic of Ireland have taken no action.
For seven years no charges have been brought against the readily identifiable killers of Darren Gibson.
There has been no progress in the case.
Early in 2018 Nicole Fenton was murdered by a group of people who had spent years harassing her in an attempt to stampede her to suicide using similar methods to those that had been used to kill Darren Gibson.
The harassment methods led as intended by the perpetrators to the death of Nicole Fenton in an apparent suicide.
Like Darren's death her death should be considered a deliberate act of murder.
Regarding the murder of Nicole Fenton, the police have done nothing.
The Judiciary of Ireland have done nothing.
For 19 months, the police and Judges of the Republic of Ireland have done nothing to bring charges against the readily indentifiable murderers of Nicole Fenton.
Now consider this.
In June this year, two devil worshipping teenagers were convicted of killing 13 year old Ana Kriegel in a devil worship torture murder.
That's just a couple of months ago.
The Judge in the case has postponed sentencing of the two devil worshipping torture murderers of Ana Kriegel until October in order to let the story die down and public concerns abate, as well as to preserve Judicial authority in keeping the identities of the two devil worshipping torture murderers and their families secret..
Come October perhaps the Judge will finally find it in his heart to sentence them.
What will they get?
Community service maybe.
Perhaps a few years in reform school.
Or maybe just another postponement of sentencing.
But there's more.
The police of the Republic of Ireland at the behest of members of the Judiciary, have announced that they are about to press charges against ten people who in my assessment as a citizen quite properly and in the public interest attempted to publish pictures on the internet showing the identity of the two devil worshipping torture murderers who slaughtered Ana Kriegel.
That's right.
The cops at the behest of the Judges are seeking to criminalise those community minded citizens who in the public interest had the courage to seek to expose the identities of the two teenage devil worship torture murderers of Ana Kriegel.
Devil worshippers don't like being exposed of course.
So it's nice for the two slaughterer's of Ana Kriegel that the police and the Judges are spending such time colluding in keeping their identities secret.
Just as the same cops and the same Judges are through deliberate inaction effectively keeping the identities of the murderers of Darren Gibson and Nicole Fenton secret while the trail goes cold.
Let's be clear.
Within two months of  the murderers of Ana Kriegel being convicted, the Judges and the police have gone in to bat for the two murderers who slaughtered her, gone in to bat against the general public mark you, who wish to see their identities published.
And the same cops and Judges still can't quite bring themselves to do anything about identifying and charging the readily identifiable murderers of Darren Gibson and Nicole Fenton.

the one liners that men do

Chatting with Yankee Joe over the phone.
I am singing my own praises.
"So I've written a dingbats dictionary. And it says: The number of the beast is (045) 897302 but if you're calling from outside Ireland add the prefix (00353) before you dial. Isn't that the funniest thing you've ever heard? Sheer genius."
There was  a silence.
"Do you get it?" wondered I.
"Y-e-es," said he without much enthusiasm.
"Do you even know what the number of the beast is?"
"Of course I know what it is. It's 666. Iron Maiden had a song about it."
"I think it might have been in the Bible before Iron Maiden used it," I said cautiously. "I mean they might have gotten it from the Bible as opposed to the other way around."
A thought struck me.
"You didn't actually think the number came originally from an Iron Maiden song?"
"Well that's where I heard it."
"I'm telling you Saint John the Evangelist used it in the Book of Revelations long before Iron Maiden walked among us."
I started to laugh.
I was finding the source of his knowledge nearly as hilarious as my own original joke.
In my minds eye I could see it.
Iron Maiden in rehearsal.
Bruce Dickinson, Bowler Baines, Slasher Toole and Fingers Wilson the drummer sitting around jamming.
Bruce Dickinson says: "Ere guys we need a number for the beast."
Bainsy says: "How about 417?"
Bruce Dickinson says: "No, too prosaic."
Slasher Toole offers: "Why not (045) 897302?"
Dickinson says: "Too Irish."
Fingers Wilson suggests: "555?"
Dickinson says: "You're getting closer. You've got something there. I definitely feel something when you say that."
And Bainsy says: "666?"
The rest is history.

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

they use dark lawn mowers

Minding Ron Baines' house in the West for a few days.
A Kodak moment this morning as I drove out the gate.
This saturnine characterful fellow was standing there with long hair, a wavy beard. and a tee shirt bearing the legend: "Black Sabbath."
He glanced towards me and mouthed: "I'm here to do the garden."
I mouthed back: "Oh thank God."
I drove on and later that day phoned Ron who is in Portugal.
"I met your gardener."
"Great. Great lad."
"Him or me?"
"He looks quite the wizard doesn't he? Missing the robes of course but at least he had a tee shirt on him that said Black Sabbath in case there was any confusion about his affiliations."
"That's so like him."
"Could you not get a gardener in a tee shirt saying: Jesus loves you or Campus Crusade For Christ? Or give him a few days off? I mean you knew I was going to be here."
"Black Sabbath are a music group."
"Lounge act eh? Sing nice songs do they? Life affirming sort of stuff?"
"They're more heavy metal."
"You should look for a gardener who's into Cliff Richard. You can't go wrong with Cliff Richard. Or Karen Carpenter. Or Chris De Burgh. Or John Denver. Those guys would tend your garden without invoking any powers your house sitter doesn't want to meet on a dark night, or ever. I mean you knew my neuroses. You knew I was going to be here. Do you not think both I and Catweazle were at least entitled to a warning about each other."
"Oh I warned him about you."
For a moment I was too moved to talk.
By the time I'd recovered the powers of speech Ron had hung up.


Memo to the world's gardeners: You'd get more business if you wore the tee shirts I'm suggesting.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

prospectus for governance in the republic of ireland

1. Aspire to abolish car tax, inheritance tax, house purchase tax, and the household tax styled the Local Property Charge. It should be government policy to reduce or abolish all taxes. All taxes should be falling or abolished. The public should be aware of the option in their voting choice of a government with this as an aspiration.

2. Abolish the Board of Management at the Stalinist State broadcaster RTE. Abolish the television licence fee. Identify and Break up the trade union, Freemasonic, IRA, and other power brokerages who are manipulating RTE from within. Make the various RTE television and radio stations independent of each other. Place all newly created independently trading formerly RTE  companies under direct public ownership through the issuance of shares to the citizenry.

3. End Denis O'Brien's participation in the ownership of anything in Ireland. Jail him for bribing then government Minister Michael Lowry to give him mobile phone service provision contracts worth a billion dollars for a nominal sum.

4. Jail Michael Lowry.

5. Repudiate the notion of Climate Change.

6. Establish military courts for drug dealers.

7. Elect the Judiciary.

8. End IRA/racketeer control of trade unions especially the so called SIPTU, ITGWU, TUI, nurses unions, electricians unions and transport unions.

9. End the State financing of political parties. The public should never again find themselves in the position of being forced to finance political parties they do not support. The present invidious catchall system of State Financing for political parties was introduced by the kleptocrat Prime Minister Bertie Ahern whose smash and grab on the Treasury was based  on the notion that the public were not entitled to expect political parties to raise their own bloody money.

10. End sinecurial appointments to the senate. Make it entirely an elected body with universal suffrage.

11. Halve social welfare rate for those seeking work but make the payment unconditional except in cases of criminal claimants. This will end the necessity perceived by some claimants to have themselves falsely classified as medically unfit for work. It will also reduce real instances of mental breakdown and suicide occurring due to harassment of citizens by Social Welfare Department staff.

12. Create citizens entitlement without prejudice to a job offer at entry level rates once every six months for those job seekers who choose to register for it. Army, police, Forestry agencies and the civil service should be involved in the promulgation of this policy.

13. Abolish the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Let broadcasters say whatever they like within the context of the Law of Libel. If someone is slandered on air, then it will be a matter for the police. Allow radio stations to keep their licences permanently rather than forcing them to reapply for permission to broadcast every ten years. Deregulate broadcasting at every level without prejudice to the libel laws.

14. Abolish the Irish Music Recording Rights Organisation, styled IMRO. Let traders switch on radios in their shops, factories and places of work without being mugged for yet another invidious form of taxation when they do so.

15. Break the power of IRA and Muslim gangs in prison. Disperse gang members to overseas prisons. Hold remaining gang members in isolation at remote locations. Remove visitation rights for gang members and associates. The guiding principle for prisoners rights is that from now on no prisoner should have to live in fear of other prisoners. Anathematise the gangs.

16: Impeach Judge Martin Nolan for his illegal jailing of a fruit importer for six and a half years on charges of mislabelling garlic as apples.

17. Impeach Judge Elma Sheahan for her failure to jail Frank Kamara who had sent a video of a baby being raped to the mobile phone of his boss at work. (Yes you got that right. Judge Nolan is jailing a fruit importer for six and a half years for mislabelling garlic as apples while Judge Sheahan can't bring herself to give any sentence to a man disseminating video of a baby being raped.)

18. Impeach Judge George Bermingham, Judge John Edwards and Judge Patrick McCarthy for their overturning of the murder conviction of Yussuf Ali who beat baby Nathan Ali to a pulp and then to death.

19. Impeach Judge Daniel Herbert for his jailing of pensioner Teresa Treacy for the purely imaginary crime of not wanting the electricity company to cut down a forest on her land.

20. Impeach Judge Charles Meenan for illegally ordering the abandonment of the government mandated enquiry into the death of Malak Thawley on the operating table at Hollis Street hospital.

21. Impeach Judge Gerald Keys for his failure in 2018 to impose a jail sentence on a woman who had fractured her baby's skull, broken the child's legs, broken's the child's arm and inflicted other non disclosed injuries on the child.

22. Overturn the wrongful conviction of Finn Colclough and pay him full compensation. Hold a public enquiry into the wrongful conviction of Finn Colclough. Order Independent Newspapers to pay full damages to Finn Colclough for their duplicious manipulation of the facts in reporting the case.

23. Hold a full public enquiry into the death of Malak Thawley on the operating table at Hollis Street hospital, which I have asserted may have been murder.

24. Identify and incarcerate the groups of individuals who used harassment methods to murder Nicole Fenton and Mark Gibson.

25. Reduce electricity prices. Reduce petrol prices. Aspire to abolish petrol tax. Reduce Value Added Tax on purchases. Aspire to abolish VAT. Inceive government policy to fill up Main Street with owner operated family businesses in every town and city.

26. Set up dedicated police units to pursue separate gangland entities such as the IRA, Tinker Gangs, Al Qaeda, Isis, the Muslim Brotherhood, Chinese Triads, the Russian mob, the Zetas, MS13, Cosa Nostra and Nigerian Devil Worship rings.

27. Arm the police with better guns than the gangs are using.

28. Build sky scrapers in Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Donegal.

29. Build a mountain city.

30. Build a floating city.

31. Build a trans Atlantic highway using segmented sealed conical tunnel sections either floating on the surface or adhering to the sea bed.

32. Allow Independent Newspapers and the Irish Times to die.

33. End abortion culture.

34. End the State's involvement in the promotion of condom culture.

35. End the State's involvement in the provision of mutilating sex change operations to children and adults.

36. End easy divorce for married couples.

37. Reintroduce the death penalty for murder, torture murder and satanic murder.

38. Withdraw from the European Union.

39. Seek associative membership of the United States of America.

40. Re establish immigration law and enforce it.

41. End the State's involvement in the dosing of the populace with anti depressants.

42. End the State's involvement with the pharmaceutical industry in dispensing Mumps Measles Rubella vaccines which cause autism and Flu vaccines which cause death via worse flu and more flu than they prevent.

43. Lodge a formal diplomatic protest to Great Britain about the illegal arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson (also known as Stephen Lennon) over his attempts to report the activities of Muslim rape gangs.

44. Offer Tommy Robinson Irish citizenship.

45. Appoint Tommy Robinson to Ministerial office in the Irish government.

46. End the practice of halving the car carrying capacity of major roads through bus lanes in our major cities. Allow cars to use all bus lanes.

47. End the generation of human life in test tubes along with the routine destruction of human beings generated in test tubes whom the doctors consider non viable.

48. Ensure every citizen receives a grant of land from the State's land bank.

49. Proscribe the Free Masons.

50. Mandate the compulsory identification and publication of media photographs of all parties involved in any court case at any age in the Republic of Ireland.

star trek 19 the search for reality

                                             Mehr Licht

Kirk: "Captain's Log star date 11, 15, 23, 30, 42, 10. No wait those are my lotto numbers. The date is August the the Sixth. We are making our way through the Bolhooks nebula in the Orion galaxy, having just returned from an all night party on Sigma Five. Scotty, are you sure we can't do light drive? Warp Factor One? It would make things a lot handier."

Scotty: "Nae laddie. It's a contradiction in terms. An object cannot travel at the speed of light because light has no speed. It has no mass so it can have no speed. It's an instantaneous multi directional ripple effect. Nothing travels when light happens. There's an energetic ripple in the fabric of reality that's all. Like a sheet being given a good shake by a housewife to spread on a bed. The bit the housewife is holding with her hand travels nowhere no matter how often she ripples the sheet. In any case our ship being an object, and our bodies being living matter animated by soul, we have none, repeat none, of the non particular wave characteristics of light and therefore cannot act like light even if light doesn't in the first place act the way arrogant unquestioning superstitious scientist twits say it does, and even if light is as James Healy claims three things happening at once. We can't even be one of those things without being dead. Asking our ship to go at the speed of light is likenable to asking an elephant to fly like a sparrow. Asking our ship to go at the speed of light is like asking a block of concrete to flow like a river. Asking our ship to go at the speed of light is like asking the Bangles to sing Techno."

Kirk: "I think they might pull it off. With the right producer. That guy Miley Cyrus got. He'd produce anything."

Scotty: "But they wouldn't be the Bangles any more."

Kirk: "Are you sure Scotty?"

Scotty: "Drop the wee stone in the pond. There's a planar ripple effect on the surface there which can help us to create a metaphor for some of the properties of light. As you drop yon wee stone, place a leaf on the surface of the pond. The ripples are there instantly to the edge of the universe or in this case to the edge of the pond or some point in the pond where the plane is interrupted such as a reef or the prow of a boat. The leaf does nae move outward. It just goes up and down."

Kirk: "But couldn't we find some way to ride the ripples of light?"

Scotty: "If we could laddie, we'd get a damn good omnidirectional shaking. Light is omnidirectional remember. Not planar. And we'd be shaking on the one spot without travelling an inch forward or back."

Kirk: "Ocean ships ride sea waves."

Scotty: "Those aren't waves in the sense that sound waves, or light waves, or waves from a stone dropped in a pond. are waves. When you see tides on the ocean the water itself is actually in motion. It's flowing not rippling. Ocean currents, the tides, are water in motion pulled, or so scientists presently believe, by the gravitational influence of the moon."

Kirk: "You think scientists are wrong about the moon causing ocean tides."

Scotty: "Not really laddie. But they've been wrong about so much. The barbarisms of Abortion, euthanasia, condom culture, anti depressants, Mumps Measles Rubella vaccines, easy divorce, promiscuity culture, the speed of light. It's hard to trust them with anything."

Kirk: "But if we found a way to make the ship resonate with light at the same wave frequency perhaps we could harnass..."

Scotty: "You mean by vapourising the ship and ourselves and then coming up with some other arcane industrial process transforming our particles into wave forms. Do ye think we'd be alive at the end of that wee process Cap'n?"

Kirk: "Oh pooh."

Scotty: "Never mind. We've been leading people astray with this hocus pocus for fifty years. Maybe we should all start going to church again."

Kirk: "But how are we going to get home?"

pots kettles blackness barack obama and donald trump

Former American President Barack Obama and legions of Democratic Party representatives in the United States of America along with journalistic commentators employed by bankrupt media groups CNN, ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS, are today blaming, as is their wont, current American President Donald Trump for a mass casualty shooting that has occurred during his Presidency.
A question arises.
Why would we only start blaming Presidents for mass casualty shootings during the Trump Presidency?
The best statistics suggest that 250 people died in mass casualty shootings during Barack Obama's own terms in office.
Under any statistical analysis there were more mass casualty shooting deaths during Barack Obama's Presidency than during the Presidency of any other President.
Yes that is a fact.
More people died in mass casualty shootings on American soil during Barack Obama's Administration than under any other President in American history.
I'm not blaming Barack Obama for this.
I'm blaming Barack Obama for claiming that mass casualty shootings are caused by Donald Trump's rhetoric.
At the moment the total number of people killed in mass casualty shootings during President Trump's term of office is 85.
Of course the statistics may be deceptive because some mass casualty shootings are Jihad attacks so considering them domestic based mass casualty shootings arising from cultural dysfunctions in American society and attributing them to the speeches of any President is like blaming the British tradition of free speech for the Blitz of London by the Nazis in 1941.
There is a duty to the truth and a duty to fairness.
People criticising President Trump have a duty to the truth as much as he does.
Barack Obama and the Democratic Party of the United States and the rest of us should stop leeching off the dead in mass casualty shootings and consider our own possible culpability in promoting hate, instability, destruction and murder in America and in the world.

Monday, August 05, 2019

causalities of autism

Autism is not clearly defined. Some people deemed to have autism merely have certain characterful habits or behaviours which doctors have chosen to call autistic. It is sobering to note that some doctors would be perfectly willing and able to deem any of us autistic using a checklist of questions such as "Do you find it difficult to socialise?" If you answer as few as eight questions "yes,"  there are some doctors will say you're autistic. Other doctors require 14 yes answers to their arbitrary questions to label you autistic. Clearly this isn't science but it is the version of science which has unfortunately prevailed for the moment..There is substantial evidence that various supposedly autistic behaviours can be dealt with through love, insight, living and learning. We even have examples of individuals with what are considered fairly serious forms of autism, walking free of their condition through bonding with a dog or similar family pet. Others who has spent much of their formative years without speech, suddenly start talking. There is hope in every situation and experience of autism. There is also triumph and victory. Here I will consider autism as a form of neurological disruption which may exist in individuals to varying degrees. I suggest the following are substantially attributed causalities for what the variety of conditions we call autism.

1. The Mumps Measles Rubella vaccine is causing autism in children wherever it is used. I am satisfied that the parents and clinicians who have broken ranks to claim this are telling the truth. For governments to admit this, will mean the collapse of vaccination programmes worldwide. For doctors to admit it, will mean a tremendous loss of credibility in the public eye. For  pharmaceutical companies to admit it, will mean the collapse of their preferred multi billion dollar business model and their inevitable bankruptcy beneath a sea of compensation claims.

2. An experience that is senseless (confusing) or traumatic, or ongoing experiences which become cumulatively traumatic when a child is at a non verbal stage and cannot communicate his experience or when the child doesn't know how to communicate such an experience, may induce responses in neural function which can be called autistic.

3. Parental issues such as violence, drug taking, or witch craft, may induce effects in children that we would call autistic effects.

4. Cultural issues may be causing autism. Aggressivised and sexualised notions in cartoons, music, advertising, street hoardings and other media based delineations of culture may impact on formative imaginations in the disruptive way we call autism.

5. Issues with carers of children at home or in the creche or play school must be considered as possible causes of autism. This calls for wisdom as one must be wary of a paranoid approach to this matter.

6. The absence of faith in God in many homes along with the absence of participation in community worship of God is in my view a causality for autism. Decultured parents are trying to bring up the first generation in two thousand years that doesn't know its need for God. One of the results may be autism.

7. Absence of love, wisdom, and gentleness in the child's environment may be a causality of autism.

8. Over medicalisation of human experience is also often leading unnecessarily to the autism diagnosis. What is being called autism may just be a distinctive individuality in the child which can be inconvenient for carers and doctors who thus mistakenly consider it a problem rather than a rich rewarding challenge. In this paradigm the child will still like all children need guidance in life and walk a distinctive road, but most of his individualistic traits will be revealed over time to have been gifts.

9. In every case of what we call autism, the child has been sent to teach us.

10. Jubilate agno.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

is it possible that rupert murdoch's media group including the super soaraway phone tapping police bribing politician corrupting sun newspaper was a party to the framing of deceased broadcaster jimmy savile on trumped up charges of child abuse

One of Rupert Murdoch's media corporations, currently styled News Group, has just been ordered to pay a purportedly massive cash sum in damages to Heather Mills and her sister Fiona. The Murdoch family's targetting of Miss Mills in this instance continued from 1999 until 2010.  Slanders and falsehoods against her were printed in 141 separate newspaper articles. She asserts through her lawyer that the damages are the highest media privacy settlement ever awarded in Britain. She had been targetted via the pages of the Sun newspaper and the now defunct News Of The World. She also claims that copious direct harassment activities had been carried out against her and that her phone had been hacked. The Murdochs closed the News Of The World title in 2011 as a tidal wave of similar allegations for slandering and spying on celebrities and private citizens emerged against it. The Murdoch owned News Group has settled at least a thousand cases involving invasion of privacy, slander and spying on members of the public in the past few years. That's a thousand cases in Britain a country of 60 million people. Let's be precise here. One in every 60,000 people in Britain has received a libel settlement from a Murdoch newspaper. News Group's parent company the Murdoch owned News Corp has according to the Financial Times spent a known half a billion dollars on legal costs alone in these cases. The Financial Times adds that previous significant damages awards in cases involving phone hacking in Britain included the Murdochs' pay out of £600,000 to the singer Charlotte Church as well as a £260,000 pay out by a company styling itself Trinity Mirror (now rebranded as Reach) to the actress Sadie Frost. Trinity Mirror has never been proven to have any direct links to the Murdochs. There has been some so far fruitless speculation as to who the beneficial owner and controller of Trinity Mirror actually is. It is known that what I call cross pollination took place between News Group and Trinity Mirror, ie an editor at the Murdochs' News Of The World later became editor at Trinity Mirror's Daily Mirror. I also remember speculation in this regard touching at one time on the now bankrupt Irish media moghul Tony O'Reilly. Tony O'Reilly never admitted to owning or controlling the Daily Mirror and I suppose the truth will die with him. Interestingly Trinity Mirror's Daily Mirror publication, along with a broadcasting front company styled ITV 4, was the sponsor of the initial fishing expedition allegations against deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile, so quickly and enthusiastically taken up by the Murdoch family's publications. The campaign to posthumously destroy Jimmy Savile came at a very convenient time for the Murdochs as it distracted public attention from the Leveson Enquiry then being held into the criminal activities of various Murdoch run newspapers and companies which were being accuses of bribing police officers, subverting politicians and spying on members of the public. The Leveson Enqury was viewed at the time by some commentators as an existential threat to the Murdoch family's continued participation in the media industry and to the continuance of News Corporation itself as a trading entity. I would suggest that the only salient difference between Jimmy Savile and the people currently receiving record libel payments from the Murdochs, is that Jimmy Savile was already dead when the Murdochs set out to ruin him.