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Thursday, March 14, 2013

sympathy with the devil

I disagree with the front page attacks in todays Irish Independent Newspaper editions on the parliamentarian Luke Ming Flanagan.
On the cover of the Irish Independent, Luke Flanagan is casually and invidiously described as corrupt.
The coarse, shrill, unwarranted and vulgar tone is concommitant with the Irish Independent's ongoing attempts to reinvent itself as this blog.
These attempts are also reflected by the Irish Independent's attempts to conceal its vehement and vulpine anti Catholicism with a photograph of the new Pope on its cover just above the smear against parliamentarian Luke Flanagan.
But I digress.
The tenuous Independent Newspapers rationale for describing Luke Flanagan as corrupt apparently relates to his having contacted the police to appeal the imposition of penalty points on his licence over the use of a mobile phone while driving.
I am no friend of Luke Flanagan's.
I have opposed his attempts to legalise drugs.
I have opposed his criticisms of the ancient beautiful and true Catholic religion and her heroic dedicated, selfless priests, bishops and nuns.
I have opposed his advocacy of socialist solutions to Ireland's catastrophic economic, moral, cultural, mercantile and political self destruction.
Luke Flanagan has nothing in common with me.
But Luke Flanagan is an honorable man.
Luke Flanagan has spoken out courageously against the Fine Gael Labor Party government's imposition of arbitrary legalistic notions of criminality on rural communities arising from the irrelevant and wrong minded application of European Union codicils to the lives of people who found themselves forbidden to farm turf as their ancestors had done simply because some Brussels bureaucrat had decided turf cutting was now environmentally unfriendly.
The idiot quasi Nazi Fine Gael Labour Party government of Ireland had chosen to uphold a European Union dictat on turf farming with baton charges, police vandalism of turf cutting machinery, unmanned predator drones (I kid you not) and the demonisation and incarceration of citizens going about their traditiional lifestyles as they had always down.
In this matter Luke Flanagan stood with the people.
And Luke Flanagan has spoken out aginst the Fine Gael Labour Party introduction of punitive taxation levels merely to fund pay rises in bankrupt banks which the Fine Gael Labour Party government had purchased on behalf of the people of Ireland without the permission of the people of Ireland with billions of dollars borrowed against the future of the people of Ireland.
They've been rackrenting us in order to keep their banking pals in BMW's.
Average annual pay rises at the newly State owned bankrupt banks run at above five percent of salary.
And that's just since the banks collapsed with multi billion dollar losses and were taken into State ownership by Fine Gael and Labour on our behalf and without our consent.
Interestingly enough Independent Newspapers owes hundreds of millions of dollars to those same bankrupt now State owned banks which it is unable and unwilling to repay, and which is the precise reason those idiot banks went bust in the first place.
Why the government used you and me to buy worthless bankrupt banks with uncollectable debts of hundreds of millions of dollars owed by Independent Newspapers, is another question.
As is the question about just why Independent Newspapers is invidiously labelling an independent parliamentarian as corrupt in order to run pass defence for the most corrupt unpopular government in Irish history, ie the present Fine Gael Labour combo which just happens to control the banks that Independent Newspapers owes hundreds of millions of dollars to.
Hilarious no.
We're not just putting petrol in bank officials BMW's.
We're putting petrol in Independent Newspapers' white collar criminal proprietor Denis O'Brien's Rolls Royces and his fellow controlling shareholder Tony O'Reilly's Mercedeses.
Is Mercedeses the plural of Mercedes?
Ah f--k em.
You couldn't make it up.
Luke Flanagan's only real crime is that he has defied the mandarins of the Civil Service by wearing whatever the hell he likes to parliament as he is perfectly entitled to do in spite of those unelected Civil Service mandarins attempting to exclude him on the grounds that he wasn't wearing an approved suit and tie.
Forgive me.
I'm ranting.
Let me say it again.
Luke Flanagan was elected.
I gotta tell you folks.
The Irish Independent is not fit to tie up his boot straps.
I say it again.
For reasons of its own the Irish Independent is trying to ruin an honorable elected Irish parliamentarian.
We should not stand for it.
Here is the news.
The Irish Independent has no right to deem parliamentarian Luke Flangan corrupt on its front page or anywhere else.
The Irish Independent is not entitled to label ANY citizen of the Republic of Ireland corrupt, let alone a citizen who has been elected to parliament by an open plebiscite of the entire citizenry of a particular bailiwick of the Republic of Ireland.
The Irish Independent has no role whatsoever in ascribing guilt or innocence to the citizens of the Republic of Ireland.
Nor does its hack journalist Fionnan Sheahan whose name graced the front page attacks on Luke Flanagan and who never but never says anything without the permission of the editiorial board of the Irish Independent. Nothing you read of his is ever his own sincerely courageously held, honestly expressed opionion. He is a shill for scoundrels. By which I mean Indpendent Newspapers' owners, the Irish government bribing super thief Denis O'Brien and the decaying dessicated Olympic drug cheat sponsoring bankrupt and bankrupting mogul Tony O'Reilly.
There's more.
The Irish Independent is a readerless newspaper group with debts now accepted to be between a thousand and two thousand million dollars.
Once more from the top.
Independent Newspapers still exists solely because Ireland's quasi Nazi Fine Gael Labour parties of government, do not choose to call in the thousand million dollar bank loans which bankrupt Independent Newspapers is unable and unwilling to repay to the bankrupt Irish banks currently owned on behalf of the Irish people by our bankrupt Irish government.
The Irish Independent is controlled by the two above mentioned robber barons, namely the odious oligarchical Olympic drug cheat sponsoring Irish Food Company asset stripping neo feudalist Tony O'Reilly and the government subverting Denis O'Brien.
Denis O'Brien made his fortune by bribing then Fine Gael government minister Michael Lowry to give him licences to provide mobile phone services in the Republic of Ireland. This fact has been established by a Judicial enquiry.
Tony O'Reilly made his fortune and his reputation as a young man when he parlayed Irish government developed food technology into a career at HJ Heinz the American company. This fact is one of my typical fishing expedition jeers.
But theft by any other name is theft indeed.
Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien, the billionaire owners of Independent Newspapers are nothing but a pair of smash and grab men.
The third major shareholder at Independent Newspapers is yet another billionaire, a quiet fellow, one of the Desmonds I think.
No matter how much money their newspaper loses, not one of the three billionaire goats gruff is inclined to pay its debts.
Hilarious no.
We should also note that while Allied Irish Banks and Bank Of Ireland have both gone bust lending hundreds of millions of dollars to Independent Newspapers, and separately and individually lending further hundreds of millions of dollars in personal loans to each of the three billionaires gruff, Tony O'Reilly, Denis O'Brien and Whatsisface Desmond, at precisely the same time I tells ee, as these loans were going through, not being repaid and then written off with the Irish citizen picking up the tab, at precisely the same time, Independent Newspapers, Allied Irish Banks, and Bank Of Ireland all had running their board of managements members of Dublin's pseudo high society family the Crowley's.
A Crowley was Chief Executive at Independent Newspapers.
Another Crowley was running Allied Irish Banks.
Another Crowley was running Bank Of Ireland.
So the Crowleys lend money to their brother's bosses, and we all repay it for them.
Does anybody see the vaguest hint of a whiff of a smidgen of a stink of corruption here?
Thieves indeed.
We shouldn't let them steal Ireland.
By the way, Tony O'Reilly was the money and the muscle behind shamed Olympic medallist Cian O'Connor's evasion of justice four years ago when he won an Olympic medal and his horse subsequently tested positive for drugs.
In the aftermath of the initial positive drugs test, various drug samples from Cian O'Connor's horse Dobbin were stolen. One sample was taken from a hijacked motor cycle courier, and another after a break in at the offices of the Irish National Equestrian Organisation, a body headed up by Tony O'Reilly's trophy wife Stavros Niarchos.
Tony O'Reilly and Stavros were also behind the dishonorable and dishonest, nay treasonable, reselection of Cian O'Connor for the Irish Equestrian team at yet another Olympics Games more recently when Cian O'Connor travelled to the Olympics as an unnamed substitute unbeknownst to the poor beknighted citizenry of the Republic of Ireland on whom he had already brought shame four years previously when he was stripped of his first Olympic medal, a gold dontchya know.
Cian O'Connor and his dopey horse only managed to get a bronze medal this time out.
Lovely lovely people.
But I digress.
Here is my final news bulletin folks.
The reason Independent Newspapers is seeking to destroy parliamentarian Luke Flanagan is because Luke Flanagan is genuinely independent.
As a genuinely independent elected representative of the Irish people, Luke Flanagan is a direct threat to the hegemony of power in Ireland exercised corruptly in plain sight by Denis O'Brien and Tony O'Reilly and Whatsisface Desmond, through their subversion of the established political parties namely Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail.
There is no other reason for Independent Newspapers attempts to label Luke Flanagan corrupt.
Luke Flanagan's attempts to have the police set aside penalty points imposed on him for using a mobile phone in his car, are being used in my opinion by Independent Newspapers as a pretext for Independent Newspapers to try to ruin him, in the interests of protecting and extending the rule of the Fine Gael Labour government which Independent Newspapers' amoral neo feudalist owners Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien and Whoosee The Wotsit Desmond, have successfully subverted and reduced to their vassal.
Luke Flanagan is a servant of the people.
He does not deserve this.
Defend him.
That is all.