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Saturday, August 28, 2010

the thirty three

CNN and Sky News have been telling us about efforts to help the 33 miners trapped underground in Chile.
The question tormenting the great humanitarians of the media is: How can the miners possibly survive another few months trapped underground without going insane?
The Chilean government has sought advice on the matter from America's National Aeronautical and Space Administration whose astronauts apparently know all about dealing with isolation.
Anti depressant drugs have been sent down the mine shaft.
A psychologist is on hand to offer counselling.
Amidst all this social science, pharmacological psychobabble and journalistic expertise, I really do hope someone with a simple faith is advising these 33 men and their families to pray for their deliverance to the God who made all of us.

Friday, August 27, 2010

a music video that will not be shown on MTV any time soon

Osama Bin Laden comes skipping along a path in North West Pakistan.
There is a cheery jangle of chords reminiscent of the opening sequence from Cindi Lauper's song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Osama sings:
"I come home in the morning light
The prophet Mohammed says Wotchya gonna do with your life
Oh Mohammed dear we're not the fortunate ones
And Jihadis they want to have fun
Oh Jihadis just want to have fun.
Nerdle ner nern nern
Nerdle ner nern nern.
Sometimes you find
A suicide bombing muslim
Who slaughters people in New York, Madrid and London
You know it's not that we're bigoted terrorist scum
It's just Jihadi's they wanna have fun
Oh Jihadi's just wanna have fun
That's all we really want
oh oh oh oh oh
And maybe to build a couple of Mosques
At Ground Zero
oh oh oh oh oh
When the workin day is done
Jihadis they wanna have fun
Oh Jihadi's just wanna have fun.
Nerdle ner nern nern
Nerdle ner nern nern
I wake up in the middle of the night
My Momma says when you gonna live your life right
Oh Momma dear put on that Burka or I'll kill you bitch
because your life belongs to Islam
And Jihadi's they want to have fun
Jihadi's just wanna have fun
Just wanna
Just wannaaaaaa
Jihadi's just wanna have fun
Oh and some atom bombs would be nice..."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the plot... thirty spies... of archy...

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was pictured in national newspapers last week surrounded by thirty smiling people.
The 30 smugly grinning goons were newly commissioned male and female lay workers who were being sent out across the Dublin region supposedly to "assist" priests in the running of their parishes.
The phrase "lay workers" means they are not consecrated to the religious life.
In this instance it means something more.
They are spies for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Why should I dare to doubt the bona fides of these radiant lay workers?
For a start if the virulently anti Catholic Irish Times and the viciously anti Catholic Irish Independent are welcoming their appointments, alarm bells should be ringing for all of us.
But this isn't new.
The fresh crop of lay workers are essentially a second wave of spies for Archy.
I remember a few years ago being told by my Aunty Mary that a lay worker was coming to "assist" the priests in Kilcullen.
I remarked: "She is coming here to spy for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. This is about control and nothing else. This is about Archbishop Diarmuid Martin having eyes and ears in every priest's house in Ireland."
My Aunty Mary replied: "No, no, no. Father Michael actually wants someone to help out. He is overwhelmed with work."
I didn't believe it then and I don't believe it now.
For a few years I've been watching little notices go up in churches around South Kildare.
The prominently displayed notices offer Police and Health Board and social worker phone numbers for any children being abused.
The implication is that in church there is a real chance they will be abused.
It is an insidious piece of propaganda, designed to demotivate priests while fostering a distrust of them among the general public.
In fact a church is the one place in Ireland where children are least likely to be abused.
All the worst abuse cases in Ireland, the ones involving murders, violence and the most grotesque rapes, have occurred at the hands of Health Board staff, (The Health Board admits that 169 children have died in its care in the past 10 years) social workers, doctors, Judges, sports coaches, and behind closed doors in family homes at the hands of non religious people.
And some of the more extreme sex abuse cases, such as the House of Horrors in Dalkey, have involved and still involve high ranking police officers.
Perhaps the most egregious, the most flagrant, the most disgusting child violation cases, ie those where the guilty were let go by Liberal Judges, have involved rapist swimming coaches and an Irish Judge himself Judge Brian Curtin who was paying to see images of children being raped over the internet and who was allowed to walk free on a technicality by other Irish Judges. The Irish government compelled tax payers to finance Judge Brian Curtin's million dollar legal defence and permitted Judge Brian Curtin to retire with a hundred thousand dollar annual pension.
Why are there no warning notices alerting children to the very real dangers in Health Board buildings, courtrooms, police stations, hospitals, sports clubs, schools and family homes?
Because we are living through a persecution of the Catholic Church.
The name of the game is Label Catholics As Abusers.
Real abuse cases are ignored.
That is to say the massive preponderance of abuse cases, the vast majority of them, the most grievous and merciless of them, are ignored.
Liberal atheists are using the tiny minority of sex abuse cases that arise in church as an excuse to hijack and shut down the Church.
There are no warning notices in police stations alerting the public to the danger of assault, rape and murder at the hands of police officers.
There are no such notices in courtrooms warning people what to do if molested by Judge Brian Curtin or his friends.
There are no such notices in Drogheda hospital or any other hospital where Doctor Michael Shine and other doctors were abusing children for years and where proper enquiries into what they were doing and who knew about it, have been stymied.
There are no notices in Naas hospital warning about Nurse Mulholland and her friends' predilections for murdering patients on the wards.
There are no notices at the roadside outside Naas warning about thug police officer Sergeant James D O'Meara's proclivities for throwing photographs on the ground from people's wallets, or accusing them of stealing their own car, or compelling them to stand in the rain in a tee shirt while he attempts to incriminate them by shouting in their faces, or his practice of summonsing people to court on trumped up charges because he knows the Lebanese Judge who runs Naas District Court will support any thug police officer committing crimes against the general public up to and including murder.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
There are no such notices in swimming pools and boxing clubs which have been regularly infiltrated by paedophiles.
The notices advising what to do in the case of molestation have been restricted to holy ground where children are least at risk.
These notices are meant to cow a generation of priests into embarassed silence.
Broken priests will be much more easily led into subservience to the likes of a liberal leftist infiltrator like Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
And so back to the new lay workers.
Could they really be spies for Archy?
On Wednesday a local priest spoke out on Ireland's national radio station RTE.
RTE is an anti Catholic organisation which is financed by compulsory taxation on the Catholic citizenry who are prevented by law from setting up radio stations to compete with it.
But RTE has become aware of the low regard in which it is held generally by Christian people.
And of late RTE has been allowing the occasional genuine Christian to have access to the airwaves.
The priest on Wednesday's broadcast told the listeners that a parish lay worker was shadowing his every move, hovering in the doorway staring at him any time an altar boy or altar girl was on the premises.
The clear implication was that the priest was considered a potential child abuser.
"How did it make you feel when he was staring at you like that?" asked RTE presenter Joe Duffy.
"It pissed me off," said the priest honestly.
There aren't many adult people who would tolerate such casual ascription of guilt and suspicion for any period of time.
Soon we will see an exodus from the priestly ministry as a generation of priests choose to get out rather than work for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
And this is just what Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wants.
He wants the real deal Padres to walk away.
He wants to remake the Church in his own image.
He's taken some punches.
But the way he figures it, none of his critics have the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers in their corner.
Archy believes that God is on the side of the big newspaper groups.
Still it hasn't been much fun for him of late.
He is well aware that the priests, nuns, Bishops and faithful of Ireland have begun to suspect what he is.
On Tuesday in Italy, he made a speech in which he endeavoured to confuse his critics and promote his allies by adopting simultaneously contradictory postures.
At first he pretended to be concerned about the lack of Catholic writers working in the Irish media.
This pretence was a sop.
Nothing more.
He went on to exonerate the media completely for its manipulation of child abuse cases.
Of course he did.
He has been a party to those manipulations.
He's one of them.
He made his prepared speech not just in Italy but in Italian and refused to distribute any English translation to journalists.
The supposedly warm reception for the speech has been trumpeted by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's allies in Ireland's near defunct anti Catholic newspapers as an indicator of the supposedly high regard in which they claim Catholics overseas hold this same Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
But it ain't been trumpeted anywhere else.
Everywhere else people are asking: "How has an infiltrating Liberal Atheist managed to have himself appointed Archbishop of Dublin?"
As more and more Christians have become aware of the persecution of the Church being spearheaded by the media using Judge Yvonne Murphy's trumped up report into Child Abuse, and of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's collusion in all of this, the anti Catholic Irish Times and the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers have once more gone in to bat for their infiltrator.
A splash of articles greeted us on Wednesday informing us how marvellous Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is.
The Irish Times had the best of both worlds printing a front page story with the banner headline:
"Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal Not An Invention Of The Media."
The profoundly false headline was based on selected extracts from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's historically and hysterically disingenuous Italian speech.
The best of both worlds?
The Irish Times used Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's malign innuendos to simultaneously vilify the Catholic Church as an abusing institution and then to praise it for the presence in its ranks of such a personage as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Since Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's office has refused to furnish journalists with an English translation of the Italian speech, the best we can get is the Irish Times version.
Inside the Irish Times there were two more articles lauding Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in a morass of mendaciousness so packed with agit prop, innuendo and disinformation as to beggar belief.
But beggaring belief is the name of the game here.
These Liberals want no one to believe in God.
And to attain that end, they must first stop people believing in God's Church.
Archy is their Avatar.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the issue at hand

During World War Two, the imperial Japanese never attempted to construct 3000 Shinto shrines throughout America and then top them off with the construction of a garishly massive Shinto shrine at Pearl Harbour.
During World War Two, Nazi Germany never tried to construct countless SS buildings throughout England and then top them off with the construction of a grand SS ops centre in London, a city which they'd just half levelled in the Blitz.
It's taken the Peaceloving Religion of Islam to come up with this particular perversion.
The dysfunctions emerging from Muslim culture are worse than anything that ever came out of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan or even Soviet Russia.
Muslim culture is a greater threat to humanity than any of the barbarisms that have come before.
So the Mussies want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero.
Here is the news.
The Muslims wish to build this Mosque at Ground Zero in order to celebrate the murder by Muslims of 3000 Americans at Ground Zero on Nine Eleven.
They are probing us.
Seeing how much we will tolerate.
Testing to see how readily we can be divided against each other.
And Barack Obama and Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Time Magazine and CNN and Katie Couric seem very anxious to hand them a victory.
Barack, Mike, Katie et al (particularly Al, I hate him) deem those of us who oppose the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero as Islamophobic.
Nothing to worry about eh?
No Jihad here.
The Muslims have learnt well the language of victimhood.
Even as they draw their plans against us, they accuse us of newer and more imaginary crimes.
That's when you see millions of fascist Muslims infiltrating your country and you speak out against their conquest.
Religious intolerance?
That's when you refuse to bow to Sharia Law and the self styled Muslim Prophet Muhammed.
That's when you fight back against the Muslim murderers who are trying to enslave all of us.
Listen to me.
A millennium ago, Muslims enslaved Spain after just such an infiltration, first coming in the name of peace, and then by degrees revealing their true intentions.
Round about the 1500s the Spanish got tired of being slaves in their own country.
They kicked every single Muslim out of Spain.
All of em.
On their fat Muslim arses.
The Spanish sent them home to think about what they had lost and why they had lost it.
If they'd been alive in the sixteenth century, CNN, Time Magazine, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Barack Obama, and unwatched CBS News harridan Katie Couric would have been shocked at such Islamophobia.
You know what.
To date the Spanish are the only country on earth to ever reverse a Muslim enslavement once it had been achieved.
No one else has ever managed the job.
Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq... All those were Christian countries before the jackboot of Islam descended on them.
For ten centuries they have lived through black Islamic night.
And the Spanish remain the sole nation in existence to have ever repudiated an Islamic infiltration.
Unfortunately it looks like the Spanish are also going to be the first ever country to allow Muslims to play the same trick on them twice.
The Spanish socialist government of Jose Luis Zapatero has given citizenship to millions of Muslims since Al Qaeda helped it to power by blowing up trains in Madrid on the eve of Spanish elections five years ago.
Zapatero is persuading Spanish women to abort more and more of their babies, while he presses Spanish passports into the hands of breeders for the Jihad.
It's all terribly tragic.
And who wants to risk being called an Islamophobe by speaking out agains it?
Four years ago an honorable and decent commentator Mark Steyn wrote that Muslims did not regard America as being "up for grabs" in the same way that they look on Europe.
I think this is a rare instance when Mark Steyn underestimated the enemy we face.
In the intervening few years Muslims have massacred American soldiers and an unborn baby in Fort Hood, Muslims have attempted to blow up crowds in Times Square as revenge for a South Park cartoon they didn't like, Muslims have accused Americans of bombing their own buildings on Nine Eleven, and Muslims have declared their intention to build a Mosque at Ground Zero.
After the Fort Hood massacre, relatives of the Al Qaeda coward Muslim assassin Hassan Malik who had joined the American army in order to carry out his murders, went on television accusing the American army of bullying their murderous son.
They did this the night of the murders.
The blood wasn't dry on the floors of Fort Hood before these Muslim scum were showboating on CNN.
Oh they think America is up for grabs alright.
Incidentally Muslims also found time to try to get Mark Steyn banned from publication by lodging a series of spurious complaints with human rights tribunals in Canada.
There they bit off a bit more than they could chew.
In a case that was all but unreported in Europe, Steyn put the whole Hate Crimes tribunal system on trial.
His actions galvanised cross party support in Canada's jaded political system.
The Mussies have been licking their wounds ever since.
It's the only clear defeat they've suffered in the past five years.
Meanwhile the Muslim leader behind the Mosque plan in New York, Imam Rauf, has stated that America is worse than Al Qaeda.
This statement has not prevented him being appointed as a roving ambassador for America by Barack Obama.
Hilarious no.
One more thing.
The Muslim activists behind the Mosque at Ground Zero call themselves the Cordoba Project.
This name has meaning.
The name refers to a Catholic Cathedral in Spain.
The Cathedral of Cordoba was taken over by Muslims during their enslavement of Spain.
The Muslims turned it into a Mosque.
The Cathedral of Cordoba was taken back by the Spanish and reconsecrated as a church after the Spanish kicked the Muslims out of their country.
It has been a church for the past five hundred years.
In recent years Muslims once more happily infiltrating Spain have made it a practice to enter Cordoba Cathedral in large groups in order to stage sit down Muslim prayers in the Christian sanctuary.
Muslims are now openly stating their intentions of reclaiming Cordoba Cathedral as their own and making it into a Mosque once more.
They're still a bit more cautious about revealing their plans to take back Spain.
The use of the name Cordoba Project for the Mosque plan in New York reveals the real Muslim agenda.
The use of the word Cordoba indicates the Muslims' essentially irridentist ideology and motivation.
It means they intend to take possession of something they consider is already rightfully theirs.
The Muslims think they own Ground Zero because the Muslims think Nine Eleven was a great victory for them.
They believe Ground Zero is a prize of war.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mucho ado about nothing

Showing The Perfect Fit around the Newbridge Silverware Hollywood museum.
"It ees quite posh," muses she spanishily.
"Look over there," I instruct.
Her Spanish eyes follow my finger to a little alcove where pictures from something called The Sunday World Nude Photo Shoot are displayed.
It is a sad tacky joyless objectification of the self loathing hoors who have been so photographed.
"They may be posh," I murmur, "but they ain't got no class."
The Perfect Fit shrugs her Spanish shoulders.
"I teenk you are a leetle beet repressed," she sighs.
Normally I'd never let anyone away with calling me a little beet.
But she's a special case.
We wander over to a display featuring cast members from the old low brow television sub porn soap opera Dallas.
"Oh my God," says the Perfect Fit, "it's Jota Erre."
She pronounces the incomprehensible nonsense words "Jota Erre," to sound like something even more incomprehensible, ie "Hoe-ta Air-ay."
After some confusion on my part she explains that these are the Spanish letters J and R.
So the character JR in Dallas is known in Spain as Hoe-ta Air-ay.
As soon as the Perfect Fit has finished conveying to me this rather difficult concept, I fall about the place laughing.
I can just imagine how Sue Ellen must have sounded berating JR in Spanish during the custody battle for their son John Ross.
"Hoe-ta Air-ay," she would have hissed venomously, "you will never get custody of Hoe-ta-ohn Air-ay-oss."
In other news, the Perfect Fit confirmed that the Spanish refer to Kermit the Frog from The Muppet Show as Gustavus Frog, and to Side Show Bob from The Simpsons as Secondario Actor Bob.
I found all of this quite quite thrilling.

auld acquaintance

can two as we ever be apart
who stood victory and defeat in the line
does a childhood companionship ever lose the heart
in the narrow dust strewn alleyways of time
for when the world in ardour sings your praise
and men in suits chant in the streets your name
i'll sit at home and scorn the public craze
and guess you must account it quite a game
and when you hear of my great worldly failing
will you not as few others can
think he may perhaps have willed and worked it so
i knew him once and he was such a man
in the morning of the world i called him friend

it is the bright day that brings forth the parvenu hipster doophuses

Mary MacAleese is a northern Ireland socialist who was parachuted into the Presidency of Ireland by our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government.
She is a servitor and emblem of the Fianna Fail class, those who rob the country blind, and then reduce the rest of us, the citizenry, to the level of farm animals, requiring us to pay Fianna Fail debts, to bail out Fianna Fail banks, and ultimately to go into permanent penury to stave off any vestige of poverty or accountability for the dessicated corrupt Fianna Fail cadre and/or its adherents.
Mary MacAleese is a sweet talking piously hypocritical mouthpiece for the atheistic liberals who rule us from the shadows.
This week she spoke out in support of liberal atheistic infiltrator Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his attempts to remake the Catholic Church in his own image.
I wasn't surprised.
David Quinn is a token Catholic employed by Independent Newspapers to enable that virulently anti Catholic newspaper group to hide in plain sight by pretending it has genuine Catholics on its staff.
David Quinn is also regularly self described as the Chief Executive Officer of the Iona Institute, a self styled "think tank" which he set up, er, himself.
Being the self appointed Commander In Chief of the Iona Institute is likenable to me declaring myself President of the Sitting Room or Managing Director of the Toilet.
David Quinn is a nothing.
And he's certainly not Catholic.
This week he wrote an article in support of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in the British atheistic magazine The Tablet.
I wasn't surprised.
They're all crawling out of the woodwork.
The liberal atheists who have spent so long planning a new schism within the Catholic Church.
Let's defeat them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

in time of the breaking of hundred year old newspaper groups

The virulently anti Catholic Irish Independent lost at least five percent of its readers last year.
That's one in twenty of those who admit to buying it simply stopped buying it.
The virulently anti Catholic Irish Times, starting from a lower readership base, lost ten thousand readers, close to ten percent of their claimed total.
The Irish Times will run out of readers before the Irish Independent does.
Not the Independent has more readers.
They just tell bigger lies.
These figures are the formally audited ones by the way.
They will conceal the true extent of the collapse in the readership of these anti Catholic publications because Irish newspaper groups gerrymander the statistics upward with the collusion of official auditing bodies.
They're very nearly finished.
The Independent group owes its creditors something around 2 billion dollars.
The Irish Times loses a hundred million dollars a year.
They're kept going now only by the multi million dollar tranches of free money that they're getting from our collapsed idiot banks who themselves are obtaining this money out of the public purse courtesy of our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government.
These anti Catholic newspapers have no public support, no capacity to earn money, and no mandate for their bigoted war with Christian belief.
Thought for the day.
Get your hands off my church you useless Cokeheads.
(Ed note: By use of the word "Cokeheads," Heelers is referring to an incident from his teenage years when sons and daughters of Tony O'Reilly the proprietor of Independent Newspapers asked him in a pub in Kilcullen did he know where they might obtain cocaine.)
(Rod note: Heelers hadn't a clue.)

still life with hamster

Baby Ham, the new hamster, has just finished scrambling from my shoulder onto the chair and attempting from the back of the chair to climb up the wall.
Now she's sitting in the palm of my hand.
Quite still.
She appears to be staring at the far wall.
"What are you thinking of Hammy?" quoth I.
"Nothing," sez she.
"What were you hoping to find at the top of the wall after you climbed it?" enquired me.
"Something," replied Hammy.
"Yes but what exactly?" persisted I.
"The mystical something all hamsters are looking for," explained Hammy.
"And if you found it what would you do with it?" wondered I.
"I'd put it in my cheek pouch and bring it home with me," answered Hammy confidently.

there's something about vladimir

President Vladimir Putin has just had his stand-in sign a deal with Armenia allowing Russian troops to remain on Armenia soil for another thirty five years.
The same week Mr Putin's experts completed building a nuclear power plant for the Islamic Republic of Iran.
On Mr Putin's propaganda channel Russia Today, I watched footage of senior Russian advisers celebrating the completion of their work surrounded by beaming Ayatollahs.
If the Ayatollahs had been beaming any harder they would have looked positively radioactive.
So I watched the senior Russian officials back slapping with Iranian Muslim fascists.
It all looked so jolly.
Mr Putin's people really believe they can ride the tiger of Islamic fascism.
They think they can farm Iranian psychopathy in their own interest.
They think Iran with an A Bomb is only the West's problem.
And I thought of the old Communist Russians who had back slapped with Hitler.
For it was the Communist government of Russia which secretly enabled Hitler to raise his first standing army in contravention of the Treaty of Versailles.
Note: It was the Communists of Russia, ie not the people of Russia.
And it was the Communists of Russia who signed a secret deal with Hitler agreeing to the carve up between them of Poland.
It was the Communists of Russia who guaranteed Hitler they would remain neutral while he attacked the West.
And today I'm looking at Putin's resovietising cadres schmoozing with Nazi Iranians.
And I know.
It will all end in tears.
Memo to all my Russian readers: The Muslims are not your friends. They will destroy you as they are seeking to destroy us.

if music be the food of love...

The Rolling Stones concert with Serafina.
I'm not much into it.
Mick Jagger is a louche fellow and hardly a plantagenet.
Still it's difficult not to be impressed when they sing their signature tune Jumpin Jack Flash.
Mick sings:
"I was born
in a crossfire PC storm
with the idea of debasing societal norms
but it's all right now
in fact it's a gas
it's allllll riiiight now
Jumping Judge Liberal
it's a gas gas gas.
Dern dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
Dern, dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
I was born
in a comparatively peaceful comparatively christian country
someone said what we gonna do about that
i said just leave it to me
but it's allllll riiiiight now
in fact it's a gas,
it's alllllll riiiiight now
i'm releasin serial killers n' closin down the church
it's a gas gas gas
Dern, dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
Dern, dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
I was born
in a wealthy suburb of dublin which was pretty cool
pretty soon
i realised i was born to rule
exercising exponential power from the bench
without ever bein elected
that was a gas
i ushered in the violent society through low sentences for drug dealers, for rapists and for murderers, and through imposing no sentences at all on banking and political kleptocrats, and through the executive fast tracking of policies like unrestricted immigration, life created and destroyed in test tubes, newspaper show trials for religious people, abortion, euthanasia, condom culture, divorce, promiscuity, and mussies
and anyone who opposes me is a racist
do you get the stench
Jumpin Jack Liberal
he's a gas gas gas
Dern, dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern
Dern, dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
I was born
with a silver spoon up my arse
and pretty soon
i realised it was made to last
and it's allllllll riiiiiight now
in fact it's a gas
it's alllllll riiiiiight now
i'm going to atheise ireland
and give citizenship to a million muslims
when they murder jews they use gas gas gas
and bombs
and guns
and suicide vests
and biological weapons
and atom bombs
and anything else they can lay their hands on
Dern dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern.
Dern, dern,
dern, dern, dern, dern, dern, dern."