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Saturday, May 05, 2012

a closer walk with thee

Afternoon coffee with Miss South Korea at the Croissanterie in the Stephens Green Centre.
The cacophony of city life clamours on the air.
Sunshine streams through the glass roof.
We are in fine fooling.
Miss South Korea is holding forth about my lack of attendance at the Catholic ceremony of confession.
Finally I can take no more.
"What do you care?" sez me. "You're Protestant. You don't even believe in confession."
"But you promised God you'd go."
"I did."
"You promised him you'd go if your Aunty Mary got a miraculous healing and your Aunty Mary got a miraculous healing."
"She did."
"Then you've got to go."
"Nyeahhh... I don't want to. Confession is embarassing. I figure the Almighty will let it slide. He's very merciful."
"When did your Aunt get healed?"
"October 2010."
Sunghea stared at me.
Her stare lacked something in the approval department.
Our conversation drifted to other topics.
The cafe staff clattered about our table as rudely as they dared.
Me and Miss S blathered happily for a while.
"Did I ever tell you about my near death experience?" sez she presently.
"Are you sure?"
"I think I'd remember something like that if you'd mentioned it."
"Okay," said she. "It happened three years ago in Seoul. I was in a swimming pool with a friend. My friend was joking around and she held my head under the water. She didn't know I couldn't swim and that my life jacket wasn't on properly."
"Really. She kept holding me down."
"The bitch."
"No. She's nice. She didn't realise what was happening. I was under the water struggling to get to the surface. But she held me down."
"Do you know what I mean by bitch?"
"I know what you mean."
"Was she trying to drown you?"
"No. No. Not at all. It wasn't that. She was only joking. She didn't know how close I was to dying."
The mighty Heelers became briefly lost for words and motioned Miss South Korea to continue her account.
"I was under the water for a short time. But I couldn't get any air and I couldn't get to the surface. My friend kept pushing me down. Then I thought: I am going to die. Time went different for me. I was only under the water for seconds. Time was passing differently for me. First I saw what looked like a news report on television with a reporter saying: Girl dies in pool. Then I saw my whole life. Like on a screen. I was able to see my whole life. It was like I was living it again. I saw everything. My whole life."
"How could you see your whole life in a few seconds?"
"Time became different for me."
"Are you sure you saw everything Song?"
"Being born? Being a baby?"
"Maybe not the bits when I was just born. Everything else. I saw everything else. My whole life."
"What happened after that?"
"My friend pulled me to the surface and I was okay."
"How did that effect you? I mean did you become afraid of swimming pools or anything?"
"The only effect the experience had on me is that now I don't think I'm afraid of death."
"Were you angry with your friend when she pulled you out?"
"Not at all. She didn't realise what was happening. She hadn't done it on purpose."
I stared harder than Miss Korea herself had stared at me earlier.
"What are you staring at?" she enquired.
"I'm a bit stunned," sez me.
"Why?" sez she. "Is it because I wasn't angry with my friend? A lot of people can't believe I wasn't angry."
The mighty Heelers still stared and still his wonder grew.
"Good Lord," I exclaimed eventually almost to myself,  "I think that for the first time in my life I've just met a Christian."


1. In my shallow Somethingnessness, I initially did not like the look of Mother Teresa's face. Then I realised that, far from looking like an old saddle bag, she is luminous with transcendent beauty.

2. Vicka, one of the people claiming to have visions of the blessed mother at Medjugorje, has a face that on first impressions seemed to me (in my insubstantial oleaginous salacious Something Somethingness) positively haggish. And then I realised that her smile was transporting me to the veritable gates of heaven.

3. In my trivial juvenile Something Something Somethingness, I once feared that my mother would not enjoy growing old. From her twenties she was often thought of as beautiful. But she was more beautiful at 80 than she was at 20.


The face God gives us is a gift beyond dreaming.
Therefore do not be afraid of ageing or of not looking like someone else thinks you should look.
One of the supposed visionaries at Medjugorje has claimed that Mary the mother of God told her: "Love much. And you will be beautiful."
It is true.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

what i believe

Cardinal Sean Brady is a good man.
Those seeking to destroy Cardinal Sean Brady are evil men.
Fight them.
There are no prizes for allowing Nazis to pick off church leaders one by one.
It is not turning the other cheek to bow to an oppressor.
Fight them.
Today government Minister Pat Rabbitte accused Cardinal Brady of covering up child abuse.
Pat Rabbitte is a Marxian atheist and a member of a corrupt kleptocratic government that is, among other things, engaged in the suppression this very moment of an enquiry into the unexplained deaths of a hundred children in Health Board care in Ireland over the past ten years.
I kid you not.
The enquiry is a pattycake enquiry.
It won't expose much.
Still Pat Rabbitte and his government suppress it.
Now the report only focusses on a hundred of the dead children who met their end while under the care of Ireland's laicised atheistic Health Boards over the last ten years.
We should note that the Health Boards themselves now admit to a figure of two hundred dead children in their care over the last ten years.
The real figure will be higher.
The limited pattycake report will not tell half the truth about half the unexplained deaths of children in Health Board care over the past ten years.
Nonetheless, the government of which atheistic Marxian Minister Pat Rabbitte is a part, continues to suppress this meagrest of reports into the murders of children in Health Board care in Ireland over the past ten years.
Presumably while Pat Rabbitte's government continues to refuse to release this admittedly pattycake report into the deaths of a hundred children in Irish Health Board care over the past decade, presumably I say, the sundry murderers and child rapists working as Health Board care workers are continuing to kill children in their care or making good their escapes, as they see fit.
And today in the pages of the bankrupt supersoaraway pornographic Sun Newspaper, whose proprietor by the way is the police corrupting phone tapping Rupert Murdoch, this very day in this very newspaper, the corrupt atheistic Marxian government Minister Pat Rabbitte, himself a former advocate of Soviet Russia's attempt to enslave the world, is openly, unctuously and presumptuously, calling for the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady.
You couldn't make it up.
Yes Pat Rabbitte's call is on the next page over from a grotesquely exploitative photograph of a young woman whom Rupert Murdoch's journalistic pimps are exploiting in plain view by revealing her nakedness to the nation on Page Three.
These are evil men.
Also contibuting to the attempted ruination of Cardinal Brady in the pages of the supersoaraway Rupert Murdoch owned pornographic pimpalacious Sun newspaper, is professional child abuse victim Colm O'Gorman.
Colm O'Gorman is currently the Chief Executive of the Irish branch of an abortion rights organisation styling itself Amnesty International.
For a number of years he has been the Go-To child abuse victim for RTE, Independent Newspapers, and the Irish Times whenver these media groups were seeking a child abuse victim willing to dishonorably blame the Catholic Church for their victimhood.
Know this.
Most child abuse victims, even the very few actually abused by someone with a Catholic Church connection, refuse to blame the Catholic Church for their victimhood.
Fully 99.99 percent of child abuse victims in Ireland were abused by people with no connection to the Catholic Church. (The figure admitted to by Colm O'Gorman is 96 percent of victims.)
But Colm O'Gorman was always willing to step up to the plate when RTE, Indpendent Newspapers and the Irish Times were seeking another Bishop's scalp to add to their collection.
Colm O'Gorman was always ready to help the most anti Catholic media groups in Europe to mislead Irish people into thinking that the majority of cases, and the majority of the most serious cases, had arisen within the Church.
The exact opposite of the truth.
Let me tell you this.
A sex abuse victim who dishonorably, disingenuously and despicably helps Nazis criminalise Christian Bishops is himself a Nazi.
There's more.
Before making a killing as Chief Executive at Amnesty International, Colm O'Gorman founded an organisation which he styled One In Four.
The name One In Four was intended to mislead the public into thinking that one in four Irish people had been abused by someone with a connection to the Catholic Church.
As self styled and self serving leader of One In Four, Colm O'Gorman sought to mislead the Irish people into believing that he spoke for sex abuse victims in general.
In fact he never spoke for anyone except a small coterie of anti Catholic activists.
This fact is borne out by RTE, Indpendent Newspapers, and the Irish Times' reliance on the same two supposed victims, ie Colm O'Gorman and Marie Collins, for all their anti Catholic propaganda over the past ten years.
These are evil people.
Colm O'Gorman has continued to pose as a spokesperson for sex abuse victims, knowing full well that his opinions do not represent the opinions of the majority of sex abuse victims, knowing full well that he selected himself as head of his own partisan bigoted anti Catholic activist group which he maliciously and misleadingly named One In Four, knowing full well that he had invented and perpetuated this group without any tangible consultative accountability to the broad mass of sex abuse victims in Ireland, and indeed without any accountability whatsoever to the 99.99 percent of vicims who were abused by people with no connection to the Catholic Church.
Colm O'Gorman and Pat Rabbitte are evil men.
As are they all evil men who are currently like a school of conformist Marxian piranha seeking to lay low the noblest among us.
Evil men.
They will repent in hell fire.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

the manchurian candidate

It was with a modicum of mild annoyance that I discovered today that the anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper had once more renewed its attempts to ruin Cardinal Sean Brady by seeking to label him as a concealer of child abuse.
Cardinal Brady is the nice guy of Irish Catholicism.
I fear he is much too gentle a soul to deal with the Irish Independent's continuous attempts to smear him.
But there had been a lull.
The war against the Catholic Church has many fronts in Ireland.
The lines shift constantly.
The battles never really end though.
Now they are after Cardinal Brady again.
The anti Catholic Irish Independent is seeking to ruin Cardinal Brady as a punishment for his decision not to back liberal leftist Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martins' attempts to precipitate the Pope into firing every Bishop in Ireland and replacing them with Diarmuid Martin's hand picked liberal leftist successors.
The most virulently anti Catholic media groups in Europe, ie the anti Catholic Irish Independent, the anti Catholic Irish Times and the Stalinist State run broadcaster RTE, are all seeking to facilitate the installation of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as titular leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
When you apply the word "titular" to Diarmuid Martin, you gotta do it with a certain relish folks.
You gotta sass it.
I ask you.
If Archbishop Diarmuid Martin isn't a leftist Soviet era infiltrator of the Church, why on earth are the most viciously anti Catholic media groups in Europe so in love with him?
If he's not what I say he is, then who the hell is he?
Arnold Schwarzenegger would have a field day.
(What? - Ed note)
The media smear campaign against Cardinal Brady is predicated upon the creation of a tendentious presumption of guilt stemming from the Cardinal's  having as a young man in the year 1975, taken notes at a meeting where sex abuse victims were interviewed by senior Churchmen.
The anti Catholic media groups of Ireland are mendaciously claiming that since the young Sean Brady didn't go to the police with what he heard at that meeting, he was guilty of concealing what he heard.
Do you see the artificial presumption of guilt that they are constructing here?
Never mind the fact that the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE have culpably, wantonly, and gratuitously concealed the 9999 sex abuse cases out of every 10,000 which involve no culprit with a connection to the Catholic Church, in order to mislead the general public into thinking that the one case in every 10,000 that occurs and does involve a Catholic, somehow represents the majority of cases.
That's some motherf--king cover up right there, as the immortal Ray Darcy might say.
But never mind that.
The contrivance of guilt for Cardinal Brady involves creating an assumption that if anyone hears about a sex abuse allegation, they must then immediately rush to the cops, or incur guilt themselves.
Be clear on this.
If you hear any allegation of abuse, these anti Catholic shills are pretending you become responsible for reporting it.
They're placing no responsibility to go to the police with the supposed victims themselves.
Nor with the supposed victims parents or friends.
Only with any Catholic who happens to hear of an allegation against a priest.
Their reasoning is twisted, invidious and malign.
But have no fear.
The anti Catholic media groups have devised this reasoning solely to ruin Catholic Bishops.
The general public is still comparatively safe.
You're not their targets yet.
Just so long as you never threaten or impede the power brokering atheistic agendas of Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times, or RTE.
They ascribe manufactured guilt to Cardinal Brady for not going to the cops with details of that meeting in 1975.
They ascribe similarly manufactured guilt to Catholic Bishops who didn't go to the cops after hearing serious or frivolous, false or true, allegations of sex abuse against a priest in their employ.
I'll have to ask for a Judge's Ruling here.
If Catholic Bishops incur guilt by not running to the cops every time there's a complaint, real or imagined, against one of their employees, shouldn't this standard of criminality be also applied to other institutions in Ireland.
Consider this.
A month ago, someone purporting to be an Independent Newspapers feature writer by the name of Paedophile Ian O'Doherty left a message on my answering machine threatening to break my fingers and "take everything I have."
I regularly refer to Paedophile Ian O'Doherty as you all know, as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty because he once falsely maliciously and malignly asserted in the pages of the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
Someone purporting to be the same individual had previously left a message threatening to kill me on the morning of my mother's funeral a little over a year ago.
Through a series of gently worded Open Letters on this website, I have made management at Independent Newspapers fully aware of the activities of someone purporting to be one of their employees who has on at least two separate occasions menaced me and my property and my family.
Does that mean that the management at Independent Newspapers has a duty to go to the cops on the off chance that the person threatening to break my fingers, take everything I have and kill me, is really their employee the real Paedophile Ian O'Doherty?
By the contrived standards of culpability being manufactured at Independent Newspapers in its campaign to ruin Cardinal Brady, it surely does.
Oh it's all so complicated.
I suppose we'll just have to thrash it out in open court.
Interestingly enough, this website has just had a few visits from Independent Newspapers lawyers, the firm of Ormsby, Prentice, Matheson, Testicle, Testicle, Wankshaft, Snurdface, Scrotum And Dick.
That's a lot of partners there.
Lovely lovely people.
I hope it stays fine for them.

les miserables part deux

Mid afternoon.
Wandered into the Coulan Cafe in Kilcullen seeking pork chops.
In the corner sat a local Indonesian lady wearing a colourful head scarf and her little infant daughter, a most beautiful child.
There was no one else there.
"Set em up Barkeep," I called. "I want pork chops."
Patsy the proprietor materialised behind the counter like the Assistant in the old 1960's Brtish cartoon Mr Benn.
She is incidentally a good bit better looking than the Assistant in Mr Benn.
Patsy agreed to provide me with porkchops if I would guarantee to stop calling her Barkeep.
I gave her the usual false assurances and licked my chops anticipatingly.
"Hey Patsy," I called after a minute, "did you go to Les Miserables?"
Patsty reappeared.
"I did," she said.
"What did you think?"
"To be honest I didn't like it," she said. "I didn't like it at all. They were all so full of themselves. The men particularly. The men are just a bunch of racists. Posing there as if they own the world. The big men. Yeah, right. I wish they'd just wake up and get a life."
The mighty Heelers's jaw dropped.
It's been a while since I've heard anyone describe Mischa Fekete, John Coleman and my Uncle Scutch as a bunch of racists.
"Well Patsy," I mumured with some bemusement, "I admire your candour. To be honest I am not used to such frankness when talking about local drama productions. People are normally shy about speaking their minds."
"What are you talking about?" demanded Patsy.
"Les Miserables," I replied.
"I thought you asked me about Australia," exclaimed Patsy.
From the corner came the sound of a glass breaking.
The Indonesian woman had dropped her drink and was laughing delightedly.
All the music of the world was in her laughter.

murdochs confidentialler

Rupert Murdoch sat at his desk on the top floor of the News International Building in London looking like Uhuru.
(Uluru surely? - Ed note)
His son James Murdoch entered stage left.
"Dad," cried James, "the peasants are revolting."
"So tell me something I don't know," answered Murdoch Pere grimly.
"No, no I mean our employees."
"Which of them is at it now?" groaned Rupert the Bear.
"It's Jannat Jalil one of your sexy news readers in Sector Seven Gee."
"What's wrong with her?" growled Lupert.
"She says she won't do the news from now on unless we let her wear a Burka on air," explained James.
Rupert Murdoch slowly lowered his head into his hands.
It was all becoming just a little bit too much.
Even for him.

Monday, April 30, 2012

what profiteth a man if he gains the whole world but p-sses me off

Some of you have written to me about the recently declared profits being claimed by bankrupt anti Catholic newspaper group Independent Newspapers.
I have been saying for some time that Independent Newspapers owes its creditors two thousand million dollars.
This is a ball park figure.
The real figure will be much higher.
Yet the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group is claiming to owe its creditors just 600 million dollars.
The anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group is also insisting it made a profit last year of 75 million dollars.
We can all declare a profit of 75 million dollars if we can find an idiot gangster bank to lend us 600 million dollars.
It's not that impressive.
But you should know this gentle readers.
The 600 million dollars that the bankrupt anti Catholic Independent Newspapers owes to bankrupt idiot gangster banks, the same banks that our corrupt anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour government have bailed out with our money, well this 600 million dollars is not anti Catholic Independent Newspapers net indebtedness to those bankrupt idiot banks.
It is the money they have to repay within the next twelve months.
Hilarious no!
And their supposed profits last year?
It was done with an accountancy trick.
The group declared a profit by vastly over valueing its worthless anti Catholic titles, to wit the anti Catholic Irish Independent (home of Finger F--ker Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, so called because he once falsely maliciously and malignly claimed in the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring and because someone claiming to be him last month left a message on my answering machine threatening to break my fingers), the Sunday Independent (home of token niggers Mary Kenny and David Quinn whose supposed Catholicism doesn't prevent them working for the most virulently anti Catholic newspaper group in Europe), the Evening Herald, (home of God knows what), and the Sunday World (a sleazoid low rent sub porno title, home of traitor priest Father Brian Darcy whose detestation of the Catholic Church is surpassed only by his love for Independent Newspapers and all who sail in them).
The bankrupt anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group owns a few other tabloid rags which along with the rest of the group's titles are at this moment sinking slowly beneath the waves, giggling the same anti Catholic platitudes they've been peddling for forty years as they drown.
The anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group and its anti Catholic titles are finished.
The only thing that can save them is if Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour government bails them out with more of our money.
The manner of the bail out will come in the form of Ireland's now State owned bankrupt banks cancelling the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group's debts.
The bail out is inevitable, I tells ee, since the neo feudal O'Reilly family who own the bankrupt anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group along with the group's other major shareholder the mercantilist robber baron (Petty thief surely? - Ed note) Denis O'Brien who made his fortune ten years ago by bribing corrupt then Fine Gael government gangster Minister Michael Lowry to give him a mobile phone licence worth a billion dollars for just five million dollars, the horrendous gangster O'Reillys and the godawful Denis O'Briens I say, are sure of their bailout from Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic Fine Gael Labour government, because both the invidious oligarchic Tony O'Reillys and the oleaginous robber baron Denis O'Briens, both of em I say, long ago infiltrated and subverted Fine Gael and Labour and made those once honorable political parties into their creature.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

finger bobs

Flicking through the channels on the sexevision.
I am surprised to come upon a new version of an old 1960s puppet show.
The new version shows Paedophile Ian O'Doherty ambling through the corridors at Independent House.
He has been known as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty since he falsely maliciously and malignly claimed in the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
In the new puppet show cartoon he has a personal theme song.
It goes:

"Finger Mouse
Finger Mouse
He is a bigoted little
Psycho Mouse
He'll break your fingers
And burn your house
Finger Mouse
That's me."

When I heard it, I laughed and laughed and laughed.
Maybe television isn't all bad.

top ten cover ups in ray darcy's liberal leftist atheistic abortionist paradise ireland

1. The murder in 1973 of a little boy called John Horgan. John Horgan was ritually slaughtered by a 16 year old Satanist called Lorcan Bale. Elements of the police, the media, and the Judiciary assisted in covering up the case for 30 years. The anti Catholic Irish Independent falsely reported in 1973 that John Horgan was believed to have died in an accident. In fact the devil worshipper Lorcan Bale had crucified him in the attic of the Bale family home. Successive Judges ensured that an official coroner's report was never issued by continually adjourning the inquest into the murdered child's death for thirty years. The Satanist Lorcan Bale was assisted by corrupt elements of the Irish pseudo estasblishment, ie the courts and the police, in moving to England and starting a new life for himself. His Satanistic torture and murder of young John Horgan was kept secret from British authorities and from his new neighbours. The Satanist Lorcan Bale continues to enjoy his freedom in England, never having being brought to account for what he did to little John Horgan. The Bale family moved house and continued to live in Ireland. They too were protected by corrupt elements among Ireland's pseudo elites. For a time the Bale family pretended to have broken off relations with their murderous devil worshipping son. They had not in fact broken off contact with him. The child murderer Lorcan Bale continues to swan in and out of Ireland whenever he likes. The Bale family were never subjected to a proper police investigation to determine how their teenage son had developed a predilection for devil worship. Their new neighbours were never informed that a member of the Bale family had crucified a child in the attic of the family's former home. The murder of young John Horgan was never mentioned on the State run RTE radio and television stations. It is interesting to note that the former head of RTE and of Ireland's Irish language television station TG4, was Cathal Goan who had worked with Satanic murderer Lorcan Bale's father in the civil service. It is also interesting to note that the Bale family used the Irish language as their first language in their daily lives and that the father of Lorcan Bale who formerly worked with Cathal Goan, had also infiltrated Catholic prayer groups in the Dublin area. The case represents the single most significant indicator of Satanic rings manipulating the pseudo elites at the apex of the media, Judiciary, the police and parliament which pass for high society in the Republic of Ireland. It also represents the greatest cover up and the greatest hijacking of institutions of State in our history. Bear this in mind. The very people who have protected child murderering Satanist Lorcan Bale are the same people who have sought to expunge the Christian faith from the Republic of Ireland through falsely labelling the Church a concealer of child abuse.

2. I accept as essentially true the reportage by Nicola Tallant in the Sunday World relating to a second series of Satanic murders took place in Dublin in 1973 and was covered up by the police, the courts service and the Judiciary. At this time, Satanic child abuse was being routinely inflicted on eleven year old Cynthia Owens by a devil worship ring centred in the Dublin suburb of Dalkey. Cynthia was prostituted to the ring by her parents. Her parents murdered two babies born to Cynthia during the height of the parents' prostitution of her. Cynthia triumphed over those who sought to destroy her. She fought to defend her babies in spite of what had been done to her. Her story is a testament to the indestructability of the soul. But her triumph came in the teeth of a corrupt refusal to take action by the Irish police force. The Irish police force dragged their heels in investigating this case for three decades, allowing Cynthia's father to ultimately elude earthly justice by dying. Many of her siblings committed suicide. The members of the Dalkey devil worship ring are publically known and have faced no police action. The cover up of the violations inflicted on Cynthia and the ongoing failure by the Department of Public Prosecutions, the Judiciary, Parliament and the police to do anything to bring the Dalkey devil worship ring to justice, is the second greatest cover up in the history of the Republic of Ireland. Honorable attempts to bring Cynthia Owens' situation to public prominence and to obtain justice for Cynthia and for her two murdered babies, have been made in the Sunday World newpaper by journalist Nicola Tallant with whom I have a vague acquaintance but who has had no contact with me about this or any other case she has written about.

3. In 1985 a priest called Father Niall Molloy was murdered by Richard Flynn and a person or persons unknown, following what passes for a high society wedding in Ireland at the home of Richard Flynn and his wife Theresa. The cover ups in this case have continued until the present day. Journalist Gemma O'Doherty writing in the Irish Independent last month asserted openly that Judge Frank Roe, who was a friend of Richard Flynn's, attempted to pervert the course of justice by lobbying Eamon Barnes head of the Department of Public Prosecutions, to stop the case proceeding. When the case against priest murderer Richard Flynn did go to court, Gemma O'Doherty says the Judge "bizzarely instructed the Jury to acquit on the grounds that Father Molloy might have had a heart attack." The possibility of Father Molloy having died of a heart attack, always spurious, was eventually ruled out at an inquest. Neither Judge Frank Roe nor the murderer Richard Flynn have ever faced Justice. Richard Flynn is now dead. The assertion that Richard Flynn murdered Father Molloy is mine and not journalist Gemma O'Doherty's with whom I have had no contact or acquaintanceship.

4. Judge Brian Curtin was in the habit of paying to see children raped on the internet. The cover ups in this case were also outrageous and top notch. Interpol tipped off the Irish police about Judge Brian Curtin's activities. The Irish police deliberately enacted a search warrant a day late on Judge Brian Curtin allowing a corrupt fellow Judge to throw out the case on a technicality. Other Irish citizens, including Tim Allen the husband of TV chef Darina Allen, who had been paying to see children raped on the internet, were given negligible slap on the wrist sentences utterly invalidating Interpol's brave campaign against international child abuse rings. Tim Allen's practice of paying child abuse rings substantial sums of money to see children raped on the internet, has not turned out to be a barrier to his wife or daughter's continued careers on Irish national television.

5. Irish Health Boards currently admit to around 200 deaths of children in their care over the past ten years. A pattycake report into a 100 of these deaths continues to be suppressed by Irelands left wing atheistic Fine Gael Labour Party government.

6. A few years ago Nurse Mulholland was in the habit of murdering and torturing patients on the wards at Naas hospital near where I live. She's known to have murdered at least two people. The real number of her victims will be much higher. The Irish police and courts sevice and Department of Public Prosecutions, charged her with assault no less. The Irish police also failed to conduct any real enquiries at Naas hospital into the possibility that her friends there were facilitating her in the commission of her murders.

7. There have been sundry murders and tortures of the elderly at old folks homes (particularly the Southern Cross home) in the Republic of Ireland. The owners of such homes continue to enjoy high level protection courtesy of the anti Catholic pseudo elites which pass for high society in Ireland, and to bask in the lack of interest of the Irish police force.

8. Serial killer Malcolm MacArthur was known to have committed two murders in the 1980s. He was found hiding in the appartment of the Irish government's senior legal adviser of the time. He was only ever charged for one of the murders he committed. His case again gives an indicator of high society collusion in obtaining minimal sentences for murderers who happen to worship Satan.

9. Serial killer Larry Murphy who was convicted of kidnapping torturing and attempting to murder a woman, has been released after a pattycake sentence. Larry Murphy was never tried or convicted for the murders he committed by our worse than useless police and courts systems. Among the people kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by Larry Murphy and his accomplices were Deirdre Jacob, Annie McCarrick and Jo Jo Dollard. Other serial killers being released into our midst include army psychos Michael Bambrick, Sean Courtney, John Crerar and the infamous Private McAleevey. Private McAleevey discovered that racially abusing Jewish people was no barrier to advancement in the Irish army until the day he decided to murder three of our own soldiers. What did McAleevey say as they arrested him? What was it again? Oh yes. He said: "The Yids did it."

10.Three years ago Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic anti CatholicFianna Fail government under invidiously corrupt gangster Prime Minister Brian Cowan and the now invidiously deceased invidiously corrupt invidiously gangsterish Finance Minister Brian Lennihan (husband of Circuit Court Judge Patricia Ryan) looted the treasury and borrowed Ireland into the Third World overnight in order to bail out the collapsed Fianna Fail gangster conglomerate styling itself Anglo Irish Bank. Anglo Irish Bank was not in the top three Irish banks. There was no reason to bail it out. It was however the single greatest loss making bank on the planet earth due to the fact that its own staff (Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm in particular) had been robbing it systematically by giving multi billion dollar loans to themselves and their accomplices namely a corrupt Fianna Fail IRA reprobate called Sean Quinn and his odious low rent family who then laundered the stolen money through their Russian gangster, Chinese Triad and Muslim Terrorist overlords. Our chances of Justice are slim. Since Fianna Fail like Fine Gael and the Labour Party, Ireland's other corrupt kleptocratic anti Catholic parties who are now in government, have colonised the Judiciary through the corrupt appointment of Judges who just happen to be their own sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mistresses and girlfriends and of course Sean Quinn's cat Tiddles.

11. The corrupt kleptocratic atheistic Marxian abortionist anti Catholic Fine Gael Party and its government allies the corrupt kleptocratic atheistic Marxian abortionist anti Catholic Labour Party, were elected to repudiate Fianna Fail corruption. They have instead upheld and extended it. Most recently Fine Gael purchased its own gangster bank, a worthless bankrupt entity styling itself Allied Irish Bank, which Fine Gael bought on behalf of the nation for the bargain basement price of 15 thousand million dollars of my money. Fine Gael has also pushed through a slew of anti Catholic Legislation. Education Minister Ruairi Quinn, whose brother Lochlainn is a Board member of the worthless Allied Irish gangster Bank, has sought to seize Catholic run schools. Atheistic Justice Minister Alan Shatter has sought to intrude via legislation into the Catholic ceremony of Confession. Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak, vacuous hairstyle of a man, has closed Ireland's embassy to the Vatican. Fine Gael and Labour continue to remunerate themselves and their personal advisers with salaries in excess of that paid to the British Prime Minister David Cameron. Some Fine Gael Labour advisers who are not even elected parliamentarians, are being paid more than the combined salaries of the British PM and the Russian President put together.

12. A few years ago a young man called Wayne O'Donoghue murdered a little boy called Robert Holohan. The cover ups in this case were extensive. The Department of Public Prosecutions which is supposed to protect the public interest in such cases, for some reason failed to introduce evidence that ejaculant sperm had been found on the murdered child's body. The Prosecutor also failed to introduce mobile phone evidence that the murdered child had been in Wayne O'Donoghue's bedroom the morning Wayne O'Donoghue murdered him. Judge Paul Carney referred to child killer Wayne O'Donoghue's throttling of a little boy as being "at the lower end of horseplay." Judge Paul Carney invidiously and corruptly gave Wayne O'Donoghue a pattycake sentence of four years in jail. Four years for mercilessly slaughtering a little boy. Bear in mind that another Judge Liberal recently incarcerated vegetable importer Paul Begley an innocent self made family man with four children who in my view  had never broken the law in his life, to six years in jail over a quarrel with the taxman. Bear in mind that Paul Begley was actually paying back the taxman the money the taxman claimed he owed when Judge Liberal imprisoned him for six years. Bear all this in mind when an anti Catholic scruff like radio presenter Ray Darcy tells you the Catholic Church f--ked up Ireland. But I digress. Wayne O'Donoghue was facilitated by the Irish police, Judiciary and courts services in demeaning the whole Judicial process, obtaining early release from jail, and creating a false identity for himself and starting a new life in Britain. Majella Holohan, mother of the child Wayne O'Donoghue murdered, managed to bring much of the cover ups and corruptions relating to the case into the public domain through her victim impact report. Nonetheless satanic Judge Paul Carney and child killer Wayne O'Donoghue had the last laugh. Both are free and will choose their next victims at their leisure. The pattycake sentence, early release, and new identity provided by Ireland's atheistic anti Catholic pseudo elites to child killer Wayne O'Donoghue are yet more evidence that a devil worship ring is operating in what passes for the upper echelons of our society.