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Friday, July 22, 2011

confucius he say

Tautology... Finding a security tag in a book by Maya Angelou.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the end of the american space shuttle programme

The reason the American space shuttle programme has come to an end is because some coteries of atheistic twits at NASA prevailed over the more imaginative coteries of dreamers and adventurers, and sanctioned spending billions of dollars which should have been reserved for continuing the shuttle missions and developing new shuttles, on a giant telescope in space which specialises in sending back electronic interpretations of dust motes and microvave emissions which can then be photoshopped into spectacular multi hued irridescent images which the telescope's operators claim show the origins of star systems.
The photoshopped fantasies produced by the Hubble telescope are the sole reason the Americans now have no money to continue the one space exploration programme that gave mankind reason to hope for the conquest of space.
The other sole reason Nasa has run out of cash is the toy car which Nasa's in house atheistic twit cadres have insisted on sending on recurrent holidays to Mars.
I kid you not.
I am not so confident that the Russians and the Chinese will ever be as generous as the Americans have been in sharing the fruits of their space exploration with all humanity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

watching the defectives

This week something called Brenda Power wrote in the Irish edition of the Daily Mail that she knew half a dozen people who had gone on the Dole, ie were collecting unemployment benefit, as a lifestyle choice.
I'll have to ask for Judge's ruling on this one.
The Irish edition of the Daily Mail is floated on a 65 million dollar loan from idiot banks.
The Irish edition of the Daily Mail claims revenues of a million dollars a year.
These revenues are inflated through accountancy tricks but clearly the Irish edition of the Daily Mail will never be able to repay the idiot banks who first furnished it with 65 million dollars in order to enable it to pose as a newspaper.
These same idiot banks have of course gone bust largely through the simple process of lending money to newspapers like the Daily Mail.
We might pause to mention the fact that the idiot banks are also covering hundred million dollar a year losses at the Irish Times, and a two thousand billion dollar cumulative indebtedness at Independent Newspapers.
The idiot banks who lent this money to the Daily Mail and friends, have since been taken over by the Irish government.
The idiot banks have been bailed out by the Irish government.
Against the will of the Irish people.
But the government owns em.
For better or worse.
Lock, stock and two smoking bankrupt barrels.
So when Brenda Power collects her "salary" from the Irish edition of the Daily Mail, she is in fact collecting money furnished for her activities by the Irish government.
There's no one else would pay her to do what she does.
There is no market for her talents.
The anti Catholic newspapers who invested borrowed money in elevating shills like Brenda Power as commentators on public events have all gone bust because the public doesn't buy them.
Spouting mendacious platitudes is no longer a viable economic activity.
And it never was.
Nor is it a respected profession.
It is less than unemployment.
It is indolence.
Brenda Power is collecting money provided by the Irish goverment to furnish the illusion that she is a working journalist.
As are all the anti Catholic pseuds and trendies working for The Daily Mail, Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE.
None of these organisations could exist without government largesse, ie without the Irish government compelling Irish citizens to finance decrepit media entities which we despise and which are at War with our church and our values.
The government is propping up the entire anti Catholic media which otherwise would be boycotted out of existence.
That's unemployment benefit, surely?
Brenda Power is of course less honorable than those registered formally as unemployed people in that she collects a Dole payment artificially inflated through government loans to idiot banks which allows her to bring home a grand or two more each week than the more genuine honorable decent unemployed people who admit they are unemployed and collect the Dole officially, that is to say in a more genuine honorable up front sort of way by admitting that they have no job.
You Brenda Power are not a member of the workforce.
You Brenda Power are "working" for a "newspaper" with no "revenue" and no "readers."
You Brenda Power are on the Dole.
The irony... is screaming.

the reason for the famine in somalia

Contrary to what the United Nations and various hand wringing professional charities are telling, the famine in Somalia has not been caused by a drought.
The reason there is a famine in Somalia is because for the past twenty years, Islamists have been shooting the country to pieces.
For forty years before that, the country was run into the ground by Soviet Communist Islamists.
Sixty years of getting shot to death for the crime of running your own farm or business has left Somalia without farms or businesses and effectively in a state of permanent famine.
Any other analysis of the Somalian famine courtesy of the international brigade of professional victim mongers, is an outright lie.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

stephens green

lesser spotted yobs
spreadeagle on the lawn
a long tied businessman
chirps into his phone
golden breasted secretaries
cluster round the fountain
preening at their feathers
and cackling with abandon
whilest an elephantine matron
trumpets for her young
and a herd of student sexalopes
gambol in the sun
each creature happy
in its cacaphonic fate
save a lone wolfen poet
hunting for a mate

Monday, July 18, 2011

the maelstrom

A new persecution of the Catholic Church in Ireland has begun.
All the other recent persecutions have led up to this one.
This is end game.
Now all those who seek the destruction of the ancient faith are coming into plain view.
The present pogrom is being orchestrated around a trumped up Judicial report targeting the former Bishop of Cloyne Doctor Joseph Magee, for what the media and their political judicial allies are contriving to call the concealment of child abuse.
These baying hounds have devised a way of interpreting any attempts at discretion in the handling of a potential child abuse case, as amounting to concealment of child abuse itself.
Fiendishly clever.
At the same time as the liberal leftist anti Catholic Judges issued their latest tendentious and contrived report inventing criminality for a selected segment of the populace, ie Bishops, at precisely the same time I say, government education Minister Ruairi Quinn, a lifelong atheist abortionist, is endeavouring to seize Catholic Church run schools.
Apparently Ruairi thinks he could run them himself.
And Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore, also a lifelong atheist abortionist, and additionally a cheerleader for the old Soviet Union, this same Eamon Gilmore I say, is threatening to expel the Vatican ambassador.
The cravens are in full cry.
Most tragically of all, the Irish Church is currently being led by the Soviet era leftist infiltrator Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who is colluding directly with those in the media and elsewhere seeking to end the Christian faith in Ireland.
Even the Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a vacuous vascillatory hair style of a man, has joined in the free for all, like a coward currying favour with bullies in the schoolyard, or a minnow trying to tag alone with a shoal of piranha.
Kenny pronounced grandiosely this week that he would not allow "the crozier or the collar" to interfere with the process of law in this country.
Yet he allows the police and the media and the judges to all but ignore the 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases which have nothing to do with the Catholic Church.
He and his atheist pals will repent in hell fire.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the 15

Coffee with Ron Baines last week.
He works with people in extreme circumstances.
He said: "I'm dealing with a family at the moment and there are fifteen children. And all of the children have been abused by the father."
I said: "What are you going to do?"
He said: "Well, the father is in jail at the moment on an unrelated charge. But the children are terrified he's going to be released."
I said: "I mean are you going to go to the police?"
He said: "I can't do that James. These people have confided in me. They trust me."
There was a moment's silence.
"Do you see the irony here?" I said finally.
"What irony?" he countered.
I said: "You are not actually anti Catholic but you are one of the people who have said to me at various times that you thought the Church had concealed sex abuse cases. Do you realise that if you now ever became important enough for Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times, RTE, Judge Yvonne Murphy or any of the other atheistic scoundrels currently manipulating the truth about sex abuse as part of their culture war against the Catholic Faith, if you became important enough for any or all of them to want to destroy you, say if you were a respected campaigner against abortion or if you were a Catholic priest or a Bishop, and if they ever gained access to information about your handling of this present situation, why then you yourself could be humiliated, vilified, and destroyed at a moment's notice by the same Independent Newspapers, Irish Times, RTE, Judge Yvonne Murphy or any other admixture of Bolshevicks creeping around the margins of our society, leeching off parliament, and governing us from the shadows. This is the nature of tyranny. The terror is arbitrary. By and large they only target Catholic Bishops and priests because Catholic Bishops and priests are the only ones who might give the public a moral vocabulary to reject the dictatorshop of evil that is taking shape before our eyes. Using the terms of reference they have devised to vilify Bishops, in truth, they could destroy anyone."

confucius he say

The mind needs an anchor lest it gallop with the wind into nothingness.