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Thursday, March 07, 2019


The beautiful Arab girl entered the cafe.
Her again.
"Don't do it Heelers," I told myself.
But it was too late.
I walked over to her.
My voice when it came had a mellifluous tinkling quality which I seemed to hear from far away.
I serenaded her a la Robert Plant thusly:

"If I was John Carpenter,
And you were Adrienne Bazork,
Would you marry me anyway,
To get a part in Escape From New York."

(Adrienne Barbeau ya Bollix - Adrienne Barbeau note)
(Poetic licence - Heelers note)

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

in the corridors of power

The ambassador showed me to the door.
"I met a friend of yours last week, Robert Fisk," he said by way of annoying me as we parted.
"Why do you hate me?" I replied.
"He gave a talk in Dublin."
"Did anyone die of boredom during it?"
"It was very insightful."
"I doubt it."
"A pity you weren't there. You might have learned something."
"Why don't you just shoot me?"
"Okay I'm not saying he's right or wrong. I'm saying it was interesting."
"The usual anti Israeli clap trap I presume."
"He did make one very interesting point on that score," said the ambassador, "he said that Israel is the only country at the United Nations which still has not got internationally recognised final borders. The only one after all these years whose borders are not properly established."
My gentle preraphaeilite features turned a bit Gothic.
I was weighing up whether to debate the point or not.
The ambassador might have been a bit off.
Mr Fisk mightn't actually have said it that way.
He's normally fairly good on his basic assertions of fact.
Immediately  I could think of countries all over the world without finalised or defined or recognised borders.
Saudi Arabia and other desert countries have portions of their borders which have never yet been demarcated. So do a whole passle of African countries. Furher east my pals in India and Pakistan can't quite agree on their shared borders. They can't even agree to share. The Turks have all sorts of border disputes with everyone beside them. Closer to home, Spain agreed to give Olivenza back to Portugal sometime around 1815 in the Treaty of Vienna but never quite got around to it. The last time I checked Portugal still wanted it back and the border between those two countries is not demarcated in the region near Olivenza. Even the USA and Canada have disagreements on portions of their exact border. As for Ireland and Britain...
Too convoluted.
A cleverality argument designed to show how many countries I could list.
The ambassador would dismiss it with a wry chuckle as soon as I shut the door.
How about if I told him with my famous patented hang dog reproachful air that it would be more in his line and Robert Fisk's line, to observe that Israel is the only country in the United Nations which is regularly threatened with absolute destruction by another country?
He's heard that one from me before and it didn't play.
I wondered was there anything I could say that the ambassador would actually retain and remember and who knows, possibly, even be influenced by.
I paused in the doorway.
"Robert Fisk," I said, "... reliably wrong about everything. Secondly... my best estimate of the situation in the Middle East is the beginning and end of all my analyses: the Holy People by which I mean the Jews are in the Holy Land because God wants them there. Thirdly... You are a clever man, much cleverer and more accomplished than I, and your knowledge of international affairs is based on direct experience. But I would refer you to the testimony of Gamaliel to the Sanhedrin two thousand years ago. If this is not from God, it will not last. But if it is from God, be careful. Lest you find yourselves fighting God."

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

from the heelers emails

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: James
Date: Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 9:21 PM
Subject: Re: from you know who you know where you have a rough idea when
To: R

My blushes R.
I failed to connect your question about receiving the vows with the email in which I did of course actually receive the vows.
I suppose it lodged in that filing system I call a brain under the heading 'creed' and didn't show up when you mentioned vows.
In re the Catholic Church, all I can give you is my testimony.
The Church is ancient, beautiful and true.
For 2000 years all that is evil has sought to overthrow her or infiltrate her. Every Nazi, every communist, every Islamist, every Free Mason, every devil woshipper, every secret brotherhood of evil through history has sought to murder priests and nuns out of existence or subvert the authority of the institutional Church so that the people might be more readily enslaved to darkness. I take it kinda personal. There is a tradition that six nuns were executed near where I live because they would not give up the faith during the time of the then British Monarchy's persecution of Catholics in Ireland. For my money the most murderous Nazis, communists, Islamists, and even those British monarchists who mistakenly made war with the Church four hundred years ago, while being evil and murderous in their actions, were still far more honorable than the atheistic abortionist liberal leftists of today who simply try to slander the Church out of existence through the manipulation of sex abuse cases; I mean by concealing the vast preponderance of abuse cases which do not occur in the Church and by continually recycling as propaganda the minority of cases which do occur in the Church in the hope that the Church can be erased through the destruction of her reputation. 
A tidal wave of sex abuse has swept the world. Only a comparatively small part of it has managed to breach the walls of the Church. Aren't all the victims important, not just the ones that the media can use to try and separate humanity from the faith?
As for her power... The Church has to be a bit tough at times in order to steward the truth of Jesus through 2000 years and all the way to the end of time. There were 4000 priests in Dachau concentration camp in 1943. (I think I have that right.) I'd guess a certain toughness, even an authoritarian streak, was necessary for them to defy Hitler and refuse to abandon the Catholic Church in those circumstances. Just by abandoning the Church many of them would have been set free.
But who is Jesus?
A delusional maniac?
A rather good teacher?
A really likeable Jewish guy with some great one liners whose fans keep trying to persuade everyone else how good he is?
The eternal Son of God who was born and died and rose again so that all of us could be saved from our sins?
James Healy

Monday, March 04, 2019

reflections on light

Prevailing scientific conceptions of light contain mutually contradictory assertions as to its nature.
Paradoxical notions may be retained and may be true.
Mutually contradictory notions imply a lacuna in the theory or that it is incorrect.
My suggestions...

1. Light has no speed. It has no mass so it can have no speed.

2. What we call light is difficult to define as one thing or event because it is several things or events happening at once and always together.

3. Light begins with an emanating omnidirectional agitation or energy likenable in its effect to a stone dropping into a pool of water.

4. Light is the effect of the initial emanating omnidirectional agitation on a medium. The existence of this medium is now disputed. It was formerly conceived of by scientists as the ether or the od. The particle attributes of light stem from the effect of the emanating energy on the medium.

5. The medium is the balance of forces present all around us and possibly to the end of the universe.

6. The ripple effect of light's source emanating energy if uninterrupted is instantly displaced to the end of the universe, or in metaphor to the end of the pool.

7. The only limits to the displacement of the ripple effect component of light are objects or forces in the medium such as dust motes, walls, planets et al.

8. Light is also the participation of a human consciousness via eye sight in the light event.

9. Light as we attempt to measure it and conceive of it, does not exist unless the emanating energy, the ripple effect and a consciousness are all present.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

the false accusations and wrongful conviction of george pell in a kangaroo court

A kangaroo court in Australia has wrongly convicted George Pell on trumped up sex abuse charges.
George Pell is a Cardinal of the ancient Church.
The convction is based on a false accusation claiming improper contact with a purported teenager a quarter of a century ago.
I say the accusation is untrue because it has not been subjected to due scrutiny, and because the available details do not pass any even basic credibility test, and because of blatantly crass inconsistencies in the false accuser's testimony, and because the opportunistic accuser intent on destroying Cardinal Pell has not publicly identified himself, and because an earlier Jury already refused to convict on this score settling, notional, nonsensical tissue of uncorroborated inuendo masquerading as evidence.
So the accuser has not been publicly identified, that is to say. he has been allowed to murder George Pell's reputation and effectively his person, through an unverified fishing expedition claim without even setting his name in the public eye to his false accusations.
A Jury refused to convict Cardinal Pell of these risible charges last September.
In a flagrantly prejudicial move the legal authorities simply restaged the trial with a new Jury.
Double indemnity in this case meant they kept putting Cardinal Pell on trial until they got the result they wanted.
In the second trial, the man who was attempting to murder Cardinal Pell through a false sex abuse allegation did not even testify.
The Jury were only allowed to see video evidence of him testifying on a previous occasion.
The basic requirements of justice were thrown out the door.
The false accuser must really have looked bad bold readers if those seeking to murder Cardinal Pell didn't even let the false accuser testify live in their kangaroo court.
A false sex abuse allegation has become the new standard for score settling, revenge, slander, murder and profit.
If you acquiesce to this murder of Cardinal Pell by an unknown false accuser, if you acquiesce to it, I say, you are complicit in it.
George Pell is a courageous hero to the broad community, a wise counsellor, a great teacher, a selfless humanitarian, an unflinching defender of the sanctity of life, and a Christian.
That is why they came after him.
That is all.