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Saturday, June 05, 2010

waiter there are ten thousand muslims in my soup and they're about to self detonate

While the pseuds and trendies of western liberalism have been obsessing about the successful Israeli interdiction of a Hamas supply ship heading for the Gaza Strip, the peaceloving adherents of the psychoticised religion of Islam have been keeping busy on other fronts.
In the past month, killings and riots orchestrated by Muslims have proliferated in cities around Europe.

In Turkey, Muslim murderers slaughtered a Bishop.
In Belgium a Muslim killed a Judge and court clerk during a court appearance.
In Sweden a cartoonist was headbutted by Muslims at a university presentation purportedly because they didn't like his cartoons of the prophet Muhammed.

And there have been even darker societal wide Islamic machinations too.

In Ireland the opprobrious Mansfield gangster family put final touches to their plans to bring thousands of Saudi Arabians a year to Dublin to study English.
I should point out that we have only the Mansfields word for it that these Saudis will be studying English.
My own assessment of the situation is that the Saudis will be coming here as conquerors in the name of Allah.
The Mansfields' plan comes fresh on the news that little Jimmy Mansfield has been arguing in court that he shouldn't be liable for millions of pounds he borrowed from Allied Irish Banks.
He borrowed the money but doesn't want to repay it.
Little Jimmy Mansfield claimed in an Irish court that he had a reading age of seven and hadn't understood the documents he signed to obtain the loan.
Lovely lovely people.
Thankfully his claims were rejected by the court.
The Mansfields are well known for their cavalier attitude to planning laws, particularly in the Citywest development where they threw up large structures without permission and for some miraculous reason relating to Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party, they were allowed to retain them.
The Mansfields are also behind a small airport which has been used for the transhipment of drugs into Ireland.
After one such multi million dollar drug shipment was intercepted by police, Big Daddy Mansfield was reported in the Daily Mail as claiming he had no knowledge of drugs being shipped through his airport.
And I'm the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Drugs and Jihadis.
Lovely people.
While the Mansfields are preparing to ship thousands of Saudis annually to Dublin, four regional technical colleges have also announced plans to bring another several thousand Saudis here every year.
Again the justification being used is that the Saudis want to learn English.
If they get away with it, there's gonna be an awful lot more Jihadis walking around Ireland.
Both the Mansfields and the regional colleges intend to allow the Saudis to chaperone their female students.
In other words women will be treated like farm animals by the barbaric Saudis on Irish soil.
But that's not the worst thing that will happen.
If we allow the odious Mansfields and the goonish regional Colleges to proceed with the open infiltration of tens of thousands of Saudi Muslims into Ireland, our country will quite simply cease to exist as a free nation.

Personally I think we should stop this now.

Friday, June 04, 2010

poetry in motion

galway seagull


two lovers walk the claddagh
ruffed and ragged by the summer breeze
they're as much a part of galway
as the wildern wintern seas
their laughter echoes gleaming
like the verses of a song
their laughter held and bade me
scorn the wealth of solomon

Thursday, June 03, 2010

june bug


A Bit Irish (by Medbh Gillard and James Healy)

"Never mind Mr Healy. They say balds have more fun."

the poetic manifesto

half heard melodies at dawn
dreams or the traces of dreaming
a woman's name said soft like breathing
memories of faces gone
footsteps in the hall on winter nights
sadness in the heart where love has been
softness on the fields after a storm
shadows bright with remembering
we will go
through cowardice to bravery
into the timeless eye of mind
across the ungovernable sea
to where all poems have their end
and their beginnings naturally
come with me

today they said

Shane Dillon: "It's time for the Israeli government to cop on. Grow up."
(Mr Dillon had been on board a Hamas terrorist supply convoy which the Israelis commandeered on the high seas.)

James Healy: "Here we have Shane Dillon, an adult man wearing a tee shirt inscribed with the legend Sugar Puffs in large red letters above the image of a smiling monster face, to wit the advertising logo for the Sugar Puffs breakfast cereal, here we have Shane Dillon, so accoutred and so attired, having been thrown out of Israel for his self promoting attempts to supply a terrorist army called Hamas with a years supply of sugar puffs no doubt, here we have the great radical Islamist sugar puff crunching freedom fighter Shane Dillon, garbed a la sugar puff, telling the Israelis to grow up. This really must be the apocalypse."

Galen English (Daily Mail journalist's headline): "Israel sets our protestors free. Last five Irish detainees expected to return today."

James Healy: "They're not Irish Galen. And they're certainly not ours. Buying a passport from our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government doesn't make them Irish. Phoning the Daily Mail for help with their propaganda doesn't make them ours. In any case Irishness isn't Fianna Fail's to sell. At least one of the protestors as you call them is a Muslim who goes by the name of Isam Ben Ali. If you put a letter L in young Isam's name you get a better idea where he's coming from. Three of the other individuals whom you styled OUR protestors, are in fact career leftists, namely the buffoonic Shane Dillon from the pseud colony of Blackrock, the Bolshevick Bolshoiter Fintan Lane, and the champagne peacenik Fiachra O'Loon. I kid you not. His name is really O'Loon. You couldn't make it up. But Galen. Why did you only name four of the Irish passport holders who returned to Ireland last night and whom you were so anxious to accredit with Irishness? Why didn't you name the fifth one? Is it because the fifth one is an Al Qaeda terrorist with a string of murders, tortures, rapes and etc etc's to his name? Is he a Libyan psycho by any chance with an Islamic death fetish and a blood lust for Sharia Law? Just wondering Galen. I think we should be told.

Brian Cowan (Irish Prime Minister): "I am warning the Israeli government that any harm to Irish citizens will trigger the most serious response."

James Healy: "Cowan you and your Muslim sympathisers in Fianna Fail are putting Ireland on the wrong side of history. It would be more in your line Cowan to explain to the Irish people why you have compelled the citizenry to accept liabilities potentially well in excess of 60,000 million pounds for the nonetheless doomed Anglo Irish Bank, a niche bank not among the top three in Ireland, and therefore not essential in any way to the functioning of our economy or currency, a bank which happens to be the preferred bank of Fianna Fail supporters, their friends, confederates and associates. Why have you concealed the identities of Fianna Fail members who obtained multi million dollar loans from Anglo Irish Bank and then defaulted on them? Why have you compelled the Irish people to stump up the cash to cover the defaulted bank loans of Fianna Fail supporters? And Cowan, do you really think that just because your Fianna Fail criminal antecedents Haughey and Ahern got away with arrant thievery, that you're going to get away with spending the nation into the third world merely in order to cover your own gambling losses and those of your confederates in crime? Tis far from Israel you were reared, you thieving gypsy bastard."

great political portraits of our time


Volume Seven.


Self styled peace activist Shane Dillon (above) who announced at Dublin airport on Tuesday that it was time for the Israeli government to "cop on, grow up."

(I have lifted the photo of Sugar Puff and the photo below from the Daily Mail who won't mind because their journalists are always lifting stuff from my blog.)

What Sugar Puff and his friends did to an Israeli soldier.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

today they said

Turkish Ambassador to the United Nations: "This (Israeli action) was murder by a State."
James Healy: "No. The Israeli action was not murder by a State. The Israeli action was defence of a State against a convoy of people who were endeavouring to provision the Iranian backed Hamas Islamist terror army in Gaza so that the Iranian backed Hamas Islamist terror army could continue its illegal race war with the State of Israel. Don't talk to me about international waters. If someone in international waters announces their intention to bolster a terror army threatening another country, then clearly the other country has just as much right to take action in international waters as anywhere else. I say it again Mr Turkish Ambassador. The Israeli action was not murder by a State. The Israeli action was heroic, courageous and restrained. But the Turkish genoicide against Armenians, that was most certainly murder by a State. And the ongoing Turkish murders of Kurdish people, that too is murder by a State. And the Turkish torture and murder of political prisoners, that too is murder by a State. You Turks should know what murder is by now. Since you commit so many of them."

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

israel holds the line against islamists and western appeasers

Sometime around 3am in Ireland I picked up footage on Iran's English language news service of Israeli commandos storming the terrorist relief convoy heading towards the Gaza strip.
The Iranians were the first to carry pictures.
Neither Sky nor CNN nor any other western 24 hour news service had a clue what was going on.
But the Iranians were ready.
They had the footage before anyone else.
Next was Al Jazeera, the Arab Nazi channel.
Well, they would, wouldn't they.
All other news channels were at least an hour behind these.
Poor old Sky continued to act throughout the night as if nothing had happened, leading with a story of interest to no one, about a British politician who had just resigned over his dodgy expenses claims.
You can imagine the head offices of the great Sky News, with just a lone janitor and a security man, and everything else running on automatic playing news reels recorded ten hours earlier.
Sky might have expected some sort of tip off from Al Jazeera since the Islamist royal family of Qatar finances Al Jazeera, and the Islamist royal family of Qatar is Sky's main source of revenue via advertisements for Qatar's airline Air Allah U Boom Boom.
But they got nothing.
Poor old Sky.
A crowd of pro Soviet lefties in a world without the Soviet Union.
So they're reduced to rooting for the Jihadis.
And the Jihadis hadn't even bothered to give em some footage.
Yeah the Iranians had the footage first.
Because the Iranians had been instrumental in staging the whole thing.
The Iranians and the Islamist government of Turkey.
What lovely bedfellows.
Turkey's in Nato don't ya know.
And following Israel's successful storming of the convoy, Turkey has just been granted an emergency meeting of Nato in order to rehash its tripe hound knee jerk anti Israeli propaganda.
Of course Turkey's membership of Nato means Turkey accepts little or none of the duties of membership while availing of any and all of the benefits of membership of Nato.
That is to say, we all protected Turkey from the Soviet Union during the Cold War but Turkey did sweet FA when we asked for help against Saddam Hussein and his two acid bath loving sons Uday and Qusay.
(By the "we" in the sentence above, I mean America, Britain, Australia, and Canada, the first last bastions of freedom on the planet earth. Accept no immitators.)
So when the world was threatened by Saddam Hussein, Turkey refused to fight alongside Nato in getting rid of him.
That's some alliance we've got there.
We protect Turkey.
And Turkey stabs us in the back.
We give Turkey F15 raptors.
And Turkey stages no less than two invasions, two miserable sneaky treacherous destabilising military incursions into Northern Iraq AFTER the country has been liberated from Saddam Hussein, two deliberate attacks against Iraq's Kurdish minority designed specifically to ruin the American liberation.
We give Turkey technology, protection, respect, a place in the council of nations.
Turkey gives us diddlysquat.
In fact the Islamist government of Turkey under Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan spends most of its time looking for excuses to stab us in the back.
Young Recip's main hobby is running pass defence for Iran's nuclear weapons programme.
That's some ally we've got there.
That's some motherf--king Turkey.
But I digress.
The Gaza aid convoy ships, all six of them, were heading to Gaza to provision Iran's proxy terror army Hamas.
Hamas is not short of provisions.
In fact Hamas terrorists are among the most well fed on the planet.
Because the UN sees to it that even though these people spend their days and nights colluding with Iran in seeking to destroy the State of Israel, even though these people have constructed a death cult that would embarass the Marquis de Sade, even though these people have vowed to bring slaughter and destruction to anyone who opposes their Islamist psychopathy, even though these people have never done an honest day's work in their lives, even so, they still never know  a moment's hunger because every step of the way they have plenty of UN supplied rations to eat.
They are the fattest terrorists on the planet.
And the UN ensures that they have plenty of knitted clothes to wear.
And the UN ensures they have schools for their children, schools which the UN builds and then lets the terrorists run themselves so that the children can be programmed for psychopathic terror too.
And the UN ensures that Gaza has more baseball caps per head of population than suicide vests.
The great paradox of the Gaza Strip.
Hate America.
Love dem baseball caps.
Iran maintains another proxy terror army on Israel's northern border.
This army, the Hezbollah, is spread out across South Lebanon.
Iran uses both Hamas and Hezbollah to kill Israelis as often as it can.
The proxy terror armies are intended to harrass Israel, probe its defences, and keep it perpetually on the defensive, while Iran moves ahead with its real plans.
Iran's self professed aim is to wipe Israel off the map using atomic weapons.
And let me tell you this.
The Israelis have decided not to let them do it.
Forgive me if I'm going on a bit.
You're not going to get this perspective from the bankrupt defunct news groups of the west, CNN, Sky, ABC, NBC, CBS, the BBC, Channel Four, the Washington Compost, the New York Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Le Monde, or even from pissant little Irish bolshies RTE.
Hearing it from me will help you make up your minds.
You know what folks.
The truth still has some currency.
Back to last night.
There we were.
Live on the deck of the lead ship in the convoy heading towards Gaza.
Israeli soldiers began abseiling from a helicopter onto the deck.
The peace loving aid carrying Muslims began attempting to beat the commandos to death with steel rods.
A Muslim television presenter commented: "It looks like the Israelis are using batons."
Ah yes.
Eye of the beholder and all that.
Presently the Israelis put a stop to the Muslims attempts to beat in their skulls with steel rods.
Reports suggest at least ten members of the convoy crew were shot dead.
Iranian television and Al Jazeera immediately began to speculate that there would shortly be protests in cities around the world about the Israeli action.
Of course there would.
The protests and the attendant violence that goes with Islamist protests, had been planned from the start.
This was never about bringing food to Gaza.
This was about creating anti Israeli photo ops for the anti Israeli media worldwide.
This was about whipping up a maelstrom of anti Israeli feeling in the all too easily whipped up Muslim world.
This was a con job.
Except what the Israelis did.
The Israelis warned everyone involved that they would not be allowing the convoy through.
And the Israelis stopped the convoy.
Convoys can return to Gaza when the people of Gaza stop bombing Israel.
It's as simple as that.
And it's a very bad idea for any of you fake Muslim aid workers out there to beat Israeli soldiers with steel rods.
They don't like it.
Footage of staged protests at the Israeli consulate in Turkey was already coming in within a half hour of the commandos' seizure of the convoy.
Spontaneous my ass.
For the next twelve hours there would be similar protests in various countries.
But it was odd.
The crowds weren't that big.
Sky News tried to talk up the anti Israeli protests in Jordan.
But honestly.
There might have been two hundred people there.
This in a Muslim country where the national sport is protesting about the State of Israel.
A desultory turn out in Jordan might mean something.
It might mean that a significant though normally silent sector of the Muslim community is getting sick to the eye teeth of being continually manipulated to support two bit loser terrorists in their two bit loser war against the only civilised free democratic county in the Middle East, ie the heroic, courageous, unconquerable State of Israel.
I'm just saying is all.
The protests in Jordan were small.
There were larger Muslim protests in London and Paris.
European governments began clucking like chickens.
These European governments seemed to be reacting out of fear of their own restive immigrant Muslim populations rather than out of any real concern for the realities of what had happened off the coast of Gaza.
Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Greece all summoned their Israeli ambassadors.
Such a craven crew.
What a shower of losers.
I mean morally as well as economically.
Little bankrupt Greece summoning the Israeli ambassador...
Apparently the dressing down was delivered by candle light.
The Swedes and the Danes, abjectly terrified of their own Muslim populations, delivered similar poserish diplomatic broadsides.
Incidentally, not so long ago the Swedish and Danish governments buried their heads in sand when Muslim immigrants to Sweden and Denmark made death threats against Swedish and Danish cartoonists who drew pictures featuring the prophet Muhammed.
The respective governments went very quiet about that one.
But the Israeli commandos' capture of the Gaza convoy made the Swedes and Danes feel manly again.
Hoo boy.
It's easier to shout the odds at Israelis three thousand miles away fighting to protect their country from two hundred million maniacal Islamist enemies, than to confront your own maniacal Muslim terrorist problem, eh Sweden, eh Denmark?
But diplomatic roulette notwithstanding, the Israelis weren't in the mood to back down.
Recently, I have noticed a hardening of attitudes in Israel.
The world has been watching while Iran develops nuclear weapons.
Iran wants these weapons for one reason only.
To destroy the State of Israel.
Everybody knows it.
Including the United Nations.
Still nothing is done.
Talk, talk, talk.
Sanctions this, sanctions that, sanctions the other.
And Iran moves ahead with its dreams of unleashing an atomic holocaust.
Increasingly the people of Israel know they can depend on no one in this battle except themselves.
If it comes to war, they will fight on their own terms.
They're unlikely to start letting Islamist supply convoys into the Hamas run Gaza Strip any time soon.
They're equally unlikely to start taking advice on such matters from European countries and United Nations mandarins whose attitude to Islamic terrorism is at best ambivalent.
Even the weak vascillatory leftist hippy whom Americans have been saddled with as President, no longer exerts a veto over the Israelis.
Word came late today that Benjamin Natanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel had been in Washington and had chosen to return to Israel without meeting Barack Obama.
The message is clear enough.
Barack Obama's showboating is no longer of prime importance to the Israelis.
He can do what he likes.
On his own time.
This would have been unthinkable in the past.
The growing distance between Israel and its closest ally America may have ramifications greater than we can guess.
The Muslims are liable to think Israel is a more tempting target without America firmly in her corner.
Some of em may even try something stupid.
In which case they'll meet the unforgettable fire.
I was in Galway this evening.
Galway is Ireland's western capital.
Usually it has a sizeable floating leftist rent a crowd student population with nothing better to do than attend anti Israeli rallies.
As I sat in a cafe near Saint Augustine's church, an announcement came over the radio that a protest against the Gaza convoy seizure was taking place on Eyre Square in the centre of town.
I wandered up to Eyre Square.
There was no sign of a protest.
A few Muslim Al Qaeda black jacket crime gang members wandered vacantly in the rain.
Some children kicked football near the monument known rather quaintly as The Galway Hooker.
A Hindu babe gave me a nice smile.
But there was no demo.
I thought of Jordan.
Scant turnout there for the anti Israeli riot.
No turnout at all in Galway.
It could mean something.
I took a train back to the heartland of Kildare.
Ensconced once more in front of the television at the Chateau De Healy, I listened fascinated as ambitious politicians, armchair philosophers, and would be world leaders piled hypocrasy upon hypocrasy, platitude upon platitude, in their criticism of the noble valliant unconquerable Israelis.
Well folks.
At least you know where I stand.
A character called Navi Pillay came on the news.
She styles herself the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
I listened as she berated the Israelis for seizing the Gaza ships.
Her refined tones rang with distaste.
Her voice trembled with strange high disdain.
"Those ships were in international waters," she whined.
The great Navi Pillay.
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Quivering with righteous indignation.
Her words seemed oddly inconsistent to me.
She was feigning the most intense grief at the ten convoy deaths.
I listened closely.
She was pretending her whole self righteous diatribe against Israel had been inspired solely by these deaths.
Whaddaya think?
Was Navi Pillay pro Israel up till yesterday?
I doubt it.
Does she really care so much about these deaths?
Not a whit.
How many deaths again?
Ten people dead.
Ten people who got themselves killed while trying to stave in the skulls of Israeli commandos.
I can think of safer ways to commit suicide.
But suicide it was.
And nothing else.
The Israelis took more of them alive than deserved to be taken alive.
And here was Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Shaking with moral superiority, castigating the State of Israel for what she deemed a "disproportionate" use of force.
Funny indeed.
For I have never heard Navi Pillay or any other UN Human Rights wallah, speak out in such ringing terms about any other deaths on the planet earth.
Neither Navi Pillay nor the UN has ever condemned in such clearcut ringing tones of outraged morality the mass murder in Sudan of three million people by the Sudanese government nor the mass murder in the Congo of millions more.
Neither Navi Pillay nor the UN has ever condemned in such clearcut ringing tones of outraged morality, the murder of millions of people in government induced famines in North Korea.
Neither Navi Pillay nor the UN has ever condemned in such clearcut ringing tones of outraged morality, the murder of thousands of people in the Islamic Republic of Iran nor the recent murders and tortures of hundreds of people in the same Islamic Republic of Iran when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs were stealing the Presidential elections from the people of Iran.
Neither Navi Pillay nor the UN has ever condemned in such clearcut ringing tones of outraged morality the assassination by President Assad of Syria of the Prime Minister of Lebanon nor the attendant Syrian Iranian sponsored assassinations of other Lebanese politicians.
Neither Navi Pillay nor the UN could even bestir themselves as recently as last week to condemn in such clearcut ringing tones of outraged morality, the slaughter of ordinary people in the streets of Bangkok by troops sent forth on a mission of death by a Muslim army General who seized power in Thailand in 2006 and has repudiated no less than three democratic elections since that time without so much as a single outraged quiver from Navi Pillay and the UN.
And these people are standing in judgement on the State of Israel.
The same UN which allows Islamist psycho killer Muammar Qadaffi of Libya and genoicidal Muslim monomaniac Omar Al Bashir of Sudan to run their Human Rights bodies...
This UN thinks it can judge the State of Israel?
It cannot.
The Israelis have acted with courage and restraint in defence of their great nation.
This is my analysis gentle travellers of the internet.
Consider it well.
You know the burden I labour under.
I'm never wrong.

Monday, May 31, 2010

an open letter to archbishop diarmuid martin

Dear Archy.
An interesting book has come to my attention and I recommend you read it.
It is called Spies In The Vatican: The Soviet Union's Cold War Against The Catholic Church.
The book was written by John Koehler.
It claims that the Soviet Union's campaign of infiltration against the Catholic Church was stepped up after the election of John Paul The Second to the Papacy.
It claims that priests destined to undermine the Church from within were trained at a special school in the Ukraine.
It claims that things got so bad that the Vatican engaged its own spy catcher in the form of Jesuit Father Robert Graham.
Any of this sound familiar to you Archy?
If it's all a little vague, you should ask your brother Seamus to give you some historical context.
That is to say you should ask Seamus Martin the atheistic pro Soviet former political editor of the Irish Times.
No one gets away with it forever Archy.
James Healy

Sunday, May 30, 2010

how corrupt is the irish police force

The Ombudsman organisation tasked with investigating complaints about the Irish police force (styled An Garda Siochana) has published its annual report.
The report claims there were 3500 complaints against the Irish police last year.
Of course most people don't bother to complain after an encounter with our endemically congenitally individually and institutionally corrupt police force.
Most people don't bother complaining to the Ombudsman because last year of the 3500 complaints received by the Ombudsman, a grand total of 5 went to court.
A grand total of one police officer was convicted.
Hilarious no.
Of the complaints received by the Ombudsman some 16 involved the deaths of human beings.
Eight of those deaths followed what was styled "contact" with Irish police officers.
Seven of those deaths resulted from traffic "accidents."
One death occurred, or at least officially occurred, in police custody.
There were many other deaths in Ireland last year in which the Irish police force was involved.
There was one grotesque case where a traveller who had assaulted a police officer was killed with an electro prod.
Robert Mugabe would have been proud.
But these are the 16 deaths that resulted in official complaints to the Ombudsman.
These are the 16 deaths which showed up on the map.
Meanwhile the Ombudsman's office has expressed satisfaction about its positive relationship with the Garda Siochana.
The Guards must be fairly satisfied too.
One conviction out of 2000 complaints must make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Not so satisfying for the general public though.
All those assaults, rapes murders, collusions with drug dealers, casual attempts to criminalise the general public, and only one minor conviction for assault.
No police officer in the history of the Republic of Ireland has been convicted for murder.
And still people are dropping like flies in the cells.
And still the police feel free to beat people to the ground with truncheons at a protest march in Dublin.
And still the police assault elderly people at the Shell To Sea demo in Mayo, assault them through the expedient of carrying them bodily to a particular area and then dropping them from a height of four feet onto concrete.
Dropping a senior citizen onto concrete from shoulder height breaks bones.
Irish police consider it a nifty way to commit an assault when there may be camera phones in the vicinity.
It appears to all intents and purposes as though they're simply moving the protestors to another location.
The trick is not to lower the protestors to the ground.
Just drop em.
That's how it's done.
And still the Irish police occasionally produce a dramatic drugs bust to make it appear as if they actually do some work for a living.
I would aver that major crime gangs arrange with the police to capture a tiny percentage of cargo while 99 percent of the stuff gets distributed around the country unhindered.
The drug gangs do this in every other country.
Do we seriously think they haven't tried to buy cops and Judges here?
We hear these big news stories along the lines of: "Irish police find seven million Euro worth of drugs."
It's the other 700 million Euro's worth of drugs they let through that I worry about.
And still the police ignore the Ombudman's recommendations whenever they choose.
And still, and still, and still...
And still the Ombudsman is pleased he has such good relations with these murdering psychotic out of control drug dealing thug cops.
And still the likes of Sergeant James D O'Mara is allowed to wear a Garda uniform and terrorise citizens at the side of the road for the crime of permitting a light to fuse on their car in a downpour.
The same Sergeant James D O'Mara who threw a photograph on the ground from my wallet, forced me to stand at the side of the road in a tee shirt in the rain, shouted in my face "you should know that light is broken," sneered at me that he thought I might have stolen my own car, smirked when I asked could I go to jail for a broken car light, sneered again "that depends what attitude the judge takes," refused to answer my questions and stomped away from me after half an hour with the triumphal cry: "I'm finished with you."
That incompetent thug is a police officer in Ireland being paid a hundred grand a year by our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government to terrorise me at the side of the road while the country sinks ever deeper into a crime wave of ganglanders, rapists druggies, murderers, grievous bodily harmers, house breakers, banker robbers, and Muslim Jihadis.
All this going on.
And an incompetent thug like James D O' Mara who didn't know how to say: "Get that light fixed sir," is still swanning around in his police uniform.
Bloody marvellous.
By the way, there was another police officer present the night James D O'Mara was betraying the law of the Republic of Ireland by attempting to terrorise me.
She was a chubby lady.
She came running up from the squad car and retrieved the photo which James D O'Mara had thrown on the ground.
"He did that by accident," she said, handing me the photo.
Then she ran away again.
Ah the heroes of law enforcement.
Aren't they simply boffo.