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Saturday, July 09, 2016

risk assessment

John Chilcot (civil servant): "The risks from Saddam Hussein were overstated."

James Healy: "Saddam Hussein invaded Iran in 1980, spent the next eight years bombing Iranian civilians and armies with chemical weapons, and notched up a death toll in Iran of a million people. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 and killed an additional several hundred thousand people there. After failing to subjugate Kuwait, Saddam Hussein bombed the Marsh Arabs of southern Iraq with chemical weapons to quell any possibility of an uprising against his rule. He also used chemical weapons on the Kurds of northern Iraq for similar reasons. Saddam Hussein's internal politicking resulted in the deaths of at least 400,000 people in Iraq, out of a total population of around 25 million at the time. Saddam Hussein was paying a twenty thousand dollar bounty to the families of anyone who committed suicide bombings or other atrocities against Israel. Saddam Hussein hosted the Ansar Al Islam branch of Al Qaeda in the Kurdish region of Iraq. There is substantial evidence in my view that Saddam Hussein had ongoing contacts with Al Qaeda. The arsenal of chemical weapons from which he bombed his own citizens the southern Marsh Arabs and yet more of his own citizens in Kurdistan northern Iraq, was never accounted for. There is in my assessment substantial evidence, (cf the evidence compiled by political commentator Kenneth Timmerman, along with statements by former Second in Command of the Iraqi airforce George Sada and Israeli General Moshe Ya'alon) that Saddam Hussein retained his chemical weapons until the eve of invasion before moving most of them out of the country with the assistance of Russian Spetznatz commando military personnel... John Chilcot, is an unelected civil servant who is adventurously and frivolously attempting to criminalise, by tendentious inuendo, our war time Prime Minister Tony Blair. John Chilcot's reasoning in suggesting that Prime Minister Tony Blair's decisive action in Iraq somehow caused Jihadism in Britain is likenable to suggesting that Winston Churchill's warnings about the Nazis in the 1930s led to the radicalisation of young Germans. Allowing Gordon Brown to commission John Chilcot's report in the first place is likenable to allowing Neville Chamberlain to commission a report into Churchill. John Chilcot is dangerously wrong about everything."

Friday, July 08, 2016

today they said

Philip Hammond (Foreign Secretary United Kingdom and member of the Conservative Party): "The decision to disband the Iraqi army led directly to the rise of Isis."

James Healy: "The Iraqi army which Philip Hammond is suggesting should not have been disbanded, spent the years 1980 to 1988 in full scale warfare on behalf of Saddam Hussein against the people of Iran. During this time, the Iraqi army which Philip Hammond says should not have been disbanded, caused a million deaths. The army Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded, used chemical weapons on the armies and people of Iran. In 1990 the army Philip Hammond says should not have been disbanded, went straight from the battlefields of its ultimately failed piratical attack on Iran to a new and even more adventurist invasion of Kuwait. If the invasion of Kuwait had succeeded it would have been difficult for the army Philip Hammond says should never have been disbanded, to resist moving onto the adjacent oil fields of Saudi Arabia, which contained at the time about half the world's oil reserves. The Iraqi army which Phil Hammond says should not have been disbanded, caused the deaths of several hundred thousand people in Kuwait during its attempted extirpation of that country. Following the Kuwait debacle, Saddam Hussein used the Iraqi army which Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded, to murder thousands of Marsh Arabs in southern Iraq. The Iraqi army Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded, used chemical weapons on the Marsh Arabs in order to break them utterly. The Iraqi army Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded also used chemical weapons to terrorise the Kurds of northern Iraq during the 1990's. The Iraqi army Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded killed a further 400,000 Iraqis on behalf of Saddam Hussein during these years as part of Saddam Hussein's internal politicking. The Iraqi army which Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded spent the decades of Saddam Hussein's rule systematically terrorising Iraq's majority Shia population, preventing them from having any say in how their country was governed. The Shia are at least 60 percent of the population of Iraq as against Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army of Sunnis which Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded and whose core Sunni community amounted to around 30 percent of the population of Iraq. At no point would the Shia have accepted the continued existence of the sectarian Sunni Saddamite Nazi Iraqi army which Phil Hammond says should never have been disbanded... As for Philip Hammond's comments on the origins of Isis and his assertion that Isis came about because of the disbandment of the Iraqi army which Phil Hammond states should never have been disbanded... Here is the news... The Isis terror franchise is a flag of convenience for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. The present incarnation of these entities  using the flag of convenience Isis, emerged when elements of the Islamist government in Turkey colluded with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, to create, train and unleash a new fully functioning terror army styled Isis in 2013 effectively infiltrating this fully fledged proxy army from Turkish soil into Syria and from there into Iraq. The unleashing of Isis in 2013 was possible only because anti war American President Barack Obama (seeking to criminalise his predecessor President George W Bush) had precipitously withdrawn American forces from Iraq, ten years after the Americans and British and their allies had liberated that country from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy. The unleashing of Isis cannot with any legitimacy be attributed to the decisive action of President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair in putting an end to Saddam Hussein's decades long barbarisation of Iraq and the region around it. Philip Hammond's comments are an opportunistic attempt to coat tail on anti war sentiment among Britain's media class and pseudo elites. Mr Hammond's explanation for the rise of Isis is wrong in every respect."

Thursday, July 07, 2016

star bores 12

Han Solo: "Luke, the emperor is dead."

Luke: "Consumed by the dark side of the Force?"

Han Solo: "No. Died of boredom because these movies are so bad."

Luke: "Ah."

results of the heelers report into the chilcot report

The Chilcot Enquiry, conducted by civil servant John Chilcot, into events preceding Great Britain's engagement in the Iraq War was established in 2009 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Some background is in order. Prime Minister Gordon Brown had become Prime Minister of Great Britain without being elected to the position by the simple process of unseating the elected Prime Minister Tony Blair in what passes for a palace coup in a country still governed by parliament. Prime Minister Tony Blair had won three elections in a row with historic majorities for the Labour Party, his most recent resounding election victory having come two years after his decision to go to war in Iraq. Gordon Brown never won and never would win an election even after he ousted Primine Minister Tony Blair as Labour Party Leader. It is interesting to note that under his leadership the Labour Party would be unceremoniously turfed out of office at the first electoral hurdle, in the 2010 election. I am suggesting that Gordon Brown established the Chilcot Enquiry with the express purpose of discrediting the man he had ousted. The nearest analagy I can contrive to the invidiousness of these circumstances would be in an alternative universe where Neville Chamberlain ousts Churchill during World War Two, loses the war, and then sets up a public enquiry in order to blame Churchill's stark warnings about Germany in the 1930's for the rise of the Nazis. The Chilcot Report, just published today seven years after its inception, is an attempt by one of his more mediocre rivals to slander the reputation of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who is now and was then, an honorable, decent and courageous man. I urge people of goodwill to reject the Chilcot Report and to repudiate those who have contrived it.  Although a small number of families of British troops killed in action in Iraq have supported the Chilcot Report, most families of British troops killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan and other Jihad War Theatres, have done no such thing. Remember the next time the infamously leftist British Broadcasting Corporation attempts to further slander Mr Blair through its inuendo laden reporting of the Chilcot Report, remember I say, that British troops on the eve of their liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy, referred to the BBC as "the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation." The wishful thinking peaceniks in our midst, including Mr Chilcot and the BBC and the all but forgotten Gordon Brown, are trying to hand the Jihadis another victory, having already handed them the turnabout victories of an early withdrawal from Iraq, and an unwise troop draw down in Afghanistan. The anti War pseudo elites of Great Britain have bided their time to smear Prime Minister Tony Blair. This report is their coup de main in attempting to criminalise him. Mr Chilcot, the BBC and their ilk (including many opportunistic lesser men in the Conservative Party who could never defeat Mr Blair in any general election while he led the Labour Party) amount to a fifth column in our midst. They are winning this war for the Muslim Brotherhood and its Jihad franchises Al Qaeda and Isis. The anti War pseudo elites of Britain and Europe are through their opportunism, disintegrity and cowardice, delivering us inexorably into the Caliphate. I ask you to speak for Mr Blair when he is being slandered. Do not be silenced by those who so blatantly and so crassly wish to ruin him.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

star bores 11

Scene: The throne room of a star cruiser. Luke is a prisoner of the evil galactic emperor. The emperor is sitting on his throne. The view from the throne room opens wide through a vista window onto an ongoing space battle. Luke and the emperor are perfectly positioned to watch the emperor's fleet wiping out the rebel alliance whose ships are no match for the massed fire power of the empire. The emperor is hoping that the sight of such carnage will provoke a malevolent rage in Luke and that consequently Luke will embrace evil.

Emperor: "Look. Your friends are being destroyed before your very eyes."

Luke: "I've seen many space battles. People die. I'm cool with it."

Emperor: "Did you catch the new Seth Green movie? Oops. I forgot. You're a person. Nobody sees Seth Green movies."

Luke: (Whose character in the Family Guy cartoon parody of Star Wars which I am plagiarising here, is voiced by the actor Seth Green) "Well the Austin Powers series was quite popular."

Emperor: "But not because of Seth Green. Euchhh. I mean nobody said: Let's go see the Austin Powers movies, Seth Green is in them."

Luke: "You happen to be talking about an actor I admire. But you're not getting to me man."

Emperor: (Opening a copy of the Irish Independent newspaper.) "Oh. Look, the Kinahan IRA skang gang have upped the ante in their turf war with the Hutch IRA skang gang. Now they're not just threatening other IRA mobsters. They're threatening the Irish people. It says here that the Kinahans have announced that anyone testifying against gangster Daniel Kinhan's IRA mafia will get a bullet in the head. Wow. That's interesting news, isn't it!"

Luke: "Wha-a-a-a-a-t?"

Emperor: "The IRA Kinahans are threatening to rub out the entire Irish nation if anyone testifies against the IRA Kinahans in court."

Luke: "But, but..."

Emperor: "Annoying, isn't it?"

Luke: "The British empire never even did that."

Emperor: "Mmm, yeah. Makes you kinda wanna come over to the Dark Side, doesn't it?"

Luke: "The miserable ----ing ----s. The useless dirty drug dealing child abusing people trafficking ----ing scum. They've leeched off Irish history for fifty years. They've hooked a generation on their drug poisons. And now they ----ing think they can reduce the entire nation to penile ----ing servitude to them. The scum. May they ----ing die roaring the ---- faced shower of ----ing ----s."

Emperor: "Easy Luke. Calm down. You're scaring me. Think of flowers. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean. Luke. Luke? Luke! Hey. Where are going."

Luke: "Bloody ----ing IRA skanger --------s."

(Sound of a door slamming.)

Emperor: "Oh."

(Emperor sips a cup of tea thoughtfully.)

Emperor: "He never even said goodbye."

Monday, July 04, 2016

the case for reestablishing our borders and pulling out of the european union

A few days ago Muslim Jihadis from the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda's Isis franchise murdered 42 people at Ankara airport in Turkey.
Then they murdered 22 people in a cafe in Bangladesh.
Then the blew up 119 people in the streets of Baghdad in Iraq.
There is a world wide Muslim terror army at war with humanity.
If they're not here, the Jihad is someone else's problem.
If they're here, they'll do what they're doing everywhere else.

star bores 10

Luke: "Ben."

Obi Wan: "Yes, Luke."

Luke: "Does the Force really exist?"

Obi Wan: "No."

Luke: "Wh-a-a-a-a-t?"

Obi Wan: "I mean yes. Yes. Of course, yes. Of course the Force exists. Big invisible energy field that binds all things together. Or something."

Luke: "Ben."

Obi Wan: "Yes Luke."

Luke: "Are we atheists?"

Obi Wan: "Well we've got a sort of indeterminate groovy eastern style California take on Buddhism type thing going on. Does that count?"

Luke: "But what's the purpose of existence?"

Obi Wan: "Hey. I'm just hanging around until the Muslims show up."

don't fear the skang gangs

Flicking through the channels on the sexevision.
I alight on one of those music broadcasters which seem to have some sort of a tie in deal with hell to promote the pornogrification of the peasantry.
MT ----ing V.
What sort of debased corporate culture lies behind this idolisation of youth?
It's like something out of Logan's Run.
Do they shoot any presenter who reaches the age of 25?
The enigmas endure.
And lo!
What light through yonder TV screen breaks!
It is the east.
And Blue Oyster Cult is the sun.
I knew them Horatio.
They had one vaguely opprobrious hit song called Don't Fear The Reaper in the 1980's which had a sinister undertone but was listenable at least.
The problem was always a certain potential association with the forces of darkness.
That and the fact that they'd only one good song.
Kinda limits the repertoire.
John Carpenter used the song briefly in one of his equally opprobrious but evocative horror films.
(The girls are playing it on the radio in their car when the sheriff chats with them in Halloween.)
John Carpenter by the way has a similar problem as the Blue Oyster Cult vis a vis the F of D.
That and the fact that after Escape From New York his films became just plain nasty without the redeeming wit or inventive seditiousness of his earlier work.
Right now, the older but wiser Blue Oyster Cult are singing a rejigged version of Don't Fear The Reaper.
They've changed some of the lyrics.
Most oddd.
The song goes:

"All our times have come
Here what's lost is won
Seasons don't fear the Rah gangs
Nor do the wind and the sun and the rain
We should be like they are
Come on baby
Don't fear the raper
Take some cocaine
Don't fear the Rah man
Come on baby
You'll be able to fly
Traffic some Muslims
Don't fear the Rah man
You can join our gang

Ah bop bop bah bah
Nerdle ner nerdle ner ner ner

Valentino's gone
All our gangs are scum
Michelle McCollum and her drug mule
Were together in a Peruvian jail
Until we paid the Judge to let em go
You can be like they are
Come on baby
Forty thousand men and women everyday
Ringing my number
You should be like they are
Another forty thousand men and women everyday
Ringing my number
Come on baby
Don't fear the raper
You can join our gang
Come on baby
Don't fear the Rah man
You'll be able to die
Don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man

Ah bob bob bah bah
Nerdle ner nerdle ner ner ner

Came a last night of sadness
And she knew that she couldn't go on
The door was open
And the wind appeared
The candle flew
And then disappeared
The curtains blew
And then Gerry Adams appeared
Don't be afraid
Come on baby
Don't fear the Rah man
You'll be able to fly
And she had no fear
And she ran to him
Come on baby
Don't fear the drug scum
Baby take my hand
Don't fear the reaper
Come on baby
And she ran to him
She had become like they are
She was wearing a balaclava
She had taken his hand
Don't fear the Rah man
Come on baby
She looked backward and saw
She had become like they are
Don't fear the raper
She had joined the IRA-a-a-a--a

Ah bop bop bah bah
Nerdle ner ner ner ner ner
Nerdle ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner"

As with the original version I like this song.

this just in

Twenty two cheeky chappy loveable rogue bus drivers from Dublin have won the European Lottery.
Their prize consists of a total of 24 million Euros.
The cheeky chappy loveable rogue bus drivers will have to take a break from their threatened strike action in Dublin where they have united with other cheeky chappy bus drivers to paralize Ireland's transport infrastructure in order to demand ridiculous pay increases on their already ridiculous pay scales.
Among the Dickensian conditions that the cheeky chappy bus drivers are protesting against with their strike action, is more than six weeks holiday a year, limitless sick leave entitlements, vastly inflated pensions for life, rostering arrangements where they cannot be required to work more than four hours a day, basic pay in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and lump sum gratuities on retirement that would make a mafia banker blush.
All Ireland is thrilled that these twenty two cheeky chappy loveable rogue bus drivers have now won a million quid each in the European Lottery.
In other news...
The IRA terrorist mafia controls the Bus Drivers Union.
In yet other news...
There has been speculation on this website that the IRA and associated mafias have found a way to rig Lottery draws in Ireland and Europe. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

the crunch question

Question: How come the bankrupt Independent Newspapers group and Rupert Murdock's super soaraway phone tapping Sun can, without worrying about the libel laws, name people being shot in the streets of Dublin as IRA drug dealers, and how come other IRA drug dealers can find them in order to shoot them in the first place, while at precisely the same time the super soaraway pay rise claiming Irish police force can't find any of them, not the IRA drug dealers, not the white collar politician bribing criminal proprietor of Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien, not the phone tapping politican subverting sleazoids of the Sun, to put them in ----ing jail?

Answer: Beats me.