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Saturday, May 12, 2012

catholic day at the irish times

The Irish Times was full of the Catholic Church today.
You could be forgiven for thinking there was a general conversion going on over at Bolshevick Towers.
There's not of course.
Virulent hatred of the ancient faith is still the order of the day among the Marxian atheists who comprise the Irish Times staff and management.
You can see this in their continual attempts to run pass defence for the Marxian atheists at RTE who recently attempted to frame a Catholic priest for child rape.
Today's Irish Times had yet another exculpatory article on its cover alleging falsely and crassly that the RTE journos had been unfairly criticised by the conclusions of one of the various internal enquiries into their attempt to destroy an innocent man by bribing an African girl to say he had raped her in childhoood.
But other Catholic themed articles in today's Irish Times were more equinanimous towards the Church.
The bitter Marxian detestation of Catholocism which so characterises the Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newpapers, was almost entirely absent.
Today's snow job made remarkable reading.
I couldn't get over it.
Article after article after article after article about the Catholic Church.
In the Irish Times no less.
And some of the writing was nearly almost fair minded.
By Jove.
They're really scared.
First off was a full page article by Kathy Sheridan about the Catholic sacrament of First Holy Communion.
Kathy Sheridan is of course most famous for her statement live on national television about gangster banker Sean Fitzpatrick asserting that the banking crisis was unfortunate as it would mean the unfair apportionment of blame to Sean Fitzpatrick whom she knew and whom she insisted was a decent man, this in spite of the fact that Sean Fitzpatrick as head of Anglo Irish Bank had overnight plunged Ireland into the Third World by using his political connections in the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail and Fine Gael and Labour parties to loot the treasury in a process which is ongoing even as we speak, in order to conceal his burglarisation of his own bank by the awarding of billion dollar loans to himself and his friends.
And today Kathy Sheridan is using her sublime journalistic insights to write in the Irish Times about Communion.
How privileged we all are.
By the way, her article about Communion was twee and leftist but it had some merit.
Nearby was an article by Irish Times religious affairs correspondent the self confessed atheistic Marxian Patsy McGarry.
Today Patsy McGarry had at last found a Catholic Priest he was willing to praise.
The Catholic Priest in question was, as we might have expected, Father Bernard Lynch who is currently living in a sexual relationship with a man which relationship he insists be called a marriage.
There is a whiff of scandal over Bernard Lynch stemming from a sex abuse allegation unconnected with his present liaison.
Bernard Lynch was in the past accused of abusing a fourteen year old boy.
The fourteen year old boy refused to testify when the case came to court.
Bernard Lynch claims he was framed by elements within the Catholic Church who he says disapproved of his homosexual lifestyle.
It was quite rum to see Patsy McGarry uncritically presenting Bernard Lynch's claims to have been framed for sex abuse by unnamed Church figures.
If Patsy McGarry seriously thinks that this case against Bernard Lynch was set up by the Catholic Church to ruin Bernard Lynch, then Patsy McGarry is the dumbest atheistic Marxian this side of Hades.
But Patsy McGarry doesn't really believe that the 14 year old was somehow persuaded by senior Catholic figures to make up his allegations.
Patsy McGarry doesn't believe that for a second.
He's just content to allow Bernard Lynch to falsely convey that notion in his article and to let other people believe it.
Which just goes to show, there are worse crimes than child abuse.
By this, I mean to suggest that Patsy McGarry's willingness to facilitate the false depiction in the Irish Times of the Catholic Church as engaging in framing its own priest Father Bernard Lynch for child abuse, is itself a worse crime than child abuse.
What Patsy McGarry did in the Irish Times.
In presenting Bernard Lynch's nonsense claims.
I think it's worse than child abuse.
What Patsy McGarry did amounts to incitement to hatred against the most selfless and heroic people among us.
By which I mean the Bishops of the Catholic Church.
Just so's we're clear.
The other main Catholic themed article in today's Irish Times came via the Irish Times token Catholic John Waters.
The John Waters article, which was a reminiscence, moved me deeply.
It recounted how John Waters as a child had lain in bed listening to cars driving by his house and picturing the faces of the people in each car.
It was the most profoundly beautiful article I've ever read in the Irish Times.
Truth be told, the John Waters article did bear some strange similarities to an article I myself had published on this website and in the Leinster Leader ten years ago.
My own article had described in elegaic terms how I'd lain in bed at night as a child listening to cars driving by the house and picturing the faces of the people driving them.
Hilarious no.
Yes indeedy.
Great minds plagiarise alike.
Near the John Waters article the Irish Times had posited yet another Catholic themed piece (surely a record) by a former RTE employee which on the surface of it appeared to be calling for changes in the way RTE conducted its journalistic investigations.
The salient piece in the article was a sideswipe at the Church in which the writer warned of a resurgent right wing Catholicism in Ireland.
The writer, again a Marxian atheist with a deep detestation of all forms of Christianity and an abiding hatred of the one form of Christianity he thinks threatens the exponential power accruing to usurping Marxists, was of course formerly employed on the very programme at RTE which sought to frame a priest for child rape.
The writer had apparently left the programme staff before the plot to frame this particular priest was hatched.
And today this RTE Marxian shill is warning in the atheistic Marxian Irish Times about resurgent right wing Catholicism in Ireland.
You couldn't make it up.
By resurgent right wing Catholicism the Irish Times Marxist is referring to the situation whereby Catholics have learned to speak openly about the atheistic Marxists intent on subverting our country, our culture and our church.
I gotta tell this Bolshevick and all the other Bolshevicks at the Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers et al...
We didn't surrender to the Penal Laws.
We didn't surrender to Islamism.
We didn't surrender to abortionist Feminism.
We didn't surrender to Communism, Nazism, or any other shade of Marxian Atheism.
And we're not going to surrender to you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

barack confidential

President Barack Obama sat behind his desk in the Oval Office.
His Chief Aide Ron Scherbitsky sat across from him.
"You told me we'd intercepted an Al Qaeda plot," said Barack accusingly.
"Well strictly speaking we did Sir," said the Aide.
"What exactly did we intercept?" demanded Barack.
"We stopped a plan to blow up an airplane above an American city," returned the Aide confidently.
"Who was planning to blow up the plane?" insisted Barack through gritted teeth.
"Well," said the Aide, "well, er, well, our agent who had infiltrated Al Qaeda was er, umm, our agent, was emm, well you see, it was like this, our man in Al Qaeda had, oh, emm, er..."
"Our own agent had singled out a plane and singled out a city and stuck some explosives in his own knickers, is that what you're telling me?" snarled Barack.
"That's about it," said the Aide lamely.
"And how many real Al Qaeda members, aside from our own agent, have we identified or arrested on foot of intercepting our own agent's plan to blow up one of our own planes above one of our own cities?" grated Barack.
"Er none," said the Aide.
"How many Al Qaeda hide outs has our agent revealed to us?" pressed Barrack.
"Er none," said the Aide.
"And how many future Al Qaeda plots, real ones I mean, has our own agent identified to us?" rasped Barack.
"Er that would be none too Sir," muttered the Aide looking at his shoes.
"So basically what have we intercepted here?" wondered Barack.
"An underwear bomb Sir," said the Aide.
"Which is?"
"A pair of knickers and a stick of gelignite Sir."
"And you guys put me on television trumpeting about that!"
"Yes Sir."
"You let me go before the world to boast that one of our own men had planned to bomb America but had intercepted himself beforehand by handing us his knickers and some TNT."
"It's a high quality underwear bomb Sir. You can feel the quality. Real nylon in the knickers. Very comfortable. The bomb was capable of downing a plane."
"Big swinging Mickey. It's our own man's knickers. It's our own stick of dynamite. It's our own agent. You call this intercepting an Al Qaeda plot?"
"We thought it might help your election prospects Sir."
"Leave me," said Barack wearily.
The Aide did so poste haste.
Alone once more, the President of the Free World slowly lowered his head into his hands.
His voice was gentle as he spoke to the stillness.
"Come back George Bush. All is forgiven."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

this week in the jihad

1. A Russian jet has crashed in Indonesia. The crash is unexplained. There were fifty people on board. The Russians were attempting to sell their new passenger jet to the Islamist Indonesians and the jet was engaged in a demonstration flight. Surprise surprise. The thing is a smoking wreck on the side of an Indonesian hill. Ironic considering Vladimir Putin has been so helpful in providing the Islamists of Iran with nuclear reactors. You'd think the Muslims would go easy on the Russians for a while. So Vladimir thinks the Jihad is solely a problem for America and Western Europe. Russian Communists made the same mistake during World War Two when they allowed Hitler to raise his first standing armies on Russian soil in contravention of international treaties. I predict that Mr Putin's alliance with modern Islam will backfire on Russia in just the same way his father's alliance with Hitler backfired on the Soviet Union.

2. Members of a Muslim crime gang in England have been convicted of the organised rape of non Muslim children. Concerns have been expressed in the British parliament that law enforcement authorities and the courts services motivated by a perverse pseudo political correctness sought to prosecute the case without taking into account that the rapes were specifically orchestrated for explicitly racist reasons by Muslims against non Muslims.

3. The CIA claims to have intercepted a Jihad attack against the United States. Early reports of the successful interception of a new Al Qaeda attack came via CNN and claimed that a Jihadi had been captured or killed. These reports of course proved false and are all the more inexplicable because at precisely the same time CNN was wrongly claiming Barack Obama had all but personally arrested and/or killed an Al Qaedi terrorist, Sky News was correctly broadcasting that no one at all had been arrested or killed. The only arrest in fact was that of an supposed underwear bomb. One silk knickers and one stick of gelignite which was handed over to the CIA by their own supposed agent. And this is what Barack's people are all over the media claiming to be the successful interception of an Al Qaeda attack. Yes. Barack had arrested a bomb. You couldn't make it up. No human being was detained. The bomb was handed over by a Muslim who is himself working for the CIA. When I heard these claimed details, I was reminded of the corrupt Irish police force's continual announcements of successful operations against drug dealers. No drug dealers are ever arrested. Consignments of cannabis are captured. And everyone in Ireland knows that our corrupt police force has a deal with the drug dealers whereby the drug dealers allow the police to find some drugs so that the police can claim to the public "look, look we're fighting drug dealers," while the vast majority of the drug dealers' drugs consignments are let through and there's positively no action, no convictions, no incarceration of major drug dealers in Irish courts whatsoever. I was reminded of all this, I say, when I heard Barack had captured a bomb with the help of a Muslim who is supposedly both a member of Al Qaeda and simultaneously working for the Americans. So basically Barack has intercepted a terrorist plot formulated by his own man (or someone he thinks is his own man) and has captured and killed a grand total of nought enemy agents. Hopefully the underwear and stick of gelignite which the CIA arrested will cooperate fully with the interrogators. It would be a shame to have to waterboard them.

4. More church burnings in Nigeria. Barely reported here.

5. George Galloway, former lobbyist for Saddam Hussein, and more recently a television presenter in the Islamic Republic Of Iran, has been elected to parliament in Britain.

6. Sky News has launched its major new network Sky Arabia. So now they can cheerlead for the Jihadis in their own language.

today they said

"It was the biggest error in broadcasting history."
- An Irish Independent headline, attempting to salve some credibility for itself in commenting on RTE's attempt to frame a priest for child rape.

James Healy replied to the Irish Independent thusly: "There was no error. It was all deliberate. RTE deliberately paid an African woman with public money to falsely claim she'd been raped by a priest and that she had borne a child to that priest while herself still a child. Most of those directly involved in the conspiracy have been allowed to quietly retire from RTE on fat pensions, also like the bribe to the African woman, being paid from public money. Aoife Kavanagh has been allowed to resign without facing any charges in open court over her attempts to ruin a priest by falsely accusing him of child rape. The producer of the programme has been welcome with open arms into a producer's job at CNN. There have been no consequences for these people. RTE remains in the hands of left wing Marxian atheists intent on erasing the Catholic Church from the Republic of Ireland. RTE also remains funded by compulsory taxation on the people of Ireland. We are required to fund it whether we watch it, agree with it, excoriate it, or not."

heelers 1st law of womanology

Heelers First Law states: You can tell an awful lot about a girl from the look in her eyes.
You can tell nothing from her silken clad thighs.

Corollary: To the modern lecher a come hither look is indistinguishable from a get-lost-creep.

Wankenstein's Axiom qualifies both laws as follows: Nobody knows what women want. Not even women.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

poetry as sex trap

(dedicated to the one i love)

make me immortal with a kiss
william shakespeare used to say this
when himself and francis bacon were on the piss
or maybe just hanging out at sir walter raleigh's place in the sticks
it was a highly efficacious line for pulling chicks
in those innocent days of 1586

thy beauty it has brought me home
to the grandeur that was greece
and the glory that was rome
thus spoke the bold sir edgar allen poe
the critics applauded and his mistress wasn't slow
to favour him with a smile of purest joy
and mutter something about come up and see me big boy

girl i'm going to be more subtle
than shakespeare poe or simon tuttle
who's he you cry and i don't know
he rhymes with subtle so in he go
i give you only a time and place
my house tonight half past eight

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

o'reilly goin croakies

Tony O'Reilly lies on his bed.
He is alive but only just.
His life's work is in tatters.
He has lived to see the company he manipulated for forty years, the atheistic abortionist anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group, stolen from beneath his nose by a bigger thief than himself.
But this is not what's worrying him.
Tonight he faces death.
The breath mask has been removed.
His son Gavin is holding his hand.
The room is silent except for the laboured breathing of the once feared newspaper baron and captain of industry.
In the stillness, his breathing becomes slightly more laboured.
O'Reilly moans.
His son leans close.
"It's okay, Dad, it's okay," says Gavin.
"No," says O'Reilly."
"Be at peace Dad," says Gavin.
"No," says O'Reilly.
"You've nothing to regret Dad," says Gavin. "You are a great man."
"No," says O'Reilly."
He is staring into the distance.
"Gavin," he whispers.
"Yes Dad," says Gavin.
"Do you know what I'd change if I could do it all again?" whispers O'Reilly.
"You don't need to change anything Dad," says Gavin.
The old man groans before resuming ever more breathlessly.
"I'd divest from Independent Newspapers," he rasps. "I'd divest from all those companies I stole. I'd spurn the hoormaster cravens I formerly worshipped. Then I'd go to the internet and seek an alliance with James Healy. I'd join him on his blog to fight abortion and defend the ancient Church. From there I'd make my stand, defy existence and seek redemption for my damned soul."

Monday, May 07, 2012

an open letter to mary kenny and david quinn token catholic contributors at the virulently anti catholic irish independent newspaper

Dear Mary Kenny and David Quinn.
Do you really want to be a party to the ruination of Cardinal Sean Brady?
Because you are a party to it if you continue to accept Tony O'Reilly's shilling, or Denis O'Brien's shilling, or the shilling of whatever hoormaster atheistic robber baron is running Independent Newspaper's at any given moment.
Do you really want to be a part of what they are doing to Cardinal Sean Brady?
Have you no shame?
Seriously though?
James Healy

revenge of a man called archie

So Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's plan to hijack the Catholic Church in Ireland enters endgame.
This week Archie has called for an enquiry into an old paedophilia case.
The purpose of any such enquiry will be to contrive criminality for Cardinal Sean Brady who back in 1975 as a young priest, took notes at an interview of one of the paedophile's victims.
Archie's detestation of Cardinal Brady stems from Cardinal Brady's refusal to back Archie at a meeting with the Pope two years ago when Archie attempted to stampede Pope Benedict into firing a generation of Irish Bishops and replacing them with Archie's handpicked choices as successors.
After Cardinal Sean Brady broke ranks with Archie at the meeting with the Pope, Ireland's anti Catholic media groups almost immediately began accusing Cardinal Brady of having covered up the 1975 paedophilia case.
Smells like teen spirit to me.
As my old pal Chinese detective Charlie Chan always used to say: Please, please, cannot answer question now. Suicide and blackmail? Permit me say murder."
The murder of a man through the murder of a man's reputation.
My concern for Archie's immortal soul and for the souls of those helping him in his quest for ultimate power within the Catholic Church in Ireland has led me to speak trenchantly of them at times.
Not today.
Oh pale Archie.
How thou hast conquered.
As Archie's allies in Europe's most viciously anti Catholic media groups the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers continue to call for Cardinal Brady's resignation, my spirit is at peace.
I have spoken plainly.
I can do no more.
Everything they have done, they have done against my will and in spite of me.
The highest and the lowest of them, know it well.
The ironies proliferate.
Atheistic Marxian Patsy McGarry, who writes on religious affairs for the Irish Times, has been among the most vociferous calling for Cardinal Sean Brady's resignation.
Patsy McGarry remains silent about the case of the Irish Times sports writer whose rapes of children in the Dublin are not being written about or investigated by the police.
The excuse for not writing about or investigating the Irish Times in house child rapist, is that his family claims he tries to commit suicide every time anyone questions him about his rapes of children in the Dublin area.
There have also be rather nefarious suggestions from those in the media spindoctoring in subtle defence of the Irish Times child rapist, that the rapes he was committing were somehow "consensual."
Hilarious, no.
The child rapes committed by the Irish Times sports writer were occurring in Dublin last year.
Not in 1975.
Last year.
And this year, Patsy McGarry, is calling for the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady.
Tell me folks.
Can you the evil of these people?
They don't really conceal it.
Although they label it ice cream.
It is in plain view.
Atheistic Marxians whose life's work was to enslave Ireland and the world to the Communist barbarism of Soviet Russia, and whose life's work has not ended with the Russians' admission that Communism is a crock, these same cheerleaders for the putative Soviet enslavement of the human race, this veritable legion of Patsy McGarrys, these are the ones inventing criminality for ageing Catholic Bishops, priests and nuns.
The rest of you can accede to this if you want.
Or you can join me in stopping it.
This is a persecution of the Church.
It is worse than anything contrived by Muslims, or Communists or Nazis.
When Muslims, Communists or Nazis commit murder, they know what they are doing and feel shame.
The Irish Times and its ilk clothe their murders of reputations in the finest hypocrasy.
They will repent in hell fire.

confucius he say

William Wordsworth was a bucaholic poet.

darkness visible

(Originally published Septemper 2010)
Serial killer Larry Murphy has been released from jail.
He served just ten years of a fifteen year sentence for the kidnapping, rape, torture and attempted murder by strangulation of a young woman.
Tonight he stalks the country a free man.
Free to kill, kill and kill again.
Larry Murphy and his accomplices were also responsible for the kidnap, rape and murder of Deirdre Jacob, Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dollard and others.
It is unfathomable to most of us why Judge Paul Carney would have sentenced him to just fifteen years for kidnapping, violent rape and attempted murder by strangulation of his victim.
It is unfathomable as to why that Judge sentenced him to fifteen years when he could have sentenced him to life.
It is unfathomable as to why that Judge suspended one year of the sentence immediately.
It is unfathomable as to why that Judge decided to allow additional sentences to run concurrently, ie at the same time as the first sentence, thereby ensuring serial killer Larry Murphy would be out of jail at the earliest possible moment.
Other things are unfathomable too.
It is unfathomable as to why the entire Legal Profession in Ireland has collaborated to ensure that four years of serial killer Larry Murphy's sentence were simply set aside for what the Liberals of our Courts and Justice system call "good behaviour."
It is unfathomable as to why serial killer Larry Murphy was allowed to refuse to answer questions about his kidnapping, rape and murder of Deirdre Jacob, Annie McCarrick, and Jo Jo Dollard. It is unfathomable as to why Minister for Justice Dermot Aherne who was elected by the people of Ireland to serve them, is now telling the people of Ireland that he is powerless to keep unrepentant serial killer Larry Murphy in custody even though that is precisely what the people of Ireland are demanding he should do.
Let's face it.
Dermot Aherne is more accountable to serial killers and their designated legal representatives than he is to the people of Ireland.
Egregiously, foully, evilly unfathomable.
But maybe at the end of the day not all that unfathomable.
For the Liberals at the apex of our society who make decisions about such things, know they are never going to answer to any of us.
They never have.
And they never will.
That's what they're gambling on.
I want you to consider something.
Is it impossible that elements of our Judiciary, Civil Service and Political elites are themselves involved in paedophile and sex abuse rings with a satanic component.
I ask you to consider this because I can think of no other explanation for the release of serial killer Larry Murphy into the community beyond exponential psychopathic incompetence.
Either the Judges are exponentially psychopathically incompetent.
Or they are in on the murder game themselves.
There is some evidence for what I say.
I ask you to weigh it.
First look at the cases from other countries.
In other countries in the past twenty years there have been clearly documented cases of child sex abuse and murder rings involving Senior Judges, Senior Civil Servants, Politicians and police officers taking part in satanic worship rituals.
I keep mentioning the Senior Civil Servants.
They are very important.
They hold their positions while elected governments come and go.
They rule us from the shadows.
In Belgium in 1996 a particularly foul case involving a murderer called Marc Dutroux came to public prominence.
Dutroux and his wife had been kidnapping girls, torturing, raping and murdering them in a dungeon concealed at one of Dutroux's seven houses.
Dutroux committed some of his killings after being given early release while serving time for raping other children.
Dutroux had served just three years of a 13 year sentence for raping little girls when he was released to kill, kill, kill, kill and kill again.
The Belgian press exploded with allegations that Dutroux was involved with a high society devil worship ring which was said to include a retired European Commissioner, politicians, lawyers and policemen.
Policemen indeed.
That one's significant.
Police had searched his house while two little girls were imprisoned in his dungeon.
The girls shouted for help.
The police heard their shouts.
But the police did not find the dungeon.
The lead officer in the search Rene Michaux claimed he thought the shouts came from the street.
Rene Michaux's failure to help the girls he heard screaming in Dutroux's house condemned those girls to death.
The Belgian press openly asserted that Rene Michaux had been party to a cover up of Dutroux's crimes.
Rene Michaux has since conveniently died.
Marc Dutroux's murders included those of teenagers An Marchal aged 17 and Eefje Lambrecks aged 19 whom he buried alive.
Two eight year old girls Julie Lejeune and Mellisa Russo starved to death in his dungeon.
Dutroux claimed the girls starved because he was serving a brief spell of jail time on an unrelated matter and couldn't look after them.
He should have been shot for saying this.
This alone should have got him the death penalty.
Whether there's a death penalty in Belgium or not.
His wife claimed she didn't feed the two eight year olds because she was afraid to go into the dungeon.

Irish newspaper coverage of the case excised virtually all references to devil worship, replacing it with the occasional euphemism, "bizarre rituals."
As investigations continued, an apparently honorable Judge called Jean Marc Connerotte was taken off the case by the Belgian government.
Mr Connerotte went on television in tears warning that "shadowy figures" were determined to stop the truth emerging about Dutroux. He added that the government was deliberately obstructing the enquiry.
Hundreds of thousands of Belgians marched in protest through the capital at the removal of Mr Connerotte from the case.
In 1998 Marc Dutroux escaped from police custody.
He escaped from the police with the assistance of the police.
The police had been transferring him from one prison to another without handcuffs.
The police claimed he overpowered a guard and seized a gun.
The Belgian public were furious.
Rarely has that country's political class faced such united furore.
Minister for Justice Stefaan De Clerck, Minister of Interior Johan Vande Lanotte, and the Chief of Police all resigned as a result of public outrage over the police's deliberate release of Dutroux.
Dutroux was recaptured within a few hours.
Shortly afterwards a handcuff key was found close to his cell in a location where he could reach it, representing another clear attempt by someone within the Belgian police to assist his escape.
The second assisted escape attempt was not successful.
In 2004 Marc Dutroux was sentenced to life in prison.
Incredibly it had taken fully twelve years to sentence this child murderer.
The case only went ahead at all because the Belgian public came close to mounting an insurrection against the entire political class.
I ask you.
If Belgian Judges, Senior Civil Servants, Politicians and police officers are involved in these activities, can you seriously think such evils have simply passed Ireland by.
There have also been similar cases quite close to us in the United Kingdom involving political obstruction of police investigations.
A series of extreme child abuse cases in Nottingham, Rochdale and the Orkney islands in the 1980's all had a devil worship element which was deliberately underplayed in the media.
A current quite atrocious case on the island of Jersey will be familiar to my readers as we have highlighted it here on an ongoing basis.
Children at an orphanage on Jersey called Haut La Garenne were systematically debased and abused, violated and killed by staff as part of a satanic cult from at least the 1960's and for decades onward.
A few years ago the tough no nonsense officer leading the investigations into Haut La Garenne, a Mr Harper, was removed from the case for digging too deep.
His dismissal was more than a tragedy.
It was the action of an evil elite protecting itself.
The investigation is now stalled.
There are occasional minor convictions of minor staff members at Haut La Garenne.
But nothing much.
I still hold hopes that some great British leader will one day tear up the rule book and go bald headed to find the whole truth about Haut La Garenne and the satanic network which runs the island of Jersey.
Ah yes.
This England that was wont to conquer others hath made a shameful conquest of itself.
So much for Great Britain.
Let us consider the recent unearthing of a high society paedophile ring in Portugal.
Children at Portugal's massive Casa Pia Orphanage were being routinely violated, raped, tortured and abused at secret orgies conducted by some of the wealthiest and most powerful figures in Portuguese society.
Yes it looks satanistic.
The gardener at the Orphanage appears to have procured the children for the paedophile ring.
The most interesting and salient child rapist among the guilty was Mr Jorge Ritto, Portugals Ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
We might also mention Portuguese television presenter Carlos Cruz who received a pattycake seven year sentence for the sundry violations he carried out upon the children of Casa Pia.
Other defendants included a doctor and a lawyer.
The gardener was the only one to plead guilty.
Casa Pia remains open.
It is said to have around 4000 residents.
And Portugal retains its reputation as Paedophile Central in both the European and the satanistic context.
Now consider a salient French case with an Irish connection.
In 1987 a young Irish man called Trevor O'Keeffe was murdered by French serial killer Pierre Chanal.
Pierre Chanal was a French soldier who selected his victims from conscripts in the French army and from among foreign nationals he found hitch hiking on the motorway.
Pierre Chanal had raped and murdered at least 16 young men.
Yet inexplicably French authorities began to drag their heels on the investigation.
Pierre Chanal had been captured as he was about to murder a young Hungarian man whom he had tortured and abused.
There was no reason why this case should have presented any procedural difficulties.
But nothing was being done.
Trevor O'Keeffe's mother Eroline O'Keeffe told me ten years ago that she was convinced French authorities were obstructing the investigation into her son's death because the murderer Pierre Chanal had been procuring victims for a high society sex ring involving wealthy and powerful members of the French establishment.
She spent 16 years fighting for justice for her son.
During this time French Judges shelved the case, French police destroyed evidence, and French politicians and high ranking army officers looked the other way.
Finally in 2004, Pierre Chanal was put on trial.
As the trial began he inflicted an arterial wound on himself in a cage in the courtroom, with a sharp object that had been smuggled to him.
He was rushed to hospital and placed under continuous guard.
It appears someone then smuggled him a razor blade in the hospital in spite of the round the clock guard, and that using this, Pierre Chanal finally managed to kill himself.
Now ask youselves.
If what is evil in the world is able to infiltrate French high society to this extent, to the extent that it can openly endeavour to prevent justice being done to a serial slaughterer like Pierre Chanal, do you seriously think it is going to have a problem infesting its way among the liberal parvenu princelings of the upper echelons of what passes for high society in the Republic of Ireland.
Let us look closer.
Let us look at actual cases in the Republic of Ireland.
If Judges and Senior Civil Servants and policemen and politicians were colluding to release serial killers and/or child abusers, we would of course find some of those cases showing up on the map.
Certainly we've seen sex abuse cases inexplicably shelved by Judges.
We've seen the most egregious violators of children released on technicalities while the public is kept distracted by the constant media recycling of cases involving priests.
George Gibney was Olympic swimming coach to the Irish team. According to the Daily Mail, he faced 17 abuse charges in the 1990's.
George Gibney would have faced more charges if these cases had been permitted to go ahead.
More of his victims would have taken courage and come forward.
Instead Irish Judges moved to dismiss the charges.
Inexplicably, Irish Judges prevented the cases being heard after what they call a Judicial Review in which they concluded too much time had elapsed since the crimes took place.
The whole thing stunk to high heaven.
And it still does.
George Gibney walked free and currently resides in Florida in the United States.
Another swimming coach Derry O'Rourke was convicted on 149 charges of sexual abuse involving 17 victims.
The liberals of the Irish courts system released Derry O'Rourke after he'd served just nine years.
Now take the case of Judge Brian Curtin.
A few years ago Judge Brian Curtin was himself detected by Interpol paying money over the internet to pleasure himelf with images of children being raped and tortured.
Interpol alerted the Irish police force which is styled An Garda Siochana.
The Irish police force obtained a warrant to search Judge Brian Curtin's premises.
The Irish police force enacted the warrant a day after the warrant expired.
A Judge in the Irish courts system ruled that the evidence obtained in the seizure of Judge Brian Curtin's computer was inadmissable.
The Judge decided that this technicality was enough reason to allow Judge Brian Curtin to get away with pleasuring himself by paying others to violate children for his entertainment.
Why would Irish police enact a search warrant a day late?
Why would they do that?
It's not hard to enact search warrants.
You obtain the warrant.
You drive straight to the child abuser or child murderer's house.
And you search.
Why were Irish police incapable of doing that simple task?
And why did the Irish Judge hearing the case permit the use of such a frivolous legal technicality relating to the date on a search warrant in order to allow Judge Brian Curtin to get away with paying persons unknown to rape children on the internet for his pleasure?
Another interesting case in Ireland relates to serial killer Malcolm MacArthur's murder of two people in the 1980's.
MacArthur cold bloodedly executed nurse Bridie Gargan and farmer Donal Dunne.
A nationwide hunt for him ensued.
He was found hiding in the residence of Ireland's highest political appointee, Mr Patrick Connolly who was legal adviser to the Fianna Fail government of Charles Haughey.
After the serial killer had been arrested in the Attorney General's flat, Prime Minister Charles Haughey advised Patrick Connolly that Mr Connolly should perhaps take a few days holiday.
He was permitted to leave the country.
The murderer Malcolm MacArthur was tried and convicted for the murder of nurse Bridie Gargan.
Inexplicably (that word again) he was never tried for the murder of Donal Dunne.
I would postulate that he was never tried for the murder of Donal Dunne because elements among the rich and powerful did not wish any further information to come out about serial killer Malcolm MacArthur's links to personalities within Charlie Haughey's government.
And then there's the case of Gerald Barry.
In a life dedicated to violence against the community, Gerald Barry had murdered two people and blinded a pensioner as well as committing sundry assaults and rapes.
I consider the blinding of the pensioner to be a third murder by the way.
But no crime he committed was enough to keep him off the street.
Nothing he'd do would persuade Judge Liberal to lock him up for life.
He kept getting released through the collusion of liberal Judges and liberal defence lawyers who reckoned he wasn't bad just misunderstood.
Finally just last year he raped and killed a little 17 year old Swiss girl, and the liberal Judges decided they had to lock him up.
Ironically one such liberal Judge, a fellow called Barry White, apologised to the girl's parents in open court "on behalf of the Irish people," for their daughter's death.
But it wasn't the Irish people who killed her.
It was the Judge Liberals who kept releasing her murderer to kill, kill, blind a pensioner, rape, rape, rape, assault, assault, and kill again.
Another case.
This time back a little further.
A woman called Cynthia Owen has claimed that in 1973 while still a little girl, she was being prostituted by her father and mother to a devil worship ring in Dalkey, a suburb of Dublin.
The case has been honorably enough covered by journalist Nicola Tallant with whom I have a vague acquaintance, in a newspaper called the Sunday World.
The Sunday World is sleazoid but it has some quite effective investigative writers.
Ms Tallant does, though, have a weakness for using the euphemism "bizarre rituals" instead of actually mentioning devil worship.
Cynthia Owen became pregnant at the age of eleven through being repeatedly sexually abused and was delivered of a baby called Noeleen.
The baby was murdered by Cynthia's own mother.
In spite of the satanic abuse to which Cynthia had been subjected, Cynthia's soul was untouched.
I say this because Cynthia Owen tried to save her baby.
She became pregnant at the hands of her violators a second time and this baby was also slaughtered.
Five sisters from Cynthia Owen's family have told police they were abused.
Her sister Teresa killed herself, leaving a suicide note detailing some of the abuse carried out by her father.
Her brother Martin also killed himself by hanging.
Cynthia Owen has identified to Irish police six members of the ring who abused her.
These six have been interviewed by the police but no action has been taken against them.
One of the six, according to the Sunday World, is presently a businessman who works with children.
Another is a taxi driver.
Cynthia Owen has written to the Irish Chief of Police about a senior member of the Irish police force who she says was friends with the people who abused her.
Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy has insisted to Cynthia Owen's lawyer Gerry Dunne that "no serious review of the case is warranted."
Mr Dunne wants an investigation into Garda handling of the case.
So do I.
My assessment of that case is based on my acceptance of Cynthia Owen's testimony and on Nicola Tallant's reportage of it.
And now a more recent case.
In 2005, Wayne O'Donoghue aged 21, murdered eleven year old Robert Holohan.
Child killer Wayne O'Donoghue initially took part in searches for Robert Holohan's body, apparently getting some further vicarious gratifcation this way.
Child killer Wayne O'Donoghue was eventually tried for the crime of murder before Judge Paul Carney. (Remember him?)
He was found guilty of something liberals call manslaughter.
Initially his girlfriend Rebecca Dennehy stood by him.
I always thought Rebecca Dennehy had a lot of questions to answer about her part in providing alibis for child killer Wayne O'Donoghue, and about how much she knew about the nature of child killer Wayne O'Donoghue's exact relationship with the child he killed, and finally and most importantly about how much she was in fact a party to that relationship.
I still do.
But she's changed her mind for the moment about standing by child killer Wayne O'Donoghue.
She's moved on.
And child killer Wayne O'Donoghue was convicted of manslaughter, eh.
The distinction is lost on me.
Wayne O'Donoghue throttled the life out of little Robert Holohan and so Wayne O'Donoghue is a murderer.
That's all there is to it.
The case was reported in the Irish Independent in a manner I considered obfuscatory, misrepresentative, and distinctly favourable to the child killer Wayne O'Donoghue.
The Irish Independent wrote: "The eleven year old died when a row with O'Donoghue over a trip to a fast food restaurant tragically escalated. After being placed in a headlock by O'Donoghue, Robert collapsed and died when released by his older neighbour."
Can you see what's going on here?
Child killer Wayne O'Donoghue had claimed in court that in a moment of anger he seized Robert from his bicycle, that Robert had thrown stones at Wayne O'Donoghue's car, and that Wayne O'Donoghue put him in a headlock and accidentally caused his death that way.
If you believe any of this I have a bridge to sell you.
But this hooey was good enough for the Irish Independent and for Judge Paul Carney and apparently for the twelve good liberals and true who sat on the Jury.
It was not good enough for the murdered child's mother Majella.
Thankfully Majella Holohan with great courage and tremendous strength of spirit, managed to bring certain information into the public domain which we would otherwise not have been privy to.
She did so during her own statement to the court.
During her statement Majella Holohan exposed the whole can of worms which is the Irish Justice, Legal and Law Enforcement system.
She did so merely by asking questions.
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Why had Wayne O'Donoghue phoned her son on his mobile phone at 6am the day her son was killed?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Why had her son been in Wayne O'Donoghue's bedroom at 7.30am on the day he was killed by Wayne O'Donoghue?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Why were images deleted from her son's mobile phone on the day Wayne O'Donoghue killed him?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Who deleted images from her sons mobile phone the day Wayne O'Donoghue killed him?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: What was the exact relationship between 21 year old Wayne O'Donoghue and Majella's eleven year old innocent little son?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Why was her son Robert's body found with no shoes on since Wayne O'Donoghue claimed Robert had been out cycling when killed?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Why did her son dial 999 (the emergency services in Ireland) the morning he was killed by Wayne O'Donoghue?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Why was her son's mobile phone wiped clean of fingerprints?
The mother of the murdered child Robert Holohan asked: Why was semen found on her son's body?
These were the questions Majella Holohan asked in court as her son Robert's murderer Wayne O'Donoghue was due to be sentenced.
Incredibly and inexplicably and disgracefully, the Prosecution lawyers themselves whose specific duty it was to obtain justice for Robert, had not bothered to bring any of this information out in court.
Judge Paul Carney passed sentence.
Judge Paul Carney sentenced Wayne O'Donoghue to four years in jail.
For the life of a little boy.
Wayne O'Donoghue was released in three.
Wayne O'Donoghue got early release, just like serial killer Larry Murphy.
Wayne O'Donoghue is presently living the high life at a college in England.
As for Judge Paul Carney.
Judge Paul Carney has attempted to reinvent himself as a law and order Judge.
He recently called for tougher sentences on serious criminals and for appeal courts to stop arbitrarily reducing sentences.
But Judge Paul Carney was fooling no one.
Judge Paul Carney is the liberal Judge who sentenced Wayne O'Donoghue to four years in jail for the taking of Robert Holohan's life, knowing full well that Wayne O'Donoghue would be out in three.
That is how Judge Paul Carney will always be remembered.
Someday we'll know more about who and what he is.
And so we return to serial killer Larry Murphy.
How could any decent right minded person release this serial killer into the community?
The answer is.
No decent right minded person could do so.
The Judges, the Senior Civil Servants, the seemingly eternally bumbling political figures like Minister for Justice Dermot Aherne, and many of the police officers at the apex of our society are malignly and viciously corrupt.
We are their farm animals.
They answer only to the dark angel that they serve.
This is what we are up against.
We are through the looking glass folks.
We make war with cosmic powers.
The liberals of our justice system will not stop until we stop them.
As for Larry Murphy himself, certain quesions remain unanswered.
We know he and his friends killed Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dollard, Annie MacCarrick and others.
We know he was stopped from killing another woman, by two hunters Trevor Moody and Ken Jones.
I am reluctant to ask any questions of these two heroes to whom Ireland owes so much for the unmasking of serial killer Larry Murphy.
But the questions should be asked.
Hunter Trevor Moody had reportedly encountered serial killer Larry Murphy on a previous occasion in a pub after serial killer Larry Murphy harassed the sister of a friend of his.
Was this the full extent of Trevor Moody's previous encounters with serial killer Larry Murphy.
The girl whose life was saved by Trevor Moody and Ken Jones, afterwards asked to meet and thank them.
Reportedly she only met with Ken Jones.
Why was this?
More questions.
We know serial killer Larry Murphy attended school at Scoil Chonglais in Baltinglass.
This school was also attended by another serial killer called David Lawler.
Lawler slaughtered a girl called Marilyn Rynn as she returned home from a Christmas party.
He just walked up to her on a deserted street, raped her and killed her.
Her body was found by a river weeks later.
It's the exact method of operation used by serial killer Larry Murphy.
Serial killer Larry Murphy left school at the age of 16.
He was, according to the Daily Mail, "taken under the wing for six years" by a former woodwork teacher at the school.
Did David Lawler know that woodwork teacher too?
That woodwork teacher has questions to answer as do serial killer Larry Murphy's immediate family and friends.
Serial killer Larry Murphy was visited during his short holiday in jail by a convicted paedophile from Cork.
That paedophile should be given a military interrogation.
And like serial killer Larry Murphy he should be spending his life behind bars or dead.
Some members of serial killer Larry Murphy's family say they have disowned him.
His brother Tom made this claim.
But his brother Tom was visiting serial killer Larry Murphy in jail at least up until 2005.
What changed.
Serial killer Larry Murphy's wife claims to have severed contact with him.
She has been allowed to retain custody of their children.
Serial killer Larry Murphy's mother Sheila and sisters have not broken links with him.
Personally I wouldn't allow any of the Murphy's or their spouses to roam free.
And I wouldn't allow them to have custody of any children.
I'd err on the side of caution with regard to the Murphys and any of their paedophile friends in Cork.
All these people should be given proper, consistent and ongoing interrogations so that we can establish what exactly drives members of the Murphy family to kidnap girls off the street, rape them and kill them.
Serial killer Larry Murphy's mother Sheila should be left to spend a few nights alone in the cells with some psycho killer on remand.
Presumably they haven't all been let out by Judge Liberal.
Maybe then she might understand something of the fear, horror, depravity and desolation he inflicted on so many other women and their families before he slaughtered them.