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Friday, April 30, 2010


air born insects hum
homeward go they homeless
and propose this street lamp or that car light
as the all important centre of the universe

purposeless they try again
to divine transcendent purpose
the light that animates their bodies
shines from the centre of the universe

Thursday, April 29, 2010



birth and dying

armies were marching
through the low lands in winter
when she ran through the fields
to her only love
bleak were the fastnesses
the hedgerows lonely
the wind took their whispering
and gave it the wilds
the wilds took their whispering
and made it a song
of dreams that are broken
and dreams yet to be
her footsteps returned
to the place of her growing
and she slept like an angel
though armies were marching

the voices

Across Europe rings the clamour.
In Greece bloated overpaid teachers, nurses, civil servants and cops are threatening violence in the streets if their pay packets are reduced.
In two weeks time there will be nothing left to pay them with.
In Paris, young farmers are blocking the roads with tractors. They still think blocking roads and extorting money from corrupt socialist governments, is the way to make a living.
I admit, that unlike the teachers, nurses, cops and soldiers in Greece and elsewhere, the French farmers actually do some work.
Their protest is necessitated by a malign dynamic whereby the French pay their trade unionised State sector employees ridiculous wages that the rest of the country must then labour in penury to make up for. The dynamic is worsened by the fact that the French government like other European governments has borrowed vast unrepayable fortunes to buy off various voting sectors of the electorate, including the farmers.
Trade unionised entitlement culture has corrupted everything its touched.
Just like in Italy.
Just like in Spain.
Just like in Portugal.
Just like in Ireland.
The international financial ratings agency known as Standard And Poors announced that the credit ratings of Spain and Portugal had declined significantly while at the same time Greek debt achieved a rating level which economists refer to as "junk."
Standard And Poors have arrived a little late at this party.
Standard And Poors, specialist subject: The Bleedin Obvious.
Some commentators have stated that there is a danger Greece's problems will spread to the rest of the Euro zone.
There is no such danger of problems spreading from Greece.
The problems are already here.
Namely, we're spending money we don't have, in order to keep a flatulent collection of aggressively trade unionised teachers, nursies, cops, soldiers, and civil servants in the style to which they've become accustomed while the commerically productive sector of our economy, farmers and small businesses, are taxed and regulated out of existence.
People bought the entitlement lie propapagated by successive atheist governments of right and left: "There's no God. And the world owes you a living."
They were wrong on both scores.
We have been engaged in a misguided political and economic union of countries which are all looking after number one.
That is to say they're all doing the same things wrong and all determined someone else should pay for it.
This union is not going to have a future.
It is falling apart before our eyes.
This afternoon a Greek teacher was shouting into a television camera.
He shouted: "The International Monetary Fund brings poverty wherever it goes."
Presumably he thinks it's a coherent viewpoint to expect the German's to cough up 40 thousand million dollars to pay Greece's wage bill up to the end of May.
And then what?
Gonna live large till the end of May and then go back to the Germans with more demands?
It's over Stavros.
We need to make friends with each other, ask God to forgive our sins, get used to poverty, and relearn what it means to be human beings gifted with immortal souls.
And in Ireland we need to put the Chief Executives and Board Members of Anglo Irish Bank, Trustees Savings Bank, Irish Life And Permanent, Allied Irish Banks, and Bank Of Ireland, in jail for forty years without parole for the crime of selling our country overnight into the third world.
There was one poignant moment this week when the truth was plainly visible.
The Greek Prime Minister, Mr Papandreou, a lifelong socialist not generally thought to have a Christian bone in his body, went to a small island off the coast of his belaboured country.
There he was photographed in a church lighting a candle.
Tenderly he reached out and touched an icon of the blessed mother.
He knows.
He knows what's coming.

under the seal of the scimitar

It is midnight in Teheran.
Starlight glistens over the minarets.
Faint sighs the sound of traffic from the streets.
The red drapes are drawn on the windows at the Presidential palace.
In his office at his large mahogany desk sits President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
At this time and in this hour he knows himself very much to be a man of destiny.
He is waiting alone.
There is a tap on the door.
Two figures enter.
The first is Muammar Gadaffi, Head of State of Libya.
The second is Osama Bin Laden, Sheikh of the Mujahideen.
President Ahmadinejad stands.
There is no need for words or greetings.
This meeting has been arranged and expected for a long time.
It is their annual midnight rock and roll jam session.
Osama and Mahmoud grab electric guitars.
Muammar, because he has no beard, has to play drums.
They begin to play.
They are playing their own version of Gimme All Your Lovin by the decadent imperialist American infidels ZZ Top.
Their song fills the wood panelled office and echoes into the streets outside.
A few Teheran natives walking home late after dark pause to listen curiously.
The song goes:

"We gotta take your countries
Cos what you've got is oh so sweet
I've gotta make it hot
Like an A bomb I need a repeat
Kill me all your infidels
All your Jews and Christians too
Kill me all your Buddhists
Don't let up until you do
Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner.
You've got to blow them up
And wipe Israel off the map
You gotta dump anthrax on Washington
Get some lone pyscho to take the rap
Kill me all your infidels
All your Jews and Christians too
Kill me all your infidels
Don't let up until you do
Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner.
Nirdly nirdly ner, ner ner ner ner.
Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner.
We gotta put women in sacks
And shoot em if they go to school
Don't let them see a better life
Ignorance is our only tool
Gimme all your killin
All your germs and chemicals too
Gimme all your A bombs
Don't let up until you do
Ner ner ner ner ner
Nirdly nirdly ner
I've gotta take a shot
And hit Europe like a ton of lead
If we sabotage democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan
Would you let it go to your head
Gimme all your Jihad
All your Hamas and Hezbollahs too
Gimme all your Al Qaeda's
Don't let up until you do
Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner
Nirdly nirdly ner.
Ner ner ner.
We've got to Islamise
In a Muslim theatre of the absurd
We've got to civilise
In the exact opposite meaning of that word
Kill me all your infidels
All your Jews and Christians too
Kill me all you infidels
Don't let up until you do.
Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner
Nirdly ner."

As they finish up, all are sweating freely.

Colonel Gadaffi wipes a strand of hair from his forehead.
"Not bad," he says. "But couldn't we bring the Swiss into it?"
"Oh you and the Swiss," laughs Osama slapping him playfully on the buttocks. "It's always the Swiss."
"Yes leave the Swiss alone," intones President Ahmadinejad. "There will be time enough to wipe the Swiss off the map when we've erased everyone else."
No further words are necessary.
The three amigos grin.

vladdie in the sky with the black sea fleet

Congratulations to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who this week sealed a new deal with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych which will allow Russia to keep its Black Sea naval fleet in Ukrainian ports.
The new Ukrainian President is an ethnic Russian gangster from the Donetski region whom I have postulated was installed as President of Ukraine by Mr Putin in a rigged election.
The deal to allow Russia's navy to reside in Ukraine comes within weeks of the death of the fiercely independent Polish President Lech Kazcynski, his wife and a hundred of Poland's most fervent intellectual defenders in an unexplained plane crash in Russia.
This is all starting to look like something out of the Bible.

the blood dimmed tide

The people of Thailand are locked in a near civil war situation with their government.
A significant and interesting element of the Thai situation is not being reported.
This element relates to the fact that the country has had a low level Islamic terror insurgency smouldering for the past decade.
Muslims are a significant presence in only two provinces of Thailand.
In these provinces the Muslims have killed thousands.
The Muslims have forced tens of thousands to flee.
Up to now everyone thought Thailand was a Buddhist country.
Even the Thais.
I don't know how these things happen, but when they happen, they happen awful fast.
Last year a Muslim became army chief in Thailand.
Within a few months he launched a coup d'etat and made himself President.
These facts are not being reported on CNN or Sky News.
I think perhaps they should be.
After all.
The truth still has some currency.

archy publishes a book

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has gone into the publishing business.
Apparently at his behest (he's claiming the credit anyway) one of the gospels has just been published in a joint venture with the Anglican Church.
It is the Gospel of Saint Luke.
From a quick look at the publication, you might be forgiven for thinking it was the Gospel of Saint Archy.
For Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's smirking visage is prominently displayed on page two.
There's also a picture of him at the back in case you forgot what he looks like.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been colluding with The Irish Times, RTE and Independent Newspapers to force a generation of Bishops from office along with Cardinal Sean Brady, thereby giving him effective control of the Catholic church in Ireland.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has played a key role in the present media campaign against the Catholic Church, posing as the Head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, when in fact he is merely a regional prelate.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been the key player in an outrageous attempt to prevent Bishops speaking out in their own defence after being crassly and vilely callumniated in Judge Yvonne Murphy's trumped up investigation into the Catholic Church's handling of sex abuse cases.
I have suggested that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's motives for this attempted coup d'etat within the Catholic church are best evidenced by his close links with anti Catholic newspaper and televison groups, and by the affiliations of his brother Seamus Martin who is the atheistic Marxist pro Soviet former political editor of The Irish Times.
I have noted that it is in the realm of established fact, that Soviet sleeper agents infiltrated the Catholic Church across Europe during the Cold War, coming within an ace of the top job with one agent in Poland before he was unmasked last year on the eve of his coronation as Cardinal.
I have stated that it is unlikely the Soviets will simply have failed to attempt the same infiltrations in Ireland.
I believe Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
I may be wrong of course.
He may be something worse.
After all.
We are engaged in a battle with cosmic principalities.
Perhaps the forces of darkness themselves finally managed to slip one in past the goalie.

most recent unreported al qaeda panic sowing missions

On Tuesday 27th April a flight from Paris to Atlanta carrying 273 passengers was diverted to Maine after a former US army staffer claimed to have explosives in his shoes and backpack.
On Wednesday 28th April a flight from Houston to Washington was diverted to North Carolina after the word BOMB was found written on the mirror in the toilet. No one was detained over the incident. Al Qaeda often uses members of ground crew maintenance staff to write BOMB on toilets before take off to cause diversions.
I'd say forty year jail terms for giving the impression a plane has a bomb on it might focus the minds of Al Qaeda's panic sowers on the wrongness of their behaviour.

a blog article ian o'doherty of independent newspapers will not be plagiarising

Leafing through a copy of the Irish Independent yesterday, I came upon an article by Paedophile Ian O'Doherty.
This copy of the Irish Independent had been left in a cafe.
Leaving copies of the Irish Independent in cafes is the one thousand five hundred million dollar indebted Independent Newspapers company's last desperate attempt to preserve brand recognition for its failing titles.
I mean they owe 1.5 billion dollars to creditors.
So I leafed through the Anti Catholic Irish Independent and came to Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's column.
For many years Paedophile Ian O'Doherty has trafficked in cheap snide joyless atheistic resentment filled rip offs of my own writings.
Today Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's attempt at a rip off of my humour column contained a sneering headline directed at Pope Benedict.
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's sneering headline directed at Pope Benedict read: "Aw Did Diddums Get Upset Over Child Abuse Allegations."
I'll have to ask for a Judge's ruling on this one.
On Tuesday Jan 12th 2010 I wrote an article in The Heelers Diaries entitled Jihad Knickerbocker Glories. It was about the Nigerian Muslim Al Qaeda agent who attempted to detonate explosives attached to his penis in order to bring down a jet liner at Christmas. My article contained a reference to a Muslim thug in Britain whose Al Qaeda affiliated organisation had recently been banned by the Home Secretary. I wrote:
"Aw blessums, did Home Secretariums stop diddums from his attempts to turn Britain into an Islamic dictatorshipums."
Superb writing that.
If I hadn't written it, I might have been tempted to plagiarise it myself.
On Friday Nov 6th 2009, I wrote an article in The Heelers Diaries entitled Rivers Of Blood. The article was about Muslim Al Qaeda agent Hassan Malik's murder of 13 soldiers and an unborn baby at Fort Hood in the United States. On the night of the murders, Hassan Malik's relatives had been allowed to go on Fox News claiming Hassan Malik had been bullied in the army and that Hassan Malik had been denied opportunities for promotion. These allegations were an obscene tissue of lies contrived by Hassan Malik's family before the bodies of Hassan Malik's victims were even cold. At the time I wrote in response to the false suggestions being propagated as an alibi for mass murder by Hassan Malik's family:
"Aw. Poor little Muslim Major Hassan Malik. Did the evil American soldiers upset Diddums? Is that why Diddums murdered 13 of them and an unborn baby?"
Classic insights there.
Okay folks.
Now look at Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's plagiarism of my insightful and eloquent indictments of Islamic evil.
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty simply took my gentle heartfelt and truly humanitarian stylings and perverted them into a sneer at the Pope.
Remember what Paedophile Ian O'Doherty wrote of Pope Benedict yesterday: "Aw did Diddums get upset..."
So clearly Ian O'Doherty is a thieving gypsy bastard.
Still, you've got to suspect I've made things a little less fun for him than they might have been.
By the way, Paedophile Ian O'Doherty is known as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty because last year he propagated a grotesque lie in the Anti Catholic Irish Independent, asserting falsely, maliciously and malignly, that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
At a stroke he viciously calumniated and betrayed hundreds of millions of people.
With absolutely no consequences for himself.
At that moment the law ceased to function in the Republic of Ireland.
Clearly since O'Doherty and Independent Newspapers were slandering millions of decent people by calling them paedophiles, clearly the decent people were perfectly entitled to throw the term right back where it came from.
That's what I've been doing.
Whenever the mood takes me.
When a scruff like O'Doherty and a bankrupt rag like the Irish Independent can indulge in such casual incitement to hatred by calling me and every other Catholic a paedophile, we are indeed close to the rule of barbarism.

They've started by murdering reputations.
The other murders will come later.
This is a persecution of the Church.
Still, in my own humble way I've made O'Doherty's lie slightly less profitable for Independent Newspapers than it might have been.
What goes around comes around as we do say in the trade.
And Paedophile Ian O'Doherty isn't looking all that happy these days.
Misery, even cretinous misery, always knows when it's miserable.
Picture him.
He sits there in his darkened room, with his Mayo hoor, in a pile of birth control pills, anti depressants and used tissues, surrounded by wafts of cannabinoid fumes, stray animals defecating on the carpet, in a chamber devoid of any semblance of spiritual joy except perhaps for the creased photocopies of The Heelers Diaries lying in bundles on a table, and sitting thusly, hoor and hack murmur to each other in desolate magnificence: "Everybody in the world is stupid except us."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

me and me and me (my favourite subject)

Morning Miss Aniss.
The problem with telling you anecdotes is that it seems in the short time I've known you, I've already used up my supply!
Seamus Heaney anecdote number fifteen... My feminist cousin Pauline was at a poetry festival. And she was telling some matronly poetry committee member worthy about me. She was saying: "I have a cousin, James Healy, and he's a poet." And the worthy said: "Oh but he's famous." And Pauline thought: "Well done James." And then she realised the daft happorth thought she'd said Seamus Heaney was her cousin.
Hilarious no!
Try to pretend you haven't heard it before, the next time I tell it to you.
x James

(The above was an email intended for Anissa Ladjemi but wired to the blog by mistake. It has been among the most read articles this month. Presumably the readers, like myself, were wondering what the hell it was doing here.)

the wing nuts


facile insolence towards the famous

i was reading WH Auden writing about the death of WB Yeats
not bad said i with a weary smile
for i was in the mood to disparage the dead greats
it hurts them not but it helps to pass the time
not bad said i with a short laugh
and it seemed a strange and fitting epitaph
for two considered king of the road
when knickerbockers were considered a la mode
perhaps i should temper this vain exultancy
with some dull reference to their immortality
but i don't think that applies
the great poet strives and self promotes and dies
his flesh his verse his bones consign to ground
i'm not a great poet
but i'm still around

al jazeera tries to do a south park

Al Jazeera the Muslim Nazi channel tried to do a South Park tonight.
The brightest minds of the Muslim world got together and devised a cartoon which was deliberately intended to be insulting to Catholics.
How daring of them.
What brave Jihadi's they are.
They must have gotten tired of getting their arses kicked by the American army and decided to take up a new hobby.
When the peaceloving religion of Islam turns its attention to the problems of sex abuse, surely a solution must be close at hand.
The Muslims will solve this one as quickly as they've solved every other problem they've faced.
As quickly as they've constructed civil societies, free elections, human rights and sexual dignity in their own cultures.
Everything's gonna be coming up roses now that the Allah U Marsbar brigade is in town.
Or maybe not.
The cartoon (by something called Moonbeam Films) was broadcast between David Frost's Frostie The Snow Muslim Show and Riz Khan's I'm A Tame Muslim Get Me Out Of Here.
The production was laced with a fine sledge hammer subtle Islamic sense of humour.
The cartoon showed priests intoning excuses for child abuse around a haggard depiction of the Pope whilst a choir sang further accusations in the background.
Seriously though.
They're absolutely hilarious.
It was odd to me that Muslims would even pretend for a moment to be concerned about child abuse.
How do we square such a posture with Muslims throwing acid into the faces of little school girls in Afghanistan? Forcing females to wear sacks in public? Murdering infants, teenagers and adult women under the guise of honour killings? Not to mention forcing millions of children into arranged Muslim marriages and never ever under any circumstances allowing those children the freedom to choose, say, their own religion?
How do we square such a posture with the grand total of nought functioning Muslim democracies?
How do we square such a posture with the mayhem Muslims are inflicting on the world at present as they attempt to subjugate the human race?
There's more.
Muslim tradition states that the prophet Muhammed was himself "married" to a nine year old girl.
It may be a while before we see a cartoon version of that on Al Jazeera.

our television listings

(Ireland's anti Catholic national broadcasting channel funded through compulsory taxation on Catholics by a corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government which does not allow the citizens of Ireland to set up television stations to compete with it. The wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town.)
2.20 Eastenders. British porn show which hasn't been the same since the resident murderer in the cast moved on. I kid you not.
3.00 Fair City. Tense urban anti Catholic drama financed compulsorily by me.
3.30 Rachel Allen Bake. This programme should be called Rachel Allen Half Baked.
4.00 The Afternoon Show. Hags discuss leg waxing and their periods. The antithesis of entertainment.
5.40 Nuacht. Gutteral incomprehensibility has a new name.
6.00 The Angelus. Bell ringing sop to believing Christians. This week's episode: Quasimodo converts to Islam and buys an Irish passport from Albert Reynolds.
6.01 News and Weather. Islamist propaganda.
7.00 Nationwide. Unwatchable and unwatched.
7.30 Fair City. Two in one day. Oh joy. Show me the way to the vomitorium.
7.57 Lotto Draw. Yeah they list the Lotto Draw as a programme.
8.00 Off The Rails. Brendan helps divya Kristin Kapelli find her off stage style, and Sonya meets Paloma Faith. And James throws up.
8.30 Health Of The Nation. Doctor Mark Hamilton and Doctor Nina Byrnes help more patients in the mobile clinic, on my dime.
9.00 News. This will contain no mention of the latest Al Qaeda panic sowing mission on a passenger jet between Paris and America yesterday.
9.35 No Reservations. (Film) I unreservedly tell you not to bother watching this.
11.30 News. Sitcom geared towards Ireland's infiltrating Muslim population.
(The Fianna Fail version of choice. A second national broadcasting channel operated by the first to perpetuate anti Catholic propaganda to a younger audience.)
1.55 Fifi And The Flower Tots. The most intellectual programme on RTE.
6.00 The Simpsons. Wearisome formulaic liberal left tosh that has run for twenty years and feels every day of it.
6.30 Home And Away. Throw another soap opera on the barbie cobber, as they do say in the RTE programming department.
7.00 Champions League Live Barcelona Versus Inter Milan. Bill O'Herlihy presents conformist soporific mania programme aimed at preventing the masses from thinking for themselves.
10.15 Criminal Minds. A programme about Ireland's police force and government.
11.10  News. Read by Allah U Marsbar.
11.40 The Eleventh Hour. No one on the planet earth will be watching this programme.
(Canadian owned nonce channel, permitted to broadcast in Ireland after the payment of appropriate bribes to Fianna Fail politicians, on the express understanding that the programming would be as atheistic and anti Catholic as everything on RTE.)
6.00 Xpose. Religious programme TV3 style.
6.30 Friends. I quite like Friends.
7.00 Emmerdale. Al Qaeda obliterate Yorkshire. Survivors gather in the Woolpack. The media blame President Bush and Prime Minister Blair.
7.30 Ireland's Animal A&E. Nobody cares what this is.
8.00 Glee. Teen porn.
9.00 Spoilt Little Rich Kids. TV3's idea of a current affairs programme.
10.00 Ireland's Property Hangover. All is redolent with the essence of pap.
11.00 Nightly News. Read by The Prophet Muhammed and his nine year old wife.
11.05 Tonight With Vincent Browne. Ageing Maoist indulges his anti Catholic fetish. The programme is sponsored by Royal Bank Of Scotland. The Royal Bank Of Scotland recently went bust because of its sponsorship of programmes like this, but thanks to the largesse of Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government, Royal Bank Of Scotland still has enough of my money to sponsor Vincent Browne's atheistic drivel. I kid you not.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

moonrise over the heartland


a scientist's prayer

bright the sky
the god
of miracles
and molecules
sits on his throne tonight
that the humble and mighty may rejoice

special guest blogger albert einstein

Being a lover of freedom when the Nazi revolution came in Germany, I looked to the universities to defend it, knowing that they had always boasted of their devotion to the cause of truth; But, no, the universities immediately were silenced. Then I looked to the great editors of the newspapers, whose flaming editorials in days gone by had proclaimed their love of freedom; But they, like the universities, were silenced in a few short weeks. Only the Catholic church stood squarely across the path of Hitler's campaign for supressing the truth. I never had any special interest in the church before, but now I feel a great affection and admiration because the church alone has had the courage and persistance to stand for intellectual truth and moral freedom. I am forced to confess that what I once despised I now praise unreservedly.
Albert Einstein, quoted in Time Magazine, edition of 23rd December 1940.

letter to bishop jim

Bishop Jim.
You should never have resigned.
The church will not be renewed by bowing to its oppressors.
These people in The Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Daily Mail who have contrived guilt against you, are charlatans and murderers.
Their murder of reputations is no less a murder for being a more cowardly form of murder than that practised by persecutors of the church in the past.
You will be their accuser on judgement day.
Their treatment of you has been invidious, malicious and malign.
Their ascription of guilt to you was utterly false and unjust.
Their gleeful sneers were the sneers of satan.
The media are using the contrived retrospective ascriptions of guilt in feminist atheist Judge Yvonne Murphy's false manipulative inuendo laden report into the church's handling of old child abuse cases, as a justification for their witch hunts.
The media are persecuting the church and they need scalps.
There was no other motivation for their treatment of you.
You knew my advice Jim.
Never apologise.
Because the right sort of people don't want an apology.
And the wrong sort of people will misuse one.
James Healy

how corrupt is the irish police force

Two more dead.
Two people dead in Garda custody in the space of a week.
Both were arrested in separate incidents.
Both were aged 39.
Both now dead.
Apparantly 39 is a dangerous age to get arrested in Ireland.
Hoo baby.
The bodies have been piling up in Irish police stations in recent years.
Of course the best way to murder someone is to do it off the premises.
We even had one death at the side of the road in County Kildare just before Christmas a few years ago.
The person was stopped while driving by police who claimed he'd made an erratic manoeuvre. The police never elaborated on the erratic manoeuvre the person is alleged to have made. But the person died at the scene. A child who was a passenger in the car saw the person die.
After the death the police released a highly prejudicial and absolutely illegal statement to the press saying they were checking the person's blood to see if it contained any illegal substances.
I wonder did they find anything.
Of course we never heard.
The deaths at the side of the road seem particularly poignant to me after my experiences with Sergeant James Dominic O'Mara in the town of Naas last Novemember.
This corrupt thug flung a photograph on the ground from my wallet, then compelled me to stand in the rain in a tee shirt while he shouted in my face; "You should know that light is gone."
This debased scruff claimed he thought I'd stolen my own car ever after I'd given him my name, driver's licence, tax disc and insurance details.
This incompetent swine refused to answer my questions.
This grotesque clown smirked when I asked him how much trouble I was in, replying: "That depends on what attitude the Judge takes."
He obviously knew something about the Judge that I didn't know.
This disgusting lout summonsed me to court for the crime of allowing my car light to fuse on the wettest night of the year, a court where a Lebanese Judge going by the monnicker Desmond Zaidan fined me 200 Euro.
In Lebanon of course the police are permitted to kill people as long as they chant Allah U Akbar when they do it.
So a Lebanese Judge fined me 200 Euros because Sergeant James Dominic O'Mara didn't know how to say: "Get that light fixed sir."
You can understand why I'm not surprised that the Guards are inducing heart attacks in citizens at the side of the road.
We've had another "interesting death" where a man was found dead at the rear of a church on Thomas Street in Dublin, having earlier been arrested by the cops and released just in time to expire.
We've had even more people who were arrested, beaten to a pulp in custody, and then brought to hospital to meet their maker.
That is to say they died in hospital not actually in the cells.
There was even one man, a traveller, whose family maintain the police electrocuted him with a cattle prod with the net result that he too shuffled off this mortal coil.
He's dead anyway, whatever the hell they did to him.
One of the guys who died this week was a traveller also and was brought from the cells to hospital to die.
What is it about travellers?
It's not a crime.
To be a traveller I mean.
It's not actually against the law.
There's no death penalty for it anyway.
And even if there was, no country on earth, not Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, not the Islamic Republic of Iran, not ephin Saudi Arabia, no country permits its police to execute citizens at the side of the road.
Then there have been the odd little deaths where people who'd had difficulties with the police died in car chases.
One police officer who was involved in just such a death told the court enquiry into the matter, that he was leaving Ireland to make a new life for himself.
He informed the court he would be going to Western Australia to take up a new job as, wait for it... a police officer.
I hope the people of Western Australia know what they're letting themselves in for.
Here is the news.
The Irish police, styling themselves An Garda Siochana, have previously been investigated by the United Nations Rapporteur On Human Rights for deliberately omitting people from the Deaths In Garda Custody Statistics which the Irish police are required by law to keep and publish annually.
People were dying at the hands of Garda Sean Hardman and his henchmen but their names weren't in the statistics.
The excuse eventually offered was that the dead men might have been assaulted in Garda custody but they had expired off the premises, either in a hospital or elsewhere.
Hilarious no.
The thugs of the Irish police force have in the space of a few years overturned 90 years of trust between the public and the police.
Nobody trusts them now.
Because they're out of control.
None of them ever get convicted.
There has been no prosecution of any police officer in Ireland relating to the burgeoning deaths in custody that are taking place at the hands of An Garda Siochana.
Still the bodies keep mounting up.

The Irish police force is institutionally and individually corrupt.
The Irish police are committing murder with impunity.

the monica leech vomit in

The High Court in the Republic of Ireland has just awarded 300,000 Euros to a married couple who were sold a defective house.
The house fell apart after they bought it.
The developers who sold them the house knew the couple would win their case but insisted on dragging proceedings through the courts in order to make it unprofitable for them and to discourage other potential litigants.
The married couple will have to pay 200,000 Euros in legal fees leaving them with barely a hundred grand to make up for their lost house and ten wasted years.
Now cast your minds on another famous recent Irish legal ruling.
In the Monica Leech case, a libel jury awarded Monica Leech 1.87 million Euros merely because she said she was hurt by Independent Newspapers attempts to report the circumstances in which a Fianna Fail government Minister paid her a small fortune from public funds to design websites no one ever visited.
She insisted Independent Newspapers reportage of the transaction implied she'd been having some sort of sexual liaison with the Minister.
This case in which Independent Newspapers ended up being ordered to pay 1.87 million dollars to Monica Leech, was presided over by Judge Eamon DeValera, a descendent of the founder of Fianna Fail who was also called Eamon DeValera.
We should note that Fianna Fail is more often to be found stuffing the coffers of Independent Newspapers with tax payers money in the form of State Sector advertising rather than going toe to toe with the morally bereft anti Catholic bstaads.
So the case represented an unusual falling out among corrupt kleptocratic behemoths.
It was odd for me to find myself decrying a case where Independent Newspapers came a cropper.
But personally I could not justify fining any newspaper group, even one run by satan, 1.87 million smackeroos for the crime of stating the bleeding obvious.
Does anyone else think that the situation prevailing in the courtrooms of Ireland, whereby Monica Leech can be awarded 1.87 million bucks for nothing, while an utterly blameless married couple get screwed over by Fianna Fail supporting property developers who sold them a botched house, is so rank with injustice as to beg for revolution?

odd ditties

the rational is a perspective
set low to the horizon
which opens wide on the spiritual

Monday, April 26, 2010

only the lonely

Afternoon at the chateau.
The noble Heelers is doing his good deed for the day.
He is ringing Monty Baines, a blind poet living in retirement in the town of Kildare.
"Let's spread a little kindness," he murmurs to a passing sheepdog as he dials the number.
Many years ago Heelers wrote a newspaper article about Monty.
He was aware that Monty was a bit isolated.
Yet the young high flying Heelers had not reached out to offer the hand of friendship at that time.
Over the course of the next decade he occasionally entertained guilty feelings about this.
And just recently Monty Baines had called him looking for a copy of the old newspaper article.
It seemed almost as if God had provided the high minded Heelers with a chance to right an historic wrong.
To atone for a sin of omission.
And Heelers had thereafter resolved to keep in touch with the man who'd recontacted him.
Just to light a candle of hope in the darkness of modern life.
He would make sure to ring the old blind guy at least once a week and check how he was doing.
In perpetuity if necessary.
So I'm ringing.
The phone is answered.
"Hey there Monty, this is James Healy, just checking in to see how you're doing."
There is a moment's silence at the other end.
"Sorry, I can't talk at the moment."
The phone went dead.
He'd hung up on me.
I scratch my bald pate thoughtfully.
Enter the Mammy stage left.
"What's wrong with you?" quoth she.
"It's that old poet guy in Kildare, he hung up on me again," sez me.
"Again?" quoth the Lildebeest.
"That's the third week in a row," sez me.
"He was probably busy," quoth the aged parent.
I shook my Roman emperor head.
"Lil," sez me, "we've got to face facts. Once could be an accident. Twice could be carelessness. But three times in a row means the desperately lonely isolated old blind guy doesn't want to talk to me."
"Do you think?" quoth the Mammy.
"And there's more," sez me. "I was ringing the Melia moghul last week and he hung up on me as well."
"Why would he do that?" questioneth Lilt.
"He didn't want to talk to me either Lil," exploded me.
"But he likes talking to you," persisteth the Mam. "You're always planning to produce plays with him. You know. The ones that never happen."
I consider her remarks.
"Recently I've been trying to convert him to Christianity," confesseth me. "It hasn't taken. I bet that's why he's not staying on the line when I ring him. And he never meets for coffee anymore either."
"You're reading too much into it," insisteth the mother of all the Healys.
"And there's another one," murmured me remembering suddenly with horror. "I rang Cousin Raymond in France last week and he said he couldn't talk, that he was just about to head out the door to an appointment. He didn't hang up exactly but he didn't stay on the line. With Baines and Melia and the old guy that makes three in a row."
"You really think they didn't want to talk to you?" probed the aged P.
I nodded bitterly.
My handsome preraphaelite features went a bit gothic.
"There is no other realistic conclusion," I stated (baldly). "Here was me thinking I was doing the Lord God Almighty a personal favour. But apparently my conversation is pure torture for these people. I'm just an irksome intrusion on their solitude. This is terrible. The lonely would prefer to be alone than listen to me. The lonely find me insufferable."
"You probably just caught them at a bad time," romanticised the Mammy.
I shot her a haunted look.
"My God Lil," I breathed in profound astonishment. "I've become a crushing bore."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

field of souls

the fronded chestnut tree
stirs over long grass
shadows flit and whisper
of what is and what is past
and in the field of souls
my grandfather rests at last
i will be seeing him still
some time the city crowds upon me
he'll raise an ashplant to a thistle
call his dog to heels
cry glory and whistle
whistle down the years
can you feel the softness
of the mist upon your face
or sense the shadows brooding
when the twilight whispers peace
then know the final darkness
is a darkness of release

a last appeal to the state sector employees of the republic of ireland

Hello nursies, teachers, corrupt cops, soldiers, and uncivil servants.
You will be watching with interest the unrest in Greece.
Greece like Ireland has an advantaged State sector.
That is to say it has a bunch of people like you who are guaranteed jobs for life, who have extorted silly money pay rises from successively weak pseudo governments of left and right, and who have been vouchsafed ridiculous pensions in their retirement.
Like the French.
Like the Germans.
Like the Italians.
All rich countries laid low by excessive trade union power and a debauched entitlement culture.
The European Union is a union of basket case bankrupt socialist countries and is not going to be able to postpone the day of reckoning with accountancy tricks forever.
These bankrupt Greeks and Frogs and Krauts and Eye Ties, are most like you Paddy Whack Irish thieves in that they are determined someone else should pay for their collapsing economies.
Now I'm going to say it simply.
Ireland is about to have a currency collapse.
We might just weather it if people like you volunteer to take massive pay cuts.
End your thievery.
Don't excuse your extortions by saying you do it for your kids.
Your kids aren't gonna live to use any of the money you've stolen if the country is awash in blood.
And the money itself is evaporating as fast as you steal it.
End this.
End the power you have vested in communist trade unions.
End your sponsorship of irreligious media scum.
End the people trafficking by crime gangs of Muslims into Ireland.
End it all.
Reform, repent, beg for forgiveness.
And hang your heads in shame.
You are the generation who sold Ireland, permitted Fianna Fail to spend us into the Third World, fostered lunatic levels of sex abuse, allowed drug dealers to open shops in every town in the country, murdered the unborn, stood aside while crime gangs took over Limerick, Cork, and Dublin, condomised private morality, debased the culture to a level of depravity that would shame the Visigoths, and did it all, did it all I say, while cheering on the crass charlatans of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, The Daily Mail and RTE in their maniacal pogroms against the ancient, beautiful and true Catholic faith.

an open letter to vladimir putin

Hey Vladdie.
How about publishing those air traffic control tapes made just before the plane carrying Polish President Lech Kazcynski plummeted into the ground killing all on board.
You know the tapes I mean.
The ones that supposedly show the Russian air traffic controllers telling the Polish pilots to divert.
The ones the supposedly show that the Russian air traffic controllers and the Polish pilots were unable to understand each other.
The ones that supposedly show someone Polish managing to communicate with the Russian air traffic controllers just long enough to tell them that the President of Poland was insisting on making landing attempt after landing attempt after landing attempt after landing attempt.
The ones that supposedly show there were no less than four attempted landings in dense fog.
Publishing these tapes Vladdie will help alleviate concerns largely fostered by me that you personally ordered the assassination of the Polish President and the 96 other human beings on board that plane with him.
James Healy

letters to a young hindu

----- Original Message -----
From: Divya
To: James
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 12:28 PM
Subject: Re: the wonder of you

I see no falsehood in jesus.
but everything around him is very much full of power games and trouble.
i see no need to fear and hence i fear no satanic concept.
hence, i dont look to a good or prophet for protection from the evils that may exist in the world.
god is existence for me and god is consciousness.
and i repeat god is a celebration for this miracle that is our planet and our life.
god is beyond an identity and which is why it is difficult for me to say jesus is the only true god, or only god or anything.
im not saying jesus is not god.. but everything is.
why is it so important to accept what is in the bible or around as the only truth?
why is it that beliefs are right or wrong and not personal?
the sun and the moon and the earth are not christian or hindu or whatever so why do we have to be?
and these are the creators of strong influences over our lives.

all i know is i wouldn't limit god to something. and exclude something from god.. because this is what comes very naturally to me. i think what is most natural is most closest to god.
like a leaf, like a flower. man has moved furtherest and tried to convince himself that he is the closest because he is "more conscious".
these are merely reflections of the ego.

this is not a discussion about atheists nor about different religions. i'm talking about all beliefs that make us powerless, and following that try to make us superior.
progress and civilsation, power and religion need to be reconsidered.

god is in the small things.
god is personal.
im not waiting for jesus to show up.
he is right here in me.

i have no real words to explain further.. neither am i interested in discussing god in words.. or arguing about him/her/it/everything intellectually.
the mind is a minute part of our body that has gained supremacy over the rest of us, just like the power and finances and decision making of the world int he hands of the few.
i now understand why a completely natural life and a life away from massaging the grey matter of the mind is almost impossible, because religion art, celebration and even communication experience have become extremely mindful- mindless. in all of this the heart is lost.
the heart doesn't reason, the heart feels. and if one wants to know god.. one can't reason him out.. one can't find him in words. one can't understand him.. once feels him, one experiences him. because one is him. this life is a matrix and within this matrix we have symbols for god, we have words for him and jesus christ, allah and ram are these indirect ways of reaching him.
the way to god is with eyes closed. inside oneself, through oneself, through what is most natural and what is closest to god, and away from civilisation and the man-made world.
but god is everywhere and surely you can reach him through music, through prayer, through chanting, through physical mortification, through abstenance, through sacrifice, through religion.
but you can also reach him ways that respect your body, your mind, respect nature, respect your natural desires and instincts.
you also reach him through love.



From: James
To: Divya

You took my best shot.
That was it.
I can't write any better.
I can't debate any better.
I can't testify to the truth any better.
You have seen my soul.