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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


1. President Vladmir Putin of Russia has decided to prevent the fall of the regime of Bashar Al Assad in Syria. He is not bluffing.

2. The rebel groups in Syria are controlled by Al Qaeda.

3. Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and Isis are the same thing. The differences between them and the lines of separation are notional.

4. We should not protect Al Qaeda from President Putin.

5. US President Barack Obama should never in the first place have supported the Al Qaeda controlled rebellion in Syria.

6. US President Barack Obama should never have withdrawn American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in his attempts to discredit his predecessor President George Bush. I would refer you to the situation in Europe after World War Two when American troops ensured the continued freedom and security of Western Europe by remaining in Western Europe for seventy years and counting. The American troops present in Western Europe also ensured that surviving Nazis did not become confused about who had actually won World War Two.

7. US President Barack Obama has founded his entire career on the casual, opportunistic and invidious criminalisation of his predecessor President George Bush. President Obama's securing of high office through the dishonorable manipulative mendacious and deliberate misinterpretation of President Bush's decisive actions in removing Iraq and Afghanistan's murderocracies, ie Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the the Al Qaeda Taliban in Afghanistan, has left President Obama himself without credibility for decisive action of his own in these countries, the Middle East. and elsewhere.

8. We should not risk a war with Putin's Russia in order to install an Al Qaeda government in Syria.

9. We should not risk a war with Putin's Russia in order to save face for President Barack Obama.

10. The Islamist government of Turkey is up to its neck in training, provisioning and otherwise assisting the Isis branch of the Al Qaeda network.

11. President Obama and Nato have no business threatening Mr Putin for any real or imagined infringement of Turkish airspace. The Free World will not go to war for Islamist Turkey under any circumstances.

12. President Barack Obama's pursuit of high office through the systematic betrayal of his predecessor President Bush has emboldened and revitalised Al Qaeda in all its forms.

13. I have previously made modest efforts to highlight what I perceive to be a psychopathic resovietising utterly murderous mendacious and amoral ruthlessness on the part of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

14. However I hold with Winston Churchill on these matters. If Al Qaeda attacked hell, I would at the very least give a favourable mention to the devil in the Heelers Diaries.

15. In Syria it's Mr Putin or nothing.

16. We should let the Russians finish the job.

Monday, October 05, 2015

confucius he say

In vino lotsaselfindulgentrubbishtas.