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Saturday, October 17, 2009

moderately annoying fellows

The three main writers at Independent Newspapers are Paedophile Ian O'Doherty (so called because he falsely maliciously and malignly referred to the Catholic church as a paedophile ring in a recent article), John "Boycott The Sacraments" Cooney (he called for a boycott of the sacraments in a recent article) and Kevin "Piss" Myers (he sneered that there is no God in a recent article).
Of these the most cowardly and mendacious is Paeds O'Doherty.
The most paradoxically honorable is Piss Myers.
And the most odious is Sacraments Cooney.
Sacraments Cooney had an article in the Irish Independent this week in which he claimed Ireland had "reeled" at revelations in something called the Ryan Report which purported to be an investigation of abuse in Catholic Church run schools.
The Ryan report featured atheistic liberals recycling old allegations of abuse, broadening the definition of abuse to include anything they wanted it to be, and creating an illusion of generalised abuse in the Ireland of the past in order to deliberately distract people's attention from the abominable levels of child abuse, child murder, child violation, child rape, and child sacrifice to satan, in the Ireland of today.
I say more.
The Ryan report was a blatent attempt to stop people seeing the atheistic tide of drugs and porno poison currently sweeping our country and our culture back to the dark ages.
Ah yes.
So according to Sacraments Cooney the Ryan report caused Ireland to "reel."
It didn't.
The only ones reeling were journalists employed by a company styling itself Independent Newspapers.
Why, they positively danced in the street.
While their sales figures dipped a little closer to absolute zero.
They are sinking giggling beneath the waves.
Still parotting the same anti Catholic clap trap.
Here is the news.
Here is the news that genuinely does make Ireland reel.
Health Boards in Ireland are smuggling children who have been raped by Health Board staff over to England for abortions.
At least twenty children have died in Health Board care in the past few years.
These deaths have not been explained or investigated or properly reported in the piously hypocritical Irish Independent.
Michael Neary violated hundreds of women on the operating table at Drogheda Memorial hospital.
Neary's legal team devised a defence statement for Neary which claimed Neary had carried out his clandestine violations of these women because the Catholic ethos of the hospital prevented him from sterilising them legally.
Bear in mind that none of these women had requested sterilisations and that none of these women medically required sterilisations.
Neary was violating them because he liked it.
I wonder did a man like that figure he owed it to himself to kill a few.
An accomplice is currently hiding out in the wilds of Scotland.
Neary's violation of hundreds of women on the operating table, his pathetic anti Catholic defence for his violations, and his continued freedom and pension rights, have not been properly highlighted, focussed on, or reported in the Irish Independent, The Irish Times, RTE or any of the liberal media who pretend to be so shocked by the Ryan Report.
Meanwhile a group of twelve year old children have been questioned by police after forcing some four year old children to perform sex acts and filming the sex acts on their mobile phones.
Children are murdered by their parents and the coroner's office deliberately obfuscates about the cause of death in order to allow the murdering bastards attend the funeral.
The State pathologist Marie Casserley has an unfortunate prediliction for saying people beaten to death in the streets may have died from underlying heart conditions or because they had alcohol in their system.
A spate of child suicides across the Republic is all but ignored in the liberal media.
Crime gangs have taken over our cities.
And two hundred thousand Muslims who smuggled themselves into the country in the back of lorries, are now clutching freshly minted Irish passports, every one bought and paid for, and biding their time for the civil war they know they will soon wage for ultimate power here.
And the Irish Independent thinks Ireland is reeling on account of the Ryan Report.
It. Is. Time. For. Us. To. Put. A. Stop. To. This.

midnight memories

the moon trapped in the topmost branches of the silver birch tree

Friday, October 16, 2009

of hamsters and men

Morning coffee at the Cafe Des Belles Russkis in Newbridge Silverware.
Ireland's greatest living poet is chatting to his brother Doctor Barn.
At the weekend their father celebrated his 81st birthday.
The conversation dwells on related topics.
"Did you tell the Dad you love him?" wondered me.
"I did," said Doctor Barn.
"What did he say?" quoth me.
"He looked like he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him," sez the Doc.
The noble Heelers laughed heartily at this.
"Did you tell him you love him?" enquired Daktari.
The noble Heelers rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
When I rub my chin I look a bit like Rodin's The Thinker, only sort of vacant and thoughtless.
"The thing is Doc," sez me, " I can say it to the hamster. But I can't say it to my Dad."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

of the universality of truth

Midnight. Me and the dog strolling in the garden of my father. A gospel shiver in the hedgerows. Stars glittering. A watermelon moon tangled in the topmost branches of the silver birch tree. Leaves strewn across the lawn like sea shells. The fiery coldness of Autumn becoming Winter. The hush of souls in the small town lit by orange street lamps. All of this. Rare as treasure. Right there. For anyone who wants it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

strange visitors

come with me
to the darkest most beautiful night
that the world has ever seen
and ever might
we can sit on the straw
we'll get warm from it
and watch the stillness draw
a cloak of peace
through a time of war
lambs are calling in the fields
that this night is forever
and forever yields
to this night
we are there
caught in the warmth
from things that are old
and things that are rare
look look my friend
and myrhh

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Photographer's Eye (with Enrica Cecchini)

I am of Africa! This lady was in the market at Lusaka in Zambia. Her eyes held such peace. Enrica

this little life

Evening at the Chateau de Healy.
Me sitting in front of the television.
The Mammy nearby.
"Son," sez she. "I noticed you've been reusing tea bags. What are you playing at?"
With some reluctance the noble Heelers shifted his attention from Die Hard.
"I am reacting to the economic down turn," I told the Lildebeest pleasantly.
"By saving tea bags?" quoth she.
"Yes," sez me.
"And how many tea bags will you have to save before you pay for that Joanna Lyons painting you bought last week?" wondereth she.
"That's not the point Lil," I sighed.
"You know that painting is frightening people who wander down the hall," she prodded.
"It's a lovely painting," protested me.
"It mugs you as you're going into the toilet," insisted the Mammy.
"It does not," I mouthed.
"It's like it's leaping at you off the wall," she mused.
A series of explosions drew my attention back to the television screen.
The Mammy who is not much into Die Hard, tried another conversational gambit.
"Are you getting many visitors to your blog?" enquireth she.
"Just a lot of Jihadis, Irish government apparatchiks and googlebots," I replied absently.
From somewhere up my sleeve MC Hamster let out a cry of delight.
Presently she was singing.
"I wish I were a googlebot," she sang. "Today. Today. I wish I were a googlebot. I'd have such fun on the internet. Today. Today. Today way down in Dixie."
This made very little sense even by the hamster's usual high standards of incomprehensibility.
"Hey Hammy," sez Ireland's greatest living poet, "I hope you're not pee weeing in there."
"Ah a little pee never did anyone any harm," shot back the hamster.
"Have you never heard of Weils disease?" I demanded.
"Who's Weil?" wondered Hammy.
"Some bloke who owned a hamster that kept peeing on him," sez I.
"How did it end?" asked Hammy.
"He died," sez me.
"Cool," sez Hammy.
Paddy Pup placed his head on my knee.
"Any chance of a walk?" he asked his brown eyes gentle and pleading.
"I suppose so Paddler," quoth me.
We went outside to the night, the wind and the stars.


I've censored the Heelers Diaries a few times.
Once when I'd written a piece in praise of former Pakistani President Pervez Musharaff.
The article suggested that Islamist politicians Nahwaz Shariff and Imran Khan had most to gain from the murder of Benazir Bhutto and were most probably complicit with the Taliban and Al Qaeda in killing her.
The article also suggested that President Barack Obama's pressure to release and reinstate Pakistan's Supreme Court Judge Chowdry was misplaced as I considered Chowdry an agent for Al Qaeda who had consistently released Al Qaeda operatives after the Pakistani military had captured them.
In the end, I pulled the article because I just wasn't absolutely sure about my endorsement of Musharaff.
There seemed some possibility that Al Qaeda elements within Pakistan's own security forces had killed Benazir.
So I censored the whole thing.
I also censored a ranting article on the Sudan but this later reappeared in a modestly toned down version.
The only other such self censorship on this blog came when I first wrote about Irish woman Monica Leech, her contract with a government Minister for public relations services, her libel case and her subsequent aggrandisement at the expense of Independent Newspapers to the tune of 1.87 million quid.
I noted in that article that an anonymous caller had suggested on RTE radio that Monica Leech received her well paid sinecure from the Minister in return for blow jobs.
In light of the court's decision to give Leech nearly two million quid when Independent Newspapers merely alluded to her arrangements and travels with the Minister, in my view committing no libel or slander whatsoever but actually contributing very positively to the public's awareness of how our government was conducting itself, I felt wary of mentioning the RTE call and or Monica Leech in any context.
RTE itself had paid Monica Leech yet more hundreds of thousands in compensation for that call without any court appearance taking place.
The caller was never identified.
After self censoring with regard to Monica Leech I became somewhat weary of censorship in general.
The huge court award in Monica Leech's favour has left most journalists unsure of what they can say.
This is the best way for our corrupt kleptocratic government to triumph.
If we don't know what we can say, most of us end up saying nothing.
I think it's time to start saying something again.

a russkie in dublin


By Irina Kuksova

I'm trying to organize a wedding dinner in Italy for an Irish friend. I'm paying the price for showing off and mentioning that I speak Italian and I am well familiar with local traditions. Since that unfortunate move I've been Googling 'ristoranti' and digging up exquisite menus from the Internet jungle. Finally, I found that perfect venue and that perfect menu. Trembling with excitement, I dart to my friend… Only to discover how wrong the whole dinner is.

Firstly, neither tea nor coffee for the 'aperitivo'. Just some lousy champagne and fruit cocktails. What will guests think! I mark that and sigh at a thought of people drinking hot tea when the temperature is at merciless +35 C.

Secondly, the main course only has zucchini as a side dish. Where are carrots? Potatoes? Some people won't even know what zucchini look like and will think it's a cucumber – and still won't eat it! Shrimps in champagne? It's a bloody joke.

Lastly, I was given a quote of 5 euro per head to have a "free bar" (the newlyweds make a serious deposit in advance so that their guests don't have to pay for any of their drinks for the whole night). "Do those people know who they are dealing with?" says my friend. By the look in her eyes I can tell – NO, they have no idea. The restaurant will go bankrupt after this wedding.

I'm still slaving away trying to 'Irishize' this wedding party in Italy. I rationalize that it is a great training in international communications. But a traitor thought springs up now and then – why don't I just bring them to an Irish pub?


Many years ago a friend rang me to ask what I thought of the Mel Gibson film Braveheart.
"It's a very well made film," I mused cautiously. "But I can't help wondering does it amount to incitement to violence. You know with some Mel Gibson films the violence is often a little too persuasive. I think suggestible people are going to interpret this one as an anti British tract and they might be inclined to accept its view of history. It's a terribly powerful film. I genuinely think it may have unforeseen ramifications for the way Scots see themselves and consequently for the stability of the United Kingdom. You know, I even think it could contribute to a more violent culture elsewhere too because the violence is so entertaining. But the immediate danger, I think, is that it may contribute to the break up of the UK."
"Yes," said my friend. "Isn't it brilliant!"
The years have passed as they always do.
Tonight I watched Braveheart with Serafina, a quite different friend.
I was a little less critical this time.
There was a great scene where Mel Gibson as me was getting ready to lead his army into battle against the English King Edward, known to history as Longshanks.
The Scottish nobles were parlaying with the English nobles in the middle of the battle field while both armies watched on the sidelines.
Mel Gibson rode up.
Longshanks, played by newcomer John Fry, looked startled.
"We are discussing terms," Longshanks said mildly.
"Here are my terms," snarled Gibson.
There was stupefied silence.
"You will go back to England," snarled Gibson again. "And tell the Johnston Press that Ireland's newspapers are her's to take no more."
Longshanks started to laugh.
A hollow soulless but somehow dangerous laugh.
"You are ridiculous," he said.
Mel Gibson's lip curled.
"I'm not finished," he spat. "Then you will ring every single journalist, printer, salesman, advertising executive, girl on the phones, cleaning lady, window washer, every single person the Johnston Press has ever fired from an Irish newspaper, and you will apologise profusely to each one for your arrogance, malevolence, and crass porcine incompetence."
Longshanks was still laughing.
"Do you really believe..." he began.
Mel Gibson's face contorted with animal fury.
"I'm... not... finished..." he enunciated with demonic contempt. "You will then offer each one of those people you fired, ten million pounds cash in compensation. Each one. Ten million each."
Longshanks had stopped laughing.
"You impudent fool," he mouthed.
Mel Gibson's eyes shone with pure hate.
"I'm..... not..... finished....." he managed to enunciate but the rage had nearly mastered him now. "Having done these things, you will surrender control of every Irish newspaper ye presumed to buy with your borrowed money loaned to you by banks that can't seem to keep their mickeys in their pocket. Ye will surrender control of those newspapers to the people who actually work there. And then ye'll go back to Derbyshire with your tails between your legs to lick your wounds and wonder how ye ever had the gall to mess with your betters. And try running your own newspapers for a change if there's any in all England that'll have ye. Do this and you shall live. Do it not and ye shall die."
I gotta tell you gentle readers of the internet.
Incitement it may have been.
But it was powerful stuff.

Monday, October 12, 2009

a bianca sky

russian for beginners

Even if you study the russian language for years
Very beautiful though she is
Gracious and glorious her musicalities
Exuding warmth in icy mysteriousness
Nurturing your spirit towards fantastical visions
In time she will prove a harsh mistress

The russian language will seduce you like a poem
As though you are the one she has waited for
Right until the moment she called you home
And if you are true to her
She may thrill you sometimes
Only to withdraw her favour at a whim
Virtue is poor reward for this

our television listings

(A television station for liberal left wing atheists and corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail bankers, financed by a compulsory tax on the Christian people of Ireland. Also known as Bolshevick TV, Pseud TV, and Utterly Unwatchable TV.)
4.00 The Afternoon Show. Inane programme made moderately interesting due to the fact that it's presented by birds who keep suing the station for forcing them to work together.
5.45 Nuacht. Nobody knows what this is.
6.00 The Angelus. RTE's sop to believing Christians. Rung by Quasimodo.
6.01 News. Read by the fembo commie pinkos.
7.00 Nationwide. Interminable drivel.
7.30 CSI The Irish Ripper. Earth to RTE. Serial killers are not entertaining. Nor are they by any stretch of your dessicated imaginations, suitable material for programmes broadcast this early in the evening. You low life tasteless atheistic anti Catholic abortionist scruff etc etc.
8.00 Eastenders. Cor blimey fest.
8.30 Rescue. RTE cookery programme, ie it's tripe and onions.
9.00 News. Read by you know who.
9.35 Who Do You Think You Are? RTE's celebration of people RTE thinks are worth celebrating. Even so their fathers praised the false profits. Tonight's episode features some wearisome bint called Fionnuala Flanagan rabbiting on about her poor upbringing. I don't know and I don't care.
10.35 The Frontline. Vampire drama programme featuring Pat Kenny. You couldn't kill him if you rammed a stake through his black heart. RTE are gonna keep paying him a million a year until the country slides giggling beneath the waves. You could give job opportunities to a hundred people for that money and still give Kenny 20 thou for himself, which is about 20 thou more than he's worth.
11.45 One To One. RTE's worship of selected loathsome personalities continues. Tonight's episode features worthless pseudo scientist James Lovelock who has pioneered some wishful thinking environmental claptrap theory in order to distract people from the threat of Muslim Nazi terror armies massing for invasion. Lovelock's main marketing ploy has been something he calls the Gaia hypothesis. His Gaia hypothesis suggests that the earth itself is a self regulating living organism. The man's a tit. No. Tits are good things. This man's a scrote faced weasel. I have a Gaia hypothesis of my own by the way, which unlike Lovelock's is actually based on verifiable data. My Gaia hypothesis is that if you tell the Italian authoress Gaia Brugnolo that condom advocacy campaigns are an inappropriate measure for controlling sexually transmitted diseases in the general population, Gaia Brugnolo will never talk to you again. It's a fact.
12.30 News. Read by the sleepy fembo commie pinkos.

the unnecessary recession

The chief executives and board members of Anglo Irish Bank, Trustees Savings Bank, Allied Irish Bank and Bank Of Ireland, along with the other myriad financial institutions which used accountancy tricks to declare massive fictional profits for the past twenty years, prior to suddenly announcing that they were about to go bust over night, should all be in jail.
Let's suspend the constitution, take Judge Liberal out of the equation, and put em in jail.
You'd be surprised how many of them would reform after a decade in solitary.
The corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party which has used this country to rescue its corrupt kleptocratic friends in the banking and construction industries, should be disbanded.
Fianna Fail should be disbanded by the voters.
I'm not asking you to vote for the abortionist amoral spin doctoring Fine Gael or the communist infiltrated Labour Party.
I'm just saying: End Fianna Fail.
End them now.
The Fianna Failers who have risked the existence of our country by pinning our economy to corrupt financial institutions, should also be serving jail time.
Let's be clear.
Irish banks did not collapse because of any international down turn.
Irish banks collapsed because Irish bank executives were paying themselves millions of pounds a year when the banks were making no real profits beyond the accountancy tricks engineered by the auditors.
Irish banks went bust because Irish banks operated an illegal cartel and engaged in fast practices with property speculators in an attempt to corner the property market in Ireland.
There should be no bank executive in Ireland earning more than 10 thousand Euro a year now.
Any small businessman knows that when your business isn't generating profits then the top man takes the hit.
The bankers are currently paying themselves million dollar salaries and million dollar bonuses out of the money Fianna Fail is still throwing at them.
This is not money Fianna Fail has itself in its possession.
This is money Fianna Fail is borrowing agains the nation's future.
Our children will be born into penury because of these grotesque overpaid Fianna Fail hirelings.
We need to stop these people.
All of them.
They are driving out country towards left wing absolutism on a tide of corruptions.
Their hubris is that they just can't stop.
One more thing.
Those members of the Irish middle class who are employed by the State need to put their house in order.
The State sector employees who have extorted ridiculous pay rates from a Fianna Fail government they knew to be weak vascillatory and criminally corrupt, those State sector employees need to voluntarily give that money back.
Whining about the corrupt bankers won't cut it when the country is about to become a card carrying member of the third world.
Let's put the bankers in jail alright.
But the preponderance of Ireland's collapsing financial situation has been caused by teachers, nurses, police officers, soldiers and uncivil servants.
They need to wake up and admit what they've done.
And they need to give the money back.
And they need to pray for forgiveness.
Hey Nursies.
Give the money back.
Your children won't thank you for the apocalypse.

the empire goes bust

Declining sales being reported on all titles in Tony O'Reilly's Independent Newspapers stable.
The Evening Herald. The Irish Independent. The Sunday Independent. The Sunday World. The Daily Star.
They are sinking giggling beneath the waves.
Of course these are only official figures.
I suggest the truth is probably far more grim.
They have no readers.
It is instructive to remind ourselves of the one point five billion debt mountain these supposedly hugely popular titles now admit to.
We could all be the most popular newspapers in Ireland if the idiot banks were giving us 1.5 bill to play around with.
Hoo boy.
And then the reality check.
They have no readers.
For all their three decades of anti Catholic pro hedonism youth worshipping pap.
They have no readers.
And they think it's the internet that's to blame.
Nothing to do with their own incompetence or the fact that most of us wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.
Hoo boy.
Their blatent sneer war against the Catholic church has been waged by Independent Newspapers without let or hindrance for thirty years.
The key to this strategy is shown by Independent Newspapers' malign misrepresentation of sex abuse.
By recycling continuously any case involving supposed Catholics, and ignoring the 99.99 percent of cases which take place in family households and in secular Health Board care institutions, Independent Newspapers, and its allies in RTE and The Irish Times, were able to create the viciously malign illusion that most sex abuse cases involved clerical people.
They didn't have to tell a single lie.
They just had to ignore 99.99 percent of the truth.
But people have figured them out.
And now the ship is going down.
Like the corrupt bankers of Ireland, the pseud managers of Independent Newspapers are possessed of a certain hubris.
They believe their own propaganda.
They believe their own falsified circulation figures.
Ah yes.
We can all circulate fifty million newspapers a minute.
But how many are we actually selling?
There are consequences for building your house on lies.
I certainly tried to warn them that if they were genuinely trying to destroy God's church, they would some day answer for it.
When they offered me an editorship ten years ago, I laughed in their faces.
(Ah Heelers it was only Ireland's Own. - Ed note.)
Still they continued to traffic in a most vile and sadistic, crass and mendacious propaganda.
Even in the past year, their febrile and cretinous journalistic staff have sought to outdo themselves in sneering at the faith of our fathers.
Ian O'Doherty falsely, maliciously, clownishly and perversely sneered in the Irish Independent that the Catholic church was a paedophile ring.
John Cooney in the same publication sneered goonishly, cretinously, crassly and blaphemously seeking to promote a boycott of the sacraments no less.
Kevin Myers, who is in my view the only vaguely honorable man among O'Reilly's crew of amoral dribblers, sneered copious quantities of anodyne atheistic school boy introspection deriding the possibility that the creator of the universe exists.
But Myers at least has integrity.
The others are worthless coward scum.
And why would we forget that Independent Newspapers which pretends to be so concerned about child abuse, has a partnership arrangement with British porn baron Richard Desmond in publishing The Daily Star.
A porn baron no less.
Bloody hell.
Yes, we're talking about the same Daily Star whose editor Ger Colleran falsely, malignly and maliciously claimed on national television that children had been screaming for help in every Catholic church presbytery in Ireland.
Colleran's paper publishes phone sex lines every day.
His boss is a porn baron.
Truly Colleran is a moral giant.
By which I mean he is a hypocritical fetid rapacious dishonorable dolt not fit to tie the shoelaces of the heroic Christians who founded, sustained and perpetuated our beautiful nation of Ireland and our magnificent sublime vibrant life affirming Irish culture through two millennia.
Two millennia of Christianity thrown away just like that.
And in just twenty years Independent Newspapers and their values and their O'Dohertys and their Collerans, have given us drug culture, porno culture, suicide culture, unprecedented levels of sex abuse culture, promiscuity culture, marital breakdown culture, abortion culture, bung the old folks into homes culture, crime gangs running the cities culture, one hundred and fifty thousand Muslim Jihadis with Irish passports culture, Michael Neary violating women on the operating table at Drogheda Memorial Hospital culture, corrupt politicians and judiciary culture, etc etc.
They haven't finished yet, you know.
But they've very nearly finished Ireland.
I wonder do the phone sex lines published in the Daily Star cause sexual disruptions in males and females, thereby leading to sex abuse.
I think they do.
All of them.
All the Independent Newspapers heroes.
But the Titanic is going down.
Their only hope now is that our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government will use tax payers money, ie borrowings, to bail out billionaire bankruptee O'Reilly and his coterie of grotesque hangers on.
I hope Fianna Fail which is currently trying to buy off the Green Party in order to retain power, does not compel the citizens of Ireland to borrow more billions to prop up Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times as it has done already to prop up its corrupt friends in the financial services and banking sectors.
Let Independent Newspapers sink or swim on their own merits.
They're already gone.
I note that Independent Newspapers token Catholic David Quinn has this week been urging Irish people to beware the wrath of God.
Oh Lordy.
Hilarious, no!
Quinn, you are working for a virulently atheistic anti Catholic newspaper group, the same organisation that sets Ian O'Doherty, John Cooney, Kevin Myers, and others of even baser intellect, and equally neglibible talent, discernment and humanity, sets them up I say, in judgement upon the ancient church and upon our ancestors.
Ah yes.
It wasn't our ancestors who spent the country into a third world debt.
It wasn't our ancestors who created a generation of corrupt thieving bankers, corrupt thieving Judges and legal professionals, corrupt thieving stock exchange executives, and a corrupt thieving middle class of morally bereft I-know-my-rights teachers, nurses, bus drivers, uncivil servants, cops and soldiers.
It wasn't our ancestors who corrupted the middle class with sex and payrises.
It wasn't our ancestors who debauched a generation of children with a cry of: "Oooh children are going to have sex anyway, so it's best to give em condoms," and then a few years later: "Oooh ten year olds are having sex so we'd best give them condoms too."
It wasn't our ancestors who betrayed God.
It wasn't our ancestors who failed to stand up to the O'Reillys for fear we mightn't look cool.
It was us Quinn.
Led by your newspaper.
They only pay you Quinn because you allow them to pose in plain sight as objective reporters of events, while they pursue their twisted irreligious vomitously evil agendas.
Wake up Quinn.
Pious inanities won't erase your collusion with this shower of venomous clowns.
I mean Ian O'Doherty, Quinn.
Is there any honour in working with Ian O'Doherty?
He called the Catholic church a paedophile ring Quinn.
Have you no shame Quinn?
If there was even an ounce of sincerity in your much vaunted claims to be a Christian, you'd get up off your knees, and repudiate the idolators who employ you.
Never gonna happen eh Quinn.
Because you're not a Catholic.
You're one of them.

today they said

Lara Marlow (writing in The Irish Times): The only criticism of the decision to award the Noble Peace Prize to President Obama came from the Republican Party of the United States and from the Taliban.

James Healy: The size of Lara Marlow's lie is becoming clearer with every passing moment. It was a wilful lie. A wilful attempt to smear the Republican Party. She knew what she was doing. She certainly wasn't trying to smear the Taliban. She quite likes the Taliban as does the newspaper for which she works. I mean propagandises for. So let's see. How big was her lie? As soon as the Nobel Committee announced its decision, there was a storm of criticism from all over the world. This criticism cut across political and geographical boundaries. Lech Walesa of Poland said the award had come "too early," noting Obama's short career and lack of substantial accomplishments. In Britian Malcolm Rifkind said the award was "perverse and premature." Bronwyn Maddox political editor at The Times Of London (ie a real newspaper, not the Irish Times) said the decision was so crass it could mean the end of the Nobel Prize altogether. She added: "Obama in accepting looks like a fool dangerously lost in his own mystique." My own view is that the award of a Nobel Prize to President Obama is quite in line with the politicisation of the Nobel Committee in recent years. Other Nobel Peace Prize winners since the Al Qaeda attacks of Nine Eleven have included Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Mohammed El Baradei. I suppose short of giving one to Osama Bin Laden the appeaserish peaceniks of the Nobel Committee could not have made their feelings and their partisanship and indeed their treachery, plainer. Lara Marlow is a silly bitch.

the monica leech laugh in

Question: What do you call a cross between Monica Leech and a creature that eats purple and blue rocks?
Answer: If you don't want to be compelled by Judge Liberal to pay her 1.87 million quid, you'd be better off calling it nothing at all.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

tilting at liberals

From The Heelers Emails.
To: Theo Dorgan, RTE radio.
On 10 Oct 2009, at 20:37, James Healy wrote:

Just a note to ask you to visit my website.
It will be interesting for you to see how people who actually work for a living try to express their creativity without the assistance of a Stalinist compulsorily imposed licence fee which keeps the likes of you and Gerry Ryan and Pat Kenny and that Fianna Fail young blood whatsisname in free money.
James Healy
President Director General The Heelers Diaries
Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2009 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: from James

Dear James Healy,

I don't recall inviting you to write to me at home.

You seem a little mixed up, if you don't mind my saying so: Kojak is a fictional character.

I had a look at your website, enjoyed it a great deal. Very funny.

All good wishes for the poems.

And now, forgive me, I must get back to work.

Theo Dorgan


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2009 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: from James

If you don't want people writing to you at your email address (hardly at home) you shouldn't send them your email address you great liberal atheistic tax payer subsidised lollipop sucking twit.
You're hardly the Theo Dorgan who said on RTE radio during Nine Eleven: "Our sympathies go out to the Americans. And now back to Rattlebag."
Finest hour indeed.
The unsubsidised Tipperary North FM realised World War Three was breaking out and actually went live to New York to report on it.
What will these people who actually work for a living dream of next?
Continued success in your licence fee funded pro Palestinian terror anti American anti Catholic irrelevancy.
You've nearly killed television and radio.
Do you think you'll actually manage to kill poetry as well?
PS: Don't work too hard.
PPS: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, etc etc.