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Friday, September 23, 2011

an open letter to john waters of the anti catholic irish times and mary kenny of the anti catholic independent newspapers

Listen lads.
Do you really think you can continue to pose Catholic while working full time for the Nazi Party?
Every article you write half heartedly aping to defend our ancient faith against its attackers (ie your employers) every article I say, you begin by accepting the contrived criticisms (ie contrived by your employers) against our leaders (ie the twenty ageing Irish Bishops of the royal and true Church), whom you see fit to throw under the bus time and time again as you handwringingly and falsely proclaim: "Yes the Bishops are guilty."
Writing for the Beobachter Zeitung (ie The Irish Times or The Irish Independent), and/or accepting money for providing plausible deniability to such anti Catholic publications on charges relating to their vitiating bigotry, is incompatible with membership of the Catholic Church.
I mean, have you no shame?
James Healy

Copies to Breda O'Brien and David Quinn.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

did you ever feel like just

Did you ever feel like just ringing the Garda Confidential phone tip line and telling them in your best husky confidential voice: "The Guards are individually and institutionally corrupt."

that my hamster hammy doth worship the living god

She hath a golden sheen on her fur which is testament to God's grace.
She hath a manner of washing herself which is a ritual of respect for herself and for her creator.
She ignoreth all human commandments except such as she considereth relevant unto her by her own discernment.
She hath a way of standing up on her two hind legs and half turning towards me as though she is the phantom of the opera with a poignant expression on her face when she wants to be taken out of her cage.
She haply doth utilise her two front legs as the most graceful and perfect hands in her washing, in her eating, in her scuttling and in her scrabbling.
She doth not bite me unlike other hamsters who hath a particular relish for ye random biting.
She doth rummage in her food dish most merrily for the food that she really likes and praises God for the good of it by getting stuck in and then jamming any left overs into her comely cheek pouches.
She doth rejoice exceedingly when she findeth a brussels sprout in her dish and immediately leaveth everything to drag it back to her nest.
She doth freeze when a dog called Paddy Pup wanders into the room and unfreezes when I reassure her that God hath sent me to mind her and that Paddy Pup praises God too and loves her too like I do.
She sulketh like a sad mouse when I put her back in her cage.
She hath jury rigged her wheel after breaking it, in that having chewed off the cog which held the wheel on its axle, she quickly got bored with the wheel falling off and she hath then stuffed bedding onto the axle to jam the wheel back in place and I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
She hath lovely fur.
She hath bitten me only once on the belly when I didst imprison her for too long up my jumper in a cafe whilst I was eating a delicious panini the deliciousness of which she was desirous to partake a share.
She hath looked out of the collar of my shirt when a Hungarian waitress was bringing me coffee and hath caused the waitress to exclaim first with fear then with delight.
She hath been patient with budgies who are bothersome things.
She hath won over the Mammy.
She hath been kind to nephews Ray and Bill.
She quite liketh it when Fred nicknamed her the golden tennis ball.
She hath escapeth fifty times from her cage yet always hath returneth because she was such a good hamster even when she escapeth with a broken leg and I hath thoughteth that's ith, she's finisheth.
She hath spent a night in the piano and done very little damage.
She hath caused me to clear out and clean two giant book cases at the Chateau De Healy which had been accumulating books, debris, dust and detritus for twenty years, and whose renovation she precipitated as a personal gift from herself  to the Mammy who was not a hamster fan, by the simple expedient of hiding first behind one and then behind the other in the course of two successive escapes from her cage, since there was no other way to bring her forth again once installed behind a book case except to remove all the books and pull the cases out from the wall, and get rid of the rubbish and then per accidens restore everything to cleanliness, and truly in such manner she improveth everything she toucheth or indeed hideth behind.
She hath given me such joy after each escape through the first sounds of her return, whether a photo falling off a shelf or the sound of scrabbling from the back of a book case, and oh, ye glorious realisation she was back.
She hath caused Anne O'Shea from Kerry to scream and jump most alluringly into a corner.
She hath caused Japan's leading scholar of 19th century English poetry Miho Takahashi to laugh like a little girl.
She hath caused my pragmatic businessman Uncle Jim to proclaim warmly: "I love the hamster."
She couldst scuttle from a knee to a shoulder in manner most gracious.
She couldst run a hundred miles.
She tooketh a hundred falls from my sleeve without ever complaining.
She hath shewn the patient dignity God gives his creatures after pulling a framed photo on top of herself and breaking her leg.
She hath recovered in perfect mouse after nearly freezing to death the night it went twenty below zero.
She hath sat quietly up my sleeve whilest I did pray the rosary prayer.
She hath posed for photographs.
She hath never bitten holes in a jumper until the last six months of her life when she quietly decided to remodel every jumper I had.
She hath been seen when I lifted the collar of my jumper sleeping with her face resting peacefully on a cloth image of the mother of God which I wear on a chord around my neck.
She hath loved to show my nephews the working of her cheek pouches by stuffing them with madeira cake.
She hath a stump for a tail and considereth it every bit as good as a real tail.
She hath delicate little hands which become no less delicate when their delicateness is reiterated by me.
She hath whiskers which doth tickle.
She hath lovely eyes.
She wouldst wait hours in a corner of the cage standing stock still at the bars for me to come and take her out.
She hath shewn fortitude and merriment to the end.
She hath frolicked the last few days before images of the blessed mother and our lord.
She hath been graced with extra time from heaven as a favour to me.
She hath loved bananas.
She hath a strange disdain for apples.
She hath a knack for climbing.
She hath perfectly crafted ears as testament of God's artistry.
She hath once tried to carry a child's wooden Jenga block back to her cage and I had to leap across the room to stop her dislocating her jaw in an attempt to get it into her cheek pouch.
In all manner of all things she hath been my gentle parfit golden mousy friend.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

great moments in the arab spring

Perhaps the most poignant moment in the Arab Spring unfolded as follows.
Billionaire CNN presenter Anderson Cooper who got his job at CNN not by sleeping with Ted Turner like everyone else at CNN, but for being the son of billionaire New York heiress Betty Scheidenfeld or whatever her name is, (Gloria Steinem. - Ed note), (Gloria Allred you hipster doophus. - Rod note), (Vanderbilt you wastes of space. - Heelers note), was standing on a street corner in downtown Cairo, Egypt.
Anderson Cooper on Main Street Cairo looked cool and composed.
A sort of journalistic Indiana Jones.
Only a churl would mention his innate smugness.
Anderson Cooper and CNN and Sky News and the Nazi channel Al Jazeera had for weeks been telling the world how wonderful the Egyptian revolution was.
At last Anderson was in town himself to do some on the spot reporting.
Incidentally, at precisely the same time as Anderson Cooper and company were calling the Egyptian uprising ice cream, I had been humbly endeavouring to point out to ten people a day on this blog that it was no such thing.
I had asserted that the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarrak was a decent, honorable courageous Statesman who had run the toughest Arab country on the block with a degree of humanity and progressiveness and partnership hitherto unknown in the Arab world.
I had suggested that the present instability meant he was about to be swept aside by Islamists and absolutists who had hijacked and manipulated the popular mood.
I was insisting that President Mubarrak over thirty years had involved Egypt in no wars, had sponsored no terrorism, had resisted the temptation for opportunistic alliances with Communist China or Putin's resovietising Russia, had defeated every Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood attempt to infiltrate, undermine and destroy his nation, had broadened access to wealth and participation in the economic life of his country for ordinary people, had managed to keep some sort of lid on perpetual attempts by Islamists to murder Egypt's Christian churches out of existence, and had conducted his relationships with the West and other Arab countries on a basis of tolerance and mutual respect.
I was in short claiming that the Egyptian uprising was as far from ice cream as one could imagine.
But CNN, Sky, the Nazi channel Al Jazeera and ole Anderson Cooper had been telling you the opposite.
As far as CNN, Sky, the Nazi channel and ole Anderson Cooper were concerned, President Mubarrak was to be lumped in with criminal regimes like the Gadaffis in Libya, the Assads in Syria and the Ayatollahs in Iran.
His time was up.
How crass it was.
How crass they are.
I mean Anderson Cooper et al.
Particularly Al.
I hate him.
But back to the most poignant moment in the Arab Spring.
Anderson Coooper is standing cool and quiffed in the middle of Main Street Cairo.
He is addressing the camera in his cool optimistic voice.
As far as he's concerned the ongoing unrest in Egypt is a glorious people power revolution.
Suddenly a thick set man, swarthy and moustachioed, emerges from the crowd, hits Anderson a rabbit punch in the small of the back and just as quickly melts away.
"Hey," goes Anderson. "That guy just hit me."
Another passing Egyptian shoulder jostles Anderson.
Then another chances a slap.
Then another tries a kick.
Anderson yelps severally.
"Hey, hey. That guy. Hey."
He begins to move.
He is now hurrying in search of some place of safety in Main Street Cairo.
Blows are raining in on him from swarthy, moustachioed types, who melt away as they strike.
"Hey, hey, hey."
The peaceloving revolutionaries keep coming.
Peaceloving freedom fighters keep sidling up to Anderson and hitting him.
His cameraman records the affray for posterity as both hurry though the streets.
Anderson keeps up a constant commentary as though the thugs hitting him could be embarassed at being exposed on camea.
"Hey, hey. That guy. That guy there. You hit me sir. He hit me. Hey. Ouch. Why did you hit me sir? Keep moving Joe. Ouch. Hey. Ouch. That man hit me. Why are you hitting me sir?"
Well folks.
Dont' get me wrong.
I don't mean to endorse the practice of hitting Anderson Cooper in the kidneys or anywhere else.
But for one brief shining moment we got to see the great gulf between the image CNN was presenting of the Egyptian unrest and the thuggish Islamist reality of it.
We got to see the thugs turn on Anderson Cooper of CNN even as Anderson Cooper of CNN was trying to sing their praises.
Indupitably they were hitting him for the crime of being an American.
A Westerner.
Arab Spring indeed.
I'm telling you that this thing is no more an Arab Spring than the Heelers Diaries is Sense And Sensibility.
Yes all the Arab peoples and Muslim peoples have legitimate grievances against their rulers.
And the unrest has erupted contemporaneously across their societies.
But the causes and the grievances and the legitimacies are not constant.
They are distinct.
I'm telling you the revolutions in Iran and Syria are the most genuine ones as their governments run those countries as psychotisised Soviet era Stalinist police States.
I'm telling you the revolution in Libya was also substantially genuine, although the Gadaffis while still operating a police State had certainly been moderating and were seeking rapprochement with the World. Also the lack of Western ground troops in Libya will mean the revolution there has been hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.
The other revolutions are questionable in the extreme.
I'm telling you the revolution in Bahrain is a proxy revolution on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
I'm telling you the revolution in Yemen is a proxy revolution on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
I'm telling you the revolution in Tunisia was the same thing.
And so it goes.
I leave you with the image of Anderson Cooper fleeing down Main Street Cairo.
Poignant indeed.
You know what folks.
I gotta admit.
I did enjoy it just a little.
You see, until that moment I never really got the Arab Spring.
But as anonymous moustachioed thugs emerged in their droves from the crowds on Main Street Cairo to take a puck at Anderson Cooper, I finally understood.
I finally got it.
My heart thrilled with the heady taste of new found freedom.
Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive.
And to be young was the very heaven.
Well, young-ish.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

confucius he say

When people quote Voltaire, I watch out for the guillotine.

Monday, September 19, 2011

pardon me but your libyans are in my soup

Peter Bergen of bankrupt liberal atheistic media channel CNN has been pontificating about Barack's success in the Libyan adventure.
Peter Bergen is incapable of even the most basic integrity.
His every comment is geared to elevating Barack and criminalising former President Bush.
Peter Bergen believes that by not sending in ground troops Barack avoided all those complications which attended the American interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Peter Bergen is as wrong about this as he is about everything else.
We should have kept the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for fifty years as we did in Germany, Italy and Japan after World War Two.
That's the relevant analagy.
Here's what Barack, Sarkozy and Boy Cameron have achieved in Libya by not sending in ground troops...
Firstly they have permitted Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to more or less manipulate a genuine people's uprising. Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood had standing armies in Libya with military capability. The Libyan people had no army. So by not sending in ground forces, Barack Sarko and Dave have allowed Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to hijack the revolution and to become the people's army by default. Well done fellows. Top hole.
Secondly Barack, Sarko and Dave by not sending in ground forces permitted the Gadaffis to murder an awful lot of ordinary Libyans while the Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists hung back behind the citizenry waiting for Nato airstrikes to do their job for them.
Thirdly by not sending in ground forces, Barack, Sarko and Dave took direction from the horrendous Arab League, setting an awful precedent by allowing the same abysmal commie dictators,  Islamist potentates and absolute monarchs who fifty years ago made the historic wrong turn of bringing the entire Arab World into the Soviet Union, to continue to define nay arrogate any and all developments in Arab society on into the foreseeable future.
Fourthly by not sending in ground forces, Barack, Sarko and Dave have allowed the Royal Family Of Qatar to become the major funders of the rebels. The Royal Family Of Qatar sponsor the Islamist Nazi channel Al Jazeera and are the major corporate advertisers on Sky News. The Royal Family Of Qatar have spent the War On Terror cheerleading for Osama Bin Laden. The Royal Family Of Qatar is the prime financial sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood's push for power in Egypt. Allowing the Royal Family Of Qatar to use Nato to bomb the Gadaffis out of power, and replacing the Gadaffis them with proxies for the same Royal Family Of Qatar, was nothing less than pure lunaception.
Peter Bergen thinks all this is icecream.
I am telling you it is not icecream.
Now you yourself, constant weader, must decide.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

meet the fakes

A brief but helpful guide to the fake Catholic journalists currently preening their feathers in the national media of the Republic of Ireland.

1. John Waters. Having worked for decades to help the Irish Times undermine Christianity in this country, he staged a Catholic conversion about ten years ago as sales of the Irish Times went through the floor and people like me started referring openly to the Irish Times as an atheistic abortionist anti Catholic heap of crap. His conversion may be genuine. I am not his judge. If I was I'd judge him harshly. Or at least ask him to go away.

2. Breda O'Brien. Another Irish Times hack. (Hag surely? - Ed note.) Unlike Waters she was actually hired as a card carrying Catholic and did not have her convenient conversion in house while already on the staff. She was hired specifically in order to militate against the growing public perception that the Irish Times is a virulently anti Catholic entity. The only reason the Irish Times pays her is for the plausible deniability her bleeding heart version of the faith gives to them in their anti Catholic kulturkampf. Ah Breda fair Breda. Why won't you just go away?

3. Mary Kenny. After decades striving to import abortion culture, condom culture and contraceptivist culture into Ireland, she too staged a Christian conversion. It may be genuine, etc etc. A bit of a kind hearted goose. Her advocacies in print have included a defence of Lord Haw Haw the famous World War Two traitor and a proposal that we shouldn't be too hard on football hooligans as in the event of another World War they would be the ones we'd ask to do the fighting. She is currently paid by the viciously anti Catholic Independent Newspapers to give that vomitously bigoted organisation a veneer of respectability. Go away Mary. Please. You've delighted us long enough. And the blood from your bleedin heart is getting on the carpet.

4. David Quinn. Another bleeding heart Catholic who took Tony O'Reilly's shilling at Independent Newspapers. Like Breda O'Brien at the Irish Times he was hired specifically to give this crassly anti Catholic media group plausible deniabilty with regard to their culture war against the Church. His Christianity like O'Brien's predates his hiring. A wearisome fellow. I wish he'd go away.

All of these professional Catholics, ie posed Catholics paid to give anti Catholic media groups the capacity to deny what they are, all of them I would have you note, insist on construing their half hearted "defences" of the Church using only those vocabularies which are permitted to them by their anti Catholic employers. So time and time again we have articles from John Waters, Breda O'Brien, Mary Kenny and David Quinn aping to defend the Church but beginning with an inevitable betrayal of it, to wit: "Of course we have to admit the Bishops did bungle their handling of child abuse cases." Yes. These hireling faux journo faux Christian heroes are always willing to throw a few Bishops under the bus. The alternative would be to spurn their atheistic paymasters who succour  them with a hundred grand a year for their worthless bleedin heart maunderings. The alternative would be to point out that their employers are waging a pogrom against the Christian faith. The alternative would be to spurn the Tony O'Reilly worshipping atheistic anti Catholic Independent Newspapers along with the Bolshevick atheistic abortionist anti Catholic Irish Times. The alternative Mary Kenny, John Waters, Breda O'Brien and David Quinn would be to stop writing for these Beobachter Zeitungs, to stop profiting from Nazi rule. Oh but that would be unthinkable.

the men who would be king

Meet the candidates in Ireland's forthcoming Presidential election.
1. Michael D Higgins. Atheistic Maoist abortionist who has spent a lifetime sneering false accusations at the Catholic Church, claiming among other falsehoods that Christianity itself causes child abuse, and that the Church is the prime locus of child abuse in our society, and that the Church has deliberately concealed child abuse cases. A grotesque liar whose every sneer pronounces him a hypocrite. For Michael D Higgins has never repudiated his close friend Danilo Ortega De Saavedra, former Communist Dictator and now elected President of Nicaragua. Higgins squired the child abuser Ortega around Dublin during Ortega's showboating visit here in the 1980's. At the same time Ortega was serially raping Ortega's adopted daughter, a teenager whom Ortega believed had been born to satisfy his sexual appetites for children. The great Michael D Higgins has never spoken out against his child raping friend. And now little Mick Higgins wants to be the Prez. Hey Higgins. It's not gonna happen. No Presidency for you.

2. David Norris. Atheistic apologist and promoter of the homosexual lifestyle. Has spent decades sneering at the Catholic Church a la Michael D Higgins. Like Higgins, he falsely, maliciously and mendaciously claims that our ancient Church is the main locus, progenitor and concealer of child abuse in Ireland. Norris has also openly claimed that he wished during his own childhood to be initiated into homosexual sexual experiences by older paedophiles. More recently Norris attempted to help his former male lover, a middle aged child rapist, beat the rap in an Israeli court for the rape of a teenage boy, by writing to the court pleading for leniency. Norris will not be winning the Presidency any time soon in spite of what the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers, Irish Times and RTE may tell you. Hey Norris. It's never gonna happen. No Presidency for you.

3. Martin McGuinness. Blood soaked former commander of the IRA terrorist army. Now a somewhat respected constitutional politician in Northern Ireland. The closest thing we've got to a genuinely independent candidate for the Presidency. I will be voting for him.

These are shameful days for Ireland.