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Saturday, May 29, 2010

the happiest moment of my childhood

Sitting in front of the television in the back room at 18 Main Road, Tallaght, County Dublin early on a long lost Sunday morning in 1972.
Me and my little brother Barn were perched there without much hope of being entertained.
In those days normally you could find nothing except sport on television on Sunday.
Suddenly a plummy BBC presenter's voice announced: "And now... instead of our scheduled coverage of today's West Indies versus England cricket international which has been halted due to rain, we bring you the classic 1963 film Doctor Who And The Dalek Invasion Of Earth."

Friday, May 28, 2010

the evil that men do

Irish government Minister Barry Andrews has requested that a local Health Board forward details to him of at least 25 children who have been murdered in Health Board care in the past few years.
Some of the children were raped and murdered by Health Board staff.
Some were raped and murdered when Health Board staff were supposed to be supervising them.
Some were raped and murdered through the sheer blithe callous negligence of Health Board staff.
The figure of 25 dead is merely the figure relating to the 25 that the Health Board have deigned to admit are dead.
There are many more.
The Health Board has this week refused to divulge information about the deaths of these 25 children to an elected government Minister.
The Health Board says that it is legally required to be discreet with information about children in its care.
This blase attempt to conceal a Health Board's complicity in the rape and murder of children, this crass maneouvre designed to shield the gross culpability of current Health Board management, staff and social workers behind a paper thin veneer of frivolous legality, this purbloind insult to the dead children and their familes, this base sneer at the innocent and at the broader community, this ignoble invidious blatently evil Health Board imposture, this vileness gives a true measure of the barbarism into which the liberal atheists of our country have dragged us.
So the Health Board dismisses any notion that it might have to divulge anything and everything it knows about children who have died in its care.
And lawyers and Judges of the Republic of Ireland collude in bogging everything down in legalism, keeping the murderers free and ever more children in mortal peril.
Naughty, naughty, very naughty.
By the way, I call all the deaths murders because I think it's the least I can to respect the children who have had their lives taken in plain sight by murderers who laugh at the very notion that they can ever be accountable to the community.
The one thing I know is that if the Health Board is refusing to tell the truth in such a savage, barbaric, contemptuous manner, the only possible motive is that it has itself been directly implicated in the slaughter of these children.
I would advise the police and anyone else with responsibility for investigating these things, that if someone is concealing information about the death of a child, then that child is entitled to have you go after that person with an assumption that the concealer of information murdered the child or is sheltering the murderer of that child.
You all know gentle readers that I have spent some time in the recent past trying to highlight these cases.
Occasionally it's been suggested to me that I simply wanted to distract attention from sex abuse allegations relating to the Catholic Church.
I have answered: "The Health Boards are killing children right now, right this minute. The fifty year old sex abuse cases being recycled through the anti Catholic media are hardly of the same priority."
And I've gone on to explain that in any case I want justice for all sex abuse victims, not just for the 0.01 percent who were abused by infiltrators within the Catholic Church.
I want justice for the 99.99 percent of sex abuse victims who were abused by non Christians in the family home, and in sports clubs and in Health Boards, not just for the 0.01 percent of victims who are currently being exploited by the virulently anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group, RTE and the Irish Times as their latest Trojan Horse in a half century long campaign to end the Christian religion in Ireland.
This week some Irish newspapers have begun to give belated attention to the Health Board's continued concealment of the most recent murders committed by its staff.
It's almost as if the liberal atheistic media groups are trying to cover themselves.
Trying to save a little credibility.
As for the violations of children in Health Board care...
Health Board staff haven't restricted themselves to murder you know.
There have been rapes.
Lotsa rapes.
In fact Health Board staff have been routinely smuggling children raped by Health Board staff to England for abortions.
Under a hugely remunerated atheistic Health Board chief called Brendan Drumm the policy of bringing children to England for abortions was first implemented.
It began a few years ago.
It had never happened before.
The excuse for initiating such a vile policy was apparently something along the lines that since smuggling children to England for abortions isn't specifically mentioned in Irish law, then it can't be illegal.
But of course it's illegal.
It always was.
And it always will be.
Destroying the unborn child.
Destroying anew the life of the pregnant child carrying the unborn child whom Health Board staff had raped in the first place.
And of course most importantly for the Health Board, destroying the evidence.
It can be difficult to explain when children in Health Board care start popping out babies.
Although on present trends it would appear, the Health Board needn't have worried.
They could have just refused to answer questions.
Barry Andrews you need to start firing Health Board staff.
You need to fire anybody who has refused to give you any document.
You need to fire anybody who has refused to answer your questions verbally.
They're not fit Andrews.
You need to let them know.
You need to let them know the consequences for concealing the murders of children.
You need to risk the trade union backlash.
You need to breathe fire for those children Andrews.
You need to breathe fire for the children the Health Board's trade unionised staff have been raping and killing.
You need to close Health Board offices where there is any sign of foot dragging or collusion, and immediately seize all Health Board files relating to children in care.
You need to press forward with a hard target government investigation into everyone of those 25 deaths.
You need to intern without trial all Health Board staff who have been attempting to prevent the release of information about the children murdered while in Health Board care.
You need to do it now Andrews, not after taking legal advice.
We elected you to lead.
Your family has been implicated in the influx of 200,000 Muslims into this country.
I remember old man Andrews lobbying for the establishment of Muslim television stations here.
I remember other Andrewses palling around with Palestinian terrorists.
The Muslims your family have brought to Ireland will one day inflict a terror war on us.
This is your chance to do something good Andrews.
Perhaps expiate your own guilt a little for bringing the vanguard of Osama Bin Laden's terror army to Ireland.
I want Drumm and the Health Board made answerable for the deaths of children in their care.
Do you hear me Andrews.
I want no more children to be raped and/or killed by Health Board staff.
I want you to breathe fire on behalf of those children.
For once in your miserable conformist corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail bribes from Muslims life.
Do it Andrews.
Do it now.
Piss or get off the toilet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

fan mail

----- Original Message -----
Heelers to Mary Kenny, journalist, feature writer and woman of letters.
Hey Mares.
Quite liked your recent article about Archbishop Diarmuid Martin which was published in the normally wishy washy liberal atheistic Farmers Journal owned private business run for profit newspaper styled misleadingly The Irish Catholic.
By the way, I've liked a lot of your Christian writing over the years, although you do tend to wish and wash a bit yourself on occasion.
The only article you ever wrote that I positively didn't like was the one in the Daily Express where you reached out to soccer hooligans, saying they'd be the first ones we'd ask to fight for us in a war.
I respected hugely your decision to leave the Daily Express after it was taken over by a porn baron.
Actually I had a bet on with my brother Bernard at the time that both you and Peter Hitchens would walk.
I was right on both counts.
It is a great burden Mary to be always right.

From: Mary Kenny to Heelers.

Thanks James – just a rushed word to say I appreciated your email. Have to catch a train now, but look forward to reading your blog later.
Occasionally, one is nudged into wishy-washiness by the New Testament warning of "judge not, that ye be not judged"....! Mary

the monica leech gamble in

Picture it.
A handsome Irish poet is walking in his garden.
The day is going down.
Midst the gentle murmurings of roosting wood pigeons and havening swallows, midst the rustle of hedgerow and sigh of evening breeze, midst the distant unutterably sweet clamour of children from the orchard and the elegaic barking of dogs in neighbours' gardens...
You can hear him speak.
He is muttering to himself.
Muttering to himself like a loon.
His words go:
"When oh when will some free nation of the western world elect a government that I have bet they would elect? Bloody Conservative alliance with the Lib Dems. Who would have seen that one coming? I ask you. A pox on both their houses. Five hundred smackers down the karzie. Varre Varre redde legiones."
And so he walks.
A haunted soul.
Still emperor of all he surveys.
But only just.
Varrus is the name of my bookie.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

into the dawn oh my soul my soul



eyre square in april
wind stirred the leaves
and school girls peddling
i'm really fond of mark
i don't like gary
meet me at the warwick
don't tell mary
trivial things are rare
than all the myths of yesteryear
and if i stood here ages hence
the talk would be no different

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

how corrupt is the irish police force

The Irish police force, styling itself An Garda Siochana or Guardians Of The Peace, has just published new statistics which it is claiming show a decrease in the number of road deaths by 40 percent over five years.
The Irish Times has as per usual presented the assertions contained in those generalised statistics uncritically.
It is disquieting that the Irish Times publication of such an assertion by Ireland's corrupt police force did not contain any exact road death figures for the year 2005 nor the present year.
The statistical assertion of a 40 percent decline in road deaths was printed in the Irish Times without question, without analysis and without any insightful assessment of the possibility that the corrupt Irish police force would lie about such things.
It is dissatisfying that the Irish police force is allowed to assemble such data itself.
The road death figures should be independently compiled and published.
This is because where the Irish police force has been trusted to compile statistics in the past, their statistics have been shown to be arrantly false.
In 1997 with crime spiralling out of control, the Irish police force published figures claiming that crime had fallen in every single precinct in Ireland except one.
Presumably the one precinct which admitted crime rates had risen was the last remaining precinct in Ireland where police officers occasionally tell the truth.
The law and order figures published by the Irish police force for 2009 also claim a marked decline in the crime rate.
These are also arrantly false.
More tellingly, the figures for Deaths In Garda Custody which the Irish police force compile themselves are so routinely and so blatently falsified that on one recent occasion the United Nations Rapporteur on Human Rights was called in to investigate.
The United Nations Rapporteur On Human Rights exposed the omission of no less than two dead human beings in one year from the Deaths In Garda Custody figures.
The excuse offered by the Irish police force for the concealment of these two murders, was that although the two men may have had fatal injuries inflicted on them in Garda Custody by members of the Irish police force, their actual deaths took place off the premises as they were in the process of being removed from Garda Stations when they croaked.
One expects this sort of stuff in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, or the Islamic Republic of Iran, or the Arab dictatorships, or communist North Korea, or communist Burmah, or communist Anywhere.
But here?
In Ireland?
We've fallen a long way.
Back to the newly falsified road death statistics.
These are currently being touted in a pathetic attempt to allay public concern about the out of control thugs that pass here for police officers.
Here is the news.
Road deaths in 2005 spiked.
They were higher than previous years and subsequent years.
It was not a typical year.
It is not a proper bench mark for comparison.
In any case the supposed fall in road deaths in 2010 and 2009, is more logically attributable to the fact that several hundred thousand foreign nationals left Ireland in those years.
The loss of several hundred thousand of our population in two years, means we had millions fewer road journeys in those two years.
That's why the road death statistics have fallen.
Not because of Garda Sean Hardman suffocating people in the cells, or Sergeant James Dominic O'Mara's casual thuggery towards motorists going about their lawful business.
The real figures fell because there were millions less road journeys.
The Irish police are terrorising the nation for no nett gain.
And one other thing.
Even if the egregiously corrupt nascently fascist Irish police force had brought down the road death figures, I mean the real figures, not just the figures they make up out of their heads...
Even if they had genuinely brought down the death rate...
I'd ask you to consider the following.
Mussolini made the trains run on time and halted all mafia activity for ten years in Italy.
Most of us agree it wasn't worth it.

Monday, May 24, 2010


And so Archy Week comes to an end at The Heelers Diaries.
We've shared a few good times.
Had some larfs.
Maybe even learnt a thing or do.
It's been hectic.
Sometimes it was hard to keep up.
Over the course of the week we've been deliberately misquoted by Archy fans on Twitter.
We've had one of our articles illegally purloined and published on a vituperatively anti Catholic website in Australia.
We've even started receiving ye olde obnoxious unsolicited phone calls again.
Haven't had one of those since I suggested that newly deceased Secretary General of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs Padraic McKiernan had been appointed Ireland's ambassador to the afterlife.
O tempera o mores, as we do say in the pro Catholic trade.
But at the end of a momentous seven days of rollicking roistering pro Catholic fun, the fact remains that infiltratring pseudo progressive Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is still an Archbishop.
A week as special guest star on this website hasn't hurt his career at all.
Clearly I'm not as influential as I thought I was.
Archy is constant as the northern star.
Constant was he that a generation of Bishops should be labelled concealers of child abuse by his allies in the anti Catholic media.
And constant does he remain to keep them so.
As for the loss making anti Catholic media groups to which Archy has hitched his star.
They too show signs of being able to continue as before, in spite of my magnificent withering satire.
True, Independent Newspapers has no readers and owes its creditors two billion quid.
True, the Irish Times has no readers and loses a hundred million bucks a year.
True, RTE has no viewers and exists only because our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government forces us all to finance it whethere we consider its programming inimical to our values or not.
But they're all still out there.
Just about.
As for me, I am off duty forever and am going to bed for a week.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

dial a for archy

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin lied serially and severally about a letter he'd received from a Bishop offering to resign.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin attempted to deny the rights of Bishops generally to respond to the most grievous allegations against them.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin facilitated the calumniation of Bishops and others in the anti Catholic media.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin attempted to force Bishops to resign through a strategy of selective leaking to anti Catholic media entities.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin attempted to present himself as the leader of Catholics in Ireland when in fact he is merely a regional Archbishop who should have been deferring each and every time to Cardinal Sean Brady.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin contrived to bring about a meeting in Rome between Irish Bishops and the Pope where a firestorm of manipulative media pressure was brought to bear on the Pope to force the Bishops to resign.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin lied to the Pope and his fellow Bishops when Archbishop Diarmuid Martin told the Pope and his fellow bishops that he Archbishop Diarmuid Martin would abide by the decisions taken at that meeting.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin lied to the Pope and his fellow Bishops when Archbishop Diarmuid Martin assured the Pope and his fellow Bishops that he was not attempting to force anyone from office.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin lied to and betrayed the Pope and his fellow Bishops when he cut short his attendance at the meeting with the Pope and his fellow Bishops in order to return to Ireland and initiate yet another media campaign against the Pope and his fellow Bishops.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had in the first place colluded with anti Catholic media entities The Irish Times, RTE and Independent Newspapers to bring about the meeting with the Pope and to try and force the Pope to dismiss the Irish Bishops from office.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin lied to the Pope and the Bishops and the general public when he left the meeting with the Pope and Bishops which he himself had precipitated, left it because his plans to have the Bishops dismissed had failed, left it claiming falsely to have a prior appointment in Ireland.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin raced back to Ireland from this meeting and almost immediately began a media campaign against his fellow Bishops.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's sudden departure from Rome was followed by an almost immediate media campaign against two new targets, namely the Pope himself and Cardinal Sean Brady.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's failure to force the Pope to act as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wanted him to act, seems to have led inexorably to a blatent media attempt to label Pope Benedict as a concealer of child abuse.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's failure to force Cardinal Sean Brady to acquiesce in Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's machinations against the Bishops, seems to be the sole reason for the media campaign to label Cardinal Sean Brady a concealer of child abuse.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's collusion in propagandistic media orchestrations against Cardinal Sean Brady must have been planned in advance of the Rome meeting, leaving us with the inescapable conclusion that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had been blackmailing Cardinal Sean Brady.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's collusion in propagandistic media orchestrations against the Pope must also have been planned in advance.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's bitter desire to weaken the Pope and to revenge himself upon Cardinal Sean Brady, lies at the root of the media campaigns both national and international which followed hard upon Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's failure to stampede the Pope and Cardinal Sean Brady at the Rome meeting into a purge against a generation of Irish Bishops.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's more recent hijacking from this website of the phrase "dark forces," a phrase which I had used to describe elements of the conspiracy of which Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a part, a conspiracy against the Catholic Church operating within the media, judicial, civil service and political spheres, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's hijacking of the phrase "dark forces" I say, and his application of it to those he deems his own enemies, shows a nefarious deceitfulness quite in keeping with all his other actions.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's media allies have been leaving comments about The Heelers Diaries website on the internet portal styled Twitter and on other internet outlets, asserting that I have claimed Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wants to be a Cardinal. At no time have I claimed this. But I have pointed repeatedly to the megalomaniacal nature of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's actions and asserted freely that these are a power play within the Catholic Church. I have also pointed out that for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to manipulate the Catholic Church as he wishes to, he must destroy the saintly and venerable Cardinal Sean Brady. This is of course not the same as saying that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is engaging in his massive subterfuges merely because he wants to wear a Red Hat. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's true motivations for the campaigns of vilification and deceit which he has been waging are known only to himself and God. It is unlikely that he simply wants to be a Cardinal. It is far more probable that the campaign he is waging for total power with the Irish Catholic Church is part of a broader infiltration of the Catholic Church nationally and internationally by pseudo progressive atheistic forces seeking to remake the Catholic Church in their own image. Hans Kung knows more about this than I do. Because he's the point man for the conspiracy in Germany.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a brother of the atheistic pro Soviet former political editor of the Irish Times, Seamus Martin.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin looks like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, walks like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, talks like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, quacks like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, attempts to ruin Bishops like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, seeks to discredit the Pope like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, endeavours to deny his self defined rivals, opponents and targets the right to speak for themselves like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, uses old child abuse cases as a Trojan horse against his targets within the Catholic Church like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, and colludes with the anti Catholic media in all of this like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church.
Or he's something worse.