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Saturday, November 19, 2005

lycidas o'healaithe

I had a humour column in the Leinster Leader, at the foot of the fashion page.
To get the full impact of that line, you need to imagine Meryl Streep saying it as the old woman incarnation of the Isaak Dinesen character she played in Out Of Africa.
There you go.
Maybe we can get Meryl to play me in the film version of The Heelers Diaries.
The humour column is gone.
Gone and hath not left its peer.
Who would not weep for my humour column.
It knew itself to weep.
And sink the occasional beer.
Well, you know what I mean.
A series of petty provocations from the editor and his assistant, finally led me to withdraw the column.
They got me good.
Provoked me into going further than I ever intended to go.
The oldest trick in the book.
It had run for eight years.
Against the odds every step of the way.
It's as dead now as if they'd rammed a stake through its black heart.
So here we are.
This blog will take the place of the column in my own heart.
Hopefully give me something to live for as the column once did.
Ah yes.
The internet.
The last refuge of a scoundrel.
Onward to fresh fields and pastures new.