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Saturday, May 17, 2008

houses at twilight

row upon row huddled in the grass
each house marks a dream declamatory stone
of life of love
of being at one
a place to hope
a place to fret
a TV a playpen and a kitchenette
and in the hall these words are graven
may your love flower like a cedar in lebanon
a weighty tone for a concrete wall
all lives have weight
that is all

Friday, May 16, 2008

heelers fireside chat

"So do you think Islam is a false religion?"
The words were those of Uncle Scutch.
He was enjoying some late night jollies at the chateau, drawing me out on affairs of genesis and catastrophe.
I thought about his question.
"I don't know," I told him. "I believe God made the world. I don't believe God made any mistakes. If one really believes in spiritual realities, it would seem logical that Satan might try to bring those of us in different religions to despise each other. So I hesitate to say Islam is a false religion. What I will say is that wherever on this planet Muslims live alongside non Muslims, the Muslims appear to be engaged in acts of violence and murder against their neighbours. There is no other cultural or ethnic or idealogical grouping that compares with Muslims when it comes to this sort of aggressive expansionist behaviour. Muslims are at war in China, in the Philippines, and in India where they've just this week murdered 60 people in the city of Jaipur. In recent years Muslims have killed thousands in Thailand and have now come to power in that country which by the way is a Buddhist non Muslim country with two small Muslim majority provinces. Muslims have killed untold millions in Sudan and other African nations. Let me this way put it. A decade of Jihad in Africa has produced a body count a thousand times higher than two hundred years of colonialism. Even in their own countries, I mean the Arab countries ruled by Muslims, there is a ferocious level of societal violence. Muslims seem to be perpetually at war with each other and have so far delivered a grand total of nought functioning democracies to humanity. Nought. We might allow for possible exceptions in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, countries that have been liberated by the Americans. But the jury's still out on those. And I'm not optimistic. I would add that the UN is always very quiet about the number of women murdered in Muslim countries but we should consider these too. They matter. They are murdered for what Muslims consider reasons of honour. That is to say for having a boyfriend, or a job, or getting raped. They murder the girls for getting raped. I'm not joking. That's what they call an honour killing. Someone should explain to the peace loving Muslims that murder itself is dishonorable. A reasonable estimate is that at least 50,000 women are murdered by their own family members in Arab and Islamic countries ever year. 50 bloody thousand. Meanwhile Muslims in Iran are trying to precipitate the apocalypse by threatening to wipe the State of Israel off the map. Not too bright. The Israelis don't take that crap from anyone. Iran maintains at least two proxy armies for exporting international terror, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Their third proxy army Islamic Jihad is merely Hamas by another name. There is no country on earth free from Islamic terror. In South America peace loving Muslims murdered 30 Jewish people in a single bombing a few years ago. Here is the news. Our generation, that is the generation of free men and women now living in western democracies have a tough decision to make. We must either fight Arab, Iranian, Muslim terror, or surrender to it. There is no other option. Barak Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party of the United States are indulging in an appeasement that could yet ensure the enslavement of the human race. The only Muslims that I have been loathe to judge too harshly for their murders are the Muslims who live in Russia. I always said if you want to criticise anyone for fighting the Russians, you should yourself have first tried living under Russian rule. But even the Muslims fighting the Russians, even these, okay, well, look at how they've conducted themselves. They went into a kids school in Beslan. A school for crying out loud. And what did they do? The heroic peace loving Muslims killed 350 children. Can we think of these Muslims as anything other than useless murdering bastards? I can't. Even in Western Europe where we've had significant Muslim in-migration for only ten years, even here, Muslims have already committed mass murder in the streets of London and in the streets of Madrid. Muslims have already torched the suburbs of French cities. In the Netherlands Muslims murdered Pym Fortyn the Prime Minister in Waiting, and Theo Van Gogh a film maker, and others. In Ireland, well according to my analysis Ireland has so far been primarily a base for scouting operations against other countries. Al Qaeda may be psychotic. But it's not stupid. But even here we've had a few turn ups for the books. So far the Muslim gangs asserting themselves in Dublin, have murdered just one Irish teenager. He was killed by an Algerian Muslim who works at a fast food outlet on Grafton Street. The Algerian Muslim beat the 19 year old Irish boy to death with a baseball bat. Then the Algerian Muslim found other Muslims to testify in court that the Irish boy had said something racist to the Algerian Muslim. Funnily enough Irish media have never troubled to tell us precisely what racist remarks now carry the death penalty in Ireland. Judge Liberal released the Algerian. Apparently it's not murder in Ireland if you're a Muslim and you beat a teenager to death with a baseball bat, and find some Algerians to say the teenager made a racist remark to you. I wonder Judge Liberal. I wonder. Did they pay you? What's the price of a human life? There's more. Let me see. A Lebanese Muslim currently serving a jail sentence in Ireland for gangland activities, hired a hitman to kill his wife, a Lithuanian girl who had made the mistake of marrying him and giving him two sons. I think she's worth remembering when we catalogue some of the Muslim atrocities of recent years. I think she is. Her name was Baibite. She deserved better. Perhaps the earliest sign of Islamic terror activity in Ireland came over a decade ago when a Syrian intelligence agent impregnated an Irish girl and asked her to carry a clock for him onto a plane. You couldn't make it up. She wasn't one of our smart ones, I can tell you. (Hint: Girls, if he doesn't allow you to wash when you're pregnant, and if in fact he doesn't think women are human beings, maybe, just maybe, you should rethink the relationship. Jaysus.) Thankfully the attempted mass murder was interdicted by an alert secret service agency from a friendly western nation. And so to America. America also has only recently begun to permit large scale Muslim in-migration. How have the Americans been repaid by their new citizens? The mass murder followed quick enough. America lost 3000 people in the cowardly Muslim terror attack of Nine Eleven. Was it the first Muslim terror attack on US soil? A few years earlier during the Presidency of Bill Clinton, several hundred Americans had been murdered in the Oklahoma bombing. In the run up to the Oklahoma bombing Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma bomber, is alleged by some media sources to have made a long series of phonecalls to Islamists in the Philippines. I am postulating from this that Timothy McVeigh was a proxy for Muslim terrorists. In my view the Oklahoma bombing may have been the first Muslim mass murder in America. A senior staffer from Bill Clinton's Presidency has been implicated in destroying documents in the National Archives relating to acts of Muslim terror which took place while Bill was in office. Those were documents of record, many of them detailing the actions taken by the President and his staff in dealing (or not dealing) with the threat from Muslim terrorists. We may never know the full truth of the extent to which President Clinton allowed Muslim terror groups to fester, grow and threaten the world. Sandy Berger was caught red handed destroying the records. It is unlikely Sandy Berger was destroying records which showed President Clinton's administration in a positive light. I wonder did Sandy Berger destroy any documents relating to Oklahoma. We shall never know. After Nine Eleven, under the leadership of President George Bush, America liberated Afghanistan and Iraq. The Islamic Republic of Iran saw free countries emerging on its borders and set out to saboutage the liberations. Since then Iran has murdered another 4000 Americans in Iraq itself over the past four years. Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, and Muslim terrorists generally have been emboldened by the defeatism propagated in western media entities such as Time magazine, Newsweek, the Associated Press, the Guardian, NBC, ABC, CBS, the BBC, Channel Four, the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, and their shills Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and the legendary Michael Moore. Michael Moore has provided such comfort to Osama Bin Laden over the years. If it wasn't for Michael Moore, Osama Bin Laden might actually have realised what a low rent two bit Muslim murderer he really is. But Michael Moore and the others have provided for Osama Bin Laden what Islamic Jihad provides for the Iranians. Plausible deniability. You could be forgiven for thinking when you watch a western news programme that the only problem facing the world is President Bush. The Jihadis have picked up on this. It has emboldened them. Their war and their murders will continue. You asked me is Islam a false religion. I don't know. I don't know what the hell it is. But it doesn't look good."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

from russia with love

There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the Rooskie leads on to great things.
Coffee with the Russian bombshell in Mr Starbucks finest cafe on Dame Street.
We are posited in the window seat.
The headlights of evening traffic sweep past outside.
Around us Dublin cacaphones into night.
I am trying to persuade her that Vladimir Putin is bringing back the Soviet Union.
She is having none of it.
"James," she says sweetly, "you're so naive. There's no such thing as democracy. You'll find that in every country on earth, there's about ten people who are effectively in charge of everything, regardless of the election process. There's no real difference between any system of government."
"I think you'll find that there is," sez I brilliantly. "You'd notice pretty quick if you were living under Taliban rule. Or in Zimbabwe. Or in Burmah. Or in any of the hellhole Arab States."
"Oh come on," she shot back, "haven't you read Michael Moore?"
I strode to the door and vomited briefly into the street at the mention of the name.
I'm telling you folks, saying Michael Moore to me is like saying Jahbulon to a freemason.
We don't take too kindly to it.
When I returned she was looking quizzical and adorable in equal measure.
She was like one of those Russian young ones that always seem to show up in James Bond films murmuring things like: "Good evenink Meesthair Bont," before indulging in a bout of gratuitous love making and stealing a coding device.
The Russian bombshell pulled at a stray tendril of blonde hair.
Our eyes locked.
Women who play with their hair are very dangerous.
They'll steal your coding device soon as look at you.
"If Russia had won the Cold War you'd have made slaves of all of us," I told her softly.
My statement caused no interruption to her hair playing or to her unfathomably exquisite stare.
"We might have made slaves of you," she grinned, "but think of the fun you'd have had."