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Saturday, August 15, 2015

great epitaphs of our time

John Keats
Here lies one whose name was writ in water.

WB Yeats
Cast a cold eye
On life on death
Horseman pass by.

James Healy
lives of great men all remind us
that we can make our lives sublime
and departing leave behind us
humorous items on our blogs to be plagiarised by mark steyn

Friday, August 14, 2015

top ten reasons not to vote for donald trump as president of the united states of america

1. He made his early fortunes in property deals in Atlantic City and New York. I don't think it's possible to make fortunes in real estate in Atlantic City or New York without having a direct relationship with the five families. That's the money question. Is Trump mafia?

2. Er... that's it.

top ten reasons to vote for donald trump as president of the united states of america

1. He spoke with real insight and courage about murderers, drug dealers and serial criminals flooding our countries as illegal immigrants and inflicting their murders, their drug dealing and their terrorism on the law abiding communities who live here.

2. He defied the leftist media professionals and corporations who sought to label him racist for criticising criminals who enter our countries as illegal immigrants. He defied similar attempts by similar leftists to force him to withdraw from the race for the Presidency. These people are accustomed to destroying careers using any statement they can misrepresent as racist. Trump did not apologise to them or to the people traffickers flooding our countries with illegal immigrants . His ratings went up.

3. When interviewer Fank Luntz put it to him that Senator John McCain had called Trump's supporters crazies, and that McCain's comment must have merit because McCain is a war hero, Trump responded with refreshing vivacity: "He's not a hero... Is he a hero?.. He's just a hero because he was captured... I prefer my heroes not to get captured." There was little sympathy for John McCain as Democratic Party supporters in the media and their attendant leftists tried to force him either to apologise or withdraw from the race. Commentator Mark Steyn noted the John McCain had himself been responsible for opprobrious public remarks about Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea while Chelsea was a teenager. Trump's ratings went up.

4. Trump defied repeated attempts from leftist media commentators to force him to apologise for his remarks about John McCain. He also spiritedly defied rather simplistic attempts by John McCain to suggest the Trump owed an apology to all war veterans.

5. When a feminist lawyer attempted to sabotage Trump's campaign by claiming that a decade ago he had made sexist remarks to her over her use of a breast pump to produce baby milk during a meeting she was holding with Trump to take a legal statement from him on a courtcase (I kid you not) the attempted sabotage exploded in the feminist lawyer's face. There was no sympathy for her. Trump did not apologise. Trump's ratings went  up.

6. When his competitors round on him, he points out with acerbity: "They're my competitors. And I'm beating them in all the polls."

7. When Republican Party bosses (the boys in the back room) sought an assurance from Trump that if he failed to be nominated for the Republican Party, he would not run as an independent, Trump refused to give such an assurance. I believe he is cogniscant of the party bosses' deliberte derailing of Rick Santorum's campaign four years ago when Santorum won the Iowa primary but the party bosses announced the victory for Mitt Romney (Remember him?) thereby denying Santorum the significant momentum of winning the first primary. The back room boys corrected the Iowa result six weeks later but by that time it was too late for the real winner Rick Santorum. Trump knows the back room boys don't want him as their candidate and that they're capable of playing the same games with him they played with Santorum. So Trump has chosen to leave them guessing.

8. Trump now says he's pro life.

9. Trump says he has respect for Sarah Palin.

10. Trump has significant achievements in business and as a manager of corporate entities and as a leader generally.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

the onion field

An Irish Jury has declared murderer Saverio Bellante not guilty by reason of insanity for his brutal murder of Tom O'Gorman. 
(Saverio Bellante's insanity apparently, not the Jury's.)
Saverio Bellante murdered Tom O'Gorman.
He should be executed for the crime he committed in taking the life of Tom O'Gorman.
That is my opinion as a citizen.
Of course every murder is insane.
Every murderer can point to his own insanity when seeking to obtain a get out of jail free card for the murder he or she has committed.
But most of us wouldn't let murderers use their insanity as an excuse to remove any punishment from them for the crime of murder.
I was talking to an American liberal tonight.
Surprisingly we agreed about the invidiousness courts allowing murderers to claim their insanity renders them unaccountable for the murders they have committed.
She told me that in American courtrooms it was very hard to get away with the insanity defence because Americans had gotten wise to it as a standard manoeuvre used by murderers caught in the act.
And after a few years the murderers all claim to have been healed.
And they're released.
In the late 1970's a Hollywood film called The Onion Field focussed on a real life case where cop killers beat the rap using the poor me  defence.
The film was advertised with the slogan: "What happened in the onion field was murder. But the real crime happened afterwards."
Irish courtrooms are the onion field.
We have to put a stop to this.

traitors to ireland to the law and to all humanity

An Irish Jury has refused to convict Saverio Bellante for his murder of Tom O'Gorman.
Bellante violated Mr O'Gorman in ways that our media have remained coy about describing.
At some stage during or after the murder, Saverio Bellante ate organs from Mr O'Gorman's body.
The Irish Jury who tried Saverio Bellante are traitors to humanity.
They have pronounced Saverio Bellante innocent of the murder he committed, and have declared his innocence is vouchsafed by a supposed schizophrenic condition he pretends to exhibit.
There is no justice here.
There is no excuse for this.
Psychiatrist Damian Moylan helped Saverio Bellante receive his get out of jail free card by endorsing the convenient notion of his schizophrenia.
In a further obscenity, Damian Moylan claimed that Saverio Bellante now realises his actions were wrong.
We should force Moylan to spend a few nights in the cells alone with Bellante to give him a chance to assess how genuinely remorseful the ruthless murderer is.
Yet another traitor to humanity in this cornucopia of courtroom traitors emerges in the form of Judge Margaret Heneghan who presided over this sham trial and accorded Saverio Bellante the formal non sentence of remand to a psychiatric care facility where he will shortly be declared cured and released.
I say it again.
Tom O'Gorman was murdered by Saverio Bellante.
And the Law itself was murdered by this Jury who have rendered themselves effectively Saverio Bellante's accomplices in the murder he committed.
Truth was murdered by Damian Moylan and other psychiatrists, in facilitating with pseudo Oprah Winfrey style doctor feely good medicalese, Saverio Bellante's claim to be not responsible for his actions when he kills and eats people.
Freedom was murdered by Judge Margaret Heneghan who has left us all prey to the cults and covens of satanic killers who stalk our society with increasing impunity.
This cannot go on.
We have to stop this.
Saverio Bellante murdered Tom O'Gorman.
But the real crime happened after.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

storms over the mountain

Each year in Ireland on a chosen day in Summer the Catholic Christian ceremony of the mass is celebrated atop the mountain known as Croagh Patrick.
It is claimed that the tradition of mass on this mountain on this day has been maintained without interruption for 1500 years.
I'm not sure anyone could know that the tradition was never interrupted before.
But get this.
This week, supposedly for the first time in 1500 years, a storm prevented the Catholic Christian ceremony of the mass being said atop the mountain we call Croagh Patrick on the traditional day for that ceremony.
Supposedly nothing ever stopped the mass going ahead there before.
Not storms.
Not the penal laws.
Now World War Two.
Not Stalin.
Not the mafioso terrorist drug dealing people trafficking IRA nor their parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein.
Not the Muslims.
So why now?
I would ask you to note that this year the atheistic Fine Gael Labour Party government legalised abortion in Ireland.
Maybe God didn't want those people profaning the ceremony of the mass on his holy mountain.
Just a thought.

when the revolution was expected in china

in the garden of my father
i first heard the gunshots from tianamen square
i will never drink again of beauty
without hearing first the crying of the dying there

we will pray sometimes in the evenings
as the shadows lengthen into years
for there are prayers much softer than silence
and silences softer than tears

the strange alternate realities of midnight

Flicking through the channels on the sexevision.
I alight on MTV.
They are showing a music video I haven't seen before.
It has Mullah Omar, the late chief of the Taliban, an Al Qaeda combo that ran Afghanistan for a while, singing Do Ya Think I'm Sexy.
Why didn't I get a memo about this?
I had heard the commentator Mark Steyn waffling on about a Rod Stewart video being found in Mullah Omar's underwear or somewhere, but I didn't realise Mullah Omar was actually in the video.
Mullah Omar sings:

"If you are a Muzzie
And you think I'm sexy
Come on sugar blow yourself up
If you are a baddie
Why not be Jihadi
It's easier than throwing up
Ner ner ner ner ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
We hijack aeroplanes
And headhack our way through Syria
We've got A-bombs in Pakistan
And Iran will bring them nearer ya
We're in love with murder
So we don't really fear ya
If you are a Muzzie
And you think I'm sexy
Come on sugar slaughter some human beings
Just put on a burka
You know how to work a
It's Islam and you know it's obscene
Ner ner ner ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Ner ner ner ner ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
1400 years enslaving
We think it's really cushy
We love it when the liberals
Keep blaming President Bushy
No more immigration law
We're making it go mushy
It's Death to the West
Now shake your Muslim tushy
If you want my bombies
And you think I'm sexy
Come on baby destroy the world
If you are a baddie
Why not be Jihadi
Psychotic is the operative word
Ner ner ner ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Ner ner ner ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
The Prophet Muhammed
Gives us our excuses
All your defences
Are rendered virtually useless
Cos we just accuse you
Of civil rights abuses
We come here to kill
You know you can't refuse us
If you want my Quran
And you think I'm sexy
Come on sugar burn some cities
If you really love me
Just reach out and touch me
Then we'll start headhacking the kiddies
Ner ner ner ner ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner

Personally I prefer this one to Rod Stewart's version.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

de civitate deo

My Uncle Rosco was strolling on the avenue with Mort Bilberry.
Mort is a fairly clapped out street dealer for the Sanchez gang.
His lifetime of alcohol and drug use have left him in the best sense of an old fashioned phrase, fairly f-ck-d.
Uncle Rosco was trying to convert him to Christianity.
The uncle reached for a flower in the hedge and plucked it.
"Look at that," he exclaimed earnestly. "Neither you nor any man could make that grow. Only God can make that grow."
"What are you f--king talking about?" rasped Mort. "Of course I can make it f--king grow. If I plant the seed, it'll f--king grow, won't it."
Ah yes.
Come back Thomas Aquinas, all is forgiven.

judge martin nolan's feeling for snow

Judge Martin Nolan was overseeing preliminary hearings today prior to the forthcoming trial of IRA mafioso skanger banker Sean Fitzpatrick.
Sean Fitzpatrick's lawyers sought to have the trial abandoned under the old mafia shibboleth that since their client is blatently guilty, it is impossible for him to have a fair trial.
(They actually claimed that negative public perceptions of their client would preclude a fair trial. - Ed note)
(Same thing - Heelers note)
Judge Martin Nolan correctly ruled that the Judge in the long awaited trial could simply advise the Jury to disregard media coverage or internet commentary relating to IRA mafia skanger banker Sean Fitzpatrick and his theft of the nation through billion dollar loans to himself and to other IRA skangers posing as businessmen, and the ensuing looting of the treasury to cover their tracks via a corrupt now deceased Fianna Fail skanger Finance Minister and his successors in Ireland's current morally defunct atheistic abortionist Fine Gael Labour Party combo government.
I mean I don't want to go casting no... oh you know.
Nevermind if I think Judge Martin Nolan may have been playing a double game in correctly ruling on the matter of IRA skanger banker Sean Fitzpatrick's attempt to evade justice on the pattycake charges that he is facing. (They haven't charged him with IRA membership. They haven't charged him with bankrupting the nation in order to cover up his burglarisation of his own bank. They haven't charged him with moral torpitude in corrupting a government minister. Instead he's facing only relatively minor charges of lying to his bank's auditors.)
I have to admit Judge Martin Nolan has stunned me by ruling correctly on the matter even though I smell a double game in Judge Martin Nolan's correct ruling since I have previously postulated that based on his consistently debased jurisprudence in favour of hoodlums, Judge Martin Nolan is himself an IRA mafia skanger Judge.
But never mind all that.
The point is that this time Judge Martin Nolan ruled correctly.
His ruling should be called the Bleedin Obvious ruling and it should become mandatory procedure in all courts in the Republic of Ireland and anywhere else on the planet that people want drug dealing Rah men mafioso Al Qaeda skanger scum to face the music for what they are doing to all of us.
Never again should mafia skanks, or skummers, or Judges, evade Justice by having mafia lawyers claim the blatency of their clents' guilt precludes a fair trial,
Never again should we have Jury selection for IRA mafia skanger scum trials based on a prerequisite that Jury members should be either (a) non sentient conformists with no opinion about anything or (b) members of the mafia.
I say it again.
Judge Martin Nolan ruled correctly.
For whatever reason.
But apparently fearing his newly discovered ability to do the right thing might lead to a loss of street cred among the mob, Judge Martin Nolan added a rather droll insight to his ruling.
"We've all had to get used to uncontrolled public expressions of opinion," Judge Martin Nolan noted. "There is a continuous stream of sludge coming out of the internet."
What on earth can he have meant.

pride and prejudice

Judge Martin Nolan came out with another doozie this week in his courtroom based attempts to overthrow the rule of law in the Republic of Ireland by allowing gangland skanks to vitiate basic human standards of behaviour with impunity.
All I'm saying folks  is that Judge Martin Nolan is either criminally incompetent or criminally complicit in the rise of Mafia culture in Ireland.
Either way he's a criminal.
I am suggesting that Judge Martin Nolan's consistantly abysmal jurisprudence, his repeated release of gangland scum into the community, is indubitable evidence that he is a mafia Rah man skanger Judge.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
In his most recent attack on the rule of law, Judge Martin Nolan was contemplating a defendant who had tortured and violated a small dog to death in a Dublin park.

Judge Martin Nolan decided three things with regard to this defendant.
1. Judge Martin Nolan released the defendant.
2. Judge Martin Nolan chose not to forbid the defendant to own or have contact with animals.
3. Judge Martin Nolan failed to take the defendant's infant child into care.

Well noble citizens of Ireland.
A hard choice is before you.
For Judge Martin Nolan will never speak to you again if you seek to remove him from office.
And I will never speak to you again if you don't.

Monday, August 10, 2015

confucius he say

It is easy to write one hundred books.
It is difficult to write one book.