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Monday, December 17, 2018

comparative notions of the divine

The Muslim understanding of Deity is similar to the Christian understanding in some respects.
When Muslims hold that God is one, that God is all powerful, that God is all knowing, and that God is the Creator of all, I cannot see much difference between their insight and that of Christians.
Differences in understanding become apparent when we consider that many Muslim thinkers say God could not under any circumstances have a son.
In a sense all human beings who believe in God will accept that we are each his sons and daughters.
But somehow that is not quite the sense in which Christians say Jesus is the Son of God.
Nor is it the sense in which Muslims say God cannot have a son.
Christians claim that Jesus is God made man, that he always existed with God the Father in eternity, and that he came to earth when a virgin girl became pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit who is himself also co eternal with Jesus and the Father, and who is himself also God.
It is this notion of sonship that Muslims dispute as well as the Triune concept held by Christians, the notion of the Trinity in which God is revealed as being three persons in one God.
So Christians claim that the Holy Spirit whose power made Mary pregnant, is also a person of God and has also always existed with the Father and the Son in eternity.
For many Muslims these notions are refuted by the clear assertion that an eternal God cannot have a son born of a human being in time and that it is simpler and therefore more logical and therefore more likely to be true, that one eternal God will not contain three persons.
I would answer the idea that God cannot by his nature have a son who is human, by referring back to the insight that God is all powerful.
If he is all powerful, I suggest he can do anything including this.
Becoming fully human as a man would not in any sense be difficult for God.
If we agree God is all powerful, we may also agree that he could have a son born into human history as evidenced for Christians by the person of Jesus.
Let's not forget Christian thinking is that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are three persons in one God, that is to say that they are each distinct persons of a single Godhead, and yet always one and always God.
Christians seek to elaborate that the spirit of love between Father and Son from before all ages is the third person of the Godhead, known as the Holy Spirit.
There is a seeming paradox in the Christian view.
While insisting that God is three persons in one God, Christians still maintain God is one, that he is all powerful, all knowing, all loving, all wise and all true.
The three persons of God are distinct yet somehow also mystically and eternally one.
The starting point for Christians of three persons in one God remains intellectually and spiritually unacceptable to many Muslims.
Not so much a paradox as an inherent contradiction and therefore untrue.
Their primary assertion in viewing these matters, remains that a supernatural God cannot have a human son.
I say to you, he can.
I say to you that with regard to his limitless power and authorship of every reality, he can do whatever he chooses.
The issue we have to decide is... did he?



Sean Garland is dead.
He was head of a mafia organisation operating in the Republic of Ireland and styling itself the Official IRA which resulted from a staged split in the Soviet backed IRA Marxian terror army in 1969.
The other half of the split was known as the Provisional IRA and focussed its murderous activities on Northern Ireland..
The split was staged in order to provide plausible deniability for IRA members in the Republic of Ireland while their comrades in the Provisional IRA were openly bombing, raping, murdering, kidnapping, and torturing in Northern Ireland, which practices continue all over Ireland to the present day at the hands of various IRA successor skang gangs along with associated mafias who trade her with the IRA's permission, including Cosa Nostra, the Russian mob, Chinese Triads, Tinker Gangs, and Nigerian devil worship rings.
Modern IRA skang gangs such as the Kinahans, the Hutch Gang and their ilk have evolved from the IRA's cell structure and routinely engage in drug dealing, people trafficking and child abuse activities as well as the more classical forms of IRA depravity, the aforementioned murder, rape, extortion, kidnapping and torture.
Both the purported IRA factions of 1969 were controlled by the communist KGB secret police in Moscow. They were proxy armies which the Russian communists hoped to use to weaken Britain and impose a Soviet dictatorship on Ireland.
Sean Garland was the willing fool of these satanic would be enslavers of the earth.
The collapse of Soviet communism in Russia and Russia's abrupt ending of her bankrolling of international terrorism, in 1991 may have disappointed Sean Garland but he soon found new allies within the North Korean psycho dictatorship of Kim Jong Il, and among the Muslim loon regimes of the Middle East, as well as with international drug dealing mafias worldwide.
It seems that wherever Marxian thugs or Muslim thugs or gang banger thugs were murdering Christians, Sean Garland knew he had found murderers he could call friends.
By the end of the 1990's the FBI already suspected him of being a key operative in a massive North Korean dollar forgery scam.
Ireland's IRA subverted courts system of course refused to extradite him to the USA in 2011.
The end of Sean Garland's life provided a final dramatic illustration of the IRA's success in infiltrating and manipulating institutions of State in the Republic of Ireland.
Following his death after a lifetime dedicated to evil, members of the Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union, Ireland's largest and most powerful trade union, spoke in praise of him to the media.
This overt and fulsome praise for an IRA capo by leading Irish trade unionists provides renewed confirmation that IRA mobsters still control Ireland's trade unions.
Nurses, teachers, civil servants, bus drivers, and electricians should now cease to allow rackateers to represent them even if the rackateers do negotiate good pay deals.
Your children won't thank you for compelling them to grow old in a narco mafia State run by hoodlums.
That is all.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

from the heelers emails

---------- Forwarded message ---------

Date: Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 12:22 AM
Subject: from James in Kilcullen
To: <>

Attention: Peggy O'Dwryer, prospective Fine Gael candidate, Local Elections.

Morning Peggy.
James Healy in Kilcullen here.
Best wishes on your forthcoming electoral venture.
I thought I'd write to you since you published an email address on Brian Byrne's website.
I heartily approve of your decision to make yourself accessible in this way,
My concerns as a citizen are the following:
1. Most importantly  I would ask you to defend the sanctity of life. There is and was no excuse to legalise abortion in Ireland with half the abortion doctors on earth now saying it's monstrous. If you stand over what you've done, you will evaporate Fine Gael as well as murdering people who are as entitled to live as you are.
2. I would ask you to consider advocating regarding non pharmaceutical intereventions for people facing mental challenges. I have a book for you on the matter, Robert Whitaker's Anatomy Of An Epidemic, if you'd read it. Mr Whitaker suggests that depression, mania, schizophrenia,, etc, are not biological or genetic  illnesses, and that they are not appropriately dealt with by chemical dosing. He proposes solutions based on counsel, direct engagement, family support, community support, and the creation of an international best practice in compassionately seeking non pharmaceutical modes of address to these issues. 
3. I would ask you to consider public concerns and ongoing issues arising from Nurse Mulholland's murder of at least two people on the wards of Naas hospital and the still unexplained death of a patient outside the hospital in an ambulance fire in 2016.
Okay Peggy.
If you'd ever like to meet for a coffee, drop me a line.
James H