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Saturday, March 20, 2010

kiss of morning

Does God permit the souls of lovers to voyage through eternity together forever?

the waiting

grey light upon sleeping fields
the stillness i have come to love
time and tide cease surcease
peace sits like a glove
shadow sifts like memory
the dog stirs at his chain
and whines and lifts his eyes
for the walk he knows we'll take
though storm clouds steal the skies
and grey light curtains into rain
so waits the world tonight
in darkness and in pain
the world waits for christ

the lilt of irish laughter

Me and the Lildebeest drinking afternoon tea at the Cafe Des Beaux Parvenus in Newbridge Silverware.
"There's a man over there with a huge belly," says the Lilt conversationally. "He looks as if he's about to burst."
I glance over my shoulder.
The gentleman in question is standing about a foot from me.
He has a healthy Irish porter belly and a hurt expression on his face.
"Mammy," I hiss. "You'd be surprised how audible you are. Would you not be a bit more careful? That guy definitely heard you."
"Well it's just up to now I thought you were fat," said the aged parent airily and no less noisily. "But compared to him you're really quite thin. You should be thanking me. I'm trying to improve your self image."

the percentages

Somebody contacted me a while ago to say it seemed a bit cold when I wrote about sex abuse victims in terms of percentages arising within and outside of the church.
I understood.
But there is no other way to demonstrate to people the lies that are being told than to explain to them just how many sex abuse cases are being ignored by the anti Catholic media.
To explain the extent of the lies that Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times are telling, you  simply have to point out the exponential presence of sex abuse in modern society.
You have to explain that 99.99 percent of cases are completely unconnected to the church.
You have to point out that the cases which do not involve the church are the most extreme cases, involving tortures, murders and rapes conducted over many decades often with the knowledge of liberal left wing social workers and High Court Judges who failed to take such victims into protective care.
You have to make clear that the media is propagating an utter lie in deliberately misleading the public into thinking that the Catholic Church is the main locus of sex abuse in our society.
You have to expose the media's bigoted hypocrasy in misconstruing as a cover up, any honorable attempts by the Catholic Church to deal discretely with sex abuse cases arising in its midst.
You have to do this.
The alternative is to surrender to the night.
As for the figures I give.
Yes, I say 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases do not involve the Catholic Church.
An activists group, that is to say a group that has made an awful lot of money out of sex abuse cases, was challenged a few years ago to say precisely what percentage of cases overall involved priests.
They claimed 5 percent.
But they were unable to give any statistics to back up their claim.
They said they had based their figures on the cases which reach court.
But still they had no precise statistics.
The figure was a notional one.
Snatched out of the air.
Every single person involved in social work in the Republic of Ireland knows that since at least the 1980's there has been an epidemic of sex abuse against children, exploding throughout our society.
Most of these cases do not get reported, do not go to court, do not involve priests, and do not get entered in any official statistics.
Most of these cases happen in family homes at the hands of near relatives.
I assert that this explosion in sex abuse has happened because of the pornography culture, drugs culture and atheism culture, facilitated, nay promoted, explicitly by the hedonism, paganism, and atheism of Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times.
The explosion of sex abuse has been caused by the collapse in values championed by the very atheist Judges, parliamentarians, secretive upper echelon Civil Servants, and the cheerleading media shills who are currently united in mendaciously blaming sex abuse on the Catholic Church.
The honest ones among us know well that the number of cases involving priests as a percentage of all victims is infinitesimal.
I put the figure at 0.01 percent.
Still important.
And each abuser should answer for what he does.
But all the victims are important.
Not just the ones the Nazis find useful for propaganda purposes against Christianity.
And the media assault against the Catholic Church represents a deliberate concealment of 99.99 percent of vicims.
The 99.99 percent who weren't important because they weren't abused by priests.
The 99.99 percent who were no use to Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times in their kulturkampf with the Catholic Church.
These 99.99 percent of sex abuse victims are being victimised right now in their homes, in sports clubs, in hospitals, and in the community.
How did I arrive at my own figures?
I took the false 5 percent figure offered by the activists for abuse cases involving priests.
I took it as a starting point.
I accepted that if that false figure relates to court cases only, and if as we know most cases taking place in the family and in the community never get near a court and therefore don't even show up on the map, (while most cases involving priests definitely do get to court and show up disproproportionately in any statistics either genuine or contrived), then since the vast preponderance of child abuse victims in the broader community are never recorded, a figure of less than 1 percent for cases involving priests becomes in my view a more realistic assessment of the clerical presence in the total number of cases.
My figure is also notional.
I don't claim to have precise statistics.
But at least you can see my rationale.
Less than one tenth of one percent of sex abuse victims have suffered at the hands of supposedly religious people.
The other 99.99 percent of victims have been prey to abusers who operate with effective impunity because Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times have no interest in them.
There's no media war against them.
This is why I mention the devil so much.
It is all positively devilish.
The important fact is that for every person the media have highlighted as having been abused by a priest, the media have ignored 999 victims who were abused by non religious people, by their fathers, mothers, brothers, sports trainers, teachers, and so on.
Now that's what I call satanism.
This is a cosmic battle.
We put on the armour of God.

an open letter to david quinn of independent newspapers

It's time to make up your mind Quinn.
You can't serve Jesus and Tony O'Reilly.
You've been giving these people credibility for too long.
Even as they seek the overthrow of your church, you sit comfortably in their midst, parroting the platitudes they permit you to.
It's time Quinn.
Do the right thing.
James Healy

the satanic rites of independent newspapers

John Cooney has been leading the anti Catholic onslaught in Independent Newspapers for some years now.
He has been the media handler par excellence for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin during the present coup attempt against the Catholic Church in Ireland.
The object for the media, and for the main conspirators hiding within the Judiciary, Civil Service and parliament of the Republic of Ireland, has always been the destruction of the church.
But an interim objective is the installation of one of their own as head of the church.
On Friday, Independent Newspapers was keeping John Cooney very much on the sidelines.
His manipulations had become too blatent.
It was starting to look bad.
Independent Newspapers still featured pages of anti Catholic propaganda on Friday.
But most of it was handled by younger journalists.
The second string bigots.
Cooney was only let write two articles.
His first article was a neutrally phrased snippet reporting the appointment of an Irish man as prelate in a third world country.
His second article was altogether more instructive.
In his second article John Cooney speculated that if Cardinal Sean Brady is removed from office, then Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will be head of the church in Ireland.
And that gentle readers is what they've been playing for all along.

watching the defectives

When the contrived media storm against Cardinal Sean Brady was at its height this week, the cover of the Daily Mail carried a picture of three girls who had been raped by a child abuser.
The banner headline above the three girls read: "HE CANNOT HIDE NOW."
Below that, came yet another headline, this time highlighted in red ink to make it stand out, and containing a quotation from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin about Cardinal Sean Brady which said: "WE NEED TRUTH ON BRADY."
To anyone who glanced at the cover of the Daily Mail it appeared that the three cover headlines related to the same story.
This impression was contrived maliciously and with deliberate intent by the Daily Mail.
The intention was to convince those who glanced at the cover that the three girls had said there is no place to hide for Cardinal Sean Brady.
No further information was given on the cover of the Daily Mail except page reference numbers where you could find more information inside the newspaper.
Of course most people who saw that cover do not buy the Daily Mail.
Its readership figures are negligible.
But a great many people saw the cover as they went about their business in newsagents and supermarkets and garage shops all over Ireland.
A great many people believed as the Daily Mail intended them to believe that the three girls were challenging Cardinal Sean Brady.
The crassly false implication being deliberately created by the Daily Mail with the juxtaposition of the photograph of the girls and these headlines, was that the abuse of these girls was somehow linked to Cardinal Sean Brady.
The vilely dishonest agit prop style inuendo contained in this cover was intended to mislead the public into thinking that the three sex abuse victims had said there was no place for Cardinal Sean Brady to hide.
The Daily Mail cover amounted to a most grotesque falsehood.
For the three girls had been abused by their next door neighbour and not by anyone with even the remotest connection to the Catholic Church or to Cardinal Sean Brady.
No Catholic Church prelate or Bishop or Cardinal had been in any way a party to the girls attempts to get justice for themselves.
The case had no Catholic Church element whatsover.
The three girls had waived their anonymity only so that their abuser, a child rapist called Thomas Harman, would then be named in the media.
The Daily Mail named him on page eight, although Cardinal Brady's name was positioned close to the girls' picture on the cover.
What a vile lie the Daily Mail was telling.
The three girls had never intended any statement by them to refer to any member of the Catholic Church or to Cardinal Sean Brady.
The abuse of these three girls was one of those sex abuse cases which normally the media ignores, ie one of the 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases that do not involve in any way any member or adherent of the Catholic Church.
This is what we are up against.
This whole campaign against the Catholic Church is being waged by an empire of lies.
The Daily Mail is only a small and very mediocre part of the armies of darkness.
A hind tit of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and the broadcaster RTE.
A sort of "me too" of satanism.
But their lies matter just as much as the lies being told by the other mendacious cheerleaders of this anti Catholic pogrom.
Later in the week a writer styling himself Doctor Mark Dooley was once more wheeled out to rehash his wearisome bleeding heart routine in the pages of the Daily Mail.
Mark Dooley is the Daily Mail's token Catholic.
He was hired as part of the Daily Mail's attempts to compete with the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers in Ireland.
Mark Dooley's column last week was the usual bland assortment of fake angst and insincere posturing.
Mark Dooley claimed to believe in the real presence of the Messiah in the Eucharist.
Mark Dooley claimed to love the Catholic Church.
And Mark Dooley endorsed every anti Catholic falsehood that the Daily Mail, the whoremasters of Independent Newspapers, the Bolshevicks of the Irish Times, and the pornographers of RTE, have been promulgating on the Irish nation for the past forty years with regard to sex abuse.
It is strange that Mark Dooley accepts money from the Daily Mail in return for his unreadable maunderings, considering that Mark Dooley pretends he is Catholic, and the Daily Mail unstintingly militates in its columns for euthanasia, abortion, contraceptive culture, life in test tubes culture, and the all the other dessicating atheistic pornographies of this age of Lucifer.
I wonder did Beobachter Zeitung, the Nazi newspaper run by Goebbels have a few token Catholic contributors too.
I appeal to Mark Von Dooley to look at the cover of the Daily Mail for Wednesday 17th March 2010 and to consider the malign falsehood the Daily Mail was attempting to propagate against Cardinal Sean Brady.
If Mark Dooley is still writing for the Daily Mail next week, Mark Dooley is no Catholic.
Nor is he a Christian.
Nor does the truth have any home in him.
He is a nothing.
Worse than nothing.
He is an acolyte of murderers.
He is on the side of the murderers of truth in an age when the one true church is being persecuted.
He is an idolator.
He has sold his ancient birthright for a few thousand quid and a weekly ego trip in an abysmal newspaper.
I gotta tell ya.
Whatever they're paying you Dooley, it's not worth your immortal soul.

great quotations of our time

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "The whole church must atone for the crime of child abuse."
James Healy: "The only people who must atone for child abuse are the people who have committed child abuse and the people who have used child abuse victims as a Trojan Horse in order to destroy the Catholic Church and remake it in their own image, meaning you Archbishop Diarmuid Martin."

Friday, March 19, 2010

message from beyond

Quaffing a coffee with the Mammy at the Dunnes Stores cafe in the town of Newbridge. We are talking about an old friend of my father's the legendary businessman Pat Dunlea who died a few years ago.

I am saying: "When I was a teenager back in the 1980's I had an argument with Dunlea about the existence of God. And I had a sort of tantrum. I went nuts. I was saying things like: So you the owner of a garage are casting doubt on whether the creator of the universe exists. And then I had the privilege of watching him become ever more successful for the next few decades while my own life became ever more a failure. He was setting up all sorts of businesses. Providing employment. Rebuilding half the town. Every few years he'd have some dramatic new project. And every time I met him over the twenty five years, I was thinking wryly to myself that if I remembered the tantrum I'd had, remembered it word for word, then he must remember it too. But he never mentioned it. And you know, I think he got me that job in the Leinster Leader. He never admitted it but I think he did. And then the owner of some car I scraped in a road accident, phoned me to say the bill had been paid. I think Pat Dunlea paid that too but he always denied it. That was a couple of grand right there. And then I nearly fell over a few years ago when he said to me out of the blue that he appreciated me writing articles in defence of priests. Who would have thought it? When I'd had that tantrum with him twenty five years earlier, I'd been sure that I'd be a tremendously successful fellow, probably end up running a multi national corporation and that anyway I wouldn't have to meet Pat Dunlea ever again if I didn't want to. And over the quarter century I never stopped meeting him. Or suspecting that he was my benefactor. And I never for a moment forget what I'd once said to him as a young lad. And he never once reminded me."

At this moment in my reminiscence my coffee cup became up ended and spilled over me.

The Mammy stared in delight.

"It's him," she breathed. "Only Pat Dunlea could organise something like that from heaven."

Poet meets ghost!

to a wild rabbit prince of the fields

words are mine
no words take from your eyes
the breeze blown beauty of the woodlands
nor the silver scented sight of evening glories

manhood mine
a prince of the fields is he
even in the terror of flight
a strange high ecstacy spirits his delight

age is mine
he will not grow old
nor fear the passing of his world
the lure of yellow gold
the bitterness of friends becoming foes

the infernal machinations of archbishop diarmuid martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was on the cover of the Irish Times yesterday.
He was quoted by the Irish Times atheistic religious affairs correspondent as suggesting that it may be necessary to extend Judge Yvonne Murphy's remit to every diocese in Ireland.
Judge Yvonne Murphy is responsible for the trumped up manipulative report into old child abuse cases which is currently being used by the media and their agent Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to destroy the Catholic Church.
Under Yvonne Murphy's retrospective random reinterpretation of sex abuse cases, it is now possible for liberal atheists in the Judiciary, the media, and parliament, to invent and ascribe guilt to any churchman they wish.
This is a persecution.
Malign, vicious and evil.
A two fold persecution.
By the media from without.
By Archbishop Diarmuid Martin from within.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's statement on the cover of the Irish Times (where his atheistic pro Soviet brother Seamus Martin was once political editor) amounted to a threat to every priest in Ireland.
What Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was saying to the priests of Ireland was this:
"I can get you. None of you are safe. What I've done to Cardinal Sean Brady and to the Bishops, I can do to you. You are mine."
It is time we stopped fearing the hand of the man who strikes us.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin only possesses power that has been given to him for a little while.
It is not to endure.
It will pass.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE also possess solely a temporal and temporary power.
They are evaporating before our eyes.
They owe billions of dollars to idiot banks who have financed their anti Catholic agendas for forty years.
Their world is passing away with the world of the banks who succoured them.
Do not fear them.
They are nothing.
Tonight in Kilcullen church I saw a notice that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has instructed priests of the region to display in all churches.
The notice apologises for sex abuse violations that the priests of the region did not commit, had no involvement with, were not a party to, and have never countenanced.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin claims his notice is a poem written by a sex abuse victim.
It isn't.
It is a tissue of inculpatory inuendos which enables Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to humiliate every priest.
In the carpark outside Kilcullen Church one of my Uncles approached me.
"What are they doing to our church?" he asked.
I took a deep breath.
"Listen Uncle," I said. "In the past week Christians have been murdered in Pakistan, in India, and in Nigeria. These are our brothers. God has deemed them worthy to stand closer to him in the crucifixion. We haven't been asked to face that yet. We are being asked to face a different kind of persecution. This too is a privilege. To suffer with Christ. And he hasn't asked us to bear the stripes. He knows we're not ready. That's why we got the easier job. Nobody has whipped us or shot us yet. Why do we worry so much about what evil doers think of us? It is because we do not care enough about what God thinks of us. In Mexico the communist government has slaughtered priests for decades. In Spain during the Civil War the communists were crucifying priests by nailing them to the doors of their churches. We haven't come up against anything like that. But what we face has the same source as the other oppressions. It is the same evil seeking to destroy the church. The worm of old whose name is Satan. We've been given a different persecution to face. But it has the same author. Anyway Uncle, if you know it's a persecution then I say to you, you are truly blessed. Many have watched this persecution and self righteously cheered it on. They will repent in hell fire at the end of time."
The Uncle weighed my words.
"Well then what should we do?" he wondered. "Should we do as Jesus said and turn the other cheek?"
I thought for a moment.
"Anything that is of Christ is the right thing to do," I answered finally. "But bowing to an oppressor is not turning the other cheek. Allowing scoundrels to humiliate 80 year old Bishops and Cardinals, monks and nuns, by inventing crimes to ascribe to them, and subjecting them to trial by the mob, or trial by the cocaine addicts and whore masters of Independent Newspapers, is not turning the other cheek. Remember Jesus' other words. Remove the beam from your own eye so that you can see clearly to remove the beam from your brother's. No greater love hath any man than to lay down his life for his brother. And if you speak for me before men, I will speak for you before the Father. This is a cosmic battle Uncle. This is a time when evil is making its greatest efforts to lay low the human race. Of course it had to discredit the church to ever have a chance of leading the people into slavery. Of course it did. This is the darkest night in the history of humanity except for the night on which Jesus died. But you know what. This is the happiest night of my life because of the questions you have asked me and because you said the words OUR CHURCH."

the mouldicia leech laugh in

(An orgy of fun with everyone's favourite PR person.)

Courtroom scene.
Judge Desmond Zaidan: What gear were you in at the time of the accident?
James Healy: I was wearing Reeboks and Nike.

cheltenham week round up

The Johnston Press ownedLeinster Leader is offering readers a free 15 Euro bet with every copy of the Leinster Leader they buy.
There hasn't been much sign of a rush to take up that generous offer.
When I viewed the Leinster Leader tray in Superquinn on Wednesday, it was piled high with unsold Leaders.
A stack of Leinster Leaders up to neck height.
Ah yes.
We addicted gamblers have enough on our plate without having to wade through pages of semi literate insincere drivel as well as losing money at the races.
Paying each reader 15 Euro just to buy a Leinster Leader.
They're finished.
They really are.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

coo blimey


the vengeance of archbishop diarmuid martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is attempting to terrorise Cardinal Sean Brady from office.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is doing this as a strategic power play, part of his personal quest to remake the Catholic Church in Ireland in his own image.
More interestingly, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is also doing this as an act of revenge.
To destroy Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is using the usual standard operational media barrage to create an infernal frame up, concocting notional retrospective guilt over Cardinal Sean Brady in his handling of an old sex abuse case and splashing lurid inuendos on the front pages of anti Catholic publications such as The Irish Times and Independent Newspapers.
Ask youself this.
Why do anti Catholic newspapers love Archbishop Diarmuid Martin so much?
Because he's one of them.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's campaign has continued apace on Saint Patrick's Day.
I'd say Saint Patrick is turning in his grave.
To understand what is going on we should remember how Archbishop Diarmuid Martin fled Rome in infantile fury last month after his plans to oust a generation of Irish Bishops by tarring them as concealers of child abuse came a cropper.
That was Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's first attempted coup d'etat against the Catholic Church in Ireland.
The current attacks against Cardinal Sean Brady are his second.
But the attacks against Cardinal Sean Brady are something more.
Something more than o'erleaping ambition.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin now despises Cardinal Sean Brady with a passion and is determined to drag his name through the mud.
For Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's initial media orchestrated coup against the Bishops was unseated at the final hurdle in Rome only because Cardinal Sean Brady made it clear to the Pope that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin did not speak for him, or for the Bishops, or for the people of Ireland.
Now Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is determined to have his revenge.
The vengeance of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is as bloody, cruel and malign as a crucifixion.
Using an old case involving a deceased child abuser called Brendan Smyth, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's allies in the media have this week launched simultaneous propaganda strikes against Cardinal Sean Brady.
Apparently over three decades ago the young Sean Brady had been present when victims of Brendan Smyth were interviewed and sworn to secrecy.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's media propagandists are now suggesting that the younger Sean Brady should have gone to the police.
The Brendan Smyth case has been recycled time and time again over the past sixteen years by Irish media groups attempting to use it to discredit the Catholic Church.
It has been exhaustively analysed and rehashed in a way no other single sex abuse case in Ireland has been dealt with.
Yet this is the first time any aspect of the Brendan Smythe case has been used as propaganda against Cardinal Sean Brady.
Why on earth has it happened now?
Such a new take on an old sex abuse case can only have happened this week for one reason.
It can only have been featured across so many media outlets simultaneously for one reason.
It can only have emerged at this particular moment for one reason.
It is the vengeance of the little yellow god.
It is the curse of the little porcine prince.
It is the wrath of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
The public slandering of Cardinal Sean Brady is nothing more and nothing less than a spitefully vindictive punishment meted out by a pseudo progressive liberal megalomaniac and his media allies in a fit of schoolboy outrage that any would dare thwart them in their delusional pursuit of total power.
It is a punishment dispensed with psychotic saturnine satisfaction by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on account of what Archbishop Diarmuid Martin regards as a betrayal, not of child abuse victims, but of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin himself, when Cardinal Sean Brady refused to back him before the Pope in Rome.
That is the only reason we are seeing the current attempts to ruin Cardinal Sean Brady.
What is playing out before our eyes is the deceitful revenge of a petty thwarted provincial Machiavelli, none other than Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, against a true Collossus of the Catholic Church, the popular, unassuming, selflessly dedicated Cardinal Sean Brady.
Cardinal Sean Brady is a noble and dignified lover of humanity.
Cardinal Sean Brady is a servant and benefactor of the entire Irish nation.
Cardinal Sean Brady is a hero of Christ.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a coward, a craven and a cur.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy saint patrick's day everyone

South Kildare parades in honour of the saint who brought us the light of the world.

legions of hell

And so the jeering Tricoteuses of the Irish media pogrom against the Catholic Church gathered in a baying mob around the honorable dignified courageous figure of Cardinal Sean Brady.
They spent a day at it.
This was Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times' revenge for Cardinal Sean Brady's defiance of their attempts in concert with infiltrating pseudo progressive Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to force a generation of Bishops from office by falsely labelling them as concealers of child abuse.
By defying the media and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's arbitrary ascription of guilt towards those Bishops at a meeting with the Pope in Rome, Cardinal Sean Brady had brought the mob down upon himself.
All day I've watched them judging him.
It's all lies.
A show trial.
A public denunciation.
Right out of Mao's China or the old Soviet Union.
Pure barbarism.
The punishment is the process.
And look at the denunciators.
Look at the class of them.
Joe Little of RTE sniggeringly proclaiming: "There is a public mood against Cardinal Brady."
The only evidence he offered for his false claim that the public is against Cardinal Sean Brady was the jeering front page headlines on anti Catholic newspapers.
Joe Little is a strange sort of person to sit in judgement.
Joe Little has never admitted to the public the part Joe Little played in his youth in an organisation called Socialist Worker which tirelessly sought to extend the rulership of the most murderous communist regimes over the whole of humanity.
Joe Little has never come clean about Joe Little's attempts as a student radical to bring communist dictatorship to Ireland.
Joe Little has never spoken openly about his atheistic bigotries, his detestation of the Catholic Church which he considered a sworn enemy of communism, or about his psychotically delusional ambitions to reduce Ireland to a one party Soviet dictatorship.
I'd like to hear about this stuff.
Let's face it.
If Little Joe had had his way, Ireland would have been the smallest f--king province in the Russian empire.
But thanks to the Catholic Church our country remained one of only about ten nations on the surface of the planet earth to successfully avoid the seductions of communist enslavement.
Must have been frustrating for you and the comrades Joey Boy.
Our Catholic culture was so strong that it simply couldn't be subverted.
Not any more.
The liberal Tricoteuses, many converted communists like Joe Little, are succeeding where the old communists failed.
Makes you think doesn't it.
They have seduced a generation with sex culture, abortion culture, euthanasia culture, porno culture, drugs culture, the violent society and MTV.
In so doing they have created the most massive levels of murder, torture, child sexual abuse and rape ever seen in any generation.
They have spent Ireland almost overnight into the third world.
No other generation of Irish people bankrupted the country as the present anti Catholic generation has done.
And worse.
They have in just 30 years of hedonism almost undone 1500 years of Christianity.
Supplanting the love of Christ and service to the community as exemplified by the saintly Cardinal Sean Brady, supplanting this beautiful vocational style of Catholic living, supplanting and all but extinguishing it I say, with their own crude self worship and idolatrous rule of the mob.
And now Joe Little, this pious apologist for mass murder, this epitome of mediocrity, this little Joe Little, presumes to sit in judgement on the decent, heroic, self sacrificing, giant of humanity Cardinal Sean Brady.
This overpaid shilling hack Joe Little earnestly and malignly construes wrongdoing in the life of a hero where no wrongdoing exists.
It's positively diabolical.
An abomination.
Then there's Miriam O'Callaghan.
Miriam O'Callaghan presents a chat show on RTE, a publicly funded television station, and is herself no stranger to scandal.
Miriam O'Callaghan's husband is programme commissioning editor at RTE.
Miriam O'Callaghan's husband has used his position as programme commissioning editor at RTE to commission programmes from a private company he set up, programmes starring his own private wife Miriam O'Callaghan who is interestingly enough already being paid hundreds of thousands of public dollars a year in salaries by RTE to calumniate the Catholic Church, and really doesn't need any more cash from hubby's programme commissioning wheeler dealing largesse.
Miriam O'Callaghan's husband also pays himself at least twice in these instances: Firstly he pays himself from public funds when he commissions a programme starring his wife; Secondly he receives money from his own privately set up company arising from the public funds paid to it by RTE when it actually delivers the programme starring his wife.
And these are the people who presume to sit in malign judgement on the life and witness of Cardinal Sean Brady.
Miriam O'Callaghan's guests last night were the Tricoteuses from central casting.
Patsy McGarry, the atheistic anti Catholic bigot who styles himself religious affairs correspondent of The Irish Times.
Gary O'Sullivan, the liberal editor of a newspaper which scandalously insists on describing itself as The Irish Catholic when in fact it is not a Catholic publication but a private business owned and operated for profit by The Farmers Journal.
And finally came Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the very one, looking nervous and scared.
Because today was an important day for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
His media allies have made a big play.
Their aim is to destroy Cardinal Sean Brady and to once more leave the Irish Catholic Church in the hands of their infiltrating pseudo progressive ally Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
It's make or break time.
You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs, eh Archy?
Or breaking some human beings.
Naturally Archbiship Diarmuid Martin looked a little jumpy.
It's not easy to murder a man and carry it off as moral concern about your victim's handling of child abuse cases.
The truth shows on the face.
The soul tends to leak out through the pores.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was sweating like a pig.
What if Miriam O'Callaghan dared to press him on the possibilty that he had played a part in trying to destroy Cardinal Sean Brady?
What is she dared to suggest what everyone else knows has happened?
What if she asked whether the present media storm against Cardinal Sean Brady had been orchestrated with the collusion of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin?
What then?
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin need not have worried.
Miriam O'Callaghan is not that kind of journalist.
She has no interest in the truth.
She's on side.
She's a part of the anti Catholic conspiracy.
Even so, guilt ran in runnels from the porcine visage of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
The interview with him in plush bottomed squalor was flanked with vapid amoral commentary from Gary O'Sullivan and Patsy McGarry.
There was no honour in it.
And this was the jury of assassins assembled by the embezzler of public funds the million dollar a year multi tasking multi salaried Miriam O'Callaghan to sit in judgement on Cardinal Sean Brady, a man who has worked for nothing a year for the whole of his life, serving the people of Ireland tirelessly, selflessly and compassionately wherever and whenever he could, day or night, at home or abroad.
I don't say it lightly bold readers.
I say it because I know it's true.
What I've said is who Cardinal Sean Brady is.
And what I've said about the cabal of monsters attempting to hound him to destruction is what they are.
For Miriam O'Callaghan and her liberal friends to sit in judgement on Cardinal Sean Brady is also an abomination.
But you all know I think that.
They twittered away together self satisfiedly.
Only the sweat glistening on Archbishop Diarmuid Martin gave the lie to the lies that were being propagated.
Damning Cardinal Sean Brady with their faint praises.
Not one of them man enough or woman enough to stand up and cry: "This is a persecution."
Not one.
The whole thing was orchestrated almost to perfection.
Except they couldn't stop Archbishop Diarmuid Martin from sweating.
It was the damndest thing.
The only chink of truth in their web of deceit.
The sweat that gilded the lily of their deceptions.
But television was only one front in this crude and unwarranted attack on the reputation of Cardinal Sean Brady.
A rash of newspaper attacks on Cardinal Sean Brady had been coordinated to run in tandem with the television and radio attacks on him.
No mention now of the media's blatent attempts to destroy a generation of Bishops two months ago using precisely the same tactics.
This time everything was directed at one man.
The synchronisation was perfect.
Perfectly infernal.
For at the same time as the Irish media were attacking Cardinal Sean Brady, international media groups had dug up some sex abuse case from the period when Pope Benedict was a Bishop in Germany.
A case that had occurred in the region over which he was Bishop.
You see how they do this.
Every institution on earth has had to deal with paedophiles in its ranks.
More so now than ever.
Yet with the Catholic Church the media just have to find one case.
And then they can reinterpret the church's discretion in dealing with such matters as concealment.
It is a satanic manoeuvre.
Debased and debasing.
Those who are spearheading this terror, may yet find that they themselves will not remain untouched by it.
Such was the experience of the Tricoteuses in the French Revolution.
The Tricoteuses were haggard old women who cheered on the executions while cackling over their knitting.
It means knitters.
A trivial term for murderers.
But it captures something.
Even if our own murderers still restrict themselves to the murder of reputations.
Look at them cackling.
Brenda Power in the Daily Mail, a crowing crone, deriding the church in tones of utmost coiffeured condescension, suggesting that Cardinal Sean Brady should be left in office only so that the likes of Brenda Power can humiliate him further.
Sometimes evil has a hair do, eh Brenda.
And Martin Turner, the Irish Times cartoonist, a shambolically unfunny old bolshevick, depicting Saint Patrick with sledge hammer subtlety on the Eve of Saint Patrick's Day encountering snakes wearing clerical collars.
Martin Turner whose sole contribution to Irish life has been to call for the banning of the Bible.
What a classy guy.
Martin Turner too presumes to sit in judgement on Cardinal Sean Brady.
Look at them.
Look at the judges.
Look at them all.
There is a warning in the Bible about an abomination of desolation which one day would usurp a power that it had no right to.
This is happening today before our eyes as the confederacy of dunces, those who sit in leering jeering sneering judgement, crowd together to excoriate and humiliate the ancient and venerable Cardinal Sean Brady.
The Messiah told us this would happen.
He said:
"If the world hates you
you must realise that it hated me
before it hated you.
If you belonged to the world
the world would love you as its own;
but because you do not belong to the world,
that is why the world hates you.
Remember the words I said to you:
A servant is not greater than his master.
If they persecuted me,
they will persecute you too;
if they kept my word
they will keep yours as well.
But it will be on my account
that they will do this to you,
because they do not know
the one who sent me."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the good life

Paddy Pup savouring the moments.


the birds of northernesse
had gathered to sing a lay
in a dark tree near a torrent
where the nether world issues
a word they want a word they need
a word for an array
there splashed on vision none
their marvellous mystic hues

vermillion said the eagle
the maker of all laws
and since twas he that said it
so by life it was

vermillion said the osprey
and none could give the nay
for his claws were long and sharp
and he would have his way

vermillion said the falcon
keeper of the flame
and he looked around for challenge
in hauteur and disdain

vermillion chanted the other ranks
the magpie and the hen
the jackdaw and the cormorant
the peewit and the wren

vermillion sang they all
in a wondrous symphony
and their voices rolled throughout the land
from the mountains to the sea

red blood quaked the sparrow
his plumage modest brown
and the birds could not see him
for his station lay far down

red blood piped he again
grown stronger at the truth
and the birds faced reality
and reality was mute

red blood cried he at last
and they saw him crouching low
and they flew at him and raged at him
and struck a mighty blow

shaking the ancient tree
about its massive girth
they seized him and they bore him
and they crushed him to the earth

regaining lofty branches
they did as they were meant
and shook their ruffled feathers
and nodded in assent

a word they had a good word
of a million words abhorred
they would hold to it cling to it
vermillion they roared

the unspeakable and the damned

The ageing Maoist who styles himself Vincent Browne was presenting his usual jumped up atheistic anti Catholic propaganda on the failed television station TV3 last night.
Vincent Browne has always been a man to demand apologies from the church for any contrived crime he or his atheistic media allies choose to lay at its door.
But Vincent Browne doesn't like apologising himself.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the 70 million murders of Chairman Mao.
Vincent Browne has never even admitted Chairman Mao murdered anyone.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the murders committed in Soviet Russia.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the murders committed throughout Africa, Asia and South America by Vincent Browne's fellow atheistic communists seeking world domination.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for Vincent Browne's own advocacy of the IRA, the Soviet Union, Maoist China, international communism in general, Arab terrorism in particular, abortion culture, condom culture, and abortificient culture, in the pages of the failed newspaper The Sunday Tribune which he edited almost to its destruction in the 1980s and beyond.
The Sunday Tribune never made a profit by the way.
It exists still only because the loss making anti Catholic Independent Newspapers bankrolls it.
Independent Newspapers meanwhile owes creditors 1500 million dolllars.
Independent Newspapers exists only because our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government gives it millions of dollars a year in health board and State sector advertising, and because the bankrupt banks who loaned it the 1500 million dollars in the first place to finance the present anti Catholic pogrom are themselves being bankrolled by the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government using our money.
The anti Catholic Irish Times, since we're in this neck of the woods, lost a hundred millon dollars last year.
It too exists only because of government adverts and the largesse of busted bank's.
And the anti Catholic broadcaster RTE exists only because Catholic people are compelled by law to pay it hundreds of millions of dollars a year in licence fees regardless of whether we ever watch it or not.
But I digress.
We were talking about Vincent Browne.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for his attempts to destroy the Catholic Church while posing as an objective reporter of events.
Vincent Browne is a pious atheistic humbug stewing in his own hypocrasy.
And last night as expected he marshalled one of his specially selected sex abuse victims to the podium.
A sex abuse victim who can be depended to say what the media want her to say.
And on queue the selected sex abuse victim, reading from notes, with infinite condescension proclaimed: "The Catholic church may be allowed to exist in some form in the future."
How big of her.
But the real crime is Vincent Browne's.
The woman was gormless.
Gormlessness is no excuse for helping the Nazis.
Nor is being a sex abuse victim.
A sex abuse victim who helps the Nazis is still a Nazi when all is said and done.
But the woman was genuinely gormless.
Vincent Browne knew exactly what he was doing when he manipulated her.
The specially selected sex abuse victim added in her condescending diatribe that the future existence of the Catholic Church would be predicated on Archbishop Diarmuid Martin being given control of the Catholic Church.
So there you have it.
At least we know what they're after.
These atheists and their parrots presume to tell us that in the future they may, just may, allow us to exist.
And they've become quite open about their strategy of planting the infiltrating liberal leftist Archbishop Diarmuid Martin at the head of the church.
Did any you of doubt it was coming?
This is a persecution.
In Nigeria last week, Muslim rioters killed five hundred Christians.
In Iraq, Muslim rioters murdered and terrorised hundreds of Christian families from their homes.
In recent weeks there have been mob murders of Christians in Pakistan and Northern India also.
In Ireland the persecution is more subtle.
But the aim is the same.
Make no mistake about it.
The killing will come later.

bushy at the bird table


hartigan's stallion

animal from birth
the fire within
drove to the hill tops
creature of the wind
sinew spirit storm
smitten into form
with half begotten dreams
the mountains the forests and the streams
your temple your refuge your domain

the sagacity of a man called heelers

Wandered into Clarkes Menswear in the town of Newbridge.
"I didn't expect to see you here today," intones the proprietor Vivian Clarke by way of welcome.
I pick up an expensive jewelled pullover and place it on the counter.
"Why not?" sez me.
"I thought if Wales lost on Saturday you weren't going to buy another jumper for the next ten years," quoth he.
I nod sagely.
"To hell with poverty Clarke," I cry, "we'll kill a hin."
And somewhere the ghost of Granny Moran is smiling.

in plain view

Strolling down the main street in the town of Naas.
I see a teenage boy sidling along the path.
He ties his dog to a lamp post.
Then he enters a drug dealing shop.
These drug dealing shops, styled Head Shops, have been opened overnight by crime gangs in almost every town in Ireland.
The teenager emerges from the drug dealing shop moments later.
He retrieves his dog and passes me by, avoiding eye contact.
There is no sign of Garda Sergeant James D O'Meara who summonsed me to court last month for the crime of daring to allow a light to break on my car as I drove from Dublin in the rain.
I look at the drug dealing shop.
It is located in premises across the road from the Naas District Courthouse, the same Naas District Courthouse where a Lebanese Judge styling himself "Desmond" Zaidan fined me 200 quid last week for the crime of daring to let my car light break, the crime of daring to take affront when Sergeant James D O'Meara threw a photo on the ground from my wallet, and compelled me to stand in the rain in a tee shirt while he shouted in my face "You should know that light is gone," refusing to answer my questions about the manner in which he was conducting himself, smirking when I asked were my rights being infringed and sneering "Maybe you should ask your solicitor," before finally stomping away from me with a triumphant snarl of "I'm finished with you."
Nothing too strange there by the policing standards of the failed permanently civil war riven thug statelet of Lebanon.
But not traditionally acceptable police behaviour in Ireland.
The drug dealing shop is located in premises between Allied Irish Banks and the law firm of Coughlan And Company. Allied Irish Banks is still trading only because our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government has paid it thousands of millions of dollars of our money to enable it to continue it to pay its Chief Executive and Board members huge salaries in return for running a company that they've already run into the ground. Coughlan And Company Solicitors like all law firms in the Republic of Ireland floats on the free legal aid system, a system whereby our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government gives public money to members of the criminal classes to help them beat the rap when they're caught for crimes a good deal more serious than allowing a light to break on their cars.
The drug dealing shop is located a few paces from the offices of the Leinster Leader, a near defunct newspaper from which I was fired two years ago by a British printing group called the Johnston Press which had bought the paper with money borrowed from idiot banks, now also defunct, paying a price of 138 million for a newspaper that on a good day might have generated a million a year, leaving the amoral parvenu spiv Johnston Press with the choice of either firing people and hiring cheap teenagers or waiting another 138 years to make their investment back.
I stood looking at the drug dealing shop.
Still no sign of Sergeant James D O'Meara.
Probably busy out hunting car lights.
My sources tell me that the building in which the drug dealing shop is located actually belongs to a Judge called Coughlan.
My sources say that Judge Coughlan denies knowing that his tenants are using his premises to deal drugs.
I don't care what Judge Coughlan denies.
Well he would, wouldn't he.
The law is ceasing to exist in the Republic of Ireland.

the number of the beasts

Oprah Winfrey set up a school in South Africa a few years ago.
Oprah was new to the charity game.
But she had a billion dollars in the bank and she decided to give a little of it to those in need.
Within months her school had been infiltrated by paedophiles who sexually abused the students there.
The chief paedophile was the Principal of the school.
Strangely there has been little negative publicity for Oprah herself arising from the paedophile infiltration of the school she set up in South Africa.
Certainly no current news article or broadcast report about Oprah even bothers to mention the case.
It's gone virtually unreported.
And it's absolutely never been re-reported.
It's almost as if the media don't care.
Certainly their reporting style for sex abuse cases involving Oprah Winfrey is, shall we say, a little different, from their reporting style for any sex abuse case they can falsely represent as being linked to the Catholic Church.
It's most strange.
The Doctor Barnardos charity has existed for a century.
Doctor Barnardos is also relatively new to the charity game.
Among its various initiatives, Doctor Barnardos has operated orphanages in Ireland and Britain.
During the 1970s and 1980s it emerged that these orphanages had been systematically infiltrated by paedophile networks.
The outrages against children committed in these orphanages are among the most rancid in history.
Yet they have gone almost completely unreported in recent years.
They are never referred to in current reportage on Doctor Barnardos.
A profile of Doctor Barnardos last year in an Independent Newspapers title failed to mention that there had ever been a sex abuse scandal within Doctor Barnardos.
It was most strange.
Most most strange.
Independent Newspapers, by failing to mention that Doctor Barnardos had been infiltrated by paedophile rings who had committed abuse at homes throughout the United Kingdom, surely by omitting this most salient and newsworthy fact, surely Independent Newspapers was deliberately concealing child abuse.
But of course Independent Newspapers has always been concealing child abuse.
It's a game for them.
They've gotten quite good at it.
Independent Newspapers ignores the 99.99 percent of cases that do not involve the Catholic Church.
Independent Newspapers perpetually recycles and reinterprets the tiny 0.01 percent of cases which did involve someone connected to the Catholic Church.
All sex abuse victims are important.
But the only sex abuse victims that are important to Independent Newspapers are the ones who can be hijacked for use in Independent Newspapers' culture war with the Catholic Church.
The representation of sex abuse as a Catholic Church problem by Independent Newspapers, and their allies in The Irish Times and RTE, amounts to a monstrous concealment of the true nature and extent of sex abuse.
It is a crime as vile as sex abuse itself.
Because it condemns us to live in a society with exponentially expanding sex abuse levels, and ever more invisible victims, more and more babies being murdered by their drug addict parents, senior citizens being tortured and killed at the Southern Cross Nursing Home and similar nursing homes around Ireland, more and more sex abusers socialised into sexual dysfunction by porno, drugs and MTV, all in plain sight, none of it reported by the anti Catholic media because all of it is caused by the abandonment of Catholicism, by the triumph of the pagan hedonistic culture that has been rammed down our throats by none other than Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times themselves.
And so sex abuse rages out of control for the exact reason that the true nature and extent and cause of sex abuse in this country has never been reported by those in Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, who have propagated, nay championed, the moral collapse of our nation.
A young girl was abused by a devil worship ring in the Dublin suburban village of Dalkey in the 1970s. She gave birth to two babies who were murdered by her parents. Her parents were the ones who had prostituted her to the devil worshippers while also abusing her themselves. Both parents are since dead. They couldn't touch their daughter's soul however. The little girl never accepted the murder of her babies. She loved them. In spite of what she went through, in spite of how they were conceived, the little girl never acquiesced to the murders of her babies. Three of the girl's brothers and sisters who were also abused by the devil worship ring have committed suicide. Two of her surviving sisters are currently taking a court case in Ireland in an attempt to discredit the girl. These two have received surprisingly favourable reportage in the pages of the Irish Independent. It is difficult to understand how the Irish Independent could do this. With the best will in the world, it's difficult to understand how Independent Newspapers, a newspaper group which purports to care about child sex abuse victims, could give such favourable accounts of the denying sisters' attempts in court to have the truth about their devil worshipping child abusing parents overturned in court. (The excellent, insightful and brave reportage in The Sunday World by Nicola Tallant has brought the little girl's story something of the public prominence it deserves although it hasn't brought her justice. I should point out that The Sunday World is also owned by Independent Newspapers. And Nicola Tallant does insist on reporting the case without mentioning devil worship, preferring the term "ritual abuse" instead. But credit where credit is due. Nicola Tallant has done what no other journalist in Ireland dared to do by focussing on this little girl's bravery, defiance, heroism, and indeed on her triumphant ascent to adulthood as a most beautiful soul.) One member of the devil worship ring was a police officer. The Irish police chief this week insisted the case would not be reopened.
Judge Yvonne Murphy in her manipulative trumped up report on sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church in Ireland, says she found no evidence that paedophile rings had infiltrated the Catholic Church. Did you look very hard Yvonne? Waiting for them to phone up and confess were you? Judge Yvonne Murphy said this because in her atheistic feminist bigotry, she wished to imply that any paedophiles within the Catholic Church became paedophiles precisely because they were in the Catholic Church. Little Yvonne thinks Catholicism causes paedophilia. And little Yvonne thinks that the paedophile networks and devil worship rings who spent decades infiltrating Doctor Barnardos and who even found time to target Oprah Winfrey's newly opened school in Africa almost from day one, that these same child abuse cults whose reach extends all over the world right down to Southern Africa, that these ultra secret child abusing cabals simply never got round to targeting the Catholic Church which lets face it has been around a much longer time and presents a much bigger target having done infinitely more charitable work for children and the Third World and the fellowship of humanity than either the aforementioned newcomer Oprah or the parvenu do gooders Doctor Barnardos or even dare I say it the heroes of the liberal left wing atheistic feminist Judiciary of the Republic of Ireland, namely Yvonne Murphy and her boozy pals, all of which institutions (Barnardos, Oprah and the Irish Judiciary) all of them have been infiltrated at will by sex abusing paedophiles in spite or perhaps because of their own best intentions.
Footnote: My reference to a paedophile infiltration of the Irish Judiciary is based on the case of Judge Curtin. Judge Curtin was identified by international police agencies as accessing child abuse web sites through his computer. He escaped punishment when Irish police mysteriously enacted a search warrant on his home a day late, that is to say a day after the search warrent had expired. Let me repeat that. The Irish police, styling themselves An Garda Siochana, waited until their search warrant for Judge Curtin's home had expired before attempting to initiate the search. Another Judge generously (and with callous disregard for the very real victims of child pornography on the internet) used this mysterious Irish police failure to enact a search warrant properly as an excuse to drop the charges against Judge Curtin. To date no member of the Irish Judiciary has spoken out against Judge Curtin's activities.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the murder of reputations

Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and the broadcaster RTE are this week attempting to destroy Cardinal Sean Brady.
The reason they are attempting to destroy Cardinal Sean Brady is because a few weeks ago Cardinal Sean Brady stood up at a meeting with the Pope in Rome and refused to back leftist infiltrator Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in his attempts to have a generation of Bishops labelled concealers of child abuse and forced from office.
Cardinal Sean Brady had previously appeared to acquiesce in Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's and the media's malign manipulations against the Bishops.
In Rome Cardinal Sean Brady finally found himself and spoke out for the truth.
Because of Cardinal Sean Brady's courageous decision, it suddenly became clear that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin did not speak for the church in Ireland.
It also became clear even to the bigoted Irish media groups that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin might not be able to deliver the victory they'd planned and conspired for together, because Archbishop Diarmuid Martin clearly did not have the confidence of his superior Cardinal Sean Brady, nor of his brother Bishops, nor even of the Pope.
And at last it became abundantly clear to virtually everyone who had been watching these events, that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had been engaging in some sort of high octane conspiracy with these same left wing media groups and shadowy atheistic elements of the Judiciary and Irish parliament, to usurp control of the Catholic Church in Ireland and pass it on to pseudo progressives of their own stripe.
That's what the whole persecution had been about.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, (the brother of atheist communist pro Soviet former Irish Times political editor Seamus Martin) departed early from the Rome gathering, flouncing out of the meeting he had himself arranged, the meeting he himself had compelled his brother Bishops to attend by colluding with the media in contriving a cloud of false guilt over their heads, flouncing out, I say, and flying home to Ireland in an exit as arrogant as it was infantile.
Back in Ireland the media groups which had colluded with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to destroy the Catholic Church and remake it in their own image, were briefly in sublime bigoted disarray.
The most disarrayed of all was Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's principal media handler John Cooney.
In a frenzy of semi literate tantrums, John Cooney of the Irish Independent urged Catholics to cease to give money in the collection plate at church.
John Cooney's calls for a public strike against church collections would fail as dismally as his calls last year for a boycott of church sacraments.
John Cooney's mawkish attempts to present himself and his atheistic media allies as "Reform Catholics," were as risible as his attempts to portray Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as the only "man" in the hierarchy.
John Cooney even stooped so low as to put his own words in Bishop Martin Drennan's mouth (an honorable Bishop that Cooney had unsuccessfully sought to ruin) claiming in a news article that Bishop Drennan said he was holding a penitential service to atone for "the crimes of Bishops who concealed the actions of paedophile priests in abusing little children."
The words and the misrepresentations and the casual ascriptions of guilt where no guilt exists, were Cooneys own and no one else's.
This was a desperate piece of slander from Cooney.
A pathetically mendacious attempt to mislead the public into thinking that Bishop Drennan had just kowtowed to every lie John Cooney had ever told about him.
Cooney was scraping the bottom of the barrel.
For a while this dull scraping in various media barrels was all the media had left to them.
Now the forces of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE have recalibrated their strategy and have returned to the attack.
Their intended target is Cardinal Sean Brady because they know that in choosing to opppose Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's machinations in Rome, Cardinal Sean Brady single handedly prevented the success of the media's current massively sophisticated, hugely expensive and diabolically orchestrated pogrom against a generation of Bishops.
Overnight Cardinal Sean Brady, the mild mannered selfless lifelong servant of the people of Ireland, overnight he become, for daring to oppose Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's coup, overnight this venerable man of God became a man who must be brought low, to wit the atheistic media's sole object of hate, their whipping boy, their veritable Public Enemy Number One.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE failed in their attempts to oust a generation of Bishops by vilifying them.
Now they are aiming higher than the Bishops.
If they cannot ensure that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will be able to nominate liberal left wing pseudo progressives to every Bishop's office in Ireland, why then they will just have to shoot a little higher than Bishops.
The atheistic media have decided they owe it to themselves to bag a Cardinal.
Having failed to intimidate the Bishops by dragging their lives and reputations through the mud, they are now trying to take down the Top Dog.
The one Catholic Church prelate in Ireland who formally outranks the leftist infiltrator media ally Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
If Cardinal Sean Brady is removed, then the failed coup attempt against the Bishops is moot.
Because the leftist Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will then himself be Top Dog.
He'll once more be able to ascribe guilt to any Bishop he wants and replace him with a liberal.
Just as he would have done in the first place had the Bishops played ball, accepted guilt that wasn't their's, surrendered and resigned.
He'll be able to control the ethos and outlook of the entire church in Ireland.
He'll even be able to tell the Pope where to go with a grand liberal atheistic schism should he so wish.
Wait till you see The Irish Times cheerleading for that one.
That's the game.
That is the sole reason for the media attacks on Cardinal Sean Brady.
Cardinal Sean Brady is all that stands between Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's media cohorts and the victory they lost at the Bishops meeting in Rome a few weeks ago.
I counsel you to oppose this persecution.
If they can destroy Cardinal Sean Brady they can destroy anyone.
Destruction is all they know.
It's all they have to offer.
No oppressor goes away when you give in to him.
We didn't sell out our religion to the commies, the mussies, the nazis, the pagans, the devil worshippers, or any other two bit outfit that sought to enslave us through fifteen centuries of loyalty to the royal and true Catholic Church.
Let's not surrender to oppressors as vomitously mediocre as Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE, nor to the Judiciary who have given us this unprecedented era of lawlessness, nor to the kleptocratic parliamentarians who have sold our country for a mess of pottage.
Bowing to an oppressor is not turning the other cheek.
It is surrendering to satan.
Defend your faith.
Defend the church.
Defend Cardinal Sean Brady.
Look the oppressors in the eye and tell them the reason for the hope we have.
Fight the power.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

special guest blogger john keats

Ode To A Nightingale

My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains
my senses as though of hemlock I had drunk

or lost a grand on Wales
emptying a collossal wodge of cash to the drains
one moment past and lethwards had sunk

Worse than backing John McCain
For the American Presidency
When even Mickey Mouse was voting Obama
I am never ever gambling again.
And look at the goonish twits who backed the Paddies

Against the Welsh
Tis not through envy of thy happy lot oh goons
But being too happy in thine happiness
I mean you haven't a clue
You backed the wrong horse and still you won
And that is why
You victorious goons
You light winged dryads of cluelessness
in some melodious plot
of beechen green and shadows numberless
Or more probably in Charlie Dowling's Pub
Thou singest of Summer in full throated ease.
May ye die roaring.
Gamblers have no country.