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Saturday, February 13, 2010

under the seal of the scimitar

Midnight in Teheran.
Faint sighs the traffic from the streets.
In his red draped office at the Presidential Palace, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad contemplates the war that is to be.
He is alone behind his great oak panelled desk.
Perhaps the loneliest man on earth.
And he knows.
It will be soon.
He flicks a button on his desk.
A television slides from the wall.
He touches a control.
A decadent American imperialist channel called Vh1 fills the screen.
A singer called James Brown is singing Living In America an old song from a Rocky movie.
The song like everything else broadcast in this beknighted country, has been dubbed with a certain liberality into Iranian.
For this very purpose thousands of technicians work round the clock to monitor and dub all transmissions coming into Iran.
Their translations are politically correct Iranian style.
The title of the present work is now Living In Arabia.
The song goes:

"Living in Arabia.
Nam ma nau.
Decisions, decisions.
Living in Arabia.
Got to have an assassination.
Bless my soul.
Suicide bombers
Keep me awake
All night
Osama Bin Laden
Hiding out in Isfahan
He's not a well man.
But that's okay.
You might have to hijack an airline
We're living in tenth century time
And our filippino maids are workin
Living in Arabia
Na, na, na.
Decisions, decisions.
Financing Hezbollah.
And Hamas too.
Whatcha gonna do.
If you wanna kill Jews.
Living in Arabia.
Got to have an assassination
Bless my soul
Sending agents
To murder Americans
By proxy in Iraq
And Afghanistan
And back.
You may have to walk the by line
Or hijack an airline
And everybody's living in
Tenth century time.
Living in Arabia.
Na, na, na.
Nerdle, nerdle.
Women can't drive cars.
Mecca isn't that far.
And somewhere on the way
You might find out who you are.
Living in Arabia.
Na, na, na, na.
Nau ma nau.
Decisions, decisions.
Got to have a public stoning.
Rock my soul.
Nerdle, nerdle, nerdle.
All night Imams
Keep me awake
All night
With their calls to prayer.
What a racket they make.
Na, na, na.
Nerdle, nerdle.
You might not be
Searching for 72 virgins
But you might find them anyway.
It's a transcontinental
Jihad thing
Damascus City.
Gaza Strip.
The West Bank.
Amman Jordan.
And Riyadh SA.
Living in Arabia.
Na, na, na.
Got to have some assassinations.
Bless my soul.
Nerdle, nerdle, nerdle.
See the women.
No you don't.
They're wearing sacks.
Burkas and Yashmaks.
As for the children
They're psychoticised by Islam.
It's like living in a prison.
You might have to walk the by line
Or hijack an airline
And everybody's just fine
About wiping Israel out of time.
Living in Arabia
Na, na, na.
Got to have some nuclear weapons.
Rock my soul."

President Ahamdinejad switches off the television.
He is smiling.

dirty heelers

Evening at the chateau.
Watching the Dirty Harry movie with Serafina.
It's got something.
Objectionable violence of course.
But something else.
It's what I call the Death Wish sensibility, a name taken from the Charles Bronson vigilante film of the early 1970's.
That whole notion of what happens to the villains if suddenly the nice guys fight back harder than anyone else has ever dared to before.
The same notion is used in Death Wish itself, along with Mad Max, and Die Hard, all of which spawned sequels.
None of the sequels being much good by the way except in the case of Mad Max, when the second film so surpassed the first that it became a work of art.
A visual poem in an action movie.
I'm telling you folks sometimes art doesn't show up where we set traps for it.
Not at the Oscar Ceremonies.
Not at Cannes.
But here.
In this empty violent rubbish.
In fact the only two film directors with any real claims to be artists or poets over the past fifty years are Sergio Leone who directed The Good The Bad And The Ugly, and George Miller who directed Mad Max.
Everything else in the cinema is just pretentious Irish Times drivel.
Don't let anyone tell you different.
So here we are.
Dirty Harry.
An extraordinary film in its way.
Like everything good in cinema, a film that works probably for about ten different reasons.
Cinema is such a collaborative medium.
What have you got in Dirty Harry.
Well Clint was on top of his game.
He was doing what only he could do.
He hadn't yet been debased by his decision to tell his girl friend to abort their unborn children.
The powerful understated charisma was still his.
Clint was at the height of his powers.
Playing the role he was born to play.
What else?
The film was being directed by Don Siegal.
Don Siegal was a Hollywood director who knew a tremendous amount about the American tradition of story telling through film.
His name was never on everyone's lips.
Yet there were few directors who could match him when it came to visual narratives.
And the music.
Lalo Schifrin wrote the music.
It's perfect.
The music works.
Lalo Schifrin is the guy who wrote the Mission Impossible theme.
His Dirty Harry theme is different but just as good.
And the writers.
Two people with the improbable name of Fink.
The Finks.
They wrote a story that hadn't a smidgin of originality in it, but which did everything that had been done before, in ways better than it had been done before.
And the casting.
Whoever cast Dirty Harry did a consummate job.
Everybody is where they're meant to be.
The main actors.
The support.
The bit players.
The extras goddammit.
It all works.
But the violence is objectionable.
Now me and Serena and Paddy Pup and the hamster are watching the most famous scene.
Clint is eating a sandwich at a city diner when he notices a bank robbery taking place across the street.
He walks outside, drawing his Magnum. (Gun, not ice cream or carafe of wine.)
As Clint steps into the street, there is the sound of firing from the bank, and John Fry Chief Executive Officer of the Johnston Press emerges with his henchmen.
Clint starts shooting.
Everything becomes a blur.
Finally only John Fry is left alive.
He is lying wounded on the street, clutching something under his arm that looks like phone tapping equipment.
All the henchman are dead.
Clint strolls towards him.
John Fry starts to reach for his own gun which has fallen near him on the pavement.
Clint utters a gentle forbidding: "Ah ah."
The street goes awful quiet.
"I know what you're thinking punk," says Clint. "Did he satirise me six times last month, or only five? To tell you the truth punk, I'm not too sure myself. In all this confusion, I kind of lost track. But being this is a forty four magnum blog, meaning it had 1444 visitors last month, and not the sort of visitors that you get on Johnston Press websites either, not your type of visitors Fry where each visitor represents you and your friends hitting the refresh bar on your keyboards repeatedly, anyhoo, being this blog had 1444 visitors last month, yeah real actual people, not just fingers, real actual people who recognise good writing when they see it, writing which is so marvellous it could blow your head clean off, I figure you've got to ask youself a question. Do you feel lucky today? Do yah... punk."
The way Clint spat out the word punk at the end seemed to express his true assessment of the merits, business skills, acumen and humanity of the Johnston Press and all who sail in her.
I found it highly amusing.

hammin it up


john cooney works by contraries

You can sometimes see truth in Irish Independent Anti Catholic Gauleiter John Cooney's articles about the Catholic Church.
You just have to reverse the polarities.
That is to say, you have to change his sentences so that they read with a sense exactly the opposite to what he intended.
Then you'll get the truth alright.
So Cooney says: "Archbishop Diarmuid Martin denies having any role in drafting the Pope's forthcoming letter about sex abuse to the faithful in Ireland."
You know what that means folks.
Diarmuid Martin is writing every word.
Footnote: Independent Newspapers has net losses somewhere in excess of 1500 million dollars. These are the losses we know about. Presumably Independent Newspapers are as creative in their accounting procedures as our recently collapsed idiot banks, all of whom were declaring amazing profits for the last twenty years before suddenly revealing they hadn't got a bean. Expect similar revelations about the Indo. Soooooooooon.

the irish times tries a little out reach to catholics

The Irish Times published an article on Friday by John Allen who normally writes for an American publication styling itself The National Catholic Reporter.
The National Catholic Reporter is not really a Catholic newspaper.
The National Catholic Reporter is a private company run for profit by liberal left wing people who use the word Catholic in their title merely to sell newspapers.
It is similar in this respect to a newspaper in Ireland which erroneously and mendaciously styles itself The Irish Catholic but is really a commercial enterprise run by The Farmers Journal and edited by a down the line liberal called Something O'Sullivan.
I couldn't be arsed remembering what his first name is.
John Allen who himself poses Catholic, undertook to address the topic of sexual abuse in his Irish Times article.
He did so in splendidly mendacious fashion.
Here's a sample of what he wrote.
"As the clerical sex abuse crisis gathered steam in the US, there was a temptation to complain that the avalanche of criticism and litigation against the church wasn't fair. Some charged that the crisis provided an excuse for people with axes to grind against Catholicism, and that historical anti Catholic bias in the media and other elite sectors of society was also in play. In retrospect, all of these things were probably true in some measure, but saying them out loud was usually counterproductive. Such complaints, especially when they came from clergy, aggravated perceptions that the church was more interested in self defence than in coming clean, and probably emboldened critics to press their case."
Think about this bold readers.
John Allen, posing as a Catholic, writing in the Irish Times, has just said that most of my points about the present judicial and media orchestrated pogrom against the Catholic Church are true.
But he has added that it is wrong of me to state this truth.
Even though decent honorable Bishops are being labelled with utter mendacity as concealers of child abuse.
Even though the best among us are being humiliated and besmirched by the vulpine bullying witless and worthless cowards of the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, and RTE.
Even though genuinely heroic Christians are having their life's work trahaised before our very eyes by a quisling lying left wing Archbishop and his smarmy acolyte Cardinal.
John Allen suggests we should all keep silent.
Just accept it.
Don't create a fuss.
You'll only make the persecutors angry if you insist on defending innocent people against their persecutions.
This reasoning is vile.
As evidenced by the paragraph above John Allen is a dirty, conniving, traitorous, malign, evil, bastard.
He is libellous too.
By describing himself as a Catholic he's certainly libelling the rest of us.
And he suggests that because we dare to defend the Bishops currently being wrongly persecuted, we are emboldening the persecutors, and causing critics to press their case.
How terrifying.
We can't have that can we.
Instead John Allen instructs us to stay silent.
Why it's positively diabolical.
I gotta tell you Butch.
I want every critic with a case to press it.
Let truth be told.
And let heaven rain.
This is a persecution of the church.
And no persecutor in history has ever ceased his oppressions simply because people gave in to him.
Some of the media scum think that they can use Jesus' ancient and challenging and beautiful teachings about turning the other cheek, as a stick with which to beat us.
But nothing Jesus said or did may ever be used as a justification for tyranny.
Nor can any ancient Catholic tradition of esteem for our Archbishops and our Cardinals be used to uphold two who are in collusion with the kingdom of the lie.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, and for the triumph of faux Catholics like John Allen and Something O'Sullivan, and for the triumph of the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, and RTE, and for the triumph of Judge Yvonne Murphy and her liberal atheistic Judge friends who have between them delivered to us the most violently debased society in recorded human history, the only thing necessary for their triumph, I tells ee, is that good men should do nothing.
The media and Judges and shadowy political figures steering this persecution against the church are not interested in helping sex abuse victims.
They are using the tiny proportion of sex abuse cases that arise within the church as a Trojan Horse to destroy the church.
This is a culture war.
The aim is to destroy the church as a platform of influence for Christian people.
After that the creation of social dictatorship in Ireland will be a piece of cake.
And abortions for all.
The Catholic Church was the only force that ever really threatened this agenda.
If the media and Judges and the quisling Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and the congenitally weak Cardinal Sean Brady, if any of them had ever cared one whit for sex abuse victims, either in Ireland or America, they would have made it clear that the vast preponderance of sex abuse victims arise in the general community and not at the hands of people posing Catholic.
They would have tried to help all the victims instead of concealing the existence of 99.99 percent of the most serious ones, and focussing arbitrarily on the less than 0.01 percent abused by supposed church figures.
They would have spoken out against these fetid louse ridden attempts to retroactively devise guilt against decent, courageous, worthy Bishops simply for the crime of being decent, courageous, worthy Bishops.
Can you hear me John Allen.
You'll hear me one day.
I will stand as your accuser before the God you pretend to believe in.

the monica leech laugh in

Question: How many Muslims does it take to wage a permanently losing bigot war with the State of Israel.
Answer: One billion and counting.

great moments in irony

Watching The Alyona Show on Russia Today, Russia's English language news service.
A guest called Jacques Pauwels told the interviewer: "The British and Americans bombed Cologne into ashes during World War Two when there was absolutely no military justification for doing so. The reason they did this was to show Russia how powerful their airforce was."
Ah yes.
That old gag.
There's been a lot of talk like this on Russia Today lately.
The ancient and soulful Russian people are being mercilessly propagandised by President Putin for a new war with the free world.
Phrases such as "the era of Soviet greatness" are slipped into news programmes with a straight face.
It all amounts to a most unfortunate historical wrong turn.
Unfortunate for all of us.
But back to The Alyona Show twit.
Here is the news.
The reason Bomber Harris, the British head of Bomber Command, decided to level the centre of Cologne was two fold.
Firstly by levelling German cities, the Nazis' capacity to function administratively and the Nazi capacity to motivate their subject populace to fight on were seriously impeded.
Cities are where it's at.
If Nazis were able to run cities without bombs falling on them, then it would be reasonable for German people to assume, that maybe the Nazis were not doing so badly in this war.
Secondly the British wished to let the Germans know that from now on any attempt to inflict another war on the world would have serious consequences for everyone in Germany.
More precisely, the British were contemplating the ruins of their own cities and had made the decision that, no, this time the Germans were not entitled to a get out of consequences free card.
There was a feeling that the Germans had certainly earned the chance to contemplate a few ruins of their own.
It can't be all one way.
As President Bush once said to Osama.
Of course there were some militarily unnecessary excesses during World War Two on the Allied Side.
I mean atrocities.
I mean violations of humanity with absolutely no shadow of a possible justification.
Namely when the Russian army entered defeated Berlin and began systematically raping and exterminating the populace.
Looking forward to hearing about that one on The Alyona Show.

how corrupt is the irish police force

They're very f---ing corrupt.

Friday, February 12, 2010


the son of the hebrew god has called your name
and you in truth would answer him
he's promised you not wealth or fame
but a life of hardship and a death alone
have you not seen in the years that are unbound
useless blood shed uselessly
children barracking their teachers
scoundrels in their minstrelsy
and do you not know
the people hate their priests
they'll hate you also
the son of the hebrew god has called your name
brother tell him no

an open letter to cardinal sean brady

You sent a recent encyclical to the faithful.
In it you called on Irish people to take action to prevent climate change.
Your letter was based on scientific theories that now stand wholly discredited.
Presumably you will be retracting it shortly.
And then resigning.
Or are you too busy helping Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in his task of malignly hounding from office any Bishop who happens to catch the eye of Yvonne Murphy, RTE, Independent Newspapers and the Irish Times?
James Healy

today they said

Aristotle: The finest end of reason is to dispute well.
James Healy: The finest end of reason is to identify the truth and stand for it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010



hartigan's stallion

animal from birth
the fire within
drove to the hill tops
creature of the wind
sinew spirit storm
smitten into form
with half begotten dreams
the mountains the forests and the streams
your temple your refuge your domain

there is nothing so unattractive as a man saying i told you so

Jim Power the Chief Economist at a financial institution styling itself Friends First, has told The Daily Mail that he is "sick and tired" of people claiming to have predicted Ireland's current economic collapse.
Jim Power tells the Daily Mail that only business journalist Richard Curran and Univerity College Dublin economist Morgan Kelly are entitled to make that claim.
Jim Power says that Curran and Kelly "predicted a property crash," on an RTE programme where Power was also a guest, back in 2007.
Let's be clear.
Predicting a property crash as it was happening is not the same as predicting the total economic collapse of the country which is happening now.
Jim Power, who is part of the problem, namely an employee of a financial institution that pays hundred thousand dollar salaries and bonuses to people for doing notional work, an institution that produces massive profits only through the miracles of modern accounting, Jim Power I say, is not in a position to even express an opinion about the economic collapse which has been caused by the culture of corruption in the banking and stock exchange sectors, to wit by him and his friends.
Here is the news.
Back in 1999, I wrote in a now defunct provincial newspaper called the Leinster Leader, that the notion of a Celtic Tiger economy in Ireland was a lie.
(The Leinster Leader was profitable up until the eve of my firing by new owners Johnston Press in November 2007.)
More than ten years ago in the Layman Finance column in the Leinster Leader, I pointed out that employment in Ireland was being concentrated in non producing State sectors of the economy, teaching, nursing, policing, the unCivil Service, et al, particularly Al, I hate him, and that our government had allowed this sector to become congenitally debilitatingly trade unionised, and that this same government was caving in to every extortionate demand the cops and the nursies and the teachers could think of.
I noted that the national debt was at levels that would frighten an oil rich civil war fighting third world dictatorship.
Now some of my more trenchant warnings were pulled by editor Mick Sneeran.
But what you've read above was published.
I gave it my level best.
In the immediate aftermath of my article, our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government published figures which they claimed showed a record decline in our national debt.
I was not in a position to refute those figures.
I had egg on my face.
It would be years before it emerged that Fianna Fail had claimed a fall in the national debt by using accountancy tricks, namely by transferring money from supposedly untouchable pension funds and writing it off against what we owed internationally.
As a result Ireland currently has no ability to pay pensions into the future.
There is a black hole looming over anyone set to retire.
We just have no money.
And yes, our national debt is still at record levels because of the extortions carried out by the teachers and the nursies and the cops.
Not by the banks mind.
I say the bankers, the board members of Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Trustees Savings Bank and especially Fianna Fail's personal financiers at Anglo Irish Bank, all of them should be in jail.
They are corrupt.
But it is the teachers and the nursies and the cops and the State Sector generally who have pushed our national debt into the stratosphere.
Don't worry about the banks.
In spite of the con job Fianna Fail is attempting to pull, your money is not going to go towards bailing out the banks.
The entire currency will have collapsed long before then because of what the teachers and the nursies and the cops are doing.
Jim Power and his friends warned you of nothing.
I did warn you.
And you know.
Even now.
If the thieves in the State Sector would just stop thieving in the name of their children, (they all say they do it for their children), if they'd just stop.
We could survive this economic collapse.
Without civil war
Withou starvation.
Without total societal collapse.

the monica leech laugh in

Question: What's the difference between Monica Leech and Roy Race?
Answer: Monica Leech has scored more goals against RTE, Independent Newspapers and The Daily Mail.

of mice and muslims

Coffee with Giovanna in the Croissanterie cafe at the Stephens Green Centre.
The lovely mid afternoon burble of youth and old age.
The cafe cacaphones with life.
My conversation is scintillating.
"Someone rang the house claiming to be the son of a former ambassador to America," I told her. "He was complaining about an obituary I wrote on the blog. I've no way of knowing if it really was Padraic MacKernan's son. You know the article I mean. The one where I said that people who style themselves humanists really mean that they are atheists. The one where I warned that senior civil servants in Ireland often hold positions of exponential power for decades while our elected politicians come and go. The one were I said that this ambassador chappy who had represented us for so many years wasn't really representative of us and that most Irish people had never even suspected his existence till we read what a wonderful fellow he had been in the craven adulatory obituaries of the Irish Times and the Irish Independent."
"I remember your article," said Giovanna. "I didn't agree with it. I am a humanist and an atheist. I wonder do you think I couldn't be an ambassador?"
There was a pulse in the universe.
"I think you would struggle to genuinely represent my viewpoint about anything," I shot back.
"So would you object to the appointment of a Buddhist or a Sikh or a Muslim as ambassador?" she challenged.
I considered her question.
She'd included Muslims.
Gotta love dem Muslims.
Them and their peaceloving religion of Islam. And their great undrawable prophet Muhammed. And their Holy Qurans which you must never, I mean never, flush down the khazie no matter how much you're tempted.
Would I object to a Buddhist or a Sikh or a Muslim as Irish ambassador to the United States or to France or to the European Union, all positions which MacKernan himself held before being appointed something called Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
"I mightn't object to a Buddhist or a Sikh or a Muslim serving as Irish ambassador," I told her quietly. "As long as there was transparency in the appointment. As long as people knew who they were. As long as the Buddhist or the Sikh or the Muslim had stood before some sort of confirmation committee composed of our elected representatives. As long as there had been a public confirmation process and not one held behind closed doors. As long as the Buddhist or Sikh or Muslim was able to explain just why he thought he could represent Catholic people. As long as he was able to answer that question himself as to how and why he could properly represent Irish people in the chambers of world power... As long as he could say... I've lived in Ireland for many years. I am blessed to be able to call myself Irish. Citizenship of this country is a privilege not a right. I understand the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church. I understand that Ireland and its culture would not exist without the Catholic Church. I deeply respect and esteem Irish people's refusal to collude in abortion culture. I love this people and their Christian traditions. Their respect for the person. Their upholding of liberty. If they wish me to serve them overseas as their ambassador I will be honoured to do so. And if they do not wish me to serve in this manner, I will be still proud as an Irishman to serve our greater good any way I can."
"You'd accept a Muslim ambassador if he said those things?" wondered Giovanna.
I flashed my famous fleeting grin.
"Accept him?" quoth me. "I'd vote for him for President."

how corrupt is the irish police force

The Irish police force, styling itself An Garda Siochana, has published statistics claiming that crime in Ireland fell overall last year.
These statistics are about as trustworthy as any other statistics the Gardai produce.
That is to say, not trustworthy at all.
Nonetheless certain facts could not be concealed either by deliberate misinterpretation or under reporting.
The number of murders, rapes, burglaries, assaults, drug offences and child abuse offences all sky rocketed.
The statistical decline claimed by the Guards overall is merely an accountancy trick.
Similar to their claim to have brought down the number of deaths on Irish roads.
The Irish police say they brought about a reduction of 30 road deaths last year.
Of course the Central Statistics Bureau of the Irish government confirms that several hundred thousand foreign nationals previously resident in Ireland, left the country last year.
Meaning tens of millions fewer road journeys.
Meaning the decline in 30 road deaths trumpeted by our thug police force, is actually a statistical increase.
An Garda Siochana have been terrorising law abiding motorists at the side of the road for nothing.
No net gain.
And Garda thuggery towards the general public would have been unjustified even if they had genuinely brought down the road death figures.
Mussolini ended Mafia activity in Italy for twenty years and made the trains run on time.
Most of us agree it wasn't worth it.
And finally Esther.
New figures from the courts service show that no less than 3500 Irish people were sent to prison last year for non payment of fines.
Ah yes.
It happens very quickly when it happens.
I mean the normalisation of police thuggery and the criminalisation of the general populace.
So our heroic liberal judges, the same judges who find it so difficult to convict murderers, child killers, drug dealers and rapists, these same hero judges, they are the ones who put 3500 people in jail last year for failing to pay a fine.
Sixty of those people were jailed for not paying a television licence fine.
One old age pensioner was sent to jail for not paying a fine arising from his non possession  of a dog licence.
This is criminal.
If I ever rule this country the Judge who sent that old age pensioner to jail will himself be going to jail.
He can share a cell with the Uzbeki terrorists our corrupt Fianna Fail government recently welcomed here as citizens fresh from the production line at Guantanamo Bay.
I'll be jailing them too.
Before sending them home to Allah.
Here is the news.
No one should be sent to jail for non payment of a fine.
The liberals and the atheists and the political apparatchiks of our judiciary are casually ascribing criminality to decent citizens in matters that are merely procedural.
And lo.
What light is this that through yonder courtroom breaks.
Why it is the east and Judge JBK Lindsay is the bast--d who according to the Daily Mail has just been censured by the Solicitors Disciplinary Committee for refusing to cooperate with investigations into his activities as a lawyer before he became a Judge.
I've written before about the spectacle of sons and daughters of corrupt Fianna Fail politicians becoming Judges.
We've got a Judge Eamon DeValera.
We've got a Judge Leonie Reynolds.
I am no happier when the politically connected Judge who has sidled into the courtroom reeking of privilege, stems from the Fine Gael tradition.
JBK Lindsay is the son of a former government Minister in the dissipated and corrupt Fine Gael party, our supposed second main political party in this country which has struggled to find support among the electorate since wilfully jetisoning all commitment to Christian values and adopting a modish indolent socialism instead.
(Fine Gael is most famous for a decision by Minister Michael Lowry, a few decades ago when it last held power, to award a mobile phone providers licence to businessman Denis O'Brien at the cost of a couple of million quid when the licence was actually worth closer to a billion. Fine Gael is also famous for Minister Garret Fitzgerald's generous decision to bail out Allied Irish Banks with free money from the tax payer thirty years ago when Allied Irish Banks first went bust through its asinine overseas adventurism, and we were all told the country couldn't survive without Allied Irish Banks. With typical genius Fitzgerald obtained no ownership stake for the Irish people in return for paying Allied Irish Banks gambling losses. It only took Allied Irish Banks thirty years to do the exact same thing again and come back for more. Hilarious no.)
JBK Lindsay's late Daddy was himself a Fine Gael Minister and Master of the High Court.
Odious, isn't it?
I find it odious.
I want all these people gone.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

heelers takes a punch

The words came quick.
I didn't respond.
The words were.
"You don't care about children who've had penises shoved up their arses by priests. You love the institution of the church and you won't accept any criticism of it. Your response lacks humanity."
If the words had come from an enemy or an opponent it wouldn't have mattered.
But from a kinsman.
Of my own rank.
I chose not to speak.
Very occasionally I do that.
But of course I was thinking...
I was thinking: "No family in Ireland is untouched by child abuse. The church is my family. If you want to disrespect the church or to destroy it because of the tragedy that has befallen it, you must first disrespect me and you must know you are doing it. And I don't particularly see what's so humanitarian about misleading the general public into thinking the majority of sex abuse victims were abused by clerical people, when the truth is that the vast preponderance of sex abuse victims are abused in the family home, in sports clubs and schools, and at the hands of paedophile rings. I don't see what's so humanitarian about ignoring the most serious sex abuse victims simply because they weren't abused by the right people."
And I was thinking: "You think I care about an institution and not about the children... How little you know me."
But I said nothing.
I knew if I spoke, I would lose my brother.


robin being cute

whimsical grotesques

I opened an Evening Herald today.
I knew I shouldn't.
It was lying forlornly in a cafe and I felt sorry for it.
Its owners Independent Newspapers leave them lying around cafes in order to try and prop up brand recognition while their sales collapse.
It's what they call a strategy.
Hilarious no.
They can't give them away.
Sinking beneath the waves giggling slanders against our ancient faith.
And the band plays on.
So I picked up the Evening Herald.
I was sort of glum.
I was thinking: If I read this I'm only going to start accusing them of ripping off my blog.
And lo.
What drug using skank is this that through yonder window breaks?
Why it is the east and a half wit called Olaf Tyranson is the sun.
Here is the news.
Apparently Norway has plagiarists too.
For this young Norwegian druggy was writing a blatent rip off of my work in the Evening Herald.
I read it with slow widening eyes.
Cheap, tawdry, mawkish.
And then flashes of genius where he's tried to insert stuff from here.
A thought struck me.
It's kind of sad.
All the writers ripping me off are odious clapped out atheist types who do drugs.
I mean all of them.
Clearly I'm attracting a poor class of plagiarist.
The Irish Independent regularly features a humour column by cannabinoid Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, the coward who famously, falsely, maliciously and malignly called the Catholic Church a paedophile ring.
The Irish Independent was happy to publish that remark.
O'Doherty has been making a killing ripping off this blog in his column for years.
I gotta say it.
He's gotten much better at plagiarising me than Olaf Farting Tyranson.
I suppose practice makes perfect.
I have a question.
Why on earth doesn't Independent Newspapers hire someone to do impressions of me who is not an habitual drug user?
It's just an idea.
And are they really so sure that my gentle life affirming stylings stem from hallucinatory derangement?

And what in God's name do they think is so wonderful about my work anyway?
Oh Lord, save me from my disciples.
They're starting to annoy me.

Footnote: The philosopher Nietzhe wishes to inform Olaf Tyranson of the following. "Wer mit ungeheurn kampft muss zusehen das er nicht dabei ungeheur wird. Und wenn du blickst in der abgrund, der abgrund blickst auf in dich hinein." Which means... When you plagiarise the Heelers Diaries, beware, lest the Heelers Diaries gives you a kick in the bawls. And when you stare into the Heelers Diaries, the Heelers Diaries stares right back into you."

a child is born

the drunk and the drug dealer
from the ashes of their lives
have brought forth this jewel
shining like the centuries
their own and others ruined by what they are
but their blood will know the future
curse them
curse them as they writhe
i am sick of their riddle
a buffoon and a criminal
between them can make a miracle
what idiot tortured destiny is this
how i envy it
envy beyond saying or sensation
for as the child's face lit up with sweetness
never was a smile so like redemption
proof positive there is majesty in the universe
and i must learn to live again

yvonne murphy's greatest hits

Judge Yvonne Murphy says that she found no evidence of any organised paedophile infiltration into the Irish Catholic Church.
Really Yvonne.
You think the evidence is just going to jump at you, do you?
This is an important statement.
Yvonne Murphy wishes to imply that the priests who committed sex abuse were abusers because they were priests, and had not become priests specifically because they were first abusers.
So presumably Yvonne Murphy will have undertaken a very serious investigation, interviewing all known abusers who are or were priests, subjecting them to cross examination, analysing any possible contacts between them, analysing their contacts with known sex offenders who aren't priests, bringing expert detectives and police into her investigatory team, drawing on the knowledge of international crime fighters who have experience of dealing with paedophile rings and devil worship rings...
Presumably she did all this and more.
Of course there is no evidence of her doing any of it.
Presumably Yvonne Murphy is aware that paedophile rings and devil worshiping rings operate at levels of secrecy beyond anything one could normally imagine.
That's an Irish police officer's assessment of those rings by the way.
Some experts genuinely recognise that they are indeed operating here.
Presumably Yvonne Murphy didn't just review data and wait for someone to walk up to her with a sign saying: "I'm a paedophile infiltrator."
Presumably she made some effort.
If only for the sake of appearances.
Since there is ample evidence that paedophile rings and devil worship rings operate in Ireland, we would have to ask ourselves, why would such rings not try to infiltrate the church?
Does Yvonne Murphy think your average paedophile ring or devil worship ring might have a moral reservation about infiltrating the church they despise?
I ask again.
What investigations precisely did Yvonne Murphy undertake to determine whether organised paedophile rings had or hadn't infiltrated the Irish Catholic Church?
I'll tell you the answer.
She did sweet f--- all.

Footnote: I would suggest that if Yvonne Murphy had been serious about investigating possible paedophile infiltrations in the church, she could have begun by considering the activities of the seminary professor who was abusing young student priests and who has since fled to America where he has joined a religious cult. His actions are vaguely indicative of one who is an infiltrator. She could then have joined up the dots and found out who this seminary chief's friends were. She might have probed which priests were responsible for marginalising Father MacGinnity the hero who tried to blow the whistle on that particular abuser. She might also have considered the cluster of cases in Ferns and explored possible links between the abusers there and abusers in other areas. See if they were in the same seminary class for instance. Check if they had any links to suspects in external paedophile rings. Some of Ireland's swimming coaches and boxing coaches for instance. And hire some professional investigators who know the nature of the beast. Not liberal atheistic dilletantes looking to bring down the church. People who want to get at the truth. It's not hard Yvonne. But yes. You've got to actually want to get at the truth.

ten greatest muslim victories in the first world jihad war

1. Michael Moore's films attempting to criminalise President Bush.

2. Newsweek publishing a false story claiming American soldiers had flushed Qurans down the jaxie.

3. The Daily Mirror publishing fake photographs purporting to show British troops urinating on prisoners in Afghanistan. The Daily Mirror's editor Piers Morgan being accepted by television stations as an on air personality after being thrown out of the Daily Mirror.

4. The failure of the House of Lords in Britain to give police the right to summarily detain Jihad terrorists for 90 days. At present British Intelligence claims to be monitoring 2000 Muslim terrorists in Britain. In truth, all of these should be interned without trial. They should be monitored only in as much as anyone is interested in watching them pace around in a solitary confinement prison cell. Don't give them Qurans either. It only tempts them to tell little pork pies about people flushing em down the jaxie.

5. Barrister Michael Mansfield going in to bat for Jihadis in Britain.

6. The trial of the Netherlands most popular politician Gert Wilders on trumped up charges of hate speech after Gert Wilders called for an end to Muslim immigration in the Netherlands.

7. The commanding officer at Fort Hood simpering about how proud he felt as his men fitted medical dressings to victims of Muslim Al Qaeda assassin Hassan Malik who had been permitted to be a Major in the US army even after his Al Qaeda membership became known to the Obama Administration. The commanding officer at Fort Hood made his pathetic speech while the bodies of over a dozen American soldiers and an unborn baby were still warm.

8. Barack Obama's decision to begin releasing Jihadi's from Guantanamo Bay. He sent two to Ireland. Thanks a bunch hippy. We just love Uzbekistani murderers in Ireland. As if we didn't have enough already.

9. The decision by members of the British pseudo intellectual elites in media, politics and the legal profession to press ahead with three successive public enquiries each one seeking to criminalise former Prime Minister Tony Blair for his decisive actions in bringing down Saddam Hussein's family murderocracy in Iraq and in destroying the Taliban Al Qaeda safe haven in Afghanistan.

10. The repeated and ongoing attempts by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party of the United States to criminalise President Bush for teaching Muslim Jihadis the meaning of fear. This behaviour by Obama, this policy of appeasement, has given succour to Al Qaeda and revitalised the Jihad. More than anything else, the short term ambitions of quisling politicians have guaranteed there will be a Second World Jihad War.

11. Films by Marxist Roland Emmerich which mislead people into believing we are threatened by the weather and not by a Muslim Nazi terror army called Al Qaeda. Also, appeaserish films from George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and sundry others, intending to weaken resolve on the home front. Hollywood has failed to produce a single movie where Al Qaeda are the villains and get their come uppance. This is a clear departure from film making policy during World War Two and during the Cold War. It's as though the film makers are more scared of Al Qaeda than they were of the Germans or the Russians or the IRA. We're not going to win if we're afraid to even depict our enemies on the screen.

12. The British troops going into battle in Helmand Afghanistan tonight are bound by rules of engagement which do not permit them to fire on Taliban Al Qaeda terrorists unless they can see a gun in the hands of the Taliban Al Qaeda terrorists. The Taliban Al Qaeda terrorists are aware of these rules of engagement and openly walk up to British positions in order to radio exact details of the location and number of our troops. They do this in the knowledge that our troops are not allowed to open fire on them. We have to stop this. These obscene rules of engagement, formulated by incompetent legalistic liberal peaceniks, are getting our soldiers killed and allowing the Muslims to believe they're still in the ball game. If the liberals keep this up, we will lose this war.

the monica leech laugh in

Question: How many Johnston Press management executives does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Three. One to borrow half a billion quid from idiot banks to enable a buy out of every light bulb in the country. One to bankrupt the light bulbs once they've been taken over. And one to to oversee the receivership of every provincial light bulb in Ireland and Britain after the second guy retires on a fat pension.
(Newspapers surely? - Ed note.)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

the murderers of reputations

John Cooney interviewed Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in the Irish Independent on Monday.
The article was a page in length.
A further page was set aside later in the paper for Cooney to reinterpret the interview with a eulogistic assessment of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin for the peasants and an additional commentary so unsubtle, so banal and so manipulative as to beggar belief.
But that's exactly what Independent Newspapers is trying to do.
Beggar Belief.
By using sex abuse as a Trojan Horse, elements of the judiciary and their mouthpieces in Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and RTE are trying to do what every oppressor in history has thus far failed to do.
They are trying to destroy the Catholic Church.
They're trying to shut down the Catholic Church by bankrupting it with perpetually recycled allegations of sex abuse and continual retrospective ascriptions of guilt.
But lo.
Here's larks.
The unsubtle and jeeringly anti Catholic John Cooney seemed strangely in awe of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
No repeat in this interview of John Cooney's mocking cavil that Bishop Martin Drennan should fall on his crozier.
Bishop Drennan was mentioned in Judge Yvonne Murphy's contrived report on the church's handling of sex abuse cases, but only because Judge Yvonne Murphy felt she had to note that no wrong doing could be attached to Bishop Drennan.
John Cooney's standard of judgement is evidently less exacting than the notoriously unexacting Judge Yvonne Murphy.
But there would be no talk of falling on croziers when John Cooney was interviewing Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
For some strange reason John Cooney seems to like Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
I wonder why.
John Cooney didn't mention his own earlier sneer about Bishop Drennan.
And Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was much too polite to mention the false sneering accusation against a brother Bishop of concealing child abuse.
John Cooney's interview was a salivatory exercise in mutual adoration.
Why it was almost sexual.
John Cooney asserted amid numerous false inuendos against the church and Bishops generally, that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a reformer who would never be welcome by the old guard because he's seeking to turn the church into something we could all be proud of.
So I guess John Cooney is giving his imprimatur to that one then.
Here's my assessment of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
I suggest that John Cooney's tribute to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is as false as John Cooney's inuendos against sundry other Bishops.
I do not believe that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has repudiated the Marxian extremism of his brother Seamus, a former political editor of the Irish Times who was famous for his advocacy of communist regimes and who some of us believe to have been a Soviet agent.
I am convinced that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has closer links to the media groups currently attempting to destroy the church than he should have.
John Cooney says that with this interview Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was breaking his silence.
This is a lie.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has never been silent.
Since Judge Yvonne Murphy's contrived report into child abuse was published, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been conspicous by his lack of silence.
Indeed he has been conspicuous by his multifarious comments to the media and by his various nefarious manoeuvres to compel silence on others whose reputations, lives, witness and careers had been trashed in the report.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been conspicuous in his attempts to force silence on Bishops whom Judge Yvonne Murphy has vilified for not handling sex abuse cases thirty years ago the way Judge Yvonne Murphy says they should be handled today.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has spoken out accepting everything in the report and allowed no right of reply for the men whose reputations were being destroyed in it.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has attempted to keep silent those Bishops who may have wished to defend their reputations so casually calumniated by Judge Yvonne Murphy and afterwards equally casually calumniated by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin himself.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has spoken out to put several Bishops under pressure to resign without those Bishops having been accorded any freedom to break silence and speak for themselves.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin broke silence to allege that one retired Bishop had failed to apologise for his actions as criticised in Judge Yvonne Murphy's contrived report, forcing the retired Bishop to break silence under extreme provocation and reveal that he had issued a formal apology, that it had been forwarded to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin for publication, and that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin knew of its existence and had chosen to conceal it.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin broke silence to again allege wrong doing on behalf of the retired Bishop and to claim that he Archbishop Diarmuid Martin never knew about his apology, a lie that was refuted by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's own office who told reporters, that the Archbishop knew of the letter.
No, by God.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has never been silent.
But he has sought to deny so many others the right to speak.
He has used the Catholic Church tradition of obedience to the Archbishop to compel silence on men who were being egregiously slandered by a particularly venal Archbishop, namely himself.
He has denied honorable men the chance to answer a gerrymandered liberal atheistic report cobbled together by Judge Yvonne Murphy, a representative of a Judicial class so mired in abuse, murder, drug use, corruption, idolatry and the collapse of the rule of law in this country, as to beggar belief.
But that was always the game.
Beggaring belief.
That's what they're playing for here.
They care not one whit for sex abuse victims.
They ignore 99.99 percent of victims.
Their only concern is to destroy the church so that there will no longer be a spiritual platform available for Christians in Ireland to represent themselves within our culture.
It's all about power.
If you accept what they're doing gentle readers, you are a part of what they are.

the music of the clods

The U2 concert with Serafina.
I'm not really happy to be here.
I've never entirely accepted that the great Bonio is all that great.
I've never quite managed to approve Bonio's role in persuading our kleptocratic banks to prop up African and Asian dictatorships by cancelling their debts.
I can't help wondering if it really was an act of charity to write off billion dollar borrowings for psychos like Mugabe and Gadaffy, or for Three Million Men Killer President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir of Sudan, or for Four Million Men Killer President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos in Angola, or for the nameless Five Million Men Killers in the Republic of Congo, or to those lovable nuclear weapons wielding population starving would be humanity wipers out loons of North Korea .
And did Bonio's largesse to mass murderers help collapse the world banking system itself?
I think it did.
Our idiot kleptocratic banks actually couldn't afford to write off the money they'd spent fifty years throwing at African and Arab murderers.
I can't quite understand how Bonio could have stopped caring about civil war, desolation and deprivation in South Africa just because his faction the Mandelas had attained power.
Nor did I ever quite understand how Bonio managed to overlook Winnie Mandela's predilection for killing children in the Mandela mansion at South Western Township.
And I must say I continue to feel a frisson of distaste when contemplating the Jihadi attacks on London which took place while Bonio and the gallant little Belgian (Geldoff) had distracted the entire British security apparatus with one of their useless Feed The World concerts up in Scotland.
But all that's neither here nor there.
Serafina and me are here though.
So I guess I'd better make the most of it.
I can't be much fun to be with when I'm busy blaming Bonio for everything in the world.
And Serafina's in love with him.
I never quite forgave him for that either.
So run my thoughts.
Then suddenly all is well.
For lo!
Bonio is singing the U2 cover version of Bob Dylan's All Along The Watch Tower.
With a shock of delight, I realise he's singing it about The Heelers Diaries.
Now that's what I call class.
You'll never hear another word from me against U2.
Bonio sings as follows:

"All along The Heelers Diaries,
And Jihadis kept the view,
Independent Newspapers journos came and went,
The Johnston Press too.
There must be some kind of way out of here,
Said the Jihadi to the Johnston Press.
There's too much confusion here.
Heelers' writing is just a mess.
One minute he's attacking the cops.
The next it's the island of Jersey.
None of us knows if he's satirising us,
Or if he's really ephin crerzy.
Hey, hey, hey.
No reason to get excited,
The Johnston Press man he kindly spoke.
There are many among us here,
Who think The Heelers Diaries is just a joke.
But you and I we've been through that.
And that is not our fate.
So let us not walk softly now.
Because the hour is getting late.
Late, late, late.
All along The Heelers Diaries.
Jihadis kept the view.
Independent Newspapers journos came and went.
The Johnston Press too.
No reason to get excited,
Some extortionately overpaid Irish teachers, nurses, police officers, bus drivers and civil servants, they kindly spoke.
We're gonna play this one to the finish.
Even if the country goes up in smoke.
There's no constituency for integrity.
The truth is something we make.
Heelers heroism will be swept away.
We'll replace it with something fake.
Fake, fake, fake.
All along The Heelers Diaries,
And Jihadis kept the view,
Wild free masons came and went,
Corrupt cops too.
No reason to get excited,
The thieving banker he kindly spoke.
The people are farm animals.
Television is their dope.
Throw em another few condoms.
Some prozac for their church.
We have destroyed Ireland.
And left its people in the lurch.
Lurch, lurch, lurch...
No reason to get excited,
The Jihadi he kindly spoke,
There are many among us at the Saudi Academy for Young Islamist Assassins in Falls River Virginia,
Who think The Heelers Diaries is just a joke.
We quite like the Paddy Pup episodes.
And the ones where he's praising God.
After that you've just got to take it all,
With a little bit of infidel salt.
Salt, salt, salt.
All I've got is a Dell computer.
A battered keyboard and the truth.
All I've got is a Dell computer.
The rest is up to you."

Good old Bonio.
Now that's what I call music.

Monday, February 08, 2010

our television listings

(The Irish national fraudcaster. A television channel, by the liberal atheists of the liberal atheists for the liberal atheists. But financed through compulsory taxation on the Christians of Ireland who are not permitted to set up television stations to compete with it. Nifty, eh?)

9.00 Dilin O'Deamhas 2: Dilin O'Deamhas With A Vengeance. Bruce Willis recreates his best loved role. Not a great sequel. Violent and lacking the heart of the original.
11.00 Lefties Love Religion Too. Gay Byrne returns from beyond the grave to haunt Ireland again with a programme where he claims to be a Catholic and then interviews his atheistic friends about their reasons for sneering at the Catholic Church. Truly vomitous.
12.00 Mad Max 2. Gay Byrne is put in charge of roads policy in the Republic of Ireland. He sets out single handedly to criminalise the general public by giving the police new powers to harass and intimidate citizens at the side of the road. You couldn't make this stuff up.
1.00 News And Weather.
2.00 Murder She Wrote. Jessica is herself arrested for murder by a Sherrif who notices that everywhere she's gone each week for the past dozen years, someone has been killed. How do you spell Sheriff?
3.00 The Afternoon Show. Hagerdotal biddies obsess about waxing their legs on my dime.
5.00 The Miley Cyrus Sexualises Your Children In The Early Afternoon Show. Title says it all.
6.00 The Angelus. Bell ringing sop to Christians from a thoroughly anti clerical anti Catholic station. This week's episode sees Quasimodo outed in a new report into bell ringers by Yvonne Murphy.
6.30 Garda Patrol. Programme which invites the viewer to help the police solve crimes. They're too busy harassing motorists at the side of the road to solve them themselves. A number is shown at the end of the show for you to phone with your tip offs. Tips such as: "The Irish police are individually and institutionally corrupt," will not be welcome.
7.00 The Judge Liberal Comedy Half Hour. New programme featuring likeable rogue Judge Barry White. While doubling as a soul singer, Barry puts himself through college and eventually becomes a Judge. The programme focusses on his attempts to bring humour to the most tragic situations by letting murderers and drug dealers off with light sentences.
8.00 Vincent Browne Tonight. Ageing Maoist jeers at Catholicism while having an affair with hag pop singer Sinead O'Connor. I kid you not.
9.00 News And Weather 2: News And Weather With A Vengeance. Cheap immitation of the first Die Hard movie, starring Stephen Segal. Violent, nasty and left wing.
9.30 Legally Blonde. Documentary film about an RTE newsreader having an affair with a corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail parliamentarian.
10.00 Coron Anything Street. Wearisome British soap opera.
11.00 Dreary City. Wearisome Irish soap opera.
11.30 So How Many Mistresses Did Former Prime Minister Bertie Aherne Have In The End? This isn't really a television programme. I was just wondering.
12.00 The Pious Manipulative Anti Catholic Drivel Show. RTE investigation of sex abuse which ignores the vast preponderance of victims while recycling the same three poster victims to maximum effect. RTE has no interest in informing the public that over 99 percent of victims are abused in the family home, or in sports clubs or by paedophile rings. Sex abuse victims are important. But some sex abuse victims are more important than others. Particularly if they can help a Marxian television station continue its war with the Christian faith. Eh RTE?
1.00 Citizens Of The Year Awards. Smugly self satisfied RTE awards programme. Tonights winners include a Best Atheist Posing Catholic trophy for Gay Byrne, a Most Venal Ratbag award for Vincent Browne and the Papa Doc Duvalier Perennial Prize for Best Kleptocrat Bankrupters Of A Nation going to the Fianna Fail party. The RTE award for Best Humanitarians is jointly presented as always to Amnesty International and Al Qaeda.
2.00 Tele Bingo. The most intellectually honest programme ever broadcast on RTE.

ten heroes

1. Bishop Von Galen. A German Bishop who spoke out publicly against the Nazis' abortion and euthanasia and world conquest programmes when to do so meant death. He delivered his impassioned sermon just as Nazi power was its height. He then ensured the sermon was printed up and distributed to far flung regions of the Nazi empire. The SS were quite frustrated to find copies of it in the hands of German soldiers serving on the Eastern front. The funny thing is, Hitler and co never quite had the confidence to kill Von Galen. They kept putting it off. Ultimately, he outlasted them all. British historian Michael Burleigh, himself no friend to the Catholic church, expresses grudging respect for Von Galen. I hold more with writer Gitta Sereny's view. Sereny is more frankly unreserved and less blinkered by pseudo intellectualism than Burleigh in her admiration for Von Galen's heroism.

2. Hugh Clowers Thompson. American. Intervened to stop the My Lai massacre. While flying a surveillance support mission he witnessed a company of US troops systematically murdering Vietnamese villagers. As he flew overhead his mind filled with images of Hitler sending Jewish people to the ovens. . He landed his helicopter in the middle of the massacre. He faced down the murderers from his own side. When the soldiers seemed reluctant to desist, he instructed his helicopter gunner to open fire on any American who made a move towards the Vietnamese villagers who were huddled close by. Word went out around the zone that an American helicopter pilot was threatening American troops. There was a shockwave of realisation. The massacre came to a halt. Think of what it took for Thompson to land in that hell hole. Think of what it took for him to decide to turn his guns against his own brothers in arms. I know of no other example of moral courage to match this. After My Lai, a cottage industry sprang up producing books devoted to the psychological profiles of the soldiers who committed the massacre. There were hundreds of such books. The authors dwelt heavily on the false notion that the soldiers had been ordinary Americans psychoticised by war. Anti war Liberals were fascinated by such analyses which seemed to offer an incarnate indictment of the American presence in Vietnam. There were fewer books about Hugh Clowers Thompson.

3. William McBride. Australian doctor who in 1961 defied international pharmaceutical companies to blow the whistle on the thalidomide drug. McBride discovered that thalidomide was harmful to unborn children. Some 10,000 children are known to have been born with altered physiologies arising from the drug's use. There are persistent suggestions that the pharmaceutical companies continued to make and distribute the drug long after it was known to be inimical to human health. The same pharmaceutical companies played a long game with McBride. By 1993 the doctor, once deemed a hero, (and still a hero in my view), was judged to have falsified data in tests on new pharmaceutical products some of which had been banned at his behest. My own assessment of this is that he was set up. I would suggest it is in all our interests that my readers acquaint themselves with McBride's case and in particular with the possibility that pharmaceutical companies may operate in a way that is thoroughly malign. Yes they've played a long game. As I write this, thalidomide is once more being prescribed having supposedly been found useful in the treatment of several conditions, including some cancers and some forms of leprosy. (NB: McBride is not the only hero who opposed thalidomide. Widijung Lenz in Germany is said to have shown similar courage. I'm told a French doctor accomplished something unique in preventing thalidomide from ever being prescribed to women in France.)

4. Lutheran Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. Imprisoned by the communists in Romania. Afterwards lived in England. Sought through his writings to awaken the Christian conscience of the sleeping west. Like me, loved Russians. When I first read Wurmbrand's work, I experienced a spiritual intuition that I would know when he died. Several years later I picked up a copy of The Guardian that was lying in the Hodges Figgis bookstore cafe, and my eye fell on his obituary. The obit wasn't carried in most other newspapers. I don't normally read The Guardian.

5. Saint Thomas Moore. The man for all seasons. When King Henry the Eighth declared himself Head of the Church of England, a well meaning member of the British aristocracy warned Sir Thomas: "The anger of the King is death." Sir Thomas replied: "Why then the only difference between you and me, is that I shall die today and you shall die tomorrow." A rather good version of Moore's life was written by non believing playwright Robert Bolt entitled A Man For All Seasons. There's also a very good book about him published by Sceptre in the US, and by the Four Courts Press in Ireland whose title escapes me.

6. John Carpenter. American film director. Most of his films are worthless and empty even if they do occasionally have good music. His very first production back in 1974, a science fiction comedy called Dark Star, is a work of art which extends experience. For this alone Carpenter is an auteur of American, and indeed world, cinema. (I would liken the seditious life affirming Dark Star to three early Woody Allen films, Bananas, Sleeper, and Love & Death, which made life worth living for me as a teenager, and because of which I cannot think harshly of Mr Allen.)

7. Jane Austen. She wrote a book called Pride and Prejudice which, if you get into it, is a glory.

8. John Keats. Second greatest poet in the history of the English language.

9. Ludovico Einaudi. He has written a piano tune called Le Onde, The Waves. This music brings healing. Listen to it in the dark and let your mind find harmonies without words or images. I am sure that allowing the mind to experience itself through classical or classically inspired music, will one day be a part of our victory over schizophrenia, oppression, depression et al.

10. My feminist cousin Pauline who saved the world entire.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

whoozee the wotsit

This little fellow flew into my kitchen at twilight. I've no idea what sort of bird he is.

judge liberal strikes again

Judge Barry White has sentenced Eamon Lillis to seven years in jail for beating his wife Celine Cawley to death with a brick.
Seven years.
Judge Barry White stipulated that Eamon Lillis is to be deemed to have already served a month of that sentence.
So what he's actually been sentenced to is six years and eleven months.
For beating a woman to death with a brick.
The jury called it manslaughter.
I call it murder.
And the sentence?
A two fingered insult to the dead woman, to her family and to the broader community...
As venal as it is crass as it is malign.
We all know Lillis won't serve half that sentence.
We all know Lillis might be in jail for three years out of the seven.
We all know that liberal prison wardens are likely to let him out on special occasions such as at Christmas, or for parties, or for the weekend.
Judge Barry White handing down a sentence of seven years to a man who beat his wife to death with a brick means nothing less than that the rule of law is ceasing to exist in Ireland.
But then we all knew that already too.
Criminal, isn't it.
A type of murder in itself.
This type of sentencing I mean.
And be assured Judge Barry White's lenient sentencing will cause other murders.
Other half wits who have a penchant for killing people with knives or bricks or whatever will see a gambler's chance of getting off lightly.
And that's if our less than useless police force happens to catch them in the first place.
The police have a lot on their hands.
What with harassing motorists at the side of the road for trumped up traffic infractions.
It's hard to find time to focus on the murderers, rapists, Muslim people traffickers, drug dealers, and rackateers, currently laying siege to our society.
You know what folks.
The liberals won't stop doing this until we stop them.
For Judge Barry White and his pals, unaccountability remains the name of the game.
They divide and they conquer us.
They rule us from the shadows.
They cannot lose their jobs no matter what they do.
No matter how blatent the injustices they propagate.
Peviously, Judge Barry White had achieved a certain public notoriety during another murder trial.
An habitual killer and rapist called Gerald Barry had murdered a 17 year old Swiss girl called Manuela Riedo.
Judge Barry White with unctiously pious hypocrasy apologised to Manuela's parents on behalf of the Irish people for the death of their daughter.
Here is the news.
The Irish people didn't kill Manuela.
Judge Liberal killed her.
The murderer Gerald Barry had committed murder at least twice before, he had blinded an old age pensioner, he had committed sundry assaults in the streets, and numerous rapes, and every time, every time he had been released by a liberal judge soft on crime to continue his reign of terror.
Any one of the crimes I've mentioned should have been enough to send Gerald Barry away for thirty years.
But no.
He was free as a liberal bird.
Right up until the moment he violated and slaughtered Manuela.
And Judge Barry White presumed to apologise on behalf of the Irish people.
How dare he.
The Irish people aren't responsible for what liberal judges do.
We are victims of them ourselves.
They are our oppressors.
They have no mandate from the people.
Judge Barry White should have been apologising for himself and for his colleagues.
Judge Barry White should have been apologising for the liberal judges and liberal juries and liberal defence solicitors who ensured Gerald Barry was free to kill, kill, blind a pensioner, rape, rape, assault and kill again.
And now Judge Barry White has sentenced Eamon Lillis to six years and eleven months for beating Celine Cawley to death.
Here's a thought.
Let's set up a new political party and fire the liberal judges.
All of them.