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Thursday, August 11, 2016

ars gratia arses

Wandering down Nassau Street, Dublin.
The Paddies have blocked most of the road for some interminable tram line construction.
Let's just say the work is proceeding at a leisurely pace.
Amid the pulled up paving stones and piano wire, I spy the entry to the Sol art gallery, veritably surrounded by ye road works.
And lo!
The gallery is open.
I'll go in and have a browse thinks I.
I march through the wide open door, up the carpeted stairs and straight into the wide open gallery.
A few owlish old guys are pretending to sketch something.
In the centre of the room, a beautiful mysterious girl, that old stalwart of dramatic fiction and my life, is standing statuesquely.
She ain't wearing no clothes.
Her lissom form curves towards me.
A tress of glistening black hair falls over her shoulder.
Well, well, well.
I haven't seen one of those in a while.
Quickly I pretend to look away.
A hoary old goat approaches from behind his sketch pad.
"Can I help you?" he says.
I am very much inclined to answer: "She wants me Beavis."
Instead I just smile, shake my head and make an about turn.
I pretend to be exiting hastily while pretending not to be looking at the girl.
I wonder if I pretend to stumble and pretend to have something in my eye, could I get a better look.
Presently the pretense is reality and I'm back on the street.
Well, well, well.
The gallery's street door wide open, the gallery itself wide open, and a naked woman standing front row centre.
Mother Ireland you're rearing them yet.
In the cool light of evening something touches my heart.
I see things.
The universe.
At last I understand.
Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Titian.
Particularly Titian.
The whole call to art.
It's all about finding an excuse to look at naked chicks.

the death ride of the republican party

He's going to lose big.
Every State of the Union.
Never mind Democratic Party supporters generally.
Great swathes of decent folk, those who tend to look to the Republican Party for principled governance, will never vote for him.
Under any circumstances.
Twenty percent.
Maybe more.
Of his own party.
I mean of the party he's hijacked.
They will never vote for him.
We've been charging along a rocky road.
Still the charge continues.
Though some of us suspect the precipice ahead.
It is a death ride.
Do you remember the first intimations of disaster.
There were the rolling trolling insults to rival candidates Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul and Lyndsey Graham.
There were the sneering jeering leering taunts to Ted Cruz's wife and to Jeb Bush's mother.
There was the schoolyard style references to Senator Marco Rubio.
And then.
It was when he claimed President George Bush had unnecessarily led us into the Iraq War.
That finished it for me.
I couldn't countenance such a slight upon our War Time President.
When Trump impugned President Bush, Trump gave succour to the Jihadis.
We won't have it.
The Republican Party. The core. The conscience.
Of the nation.
Won't have it.
And many many more outside the Republican Party.
It's gone.
That's the election lost right there.
It's over.
He's gone.
Trump's gone.
The principled voters won't have him.
All those who don't accept  insults to wives or fathers or mothers or brothers or family or friends as part of the political process.
All those who aren't impressed by a knee jerk appeal to partisanship.
All those who don't want the mafia subverting political parties.
All those who vote American.
They'll never vote for him.
And all those who respect the people he's slandered.
The Bush family.
Mitt Romney and the Mormons.
Carly Fiorina.
Lyndsey Graham.
All of these and more.
The broadcaster Sean Hannity of Fox News is calling us traitors tonight.
But we will not elect a monster out of blinkered partisan loyalty.
I've got news for you Mr Hannity.
We will never vote for him.
Every State of the Union.
He's going to lose them all.

archbishop diarmuid martin's attempted putsch against the national seminary at maynooth

1. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin announced in early August that he was withdrawing three students for the priesthood from Ireland's National Seminary Saint Patrick's College at Maynooth in County Kildare. I am told Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a member of the Board at the National Seminary but has no real power there.

2. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's announcement reached the public through the most anti Catholic newspaper groups in Europe, to wit the Irish Times and the Irish Independent.

3. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was quoted in both newspapers as saying there was a "poisonous atmosphere" at Maynooth. Both newspapers suggested that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin believed seminarians or staff at Maynooth had been accessing websites which facilitate sexual relationships between people of the same gender.

4. No evidence was offered to substantiate Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's vague and very general claims about the National Seminary at Maynooth.

5. For the past week Independent Newspapers have printed follow up articles every day designed to feed the notion of scandalous behaviour at Maynooth Seminary.

6. Similar though less lurid attempts to stoke the notion of a scandal have been pursued daily in the Irish Times.

7. The Irish Independent and Irish Times articles have promoted what is effectively trial be innuendo vis a vis the reputation of Maynooth College. They have produced no evidence except for supposed quotations from anonymous sources, and the continued reiteration of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's own innuendos.

8. In an attempt to bolster their case, the Irish Independent has also approvingly quoted Father Gerard McGinnity, a former Maynooth staff member who exposed a genuine scandal at Saint Patrick's College in the early 1980's. Independent Newspapers quoted Father McGinnity this week as being in support of the notion that there is another scandal unfolding there. The irony is that Independent Newspapers titles have spent nearly twenty years trying to ruin this same Father Gerard McGinnity's reputation because of his work in promoting a supposed visionary called Christine Gallagher. Independent Newspapers have over the years sought to label Father Gerard McGinnity variously as corrupt, effeminate and an extortionist of money from the elderly. No mention of that this week, except for a single disingenuous sentence saying Father McGinnity had at one stage become "involved in the controversy" over Christine Gallagher's house of prayer. Yeah. He became involved alright. He became involved when you guys accused him of being a corrupt, effeminate charlatan, extorting money from the elderly. Still. All in the past, eh Independent Newspapers? My own view is that Father Gerard McGinnity is indeed a hero for his courage in the 1980's in seeking to expose the criminal sexual proclivities of a senior staff member at Maynooth College. However I also believe his associations with Christine Gallagher and before her with other similar persons claiming visions, are not to his credit. In any case it is stretching credulity that Independent Newspapers is now promoting Father Gerard McGinnity as a legitimate commentator on anything having spent decades trying to jeer him out of existence in print. Let me add that I believe that Father McGinnity's views about the current situation at Maynooth should be considered seriously, even though I do not concur with them and I question the integrity of the newspapers trumpeting them. Incidentally some years ago I expressed my opinion that Father Gerard McGinnity was a hero of the Catholic Church in Ireland, to a priest called Ruairi O'Domhnaill (who had purported to me to be from a family closely linked to the IRA), Ruairi O'Domhnaill replied: "I think he was just jealous. " Ruairi O'Domhnaill is at present in charge of promoting vocations to the priesthood in the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin.

9. I also believe that the present appearance of scandal at Maynooth has been orchestrated deliberately by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in collusion with the most anti Catholic newspaper groups in Europe, ie the Irish Times and the Irish Independent.

10. It may be relevant to note that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a controlling sponsor of the Irish College in Rome which was the subject of a Papal enquiry and a critical report in 2012 during the Papacy of Pope Benedict. Unlike at Maynooth where he is also a sponsor, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin exercises real and decisive control over the Irish College in Rome. The investigation and report into the running of the Irish College in Rome was carried out by then Archbishop, now Cardinal, Timothy Dolan of New York. The report was critical of the Irish College in Rome in many areas. specifically with regard to "atmosphere, structure, staff and guiding philosophy." There have been suggestions that the concerns in the report were prompted by the Irish College in Rome promoting a favourable view of sexual relationships between people of the same gender.

11. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in withdrawing the three Dublin students from Ireland's National Seminary at Maynooth also announced through the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers that he would be sending those three students to complete their studies for the priesthood at the Irish College in Rome. The slander that is most consistently propagated without evidence against Maynooth in all reportage this week of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's decision to withdraw the three students, is that some sort of homosexual network is operating at the College.

12. This is payback.

13. In particular Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's continued daily suggestion in anti Catholic newspapers for more than a week now without evidence or corroboration, of networks of homosexual activity at Maynooth, smacks of malice and vengeance. Given the tacit criticisms regarding the promotion of same sex unions voiced in the Vatican report into the Irish College in Rome which Archbishop Diarmuid Martin controls and to which he is now moving those three Dublin students, I think there can be no real doubt, that what we are seeing here is score settling on a grand scale, The lack of evidence for Archbishop Martin's destruction of personal and professional reputations in seeking to label Maynooth College as he has done, is astonishing to me. It is also astonishing to me that even anti Catholic newspapers with supremely low standards of journalism such as the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers would so shamelessly attempt to sell the public on this trash.

14. I suggest that the three Dublin students for the priesthood who are being withdrawn from Maynooth are being used as pawns by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in his personal vendetta and power play against the Catholic Church in Ireland.

15. On Saturday the atheistic Marxian commentator Patsy McGarry who writes on religion for the Irish Times, profiled Archbishop Diarmuid Martin under the headline "The Unhappy Prince." The article suggested that some Irish Bishops resented Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and had not forgiven him for past disagreements. Patsy McGarry was very coy in his evocation of the motivations of Bishops who do not trust Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. Here is the news. The only reason any Bishop in Ireland has reservations about Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is because several years ago through his public statements in the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin attempted to remove the right of Bishops and others to defend themselves when they were impugned over their handling of sex abuse cases. At one point Archbishop Diarmuid Martin publicly sought to force Bishops to resign without a defence being heard, calling on any Bishop "mentioned" in a government report to resign immediately. In doing so Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was singlehandedly trying to create a presumption of guilt for those facing any slander relating to sex abuse. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was proposing to destroy at a stroke and absolutely, the rule of law, the princple that any accused person is entitled to a fair hearing, the presumption of innocence, and the right to a fair trial. That is the reality which Irish Bishops, priests, nuns and believers, have not forgotten and which Patsy McGarry was unwilling to specify.

16. Patsy McGarry's headline "The Unhappy Prince" for his profile of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin referenced without attribution my own comparison at The Heelers Diaries of Archbishop Diamuid Martin to Marchivelli's character The Prince. Plagiarising me is about as close to the truth as Patsy McGarry gets.

17. The notion of a scandal at Maynooth College has been orchestrated by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin through the pages of the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers in retaliation for the censure he received at the Irish College which he controls in Rome.

18. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is engaging in trial by newspaper attempts to destroy the reputations of faculty, students and staff at Maynooth through unspecified and unproven references to unspecified and unidentified individuals supposedly accessing internet websites which facilitate same sex relationships,

19 I would suggest that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is continuing his power play within the Irish Catholic Church by attempting to collapse vocations to the priesthood.

20. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's additional allegation that students at Maynooth had been expelled for being "too orthodox" is a classic machiavellian mind funk, coming as it does from a career leftist who has spent a lifetime attempting to erase the very possibility of orthodoxy from the Irish Catholic Church. Conversely we might note that anyone can pose orthodox. A disrupter in a church setting or a college might even favour such a pose. The father of satanist Lorcan Bale who murdered a child in Dublin in 1973 was prominent in prayer groups around Dublin as well as being very active in anti abortion activism. IRA Sinn Fein mafia infiltrators at prayer groups are often similarly orthodox in their religious advocacy.

21. My analysis of the present situation is that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's attacks on Maynooth are motivated by pure spite, vindictiveness and a will to power.

22. Tis the vengeance of the little yellow god.

23. Atheistic Marxian Irish Times religious affairs correspondent Patsy McGarry claims that Archbishop Martin is about to resign.

24. I disagree.

25. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is attempting to remake the Catholic Church in Ireland in his own image.

26. He ain't going anywhere.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

critiquing darwinism

Four main considerations spring to mind in any attempt to refute atheistic Darwinism as an explanation for the nature of reality.

1. Irreducible Complexity. Some scientists assert that Darwinian evolution cannot explain various features of various life forms since any earlier phase of development would render the features in question inoperable. The usual example given is the human eye. Those who say Irreducible Complexity refutes Darwinism, cite the eye as an example of a feature which cannot have evolved since any simplification of its complexity in a Darwinianly postulated earlier form would have rendered the feature entirely useless through the supposed millions of years of postulated Darwinian evolution.

2. No credible or replicable theory for the commencement of life. Darwinism has none nor is it likely.

3. The time frame of the universe. Physical science is providing evidence against Darwinism by claiming that the universe is not old enough for life to have reached what it is now from where Darwinians say it began. Some Darwinians answer this by suggesting that limitless numbers of unobservable universes exist and everything that can happen eventually does happen with a limitless number of evolutionary life trials taking place in these limitless alternative realities. The alternative realities scenario or the multiverse as Darwinists sometimes call it, is the flying spaghetti monster of Darwinian science.

4. Darwinians insist on the random nature of reality. Yet everywhere we see purpose. I propose that if there is any purpose in the universe, Darwinism is refuted.