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Saturday, February 18, 2012

heelers he say

As flies to small boys is the Catholic Church to liberal atheists. They kill us for their sport.

Friday, February 17, 2012

the destruction of law in the republic of ireland

Judge Liberals Greatest Hits


Judge Liberal has been having a doozie of a time here in Ireland. His most recent accomplishments in utterly destroying the rule of law include the following.

1. A burglar who broke into a family home armed with a screw driver received 175,000 Euro after sueing the householder for assault.

2. Judge Michael O'Shea gave murderer Jonathan Smith a five year sentence, with one year set aside for time already served, for the killing of an elderly man. That's four years for murder. Bloody hell Liberal. If I'm ever running this country, you ain't never gonna draw a pension. Do you hear me Liberal? I've had enough of you. I want you gone.

3. Liberal Judge Mary Laffoy ruled that murderers could profit from assets jointly owned by their victims. Her ruling will be welcomed by spouse killers everywhere. All to play for, eh Mary! Laffoy claimed she had no choice in her ruling. The choice I would give her if I held executive power is this: She would have a choice of permanent exile or permanent imprisonment in a cell with one of the wife killers whom she has so recently aggrandised.

4. The Irish government has continued to refuse to release a report into the 198 children killed in State care over the past ten years. Of course the murder of 198 children in State care is the greatest scandal in the history of the Irish Republic. The murders remain a matter of indifference to the liberal atheistic class who have been waging war against the Catholic Church. Since the deaths of the 198 children cannot be blamed on Christians, the liberal leftist pseudo elites of Ireland's, parliament, media and Judiciary, simply turn a blind eye to the slaughter. I remember a few years ago when I first mentioned on this website the huge number of child deaths occurring in Health Board custody. At the time the Health Boards admitted to ten deaths in their care over the past ten years. Since the Health Boards had refused to cooperate with enquiries into the deaths of children in Health Board care, deliberately retaining and destroying case files, and falsifying the death rate, I chose to deem those deaths as murder. Whaddaya think folks? Do ya think there has been a widespread murder cult operating in Irish Health Boards? Or is there some other reason why the Health Boards were concealing the number of kids who just seemed to drop dead once they stepped onto a Health Board facility? Whaddaya think? The Health Boards soon admitted to 38 deaths in their custody over the past ten years. I asserted on this website that the real figure was far higher. Now the Health Boards admit to 198 unexplained child deaths in their custody over the past ten years. That's 200 murders in Health Board care in Ireland since the year 2000. Whaddaya think folks? What should we do about this? A supposedly independent report into the deaths of 198 children in Irish Health Board custody was handed to our government two months ago. And as I've said, the atheistic Fine Gael/Labour government still refuses to reveal what's in that report. What should we do folks? What can we do? I gotta tell ya. Fine Gael and Labour and their politically appointed Judges, are gambling that we can and will do... nothing.

do devil worshippers dream of electric amanda knoxes

Judge Claudio Pratillo was fielding press questions on the doorstep of his plush downtown offices in central Roma.
"Gentlemen, ladies, please," he proclaimed plush bottomedly. "Amanda Knox and her boyfriend are free because they didn't commit the crime. But this is the judicial truth. The truth of reality could be different."
He shrugged his shoulders expansively and with a last dismissive smile, shut the door.
He returned to his office and parked his butt in a scented leather chair.
A shadow passed in front of him.
"How did you get in here?" cried Judge Pratillo. "Wait. What are you doing with that knife? But Amanda. I let you go. I'm a devil worshipper too. Didn't you see how I mocked your victim when I talked that nonsense to the press about the difference between judicial truth and actual truth? Why meee Amanda? I gave you a get out of jail free card after you hacked an innocent girl to death. Why meeeeee? Oh mercy. Noo. Nooooooooo. Amandaaaaaaa pleeeeeeeeeeeeese. Amandaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"


Note: Judge Claudio Pratillo really was the Judge responsible for releasing satanic murderess Amanda Knox and her boyfriend. Judge Claudio Pratillo also really did make the obscene statement to reporters, to wit: "They are free because they didn't commit the crime. But this is the judicial truth. The truth of reality may be different."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

spring in italy

Mauro Chialli wandered down the Via Veneto with his friend Giulio.
"How could you vote to acquit Amanda Knox?" wondered his friend. "I mean she did it. She hacked that girl to death. She did it without mercy. She did it just to give herself and her loser stoner dude wankshaft boyfriend a thrill. How could you vote to let her (and him) away with it? You saw them after the murder. You saw them grinning and smooching in the streets. You saw Amanda Knox doing Yoga and giggling while the police were interrogating her. You saw them Mauro. Even you must know Amanda Knox tortured and slaughtered Meredith Kercher. And you know why. You know Amanda Knox worships satan."
Mauro shook his head gently.
"No, no, no Giulio," he admonished. "As a juror I must be objective in these matters. Lives are at stake. I saw the faces of those kids. They couldn't bluff. They wouldn't bluff. So I voted to acquit them."
"I can't figure you out," said Giulio in a troubled voice. "Amanda Knox butchered that girl. Any talk about faces and bluffing is just a further obscenity. How can you talk like this?"
Mauro grinned.
"I'm either the last idealist," he said. "Or an idioto. Or else maybe I'm a devil worshipper too, eh?"
And he arched his eyebrows devilishly.
Giulio became uncomfortable, made his excuses and left him.
Mauro continued his stroll up the Via Veneto alone.
Evening was settling over the eternal city.
Mauro paused at a fashion shop to eye the latest styles.
A shadow passed behind him.
He looked up.
"You! What are you doing here? I haven't seen you since the trial. Dio mio. What are you doing with that knife? Amanda no! I helped you to escape. I saved you from justice. No, Amanda. No. Not here. Oh please Amanda. Pleeease. Why would you kill me? I helped you to escape. Amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Mauro Chialli really was one of the jurors responsible for freeing Amanda Knox and after voting to let Amanda Knox and her boyfriend get away with ritual violation, torture and murder, he really did make the above statement to reporters, to wit: "I saw the faces of those kids. The couldn't bluff. They wouldn't bluff."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's day on knox mountain

"Amanda will you be my Valentine?"
"Oh Corey."
"Amanda, oh sweet Amanda, you're my true love. Er, Amanda. Hey. That's not funny. What are you doing with that knife? No Amanda, no. Please. Amanda why? Why me? I was willing to date you even though I knew you butchered that girl as part of your devil worshipping activities. Why would you kill me? Why? Amandaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

an open letter to dan brown author of the davinci code

Why is there no mention of Jahbulon in your new book?
Your new book features the Freemasons organisation in a significant role but for some reason there's absolutely no mention of Jahbulon, the secret word Freemasons use to worship the devil.
I am asonished Dan.
No reference whatsoever to Jahbulon in your latest contemporary thriller.
And you're normally such a speculative fellow when it comes to claiming without any evidence whatsoever that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and such like.
But Jahbulon doesn't even get a walk on in your thriller about the Freemasons.
Not exciting enough for you eh Dan?
A worldwide organisation worshipping the devil and you give em walk ons in your new book with no mention of their satanism.
Why is that Dan?
Why no mention in your new book of the name Jahbulon by which Freemason's invoke satan during their devil worship rituals?
Are you there Dan?
What's going on Dan?
Why is there no mention of Jahbulon in your new book?
How could you write a thriller featuring contemporary Freemasonry and leave out the Freemasons secret word for the devil?
Did you forget to put it in?
Was it meant to be there in a climactic lost sequence that got edited out just as you went to print?
Why no mention in your book of the Freemason's secret name Jahbulon, which they use to invoke satan?
Not a suitable plot twist for your readers eh Dan?
Did your wife Blythe somehow miss it in the copious background research which you claim she does for all your book?
Why Dan?
Why's it not there?
Who's Jahbulon Dan?
Have you ever perchance worshipped him, say as part of your research, or part of your activities as a Freemason?
Huh Dan?
Hm Dan?
Best wishes.
James Healy.
PS: Please imagine me saying these things in the voice of the baby from the television cartoon Family Guy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

meditation on a cnn weather report

Get some ageing grey haired weather girls and put them on the television, you Logan's Run shower of c--ts.

special guest blogger sir herbert read


Predicting the future:
"It will be a gay world. There will be lights everywhere except in the mind of  man and the fall of the last civilisation will not be heard above the incessant din."

(Herbert Read, writing in 1962.)


Watching Navi Pillay going through the motions on television.
Navi Pillay is the United Nations High Commissioner for Sneering at the State of Israel.
(High Commissioner for Refugees surely? - Ed note).
She is engaged in the usual United Nations handwringing regarding the ongoing slaughter by the Assad government in Syria of its own citizens.
Navi is threatening to refer President Bashar Al Assad to the International Court of Human Rights.
She is showing none of the high emotion she displayed when castigating Israel for shooting a few Jihadis in the Gaza Strip back in 2006.
It must be hard for Navi to emote properly now that she's finally encountering some real war crimes.
It must be hard for Navi to change gears and criticise a murderocracy which up to now she has championed.
It must be hard for her to contemplate the reality that the only people who could actually help the Syrians are the United States Marines, the American Army and Air Force.
Hard to call on them to rescue Syria when you've spent the past decade trying to criminalise the Bushwhacker for taking just such decisive action in Afghanistan and Iraq, eh Navi?
Ah well.
It must be hard for her to deal with any of this.
So she's threatening to bring the Bashar Al Assad family dictatorship before the International Court of Human Rights.
A bit late Navi.
I've been waiting for this for thirty years.
Thirty years of watching UN staffers like yourself jeer at Israel while turning a blind eye to the lunatic oppressions of Soviet style Arab and Iranian dictatorships.
But you got here in the end Navi.
Welcome to the party pal.
The poor old Assads.
They must be shaking in their jackboots.
With laughter.
The International Court of Human Rights recently indicted Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir the President of Sudan for the murder of an estimated four or five million Sudanese people.
The indictment hasn't had any noticeable effect on the Sudanese despot's murderous lifestyle.
Nor did it prevent the Arab League from sending one of the Sudanese President's most murderous army henchmen General Nutjob to Syria as part of a delegation which was supposed to monitor the behaviour of the Assad government.
The irony is screaming.
As are the Syrian people.
Here is the news.
Let's face it.
The only chance of liberation for the Syrian people is if President Bashar Al Assad is watching Navi Pillay on the television right this moment and dies laughing.

Monday, February 13, 2012

can such things be

Me and Miss Arabia wandering down Grafton Street.
An aged travelling woman staggers towards us out of the rain, points a finger dramatically at Miss Arabia and intones with strange high mystic portent:
"She will be your wife. Sooooooon."
Miss Arabia looks a bit shook.
Naturally she is unaware that Mary has predicted I will marry every woman she's seen me with on Grafton Street for the past twenty years.
She's yet to get it right.
Miss Arabia and me begin to move off.
I turn to the travelling woman and cross her palm with a twenty spot.
"Be careful of this one Mary," I whisper conspiratorially. "She'd put a Fatwa on you soon as look at you."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

waiter there's some invidious anti catholicism in my soup

Coffee with Rontgens.
"Heelers," he proffers holier than thouily, "the Catholic church which you're always defending used to read people's names out from the altar if they didn't contribute enough cash in donations. What have you got to say to that!"
I splutter elegantly into my latte.
"That's not quite what the church is accused of," I explain affably. "If I understand my history, some priests in some parishes did indeed read out people's names from the altar along with the amount of money they had contributed in donations. Oh and there may have been an occasional practice of reading out people's names for having being seen walking out the roads with a young girl unaccompanied. Well call the Feds, Ma Kettle. It's not exactly Aztec ritual sacrifice, is it. Oh the humanity. Supposedly the donations list was read out to pressure people to up their contributions. And that's the sum total of the allegation. Now I want you to consider the way things are done in Ireland today. If anyone so much as dares to open a corner shop and go into business for themselves, they immediately become a target for the government's tax collecting Revenue Commissioners. The same Revenue Commissioners who are much too busy harrying, harassing and casually criminalising the citizenry to bring a single banker or thieving gypsy Drumm or bankrupting gypsy Quinn or kleptocratic gypsy Lenihan to justice for looting and then bleeding white the entire treasury of the nation over the next fifty generations. Much too busy to bring corrupt kleptocrats to justice. But just try opening a corner shop. And here's what they do. They come after you. They invent crimes with which to destroy the reputation of the ordinary citizen who dares to stop drawing the Dole (social welfare payments) in order to try to contribute to his community and provide a dignified living for himself and his family. The Revenue Commissioners come to such impudent would be self reliant workers looking for corporation tax, or VAT tax which they dreamed up in 1970 to force ordinary citizens to become government tax collectors, or PRSI tax if you've had the temerity to hire anyone in your corner shop, and then another zubba zubba tax which they've just thought up for daring to have a radio in your premises. I kid you not. You've to pay a tax in Ireland if you turn on a radio in your premises. Seriously. And if these Revenue Commissioner scoundrels manage to entrap you in one of their arbitrarily invented and applied nouveau taxes, if they manage to trip you up over your own accounts or for some inadvertent error in your wages returns, why then they fine you many many many thousands of dollars, and they imprison you if they wish, and they further humiliate you, oh yes they really do, they further humiliate you to the nth degree, by publicising your situation to the entire country on the front page of the anti Catholic Irish Independent or the front page of the anti Catholic Irish Times. They put you out of business. They drag your name in the mud. For infringing their arbitrarily invented and applied laws, they falsely label you before the eyes of the nation as a tax dodger and a thief and a cheat. And then they publish your name. Everywhere. Not just in a church mate. Everywhere. Oh no indeed. Not just by reading your name from the altar of a country church where your friends and neighbours would laugh at the priest involved and poke you in the ribs, and treat you to a drink. Nay, nay and thrice nay. The Irish government Revenue Commissioners of today, if they can enmesh you in some of their newly invented crimes, will immediately deem you a tax dodger, a vile criminal, a renegade, and publish your name in every newspaper in the land. And these b-----ds are standing with you in judgement on the Catholic Church. Words fail me."

official statement from the rioters in athens

"The world must keep lending us money which we never intend to repay, or we will burn our own country to the ground." - The Greek Rioters Inc.


(Irish trade union officials speaking on behalf of Ireland's nurses, teachers, police officers, soldiers, bus drivers, judges, lawyers and civil servants have tonight released a message of support for the Greek rioters which reads in full: "Us too!")

into the light

Emerging from the Church of Saint Mary in the Maughans on Clarendon Street.
"That was very interesting," says Miss Arabia in high good humour.
"Did you feel anything?" sez me.
"I did," quoth she.
"During the sign of peace," quoth she. "I thought it was really beautiful, strangers shaking hands with each other. I could feel atmosphere of peace and love."
"If I'd known you were into it that much, I'd have hammed it up a lot more."
"I did like it."
"But did you feel anything else?" probeth me.
"Like what?"
"Like a little voice in your head telling you to become a Christian."
"No," said Miss Arabia. "I didn't feel that."
"Now what?" sez me.
"Now it's time for you to come with me to to a Mosque," says Miss Arabia muslimally.

the divide

The immense gulf in spirituality, decency, principle and basic moral insight between the media on one hand, and the general public on the other, is graphically shown by tonight's almost universal editorial decision within television stations and newspapers, to sideline reports about the Assad government's ongoing industrialised murder of the Syrian people before the eyes of the world, in order to make room for copious, anodyne, morally worthless and wearisomely insincere reportage on the death of Whitney Houston, God rest her. I remember the former missionary Jo Wardhaugh Doyle once telling me of her consternation at media behaviour the day a popstar called John Lennon was shot. Jo was working in Uganda at the time where the government had that very day unleashed a slaughter on the populace just to steal an election. Jo remembers the BBC reserving one sentence for Uganda, wrongly reporting the elections as fair, ignoring the slaughter which was well underway but still stoppable, before proceeding to drown all hope of the truth emerging in a deluge of nonsense about the cosmically irrelevant popstar's demise. La plus se change, la plus se reste vomitous.