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Saturday, February 11, 2017

hence wilt thou lift up termonfeckin

Coffee with Myrcroft.
I am trying to persuade her to fight the murder of unborn children.
"James you see everything in black and white," she said. "The truth is there are no absolute truths."
My face was a study.
"Is what you've just said an absolute truth?" I enquired gently.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Mrs Baines struggled towards me in the street.
She could barely move.
I felt a great wave of sadness.
The dignity of her womanhood was creased with sorrow.
Every movement betokened struggle.
I knew her as a family woman who had made great sacrifices all her life for those she loved.
And here we are.
I was thinking: Ah God, how could you let this happen?
She spoke to me for a few moments.
Something about an accident that had left her barely able to walk.
Now a life of constant pain.
All that jazz.
My sadness broached atheism.
Six months later I saw her again.
She jumped out of a car on Main Street and positively bounced towards me.
Her aged frame exuded vitality, vibrancy and life.
"It's a lovely day James," she trilled passing at a rate of knots towards the supermarket.
I was too moved to talk.
Back at the ranch I told Aunty Teresa.
"You wouldn't believe it," I said. "I mean six months ago, she could barely move. Honestly. God really taught me a lesson this time. He really did the business. Sometimes we're asked to suffer. But joy cometh in the morning. I have seen it with my own eyes. It was incredible."
"That's a new car too," murmured Aunty Teresa distantly. "And she's never driven before in her life."
Something in Aunty Teresa's voice arrested me.
"What's going on?" I rapped.
"Nothing," said the aunt.
"Tell me," I insisted.
"Well," said Aunty Teresa, "Mrs Baines was in an accident. That's true enough. She fell off her bike. You know she probably shouldn't have been riding it. She was very heavy at the time. Then she sued the bike maker claiming the bike caused the accident. Then she limped around town for six months until the court awarded her a settlement against the bike company. Then she bought a new car for the first time in her life. And now she's learned to drive and doesn't have to cycle anywhere. And her ability to walk has come right back. And all the pain is gone. I suppose you could argue it's a kind of a miracle. But do you seriously think God was involved?"

Thursday, February 09, 2017

the jurisprudence of judge martin nolan

Judge Martin Nolan has sentenced Anglo Irish Bank executive Pat Whelan to no years in jail for his part in the multi billion dollar fraud operations at the bank.
Mr Whelan was convicted for his part in concealing an illegal eight million Euro loan to another Anglo executive Willie McAteer.
Judge Martin Nolan fined Mr Whelan three thousand Euro.

Judge Martin Nolan has sentenced Anglo Irish Bank executive Willie McAteer to no years in jail for his part in multi billion dollar fraud activities at the bank.
Although Judge Martin Nolan formally gave Mr McAteer a sentence of two and a half years, the Judge deemed that the sentence should run concurrently with another three year sentence Mr McAteer is already serving for separate charges relating to Anglo. So Mr McAteer will serve no time for this particular crime. The use of the word "concurrently" allows Judge Martin Nolan to pose as dispensing a prison term when in fact he has let the criminal go scot free.

The Anglo Irish Bank fraud was essentially the largest known bank robbery in the history of the planet earth. It was a new age robbery. Instead of breaking in, the IRA mafia obtained ownership of the bank through subversion of its board and used the bank's capacity to borrow money internationally to give billion dollar loans to IRA proxies posing as businessmen as well as to IRA agents working on the bank's staff. The IRA systematically looted Anglo Irish Bank using these fake loans to itself and then prevailed upon a corrupt government Finance Minister, the now conveniently deceased Brian Lenihan, to impoverish Ireland overnight by making the State liable for the IRA's robbery of an IRA bank.

I would remind you in considering Judge Martin Nolan's "sentencing" of Anglo executives Pat Whelan and Willie McAteer, that not so long ago, Judge Martin Nolan sentenced a Dublin fruit importer to six and a half years in  jail for the infringement of a European Union codicil on the labelling of garlic.

I call on Judge Martin Nolan to resign.
I call on Irish people of good will to refuse to accept him or any other IRA or mafia controlled judge, as a Judge within the Irish courts system.
We should cease to tolerate this.
Anathematise the IRA and its various associated drug gangs and attendant mafias.
And let's elect our Judges.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

confucius he say

If you don't want me to look at your legs in church, do not wear short skirts, satin tights and black boots. Thank you.

genesis and catastrophe


1. White collar criminal Denis O'Brien bribes corrupt government Minister Michael Lowry to award him mobile phone service provision contracts for the Republic of Ireland worth a billion dollars. Michael Lowry gives the billion dollar contracts to Denis O'Brien for a price of a few million dollars.

2. Denis O'Brien sells his mobile phone company for a billion dollars.

3. A Judicial enquiry finds that Denis O'Brien bribed Michael Lowry.

4. Corrupt Fine Gael Prime Minister Enda Kenny ignores the findings of the Judicial enquiry.

5. Meanwhile Ireland's supposedly largest media group Independent Newspapers is refusing to repay its billion dollar borrowings from Allied Irish Bank. (I say 'supposedly largest media group' because actually the Heelers Diaries has a higher net asset worth than Independent Newspapers since I don't anyone a billion dollars.)

6. Allied Irish Bank goes bust because entities like Independent Newspapers are refusing to repay the billions of dolllars they owe it.

7. Allied Irish Banks is taken over by corrupt Fine Gael Prime Minister Enda Kenny on behalf of the State using public money. Enda Kenny pays billions for a bank that is worth nothing and which could have been seized by the State for nothing.

8. Allied Irish Banks Board Member Lochlainn Quinn is not required to pay any of Allied Irish Banks debts from his own billion dollar fortune.

9. Coincidentally Lochlainn Quinn is a brother of Enda Kenny's colleague in government at the time, Education Minister Ruairi Quinn who is a member of the Labour Party.

10. Lochlainn Quinn moves seamlessly to the Board of Ireland's monopoly electricity company the ESB. The catastrophic failure of AIB, the last company he steered, has not adversely affected his career at all. Although I'm told he doesn't sleep well at night.

11. Allied Irish Banks cancels Independent Newspapers billion dollar debts.

12. Independent Newspapers is taken over by white collar criminal Denis O'Brien.

13. Independent Newspapers announces that it will purchase the Celtic Newspaper group. It is not clear whether Allied Irish Banks is once more lavishing free money on Independent Newspapers or why Independent Newspapers is in a position to buy other newspaper groups while refusing to pay its debts.

14. Independent Newspapers which is owned by white collar criminal Denis O'Brien announces that it is considering buying Newstalk Radio Station which is also owned by white collar criminal Denis O'Brien.

15. While all this is going on the IRA drug dealing people trafficking child abusing mafia and their parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein, in tandem with the IRA's more recently established parliamentary front organisations the Anti Austerity Alliance, and the People Before Profit Group, sit in the wings rubbing their hands gleefully.

16. The IRA's Cosa Nostra and Chinese Triad allies are caught smuggling mobsters from China into Ireland through Dublin airport using mafia agents in the employ of the former Irish national airline Aer Lingus to bypass security.

17. Judge Liberal gives bail to the Triad and Cosa Nostra airline employees who were caught smuggling Chinese mobsters into Ireland through Dublin airport.

18. Judge Liberal refuses to extradite Ian Bailey to France where he is due to stand trial for the murder of  French film producer Sophie Toscan Du Plantier. The decision is seen by some as a sure fire indicator that elements of the Judiciary in Ireland are working for the IRA and its attendant mobs. Ask an ordinary citizen whether he thinks we should be able to extradite

19. American attempts to extradite an individual styled Eric Eoin Marques from Dublin (the FBI assert he is the pre-eminent supplier via the internet of child pornography on the planet) are now entering their fifth calendar year. Judge Liberal has spent the last five years allowing this individual to avoid facing American justice on charges of disseminating films featuring the systematic rape of children. Marques legal fees and repeated court manoeuvres are being paid for by you and me through government financing, as are Judge Liberal's fees.

20. Ireland's Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald announces that the Kinahan mob (an IRA faction) have not infiltrated the police. Her announcement removes the last remaining vestige of doubt that the Kinahan mob have infiltrated the police.

21. Irish police are crowing about a raid that has captured twenty guns from the Kinahan gang. Presumably they're going to charge the guns with all the murders and drug dealing the Kinahans are committing. A grand total of nought Kinahans remain in jail after this latest police triumph. We can only hope the cops didn't give them back their guns before letting them loose again.

22. Judge Martin Nolan has given a sentence of 18 months to Eamon Lynch for causing the death of 18 year old Shane Patton by drunkenly ploughing his car into Mr Patton's vehicle at 165 km per hour. Eamon Lynch has 483 previous convictions, including some 50 convictions for burglary and over 200 convictions for road traffic offences. After killing Shane Patton, Eamon Lynch fled to Northern Ireland. Don't they all. Eamon Lynch is originally from Derry. One wonders where he stands on those complex nationalistic issues which have given birth to the IRA skang mafia. In any case Judge Martin Nolan this week decided that the taking of Shane Patton's life was worth a mere 18 months in the clink. I would ask you to contrast Judge Martin Nolan's jurisprudence in this case with his decision to jail a Dublin fruit importer for six and a half years for the purely notional crime of mislabelling garlic as apples.

23. Parliament is the last institution of State in the Republic of Ireland to elude outright infiltration and control by the IRA. The Judges are gone. The cops are gone.

24. Parliament is falling.

25. And they are coming.

Monday, February 06, 2017

no second fine gael

why should i blame them that they filled my country
with Sinn Fein IRA drug gangs or that they would of late
have taught to ignorant doctors most violent ways
particularly when it comes to ending the lives of unborn babies
and hurled the little anti depressants upon the great
had they but basic humanity equal to their desire for cash
what could have made them peaceful with the christian tradition
when atheistic hedonism led them to lower our borders to jihad trash
with an ideology of islamic nazism a kind
that is all too prevalent in an age like this
being casually psychotic murderous and barbarous and insane by turns
why what could they have done
arrogance in excelsis
in abandoning the ten commandments, the common law, habeas corpus and tort
was there another ireland for them to abort

(With apologies to WB Yeats)