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Monday, July 15, 2013

heelers warrior gladiator king

Coffee with Dublin Gwen.
"You're going bald," quoth she.
"Oh go on James. You knew you were going bald."
"I was in denial."
"You're going bald alright. You're growing a nice little Pope's hat up there."
The mention of the Pope led her to a personal attack on a Pope she knew I liked, ie the ousted one, Benedict.
"You always liked him," she mused. "But Francis is showing us the way. Francis won't let this mafia stuff go on in the Vatican bank."
I lowered my head onto the table.
"Tell it to the bald patch Gwenny," I intoned. "Because the rest of me ain't listening."
Later the same day, I met up with Miss Korea in the same café.
"Gwen says I'm going bald," I told her.
"Oh," said Miss Korea inscrutably.
"She says I'm growing a Pope's hat."
"Show me," commands Miss Korea.
I lower the cranium onto the table.
Miss Korea examines it expertly.
"You no Pope," she proclaims. "Your bald patch red. You Cardinal."