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Saturday, December 29, 2012

kenny watch at christmas

The Irish Independent newspaper published no less than four pictures of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny today. Throughout the Christmas season, the Irish Independent has published at least one picture of Enda Kenny every day. Sometimes two. Occasionally three. The last time we had four in one day was about two weeks ago.
Enda Kenny is a weak vacuous vapid hairstyle of a man.
We all know what he looks like.
The Irish Independent is publishing his picture every day because the Irish Independent owes a billion dollars to idiot banks which it cannot repay and Enda Kenny has nationalised those banks using tax payers money, or money borrowed from the Germans against the future indentured slavery of Irish tax payers, and the Irish Independent is seeking to curry favour with Enda Kenny in the very real expectation that Enda Kenny will not insist on collecting the billion dollars which the Irish Independent now owes to Irish tax payers through debts to idiot gangster banks which Enda Kenny has purchased on our behalf with our money, but that Enda Kenny will instead once more force Irish taxpayers will carry the can for all the poor little rich boys among the management and staff and various criminal proprietors at Independent Newspapers.
That is all.


Footnote: Career Criminal Denis O'Brien has recently wrested control of Independent Newspapers from Tony O'Reilly who is still a significant presence in the company. Both are unsavoury characters. O'Brien made his fortune by bribing then Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry to give him a billion dollar licence to provide mobile phone services in Ireland for a couple of million dollars. The exact provenance of Tony O'Reilly's fortune is unknown. Let me be precise. Details of Tony O'Reilly's rise to super rich status were contained in a biography of Tony O'Reilly which was published some years ago. Tony O'Reilly bought up the entire print run of the book so that the public would never see it, and paid a backhander to the writer and his publisher to prevent republication. The salient allegation in the suppressed biography is believed to be that the youthful Tony O'Reilly founded his family fortune by parlaying technology secrets stolen from the Irish Food Company into a career with HJ Heinz. Both Tony O'Reilly and the criminal Denis O'Brien are long term associates of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and his Fine Gael party. Lovely lovely people.

Friday, December 28, 2012

the reputation of the irish times versus jimmy saville

Rather belatedly last week, the Irish Times got around to reporting the arrest of a self styled former BBC Producer called William De Ath.
The arrest had been reported days earlier by British newspapers and other Irish titles.
All reported it in the same manner.
To wit: "Former BBC Producer William De Ath has been arrested in connection with the police enquiry investigating allegations of abuse against deceased broadcaster Jimmy Saville."
No mention of the very specific allegations of child molestation against William De Ath and no clarification for the reader that the very real and substantiated allegations against William De Ath do not involve Jimmy Saville in any way.
All the bankrupt media groups reported the arrest of William De Ath as though the arrest was a further indicator of guilt for the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Saville over the sexual molestation allegations against Jimmy Saville that the bankrupt media groups of Ireland and Britain have been gleefully and shamelessly propagating against Jimmy Saville in an attempt to distract attention from public concerns about their own behaviour.
When I assert that these bankrupt media groups are attempting to distract public attention from their own behaviour, the behaviour I am referring to is their routine bribing of police, subverting of politicians, and hacking into the mobile phones of murdered school girls.
By the way, while trying to distract public attention from their own quite invidious corruption, the bankrupt media groups are also simultaneously attempting to attract attention back to themselves from the internet which they rightly believe is putting them out of business.
I kid you not.
My point in all this, has been that the bankrupt media groups of Ireland and Britain need Jimmy Saville to be guilty more than they need the truth to emerge.
We should not allow them to conduct the show trial.
The bankrupt media groups of Ireland and Britain, who championed sexual promiscuity for the past forty years, are the last ones we should allow to arbitrate on what is and isn't acceptable in terms of sexual morality.
The bankrupt media groups of Ireland and Britain are so mired in criminality, arrant criminality I mean, from gerrymandering stock tips and robbing their own pension funds at the Daily Mirror,  to disseminating pornography at porn baron Richard Desmond's Daily Star and Daily Express, to the aforementioned police bribing, politician subverting, and murdered schoolgirl phone hacking at Rupert Murdock's News International (which by the way owns both the supposedly left wing Sky News and the supposedly right wing Fox News), that we simply cannot afford to allow them, any of them, any of this veritable confederacy of amoral dunces, the neo feudal power they are usurping in seeking to hijack the very notion of justice itself by contriving presumptions of guilt with regard to sex abuse for dead people who are not around to answer the contrived charges, seeking to hijack Justice I say, as nothing more than a sleazy sales promotion exercise for their sordid dissolute readerless, viewerless, customerless, companies.
I tell you this folks.
The bankrupt media groups of Ireland and Britain are the last people we should allow to conduct show trials.
I also wish to submit for public consideration the suggestion that the bankrupt media groups are deliberately keeping any exculpatory material, anything at all which points to the possible innocence of Jimmy Saville, out of the public domain.
One does expect this sort of malign distortion of the truth from newspaper groups and titles owned by Rupert Murdock (including The Times and The Sun) and from titles jointly owned by exponentially corrupt Irish media barons Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien (The Evening Herald, The Sunday World, The Irish Independent).
But from the heroic Bolshevick atheistic Marxians of the Irish Times?
Murdock's people, the tabloids, and O'Reillys crew are worthless neo feudal fornicators.
It doesn't do to expect too much of them.
But the Irish Times.
The Irish Times is my greatest enemy.
Oh you know what I'm saying.
It's the one to beat.
But I'd always respected them as at least occasionally honest or accidentally ad hoc representors of their own truth.
I mean they are true to themselves.
The Irish Times and yes the Guardian in Britain are my greatest enemies ideologically.
But at least they believe in something. (ie Soviet Marxism and atheistic humanism as governing ethics for the human race.)
Oh alright.
Up to now, I might occasionally have considered them liars.
I might sometimes have dubbed them evil.
But never.
I repeat never.
Never once.
Never have I deemed them incompetent.
The concealment of the real circumstances of the arrest of William De Ath, and the attendant concealment of the exculpatory implications of that arrest vis a vis the guilt of Jimmy Saville, in the Irish Times reports last week, amounts to nothing short of criminal incompetence.
The Irish Times reportage of the arrest of William De Ath puts this august Marxian publication somewhere lower in credibility than porn baron Richard Desmond's Daily Star (which has also been to the fore in the contrivance of a presumption of guilt for Jimmy Saville and the consequent concealment of exculpatory material.)
The Irish Times reported William De Ath's arrest, as the others had reported it.
The Irish Times asserted tersely that William De Ath had been arrested in connection with the ongoing enquiries into allegations of sexual molestation against Jimmy Saville.
He was not.
William De Ath was arrested because a sixty year old British actress says William De Ath sexually molested her when she was 14.
The background material which the Irish Times failed to mention, and which was the only approprate reason to bring Jimmy Saville into the arrest of William De Ath, is that William De Ath had claimed on television without a shred of evidence, corroboration or credibility, that Jimmy Saville was a sexual molestor of young people.
And now he is being accused of the very crime he sought to pin on Jimmy Saville.
And the Irish Times (yes and the other bankrupt Irish and British media groups, but I expected more of my greatest enemies at the Irish Times) the immortal Irish Times sees no reason to mention any of this.
No reason to mention that William De Ath was the source of the original uncorroborated allegations against Jimmy Saville.
No reason to mention that William De Ath has been arrested for the crime he claimed without evidence had been committed by Jimmy Saville.
Am I alone here?
Are any of the rest of you concerned about this?
You are.
I know you are.
Because I know that the Irish Times, (like Independent Newspapers, The Sun, The Times of London, The Mirror and all the others) is bankrupt.
They're bankrupt because people do care.
And people are figuring out just how monstrous these media groups are.
This piece of Irish Times reportage amounted to an absolute faslification of the reasons for William De Ath's arrest.
Let me say it again.
William De Ath was arrested because a British actress saw him on television and claimed she recognised him as the man she says sexually molested her when she was 14 years of age.
The only connection to Jimmy Saville in this allegation against William De Ath, is that the woman recognised William De Ath while William De Ath was claiming on a Daily Mirror sponsored ITV television programme that Jimmy Saville molested young people.
William De Ath's unproven, uncorroborated, (and paid for), character assassination of Jimmy Saville formed the centre piece of the Daily Mirror ITV programme.
William De Ath's assertion was as follows: "I saw Jimmy Saville with a 14 year old. She was 14 tops.... He went to bed with a 12 year old.... Or maybe she was 10."
These were his exact words.
The inconsistencies, lack of an explanation, lack of background details, complete omission of a cross examination, would not have been acceptable in any court of law, or to any police investigation, or indeed to any fair minded citizen who genuinely cared about genuine sex abuse victims and who also cared about truth, justice and the rule of law.
William De Ath was arrested for molesting a fourteen year old girl.
The other Daily Mirror ITV paid for testimony against Jimmy Saville, came from a career criminal called Karen Ward whose appearance and voice were disguised on the programme.
The copious exculpatory material discrediting Karen Ward has been ignored by the media groups who are trafficking in the ruination of the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Saville.
But enough has leaked through, so that no serious minded person now considers Karen Ward anything other than an opportunist.
An opportunist at best.
At worst, something far worse.
But we shouldn't judge.
If they've thought us nothing else, the bankrupt dissolute amoral media groups of Ireland and Britain have thought us that/
The Irish Times (like the rest of them) did not trouble to point out any of the background details to William De Ath's arrest.
Why on earth would they conceal such things?
More to the point, how?
I mean, how on earth can they so wilfully betray every fundamental journalistic principle with regard to the iteration of facts by so abjectly concealing the truth in such matters?
I think we should be told.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

joy to the world


the light of a thousand suns
the figure of a man
casting not the shadow of a man
but the shadow of a doorway
none shall enter into the kingdom of the father
but through the doorway that is the son
christ has died
christ is risen
christ will come
forever and ever
all men

tidings of comfort and joy

My first Christmas without Mam and Dad in the house.
The place is still.
I move towards the tree in the hall.
Time to check the inventory.
I'm sifting through the rubbish looking for the good pressies.
The Doctor Barn ones.
He normally encloses cash.
There are three Doctor Barn packages.
I tear the first one open.
A book on terrorism.
Leaf through the pages in case there's a checque secreted there.
Bah humbug.
I tear the second one open.
A book on photography.
Nothing hidden between the pages except for other pages.
Double bah.
Double humbug.
The ghost of Elvis appears at my shoulder.
He looks speculative.
I rip open the third package.
It contains an anorak embossed with the logo of an explorer who styles himself Bear Grylls.
If I remember rightly Bear Grylls has a television programme which follows his adventures surviving in the wilds without the assistance of modern technology.
There was a pseudo scandal a few years ago when someone alleged that the great Grylls, between takes for his television programme, was slipping off to sleep in luxury hotels.
At the time I had thought it would make a good comedy skit, or indeed a quite watchable documentary, you know, like a reality TV show featuring Bear Grylls' attempts to survive life in a luxury hotel, including rude waiters, soup with spit in it, awful meals, sexy maids, bedrooms with paper thin walls, dangerous looking Muslim check in clerks, and all the other modern hazards that go with paid luxury accomodation.
I think this could work.
But I digress.
Here I am beneath the tree in the hall of the Chateau on Christmas Eve.
No Mam.
No Dad.
No good pressies.

Clutching an unwearable anorak monographed prominently with the legend Bear Grylls.
I suppose if Bear Grylls paid me, I might wear it.
Triple bah.
Triple humbug.
Triple oh you know.
The ghost of Elvis begins to sing.
He sings quite soulfully:

"It will be lonely this Christmas
If Doctor Barn doesn't divvy up
It will be lonely this Christmas
With just the budgies and the bitch pup
It will be lon-n-n-nely
This Christmas
But maybe you'd better check the sleeves and the pockets
This Christmasssss

A thought strikes me.
Elvis is right
About this as about many other things.
Doctor Barn is a sucker for the classics.
All is not lost.
There could theoretically be a wodge of cash hidden in the sleeve of the unwearable Bear Grylls coat.
I rifle it desperately while Elvis croons in neutral.
Nothing in the right sleeve.
Nothing in the left.
Nothing in the main body of the coat.
But lo!
There's a pocket with a zip on it.
Tentatively I undo the zip.
Elvis, newly joined by a heavenly choir, bursts into a glorious rendition that goes:


Like Indiana Jones in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the noble Heelers retrieves a wodge of cash from the Bear Grylls coat.
Elvis and the choir change tempo.
They sing with great good cheer:

"A little less searchin for cash
A little more turkey baby
All this rootin for money
Ain't satisfactioning me
Come on Come
Let's repair to the kitchen
Come on Come on
The munchies are calling
It's time for a midnight feast
And a merry Christmas baby
Just like in the Famous Five
A merry Christma baby
With lashings of ginger beer
Hooo  yeah
A merry Christmas
To one and all
A merry Christmas
To one and allllll