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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

the end of the world as we know it

1. RTE is the Irish national fraudcaster, ie an anti Catholic television station run by a secret coterie of IRA Bolshevicks styled the Politbureau (The RTE Authority surely? Ed note)  but financed by compulsory taxation on the citizenry. You pay for it whether you watch it or not. This same RTE has just secured an arrangement from the Irish government whereby the government will increase the already compulsory taxation on the citizenry and its scope to cover people who don't even own a TV set, and so enable the viewerless Bolshevicks at RTE to continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed without actually having to earn a place for themselves in the market. RTE has today also announced that it will shed 50 jobs while setting aside 200,000 Euro to buy new cars for the station. Even I must admit that allowing cars to present television programmes is a bold move. RTE Chief Of Staff one Dee Forbes (two Dee Forbses would have been ridiculous) told reporters: "We're going to have a Nissan Qashqai presenting Miriam O'Callaghan's programmes. This works on all sorts of levels. We're replacing an unwatched Bitchin Cash Cow with an unwashed Nissan Qashqai. It's hilarious. After all these years of paying Miriam O'Callaghan a contract salary, and paying her again when her husband sold us his independently made programmes starring Miriam O'Callaghan, and then, er, paying her again when we hired her husband as Head Of Programme Commissioning, after all of this, ummm, where was I going, eh, well I hope the government introduces legislation soon to protect RTE from internet commentators who, er, keep pointing out what we're doing. Anyway, we're buying five cars while reducing staff by fifty. A Qashqai will replace Miriam O'Callaghan which guarantees at a stroke that the presentation of her programmes will be less mechanical and more human. An East German Trabant once owned by the Stasi secret police will present Joe Duffy's radio programme. There's a neat tie in here because during the Communist period in Eastern Europe, Joe Duffy was subverting the Union of Students In Ireland on behalf of the Russians' IRA proxies in Ireland, along with the IRA's proxy political party Sinn Fein. Of course that was before Gay Byrne got him his job at RTE. Ryan Tubridy is being replaced by a 1970s Fiat which belonged to a Fianna Fail family political dynasty with more influence than the Fianna Fail family political dynasty which got Ryan a job here in the first place. I can't think of the names of any more of our presenters. But we're buying five cars so a further two of our horrendous cosmic non entities will be replaced by something that after a good servicing occasionally actually works."

2. A body styling itself the International Court of Justice (set up as part of an attempt to create an unaccountable world government through the UN) has begun hearing a case this week against Myanmar (formerly Burmah) regarding the apparent expulsion of the Rohingya Muslim tribe in 2017 which up until the Burmese kicked them out, had an inordinate penchant for murdering Burmese men, women, children, policemen and soldiers. The Royhingya Islamist terror Jihad has gone entirely unreported in the West. Figures for the numbers of the Rohingya tribe who have left Myanmar for Bangladesh range wildly according to sources who are often following a partisan Islamist agenda in inflating the figures. We know it has to be between a hundred thousand and half a million. The case against Burmah at the so called International Court of Justice has been lodged by an African country currently styled the Gambia. According to official figures, some 78 percent of the infant female population in Gambia have been genitally mutilated by the men of the Gambia. The Gambian government routinely exiles, murders and disappears any of its citizens who displease it. The case of Ebrima Manneh who was kidnapped and murdered in 2006 and whose body was never found, should contextualise nicely the polity of this Islamic hell hole. Gambia who launched the current vexatious fishing expedition case against Myanmar on behalf of shadowy puppet master Arab and Islamist organisations, has a population itself of two million. Burmah has a population of 53 million. The notion that a two bit despotic African Islamist construct like Gambia could put sovereign nations like Burmah on trial for anything belies credance. The International Court of Justice is a collection of showboating power mongering scoundrels. We should abolish it.

3. A new film starring the actor Daniel Radcliffe (And others. He's not doing it on his own.) will be released in January. It's called Escape From Pretoria. The film is a leaden poe faced evocation of life in a South African prison circa 1979. The title is misleading. The character Snake Plisskan is not in it. John Carpenter did not direct it. There is no coolo synthesiser music by Alan Howarth. There is no vaguely seditious exploitative low rent oddly engaging B movie vibe. No Donald Pleasance hamming it up as the American President. No Carpenter's wife doing a nifty little turn as she will also do in The Fog. It's just a bunch of anodyne conformist left wing hokum derived from a pseud's reading of Midnight Express crossed with any one of a range of awful left wing South African themed films. I weep for my generation.