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Friday, February 16, 2007

de schizophrenis

the war had raged long since
the heartland itself was aflame
the dark legions stood at the borders
biding their time

that they should not conquer all
i retreated to the mountain pass
the dark place of the soul
to hide in madness

there's a peace for those who are broken
every darkness a light shall find
and we poor prisoners will one day walk free
from the chalk and diamond chambers of the mind

Thursday, February 15, 2007

dial k for karolina

Coffee with Karolina.
The Karolina.
Famous for diagnosing me as schizophrenic during the Lights of June UFO sightings...
She's back in Dublin from Poland for a few days.
Here we sit in the Stephens Green Centre.
Because she is a Psychologist I always want to discuss my theories of mind with her.
Today is no different.
I'm promulgating the notion that schizophrenia, depression, and attention deficit disorder are not properly understood as illnesses.
I'm arguing that the pharmaceutical companies have a business model that involves getting the entire population hooked on product.
I'm saying that we can choose to be well.
Karolina is responding with glorious Polish passion.
She is accusing me of heresy.
She is right in her accusation.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bliss was it

The open road.
Esmerelda rattling around me.
(Esmerelda is my car.)
Paddy Pup in the back seat grinning.
I am singing lustily.
My song goes:
"Have you noticed,
Sheepdogs are still stealing socks?
You might hide them in the cupboard,
Or keep them under locks.
The Mammy and Heelers
Constantly scorn them,
But sheepdogs are still stealing socks,
And nothing can stop them..."

Truly bold readers I am a man of simple pleasures.