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Saturday, February 20, 2010



the wakening silence

a woman sleeping
i watch her face
i've looked in half the world
and have not found such peace
as in it now
faint smile or sorrow
lights upon her lips
from the corner of her brow
a momentary flutter lifts
the wandering shadows from her wakening eyes
a traveller returns
briefly we recognise
in the silence of our dawn
another silver universe
being born

into the great wide open

The Contessa is heading off for the weekend.
Her friends are holding a birthday party for her in Copenhagan.
It will be a wild affair.
I say goodbye to her on Dawson Street.
"Don't get into the fast cars with the druggies," I tell her.
"Why not?" she shoots back.
"You're better than them," I answer.
"Oh come on," she laughs.
"You're too beautiful to die in a car crash," I insist.
"You always say that," she answers.
"And remember Jesus loves you very much," I tell her.
"How do you know?" she challenges.
"Because he sent the finest spiritual thinker of the 21st century to tell you so," I explain gently.

goutman swimmeth

Coffee in the Cafe Des Beaux Parvenus at Newbridge Silverware.
I'm with the Mammy.
"Do you notice any diffence in me?" I ask the aged parent.
"Why would I?" quoth she.
"I've been going swimming every day for a week," I tell her.
"It'll take a month to make any difference," avers she.
"You mean you can't see any difference?" appeals me.
She eyes me carefully.
"Well," sez she. "You look sort of cleaner. You know. Like an army officer. All dapper."
I appear momentarily distrait.
"Ah Lil," I cry. "There's no need to get insulting."

of mice and muslims

Interesting to see the Mussies terrorising the people of Milan last week.
Turning over cars, burning shops, and beating shop owners.
Used to be a part of Italy.
Meanwhile in Ireland the Daily Mail has discovered that Saudi Arabia is planning to build a huge campus style educational facility near Dublin.
An Irishman man called Jim Mansfield is involved with the project.
I would consider Jim Mansfield an unsavoury character.
I mean I wouldn't buy him a pint if I met him down the boozer.
It has been postulated previously that Jim Mansfield's private airport is likely to be the prime conduit for Jihadi's infiltrating Ireland, since it has no proper customs and entry facilities.
There was press speculation several years ago that Islamic terrorists were in fact planning to fly terror missions in light aeroplanes from Jim Mansfield's airport.
I wonder was it true.
I oppose all Muslim immigration into Ireland.
Muslims have a most unfortunate tendency for launching separatist terror wars in any countries which allow them to immigrate.
There are currently Muslim separatist terror wars raging in Russia, China, India, the Philippines, and Thailand.
Closer to home, Muslim separatist terror armies have in the past thirty years successfully seceded regions of Cyprus and Serbia.
In the past nine years a single Muslim terror army styling itself Al Qaeda has committed mass murder in New York, blown up trains and buses (and people) in London, attacked Glasgow airport, murdered 200 commuters in Madrid, slaughtered a Prime Minister and a film director in the Netherlands, torched French cities, attempted to murder the mayor of Paris, attempted to poison Rome's water supply, beaten a teenager to death on Grafton Street in Dublin, and so on and so forth.
Muslims have also attempted to use dysfunctional western human rights court mechanisms to criminalise writer Mark Steyn in Canada and politician Gert Wilders in the Netherlands.
Apparently Muslims don't like being commented on when they are going about their nefarious business.
Those Mussies sure are shy for a people with such a predilection for blowing things up.
They really don't like free speech.
It's the last vestige of western culture that they fear might defeat them.
The trouble with Saudis is that they come from a bigoted totalitarian culture which is locked firmly in decaying malignant Islamic darkness.
What rots must spread.
What shines must shine darkly.
Here is the news.
Women can't drive cars in Saudi Arabia.
Women can't walk down the street unaccompanied in Saudi Arabia.
Eight year old boys have authority in Saudi homes over their mothers.
When a fire broke out at a Saudi girls boarding school some years ago, the Islamic police, stopped the girls from fleeing the building because the girls were not fully dressed.
The Islamic police beat the girls back into the flames.
Fifteen of the girls were burnt alive.
In short, the Saudi Arabians are barbarians who shouldn't be let out, never mind permitted to build Islamist universities in Ireland.
Now I'm going to say this slowly.
We. Should. Not. Be. Letting. Saudi. Arabians. Into Ireland.
We. Should. Not. Be. Letting. Bigoted. Psychotic. Islamist. Scruff. Build. Propaganda. Centres. In. The. Guise. Of. Schools. To. Programme. Their. Children. For. Terror. In. Ireland.
It. Doesn't. Matter. How. Much. Oil. They've. Got.
Nor. Does. It. Matter. How. Much. Ready. Cash. They. Are. Paying. Jim. Mansfield.

the moronica leech laugh in

Our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government is preparing to push through a 55 billion dollar bail out for Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, Trustees Savings Bank, Anglo Irish Bank and all the other failed financial institutions leeching off the corpse of our once proud Republic.
This is on top of the billions of dollars of our money which Fianna Fail has already poured into the collapsed banks to keep them afloat.
Fianna Fail is going to compel the general public to pay the banks gambling losses.
Fianna Fail is going to hitch the future existence of the Republic of Ireland to the future existence of AIB.
That's not a gamble I personally would like to take.
Fianna Fail is going to ensure that AIB board members like Lochlainn Quinn (brother of the socialist former Labour Party leader Ruairi Quinn) will be able to keep their 30 million dollar vineyards in France.
Fianna Fail is going to ensure that all the banking executives will be able to continue paying themselves a lifetime's wages for a year's presence on the payroll (NB I don't call it work), right up until the moment the currency collapses.
Fianna Fail is going to ensure that the arrant criminality of all those involved with the most corrupt financial entity Anglo Irish Bank, that is to say Fianna Fail's personal investment bank, is never atoned for, except by the general public who will indeed truly bleed for it.
We need to get together, find out what we have in common, and set up a new political party to end this.

the masque of the red death

An Iranian peasant is wandering through the woods near the city of Isfahan.
He encounters the angel of death sitting beneath a tree.
"Do not be afraid," says the angel of death. "Go to the people. Tell them that the hour of their deliverance is at hand."
What he means is that Israel is about to destroy Iran's atomic weapons programme forever. When the dust clears the evil Iranian government will no longer exist. The oppression propagated by that government will be at an end. But the good will die with the bad.
As the Iranian peasant wanders back to his family, the angel of death turns and looks out of the screen at all of us.

imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism

Albert Brooks was watching television in his hotel room.
On the screen William Hurt was interviewing someone about Libyan terrorism.
Albert Brooks worked for the same news organisation as William Hurt.
He knew that in a better world he might have been presenting the prime time news programme which William Hurt was presenting.
William Hurt was a good looking guy and could act relaxed in front of camera.
Albert Brooks had once been allowed to try a live broadcast but had frozen up.
Now still watching the screen he phoned in some background information to the news room.
"Tell William that Gadaffy doesn't seem like a psycho in person," he said. "In spite of everything he's done he can project a persona of charm and gravitas. He's actually quite presidential."
Moments later William Hurt interrupts his on air guest to say:
"It's interesting to note that Colonel Gadaffy doesn't always come across as unstable in person. People who've interviewed him remark time and again that he can be persuasive, charming, even presidential."
Albert Brooks sits watching his television.
Albert Brooks murmurs aloud: "My God. I say it here. It comes out there."
On Saturday in the Irish Times, a journalist styling himself Deaglan De Breadun mentioned the institutionalised left wing bias which has permeated that newspaper for many decades.
He did not use those terms.
But this was his subject.
He was reviewing a book about a leftist terror group in Ireland.
In passing he referred to leading political figures in present day Ireland who had been part of that group.
In passing he referred to at least one senior Irish Times reporter who had been favourably disposed to that group.
In passing he referred to supporters of that group who had controlled significant elements of programming policy at the national broadcaster RTE.
This is the first time even a creeping mention of the Irish Times' decades long pursuance of an arrant supra national leftist agenda, in concert with other leftist infiltrators at the RTE monopoly broadcaster, has found its way into the paper itself.
I say it here and it comes out there.
I believe Deaglan De Breadun's innocuously styled references, based on my own more lurid allegations, are an attempt to head off a growing concern about what exactly went on in the Irish Times and RTE over the past thirty years.
These segments of his article are minimalist cutesy references to more serious allegations I have made on this blog.
No scandal here folks.
They're gonna pretend we all knew about this all along.
Everyone was in on the joke.
Incidentally, my most salient allegations about the Irish Times and RTE are contained in an article on this website entitled Greatest Scandals Of Irish Journalism.
This article was accessed recently from an Irish Times computer.
Deaglan De Breadun in his cutesy evocations of what amounts to a massive and malign Soviet sponsored debasement of Irish journalism, never once mentions the Soviet Union or the old Communist Party of Russia.
In my article, which he ripped off, I mentioned the Soviets copiously.
I mean, you couldn't miss the reference.
It was an odd piece of data to omit from Deaglan De Breadun's snow job.
One of my key allegations had also appeared in the Phoenix Magazine.
To wit, that during the Cold War a senior journalist with the Irish Times was known to have assisted the KGB in compiling a list of Irish journalists to be rounded up when the Russians took over Ireland.
This was when the Communists were taking over a new country every couple of years.
China 1949.
Hungary 1956.
Czechoslovakia 1968.
Nicaragua 1979.
Afghanistan 1979.
Iran 1979.
Poland 1980.
It was reasonable for a treacherous Irish Times journalist, hungering for world dictatorship, to hope Ireland might someday make it to the top of the list.
And these are the people who have stood in judgement on the Catholic church.
These miserable traitors.
The Phoenix published the story about the KGB list.
I published it.
Deaglan De Breadan refers to the journalist.
But he don't mention no list.
He talks of the journalist's left wing bias as being an open secret, as though it was a quirk and nothing more sinister.
But he don't make no mention of Soviet Russia.
Irish Times political coverage throughout the Cold War and afterwards, was anti American.
Irish Times coverage of the Catholic Church has been grievously malign.
Irish Times coverage of every conceivable social issue has followed a manipulative agenda designed to promote abortion, condom culture. Judge Liberal's let em out of jail culture, and every other debilitating social trend they could think of.
Irish Times reportage for thirty years has been unreservedly malign.
And now we know why.
If the Irish Times was truly infiltrated by left wing organisations taking orders from a foreign enemy, we need to talk about this openly.
And we need to start undoing the damage these traitors inflicted on our country and our culture.
As for RTE, the national broadcaster, it too was controlled at news and documentary level by individuals with links to Moscow.
I put this allegation to an RTE producer once.
She told me: "It was never that bad. One group had control of news. But a different group had control of documentaries."
Let's be clear. She was referring to groups of Marxists and Maoists who had infiltrated the station and achieved control of output through deception and manipulation. She thought that the fact that these terrorist agents of a foreign power had fallen out with each other meant that plurality had been preserved in the discourse.
That's public service broadcasting Irish style.
I kid you not.
One other item which should be brought into the public domain is the direct links since the 1970's between the terrorist group styling itself the IRA and the old Soviet Union.
My sources in the IRA have told me that from the 1970's, their organisation was taking orders from the KGB.
My IRA source's exact words were: "I thought it was the wrong decision. But Adams and McGuinness and those lads were determined to go to Moscow."
I gotta tell ya gentle travellers of the internet.
If IRA men are telling me this sort of thing down the boozer, you gotta believe the same information is at the very least available to the great Deaglan De Breadun.

Footnote: Congratulations to RTE's former Religious Affairs Correspondent Joe Little who this week has been appointed to the RTE Authority, the powerful and shadowy board of administrators who run the national channel. I note that Joe Little spent his youth around Dublin working for a group styling itself Socialist Worker. According to my sources, Joe Little's favourite psychotic killer during his university years was Chairman Mao. So for the past three decades a Marxist Maoist atheist called Joe Little has stood in judgement on the ancient church, wrinkling up his nose with distaste as he excoriated our ancient religion on the nightly news.. The Marxist Maoist atheist Joe Little spent all these years posing as an objective commentator on Catholic church matters. A servile communist appartchik justifier of Marxist Maoist murder spent all those years parroting platitudes against our beautiful and true religion. And now he's on the board of management. Must have been some ropy moments when the Soviet Union collapsed, eh Joe? But never mind. All you sleeper agents just kept your heads down didn't you, and endured for a darker victory. Hoo boy. Joe Little is now a member of the RTE Authority. He must really think he's ahead of the game. He will repent in hell fire.

(First published 21st September 2009)

Friday, February 19, 2010

our television listings

(The Irish national fraudcaster, celebrating fifty years of propaganda against the Catholic Church.)

9.00 The Humanist Teletubbies Show. Introducing pre schoolers to the delights of believing in nothing but their own pleasure and blaming all their problems on a Christian culture they will never know because RTE has killed it.
10.00 Grow Your Own Drugs. Cookery programme with an environmental slant.
11.00 Garda Patrol. Programme intended to convince the public that there's no need to fear our corrupt thug police force.
12.00 A Tribute To The Irish Times. RTE celebrates its anti Catholic alliance with dying joyless feministy Bolshevick newspaper.
12.30 The I Love Muslims Show. Comedy about immigration starring Lucille Ball.
1.00 Lunchtime News And Weather. Read by Chairman Mao.
2.00 Murder She Wrote. Jessica gets a job at RTE as a weather girl and discovers a plot to murder the Catholic Church.
3.00 The Vincent Brown Half Hour. Ageing Maoist sneers interminably at the Christian religion on my dime for forty years.
4.00 The Pat Kenny Show. Son of a deer keeper in the Phoenix Park rehashes his bigotries about Catholicism for forty years.
5.00 The Afternoon Show. Wimminy rubbish about leg waxing. It feels like each show lasts forty years.
6.00 The Angelus. Quasimodo converts to Islam.
6.01 More News And Weather. Read by Joe Stalin.
7.00 Tubridy Tonight. New chat show presented by the leering son of a corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail political dynasty. I do not mean to suggest that the presenter didn't get this job on merit. Ryan Tubridy is a self made man. One day he got up and worked really hard. Then the next day he was given a chat show on RTE. No hidden corruption there. It was all out in the open corruption.
8.00 Eastenders. Porn.
9.00 Fair City. Porn.
9.30 The Archbishop Diarmuid Martin Comedy Half Hour. Light hearted sitcom about a porcine atheist who infiltrates the Catholic Church with a view to turning it into a socialist political party. This week: Diarmuid attempts to compel Bishops to resign by malignly and falsely labelling them concealers of sex abuse so that he can replace them with hand picked liberal leftists like Harry f---ing Browne.
9.45 The Harry Browne Show. New drama about a smarmy semi illiterate toe rag trying to undermine the Catholic Church from within. The theme tune, Knees Up Harry Browne, recently won a Brits Award for Most Odious Manipulative Tripe Of The Year. Lady Gaga was said to be fuming with jealousy.
10.00 Tele Bingo. It does what it says on the tin.
11.00 The Whiney Bigotries Show. Another shocking documentary in which RTE once more recycles the same two sex abuse victims giving them a national platform to advance RTE's own anti Catholic agenda in the sure knowledge that no one will talk back to sex abuse victims. It's the perfect blagg. Hitler and Stalin and Mao must be kicking themselves for never thinking of it. Oh right. They did think of it. They did the exact same thing.
12.00 Not A Telethon. RTE has no need to hold a telethon as it is financed by compulsory licence fee taxation on any member of the general public who owns a television. We have to put a stop to this.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

twenty things i love about russia

(Dedicated to all my pals at Russia Today, President Putin's English language news service.)

1. Blinis.

2. Solzhenitsyn who gave the world its first clear hope that the Russian soul would endure, outlast, and finally transcend, communism.

3. Tolstoy without whom all literature in whatever language would be bereft and incomplete.

4. The great composers. (Whatsisnameikov and Yermaninov.)

5. Eisenstein whose films provided the imagistic vocabulary from which all modern cinema descends.

6. Chekov. (The one from Star Trek.)

7. Saint Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), and Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), and Moscow (forever Moscow).

8. Troikas racing through the snow with bells ringing.

9. Russian skies. The Steppes. The pine forests.

10. Russian Christians, the wise men of the east.

11. Pushkin and Pasternak.

12. The blood sacrifice in the Second World War. As Hitler's unbeatable armies moved towards world conquest, it was the Russians who drowned them in a sea of blood. The world owes the Russian people an unrepayable debt for this sacrifice. With the exception of the sacrifice 2000 years ago of God's own son, no other sacrifice in human history exceeds what the people of Russia gave in order to stop the Nazi armies.

13. If the Russians hadn't beaten Napoleon in 1812 we'd all be speaking French.

14. Russia is the one country Islamic terrorists are afraid of.

15. Gorbachev, for standing down the bombers, allowing Eastern Europe its freedom, and refusing to bankroll African dictatorships any longer.

16. Yeltsin for building real Russian democracy and then upholding it by recognising when his time had passed and allowing a change of power.

17. Saint Basil's Cathedral on Red Square.

18. The deep, dark, mysterious, poetic, implacable, impossibly passionate soul of the Russian people.

19. Russians in Moscow wearing winter furs so that they look all cuddly rather than dangerous.

20. Russian women generally.

20. And Irina Kuksova particularly.

21. And Alena Blizhnikova.

22. And Yevgenia Tarasova.


(Our weekly chess puzzle.)
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin versus Bishop Martin Drennan.
Rome 2010.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, himself working for shadowy puppet masters at the apex of our society, has used innuendo bearing pawns in an attempt to compel Bishop Martin Drennan and other noble Bishops to resign. The strategy of contriving guilt for targeted Bishops has been pressed forward by allied media groups and members of the judiciary who are attempting to reconstruct Ireland as a social atheistic dictatorship. To do this they need to install their own Bishops in positions of influence. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin playing the white pieces, (but really a black hearted communist bastard) appears to have Bishop Martin Drennan's king backed into a corner. Can you see how Bishop Martin Drennan turned the tables?
Answer: When Archbishop Diarmuid Martin suggested Bishop Martin Drennan should resign as any continuation would inevitably bring about checkmate in three moves, Bishop Martin Drennan told Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to go f--- himself. He also told Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to get his dirty lying machiavellian hands off the ancient church. He also told Archbishop Diarmuid Martin that since the Irish people had never surrendered to any persecutor of the faith in the past two thousand years, not Nazi's or commies or Mussies or Brits, it's highly unlikely we're going to start bowing to an oleaginous leftist infiltrator Archbishop, or to the champagne swilling pagan hedonist drugs advocating Independent farting Newspapers, along with RTE, The Irish Times and those odious euthanasia propagating half wits at the Daily Mail. What a confederacy of dunces. We've kicked the arses of far more impressive persecutors than Pat f---ing Kenny. You shower of b------s. Funnily enough, after one Bishop defied Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his media and judicial puppet masters, others began to sit up and take notice. At least now the persecution is being called a persecution. Meanwhile Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, The Daily Mail and RTE went bust. RTE only went bust after Christian people set up their own political party and ended the situation whereby we're all forced to finance RTE by compulsory taxation, even though RTE is blatently trying to destroy our church. The International Chess Federation endorsed the Drennan Play and it's now an official part of the game of chess. It was about f---ing time.




air born insects hum
homeward go they homeless
and propose this street lamp or that car light
as the all important centre of the universe
purposeless they try again
to divine transcendent purpose
the light that animates their bodies
shines from the centre of the universe

the morticia leech laugh in

Independent Newspapers has just published survey figures apparently showing a massive increase in readership over the past year.
The figures, styled JNLR figures, are false.
Independent Newspapers is haemorrhaging readers.
Independent Newspapers net indebtedness runs to billions of dollars.
The anti Catholic Independent Newspapers is sinking giggling beneath the waves.
Meanwhile the anti Catholic Irish Times has also published JNLR figures showing an increase in their readership.
These figures are also false.
The Irish Times lost something in the region of a hundred million dollars last year.
It too is sinking giggling beneath the waves.
Neither will be missed.
The only danger is that our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government will throw free money at them, borrowed from idiot banks against the future of our country, in order to keep these readerless dessicated propaganda machines functioning.

the scuttling archbishop

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin left the meeting with the Pope at which he had attempted to vitiate the lives and careers of his fellow Bishops, hurried to Rome airport, hopped on a plane, and returned to the welcoming arms of his media masters in Ireland.
He claimed a prior engagement had prevented him from staying in Rome longer.
Unlikely in the extreme.
What was the nature of this prior engagement?
What was its purpose?
It was a prior engagement that prevented him being photographed with the fellow Bishops he had just failed to hound from office.
A prior engagement which precluded any more photos with the Pope for Independent Newspapers shill John Cooney to mendaciously interpret as indicating Papal approval of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's manipulations when the Pope was clearly repudiating Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's every machiavellian attempt to ruin honorable Bishops.
A prior engagement which prevented Archbishop Diarmuid Martin from travelling home in the company of Bishops and one Mr Nice Guy Cardinal who have belatedly made it clear to the Pope that they no longer hold Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in any esteem.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin fled Rome... to attend mass at a third level college in Dublin.
That was the great unavoidable prior engagement.
Mass in a school.
A church service in University College Dublin.
The notion that this was a prior engagement which Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had to attend is yet another egregious lie.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is quite the father of lies, isn't he.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin ran away to lick his wounds.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wished to be back in Dublin ahead of the other Bishops so that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin could continue his media campaign against those Bishops in their absence.
Within hours of his return, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin would be talking to television reporters. whining anew his faux concerns over child abuse, attempting once more to keep up the pressure on the Bishops he wishes to destroy.
All the talk about humility and solidarity and renewal was just hogwash.
The only humility Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is interested in, is the humility he imposes on Bishops he is seeking to ruin.
So he scuttled back to Dublin.
To a Dublin where Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times and RTE welcomed him with open arms.
This was never about sex abuse.
This was about power.
This was always about liberal atheists in the media and the judiciary attempting to remake the Catholic Church in their own image through the manipulations of their agent Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Had Archbishop Diarmuid Martin been successful in stampeding the Pope into demanding the Bishops resign, why then who else but Archbishop Diarmuid Martin would have played a key role in the appointment of the new Bishops.
That is the strategy Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been pursuing in his attempts to remake the Catholic Church in his own image.
New Bishops for old.
What a lovely bunch of liberal coconuts they would have been.
That was the game.
It's not over.

heelers produces a play

I've gone into the theatre business again.
I mean I've been signed up to finance a play without my knowledge or consent.
The play is a manipulative anti Catholic tract put together by the most doleful feminist on the staff at the Irish Times.
Mary Something, I think her name is.
The miserable looking one.
Not Mary Maher.
Even more miserable than Mary Maher.
Mary Whatserface.
The quintessence of misery.
Mary Raftery.
That's her name.
Mary Raftery.
I hold her in no regard.
Yet I am being required to finance her propaganda against the church.
This is a pickle.
The Abbey Theatre, the Irish national theatre which exists only because our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party insists on giving it my money, the Abbey Theatre I say, is getting ready to stage this desolate Irish Times feminist's radical take on the Catholic Church's handling of sex abuse cases.
Only it's not really a radical take.
It's the ultimate conformism actually.
There's nothing radical about a bunch of atheistic media scruff spending forty years clapping their flippers and mouthing bigotries about my church like demented seals.
The play is a fairly standard Marxian feminist manipulation of sex abuse victims in order to discredit the church.
Get ready for no surprises there.
You know what folks.
I am really unhappy about financing these ongoing attempts by unhappy Irish Times staffers to attack my church.
They are starting to annoy me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tom at the gate


the perfect day

Morning in the garden saying the rosary.
Robin landed on a branch nearby and sang the prayer with me.
Quick skite to The Gables Leisure Centre in Newbridge for a swim.
My first swim in ten years.
Followed by tea and scones at the Cafe Des Beaux Parvenus in Newbridge Silverware.
Then a trip to the pet shop to buy a brush for Paddy Pup, toys for the budgies, and food for hammy.
Dropped into Doctor Barn's surgery for a visit.
He said he owed me fifty quid for some bet.
It should have been about seven quid.
I reckon he was feeling guilty over an argument we had about the church.
Nonetheless, I accepted the money graciously.
Manna from heaven.
Who am I to refuse fifty spots if the Lord prods Daktari to divvy up.
Back home to Kilcullen for some time with the nephews.
Phone call from Annie Fagan in Spain, the artist formerly known as Sculpticus.
She sold me a sculpture of a monk in prayer some years ago.
At the time she'd said: "He represents any prayer tradition."
When she'd gone I told the sculpture: "Don't mind her, I know you're Catholic."
I'd always just assumed the sculpture was made of bronze.
Last week the budgies broke an arm off it.
Apparently it's not bronze.
I didn't mention the clay sculpture for which I'd paid 250 squid when we talked on the phone today.
I didn't want to distress either of us.
Later popped into my feminist cousin Pauline's health food store.
Bought some rooibos tea.
Ah, it's good for what ails ye.
Got a hair cut from Jan at Eilis Phillips salon.
Dropped into the pharmacy for some mouthwash.
Had a rasher, egg and chips at The Copper Kettle to celebrate my first swim session in ten years.
I reckon Goutman deserves his rasher and egg.
Met Vivian Clarke in the street and he asked me to play a disciple in a short Easter pageant they're presenting.
I think I'd make a good disciple.
I'd be Thomas.
The smart arse.
From Kilcullen to Naas to spend 35 lids worth of book tokens given to me by Giovanna Rampazzo for proof reading her college thesis.
I'd nearly hit her with the book tokens the day she gave them to me.
I'd wanted cash.
Throwing a drowning man a book token.
A novel twist.
Anyway I don't think she'll be throwing me many more so I'm going to enjoy these ones.
At Barkers bookshop I purchased a Bible, Saint Augustine's Confessions, a Garfield, and a book of Cavan Man jokes.
It came in at 35 Maneuro exactly.
The Bible had been priced at 29 but I got it for 15 because the pages were creased.
The Lord giveth and the Lord giveth some more.
Hot chocolate at the Costa cafe.
Home for a little more munching, dog walks, hamster walks, and televison.
Ah television.
Thief of souls.
Prayers for forgiveness.

A Bit Irish (By Medbh Gillard and James Healy)

"What are you looking at, Pervert?"


one bird
pitched in flght
in the fading light
called once
to warn of night
holds flowers
the same
soft lovely flowers
smiles once
night has no power

president ahmadinejad addresses the people

The most dramatic press conference in Iranian history took place today.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had gathered reporters in his down town office for what he'd promised would be a momentous announcement.
An expectant hush fell on the assembled Arab Muslim press corps as President Ahmadinejad strode to the lectern.
There were gasps of astonishment when the President instead of speaking, simply burst into song.
The song he sang was his own version of an old Leonard Cohen number.
President Ahmadinejad sang:

"They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
For trying to impose radical Islam on Iran from within
I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them
First we take Manhattan
Then we take Jerusalem
I don't like your democracies Mister
I don't like your freedom, it's a sin
I don't like the Jews or the Christians
First we nuke Manhattan
Then we nuke Jerusalem
I really wanna rule your country baby
I wanna ban your body and your spirit and your clothes
But you see that line of Jihadi's hijacking embassies
I told you
I told you
I was one of those
I am guided by a great light in the heavens
I am guided by the moustache on my nose
I am guided by the beauty of our weapons
First we nuke Manhattan
Then we nuke Jerus-a-lem"

The way he sang it was positively eerie.

independent newspapers anti catholic pogrom

The Independent Newspapers campaign of destruction against the Catholic church continued on Tuesday.
The Irish Independent has staked its nadirous reputation on bringing down a group of targeted Bishops.
Copious inuendos relating to the Irish Bishops meeting with the Pope in Rome filled four full pages of the loss making Daily this morning.
Not coverage.
Not reporting.
Just inuendo.
They should rename The Irish Independent, The Irish Inuendo.
The name doesn't quite capture their venom and malignancy.
But it says something.
The reports in question featured paraphrased accounts from John Cooney of a sermon by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. The reports are oddly dissonant with the accounts of the same sermon in the equally anti Catholic Irish Times.
Why it's almost like they were listening to two different sermons.
I wonder who was lying, John Cooney of the Irish Independent or Patsy MacGarry of the Irish Times.
Or perhaps both of them.
Sometimes we hear what we want to hear, eh lads.
And lo.
The Irish Independent had finally obtained a picture of Bishop Martin Drennan, the heroic and courageous man they have been trying to hound from office.
Yesterday's edition was full of photographs of sad looking Bishops with headlines intended to mislead the public into thinking these really were pictures of Bishop Drennan.
Today they finally had one.
It was an innocuous photograph of Bishop Drennan kissing the Pope's ring.
The Irish Independent published it on the cover.
Inside the paper, John Cooney wrote a long article analysing the body language of the Pope and Bishop Drennan.
John Cooney's article is a typically jeering piece of agit prop.
As well as being totally untrue.
I know the Irish Independent won't mind me publishing part of it, as Irish Independent hacks and editors have been ripping off my work for years.
Ripping me off with gay abandon.
We might think immediately of ersatz journo Ian O'Doherty's attempt at a humour column, or of the lifting of my headline from the Leinster Leader about a sports victory "Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive," or even of Olaf Tyrannsen's more recent mawkish imitations of my humorous writings, or even of the facsimiles of my financial column Layman Finance which the Irish Independent ran a few years ago under the title Freeman Finance.
Ah we were younger men then.
This is what John Cooney wrote on Tuesday about the photo of the Pope with Bishop Drennan:
"The body language of Pope Benedict when he finally came face to face with the Bishop of Galway Doctor Martin Drennan, does not augur well for the former Bible scholar named in the Murphy report. The habitually aloof Bishop Drennan is eagerly stooping forward to greet the head of the Catholic Church, who has the sole power to remove him from office. Note too how the usually formal Bishop was offering the Pontiff not a steady handshake. His gesture is not really a handshake at all. It is more like a quick grasping greeting worthy of a Dail politician. But look at the even more significant sign if a less than cordial welcome from the Holy Father. Pope Benedict's frosty stare and searching eyes are those of a boss weighing Drennan up."
So John Cooney dribbles on.
It's all drivel.
Schoolboy drivel.
But full of hate nonetheless.
Full of hate for a Bishop who committed the capital crime of not resigning when John Cooney wrongly, malignly, crassly and disgustingly, tried to compel him to do so by pillorying him in a national newspaper.
A national newspaper.
The Irish Independent.
It's getting less national by the second.
A collapsing readership.
And around one and a half billion in debt as far as I remember.
Going bye byes.
Sinking giggling beneath the waves.
And they want to bring a few Bishops down with them.
It's their last hurrah.
So John Cooney gives us the benefit once more of his skills in the Olympic sport of synchronised sneering.
The photo of the Pope and Bishop Drennan is genuinely innocuous folks.
There's nothing strange about the way Bishop Drennan greeted him or about the way the Pope responded.
John Cooney, who styles himself a religious correspondent, should surely know that many Bishops greet the Pope by kissing his ring.
The Pope rarely bursts into applause when they arrive.
Everything John Cooney wrote about the image was a lie.
A lie couched in speculative inuendo.
A lie designed to malign a decent man.
A lie with no purpose other than destruction.
You've got to hand it to John Cooney.
At least he's consistent.
But not for very much longer.

russia today

Watching Russia Today with the Contessa.
It is a channel that relies heavily on the use of honeys, ie sexy women of which Russia has rather a premium, to lull the viewers into a false sense of security while President Putin takes over the world.
Without anyone noticing he's already quietly absorbed Georgia, Ukraine, and the Eurovision song contest.
The report we're watching features the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu to Moscow.
On the screen we see the Israeli chief shaking hands with President Putin.
"There," says the Contessa. "You see. Putin is talking to the Israelis as well as to the Arabs."
I nod grimly.
"I hope Benjamin checks his caviar before he eats it," I murmur darkly.
"Why do you say that?" queries the Contessa.
"Because Putin occasionally poisons people he doesn't like," I aver.
"Oh come on," exclaims the Contessa.
"Remember the attempted poisoning of Yevtuschenko in Ukraine?" I challenge.
The Contessa sighs.
"James," she says with infinite patience. "If Putin had tried to poison Mr Yevtuschenko, Mr Yevtuschenko would be dead."
I found her remark less reassuring than you might think.

the late lamented

Coffee with Giovanna in the Croissanterie at the Stephens Green Centre.
She says: "I thought your obituary for that ambassador guy was mean."
Uh oh.
This again.
She is referring to my mildly critical assessment of the late civil servant Padraic MacKernan, who at various stages of his career held Irish ambassadorships to France, to America and to the European Union, and finished up in a grandiosely titled sinecure, to wit Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
I had noted that mandarin like civil servants often hold positions of exponential power within Ireland and that the Irish people generally speaking have absolutely no idea who the hell they are.
I had suggested that such anonymous civil servants are effectively governing us from the shadows.
I had also noted that while representing us as ambassador, this particular civil servant, a self styled humanist with no predilections for Christianity, was perhaps not that representative of us.
I hadn't bothered noting that when MacKernan had a clash with our elected Minister for Foreign Affairs, it was the elected Minister who issued the mollifying public statement, or as they say in the civil service, climb down.
Padraic MacKernan was a very powerful man.
I look at Giovanna.
I say: "What do you mean?"
She says: "You just didn't like him because he wasn't a Catholic."
I say: "That wasn't my point at all. My point was that I believed he would have been unlikely to be capable of representing my own views about anything. And my major point was that such a powerful person could hold so many positions of influence within Ireland and that most of us had never heard of him till he died."
She says: "I still think it was mean."
I say: "Do you think there should be no critical assessment of powerful people when they die?"
She says: "You didn't know him."
I say: "I didn't pretend to know him. I am a commentator on events. I make it my business to write informed principled commentary about events and about people. I know how much you as a communist despised Ronald Reagan. Do you seriously pretend that when Ronnie died, no one should have written critical assessments of him except people who knew him personally? Do you seriously think that the only assessments of MacKernan should have been the brain dead laudatory drivel in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent?"
She says: "But you didn't even know this guy existed."
I say: "That was my point. That was my point exactly. My point was that powerful people in Ireland exert influence over our whole society for decades and we never know who they are."
She says: "I still think it was mean."
Around us the Croissanterie clattered with life.
I felt a great gulf opening up between me and Giovanna.

the monocole leech laugh in

Three Jihadi's went into a pub.
They saw John Fry the chief executive of the Johnston Press drinking in a corner.
They left the pub.
They thought the place lacked tone.

the news

The capture of the Taliban's second in command Mullah Barbarian will make no difference as long as British Intelligence is waltzing around London trying to keep 2000 known Jihadi's under surveillance without arresting them, while Irish Intelligence, such as it is, simply ignores altogether the Muslim terror cells currently massing on Grafton Street in Dublin and other cities, hiding in plain view using the guise of commercial sign holders to cover their dealing and rackateering activities.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dawn becomes electra


moment aria

the heat descends on the city
the city towers and teems
with a million heartless miracles
that the vain say last forever
a man and a woman on a bridge
kiss once the sky unfurls
oh the beauty of that kiss and the briefness
thus passes the glory of the world

chateau life

Evening at the Chateau De Healy.
These are the salad days.
That is to say we are having salad for dinner every day.
I am browsing in an armchair.
Trying to sleep off the lettuce leaves.
South Park is on television.
A rare non offensive episode of that invariably offensive show.
It's the one where Fox Channel is going to show a picture of the prophet Muhammed on the Family Guy cartoon and Cartman and Kyle go to the Fox studios to persuade the network chiefs not to broadcast it as it's offensive to Muslims, only Cartman doesn't really care about Muslims, he just hates Family Guy, and when Kyle finds out that Cartman's motivation is selfish he decides the episode should be broadcast afterall in the interests of free speech, and Cartman gets a head start on him and is talking to the President of Fox when Kyle bursts in, and both boys plead with the President in dramatic portentous tones like from a nuclear war movie, saying things like "Jetison the episode Mr President," and "Do the right thing Mr President," and the President of Fox says "I don't know who to listen to," and Cartman produces a gun, and the President of Fox goes "Alright I'll listen to you," and Kyle says "Don't listen to him Mr President just because he is the one threatening violence," and the President of Fox says "But people could get hurt, especially me," and so on and so forth.
For such a normally objectionable show, this one is very mainstream.
I'm in an armchair.
The Mammy thrones on the couch.
Absently I speak.
"I'm going swimming tomorrow," quoth I.
"Why?" wonders the aged parent.
"Swimming is good for gout," sez me.
"You'll never do it," exposulateth she.
"I will yeah," sez me.
"Have you got swimming trunks?" enquireth she.
"No," answereth me.
"Then why are you talking through your hole?" challenges she delicately.
You know what folks.
I think perhaps we're going to have to cut down on our South Park.

watching the defectives

The Irish Independent on Monday featured an unattribued article on its cover today juxtaposed with a picture of four Bishops.
The article, probably by John Cooney, was headlined Bishop Awaits Fate.
The clear implication of the article and its headline was that a startled looking Bishop in the photo was Bishop Martin Drennan whom the Irish Independent has been attempting to force to resign.
An additonal implication in the article was the Bishop Drennan appeared unsettled because he was waiting for some sort of confrontation with the Pope.
Only when you read the closely written caption underneath the picture did it become clear that Bishop Martin Drennan was not in the photograph at all.
Nor did the picture show any Bishops waiting to meet the Pope.
It showed four Bishops attending mass in Rome in memory of the now deceased Cardinal Cathal Daly.
The picture and the article and the headline in the Irish Independent therefore amounted to an egregious lie.
The front page was nothing more than a grotesque smear on a decent, brave, and honorable man.
The whole was a contrived agit prop effort to manipulate public opinion in a manner both illegal and immoral.
On page 16 of the Irish Independent, John Cooney had an article headlined Future Of Embattled Bishop In Pope's Hand.
This article was juxtaposed with a photo of a Bishop looking nervously at his watch.
Again the clear implication was that this was Bishop Martin Drennan and that he was running out of time.
The photo was in fact of Bishop Joseph Duffy and had, like the photo on the cover, been taken at the memorial mass for Cardinal Cathal Daly.
Perhaps the sermon went on a little long.
But there is no possibility that Bishop Joseph Duffy was looking at his watch because he thought Bishop Martin Drennan was running out of time.
The article and the photo juxtaposed with it, amounted to yet more lies, yet more sneering and yet more trial by innuendo of a man whose witness and courage have been a blessing to all who know him.
On page 17 of the Irish Independent, there was yet another article by John Cooney.
This article was juxtaposed with a large picture of a group of Bishops.
Beside the picture John Cooney wrote: "Like schoolboys waiting to see the headmaster, a gaggle of Irish Bishops in their white robes and purple zuchettos assembled in Rome last night ahead of a showdown summit with the Pope."
John Cooney's sneering and contempt for the men he is trying to ruin, is palpable.
But again, the picture does not feature Bishop Martin Drenna.
The picture does not feature Bishops waiting to see a headmaster or the Pope.
The photo features a group of Bishops attending a memorial mass for Cardinal Cathal Daly.
This sort of blatent deception is a measure of the venal dishonesty of John Cooney and of the base fervourless amorality of Independent Newspapers.
But it's not the full measure of it.
On page 25 of the Irish Independent, there is yet another article by John Cooney on the same mendacious theme.
The article is headlined Battle Lines Are Drawn At Rome Summit Showdown.
The headline is of course a falsehood, designed to manipulate public opinion and to put pressure on Bishop Martin Drennan.
There is no summit showdown.
No matter how hard Independent Newspapers and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin attempt to contrive one.
The article is illustrated with a large photo of a Bishop.
Again the implication from the photo's proximity to the headline is that this is a picture of Bishop Martin Drennan.
The picture is as always of another man entirely.
As before it was taken at the memorial mass for Cardinal Cathal Daly.
The lies mount up, don't they.
John Cooney writes in his article: "In 1891 it was a tragic case of Parnell versus the Bishops. In 2010 it is Martin versus the Bishops."
There is some confusion here as to whether John Cooney is suggesting that Bishop Martin Drennan is fighting his fellow Bishops.
But no.
The Martin he means is Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, a man John Cooney smirkingly styles as a reformer, trying to create a church everyone can be proud of.
Hey John.
Does Archbishop Diarmuid Martin not wear white robes and a purple zuchetto too?
Are these particular items of fashionable apparel somehow less sneer worthy when he's wearing them?
You like Archbishop Diarmuid Martin don't you?
The enigmas endure.
So it's Archbishop Diarmuid Martin versus the Bishops.
That's what John Cooney means.
And actually for the first time there's a smidgin of truth in that.
Some of the Bishops have certainly grown weary of this odious oleaginous career diplomat Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, casually telling liberal newspapers that they should resign from office.
Some of the Bishops know full well that they have been targeted by an orchestrated liberal atheistic attempt to deprive the church of her leaders.
Some of the Bishops believe they have a right to a fair hearing.
And some of the Bishops have never doubted that they are entitled to something better than presumption of guilt, something better in recognition of their lives of self sacrifice and devotion to Ireland, something better than trial by innuendo, something better than a jeering cur in a failed newspaper lying about them in the full glare of the nation.
But John Cooney is not finished.
John Cooney continues: "If the German Pontiff flunks the Drennan dilemma, the Irish Bishops will return on Ash Wednesday to a church in revolt."
Threatening the Pope now.
John Cooney is threatening the Pope with a revolt by Irish Christians.
Let's be clear.
John Cooney is a writer for a declining liberal atheistic newspaper group that has debts to lenders of 1500 million dollars and counting.
That's his status.
He is not an insightful commentator.
He's not even a popular commentator.
He's a no one.
He speaks for no one but himself and a liberal left wing cadre seeking to use old sex abuse cases as a Trojan Horse to destroy the Catholic Church in Ireland.
Now John Cooney is threatening the Pope with open revolt as though John Cooney has the power to speak for anyone except himself and his ever narrower circle of porcine applauding Dublin Four friends.
Vainglorious isn't it.
And disgusting.
John Cooney really wants to destroy Bishop Martin Drennan.
So much so, he can taste it.
The other Bishops played ball.
They wanted to be nice boys.
They allowed media scoundrels to convict them of wrongdoing without a trial, a hearing, an explanation, a balance of reportage, or any due process whatsoever.
The scoundrels in the media convicted them.
Utterly unaccountable cowardly leftist scoundrels.
Yes, a group of Bishops took John Cooney and company's media manipulations on the chin and resigned as they were expected to.
But Bishop Martin Drennan spoke the truth.
He did not back down.
He did not bow to the fatted calf of Tony O'Reilly's bankrupt newspaper group.
The same newspaper group which a few months ago had permitted Paedophile Slattern Ian O'Doherty to mendaciously assert in print that the entire Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
But Bishop Martin Drennan would not bow to their persecution of him or the church.
Under any circumstances.
It's almost as though John Cooney feels personally aggrieved that Bishop Martin Drennan refused to follow the plot.
The Drennan dilemma?
Apparently John Cooney thinks that if John Cooney attempts to sabotage a man's life and career, the Pope has no choice but to approve of John Cooney's actions on such matters.
Apparently John Cooney over estimates John Cooney's standing with the Pope and among Christian people in Ireland.
Apparently John Cooney seriously thinks that if John Cooney gives the word the Catholics of Ireland will rally to his liberal atheistic standard.
Hey John.
You're not that popular.
Word on the pews is you're lower than pond scum.
I'm just saying is all.
Apparently John Cooney has been undeterred by John Cooney's failed attempts to organise a boycott of the sacraments in Irish churches last year.
Lets just say, the turn out for the boycott was disappointing.
For John Cooney.
The Drennan dilemma?
There is no dilemma.
Bishop Drennan has called Independent Newspapers bluff.
And Independent Newspapers, that debased, loss making, thoroughly unaccountable media entity, doesn't like it one bit
Footnote: Bishop Martin Drennan is mentioned in Judge Yvonne Murphy's self serving and manipulative report into the church's handling of child abuse, only in so much as Yvonne Murphy stated that his behaviour was exemplary at all times. In any case, you all know that my assessment of Yvonne Muphy's report is that it was dishonorably contrived in order to bring down the church and has been dishonorably used by the media to do just that.

on winds of destiny

X told me tonight that Morton is on sabbatical from the priesthood.
The moment he told me, I went silent.
I was experiencing some sort of spiritual stillness.
It certainly felt mystical.
X misinterpreted it of course.
Thought I was ashamed or something.
He said somewhat heatedly: "Well nothing matters as long as he's happy."
Still I was silent.
I knew just how unhappy Morton must be to even consider renouncing his priesthood.
I didn't feel particularly drawn to debating X on the matter.
But I was thinking to myself: "Of course the priests are leaving. Their leaders are colluding with the liberal media to label them as criminals. The rest of us are standing back from them as if they're all child rapists. Why the hell would they stay."
Ah yes.
The shepherds are being cut down before our eyes.
And the sheep are running back and forth between Coronation Street and Avatar.

where do monsters come from

Atheistic Rolling Stone journalist Randall O'Sullivan wrote a book called The Miracle Detective.
During the writing of the book he developed a certain sympathy with the Catholic Church.
Since then Randall O'Sullivan has hovered for many years on the brink of conversion to the faith.
I don't think he'll ever jump.
While investigating Vatican procedures for the approval of miracles, Randall O'Sullivan was bemused by the scepticism and caution of Vatican officials in formally endorsing some clearly demonstrated and widely attested supernatural phemonmena.
In fact because of this honorable and righteous caution, most of what the Vatican is called on to consider as a possible miracle, will never be revealed to the general public.
One such miracle involved a burns victim whose family prayed for intercession to a Spanish holy man they believed to have been a saint.
The burns were all over their family member's body.
He was not expected to live through the night.
In the morning, according to the account in Randall O'Sullivan's book, the burns victim was entirely healed.
"He had skin like a baby's," Randall O'Sullivan quotes a witness as testifying.
What strange glory is hid within the ancient church.
The rest of us do not even know the name of the Spanish Saint who interceded with Jesus for this healing.
While writing his book, Randall O'Sullivan also became aware of certain other untold stories and unfolding dramas at the Vatican.
In particular he became aware of an intense battle going on behind the scenes in the highest reaches of the Curia.
A battle for power.
The Curia is the governing elite of the Vatican.
If a Pope is weak, they are the ones who will put words in his mouth.
Sometimes they will try to put words in his mouth whether he's weak or not.
Randall O'Sullivan discovered an ongoing battle between a liberal faction in the Curia which wanted to take over the church and another faction which wanted to preserve the ancient truths of Christianity.
I myself would style the liberal faction as left wing atheistic progressives. I would suggest they are seeking to usurp power and influence from within the church to themselves in order to make the church something it has never been, their creature.
The  other faction in my view isn't really a faction at all.
The other faction is the church.
The liberals are opposed by all those who stand for the ancient truth of Christ.
But these are my words not Randall O'Sullivan's.
Randall O'Sullivan merely stated that he had discovered a tremendous war was being fought out behind closed doors between liberal progressives and the traditional church.
Now to Ireland.
In Ireland the highest titular churchman is Cardinal Sean Brady.
But Cardinal Sean Brady is weak and defers invariably to the second highest churchman an ambitious liberal with strong media contacts called Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is the son of radical Northern Ireland parents.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a brother of the former political editor of the Irish Times, Seamus Martin, an arrogantly pro Soviet writer whom many believe to have been a Russian communist agent during the Cold War.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is himself a former member of the liberal progressive (I say atheistic) faction within the Curia.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a pseudo progressive who is seeking to remake the church in his own image for motives we can only guess at.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is in collusion with media entities in Ireland seeking to destroy the church.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has colluded with these entities in an attempt to force honorable Bishops from office through the contrived ascription of wrong doing in those Bishops' handling of sex abuse cases.
You know what folks.
It is not unprecedented for enemies of the church to hold high office within the church.
Remember when Mother Angelica founded the pro Catholic television station EWTN in America.
She was never threatened by atheists or abortionists or feminists.
It was Cardinal Roger O'Mahoney of Los Angeles who attempted to shut her down.
Since the ancient unity of the Catholic faith has always been protected at least in part by our loyalty to the hierarchy, it is a peculiar torture to contemplate an invidious infiltrator at the head of the church in Ireland.
But that is what we are contemplating.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has kowtowed to the current persecution of the church in Ireland because he is a part of it.
That's where monsters come from.

the maniacal leech laugh in

Question: What's Malaysian for "We've taken over 350 newspapers in Ireland and Britain, and not one of them is making money?"
Answer: I don't know. Ask the Johnston Press.

vladimir takes another country

Here is the news.
You will not hear this on CNN, or Sky Arabs, or my personal favourite of the moment Russia Today.
The Ukrainian elections were rigged to give the Presidency to a Russian backed criminal called Yanukovich.
Mr Yanukovich last rigged an election in Ukraine five years ago.
That attempt to steal the country was overthrown by public demonstrations.
The theft of last week's election represents the end of Ukrainian independence from Russia.
The European Union monitors and United Nations monitors who said the elections were free and fair, were lying.
The only elections they endorse are fake elections.
The only elections they attempt to overturn are genuine elections such as the return of President Karzai in Afghanistan.
United States President Barack Obama in adding his voice to those recognising the Ukrainian election result, was committing a new and invidious cretinism.
Expect more from that quarter.
Barack is a black Jimmy Carter.
The methodologies for rigging elections have been honed by Russian President Vladimir Putin over the past decade in Russia itself.
It is not necessary to steal a ridiculous total of the poll such as 99 percent.
A simple majority will do.
Last week Ukraine as an independent nation ceased to exist.
Thank you for your time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

just a closer walk with thee

Watching Russia Today with the Contessa.
Russia Today is the English language news station being used by President Putin to prepare his people for a return to sovietism.
I've been asking the Contessa do Russians really want to go back to the dark ages with some sort of resovietised dictatorship.
She says communism wasn't so bad.
I tell her that the younger generation have forgotten the lessons of history and that communism was hell on earth.
She says that no it was only tough on a minority of people who opposed it.
I say that Russian communism created misery for Russian people and left Russia despised in every single country along its borders.
I add that Russian communists were responsible for creating the mass murdering dictatorships of Africa and China.
She says I'm exaggerating.
We pause to contemplate Al Gurnov's Hard Talk programme on Russia Today.
Al is interviewing a certain Khaled Mashal the head of Hamas, Iran's proxy terror army in the Gaza Strip.
The programme may be called Hard Talk but Al is not talking tough.
He's being very gentle with this Muslim psychopath.
Perhaps they could rename the show Simpering Talk.
I groan.
"Do you see this?" I cry. "Russians treating Muslim murderers as if they're your friends. Has Al forgotten the Beslan school slaughter where the Muslims massacred hundreds of children? Has he forgotten the North East Theatre murders in Moscow. Maybe Al isn't much of a theatre goer. What is going on here? Does President Putin really think he can farm Muslim terror for short term advantage against America? Is he really stupid enough to play that game? Has he abandoned all notions of a partnership with the west? Is he really hitching the destiny of the ancient and beautiful Russian people to the illiterate uncultured Islamic scum who wish to destroy us all?"
The Contessa shook her lovely head.
"James you're paranoid," she said.
"Did President Putin send you to seduce me?" I parried optimistically.
"If I was here to seduce you, you'd know all about it," she grinned.
"And you're not a member of any black magic sect?" I pressed.
"No," she said.
"And you're not a member of any organisation styling itself the Free Masons, or any other organisation which might want me dead?" I probed.
She shrugged.
"Hey," she said, "maybe I just like you."


Dick Francis is dead. He was a jockey at one stage. Later his name was on the cover of a series of violent thriller novels which enjoyed a brief vogue among people with no imaginations. I wonder who really wrote them. He denied the existence of God all his life. This view was upheld in "his" novels. Well he knows now.

sky news greatest hits

Watching the funereal coverage on Sky News of the latest anti terrorist initiative in Afghanistan.
Earnest presenters are keeping us updated with every supposedly civilian casualty in the offensive through Helmand province.
One wonders how they'd have covered World War Two.
But of course Sky News has no viewers.
It does have a revenue stream, mind.
But no viewers.
Its revenue stream comes from the Royal Family of Qatar, the same Muslim potentates who finance the Nazi channel Al Jazeera.
The Royal Family of Qatar give Sky money to advertise their airline.
It's the only money Sky has.
So Sky News will never take principled stand against Al Qaeda.
Sky News is always going to be whining about civilian casualties.
Sky News is always going to be claiming that three times general election winner Tony Blair is unpopular.
Sky News is always going to be doing its level best to break the will of the British people on the home front to support the fight against the worldwide Muslim terror armies which threaten us all.
Oh the humanity.
I mean treachery.
Because this is as good as it gets for these traitors.
There was one bright moment in Sky's defeatist coverage of the latest action in Afghanistan.
A bearded ratbag Taliban terrorist mouthpiece was spouting Islamist bile on the screen.
The caption Sky had put underneath him read: "British Foreign Secretary David Miliband."
It was the only vaguely true piece of reporting they gave all day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the triumvirate

Act 1, Scene 1.
Enter: stage left, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Cardinal Sean Brady, and Indpendent Newspapers journalist John Cooney.

John Cooney: "I have a little list."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "You have done your work well."

John Cooney: "It contains the names of all the Bishops who must be laid low. All that remains is for you to confirm that each one must go."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "With a spot I damn them. I damn them all."

John Cooney: "You must give your assent to each one individually."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "We must do things nicely."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "Very well. Say on."

John Cooney: "Bishop O'Mahoney."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "With a spot I damn him."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "He is a nice man. Are you sure you want to damn him?"

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "I am constant as the northern star. I was constant when I lied about receiving O'Mahoney's letter to me. I was constant when I concealed the fact that I had suppressed his letter. I was constant when I lied about being unaware of any apology O'Mahoney had issued. I was constant in maintaining my lies even after my own staff revealed I was lying and that I was fully aware of O'Mahoney's letter. I was constant when I lied that he had never issued any formal apology. I was constant in leaking lying defamatory comments about him to the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers. I was constant in my lying efforts to force him to reissue an apology he had already issued even though he should not have been apologising at all. I was constant in lyingly and mendaciously concealing his every attempt to act with Christian humility. I was constant in all of this. And constant do I remain to damn him."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "Okay."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "And I was constant as a former member of the Vatican Diplomatic Corps in using my influence with progressive elements in the Curia to put lying words in the Pope's mouth that made it appear he supported my actions after the publication of Yvonne Murphy's report. And wait till you see how constant I'll be when I'm doing that again with the Pope's next encyclical which I'm currently drafting for the earliest possible release. Hoo boy, I'm constant alright."

Ed Note: (Sotto voce from off stage.) "That's enough constants."

John Cooney: "Bishop Eamon Walsh."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "With a spot I damn him."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "But he's a nice man."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "You think everybody's nice."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "I suppose I do."

John Cooney: "Bishop Martin Drennan."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "With an interview in the Irish Times I damn him."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "Oh Your Eminence. That's a good one."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "You're the Eminence. You outrank me."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "Oh right. I forgot."

John Cooney: "So Bishop Martin Drennan?"

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "He is damned."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "But even Yvonne Murphy says he did nothing wrong."

Archbishop: "Yvonne Murphy mentioned him and so he is damned. I damned him and so he is damned. He is thrice damned to serve our purpose. Put a spot beside his name and damned be he who cries hold enough."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "Okay."

John Cooney: "All other Bishops whose names Judge Yvonne Murphy is attempting to drag through the mud."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "With a spot I damn them. I damn them all. They may not speak for themselves. They must adopt the posture of utmost guilt cowering like craven dogs before me and my friends whilest we label them concealers of child abuse. They must be presumed guilty of any and all wrongdoing we have contrived against them. Their lifetimes of self sacrifice, integrity and love for Ireland are to be nothing against our casual innuendos and the arbitrary retrospectively applied judgements of a feminist atheist like Yvonne Murphy, whose Judicial class, a satanic cadre of Judges, Litigation Lawyers and Journalists, has between them caused the collapse in Irish society. Nyah ha ha, gee force."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "Why are my hands red."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "It's just some dye from your Cardinal's hat."

Cardinal Sean Brady: "But I've been trying to wash it off for months. And it won't come off. Fie my Lord, fie. Out damned spot. Out I say. What will these hands never be clean. Yet who would have thought a few old Bishops would have so much dignity in them."

John Cooney: "He's mad Archy."

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: "I know. But in these sorts of conspiracies you've got to make do with what you've got. Few enough are those who will league with us in the betrayal of Christ."

(Exeunt all, singing Knees Up Harry Brown.)