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Monday, January 28, 2019

an open letter to lawyer jane o'neill of the irish department of public prosecutions

Dear Jane.
I am writing to you as a citizen of the Republic of Ireland to protest against your attempts to crminalise discussion of the conduct of Judges in rape cases through your recent court actions against variously the editor of the Irish Independent newspaper Fionnan Sheahan, a reporter styled Nicola Anderson, and the Independent Newspapers group company itself.
I wish to inform you that I consider your actions an egregious infringement on the freedom of the public to view arguments and to consider analysis  with regard to the way Judges are conducting rape cases and murder cases in Ireland.
I would also like you to know that I believe your actions amount to collusion with inept or corrupt Judges who wish to prevent public discussion, analysis, awareness and action with regard to the manner in which they are handing out Get Out Of Jail Free cards to the blatantly guilty in their courts.
I note that Judge Carmel Stewart in December 2018 used a television discussion as an excuse to abandon the trial of a murderer who had killed his victim by sticking a knife into his neck. Judge Carmel Stewart decided that a television discussion of the common defence strategy being permitted by Judges in Irish cours whereby murderers' lawyers trash the reputations of the people their clients murdered, a strategy she herself was permitting in her own court, meant the murderer could not get what Carmel Stewart calls a fair trial.
A rape case dismissed in November 2018 at the Circuit Court by Justice Paul McDermott (which is the pretext for your current invidious legal manoeuvrings against Independent Newspapers) featured discussion of another controversial practice in Irish courts, ie the casual leeway accorded by Judges to the defence lawyers of purported rapists whereby the purported victims of the purported rapists are subject to questions and inuendo regarding their clothing, underway, general deportment and life history.
My view as a citizen Jane is that accused murderers and rapists are not entitled to a Jury who can't read and who are not aware of these issues.
My view Jane is that accused murderers and rapists are not entitled to have frivolous pseudo intellectual pettifogging legalistic scrupulosity vis a vis public discourse introduced into their trials as an excuse for dismissal of any charges.
My view Jane is that accused murderers and rapists while benefiting from that courtroom aspiration to fairness which we call "presumption of innocence," must not in any case be allowed to use blatant guilt, or public knowledge of their supposed crimes, or discussion of their possible guilt, or public revulsion at the rancidly immoral posturings of their defence lawyers, as a gambit before some morally debased and unaccountable politically appointed Judge, regardless of whether that Judge happens to be an unscrucupulous, corrupt, IRA, mafia, gangland, freemasonic, communist, devil worshipping incompetent or as may occasionally occur an honest man.
You are allowing yourself to be manipulated by an unaccountable upper echelon lurking in the shadows of what passes for High Society in Ireland, to silence public concern and growing awareness about the disgraceful injudiciousness and conduct of Irish Judges.
Your charges against Fionnan Sheahan, Nicola Anderson and Independent Newspapers amount to a coup d'etat by the Judiciary.
James Healy