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Saturday, July 26, 2014

drama at innish well croagh patrick actually

Bill and me stood on the plateau about a hundred metres from the summit of Croagh Patrick.
Bill was wearing mountain boots, an anorak and a water proof hat.
He also had a back pack and a walking stick.
I was wearing an open necked short sleeved shirt, regular trews, and city shoes.
I carried no stick or baggage.
The wind was howling around the side of the mountain.
Rain was pouring through existence.
I gotta tell ya.
Drowned rats had nothing on me.
I was so wet I was dry.
The wind was ballooning in my tee shirt with a special effect that made the tee shirt look like nothing so much as a parachute trying determinedly to inflate.
I was so cold I was warm.
But you get the picture.
The wind died suddenly.
To our left a thick mist began to advance billowingly over the rocks.
That was a pretty good special effect too, I thought with calm terror.
Night was falling.
The bits of the mystic mountain not yet covered in mist, veritably glistened in the drenching rain.
We were so near the top I could smell it.
Ahead of us the slope steepened.
Bill spoke gently through the downpour.
"James," he said softly. "I think we'd better turn back."
Instantly I rounded on him.
"Noooo!" I roared fiercely. "All my life I've turned back. At school I turned back. In adult life I turned back. Got a job in journalism and turned back. Set up my own business, turned back. Had a job in government, turned back. Highlighted on my website the Al Qaeda infiltration of Ireland through an infernal alliance with people traffickers and drug dealers, but turned back. Endeavoured to expose the IRA/Russian Mafia connection to Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, Sean Quinn and Peter Quinn, and the Quinn Family generally, and their brazzer wives, and their mistresses, and their cats Tiddles, in the institutionalised burglarisation of the IRA shell bank romantically styled Anglo Irish Bank, and the Irish government's ongoing cosmically invidious looting of the treasury and permanent Third World style indebting of the citizenry to bail out ye aforementioned IRA/Russian Mafia, Fitzpatricks, Quinns, brazzers, mistresses, cats Tiddles, et al; (particularly Al; I hate him.)... to bail out all these mafia scumbags and skanks, I say, and their shell gangster bank... And I turned back from that too. I've always turned back. But not today. I'm sick of turning back. I'm doing this, Bill. This is Saint Patrick's mountain. This is where Saint Patrick brought the ancient faith to Ireland. This is where Saint Patrick cast the snakes of Ireland into the sea. Here. On this mountain. This is what Irish people do, Bill. Irish people climb this mountain. Today we become Irish, Bill. You do what you want to. But I am climbing this mountain."
So saying I took another step up the rock face.
A moment later I turned.
"Bill," I said with infinite old world valour and no smidgen of negotiation left. "I've had enough. I'm going down."
Bill stared at me wild eyed.
I began picking my way past him back down the mountain.
"Well," sniffed Bill somewhat reluctantly following me through the rain, mist, gale, dark and attendant ghosts of Al Qaeda, the IRA and the Quinns, "you're after getting me all fired up."

Friday, July 25, 2014

at last some good news

Judge Yvonne Murphy has been engaged by the Fine Gael Labour government to produce its latest trumped up report designed to criminalise the Catholic Church through the retrospective ascription of limitless guilt towards people who are not around to defend themselves. (This time it's Edwardian era nuns who ran orphanages ninety years ago in a way that Prime Minister Enda Kenny today pretends to consider abominable.)
She produced the last such trumped up report as well, and the one before it, so she should have gotten her hand in at this sort of thing by now.
Start slow, a few dollops of bigotry, a smidgen of presumption of guilt, ladle in the selective blindness towards much more blatent wrong doing in the present era, and there you go.
Catholic Church guilty of every charge invented and or contrived against it.
Yvonne Murphy is veritably the go to girl of anti Catholic show trials in Ireland.
Surprisingly enough, I tend to take a critical view of her and her manipulations of truth masquerading as judicial reports.
The good news is that Yvonne Murphy, the former air hostess hoor who swanked her way to being a judge after proving tremendously popular working in the office of an innocent old Labour Party leader, the good news I tells ee, is that this collossal moralising fraud, this cosmic beyotch, this life hating atheistic marxian abortionist fembo commie pinko against the bomb, the good news I say again, is that Judge Yvonne Murphy is married to Supreme Court Judge Adrian Hardiman.
So should she ever inadvertently libel me...
We'll both be assured of a measure of justice...
As long as it's fair, as we do say in the Defending Edwardian Era Nuns trade.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a miktam of james

and the numbers we give years
are flung like chaff from the plough
and i am allowed to see
hence and thence and now
people past
or passing
or to be
come streaming from the fields
i believe

a feel good slogan to promote public awareness of the need for practical help for the children and adults being tortured, raped and murdered this evening in nigeria by al qaeda's local african affiliate boko haram

#Send in our Delta Force.

the devil and miss o'hanlon


Dear Miss O'Hanlon.
You wrote an article this week which mentioned certain internet sources making what you considered ridiculous claims about devil worship at an orphanage on the island of Jersey.
The anonymous claims you mentioned do indeed ridiculously allege that a former British Prime Minister was complicit in the abuse and murder of children on Jersey. I think you are correct that these anonymous claims about a former British Prime Minister are most probably ridiculous, criminally vexatious, crassly false and utterly without foundation.
I agree with you there.
I would ask you to consider though that the anonymous sources for such ridiculous and vexatious claims about a former British Prime Minister being involved in devil worship murders on Jersey may themselves wish to deter public attention from the very real existence of a busy and quite murderous devil worship ring on the island of Jersey, and that they are seeking to deflect public interest from their very real activities past and present precisely by broadcasting those same deliberately ridiculous and vexatious claims about a former British Prime Minister being a part of their very real devil worship ring.
The Jersey case is one I have taken a modest interest in Miss O'Hanlon, and I am not anonymous.
Miss O'Hanlon my opinion is that there is in fact a devil worship ring on the island of Jersey, and it does kill people for  fun, and it has done so for at least the last fifty years.
Its murderous activities were for a long period targetted on children in the Haut La Garenne orphanage.
The police officer who led the first investigation into the violations and murders by staff and unknown accomplices at Haut La Garenne seemed to share my assessment.
The ring is real Miss O'Hanlon.
There's one in Naas County Kildare too by the way. (cf Nurse Mulholland murdering, torturing and terrorising patients on the wards at Naas hospital + Larry Murphy's serial killing.)
But ah.
That's another story.
James Healy
PS: You also say that claims by social workers in the 1980's and 1990's of endemic abuse related to devil worship rings in Britain, have been disproven. I'd like to see your evidence for that. Social workers still insist to me that devil worship abuse and murder is ever more prevalent in Britain, Ireland and beyond. Their testimony is VERY specific. I would counsel you to look at the trafficking through Ireland in the year 2000 of a little African boy for slaughter in England by Nigerian devil worshippers. They gave him a bad end Eilis. The case is well documented. The sort of thing that would draw atheists like yourself and wannabe religionists like me together to fight these --------.

is the sun newspaper morally capable of framing jimmy savile

A drugs trial came to a halt this week when British Judge Alistair McCreath accused a Sun newspaper journalist called Mazher Mahmood of attempting to persuade a witness to change his testimony and then lying about it under oath.
The Judge's comments came as the drugs trial incited solely by Mazher Mahmood against television personality Tulisa Contostavios, collapsed in chaos.
Mahzer Mahmood had been seeking to create a sensational story for the Sun newspaper by entrapping Tulisa Contostavios into supplying him with cocaine.
He had successfully generated sensational stories in the past by entrapping other celebrities using a variety of similar methods and inducements.
Judge McCreath dismissed the case a week into the trial accusing Mazher Mahmood, the only prosecution witness, of lying to him.
The Sun newspaper now faces a bill for court costs. Mahzer Mahmood may be tried for perjury.
The Judge threw out the case apparently because he considered that Mahzer Mahmood's entrapment operation on behalf of the Sun newspaper against Tulisa Contostavios amounted to a frame up.
Mahzer Mahmood formerly worked for Rupert Murdock's News Of The World publication which was closed after its staff were caught routinely bribing police officers, subverting politicians and hacking into the phones of private citizens.
The Judge stated that Mahzer Mahmood had lied to him when claiming not to have pressured his own driver, a man called Alan Smith, to change his testimony that Tulisa Contostavios was in fact opposed to drug use.
"There are strong grounds," said the Judge, " for believing Mr Mahmood told me lies about his dealings with the driver Alan Smith. There are also strong grounds for believing that the underlying purpose of these lies was to conceal the fact that he had been manipulating the evidence in this case by getting Mr Smith to change his account."
In the aftermath of the trial's collapse, the singer Tulisa Contostavios spoke frankly about the Sun newspaper's attempts to destroy her career and her life.
She said that the story behind the Sun's publication of the untrue headline "Tulisa's cocaine deal shame," was horrific and disgusting entrapment.
"Mahmood got me and my team completely intoxicated and persuaded me to act the part of a bad, rough ghetto girl," she said. "They recorded this and produced this as evidence when I thought it was an audition. It was a terrible thing to do."
Mahmood's former editor at News International's defunct News Of The World newspaper Andy Coulson is currently serving a jail sentence for hacking into phones belonging to members of the public.
The Leveson Enquiry was established in Britain two years ago to investigate criminal behaviour at titles owned by Rupert Murdock.
Mahmood himself gave evidence at the enquiry but was allowed to appear with his identity concealed.
I am suggesting that the Leveson Enquiry was an existential threat to Rupert Murdock's business empire and that elements within that empire may have chosen to frame Jimmy Savile to distract public, police and political attention from the rampant criminality of News International and its employees.
They needed something big. Mr Savile was a hugely popular, conveniently dead celebrity with a reputatation as a Christian. He could not speak for himself or fight back or sue. He may just have been the perfect target.
As for Tulisa Contostavios, she was not the perfect target, simply because she was still alive.
I ask you gentle readers to consider all these things carefully before you go along with the Sun newspaper (whose sole revenue stream comes from phone sex lines) or Sky News or The Times of London, or any other corrupt (and bankrupt) British or Irish media organ, labelling Jimmy Savile as (their favourite word) a "pervert."

Sunday, July 20, 2014

the why not column

Why not put President Vladimir Putin of Russia in charge of the investigation into the Malaysian passenger jet that was shot down over Ukraine this week? After all President Putin proved such a dab hand with the investigation he led into the last passenger jet he shot down, the one carrying the President of Poland, the Polish President's wife, and a hundred other leading figures from Polish public life, veritably styled "the conscience of Poland."

would rupert murdock or his news international group or any other british or irish newspaper group be morally capable of framing jimmy savile?

Yes they would.