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Saturday, March 27, 2010

independent newspapers scores another tremendous deal

The anti Catholic newspaper group Independent Newspapers has copperfastened its reputation as the most abysmally run media group on the planet earth with a deal to offload its British titles to a KGB agent called Alexander Lebedev.
The deal was initially reported as involving the payment of a symbolic fee by Mr Lebed of £1 for The Independent and its sister paper The Independent On Sunday.
What was not initially clear was the fact that Independent Newspapers had actually paid Mr Lebed 10 million dollars to take the papers off their hands.
So they paid him ten mill to take over their failing anti Catholic, anti Western, anti George Bush, anti Tony Blair, readerless, pro Islamist Robert Fisk publishing crapsheets.
Some days you just can't give crap away, eh Independent Newspapers?
Here is the news.
Independent Newspapers has for forty years told Irish people that it was a tremendously successful media group.
This lie along with all their other lies is being laid bare.
Independent Newspapers owes two billion dollars to creditors.
That's two billion that we know about.
They've got no readers and no public standing.
The newspaper group which undertook to destroy the Catholic Church has itself been totally destroyed.
Now Independent Newspapers can't even give away its useless anti Catholic loss making titles.
They have to pay a Russian gangster ten million quid to take them off their hands.
Hilarious no.
Independent Newspapers is sinking beneath the waves giggling anti Catholic platitudes as it drowns.
Goodbye Independent Newspapers, goodbye.

Friday, March 26, 2010

scrabbling in the key of life

a moment forever

the heat descends on the city
the city towers and teems
with a million heartless miracles
that the vain say last forever
a man and a woman on a bridge
kiss once the sky unfurls
oh the beauty of that kiss and the briefness
thus passes the glory of the world

the second most illegal thing i ever wrote

It happened a few weeks ago.
I was giving a recap on The Heelers Diaries of the story about public relations person Monica Leech and the Fianna Fail government Minister who gave her hundreds of thousands of Euro in public money to design websites no one ever visited.
I got the government Minister mixed up with one of his colleagues.
There are two Fianna Fail government Ministers with similar names.
Well similar-ish.
I wrote that Martin Cullen had been the one who had dealings with Monica Leech.
In fact it was Michael Martin.
No, no, no.
What I wrote was that Michael Martin was the one involved with Monica Leech's contracts.
But actually it was Martin Cullen.
I did it again.
You see how easy it is for these things to happen.
Anyhoo, it was definitely Martin Cullen who awarded the Leech contracts.
Michael Martin had nothing to do with it.
You should have seen me running home from Clarkes Menswear the next day to re-edit the article when Vivian Clarke informed me of my mistake.
Boy was my face red.
And it wasn't anything to do with the gout either.
Now gentle readers, it's only fair to make you aware that Independent Newspapers were recently fined 1.87 million Euro for genuinely and professionally and competently trying to report various issues connected with the awarding of such large sums of public money to Monica Leech.
The fine was imposed by Judge Eamon DeValera, himself a descendent of the founder of Fianna Fail, a man also called Eamon DeValera.
You can see why the case infuriates me.
For the first time in my life I find myself on the side of Independent Newspapers.
I ain't never gonna forgive Judge Liberal for that one.
Anyhoo again.
If Independent Newspapers can be fined millions for getting the names in the story right, what on earth is the tariff for bringing an entirely innocent Minister into the equation?
Truly I have a talent.

rancid injustice

The resignation of the Bishop of Cloyne Doctor John Magee has finally been accepted by the Pope.
For the past two years, The Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, RTE and allied atheistic media entities in Ireland, have sought to create a false veneer of guilt over this honorable man.
Today The Irish Times carried a story on its cover headlined: Gardai Spoke To Magee In Recent Weeks About Abuse File.
Again the sole intention of the story was to create a veneer of guilt.
The idea was to foster in the public mind the untrue notion that if the police interviewed the Bishop then the Bishop must be guilty of something.
A close reading of the convoluted details contained in the Irish Times report reveal that this latest attempt to discredit a Catholic Bishop is even more nebulous, dishonest and dishonorable than the media's usual pseudo intellectual pogroms.
Doctor Magee's office had informed the police in 2005 of a priest who himself contacted Doctor Magee's office in 2005 and said he had been abused while a child by another priest.
Doctor Magee's office had ensured the accused priest was no longer performing in ministry.
The police interviewed the victim and forwarded a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
The Director of Public Prosecutions decided to take no further action on the case.
That's it.
In 2009 the police received a frivolous complaint from a retired school teacher who as far as the media is concerned had no other connection to the case.
The retired school teacher complained to police, stating that in his opionion based on a Catholic Church report, Bishop Magee had somehow been remiss in his handling of the case.
In 2005 the Bishop's office had reported the abuse claim and passed on the name of the abuse victim so that the police could contact the victim directly.
The retired school teacher four years later claimed the Bishop's office should also have passed on the name of the abuser.
That was the basis of the retired school teacher's complaint to the police about Bishop Magee.
That frivolous piece of anonymous score settling is the reason Bishop Magee is the subject of an Irish Times headline today linking him to a police investigation.
The retired school teacher has not been named.
But Bishop Magee has been named.
A malign presumption of guilt has been contrived around his handling of a sex abuse case.
His reputation, his life's work, his ministry have been calumniated by scoundrels.
And to even begin to refute this we have to painstakingly go over the minutiae of dates and complaints in a case where the notion of wrongdoing on the part of the Bishop is utterly fictional, we have to do this without knowing whether the victim himself requested the case should not proceed, we have to do this without being able to examine the identities and the motivations of the police, and we have to do it without knowing who the hell this retired Cork school teacher is.
All the while Bishop Magee suffers the murder of his reputation at the hands of media shills,
He endures the humiliation of trial by media inuendo.
The punishment is the process.
It is score settling of course.
Like something from The Terror which reigned after the French Revolution.
Or the purges of Soviet Russia.
Or the Kulturkampf in Imperial and Nazi Germany.
Or even Chairman Mao's merry exterminations.
This nameless retired Cork teacher, this accuser with no known connection to, or knowledge of, the case, this craven hiding behind his anonymity, this base anonymous knave surely has a story to tell.
A story about atheism, Marxism, the Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers and cultural warfare against the ancient and true Catholic faith.
Someday we'll hear it in full.

One thing is sure.
This anonymous retired Cork teacher has no concern for sex abuse victims.
His complaint to the police was based on pure malice.
The substance of his complaint was pure legalistic spite.
Yes now you can see the persecution of the Catholic Church in Ireland is following the course of similar persecutions that occurred during the French revolution.
People are being destroyed by nameless accusers.
Anyone can be put in the dock.
Innocence is no defence.
At the moment the media and anonymous retired Cork school teachers merely murder reputations.
Reputations will never be enough for them.
They are planning greater upheavals in their quest for ultimate power.
The real violence will come soon.

the morticia leech laugh in

A woman died and went to heaven.
At the pearly gates she was met by Saint Peter.
"Oh great," said she, "I'm in heaven."
"Not yet," says Saint Peter. "You've got to pass a test first."
"What do I have to do?" said the woman.
"You've got to spell love," said Saint Peter.
"L-O-V-E," said the woman.
"Great," said Saint Peter. "You're in. Now will you watch the gate for a minute. I've to attend to some business. If anyone comes along, just do as I did. I'll be back in a jiffy."
The woman is a bit nonplussed but does as requested.
A moment later her husband arrives outside the gate.
"What happened to you?" she wonders.
"I had a heart attack when I found your body," answers the husband.
"Oh," said the woman.
"Still at least I'm in heaven and we're together again," says he.
"Not yet," says she.
"Why not?" says her husband.
"Because you've got to pass a test first before you get in," explains the woman.
"What test?" says the man.
"Spell antidisestablishmentarianism," says the woman.

the collapse of independent newspapers

Independent Newspapers has finally sealed the deal on the sale of its British title The Independent to a Russian KGB agent for £1.
Everything in that statement is the truth.
I reckon the KGB agent got royally screwed.
Buying one of Tony O'Reilly's loss making rags for a £1 is not a bargain.
The Russki was fleeced.
You've got to wonder just how delusional the present Putin regime in Russia is, if they sincerely believe that a readerless newspaper costing 50 million a year to run, could ever influence public opinion in Great Britain.
Expect lots of stories about heroic Pie Eye Steen Yuns battling evil Israelis, and gallant little Iran developing its legitimate right to atomic weapons, and noble (resovietising) Russia quietly absorbing countries on its borders for the greater good of humanity.
So no change there then.
On Thursday, The Irish Times gave a rather roseate hued reportage of this sale along with overall financial results from Independent Newspapers.
The article gave the unmistakeable impression throughout its copious elliptical verbiage, that Independent Newspapers was actually making a profit.
Different results were listed for different divisions.
It was all profits, profits, profits.
Only at the end of the Irish Times article did a little of the truth about Independent Newspapers dismal trading position leak through.
Although Independent Newspapers is claiming to have made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits last year, the company's entire commerical trading position can be summed up by one vital figure.
Losses after tax: 41 million quid.
All the supposed profits boil down to a massive loss.
And here's another interesting figure about Independent Newspapers which The Irish Times omitted for some reason.
Independent Newspapers Debts To Creditors (ie Idiot Banks): Nearly two billion dollars.
That's good squishy.
We could all declare operating profits before tax of hundreds of millions if the corrupt bankrupt idiot banks would give us two billion to play with.
The decline in standards at Independent Newspapers (and their standards were never very high to begin with) was best exemplified last year by the anti Catholic ravings of an habitual cannabis user called Ian O'Doherty who falsely, malignly and maliciously claimed in the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
The fact that this monstrous lie could be published in a national newspaper, even a near defunct one like the Irish Independent, represents a tremendous blow to the rule of law in the Republic of Ireland.
It also represents the end of our long tradition of civility in public discourse, but that's a relative trifle when measured against the vileness of the calumny being perpetrated by Independent Newspapers against the faith of our fathers.
For more than three decades the Irish Independent and its sister titles have pursued a virulently anti Catholic campaign, turning their hedonist, drug using, sometimes Marxian, sometimes pagan, staff loose in a blatent attempt to humiliate the best and brightest Christian servitors of the Irish people.
Here is the news.
Independent Newspapers, the company that has been declaring record profits for the past three decades, owes billions of pounds to creditors and is losing money across all divisions.
The newspaper group which claimed its anti Catholic pogrom was popular journalism, has, because of its atheistic bigotries, actually attained catastrophic collapses in the numbers of its readers.
There'll be no Russian spies to bail out the rest of their loss making rubbish titles.
It's all but over.
And they're trying to do as much damage to our ancient faith as they can before they sink, giggling over their cocaine and their cannabinoids, beneath the waves.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the expectant mother



last night by the riverside
i saw myself a ten year child
with vincent berney and john martin
in youthful incarnations
fight and run and hide
then was i desolate and morose
dust took the image
even the living have ghosts

book review

Evening at the Chateau.
My cousin Mycroft is holding forth, ie talking.
Last week she had wandered into Easons bookshop on O'Connell Street.
She saw a copy of The Exorcist on the shelves.
She reached for it.
At that moment she became aware of an oppressive constriction in her breathing.
She felt she was in the presence of evil.
She hurried away.
The noble Heelers nodded bitterly as she finished telling this story.
An exclamation of indignation seemed in order.
"You get this sort of warning?" I cried. "Your guardian angel or the forces of good or both, let you sense all that? But me! I picked up The Exorcist when I was thirteen. I got diddlysquat. No warning. No sensations of oppressive presences. Read it from cover to cover. And consequently I've slept with the light on throughout most of my adult life. Not even the faintest tinkle of an alarm bell did I get when I picked it up. I mean what the heck was my guardian angel playing at. Go right ahead there Heelers. Have a blast. Give me a shout when you're finished and let me know how it turns out. I mean clearly the guy isn't doing his job. Hey Mycroft. I wonder could we swap guardian angels."

batt o'keeffe rising

A member of the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government called Batt O'Keeffe has announced this week his intention to remove Catholic Church influence from secondary eduction in the Republic of Ireland.
He didn't use those exact words but this is exactly what he is announcing.
Fianna Fail has already gone down in history as the party which singlehandedly spent Ireland into the Third World.
They did this by buying successive elections from the trade union movement, by dispensing extortionate pay rises to teachers, nursies, cops, soldiers and civil servants, with money Ireland didn't have.
Now Fianna Fail thinks our young people can do without Christianity.
This is a manifesto for slavery.
The Catholic faith is the only thing that ensured Ireland did not follow eighty percent of the planet earth into Sovietism.
So the immortal Batt O'Keeffe wishes to repudiate at a stroke the Christian traditions which our forefathers upheld continuously through the last 1500 years and which in turn enabled Ireland itself to endure as a nation through famine, wars, oppression, penal laws, communism, Nazism, drugs culture and porno culture.
The great Batt O'Keeffe plans to throw away the one force for good that has ensured our country stands among the great nations, the great cultures, the great exemplars of history.
No doubt the sublime Batt O'Keeffe has found something better.
Perhaps we'll have health services managed by Pfizer and associated scamming pharmaceutical companies.
We'll have sex education and values counselling by MTV, Lady Gaga, and Byonce.
Oh right.
We already have that.
No need for any religion though.
Batt O'Keeffe thinks religion is the opium of the masses.
Instead of religion we'll have the idolatry of pleasure as preached in the temples of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE.
Does anybody think these satanic louts will reduce sex abuse in society?
Their advocacy of hedonism causes it for crying out loud.
We are turning our country over to the rulership of devils.
Personally I counsel against this.

the monoglottal leech laugh in

Two oranges were rolling down a hill.
One stopped because a Judge who was a descendent of the founder of Fianna Fail Eamon DeValera instructed Independent Newspapers to pay it 1.87 million quid for libel.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010




one bird
pitched in flight
in the fading light
called once
to warn of night
holds flowers
the same
soft lovely flowers
smiles once
night has no power

hamming it up in the key of life

Evening at the Chateau de Healy.
Ireland's greatest living poet ensconced in an armchair.
Enter the Lildebeest stage left.
"Why does my face cloth keep getting holes in it?" proclaimeth she by way of greeting.
"How would I know?" sez me.
"Well I was thinking it might have something to do with your hamster?" quoth she.
"Mother are you mad?" expostulateth me.
"I'm not making accusations, just wondering," averred the aged parent.
"Are you seriously suggesting that hammy is releasing herself from her cage at night, making her way to the bathroom, gnawing a few holes in your face cloth, and then returning to her cage before dawn?" I asked in my best defence lawyer tones.
"Well is she?" persisted the Mam.
"I don't think it's likely," sez the noble Heelers all fond bemusement.
"Do you remember a few years ago we found your dog going around the house at night opening windows," challenged El Lil.
"The dogs an evil genius, I still don't think Hammy could have gotten to your face cloth," I reassured her.
"Okay," said the Mammy.
She exited stage left.
MC Hamster's face poked out of one of the fresh holes in the sleeve of my new 70 quid Clarkes Menswear pullover.
"Hammy," I murmured, "tell me you haven't been chewing holes in the Mammy's face cloth."


(Our weekly chess puzzle.)

Zorgonuts versus Seamus Heaney
Poland 1996.
White has the Black king caged but can't break through the massed defences to score the coup de grace. How did Black open his cage and turn the tables?
Answer: Heaney started to read one of his poems aloud and Zorgonuts died of boredom.

discourse and method

"Do you seriously you think the Catholic Church has done nothing wrong?" challenged X.
I weighed the question.
"When the Nazis come trying to criminalise the Jews," I said quietly, "you don't start assessing individual Nazi charges against individual Jews. You don't dignify their charges. You don't start saying, well is he a thief, is he a baby killer, is he a bolshevick. The first order of business when the Nazis come trying to exterminate the Jews, is the repudiation of the Nazis. I am telling you the Nazis are here right now seeking to destroy the Catholic Church. And bear in mind, according to British historian Michael Burleigh, himself no friend of the Catholic Church, when the German Nazis of the 1930's wanted to discredit Catholicism, one of the methods they used was to recycle old charges of sex abuse against priests in order to create the false illusion in people's minds that the church itself was an abusing institution."

the truth about cats and dogs

Twenty years ago, Father Nevin addressed the congregation in church at Kilcullen.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE had just discovered that a Bishop had fathered a child by his mistress.
The media were all excited.
They thought they were going to use the Bishop's social activities to stampede the faithful away from their shepherds.
Father Nevin looked at the congregation.
"So you think we've failed you," he said slowly. "Well you have failed us. MASSIVELY."
It was the most courageous thing I've ever heard.

A Bit Irish (By Medbh Gillard and James Healy)

"Well Doc, my problem is I'm just too much of a giver."

the three pronged devil's pitch fork

The present attempt to destroy the Catholic Church is notably different from the anti Catholic attacks of the past forty years in one respect.
Up to now we have become accustomed to various elements within the Judiciary and the media making it their business to seek the destruction of the Catholic Church.
But in the past their attacks were always two pronged.
It was always a conspiracy emanating from the Judiciary and articulated by the media.
Whether the object of the attacks was a campaign for abortion culture, contraceptive culture, the removal of the church from health and education, or simply the advocacy of permissive divorce legislation, the anti Catholic line of attack was usually devised by legal professionals and then propagandised through The Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and the State monopoly broadcaster RTE.
It was always a two pronged effort from shadowy figures in the legal profession and leftist commentators in the media.
The faceless Judicial power mongers were clearly in confederacy with the jeering sneering egomaniacal mouthpieces of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE. 
Now the attack is no longer two pronged.
It is no longer just elements in the Judiciary and elements in the media seeking to subvert the Catholic Church.
The latest attack has for the first time been three pronged.
As well as attacks emanating from the Judiciary and the media, a third prong has been thrust against the Church.
The third prong is within the Church itself.
The third prong is Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

try this one on for pfizer

The Irish Times and The Irish Independent have been uncritically championing a new survey from pharmaceutical company Pfizer relating to sexual activity among school children.
I note that Pfizer has a vested interest in promoting sexual activity among such school children.
Only if the children are sexually active will Pfizer be able to sell them contraceptive pills, abortificients, and of course the mainstay of their profit margins, lotions and creams for sexually transmitted diseases.
Don't expect abstinence counselling from those selfless billionaire drug selling heroes of Pfizer any time soon.
Ah yes.
Putting the people who devised the fake swine flu epidemic in charge of teaching sexual morality to your children.
Here is the news.
This is the Independent Newspapers and Irish Times vision for your children.
Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times want to scourge the Catholic Church from the schools and thereby prevent your children having access to the enlightened and eternal values of Christianity.
Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times wish to replace the Catholic Church with Pfizer.
They want to replace Christians with pornographers.
The motivating factor for the alliance of dud journalists with dud pharma, is the fact that Pfizer and the other pharmaceutical giants all have million dollar advertising budgets to spend.
Morality for Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times begins and ends with revenue.
The godless alliance between Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and amoral pharmaceutical companies, godless except for the fact that they worship hard cash and each other, means that all three are aligned in a malign attempt to debase the sexualities of children.
Get your money for nothing and debase kids sexualities for free, as the old Dire Straits song puts it.
Cost effective corruption of minors.
Isn't that right boys?
And don't it make you feel good.


The Johnston Press, publisher of the Leinster Leader and around 350 other newspapers throughout Ireland and Britain, has a vacancy for a REFRESH BAR OPERATOR.
Due to continued expansion at the Johnston Press online service (ie since the collapse in readership and sales and advertising at all their hardcopy titles) the company now has a need for a capable person who can log on repeatedly to the various internet titles and thereby create the illusion that they actually have some readers.
Applicants should note that the position has nothing to do with serving drinks.
The successful candidate will have a strong index finger for repeated pressing of the REFRESH BAR on his computer. Each time he presses the REFRESH BAR, a designated Johnston Press website will record a visit, allowing the Johnston Press to claim that there is multiple traffic, ie actual readers, on the site. That's how the gag works.
The position is full time and permanent, meaning you'll be fired only if you're with the company nearly long enough to have established a pension entitlement.
Candidates should be aware that the Johnston Press is the same Johnston Press that fired James Healy from the Leinster Leader, a newspaper they had purchased with 150 million dollars lent to them by idiot banks who have themselves since gone bust.
Candidates should be aware that the Johnston Press may cease to exist at any moment.
Salary is negotiable. You can choose between pennies, dimes, and magic beans.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

el applauso

The Applause.
Mariana Gabor's heart stirring monument at the national theatre in Buenos Aires, to actors and stage professionals who disappeared in the 1970's and 1980's during the period of Argentina's military dictatorship.
Most of them were leftists.
I wonder would I have had anything in common with any of them.
Oh to have the courage to stand up for what I believe.
Oh to be commemorated when I am gone, in such a way by such an artist.


eyre square in april
wind stirred the leaves
and school girls peddling
i really like mark
i think i love gary
meet me at the warwick
don't tell mary
trivial things are rare
as all the myths of yesteryear
and if i stood here ages hence
the talk would be no different

bloody myers

Kevin Myers wrote in the Irish Independent at the weekend that Ireland in 1975 had been practically a Catholic State with no divorce or contraception and no discussion of abortion in our parliament.
The bad old days, eh Kev.
No murders either of course.
But I suppose you atheists think those evil Catholics found some way to hush all the murders up.
I was surprised Kevin Myers wrote as he did about Ireland in 1975.
An atheistic clype he may be.
But normally he is at least an atheistic clype who does his research.
Of course from 1975 up until a few years ago when he defected to the Irish Independent, Kevin Myers was up to his neck in the Irish Times campaign to destroy the Catholic Church.
So perhaps he's not an entirely objective assessor of the Church he has despised and sought to vitiate from his youth.
The Irish Times detestation of Catholicism was certainly well in swing by 1975.
The only occasions when The Irish Times wrote any way favourably about Catholicism was when atheistic pro Soviet leftist journalists such as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's brother Seamus, were pretending that IRA terrorists somehow represented the aspirations of Catholic people in Northern Ireland.
Don't it make ya weep.
Nor was Ireland's urban culture generally Catholic.
A virulent anti clericalism had become prevalent in our big cities and universities from at least the 1960's.
The break down of law and order associated with 1960's sex culture had also made itself felt.
Crime gangs were already asserting themselves in Dublin and Limerick, extorting massive amounts of money from Ireland's major banks in return for allowing those banks to operate safely in city centre premises.
My sources say the banks were paying huge kickbacks to crime gangs from at least the 1970's.
By the 1980's the crime gangs would unleash a drugs holocaust on those same cities which was in part financed by the protection money the banks had given them.
The only connection to Catholicism in any of this, is that Catholic priests were the only ones who made any effort to minister to people in the inner city areas now being devastated by drugs.
There was no sign of Kevin Myers and his progressive sexually sophisticated oh so modern abortionist friends.
They were all out partying hearty.
Politically Ireland was no longer Catholic either.
From the 1960's, universities all over Ireland had been targeted for infiltration by hard left groups with links to Soviet Russia.
This infiltration included the academic establishment as well as student bodies.
Sinn Fein acted as a proxy for the Russians in infiltrating the Students Union movement in the 1970's.
Former 1980's Students Union chief Joe Duffy, who is presently a presenter on the anti Catholic broadcaster RTE Radio 1, has some very interesting stories to tell about his bedfellows during this period.
The reds weren't so much under the bed as in it, eh Joe.
But I digress.
(Too many eh's too. - Ed note.)
Kevin Myers is well aware of the anti Catholic leftist domination of university life in 1975, having attended university at this time and having previously imbibed all the anti Catholic cultural cretinisms of the era at his mother's teat.
His self image as a thinking man at war with a repressive Catholic society is far from the truth.
Kevin Myers was not a thinking man.
He was a conformist radical among a sea of conformist radicals.
None of them ever had an original thought in their lives.
And none of them ever had the balls to defend the unborn child.
By 1975 they were all of them slavering at the mouth for the murder of innocence.
Divorce in Ireland was legal in 1975 as Kevin Myers also knows.
It was called Divorce A Mensa A Toro.
Meaning divorce from the home and table.
It was divorce without the right to remarry.
This was an Irish way of discouraging the frivolous abandonment by males of their wives in later life, a category of desertion which has become oh so common in our country since those high minded enlightened sex mad activists from The Irish Times forced referendums in the 1980's and 1990's which finally scraped through with a less than one percent majority and of course resulted in full scale divorce legislation with the right to remarry and all the attendant social collapse and destruction of families that went with it.
Well done Kevin.
Well bloody done.
A lifetime championing conformist atheism.
And now at the end of your life you're going to champion the enslavement of the one true church.
You're a brave man Kevin.
By which I mean an abysmal coward.
You've seen all the atheistic half wits attacking the Catholic Church and you've leapt forward with the heroic battle cry of cravens everywhere: "Me too."
You're on the same side as John Cooney.
You're on the same side as Ian O'Doherty.
Amoebas Kevin.
Intellectual amoebas.
They perceive the taste of truth as little as a spoon perceives the taste of food.
Their undead souls will go down forever.
Come over to the forces of good Kevin.
Let's shake the pillars of this satanic conspiracy against the Catholic Church.
The air is clearer here Kevin.
The people are nicer.
And hey.
You get to go to heaven.

archbishop diarmuid martin's power play

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's power play within the Catholic Church in Ireland came to a head this weekend.
Before reporters and television cameras and specially chosen sex abuse victims who could be depended on to toe the Archbishop Diarmuid Martin line, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin read out a letter supposedly written by the Pope.
I have postulated that this letter was drafted by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin himself.
His former colleagues in the Vatican Diplomatic Corps would then have presented it for the Pope to sign.
The 82 year old Pope had been deliberately weakened in the run up to this by an orchestrated media attack suggesting the Pope had been personally remiss in his handling of a selected sex abuse case.
Ireland's highest ranking Catholic Church dignitary Cardinal Sean Brady had also been targeted in the same way at the same time, in order to leave the way clear for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to act as if Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was head of the Church in Ireland.
Let us be clear.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not speak for the Catholic Church in Ireland or anywhere else.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of the Bishops of Ireland whom he has attempted to ruin and drive from office at the behest of his media allies.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of Cardinal Sean Brady whom he has blatently attempted to ruin for the crime of not supporting Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's earlier attempts to ruin the Bishops.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of the faithful who by now recognise something very strange has taken up residence at the Archbishop's house in Dublin.
And Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not have the confidence of the Pope.
On Monday the anti Catholic newspapers were full of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's calls for extended Judicial investigations into the Catholic Church's handling of sex abuse cases.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin claimed that the investigations by Judge Yvonne Murphy must now be extended to every diocese in Ireland.
This is the power play.
It has become clear.
The Murphy commission is not in fact an investigation.
The Murphy commission is a permanent show trial intended to stampede the faithful away from their shepherds.
The sole purpose of the Murphy commission is to terminally weaken the Catholic Church and to remove it forever as a platform of influence for the people of Ireland.
The tiny minority of sex abuse victims who have actually been abused by priests, are merely tools in an atheistic kulturkampf being waged by Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, RTE, and shadowy members of parliament and the Judiciary.
The attempted insertion of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as head of the Catholic Church in Ireland is a key move in this power play.
We are facing a cosmic battle.

Monday, March 22, 2010

what it is

By Divyavibha Sharma.

on wings of darkness

it was only a name
when gloaming held the heather
and darkness drifted in
my soul took flight
through a world of winter
to where the curlew cried

Sunday, March 21, 2010

in hoc signo vinces


rose scent night takes the house
i sit in the front room
the world was made for the shroud
i am alone
but being alone know not peace
nor loneliness if such you call
for tonight is a night of ghosts
familial phantoms fill the hall
peter hayes with an outsize pig
best of breed at the county fair
middle of summer 1896
great great grandfather
john healy pale and gaunt
staring down a charging horse
bring the wayward animal to a halt
fifty years before my birth
granny berney of the floury hands
mixing up chicken slops
here's tuppence for being good
now run down to the shows
all night i've sat with the ghosts
while time and tide flowed soft
knowing not where i'll go
whence i came is good enough

my favourite miracles

It's my personal top ten miracles folks. In no particular order.

1. My Aunty Mary was walking on main street with her toddler Laura. Suddenly without any conscious decision, Aunty Mary picked up Laura and ran. Behind her she heard a crash and looked back. A trailer had broken free from a car and careened onto the footpath colliding with a wall where she'd been standing moments before with Laura.

2. My cousin Mycroft nearly drowned when she was thirteen. She was given back to us. It was that close.

3. Uncle Scutch nearly drowned in Australia. Same deal.

4. Kitty Reid in Kilcullen was sick in hospital. Her family were informed that there was no hope. They were brought up to the hospital bedroom to say goodbye to her. I am told they prayed to Jesus for a miracle through the intercession of Saint Padre Pio. She made a complete recovery.

5. My cousin Vinnie crashed a car out the Logstown Road. He was unhurt. The next day his father and a neighbour were looking at what was left of the car. "How did anyone get out of that alive?" said the neighbour. At that moment they saw a Medjugorje medal, ie a medal with the image of Our Lady Of Medjugorje imprinted on it, glinting in the wreckage. Vinnie's mother Aunty Pat was in the habit of secreting such medals in his coat pocket when he went out at night.

6. My dog Jess went missing at Halloween. I found her two miles out the road in pitch darkness in an old graveyard. I think I was guided to her.

7. My friend Vivian Clarke, proprietor of Clarkes Menswear in Newbridge, was knocked down by a car in Spain. Even though he couldn't see what had happened, he knew it was bad. While he was unconscious he prayed: "Please God. I don't mind if I'm in a wheelchair. I'll have no problem with that. Just let me live." He lived and is to be seen everyday hurrying from customer to customer in his shop in Newbridge.

8. While I was in America one Summer, every now and then I would send greetings to a friend in Ireland through my guardian angel. When I got back the friend told me: "It was so strange. You kept popping into my head at the oddest moments."

9. When I first came across the spiritual writings of Lutheran Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, I formed the notion that I would like to meet him. I wondered was he dead since the period he'd written about was the 1960's. The thought came to me very clearly that I would know when Richard Wurmbrand died. A few years later I picked up a copy of the anti Catholic Guardian newspaper in a cafe. I don't normally read it or pick it up. It contained an obituary for Richard Wurmbrand.

10. Depressed by my recurrent watching of pornography, feeling utterly defeated, I fell asleep one night and dreamed I was being uplifted by angels. I understood in the dream that even if I was totally defeated, the angels would come to uplift me. The next day I found myself smiling all the time. I realised I was smiling because the dream had an unusually real quality and for the first time in my adult life I was no longer afraid of death.

the evil that men do

A while ago news reports came in that a niece of Gerry Adams was accusing Gerry Adams of covering up for his brother who had sexually abused her.
In my view there is no doubt that the niece is telling the full truth.
The niece stated that she had gone to Gerry Adams for help while she was being abused by Gerry Adams' brother and he had not helped her.
There is substantial evidence that the father of Gerry Adams also abused other siblings within the Adams family circle.
Gerry Adams for many decades was a leading terrorist in Northern Ireland.
There is much blood on his hands.
He has since appeared to renounce violence and leads the Sinn Fein political party which he says is committed to constitutional politics.
Gerry Adams' second in command in Sinn Fein is Martin McGuinness.
Martin McGuinness, now a government Minister in Northern Ireland, is also a former terrorist with much blood on his hands.
Let me state at this point as an Irish man that I personally welcome Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to the political process. If they have sincerely repented of the murders and tortures they have been involved with as IRA terrorists, I absolutely forgive them.
With all my heart.
I note though that Martin McGuinness has continued to support Gerry Adams even after the revelations of Gerry Adams' niece about Gerry Adams' inaction to prevent rampant sex abuse within the broader Adams family circle.
When the news broke about sex abuse in Gerry Adams' family, I said quietly to my own father: "Did you ever think we would feel sympathy for Gerry Adams?"
For many years we like many other Irish people had abhorred the Adams family fetish for terrorism.
We had never known that while putting a nation through hell the Adams family had been living through hells of their own.
On to another matter.
The sum total of wrong doing which the media has sought to contrive and ascribe against Cardinal Sean Brady is that as a young priest Sean Brady took notes at a meeting where two teenage sex abuse victims gave depositions about the abuse they had suffered and were afterwards sworn to silence.
The media has claimed that because the young Sean Brady didn't rush from the meeting and inform the police, he is a concealer of child abuse.
The claim is fatuous and false.
And this week Martin McGuinness, the former terrorist with his hands steeped in blood, the same Martin McGuinness who has failed to speak against Gerry Adams' inaction over the abuses committed by Gerry Adams' brother, this very Martin McGuinness, and no other, has called for Cardinal Sean Brady to resign.
The irony is screaming.

anti catholic pogroms and the art of newspaper circulation maintenance

The newspapers have been failing.
It hasn't worked.
Their pogrom has backfired.
In the past when they launched an anti Catholic propaganda campaign, whether recycling old sex abuse allegations or campaigning for the legalisation of abortion, they might reasonably expect a slight though temporary increase in their readerships.
Now, nothing.
No cigar.
Their readerships continue to fall.
Through the floor.
That is why Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and even the non entity Daily Mail, have adopted a new strategy.
The deployment of token Catholics in their columns to attack the Catholic Church while protesting how much they love the Catholic Church.
Cynically maintaining their virulently anti Catholic persecutions, Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and The Daily Mail now each employ high profile token Catholics, more correctly understood as fake Catholics, in an attempt to convince Catholic readers to stay with them as the media persecution of the Catholic Church continues.
Thus we had the spectacle on Saturday of Daily Maily writer Kate Kerrigan claiming to be Catholic in one sentence and admitting she's an atheist in the next.
I read this with a wry smile.
Katie Kerrigan has never been a Catholic.
But now in return for hard cash from the Daily Mail, a Catholic she's claiming to be. Along with Brenda Power and Fiona Looney, she's peddling the same tired old line in the same tired old paper.
The sum total of Kerrigan, Power and Looney's spirituality being a selfless devotion to providing the Daily Mail with plausible deniability for its amoral anti Catholic irreligious hedonist pagan mercantilism.
The whole thing reeks of evil.
The Irish Times token Catholic, Breda O'Brien was also engaging in her specialised hand wringing routine on Saturday.
Willing to ascribe guilt to Cardinals and Bishops at a whim.
But always reminding us of how much she loves the church.
Hey Breda.
The only reason they pay you the sixty grand is because you allow them to pretend they're not a bigoted anti Catholic publication with no Catholic employees.
It's business Breda.
That's all they're interested in Breda.
You're helping the Nazis to hide in plain sight.
Over at the Irish Independent, token Catholic David Quinn is performing much the same function.
It must be more embarassing for David Quinn.
Independent Newspapers' anti Catholicism is extremist, rabid, hate filled, and malign.
Particularly when compared to the gentler more sophisticated pseudo intellectual bigotries of The Irish Times.
There's no subtlety in Independent Newspapers.
Subtlety is one thing I'll never accuse them of.
But Independent Newspapers holds pole position in the present conspiracy against the Catholic Church, a conspiracy that is only beginning to come into view.
It is Independent Newspapers religious affairs correspondent John Cooney who appears to be acting as some sort of handler for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the machiavellian former diplomat that the media wants installed as head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
If the conspiracy had its beginnings among elements within the Irish Times and the Judiciary, it has had its loudest crassest most vile exponents in Independent Newspapers.
And still David Quinn soldiers on.
Collecting the top flight salary which Independent Newspapers considers he's worth because he enables them to pursue their arrant persecutions beneath a thin veneer of balance and credibility.
David Quinn is surrounded by scoundrels who are labouring shamelessly and shamefully to overthrow the Catholic Church.
But that don't bother David Quinn.
Like Breda O'Brien and the atheist Kate Kerrigan, he's only here for the beer.
I mean for the money.
David Quinn occasionally expresses mild dissent from the bigoted onslaught of his colleagues against Venerable Cardinals and Bishops.
But his dissent is expressed in a manner that never threatens to upset the apple cart or to cost him his lovely pay checque.
The money is good and the suntan is free, isn't that right David.
And at the end of the day.
Business is business.

an open letter to archbishop diarmuid martin

God is on the side of the big newspaper groups, eh Archy?
James Healy