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Thursday, February 04, 2016


1.Almost from the beginning of hostilities in 2011, Al Qaeda Islamists hijacked the Syrian rebellion against the government of Bashar Al Assad and made it their own.

2. President Barack Obama of the United States has supported various Islamist factions in Syria with massive amounts of cash, arms, and materiel. President Obama has in pursuing this incompetent intervention claimed to be supplying only moderate factions in the Syrian civil war. My analysis is that there are no moderate factions in the Syrian civil war.

3. The supposedly moderate factions supported by President Obama have used the aid they received to establish a buffer zone protecting the more blatantly Al Qaeda factions from the Syrian army.

4. Several years into the conflict, the Isis brand of Al Qaeda's terror franchise, emerged and declared a caliphate, ie an Islamic state.

5. Isis emerged overnight as a fully trained army capable of offensive action across Syria and Iraq.

6. Isis unleashed a reign of terror across both countries involving torture, head hacking, immolations, child sex slavery, dismemberment and sundry other horrors. Within a short period Isis also began mounting international terror strikes in Western and other countries.

7. Somebody trained, provisioned and succoured Isis.

8. That somebody was the Islamist government of Turkey.

9. The United Nations has been involved in Syria since the war began in a supposedly humanitarian role. The problem with United Nations style humanitarianism, is that by aiding and succouring the Muslim terror groups who have so often caused the conflicts that have led to various humanitarian crises in the first place, groups that are certainly prime movers in their continuance, the United Nations extends such conflicts indefinitely, viz Somalia (24 years and counting) and Palestine (66 years and counting.)

10. The preponderance of recent United Nations actions in Syria, has involved negotiating escape deals for Isis terror units trapped in cities they have laid waste. What Isis has done to the people in those cities is obscene. But what the United Nations has done in negotiating deals allowing Isis to escape the consequences of its actions, is beyond obscene. The United Nations negotiates these deals routinely on the pretext that by evacuating Isis, the United Nations can then feed any starving survivors among the civilian population in the cities that Isis has laid waste. I am suggesting that as part of this essentially invidious process, a substantial coterie of United Nations officials are colluding with Isis to provision its terror armies in the field.

11. Remember. The United Nations excuse for negotiating escape deals for Isis and Al Qaeda terror armies besieged in Syrian cities, is that the negotiations and evacuations, give the United Nations a chance to feed civilians in areas up to this point controlled by Isis and Al Qaeda, Of course Isis and Al Qaeda seize substantial portions of the food aid. In effect the United Nations is feeding Isis and Al Qaeda terror armies in the field, enabling them to elude the sieges that have trapped them, and thereby extending the Syrian conflict indefinitely.

12. In January this year, following a United Nations negotiated escape for an Isis field army from the suburbs of Damascus, the United Nations shipped the Isis army in a convoy back to Raqaa, the de facto capital of the Isis Caliphate. Within days Isis used its freed army to attack other cities in Syria, to murder hundreds of elderly people in residences far from the front lines, and to kidnap at least 400 men, women and children.

13. I am suggesting that Isis military capacity has been preserved for three years by the United Nations, by aid from President Obama of the United States, and by Turkey's full scale assistance. You couldn't make this up.

14. The rebellion against the Assad government may have had legitimacy to begin with. It has no legitimacy now. It is an Al Qaeda rebellion.

15. When former American President George Bush liberated Iraq from the Saddam Hussein murderocracy, Turkey, a member of the Nato alliance, refused to allow basing and staging in Turkish territory for the invasion. Turkey abandoned its feigned loyalty to Nato for the duration of the liberation of Iraq.

16. Turkey is now suggesting that anyone going to war with Turkey over Syria is in fact going to war with Nato. Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter jet in the region and rightly fears a strong Russian response.

17. Nato and indeed the rest of us, should make clear to the Islamist government of Turkey, that we are not going to war on their behalf, now or ever with Russia or anyone else.

18. The Russian government of Vladimir Putin has intervened decisively in Syria in the past six months, preventing the fall of the Assad government to Al Qaeda, Isis and the other Islamist factions backed by President Obama of the United States.

19. President Putin is in my view a very dangerous, very great, very bad man, most likenable to Stalin.

20. Just as we accepted Stalin's actions when he finally turned against Hitler, we should accept Putin's actions in Syria at the moment. We should at no time countenance a war with Putin on behalf of Isis or Al Qaeda or Turkey or President Obama's reputation.

21. Al Qaeda and Isis were able to establish themselves in Syria and Iraq solely because President Obama, in seeking to criminalise the actions of his predecssor President Bush, withdrew American forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. Those forces should have been left in place as garrisons for fifty years, as was done after World War Two in countries liberated from Nazi Germany, to prevent the Russian Soviet communists from simply walking off with Europe.

22. It is too late to prevent the Russian President Vladimir Putin's incursion into Syria.

23/ That incursion is in any case in our strategic interest just as the Russian communist attrition of Nazi Germany was in our interest on the Eastern Front during World War Two. The Communists, like Mr Putin, were always villains. But the Russian people were not. We need the Russian people in the present conflict. President Obama would have handed Syria over to Al Qaeda by now if the Russians had not called a halt.

24. It makes no sense to allow Muslims to shoot their own countries to pieces and then allow the same Muslims to in-migrate into Europe.

25, Allowing United Nations notions of entitlement for refugees to apply in these scenarios will immerse Europe in a new Islamist Dark Ages.

26. In Europe we should end immigration from Islamic dominated regions, re-establish our borders and expel all Jihadis.

27. In Syria, we should let the Russians finish the job.

protestants and catholics

The division between Protestant and Catholic Christians became apparent about five hundred years ago.
It seems to me that what unites us is greater than what divides us.
The Catholic Church has defended the sanctity of life through two thousand years.
But in recent times I can't help feeling it was the Protestants of America who led the way in showing us how to have the courage of our convictions in defending the unborn child and all who are vulnerable against the culture of death implicit in abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.
The Catholic reverence for the word of God in the Bible is a treasure of humanity and has led to the foundation of Western education, the university system and the availability of schooling for all.
But it is often Protestants who really know the Bible and can speak of it most readily with wisdom, insight and holiness.
I hold with the English writer CS Lewis in his considerations of the divisions between Catholics and Protestants.
His simple comment was something along the lines of: "What wonderful opportunities our differences give us to show charity towards each other."
If some Protestants have reservations about the Catholic reverence for the blessed virgin Mary, why then this may be a helpful counsel of caution for us with regard to those who include themselves in our number and who, rather adventurously it often seems, claim to be getting direct messages from the blessed mother.
If Catholics insist on the ancient unity of the church, this too may be helpful for Protestants whose free thinking interpretations of scriptural authority, may tend sometimes towards fragmentation.
Between believing Catholics and believing Protestants there is very little difference.
We complete each other.

a short monograph on prison reform

1. No prisoner should have to live in fear of any other prisoner.

2. Irish prisons are ruled by the IRA and associated mafias.

3. The single necessary step to improve prison conditions for all prisoners in Irish prisons is to break the power of gangland within prisons.

4. Prisoners should not be able to associate with other prisoners.

5. No visitors should be allowed for IRA and associated mafia members.

6. Mafia members should be dispersed, preferably to prisons overseas (I would suggest the maximum security prisons in Russia or America.) This can be done more cost effectively than the present system.

7. The rulership of gangs over Irish prisons is the cause of above 90 percent of inhumanity, cruelty, torture and murder in Irish prisons.

8. Gang culture in prisons is the single greatest inhibitor preventing prisoners from healing or reforming.

9. By isolating gang members we can prevent them recruiting for their gangs. We can stop them terrorising other inmates. We can end their use of prison as a training ground for their nefarious activities.

10. The false humanitarianism of allowing gangs to control the prisons has left Ireland with the cruellest prison regimes in Europe.

la grande illusion

The bankrupt Irish Times newspaper has endorsed the government policy of giving names to storms, as a key strategy in spreading awareness of climate change.
In fact Ireland's Fine Gael Labour combo government have more or less taken to naming every gust of wind these days.
What next?
Naming individual raindrops maybe.
I can see a public information film featuring Prime Minister Enda Kenny in a nun's habit dancing on the Wicklow Mountains while singing: "Climb every rain drop."
(On a bicycle wearing a cowboy hat, singing Raindrops keep falling on my head, surely? - Ed note)
Meanwhile our bankrupt State controlled television stations recycle footage of flooded fields with no overall data presented as to how many people have been affected and whether or not there is any increase in the numbers affected over previous years.
The flood plains of Irish rivers flood all the time.
Only recently have the climate change promoters begun claiming that a flooded flood plain is a sign of anything other than a flood plain flooding.
Thus the climate change fiction gathers momentum.
I wonder what our new Muslim overlords will make of it all.