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Friday, June 03, 2016


(celebrating the 1916 Rising with the Heelers Diaries)

A writer called Paul Aspell has published an article in the Bridge magazine in which he openly excoriates teh violence of those who took part in the 1916 Rising.
He lives in a small town where I live, and has enough on his plate without me being on his side.
I suppose we wouldn't agree on any subject you care to mention.
I regard him as a life long anti Catholic, progressive, liberal, atheist.
And I don't use those words as compliments.
But his article took real courage as well as real insight.
I have to say it.
In small towns in Ireland there can be consequences for those who would defy the secret brotherhood of evil that is the IRA.
Of course the alternative is slavery.
Slavery to the IRA.
Slavery to Muslim Jihadis.
Slavery to whatever.
I hope there will be more Paul Aspells in the years to come.

how does the IRA Sinn Fein terrorist mafia subvert the irish national lottery

It has been a bad week for the Rah.
One of their old timers keeling over dead in his vegetable patch on a one way ticket to that great H Block in the sky; Another couple of Capos convicted in court by an IRA mafia Judge no less (although a couple more were let off at the same time by the same Judge); Yet another Capo Sean Quinn being once more forced out of the companies he originally used to help the IRA stage the burglarisation of its own bank Anglo Irish Bank (through illegal billion dollar "loans" to Quinn himself); A manager at the former Quinn controlled company defying an IRA assassin who attempted to intimidate him into reinstating Sean Quinn, said defiance according to newspaper reports including the classic line: "Pull the f--king trigger or f--k off." A Black Jacket IRA disruptor at a ceremony of reconciliation between Ireland and Britain getting bundled out of the park by the Canadian ambassador: IRA skang gangs shooting each other to death on the streets of Dublin; And so on.
But it hasn't been all bad news for the heroic drug dealing murderers of the IRA and their proxy political party Sinn Fein.
Today the National Lottery announced it would pay out an eight million Euro prize for last week's Draw, a sum it had initially refused to pay for reasons it still refuses to publicly clarify. The winner collected his money this afternoon. Understandably he has chosen to remain anonymous.
Previous gangland winners made the mistake of allowing their identities to be published, which in turn led many to realise that the IRA and its gangland associates have found a way to rig the National Lottery.
Actually they've found several ways.
How does the IRA fix the National Lottery?
These are the salient methodologies we should consider.

1. A ticket issuing machine is altered so that it can issue tickets after the Draw takes place but dated and timed to before the Draw taking place. This is the method that the National Lottery believed the IRA had used to win this week's eight million prize.

2. A machine at Lottery Head Quarters is compromised so that the actual winning numbers can be programmed into it. This is the method some observers suggest was used by the Limerick City gang banger who won a Ninety Million prize in the European Lottery.

3. The False Claim Method. For this to work, the conspirators require a lowly member of staff selling Lottery tickets in a local shop to be willing to cooperate with them. The conspirators purchase a Lottery ticket each week. It is only necessary for them to buy one ticket. They must now wait until a single winner of a large Jackpot is announced with the ticket having been purchased at the shop where the ticket clerk is cooperating in their scam, They then claim to have had the winning numbers and to have been given the wrong ticket by the collaborating ticket clerk, and to have only discovered their collaborating clerk's error when the winning numbers were called out on the television. The ticket clerk says: "Gee yeah, now that I think of it, I did give them the wrong ticket." The IRA scammers now have a stateable case against both the Lottery and the shop that handles the ticket sales. Naturally enough they will not be suing the lowly teenager who works on the till and who is in fact their accomplice in this part of the scam. In one memorable example of this methodology, the IRA scammers made their false claim, initiated court proceedings, and were rewarded outside the court with a settlement worth a million Euro, ie they were given half the Lottery prize by the legitimate winners who were nice people and believed the nonsense story the scammers were peddling. By the way, not content with cheating honest people and the National Lottery, the scammers continued with their court case against the local shop that sold them the ticket. This shop has of course since closed. None of this is a victimless crime. The scammers using the False Claims method were close relatives of a gangster who was shot to death on his doorstep by other gangsters. I had a particular interest in the case because I formerly worked with a daughter of the scammer family in a now defunct newspaper. I thought she was a nice girl.

the rights of man(iacs)

Met the teacher sitting in a cafe.
He looked a bit ashen.
"What's wrong?"
"We just had a ceremony at the school. The place was full of Special Branch cops. They were there to protect one of the kids. He's a nephew of one of the Hutch gangsters. The Special Branch were worried the Kinahans might burst in and kill him. It's all getting a bit too  much."
"Why exactly do you allow the Hutches into your school?"
"We have to."
"So the other kids have to have their childhood's smeared because you guys are so nice you won't exclude a gang banger's son from your school?"
"That's about it."

archie and hutch

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has spoken out against the Hutch IRA mafia skang gang.
You're arriving a little late at this party Archie.
Ho hum.
Meanwhile as expressly instructed by Archie, ordinary priests and nuns are compelled to profane the sanctity of the Faith by conducting glamorous Catholic funerals for drug dealing Hutch IRA gangbangers killed in the course of their gang war with that other notorious drug dealing IRA faction the Kinahan gang which is also incidentally as per your instructions accustomed to receiving glamorous Catholic funerals profaning our churches and our communities whenever one of their blitzers gets iced on his own petard.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
But Archie if you really oppose the Hutch IRA murder gang, why not simply prohibit Catholic funerals for Hutch IRA gang bangers?
Instead of leaving any act of defiance of the IRA to lowly isolated priests, and nuns, and, er, me?
It is interesting to note that the most anti Catholic newspaper group in Western Europe, styled Independent Newspapers, continues its efforts to promote Archie as the head of the Catholic church in Ireland by glowingly publishing his every pronouncement on diverse matters.
If Archie is not what I say he is (a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, ie an IRA skang banger himself) then what the hell is he?
In any case he remains (regardless of what I think of him) a regional Archbishop, roundly distrusted by other Bishops and priests and nuns and believing Christians generally, for his willingness in collusion with Independent Newspapers, along with the Stalinist State broadcaster RTE and the bankrupt Bolshevick Irish Times, to contrive for ye aforementioned Bishops, priests, nuns and faithful, a presumption of guilt re their handling of sex abuse cases forty years ago and to remove from them the right to defend themselves when their reputation is impugned by showboating scoundrels in politics and media,
Archie is most assuredly not head of anything Catholic in Ireland.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

film review

Mad Max 4 Fury Road
Director George Miller.

Why didn't they just take Mad Max outside and shoot him?
(They tried that before. Mad Max 3 was an even worse film - Ed note)

retired police officer alan baileys comments regarding annie mccarrick

Alan Bailey is a retired Irish police officer who spent some years in charge of Operation Trace which was supposed to be targeting those responsible for the disappearance, torture and murder of human beings in Ireland.
As regards the more high profile cases, Mr Bailey and his team singularly failed to get results.
They rescued no one.
They convicted no murderers.
They brought no one to trial.
Recently Mr Bailey told reporters that there were no serial killers in Ireland.
His statement flies in the face of what other expert police officers have stated and believe.
His statement also flies in the face of what international experts from the FBI have stated and believe.
Mr Bailey has claimed that in the case of one missing woman, Annie McCarrick, he has received information that she may have been killed by a supposed IRA hitman, now said (by Mr Bailey) to be living in America.
If such a fellow exists, and is not merely an excuse for Mr Bailey's failure to capture the real culprits, it is time to bring him home and to find out if there is any reason to suggest he was responsible for the death of Annie McCarrick.
We need to re-establish public confidence in the police in this matter and to rule out any possibility that elements of the Irish police force weren't really trying to capture Larry Murphy and his coven and any other serial killers who are loose in our country.

the theatrical succession

years fled away
ham actors chewing up the stage
in their anodyne atheistic little play
stand now as one
with those who hammed
in shakespeare's day
and there's something very old and very fine and very grand
in this damp tacky theatre off clubland

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

book review

Title: 'Missing Presumed...' by Alan Bailey

The title is a little coy for me.
Plain speaking in these matters is always the best.
More respectful to the victims too.
Let me be clear.
The people missing in Ireland of whom Mr Bailey writes are missing presumed kidnapped, raped, tortured and slaughtered.
There is no other viable presumption about them.
So to the book itself.
I do not sense in Bailey's writing any of the campaigning style that I am looking for.
There's no urgent appeal to end the corrupt civil and judicial culture in Ireland whereby mafia judges and mafia cops conspire to set murderers at liberty.
There's no call for the reintroduction and carrying out of the death penalty.
There's no exposition at all of what we're dealing with in the collapse of law across our nation and the rise of the IRA and its parliamentary proxies in Sinn Fein as a murderous secret society wielding executive power in every town and village.
There's nothing here at all really.
Just a list of details about people who have gone missing.
I was left asking: What is this book meant to be?
An entertainment?
The blurb on the dust jacket informs us that the author led something called Operation Trace.
Operation Trace was an Irish police investigation which spent 13 years supposedly searching for missing persons without finding any of them, and without arresting any of the people who kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered them,
They found no one.
They rescued no one.
They convicted no one.
It is an astonishing achievement.
And not to Detective Bailey's credit.
The only time I was aware of Operation Trace actually doing anything positive was when its members used the family of a missing person to silence my commentaries and media speculation about the release of a torturer and rapist called Larry Murphy from an Irish jail.
The police prevailed upon the family to appeal to media commentators to stop asserting that Larry Murphy had killed their family member and others.
Well out of respect for the family, this certainly stopped me.
Though the logic used by the police is again... not to their credit.
In my view the police inveigled that family to make their appeal, because the open expression of commentary about Larry Murphy and his associates' guilt in serial killing crimes in Ireland was starting to make the police look crassly incompetent,
Rapist kidnapper Larry Murphy had no concerns about the fairness of comments calling him a kidnapping torturing murdering rapist.
We know this because he didn't sue.
The improbable police excuse for their action in manipulating the family of a missing person to silence media commentary on Larry Murphy's release was that perhaps media commentary would discourage someone with information from coming forward,
This is the calibre of Detective Alan Bailey and his colleagues in Operation Trace and indeed it is the calibre of his book.
The book does contain confirmation of some salient details which I had personally sought to bring into the public domain about the known case involving Larry Murphy where his known victim having been kidnapped, terrorised, raped and tortured was rescued apparently by two hunters.
She was rescued as Larry Murphy tried to strangle her,
Bailey points out that Larry Murphy had for months stalked this victim like a hunter.
He also confirms that one of Larry Murphy's cousins has a conviction for murder.
He even shows quite precisely how Larry Murphy avoided answering questions in court by pleading guilty and how a liberal judge then gave him a pattycake sentence and how the prison service eventually let him out of jail years early for what they call good behaviour.
But Bailey has precious little original insight to offer in his writing or analysis.
I do not know him but I have no regard for him in his conduct of the investigations regarding the matters described in his book.
The dust jacket again tells us that he works as a volunteer in a Capuchin Day Care facility in Dublin which helps homeless people.
This does not impress me.
I've met gangland in prayer groups.
They seemed like very nice people.
It's very hard to discern what they really are.
This book by Alan Bailed left me wondering what Alan Bailey really is.
And what the Irish police force really is.
I say it again.
Operation Trace traced no one.
The IRA is known to have infiltrated the police and judiciary in Ireland.
Is it possible that IRA rat lines in the police and judiciary are preventing justice for the people kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by Larry Murphy and his ilk?
This is a postulation I call intersections of depravity.
We'll know one day.
There is nothing unknown that will not be known.
Alan Bailey does introduce an IRA theme in his writing about a missing person called Annie McCarrick.
But here the IRA theme reads like a red herring.
I thought it was irresponsible and inconsistent of Mr Bailey to assert what he asserted in regard to th fate of Annie McCarrick.
Consider this.
We know murderers sometimes run pass defence for each other.
In one case in Ireland recently a convicted murderer in jail confessed to the additional murder of missing woman Fiona Pender and to yet another additional murder of one of the girls whose family do not want me to comment on her case.
Fiona Pender's mother immediately spoke out stating: "I know who killed my daughter and it wasn't that man who claims to have done it."
Her statement ended the bullsh-t.
But it almost seemed at the time as though the police themselves would have been happy to accept the nonsense testimony of an imprisoned killer trying to derail two investigations on behalf of persons not all that unknown but simply uncaught and unconvicted by those same police.
I am likening this piece of attempted pass defence by a jailed murderer on behalf of other murderers, to the testimony Mr Baily claims he received from someone in the IRA about someone else in the IRA who Mr Bailey's supposed IRA source supposedly thinks may have killed Annie McCarrick.
Mr Bailey claims that the man he suspects of killing Annie is currently in the USA.
Oh yes?
And why haven't you extradited him?
Or launched a media or political campaign to bring him to justice?
What exactly is going on here Mr Bailey?
I'll leave the last word to retired police Detective Alan Bailey.
This week the Irish Independent newspaper claims retired police Detective Alan Bailey, former head of Operation Trace, told them that there were never any serial killers involved in the cases of women who went missing in Ireland in the 1990s and that the woman all knew their abductors.
I'll let his comment stand though I disagree with it profoundly.
It is a measure of the man.

First published Summer 2015

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

a brief but helpful guide to the IRA Sinn Fein skang gangs currently shooting ireland to pieces

Here is the news. The current gangland war in Ireland is being waged between IRA cell gangs which have mutated into full time drug dealing mafias. The main ones are:

1. The Hutch Gang who style themselves Continuity IRA.

2. The Kinahane Gang who style themselves Real IRA.

3. AN Other drug dealing mafia who style themselves the New IRA.

4. AN Other drug dealing mafia who style themselves the INLA. The INLA was originally set up to pose as a separate group in order to provide the IRA with plausible deniability for its more psychotic terrorist murders.

Intern these without trial. Take their children into care so that they cannot perpetuate the IRA mafia beyond another generation. Strip all of them of citizenship.