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Sunday, June 30, 2013

the bear in mind column

Bear in mind that the corrupt super thieves David Drumm, Sean Fitzpatrick, et al (particularly Al, I hate him) knew they were being recorded on Anglo Irish Bank's internal security system any time they rang each other within the bank.
Bear in mind that it is highly likely that they will have laced the preponderance of conversations they knew were being recorded on the banks own internal security system, with exculpatory material designed to provide plausible deniability for themselves and their accomplices.
Bear in mind that Drumm and his accomplices made these tapes themselves on a bank recording system they designed themselves.
Bear in mind that it is likely their comments about the accountancy firm Merill Lynch turning against them were deliberately inserted into the record, through phones converstaions Drumm knew were being taped, expressly to conceal Merill Lynch's complicity in their crimes.
Bear in mind that when Drumm and Co say "the other banks think we're lending to cowboys," they are endeavouring to conceal the fact that they were in fact burgling their own bank by lending billions to their friends who then paid them hundreds of millions under the table with the express understanding that none of the illegally granted billion dollar loans were ever going to be repaid to the bank.
Bear in mind that Independent Newspapers still hasn't admitted which of the police officers they routinely bribe, illegally handed over the tapes to Independent Newspapers.
Bear in mind that there is legitimate public concern as to why police officers would be handing over evidence from the world's greatest ever fraud crime, the theft of a nation no less, to Independent Newspapers.
Bear in mind that corrupt bankrupt banks recently cancelled at least three hundred million dollars worth of debt to Independent Newspapers with at least another five hundred million dollars of debt shelved. You and I are repaying Independent Newspapers debts to collapsed gangster banks, the same banks that collapsed precisely because Independent Newspapers refused to pay them the money they owed them.
Bear in mind that the corruptly obtained billion dollar personal fortunes of Independent Newspapers proprietors Denis O'Brien and Tony O'Reilly have been left untouched by the government of Enda Kenny, which believes you and I were born to keep Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien in BMW's.