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Saturday, November 14, 2015

today they said

(in the aftermath of the muslim attack on Paris)

Pope Francis: "This is not human,"

James Healy: "Those people are actually human. And they are here Frank because you caused the collapse of immigration law in Europe last year through your appeals for compassion towards refugees made during your visits to the refugee camp at Lampedusa. This is your work Franky baby. How about letting the real Pope have his job back?"

President Recip Teyap Erdogan of Turkey: "This is an attack on all of us."

James Healy: "No. It's an attack on us by Islamists like yourself Mr Erdogan. It is an attack on the Free World not Turkey. It is an attack by Al Qaeda's Isis franchise, which you Turks have trained, supplied, financed, and succoured every step of the way. You've allowed them free access to manoeuvre and resupply on Turkish territory. You have been complicit with them every step of the way in your eagerness to destroy the Kurds whom Isis are targetting. But even if today you are anxious to pretend to be opposed to Isis why not stop purchasing their oil to being with."

President Francois Hollande of France: "This is an act of war. We will fight this war pitilessly."

James Healy: "Words are cheap Francois. You need to stop aborting unborn babies. You need to stop dealing abortion pills to the world. You need to stop euthanising the elderly. You need to repent of your fornications with your various mistresses. You need to go to church. And then you need to get up off your fat arse and lead us."


This is what should have happened...
We should have woken up this morning to the news that the French had levelled Raqaa, that it was gone, that it was an ex caliphate. When Amnesty International shrieked "oh the humanity," President Francois Hollande should have replied: "Allez vous faire foutre  Musulmanes batardes. (Go f--- yourself you Muslim b-----ds."
All European governments should then have announced the end of funding to the Palestinian terrorist statelet.
All European governments should have announced the immediate expulsion of known Jihadis.
By midday we should have seen footage of the first mass expulsions from France of all Jihadis who had been under surveilance. If they were known Jihadis under suveilance that should have been enough reason to stop them living among us. All of them. They should have been gone by midday today.
By evening the Germans should have dismissed Chancellor Merkel whose free entry policy to Europe for Muslims had facilitated the latest Jihad murders in Paris and other Jihad attacks.
By nightfall the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny should have announced the recall of the Irish navy from the Mediterranean where it has been shipping Jihadis from Libya into Europe.

Here's what actually happened...
An awful lot of hand wringing.
Oh and late in the evening a French high speed train derailed with ten dead.
I would suggest the derailed train is more Jihad.
The irony is screaming.

Delenda est Jihadis

Friday, November 13, 2015

the muslims that ate paris

11pm Irish Time.
Midnight in France.
Tonight Muslims from Al Qaeda's Isis franchise are once more slaughtering Europeans in the streets of Paris.
I hope the French don't get into a standoff over the hostages the Muslims are holding.
The French should go in straight away and destroy whoever has taken these hostages.
If the hostages die, let them die our way.
Don't let the Muslims decide anything in regard to how this turns out.
This is an attack on all of us.
Come on France.
No stand off.
No siege.
No showboating Jihadis watching themselves on television.
Do not allow the Muslims five minutes to hog the headlines.
End them.
The Muslims have attacked Paris to try and save face at the death of their most famous head hacker Jihad John (Mohammed Emwazi by birth) who was sent home to Allah earlier today in an airstrike.
Unfortunately the death of Emwazi has not overly inconvenienced his family and connections who are still swanning around London dining out on their notoriety and firmly clutching their British passports.
And the Muslim Brotherhood's Irish capo Sheikh Halawa is still sitting like a pasha on his cushions at the Clonskeagh Mosque while the Irish government scramble to get his terrorist son released from prison in Egypt.
And the German Chancellor Frau Angela Merkel is still throwing open the doors of Europe to any Muslim claiming to be a refugee.
And the Irish navy continues its holiday in the Mediterranean assisting mafia people traffickers by picking up boatload after boatload of Muslim interlopers off the coast of Libya and shipping them direct to Italy.
The Jihadis are playing us.
Personally I wouldn't have it.
Let the game end tonight.
Secure the borders of Europe.
Expel them.
All of them.

the little drummer boy

An American Court is currently hearing appeals for bail from IRA super thief David Drumm.
Drumm is in custody pending a court decision on an Irish request for extradition.
The Court has heard such weighty evidence as a letter from Drumm's dear old Mum and additional heart rending letters from his family and near relatives.
Drumm bankrupted Ireland overnight in the Anglo Irish Bank scam by the simple process as a senior officer at the IRA controlled bank of giving illegal billion dollar loans to IRA mafia proxies posing as businessmen and then using corrupt Fianna Fail politicians Brian Cowan and Brian Lenihan to sign the Irish people up to paying the IRA's debts.
I would note that a former leader of Ireland's other main stream political party Fine Gael, Mr Alan Dukes gave a veneer of cross party non partisanship to this scam, by agreeing to accept Lenihan and Cowan's request that he would take personal control of Anglo Irish Bank.
Another Fine Gael politician Cllr John McCartin has recently helped IRA proxie businessman Sean Quinn to regain control of the front companies Quinn allowed the IRA to use in order to bankrupt Ireland.
It was the perfect blag.
And Ireland faces the same IRA infiltration of its Judiciary and political parties as Italy has faced for the past fifty years from Cosa Nostra.
The IRA has turned Ireland into a narco mafia State.
Drumm and his accomplice Sean Fitzpatrick and their IRA businessman proxy friend Sean Quinn robbed every man, woman and child in the nation, burglarised every household, every day, for the next hundred years.
Even though I have no confidence that Ireland's mafia infiltrated court system can try Drumm, I would appeal to the American Courts not to release him.
The time he spends in custody with the Americans is probably going to be the only punishment he gets for putting Ireland in the Third World.

Monday, November 09, 2015

sympathy with the feldwebel

Colonel Kramer stared aghast at the empty compound and the gaping prisoners' tunnel under the fence.
"Feldwebel Steiner," he bawled.
Feldwebel Steiner arrived at a run and saluted smartly.
"Feldwebel Steiner," rasped the Colonel in a businesslike voice, "all ze British prisoners have escaped. Report the matter at once to General Vortzel."