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Saturday, November 10, 2012

it couldn't happen here surely

The super soaraway phone tapping police bribing politician subverting naked lady publishing Rupert Murdock owned bankrupt Sun newspaper, and its allies, yesterday published a statement from a man called Steve Messham claiming to have been sexually abused while a child by former British Conservative Party Chairman Lord McAlpine.
Today Steve Messham has apologised and retracted his utterly false allegations.
Of course Lord McAlpine unlike Jimmy Savile is still alive to defend his reputation.
Interesting what!

the reputation of the supersoaraway phone tapping police bribing politician subverting naked lady publishing sun newspaper versus jimmy savile

The Sun newspaper this week asserted that Jimmy Savile was a suspect in the murders committed by the Yorkshire Ripper and his friends in the 1970's and 1980's.
The source cited by the Sun for its claim was none other than a former actress called Nikki whose most notable work up to now was in providing the female interest on a salacious television comedy programme called The Benny Hill Show.
Nikki's statement was as follows: "I once met a South African doctor who has since died and who told me that the police got him to make a plaster cast of Jimmy Savile's teeth because he said they suspected Jimmy Savile of the Yorkshire Ripper murders."
Anybody out there convinced that this is genuine testimony?
Should we be disquieted that the super soaraway bankrupt Sun paid her for her statement?
Should we care that bankrupt newspapers have devised a new business model for themselves in ruining the reputations of deceased celebrities whose supposed promiscuity they had formerly lionised?
The Sun and Sky News (both owned by Judge Rupert Murdock) continue to claim that the Savile family now accepts the allegations of sex abuse against Jimmy Savile.
This is another deliberately misleading piece of agit prop.
The family have accepted no such thing.
A nephew of Jimmy Savile's, who does not speak for the family, has continued to say what he has said from Day One, in return for financial inducements from various newspapers, that he personally believes his uncle was guilty.
Nobody except this nephew has spoken to the media from the Savile family.
And finally Esther.
The Sun, Sky News and other bankrupt media groups involved in trying to promote themselves via the destruction of Jimmy Savile, have been implying that Jimmy Savile was involved in abuse at the Haut La Garenne children's home on the island of Jersey.
This case is close to my heart.
I myself  believe a devil worship ring abused and murdered children at Haut La Garenne for many decades.
I have attempted in a modest way to focus public attention on the story.
As part of their anti Jimmy Savile campaign the Sun and other newspapers have been selectively quoting Alan Harper one of the police investigators in the Jersey case.
I consider Alan Harper to be an honorable man.
He was in my view taken off the Jersey case for going after the truth in too determined a manner.
But the Sun and friends are disingenuous in quoting Mr Harper.
Mr Harper's only statement vis a vis Jimmy Savile appears to be one in which Mr Harper clearly stated there was insufficient evidence at Haut La Garenne to charge Jimmy Savile with anything.
This statement is being presented by the Sun and co in such a way as to appear to impute guilt towards Jimmy Savile.
These bankrupt newspaper groups and their appalling neo feudalist parvenu bosses (Big shout out to you Rupert) need Jimmy Savile to be guilty more than they need the truth to be told.
They are judges of nothing.
Fight them.

american elections quotes of the night

Ron Baines (Fox News): "Tonight, on Foxxxxxxxxxxx. We report. You decide. But you better decide right or we'll have to kick you in the bawwwwwwwwwwwwwls."

Wolf Blitzer (CNN): "We'll be having more coverage of President Obama brushing his teeth. And later this evening, our poor little rich boy reporter, whatsisface, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, we're always snubbing each other live on air, what's his name again, Wankshaft Cooper, Anderson, that's it, Anderson Cooper, later tonight Anderson Cooper will be serenading Barack Obama outside his bedroom window with a lute on behalf of all of us at CNN and on behalf of all the non racists in America who obviously voted for Barack."

Maisie Baines (CNN blonde in chief): "Roger Mourdock has lost his senate seat in Indiana. The voters are punishing him for saying a child of rape is a gift from God."

James Healy: "Well what exactly does CNN want? Do you want the Muslim system where women are put to death for daring to get raped or daring to get pregnant in circumstances that inconvenience their family? Do you want this? Do you really think Roger Mourdock did something wrong, or said something wrong, in speaking about the sanctity and beauty of every human life? Every child of rape is a gift of God. Many many rape victims proclaim that truth as freely and joyfully  and fearlessly as Roger Mourdock does. And so do their children."

President Barack Obama: "This is a time for healing. For reaching out to each other. You my loyal and decent supporters have to reach out to the racists who didn't vote for me. They didn't vote for me because they're racists. Not because I'm spending money I don't have to remodel American along the lines of European Socialism which is itself already collapsing. Only a racist could oppose my policies Clearly I'm black. This is a great victory. I'd like to thank first of all my wife Michelle for not releasing her university thesis which called America the great satan or some such thing. I'd like to thank you the loyal non racist voters of America. And I'd like to thank the Teamsters trade union who delayed returns in key constituencies of Ohio, Virginia and Florida so that they could gauge just how many votes they had to print off on our votamatic machines for late (fictional and deceased) voters. I'd also like to thank the non racist organisers of our gerrymandered postal votes which give us an extra cushion of purely fictional votes in vital constituencies. The postal voting system is the key to the new America, as it negates the historic necessities for voters to go to the polls, ie to be real people. I'd like to thank the immigrants of Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico who have changed America by ensuring that from this day a non Teamster candidate resolving to stop unrestricted immigration cannot be elected. This is morning in America. I'm gonna spend so much money that it'll be like Christmas every day. I'd like to thank Santa Claus for devising my economic policy and the Marquis De Sade for advising me on how best to f--k the country up the A. Thank you both. The rest of you are racists."

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Phone text messages have been published this week showing an innapropriate liaison between British Prime Minister David Cameron and Rebekkah Wade, who was at the time of the phone texts a senior staffer with Rupert Murdock's phone tapping, police bribing, politician subverting, News International corporation.
There is no evidence that the liaison was sexual.
Just juvenile.
And thoroughly inappropriate.
Not surprisingly the Sun newspaper couldn't quite spare the column inches to report on the British Prime Minister's inappropriate and embarassingly juvenile contacts with a senior Sun staffer.
The Sun was too busy attempting to label the late Larry The Lamb and the late Reggie Perrin as sex abusers.
I kid you not.

does amanda knox dream of axe wielding sheep


Wednesday, November 07, 2012


amanda knox took an axe
and gave her flatmate forty whacks
and when she saw what she had done
she evaded justice through the influence of her debased devil worshipping father and mother, with help from oprah winfrey, secretary of state hilary clinton's office, the editor of vogue magazine, cnn, a corrupt devil worshipping italian judge, a devil worshipping italian jury, a corrupt devil worshipping book publisher, and sundry bankrupt media groups who didn't care whether she'd done it or not

bobbing for the apples on halloween with devil worshipping hack and slash murderess amanda knox

No, Amanda, no. Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

sex and sexibility

"Are you telling me I've no chance with the au pair?" I asked Raymond.
He thought for a minute.
"Not to get too technical," he said, "you've about the same chance with her, as I have of growing a tail."

it couldn't happen here surely

In the year 1992, the actress who played Joanie in the 1970's TV series Happy Days, accused the actor who played Fonzie of sexually molesting her during filming of that series.
In the year 1996, the actress who played Joanie withdrew her allegations and apologised for attempting to profit from the ruination of the actor who played Fonzie.
Meanwhile the bankrupt Daily Mirror, the bankrupt Rupert Murdock owned phone tapping, police bribing, politician subverting Sun, Sky News, and Times, and the pharmaceutical company PR machine which is the bankrupt Daily Mail, along with the hind tit bankrupt Irish Independent newspapers belonging to Tony O'Reilly and Irish government Minister bribing robber baron Denis O'Brien, continue to traffic in the propagation of an assumption of guilt for the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile.
The bankrupt British and Irish newspapers have nowhere else to go.
If they admit they have falsely impugned Jimmy Savile, if they admit they have contrived a malign trial by newspaper, if they for one second take their foot off the pedal in propagating their paid for allegations, their purchased testimonies, why then, their bankruptcy will quickly become foreclosure.
They will be gone.
So this week the terror took a new spin.
In an attempt to extend the story, the bankrupt newspaper groups, all of whom spent the 1960's, 1970's, and 1080's cheerleading sexual promiscuity, began to publish unsubstantiated allegations against a host of other celebrities.
Some poor devil who voiced Larry the Lamb in a children's show in the 1960's.
A popular sitcom star of the 1970's.
Both conveniently dead.
Dead men don't sue newspapers.
I gotta tell you folks.
This is the destruction of law.
Allowing Rupert Murcock's employees to call anyone "paedo" or "pervert" means we are one step from anarchy.
The fact that Murdock's titles are being investigated for bribing the police, tapping the phones of murdered schoolgirls, and subverting British politicians, adds a particularly ominous note to the statements by Detective Peter Spindler who has been claiming without any evidence or court hearing whatsoever, (and apparently in an attempt to bolster the credibility of the newspaper campaign of vilification against deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile), that there may be 300 to 500 victims of Jimmy Savile, and that Jimmy Savile may have been the worst sexual predator in British history.
In a country where children are being found dismembered in the Thames ever week?
Not fifty years ago.
But right now.
Worst predator ever?
A rich man against whom no court case was ever brought in his lifetime and whose supposed accusers remain largely anonymous?
Worst ever?
There's something not right here.
When pressed for details, the best Mr Spindler could do was the following: "There's one case in a particular town (He named it and gave a date and circumstance.) But the file has gone missing."
Right so.
It's not a case.
It's an attempt by Peter Spindler to give information to any member of the public who might wish to make a profit by taking up the details asserted by Peter Spindler and building a claim around them.
An Irish leftist writer called Gerard Maloney, who is a priest writing in a magazine styling itself Reality, took up the presumption of guilt for Jimmy Savile.
But Gerard Maloney has a smidgen of intergrity.
Gerard Maloney spelt out the exact number of allegations against the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile, whom Gerard Maloney presumes is guilty.
The exact number?
Well there are two claims by people that they had sex with him when they were teenagers and that the sex was rape, ie not consensual.
There are six claims by people saying they received unwanted advances from him.
All of these claims come from people who have been paid for making those claims by media groups with a vested interest in labelling deceased celebrity Jimmy Savile as a paedophile in an attempt to bolster sales of their near defunct titles.
I urge you not to attend this circus.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

sex and sexibility

The au pair moved like a vision through the cafe.
Chance encounter.
I hadn't seen her for weeks.
Think Heelers, think.
No need to be rude.
She's done nothing wrong.
And it's a long road that knows no turning.
She might still fall for you.
Play the long game.
Don't be obnoxious.
Be cool.
Be classy.
"Buenos dias James," she said in cheerily basic Spanish.
"Lug-na-fuckin-quilla," I answered in fluent Irish.